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 WHISPER DECK: Shuffle the 3 shard and two 2 shard cards and place face down on the
table. Add three 2 shard cards to the pile then six 1 shard cards to complete the Whisper
 DUNGEON LORD: Randomly select the DL and place the card with the competitive side
 EQUIPMENT DECK: Shuffled but none revealed
 GENERAL ACTION DECK: Reveal 4 cards ready for purchase, the top of the deck can
also be seen but not inspected (e.g. turned over)
 REGULAR ENEMY DECK: Shuffled and available.
 CHEST TOKENS: Face down and shuffled, place 1 token on each chest icon on the board
(face down).
 ENEMY TOKENS: Stack and shuffle these into the 3 enemy types, face down.
 FATE DECK: Draw from the top of the deck until you get 3 different enemy icons, keep
these cards out and shuffle the others back into the deck.
 ENEMY SPAWN: Using the enemy icon from the first fate card drawn discard the top
enemy token of that type. Using the enemy icon from the second fate card drawn place
enemy tokens on to the rooms with the matching icons, face down. Using the enemy icon
from the third fate card drawn place, face up, enemy tokens onto the rooms with the
matching icons.
 CHARACTER: Select a character and set up as per normal rules.

If you perform a search action which is unsuccessful (i.e. this boost can be used at any time by discarding the action card (usually this will be stored ready for the final boss fight). You can only have one extra action card at a time so when you gain a second action card you must decide which to keep and which to store. then draw a number of equipment cards equal to the value of the chest. Place the stored card under your character card so that the bottom boost symbol is showing. You may have any amount of stored action cards but once cards are stored they cannot be flipped. they can only be used with that Whisper card to trade for an action card (along with other Whisper cards and trophies if required).  CHESTS: When you enter a room with a chest token you reveal it.  GENERAL ACTION CARDS: To gain a general action cards you need to trade in trophy tokens equal to the number of gold squares on the card and trade in whisper cards with the number of shards on them equal to that of the action card. . if no token is available then the token is not swapped.  SIMULTANEOUS ACTIONS: You can perform both your actions at the same time if they are both the same action. less than the chest value) then swap the chest token for a token with a value 1 less than its previous value. SOLO SHADOWSCAPE RULE CHANGES  EQUIPMENT CARDS: You are allowed 2 of each type. When you successfully search a room with a chest token the token is removed.  WHISPER CARDS: If trophies are used to complete Whisper cards then place the trophy tokens on the completed Whisper card. For example if you perform a search with both actions you would add the 2 search values together but you would not get any more actions. If you are using ranged attack both actions must be able to target the enemy and weapons can only be used on one of the attacks. Choose 1 card and discard the others. use two different cards and target the same room.

. If you are unable to cover them all discard 3 fate cards from the fate deck for each icon you did not manage to cover (for priority for placing tokens use reading order). from the Enemy Deck. the first card of the enemy type activated and place next to the board. After the selected enemy moves and attacks you then flip over any hidden enemy tokens of the type activated. these will not move but will attack if able. if they have melee attack and are in the same room as the hero they will attack.  ALTER FATE ACTION: The text is ignored on all fate cards. SOLO SHADOWSCAPE  ATTACKING ENEMIES: If you attack an enemy but do not have enough attack value to defeat an enemy then place a wound on the enemy. If you run out of enemy tokens to place then draw. If all three Enemy Deck cards for that enemy are already in play then discard 3 fate cards from the fate deck.  HIDDEN ENEMY TOKENS: If you enter a square with a hidden enemy token then move the token to the enemy token stack. these tokens are taken from the enemy token piles. The third action is to cover any icons of the enemy type activated that are in an empty room. from now on this enemy type uses its advanced abilities. If an enemy moves onto a hidden enemy token then discard the hidden enemy token. The enemy will then automatically try and attack the hero. Finally find the room that has a chest symbol and the symbol for the activated enemy. If this room does not have a chest token then randomly place one face down (this action is only completed after the enemy token pile is depleted).  ENEMY ACTIVATION: The enemy turn has 2 extra phases MOVE > FLIP > COVER. For each wound token on an enemy reduce its defence by 1. If out of range they will move their movement allowance towards the hero but won’t attack unless activated that round. it will use range attack if possible. Now shuffle the discarded enemy tokens for that type and form a new token pile. Now complete the cover enemy spawn icon action.

You win the game by defeating the Dungeon Lord.  SEARCH ACTION: You can’t search a chest if there is an enemy token in the room that the chest is in or the room you are searching from. SOLO SHADOWSCAPE  WOUND TOKENS: If you can’t place a wound token because all the wound icons are covered then discard a fate card from the fate deck. you lose if the Whisper deck is depleted. .