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Statement of Nancy Floreen

Montgomery County Councilmember

July 2, 2018

Today I filed an Intent to Declare

Candidacy with the Maryland Board
of Elections to run for County
Executive in the November general

Let me be clear: I would like to have

waited for the final count of ballots in
the County Executive race. However,
State law sets July 2 as the deadline
for declaring an independent

I did not support either David Blair or

Marc Elrich. Whichever candidate
prevails in the count will do so with
less than 30 percent of the third of
Democrats who voted — a fraction of
a fraction. That’s less than 40,000
votes in a County of more than a

I believe ALL Democrats,

Republicans, and independents
would benefit from a third,
independent choice.

I will announce my final decision on

candidacy once all the primary votes
for County Executive have been
tabulated and certified.

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