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Inocencio, King Martin B.

Perlas, Michelle Anne F.

Virtucio, Joshua G.

Realistic constraints

Economic Constraints

Approximately ten (10) rice black bugs per hill can reduce the rice as much as 30 percent. It may

affect the production of rice throughout the country. Decimation of rice black bugs will

contribute significantly to the production of crops, rice.


Drone can be used in three different aspects such as gaming, photography and agriculture. In

gaming, light weight drones are used because the objective of this game is the same as in racing,

what makes it different is that in drone racing competition they have obstacles. While in

photography, drones are used to catch an aerial shot of a specific frame. Thus, making the

proponents’ proposed prototype to be flexible that is applicable to many uses.

Another point to be considered is that proposed project can also be used in other pests that are

attracted to light. This will be further discussed in the recommendation part of the document.


The components are available in the country. Essential parts of the device are as follows:

Quadcopter; microcontroller; camera; wire zapper; and UV light.

Environmental, Health and Safety Constraints

With the aid of pesticides the suffering of the farmers has been minimize. Pesticides are known

for attracting and destroying any pest. The most common use of pesticides is as plant protection

products (also known as crop protection products), which in general protect plants from

damaging influences such as weeds, fungi, or insects [1].Despite the fact that pesticides brought

a lot of help in the community we cannot deny that it can cause harm to the environment.

Pesticides considerably affect the natural biological equilibrium. It could also cause pollution in

the air and soil. One consideration should be taken is that they also harm the beneficial

organisms that help your crops grow and eliminate the pests. They can also harm the

environment as they release harmful toxins to the surroundings. Human exposure to these

pesticides can be very harmful. They are even more detrimental to the health of children and

older people as they have weaker immune systems [2].Providing an effective result without

destroying the eco system and affecting the health of the people in the community the group

comes up with an idea to use an ultrasound wave as an alternative way to kill rice black bugs.

In contrast with this, the project will not emanate the same harmful effects to human being as

well as to the environment.

Ethical, Social and Political Constraints

Taking into consideration the physiological state of a human being, it will contribute to the basic

human need specifically rice. Almost every land that is used in rice cultivation is owned by

private personnel that’s why political constraints are not the researchers concern.

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