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We First Social Branding Blueprint


MODULE 7 Questions:

I) Momentum:

“It is in the interest of the enterprise to take care of the

economic and social environment; to create value for
shareholders but also to create value and wealth for
customers, employees and regions where the companies
operate, because our company is an economic and social
Key thought: project.”
Brands must co-create, Franck Riboud, CEO, Danone Groupe
cooperate and collaborate
with their competitors,
employees and customer
“All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can
communities. keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant,
because of the 24/7 connectivity. If you’re going to be
successful around the world, you have to have fat and
fertile ideas at the core.”
Coca-Cola’s Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising
Strategy and Creative Excellence

1. Identify 5 actions you can take to maintain your brand community over the long term.

Relinquish the compulsion to be “right” and embrace mistakes as part of social business

Launch a flexible and organic social media training program for employees

Refine and educate all employees in the corporate social media policy

Curate credible, unfiltered content and reviews to generate conversation

Identify and invest in long-term relationships with influencers

Layer on social media monitoring and measurement tools to refine the sales funnel

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We First Social Branding Blueprint

Ensure you only share self-promotional material 20% of the time

Offer free downloadable content, clear calls-to-action, and drive audiences to targeted
landing pages

Regularly monitor how your engagement is performing on individual social media networks re

Identify which posts, content and media are generating the most traffic/visits/leads in each
social media network

2. Select 5 strategies to expand, cross-pollinate and amplify your customer community over the
long term.

Encourage and enable sharing across social media platforms

Follow your audience as it migrates across devices, channels and new technologies.

Invest in paid media on social media channels

Invest time in blogger outreach and authentically engage with their communities

Create sub-brands or spokespeople within your company to build communities

Share credible, curated content specific to the evolving needs/wants of your community

Build a dedicated team of community managers to generate content and engagement

Create a Corporate Listening Center to track customer engagement in real time

Regularly remind all employees as to the purpose, mission and vision of the brand

Merge on/offline communities to maintain contact throughout the customer lifecycle

Encourage C-suite/management to participate in the public face of the brand

Identify new partners to supplement in-house social media management resources

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We First Social Branding Blueprint

3. Identify 5 skills to work on to accelerate the growth of your customer community.

Control the focus, tone and media mix of your branded content to better serve customer

Allocate your time better based on the effectiveness of lead generation on each social channel

Encourage and train more employees in social media outreach

Track and adjust your social media presence on a daily basis

Optimize your social media outreach to build reputation as well as leads

Create an editorial calendar and schedule a regular flow of varied content

Monitor and measure the effectiveness of each initiative/campaign

Interact with customers in a more personalized way using a CRM system

Coordinate customer-focused strategies across all departments within your company

Invest in deeper customer insights to inform future products/services

Add special offers to content creation to convert customer engagement into profit

4. Identify 5 ways to scale the success of your brand’s social change/purpose-driven movement.

Improve your storytelling skills to connect emotionally with your community

Offer rewards/incentives/recognition to your supporters

Inspire/empower volunteers with clear expectations/rewards

Amplify your message through deeper/more effective engagement across different social
media channels

Identify and remove barriers to participation through messaging and mobile apps

Empower community ambassadors to become leaders building their own communities

Plan an engagement, event and editorial calendar to avoid community attrition

Ask your community for marketing/engagement/cause solutions

Embrace emerging social technology to stay in contact with your community

Revisit your long-term plan and vision to adapt to the marketplace

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We First Social Branding Blueprint

II) New Media:

“We live in a world where no secret lasts five minutes.

Today, it is impossible to control any confidential
information. Everything leaks. We need to be better and
faster, constantly. This is the agenda we need to apply in
marketing and business as a whole.”
Key thought: Monica Gregori, Marketing Director,
The future is a Natura Consumer Products
shared story we
write every day.
“Data will become the new soil in which our ideas
will grow, and data whisperers will become the new
Jonathan Mildenhall, VP of Global Advertising Strategy
at Coca-Cola

1. Identify 5 trends within established social media channels that will shape your brand’s future.

Greater integration of social media with print and television (QR Codes/hashtags)

Increased fragmentation of networks, platforms and devices

The further erosion of corporate and personal privacy

Customer co-creation/the loss of brand message control

Continued growth of social gaming and branded virtual apps

Growth of brand integration into virtual worlds

Twitter as a real-time advertising and gaming platform

The accelerated importance of social commerce/F Commerce

Partnering with bloggers/influencers to talk about brands/products

Better measurement of organic, earned and paid traffic

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We First Social Branding Blueprint

2. Identify 5 trends within emerging social media that will shape your brand’s future.

Social media as a marketing lead rather than as a campaign supporter

The impact of SoMoLo (Social/Mobile/Local) on retailers

Social presence shifting from online to mobile

The rise of interest graphs in addition to social graphs

The growth of “private” or closed social media platforms

The demand for personalized customer experiences

The convergence of real world and online customer experiences

The desire for instant gratification from mobile customers

Data mining for deeper customer insights and connections

Rapid-fire, location-based, social interactions with the physical world

3. Select 5 social technologies that enable your brand to offer its customers shared experiences.

Digital media/music sharing (Spotify)

Interest graphs (online social pinboards/Pinterest/Springpad/Svpply)

Twitter ads (promoted tweets/trends/accounts)

Linked In Today (professional news sharing)

Location-based check-ins (location-based information/incentives/Foursquare)

Behavior-based check-ins (Check into TV, movies, music/Get Glue)

Social TV (Second Screen Experiences/Go Miso)


Geo-Fencing technology (Perimeter-based sales and promotions/Placecast)

Hyper-local advertising (Targeted advertising based on local data/PlaceIQ)

Mobile commerce (personal shopping assistant apps/ShopSavvy)

Social shopping (list and share purchases/Bling)

Gamification platforms (Incentivized behavior platform/Badgeville/Fangager)

Social Augmented Reality (AR app that connects viewers/CrowdOptic)

NFC (smartphone close proximity communications/Google Wallet)

“Private” social media (Sharable, life journaling app/Path)

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We First Social Branding Blueprint

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