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NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION COMMISSION DE LA CAPITALE NATIONALE Ofc of the Chief Executive Ofer ‘Bureau du premier drigeant February 6, 2018, Mr, Lindsay Lamber Re: Development of Chauditre, Vietoria and Albert Islands Dear Me, Lambert: “Thank you for your email regarding the proposed Zibi development on Chaudiére and Albert islands. My apologies regarding the delay of my response as your questions required a thorough examination from our staf. ‘As stated by my colleague at Public Services and Procurement Canada, Chaudiére, Victoria, and Albert Islands are designated as National Interest Tad Mass (NIM). A NILM designation indicates a formal expression of the federal government's interest {nthe long-term use ofthe designated lands as they are considered essential to the Capital Experience inthe National Capital Region. While NILM land ought to be under the ownership ofthe National Capital ‘Commission (NCC) or other federal departments, there are lands designated as NILM that are under private ownership. The Chaudiére and Albert Islands are good ‘examples. They were designated NILM by the Treasury Board in 1988 but are mainly ‘under private ownership. Over the decades, the NCC attempted to acquire the designated NILM Lands on Chaudiére and Alber Islands, but was unable to secure the funding to do so. The privately owned lands were acquired by @ development ‘company with the intent of building a unique community 20ers Cana KIPIE?_ | sre pe, ans, Chae KIPLC? Canadt ‘The NCC has the mandate to prepare plans and assist in the development, conservation and improvement ofthe National Capital Region in order to ensure itis in accordance with the national significance of the seat ofthe Government of Canada. tis under this mandate that the NCC secured through a formal agreement with the new owner thatthe main Capital interests on Chaucer, and Albert istands be part of the proposal. The agreement ensured public lands would be kept within the public realm, including the parks located at both ends of Chaudire Island and the shore line along the River in Gatineau, It also allows the NCC to create new pathway connections to improve public access. I also requires that capital views be protected and that new ones be created. These elements and others were secured with approval cof the Master plan forthe private development of Windmill by the NCC Board of Directors It ehould be noted that Victoria Inland is designated as NILM Lands and is mainly ‘owned by the NCC. The NCC is currently working with Algonquin leaders und elders to develop a long term plan for the island, encourage you to provide comments on this matter forthe stering committee's consideration, | trust that the above provides clarification regarding the NILM designation for Vitoria, Albert and Chaudiére Islands Sincerely, 7 Ir Dr, Mark Kristmanson Chief Executive Officer €c: —Shlagh Murphy, Assistant Deputy Minster, Lands and Economie Development, INA Andy Smith, Associate Asisant Deputy Minster, Real Prope, PSPC.