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We First Social Branding Blueprint

Brand Communication

MODULE 6 Questions:

I) Engagement:

“We are not really embracing technology, we are
embracing the customer.”
Key thought: Robert A. Iger, CEO, the Walt Disney Company

Social ‘Wedia’ and
‘Wetail’ are mutually “In a corporate setting, instilling an entrepreneurial
dependant. attitude in our own people is the most important challenge.
After all, our people are our best marketing tool.”
Vivienne Tan, Executive Vice President, Philippine Airlines

1. On a scale of 1-10, rate how well you understand the following:

Content-driven marketing

Branded apps

Social media policies

Behavioral targeting

Location based services (Foursquare)

Social media monitoring/sentiment analysis

Customer relationship management (CRM)

SEM/SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Data visualizations

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We First Social Branding Blueprint Group shopping (Groupon/Living Social) Analytics dashboard Mobile commerce Facebook commerce or “F commerce” Crowdsourcing QR codes Augmented Reality 2. What tools are you going to use to share your brand story across social media channels? Blogs YouTube Social gaming Facebook ______ Pinterest Brand mobile/tablet apps Google+ LBS Email Twitter QR codes Linked In Augmented reality apps © Copyright 2012 We First 47 . social and cost-effective research methods and practices MODULE 6 Providing more personalized services. products and experiences to customers How to structure your organization to respond to customers in real time Understanding /mastering the role of data or Web 3. rate how important it is to your brand to understand each of the following: How to develop/maintain deep customer relationships How to measure brand reputation. On a scale of 1-10.0 in your brand’s future 3. customer satisfaction and ROI What investment/budget/staff are required to effectively find/engage/retain customers What your customers expect from brand engagement How engagement strategies differ across social media channels How engagement strategies change depending on how customers respond Thinking and acting as a holistic brand rather than just a marketing department More innovative.

coupons. Answer questions from customers and educate new ones about your brand Celebrate what other brands do. offers. Select three ways your brand can use email in new ways to share its story with customers. polls or incentive programs Do something surprising for a customer occasionally Celebrate brand advocates across the community Reveal behind the curtain about how your company works and why Periodically restate what the company stands for Tie offline events to online so there is synergy between them Share your brand’s larger vision for the world with its customers 5. select 5 ways to engage your customers across social media channels. rewards Partner and cross-pollinate communities from other social media channels Share content that the brand curates from outside sources Share personal messaging/media from the management/employees Offer exclusive content to email subscribers 48 © Copyright 2012 We First . rewards. Launch a branded newsletter featuring text. and criticism Start conversations that other brands wouldn’t consider Host competitions. From the following general tactics. even competitors Ask your community for opinions. photos and video Feed your blog into your email community MODULE 6 Share special products. We First Social Branding Blueprint 4. feedback.

topical discussions. research. instructions. marketing plans with customers Host a weekly video blog featuring industry competitors as guests Wade into industry-wide debates on other sites and link back to your company blog 7. contextual brand presence across all Facebook branding © Copyright 2012 We First 49 . Enable Facebook Open Graph/Timeline/Ticker for brand storytelling Offer free branded content to customers for their Timeline profiles Use Facebook targeted/personalized Sponsored Stories ads Use ads in Facebook users mobile News Feeds (pending) MODULE 6 Launch a Facebook Brand/Fan Page Create interactive content to maximize data/learnings from Open Graph interaction Identify/attract key fans/influencers with engagement ads Create word of mouth advocates with contests. Clearly state your brand’s values and purpose to employees and customers Shift your focus to your customers’ needs rather than the brand’s wants Diversify the type of posts you write to include reviews. Identify three ways your brand can use blogging to share its story with customers. competitions Create a ‘Like’ gate for your fan page with customer rewards Convert traffic with clearer calls to action that drive brand awareness/sales Build free content/coupons/discounts or a store into your Fan Page Maintain a consistent. debates. Experiment in posts of different lengths/different media Allow guest posts from customers/employees Articulate your content strategy and share your editorial calendar Co-create services/products. interviews. case studies. profiles. problem/solution etc.We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. polls. Identify three ways your brand can use Facebook to share its story with customers.

Ticker and News Feeds) Facebook Mobile Platform (Social shopping through Notifications. F-Stores (Facebook e-commerce stores where customers buy real goods with real currency inside Facebook) Facebook Credits (Currency for games and in-app virtual goods) Facebook Social Plug Ins (‘Like.’ ‘Recommend’ services/products) Facebook Places & Location Tab (integrating online and in-store experience through rewards) Facebook Open Graph (shopping ‘verbs’ and ‘nouns’ being shared through Timeline. Timeline and News Feed on app) Facebook Ads & Sponsored/Featured Stories (Drive awareness. Requests. We First Social Branding Blueprint 8. Share the latest news around relevant topics Take a poll using Polls/Questions/Status updates Celebrate the fan of the day/week/month/offer Co-create/customize products with fans MODULE 6 Partner with social fundraisers to grow your community Revisit and update old conversations Post different types of content using a mix of media Conduct a wall chat about services/products/topics Hold a post event/launch Q&A/continue it offline Do updates from mobile devices to encourage others to do the same 50 © Copyright 2012 We First . Select 3 ways you can drive more traffic to your Facebook brand page.’ ‘Share. engagement and purchases) 9. Identify three ways your brand can use F commerce to expand the reach of its story/services/ products with customers.

Identify three ways your brand can use LinkedIn to share its story with customers. YouTube. Identify three ways your brand can use Twitter to share its story with customers. Post updated profiles of your full executive team Actively build industry/colleague Recommendations Customize LinkedIn’s standard introductory letter Thank people for accepting your invitation Update consistently with Twitter-like status messages Participate and comment consistently in 50 groups © Copyright 2012 We First 51 . Identify 3 ways your brand can use Google+ to share its story with customers. varied content 11. Maps etc Build circles around specific topics/content and cater to them Populate your page with surprising. Launch a brand page with exclusive content Use Google+ huddles for group messaging Host Google+ Hangouts with your employees/customers Leverage Google +1 buttons to improve search rankings Integrate Google’s Gmail. Places.We First Social Branding Blueprint 10. Use Twitter self-serve ad platform Create a Twitter Brand Page Identify and build relationships with brand advocates Regularly retweet followers and influencers Use targeted LinkedIn ads to identify leads/prospects/partners Nurture relationships with influencers to build/amplify your community Integrate a mix of media into your twitterstream MODULE 6 Maintain an appropriate mix of corporate and human messaging Identify and build relationships with relevant key influencers/bloggers Share your twitterstream across other social media channels 12.

discovery and sharing of products MODULE 6 Personalization of shopping cart/brand experience Service/Product/Price comparison Incentives/Rewards/Social Currency for shopping 16. We First Social Branding Blueprint 13. Identify three ways your brand can use You Tube to share its story with customers. coupons and promotional updates Search. Identify three roles a branded app could play in telling your brand story. Create a brand show on your YouTube channel Engage consistently with channel subscribers Host YouTube Slam competitions (side by side video slams) Explore creative Playlists around specific topics Subscribe to related channels and engage with their communities Reward/incentivize subscribers with exclusive content Create content that can be remixed that doesn’t feel like ads Title and thumbnail optimization 14. What role/s could social gaming play in telling the story of your brand? Problem-solving specific to the industry/services/products Spreading your brand story and social proof Harnessing crowd dynamics to co-create services/products Sharing information/knowledge/updates about services/products Teaching new skills related to services/products Changing customer behavior in relation to services/products 52 © Copyright 2012 We First . 15. Ensuring brand maintains contact with mobile customer Offering discounts. Identify three ways your brand can use Pinterest to share its story.

Promotional offers to reward customer loyalty Suggestions for what to do/buy at that location Background information on the brand/location/products Provide further recommendations based on past purchasing history Surprise the user with a reward to generate word of mouth advertising Explain how the user can earn points/rewards in a location-based game Send the user advertising/rewards exclusive to check-ins Drive customer engagement through scavenger hunts/real life games 18.We First Social Branding Blueprint Using branded virtual goods to make a contribution/fundraise Merging the online/offline branded experience in-store Expanding the brand community through social gaming/game theory Recreating the brand experience inside virtual worlds 17. treasure hunts. product launches Transform the in-store experience to an online. Identify three benefits to offer your customers through location-based services to help tell the story of your brand. Provide brand transparency through barcode scanners that reveal brand/product accountability MODULE 6 Provide information that gives a competitive advantage at point of purchase Offer incentive/discounts/bonuses in-store to reward loyalty Encourage social shopping through product/price sharing Maintain contact with customers as they migrate from laptops to tablets to mobile Provide links to information that demonstrate the corporate social responsibility efforts of the brand Provide exclusive branded content for customers to share Engage customers with previews. and PR stunts built around mobile experiences © Copyright 2012 We First 53 . Identify three benefits to offer your customers through augmented reality/QR codes/mobile apps that help tell your brand’s story. social opportunity Expand the brand profile through competitions. breaking news.

We Key thought: must increase campaign ROI. There is no ROI on social media You can’t measure the ROI of social media Social media ROI is being measured the wrong way Social media ROI must be measured in different ways MODULE 6 Social media has short and long term ROI There is more to social media than ROI 2. Executive Manager—Commercial and Marketing. “Long-term profits are maximized by not making them the primary goal. coming up with great creative campaigns. Whole Foods 1.” John Mackey. We First Social Branding Blueprint II) Measurement: “The success of my role is far more about analytics and technology than it is about hanging out with my ad agency.” Brands must become Rob Colwell. Select the phrase that best describes your company’s attitude towards social media ROI. day traders in social Qantas Frequent Flyer emotion. Select 3 broader business objectives by which you will measure social media ROI. CEO. Enhanced brand reputation Greater marketing effectiveness Sales/Revenue/Profit Increased operational efficiencies Improved customer relations Accelerated innovation 54 © Copyright 2012 We First .

SocialMention. Hootsuite) Software Platforms (Radian6. Google+. Traffic (monitor social networks. together and separately) Volume (frequency and amplification of brand mentions) MODULE 6 Conversion (visit-to-lead-to-customer conversions) Reach (# of people you reach who interact with your content. You Tube. BottleNose) 4. message. LinkedIn) Social Aggregators (Tweetdeck. customer engagement and social media ROI for your company. Sysomos) Free tools (Technorati. Select the 5 social media metrics that are most important to your brand. product. Select the appropriate levels of tools to monitor and measure brand reputation. Google Alerts) Social Media (Facebook. Twitter. Write one very specific ROI goal that includes the [activity to be measured] using [appropriate Key Performance Indicators] over [what time period] with a [desired outcome]. GoogleBlogSearch. 5. service or employees) Engagement (time spent with the brand either individually or as a community) Awareness (brand reputation benefits of long term customer engagement) Actions (# of customers that do the things you want them to do) Costs (the costs to your brand for social media marketing) PR (the positive effect or crises avoided through timely customer engagement) © Copyright 2012 We First 55 .We First Social Branding Blueprint 3. Corporate blog traffic (Google Analytics. BlogPulse.

Select 3 metrics by which you will measure the ROI of your brand’s social purpose. regulators. leadership. meaning. employees. media engagement) Intellectual Value (creativity. co-creation. Select the 3 broader ROI’s that are most important to your brand. employee/customer relations) 7. We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. Social Value (how society/planet/cause benefits) Economic Value (profits/donations/sales/new customers) Engagement Value (suppliers. customers. optimism) Cultural Values (changes within leadership/employee. retailers. Intellectual Property (Co-creation of new product/services/marketing) R&D (Research and development of new products/services/marketing) Human Resources (Employee retention/Attracting talent/Employee satisfaction) PR (Goodwill/Loyalty/Reputational enhancement) Social Capital (Brand relevance/influence/sharability across social channels) MODULE 6 56 © Copyright 2012 We First . collaboration around new ideas/products/services between employees and with customers) Emotional Value (personal fulfillment. employee/employee. self-expression.

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