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NOVEMBER 2014 77361/PMD2L

Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks

SECTION A — (10 × 1 = 10 marks)

Answer any TEN questions.

1. What is Production Planning?

2. Mention the basic requirements of the ‘Quality of


3. Who prepares the daily production report?

4. What are the products should be produced by

using mass production

5. What are the symbols used in flow process chart

but not used in operation process chart?

6. Mention the information recorded in an equipment


7. What are the basic Inventory Models in


8. Define: ‘‘JIT”.

9. What is Fraction Defects?


10. What is Performance Rating?

11. Mention the basic qualification of Vendors.

12. What is the need for Service Facility Design?

SECTION B — (5 × 5 = 25 marks)

Answer any FIVE questions.

13. Explain the steps involved in location selection

14. What are the principles of good layout?

15. What are the factors influencing inventory

management and control?

16. List the difference between Preventive and

Breakdown Maintenance.

17. Explain the purpose of Time Study in an two

wheeler assembly unit.

18. How a vendor is evaluated?

19. What are the uses of Service Facility Design and

Control in operation management?

2 77361/PMD2L

SECTION C — (4 × 10 = 40 marks)
Question No. 20 is Compulsory.
Answer any THREE questions from
Q. No. 21 to Q. No. 24.

20. Sketch the layout you will recommend for the

‘Foundry Shop” of an Automobile manufacturing
concern, showing locations of important
installations in the foundry. Make any
assumptions required for the layout and suggest
how you will justify you recommendation.

21. What is master production schedule? Explain its

key functions.

22. Describe the elements of JIT manufacturing


23. What do you understand by the term “Rating in

Time Study”? What are the various methods used
for Rating? Describe them.

24. Define: “Supply Chain Management” and Explain

the various implications for SCM.


3 77361/PMD2L