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Espiritu, Maurice Hanellete D.



Pure Substances- made-up Mixtures – contains 2 or

of only one type of atom more pure substances

Elements- substances cannot Compounds- composed of 2

be broken down or decomposed or more elements in specific Homogeneous- Heterogeneous- Two or
same properties more phases, each with its
into simpler substances ratio
own set of properties

Solutions- particles Suspensions- Colloids- particles

Metals- can Nonmetals- Acid Bases Salts are very small, can particles are so large that are in between
conduct heat insulators pass through filter that they settle out the size of solutions
and electricity (except granite) paper unless you stir it. and suspensions
Espiritu, Maurice Hanellete D.

Bose-Einstein Condensate (BCE), a state of matter which is formed by cooling

a gas of extremely low density, about one hundred thousandth the density of
normal air, to super low temperatures. They can slow light down to the residential
speed limit, flow without friction. They are effectively super atoms, groups of
atoms that behave as one.
(You and the Natural World- Chemistry by Mendoza, E. & Religioso, T.)