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Dream A Little Dream Of Me
G Eb D9 G E7 3 Bm7 E7

Stars shin-ing bright a - bove you. Night breez- es seem to whi - per I love you.
Say night- ie - night and kiss me. Just hold me tight and tell me you miss me.
Sweet dreams til sun-beams find you. Sweet dreams that leave all wor - ries be - hind you;

Am Cm6 3 G A7 D7

Birds sing-ing in the syc - a – more tree, Dream a lit - tle dream of me. _____________
While I’m a loner and blue as can be,
But in your dreams what ev - er they be,

G Eb9 D9 G Eb Cm7 3 Fm7 3 Bb9 Eb Cm7 3
2,3 Fine

dream a lit - tle dream of me. Stars fad – ing but I ling – er on dear, still crav - ing your
dream a lit - tle dream of me.

Fm7 Eb Cm7 3 Fm7 3 Bb9 Eb Cm7 Am7 D.C. al Fine

kiss. I’m long- ing to ling - er till dawn dear, just say - ing this; __________

words and Gus Kahn, Wilbur Schwandt © 1931 Words & Music Inc
music by and Fabian Andre
Easy-Read Notation  1990, Visions