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We First Social Branding Blueprint

Brand Community

MODULE 5 Questions:

I) Partnership:

“The solution lies in the principle of shared value, which
involves creating economic value in a way that also creates
value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.
Businesses must reconnect company success with social
progress. Shared value is not social responsibility,
Key thought: philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to
Brands must be the achieve economic success.”
chief celebrant, not Michael Porter & Mark R. Kramer, “The Big Idea: Creating
celebrity, of their Shared Value,” Harvard Business Review, 2011

“We are very committed to transparency and authenticity
of brand voice – the employee is the voice of Best Buy. We
are passionate about that.”
Gina Debogovich, Senior Manager, Communities, Best Buy

1. Which phrase best describes your company’s current relationship with its customer community?

Transactional (purely services/goods to be sold)

Broadcast (brand talks about itself positioned as the destination)

Controlling (brand dialogues with customers while retaining upper hand)

Partnership (an equal and fluid weighting of importance)

Defensive (brand protecting itself against technology and customer challenges)

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badges) that rewards participation Cross-pollinate your communities across social media channels Collaborate with a for/non-profit partner to build each other’s communities Demonstrate greater authenticity. support a cause of shared concern. values and vision that would inspire customer engagement b. photos) © Copyright 2012 We First 37 . webinar. Stories: Identify one story about your brand that communicates its purpose. Name 3 strategies for how your brand can better celebrate its community (for example.We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. In order to practice the partnership communication dynamic. Select 3 community-building strategies on which you would like to focus. blog. video. answer the following. transparency and accountability through engagement 4. a. 3. product or extension Co-create a marketing campaign through user generated content Incentivize your customers to promote your brand through rewards MODULE 5 Enlist the support of your customer community to support a cause Create a system of social currency (eg. celebrate success stories within the community. Draft a social contract with your customers Crowdsource a new brand service. invite customer co- creation of products/services). Formats: Select three formats through which to tell this story (for example. podcast.

MODULE 5 38 © Copyright 2012 We First . Pinterest). Conversations: Name three strategies to maintain engagement with your customers at these destinations (share more stories. Flickr. Facebook. e. YouTube. d. crowdsource similar customer stories. LinkedIn. websites. YouTube. Slideshare. respond to customer feedback). Facebook. blogs. Destinations: Name three destinations for these vehicles to find the desired audience (for example. Vehicles: Select three content vehicles appropriate to this story and its formats (for example. We First Social Branding Blueprint c. Email).

fundamental reform in the essence of business.) © Copyright 2012 We First 39 . such as lawmakers. and may even redefine. education. Key thought: community activists.” John Mackey. Today. All of these groups can influence. the environment. Identify a cause/s that is in alignment with your brand’s core values (for example. the Life’s necessities social contract and what it means to a company to fulfill or must generate the necessities of life. women’s rights. CEO Whole Foods 1. What we need is transformation [in] the way we think about business. disease. companies are facing tectonic shifts in social expectations. It’s that simple…We need a deeper. sustainability. what it’s based on. child mortality. “Business’s Social Contract: Capturing the Corporate Philanthropy Opportunity” (100 CEO’s) MODULE 5 “The whole corporate social responsibility idea is trying to graft something on to the old profit maximization model. People want businesses to do good in the world. regulatory agencies. Shareholders are exerting pressure to increase companies’ social presence.” CECP. exceed it. the news media.We First Social Branding Blueprint II) Contribution: “Business has always had a contract with society – expectations from a variety of stakeholders that a company must fulfill in order to earn its freedom to operate and achieve success. cancer. Customers have more ability to put pressure on companies to meet their expectations for contributions to the public good. and nonprofit organizations. and increasing attention is being paid to indirect stakeholders.

3. Based on your brand’s core values and purpose. B Corporations. identify one association or coalition of brands that you can join to help scale your positive social impact (for example. Money Donations (Financial gifts) Offer Deal (Donate deals/discounts) Give Gifts (Donate in-kind gifts) MODULE 5 Offer Talent (Employees give expertise) Volunteer Time (Employees donate time) Go Shopping (Contributions through purchases) Virtual Goods (Contributions through social gaming) Search (Contributions triggered through Search) 40 © Copyright 2012 We First . Identify a cause that is in alignment with your brand’s purpose and the values you share with your customer community. sustainability groups. Select 3 strategies to support a cause that is in alignment with your brand’s core values. We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. 4. cause coalitions).

We First Social Branding Blueprint 5. Facebook Deals) Causecast (employee cause engagement) CarrotMob (group spending in return for social responsibility) Common Kindness (save money on purchases to give to causes) Crowdrise (online/personal fundraising platform) DonorsChoose (online charities for education/students) Double Impact (sustainability game play triggers donations to charities) Facebook Causes (‘Like’ Cash Donations. Living Social. ‘Like’ Kind Donations. Credit Donations) Free Rice (game play triggers donations to WFP) FirstGiving (non-profit fundraising platform) Games for Change (gaming for social good) Give Gifts (buy gifts for charities) MODULE 5 Good Search (online search triggers gifts to charities) Jumo (social network connecting individuals/time/resources changing the world) JustGive (online charitable giving) Infinite Family (mentor a teen online) Kiva (loans to entrepreneurs in developing world) Network For Good (easy online giving platform) Plan USA (buy gifts for communities) Razoo (online fundraising platform) SocialVibe (engagement ads triggering donations) SocialVest (customers buy from brands to earn dollars for causes) Sparked (online micro-volunteering) The Mutual (perks from brands for supporting the environment) Virtual Goods (proceeds go to emergency relief/causes) Volunteer Match (local volunteering opportunities) © Copyright 2012 We First 41 . Buying Clubs (Groupon. Select 3 giving platforms or tools that make it easy for your brand to contribute in alignment with its core values.

Based one the following examples. suggest one idea for a mobile app that would allow your brand and customers to contribute to a cause in alignment with its core values. Target Bullseye Gives) MODULE 5 8. Select one way your brand can crowdfund social good in alignment with its core values. Diet Coke’s ‘Capture the Flag’) Voting Campaign (Pepsi Refresh. ‘Like’ for Donation (Fan page ‘Likes’ trigger donations) Action for Donation (Post a comment. Select one way your brand can contribute through Facebook in alignment with its core values. Ed Rover (shop to trigger donations to local education) GoodGuide (mindful shopping) Remas (immigrants sending finances home) MoneySaver (manage Individual Development Account) TalkChalk (safe communication between teachers/students over FB/Email/SMS) Nutrition Mission (gamifies healthier food choices) 42 © Copyright 2012 We First . pic or video to trigger donation) Interactive Act for Donation (Timberland’s ‘Plant a Tree’. We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. Fundraising for Causes (Crowdrise) Fundraising for Projects (Kickstarter) Ideation (OpenIDEO) Investing in Social Enterprises (33Needs) Connecting Financial/Intellectual Capital (StartSomeGood) 7. Aflac’s ‘Friend of a Feather’ app.

and global citizenship. We believe that social technology. g. a.8 million views) 10. business and shopping have the potential to change our world through new modes of engagement. and Desired Outcomes). global community requires an expanded definition of self- interest that acknowledges the needs of all inhabitants of the planet. that means the well-being of many. Consumer Rewards. c. Consumer Expectations. We believe that corporations and consumers are duty-bound to serve as custodians of global well being for this and future generations. ethically. We recognize an interdependent. Societal Benefits. support or funding for a cause in alignment with its core values. engagement. fiscal responsibility.000 books) American Cancer Society and YouTube birthday video with Justin Bieber (1. We believe that future of profit is purpose. Ethics. MODULE 5 b. entrepreneurship and profit making while consumers have a right to a healthy society and planet to live on. Mission. and socially. We believe companies have a right to innovation. purposefulness. articulate the mutual responsibilities of your brand and its customers (being sure to consider your brand’s Intention. i. We believe the values that inform our daily practice of capitalism include: sustainability. Using this social contract as a template. We believe that corporations and consumers owe each other an equal duty to operate with transparency. e. American Red Cross and #tigerblood hashtag donation drive (massive media exposure) Harry Potter Alliance gets Muggles to give back (distributed 80. authenticity and accountability. suggest one idea for how your brand can leverage pop culture to drive awareness. © Copyright 2012 We First 43 . We define success through prosperity. accountability. collaboration. f. Promise. d. and contribution. Based on the following examples. not the wealth of a few. h. morally. fairness of rewards. We believe that the interests of companies and consumers are best served through a sustainable practice of capitalism — economically.We First Social Branding Blueprint 9. environmentally.

collaborate and coordinate with governments and NGOs to create a unified force for social good. We First Social Branding Blueprint j. We believe that the private sector must cooperate. MODULE 5 44 © Copyright 2012 We First .

We First Social Branding Blueprint Additional Notes: MODULE 5 © Copyright 2012 We First 45 .