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Wishing for an "awakening" 4th of July!

The United States of the Americas has gone through

about 240 years of trial and error (some might say Fire and Brimestone). Until around the
middle 1960's there was much less crime with little drug wage jobs for anyone
who wished to work...affordable housing, cost of living and even college tuition for a simple
working wage earner with a family. Much more responsible parenting and a more quality
Education system better monitored by parents. Government officials that still pretty much
governed within the boundaries of the Constitution, and respected the US Founder's form of
separate but equal branches of government preventing other forms such as authoritative,
totalitarian or dictatorship. The people had their own mutually 'cooperative' form of various
kinds of affordable insurance ( medical and dental cost was affordable for anyone
working)...together with charitable means for those in legitimate need. Perhaps since the
'Gilded Age' and the rise of Robber Barons at the end of the 19th century...followed by the
emerging 'plutocrats' such as JP Morgan, that arranged for the creation of the Central banking
cartel (Federal Reserve banking system) apparently using the ploy of the Fox and Brer rabbit's
briar patch (with JP Morgan being Brer rabbit)...together with the growing size and economic
monopolistic power of Wall Street with the growing publically owned (meaning accepted by the
public for increasing ownership by plutocrats slowly becoming Oligarchs)...the United States has
become what many of the men and women that fought during WW2 would refer as an emerging
Mussolini "Corporate State." But, that may only be 'part' of the description. Has the latter
together with growing 'militarism' been used for over a century for the planned destruction of
the great US Middle Class that owned the means of production, distribution and retail for a very
prosperous economy...and now the fraudulent claim of trillions of dollars of US Government
DEBT supposedly owed by the citizenry of the United States?? Owed to whom! Will destroying
the Middle Class, the US economy, creating racial, cultural, religious and Ideological dissension,
hostility, violence and finally outright anarchy...bring about the opportunity for a long planned
Socialist/Communist GODless STATE (and world) following the submergence of the
Constitutional Republic within the carefully engineered Global Corporation. Will the relatively
recent, but planned...crushing foreign immigration invasion finally seal a ten generational
Utopian dream of the world being "their oyster" belonging to the world's wealthiest Oligarchs.
This is not an elegant or even near complete explanation of your developing tribulations...but
hopefully a starting point...and may this 4th of July perhaps be a new awakening for the true
posterity of the Founder's new "Promised Land and New Jerusalem" with Divine guidance!!!