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We First Social Branding Blueprint


MODULE 8 Questions:

I) Leadership:

“Marketing is a balanced combination of art and science.
A good approach blends human creativity and logical
thinking based on the data insights technology offers.”
Le Quang Thuc Quynh, Marketing Director, Saigon Co-op
Key thought:
The evolution “Sustainability will continue to rise higher up the agenda
of revolution is over the coming years, so it is key that brands work to
contribution. ensure they can respond to consumer demand. Being a
sustainable company is not about box ticking, it’s about
future-proofing your business and building trust and
brand loyalty that will last for years to come.”

Justin King, Chief Executive, J Sainsbury

1. Identify the current stage of your brand in terms of working towards becoming a brand nation.

Unsustainable corporate self-interest (pure self-interest, little engagement)

Self-directed engagement (using social media with self-serving focus)

C-suite reflection (commitment to definition and practice of purpose)

Consumer facing self-interest (purposeful but without full alignment)

Self-directed reform (authentic company-wide commitment to purpose)

Brandhood (authenticity, transparency, accountability by brand)

Brand nation consciousness (seamless engagement and commitment to change)

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We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. customer care. Make a clear leadership commitment to corporate social responsibility Stop basing business strategy on the economy and focus on your brand vision Embed purpose into your core business strategies Refocus on a sustainable business rather than short-term profits Earn profits but also build prosperity Collaborate with competitors and employees for faster/smarter social solutions Enlist your customers as partners and co-creators of change Reward employees and customers with sharable social capital Inspire customers to “elect” your brand over competitors every day Celebrate your customers’ contributions and participation on your brand platform 3. Identify 3 leadership strategies that enable your brand to build towards becoming a brand nation. HR. ecommerce. values and mission in strategy and planning decisions Reorganize and retrain your employees to create a customer-centric culture Weave social media into all departments including marketing. Focus the Board on purpose. volunteer programs and social media training From marketing to sales to customer service. and internal operations Create a communication culture where employees have permission to be human and fallible Engage and inspire purposeful employee participation through leadership communication. create meaningful customer experiences Architect exceptional shared experiences across all customer touchpoints Co-create products/services/social change with customer community MODULE 8 Inspire and maintain dynamic conversations and deep engagement using a constant and varied content mix Create an agile leadership and marketing team adaptive to new social technology © Copyright 2012 We First 65 . search. Identify 3 management strategies that enable your brand to build towards becoming a brand nation.

List three immediate benefits of using these strategies to take an industry leadership position? 5. Describe where you see your brand in five years as a result of this leadership role. List three dangers to your brand if it does not assume a leadership position within the social business marketplace? 6. MODULE 8 66 © Copyright 2012 We First . We First Social Branding Blueprint 4.

Companies that succeed in the business of hope. with growth business is the at any price.We First Social Branding Blueprint II) Vision: “We have to get scientific about the customer experience. is broken. Greater China. MODULE 8 © Copyright 2012 We First 67 . Unilever UK & Ireland 1.”
 Amanda Sourry. future will be those that reduce their environmental impact whilst increasing their social and economic impacts.” Nick Barton. Chairman. InterContinental Hotel Group Key thought: The best hope for “The old model of ever greater consumption. Describe your hope for the future of your brand and the positive social impact it can have as an expression of its core values. Vice President Sales & Marketing.

devices and content Convergence of real world/social media customer experiences Collaborative solutions to business/marketing/social issues Innovation at the speed of technology Social business as measurable/mainstream Shift to localization of marketing Real-time customer engagement/retention MODULE 8 Personalization of news/content/marketing 68 © Copyright 2012 We First . Describe the benefits to your brand of embracing the following: a. We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. Brand/customer partnership b. Unified. Competitor Collaboration 3. Contributory Consumption c. Identify the 3 social business trends most critical to the future success of your brand. seamless brand voice/experience across varied media.

Identify the 3 social technology trends most critical to the future success of your brand. Gamification of the mobile/social/retail experience Social media shift from online to mobile Big Data providing Business Intelligence Micro-economy/financing platforms Branded virtual goods/giving Social Business Listening Centers Social sharing of e-commerce Cloud storage and mobility Sophisticated social CRM platforms Social TV 5. financially.We First Social Branding Blueprint 4. Describe what the fulfillment of your brand’s vision would mean to you personally (emotionally. MODULE 8 © Copyright 2012 We First 69 . professionally).

Without censoring yourself. MODULE 8 70 © Copyright 2012 We First . employees. We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. write the story of your brand that will inform your leadership. and marketing in the future.