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Prescription Drop Off
Do you have prescription drugs you
need to clean out of your cabinet?
5C Calendar Commissioner’s Special
Stay up-to-date with our quarterly Award for Excellence in Keep on Your Radar
calendar of events. Also, 5C always is on Traffic Safety Upcoming projects/events
the lookout for innovative individuals. 5C received an award for their
Contact us for more information. community effort on the Mannequin Directional Signs
Page 2 Challenge Video on underage Do you have an event that could use
drinking. some direction? Let us know! You can
Page 5 use the signs for free!
Clayton County Foundation for
the Future Grant Award
Funds to support the development of an Alcohol Awareness Event
Escape Room!
Alcohol Compliance Check
Hidden In Plain Sight Exhibit Rates in Clayton County
Page 3 Community Activity Calendar
Posters & Table Tents Looking for something fun to do?
Available for your event! Check out our calendars for something
Partner in Prevention in your area.
New 5C Partner campaign ID Scanner
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Need a quick and easy way to check
Social Host Update IDs at your event?
Do you know the current social host law? Page 6

“Party Your Life Away” – A
Mannequin Challenge

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QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 2

4th – Directional Signs at K9 5K, 2-5th – Booth at the Clayton County Fair National Recovery Month
15th – Coalition Monthly Meeting National Suicide Prevention Month
10 – 5C Board Meeting
4th – 5C Board Meeting
16-19 – CADCA Training for Coalition
19th – Coalition Monthly Meeting
20-21st – ECS Retreat for Coalition
18th – Coalition Monthly Meeting
21st – Directional Signs at Sweet Corn
22nd – Directional Signs at Germanfest,
Days, Elkader

Dates are subject to change. Please check our website for up-to-date calendar dates, times, and meeting locations.

Do you like to help
Community Education?

Do you know of a community group that would like to partner with or hear about
5C’s initiatives? Let us know!

5C could use your help!
Contact us for more information about our coalition, how you can help, and how we can help you!
QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 3

5C was one of 17 local groups to receive a $1000
grant from the Clayton County Foundation for
the Future to support the development of an
Escape Room.
Check out this drug indicator exhibit
to see what items are easy to
overlook in a teenager’s bedroom.
Exhibit is interactive and
knowledgeable hosts will be available
to answer questions.

Contact us to host
an event in your
Adults Only. Youth may attend with a

Participants will solve scenarios regarding substance FREE for any group in Clayton County
abuse topics to enhance their skills and knowledge to host.
about personal health and safety issues in order to Hidden In Plain Sight traveled to
“escape” the room. North Fayette Valley and Riceville to
teach 65 more individuals about drug

Let us know if you have a
venue or organization that
would like to view the
The 5C Evaluation Team has a 2017 Highlights on the coalition’s
work and data tracking available. Click HERE to view the current
exhibit and learn about
trends and 5C initiatives. drug indicators!

See something
Call the Sheriff’s Office Tip
QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 4

“Partner in Prevention”
Social Host Team Update:
Over the coming months, 5C will
Recognition Campaign continue to share information about the
current law to increase knowledge and
Businesses or community members who partner with or gain feedback. The coalition is still
donate funds to the 5C Coalition, will receive a window looking into a local ordinance that would
decal to recognize their support in preventing drug use in address higher fines as it was identified
the county. Each year we will change the year on the decal in the polls.
for new partners, and create small decals with the new
year for repeat partners. This will If you would like to be a part of this
allow 5C to recognize their team, contact us to learn more.
partners and donors year after
year, as well as show community
members the support for drug
prevention in the county through
area partners.
Iowa’s Social Host Law prohibits all
Partners to Date in 2018: owners, lessees and persons in
control over any property which is not
American Family Insurance Agent, Elkader a licensed premises from knowingly
Central Community School District permitting anyone under the age of
Central State Bank, Elkader 18 from consuming or possessing
Clayton County Sheriff’s Office alcoholic liquor, wine or beer on the
Clayton Ridge Community School District
KCTN/KADR Violators are subject to a fine of $200
MFL Mar Mac Community School District + $70 surcharge + court costs. Fines
Starmont Community School District for second or subsequent offenses
Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics are $500 + $175 surcharge + court
Elkader Police Department costs.
Other financial consequences may include
Elkader Fire Department increased property insurance, or loss of
Holly’s Bridal, Elkader property insurance. You may want to think
about the cost to you before allowing
Thank you to all our area partners! underage persons to drink on your property.

“Party Your Life Away”
A Mannequin Challenge
5C, with the help of community partners, created a message to the
community to remember how important decisions can be when it comes to
alcohol, parties, and driving. If you haven’t seen the video, you can find it on
5C’s YouTube Channel or by clicking HERE.

Great opportunity to pair with awareness weeks or discussions at school!
QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 5

5C received the Last Quarter Highlights
Commissioner’s Special Award  Clayton County Wellness Fair
for Excellence in Traffic Safety  A.R.I.D.E. Training for Law
from the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety
 Alcohol Presentation at the Safety Day
Fair for area 4th grade students
 Clayton Ridge IMPACT sponsored Field
Day for 4th-8th grade students. Special
thanks to the Guttenberg Municipal
Hospital and Clinic for a presentation on
 Hidden In Plain Sight went to the
CareGivers Conference in Altoona, IA.
Over 200 participants viewed the exhibit!
 Coalition Training on the 7 Strategies to
A few 5C members accepted an award on Implement Change
behalf of the 5C Coalition who was  PSAs for Alcohol Awareness Month in
recognized at the Governor's Traffic Safety April
Bureau for the Mannequin Challenge "Party  Directional Signs with drug facts to
Your Life Away" video. The award Backbone 5K & Strawberry Days 5K
recognized the tremendous collaboration
from the community to share the message
about drinking and driving. Also, Stop and
congratulations to Deputy Jed Jones for his see us at
Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) award from our booth!
the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau for
his hard work in the county as our Drug
Recognition Expert!
August 2nd through the 5th!

Did you know 5C has a Facebook
page? Follow us for up-to-date
happenings and news for things
we are doing around the county
and important updates.
QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 6

April Alcohol Awareness Event Alcohol compliance checks
have been an ongoing initiative
- Recap - between 5C and area law
enforcement to increase the
number of checks completed
throughout the county.

County Compliance Rate
For 2017

Thank you to all who made it out for our alcohol awareness
event! It was a fun time with the goggles, go cart, and Hidden
In Plain Sight.
Extra thanks to Substance Abuse Services and Leonard/Grau
Funeral Home for helping sponsor the event!

Free Table Tents Available – Information Free Posters Available
about the Social Host Law and 5C Coalition Upon Request
QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER | July-September 2018 7

Funding Team Update: Minors in Possession Team Update:
Great News! Final version of Referral System has been sent to law
enforcement, schools, and JCS & available to other entities
5C was awarded a grant from HERE. This document will be reviewed semi-annually with each
the Iowa Department of Public
sector. If you have interest in learning more about this team,
Health – Community Coalition
Grant – to support alcohol
contact us for more information.
compliance checks and “Those
Who Host” social campaign. Keep on Your Radar
Do you have
prescriptions? Clayton Ridge and St. Mary's
Red Ribbon Week in October
River Signs at Access Points
Mentoring Program matches K-12
There is a potential for
youth in the Clayton Ridge
medications to be stolen 5C Mission:
District with caring and
from homes, misused by responsible adults.
To make a difference in
loved ones, and improperly the community through
disposed. For more information, go to their initiatives and
website at: education.
Permanent Drop Off Locations:
Clayton County Sheriff’s Office 5C Vision:
Elkader Police Department You can make a change in the life A community where
Hartig Drug - Guttenberg of one youth today. positive decisions lead
Monona Police Department
to healthy lifestyles.

Looking for
something fun to
Clayton County Events

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Clayton Ridge


MFL Mar Mac

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