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We First Social Branding Blueprint


“It’s  not  the  strongest  of  the  species  that  survives,  nor  the  
most  intelligent  that  survives.  It  is  the  one  that  is  most  
adaptable  to  change.”
Key  thought:
Charles Darwin
Prosperity is not the
wealth of a few but the
well being of many. “Social  and  digital  media  is  a  bullet  train  and  that  bullet  
train  is  not  coming  home.”
Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks


I) New Economy:

“The  biggest  problem  with  runaway  inequality…is  that  it  undermines  the  unity  of  purpose  
Steve Pearlstein, Washington Post

communities  where  they  operate  is  outdated  and  irrelevant  in  our  interdependent  world.”
Bill Clinton

1. Do you believe we are on the cusp of a revolutionary change in business or not, and why?

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 more  media. Do you regard the current economic and technological challenges with fear or optimism. why? And. Do you believe greater economic equality is necessary for you and your business to thrive? If so. On a scale of 1-10. 4.We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. List your top three economic concerns in terms of how they can negatively affect your business. and why? MODULE 1 3.” McKinsey Quarterly 1.  companies  and  their  CMO’s  are  waging  a  battle  with  complexity. rate your readiness for the following shifts in the marketplace: Data explosion Rise of social media Variety of channels/devices ROI accountability Corporate transparency/accountability Shifting demographics © Copyright 2012 We First 7 . why? II) Social Technology: “With  more  countries.  and  more  distribution   channels. if not.  more  customer  segmentation.

On a scale of 1-10. We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. rate how important it is for you to increase the use of the following social platforms/tools/media: Social media Customer analytics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Mobile/tablet apps Content management Reputation management SEO 4. Select three business skills you are willing to invest in over the next year to master social branding: Enhancing customer loyalty/advocacy Designing experiences for tablet/mobile Monitoring the brand via social media Engaging customers using social media Analyzing offline/online transactions data Measuring ROI of digital technologies Developing social interaction policies Monetizing social media 8 © Copyright 2012 We First . On a scale of 1-10. rate the difficulty of each of these barriers to using social technology: MODULE 1 Cost Lack of IT skills Tools implementation Lack of leadership/marketing/IT alignment Lack of ROI accountability Difficulty of use 3.

‘Here Comes Everybody’ “Facebook  didn’t  make  people  brave. greater corporate transparency and accountability).  to  cooperate  with   one  another.  all  outside  the  framework  of  traditional  institutions   and  organizations. Identify three steps your brand can take to build customer trust (for example. deeper social media engagement.  and  to  take  collective  action. former Google employee.”   Clay Shirky.We First Social Branding Blueprint III) Connected Consumers: MODULE 1 “We  are  living  in  the  middle  of  a  remarkable  increase  in  our  ability  to  share. NYU Professor & author. On a scale of 1-10. Egypt 1. © Copyright 2012 We First 9 .” Wael Ghonim. rate the trust/admiration your customer community has for the following: Your industry Your company leadership Your brand Your services Your products Your customer care 2. more purposeful and visible leadership.  It  just  helped  that  bravery  spread  and  grow.

We First Social Branding Blueprint 3. MODULE 1 4. Identify three ways your brand can add greater meaning to your customers’ lives (for example. Which phrase best describes how well your brand is prepared for a rise in customer activism? Unaware and unprepared Aware but unprepared Marketing Department aware/social media policy prepared Comprehensive leadership/employee training and policies prepared 10 © Copyright 2012 We First . contribution to a cause). On a scale of 1-10. clearer articulation of brand purpose. greater social responsibility. rate how well you currently monitor the following social media for customer feedback and behavior: Email Web browsing/search Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube LinkedIn Foursquare 5.

Identify the first three steps your brand must take to be better prepared for customer activism: MODULE 1 Better define your brand and its purpose Convince leadership of the need for greater social media engagement Integrate social media across your company Scale your social media communications team Establish social media crisis protocol and employee policy Expand social media outreach to customers Co-create better products and services with your customers Demonstrate greater transparency and accountability in brand behavior Additional Notes: © Copyright 2012 We First 11 .We First Social Branding Blueprint 6.