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The philosophy of transparency

Man’s thirst for knowledge is a real, primary, aspects concerned and that is capable of sati-
spontaneous need. A need that we of Valcucine sfying the aesthetic and functional requirements
have always met with the precise aim to inform of the customer.
and share all the information in our possession, This guide is the result of the careful assessment
the result of years of research and collaboration and analyses of the most common questions
with architects and designers, with anyone and asked and of the comments we recieve from
straight away. It is an acknowledged fact that the retailers and planners. It is a “treasure box” of
quality of the single components of a kitchen, as ideas and suggestions to help you clearly and
excellent as it may be, cannot guarantee overall schematically remember the aspects that must
quality by itself. Any programme also needs a be weighed up and the steps that must be fol-
suitably studied and planned space that takes lowed when planning both the architectural spa-
into account all the architectural and technical ce of a kitchen and its furniture.

NB: The advice found in this guide complied with the Italian laws in force when it was drawn up. For other countries and for
subsequent modifications, we suggest you examine the local Laws in force as well as any amendments made to them.

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6 Types of kitchens
10 Planning the kitchen
12 A kitchen with a central island
20 A corner kitchen
28 An open space kitchen with a peninsular unit
36 A kitchen with an island and an equipped back

46 Ergonomics in the kitchen

48 Heights and depths of base units
50 80cm depth: Logica System
55 Equipped back section
60 Wall units
62 Wall-hung base units

66 Sizes and dimensions

68 Measuring the wall
70 Problems at the end of an arrangement
72 Kitchen corners
74 Height of the window sill
76 Water drainage and connections
80 Plastering
82 Flooring and tiles

86 Aeration holes
88 Check valve
90 Hoods: types and dimensions
92 Remote motor
93 Extraction pipes
94 Existing hole
95 Useful measurements for Valcucine hoods

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104 Electric sockets
106 Artificial kitchen lighting
107 Natural kitchen lighting

110 Child safety

116 The Valcucine “home system”

134 The kitchens

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What types of kitchens are there?

The in-line kitchen The in-line kitchen on two sides

This is an efficient solution for If the room is long but suffi-
long, narrow rooms. All the ciently wide, worktops and
kitchen cabinets are installed cabinets can be installed along
along one wall and a space lar- both walls.
ge enough to walk around in is
left on the opposite side.

6 planning guide

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C-shaped kitchen U-shaped kitchen
Allows you to optimise move- It allows you to have a large
ments within the space marked work area in a compact spa-
off by the worktops. Sliding ce. The elements are installed
doors conceal the work area on three sides. Contrarily to
and make it possible to create the C-shaped kitchen, there is
an exclusive dining room. not enough space inside the
U-shaped arrangement for a

planning guide 7

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Kitchen with an island Kitchen with a peninsular unit
It requires a lot of space and, The peninsular unit is a han-
if a sink and a hob are fitted dy additional unit that articu-
as well as the worktop, it re- lates the space in a kitchen.
quires very detailed planning The projecting element can
of the electric and plumbing give you extra worktop space,
systems. can house a sink and/or hob
and can also be fitted with a
breakfast bar.

8 planning guide

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The corner kitchen A kitchen composed of separate units
The elements are installed All the kitchens described up to
along two adjoining kitchen now can be divided into sepa-
walls. The sink, the hob and rate functional parts. The flexi-
the fridge must be relatively bility of the system composed
near to each other so as to of separate units allows you to
reduce distances and make create a kitchen that, not being
it easier to carry out various tied to a set drawing, is able to
kitchen chores. adapt to various architectural

planning guide 9

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How can I plan my kitchen?

fumes outlet as well as by the plasterboard

You can’t always change the architectural shape
of a kitchen, but many arrangements are possi-worker to build plassterboard parts. It is also
useful to the window and door fitter to know
ble in the same room. It is a matter of finding the
most suitable solution from an aesthetical andwhere to install door and window frames and
also to the tiler to know up to what height he
functional point of view. Four projects showing
different types of kitchens can be seen in themust tile the wall and what type of decorative
following pages: tiling he can apply;
- a top view and cross-section drawing of the
1 a kitchen with a central island plumbing system who will install water and
2 a corner kitchen gas pipes and radiators, if any;
3 a kitchen with a peninsular unit in an open - a top view and cross-section drawing of
space the electric system that is indispensable for
4 a kitchen with an island and an equipped the electrician so that he knows where he can
back section. run cables, where sockets and switches can
be fitted, where to arrange connections for
The following information is given for each intercom systems, thermostats, telephones,
type of kitchen: tv sets, the hood and under wall unit lights.
- the aesthetic project rendering shows the
kitchen with its colours, materials and sha-
- the architectural project with its top and NB: we do not use specific technical sym-
side view drawing that defines all the mason- bols for electric and hydraulic systems in our
ry and architectural features of the kitchen projects, rather an indicative set of symbols
and that is required by the builder to build that have the aim of guiding the technicians
walls, windows, aeration holes and the hood in their work.

10 planning guide

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Kitchen with a central island Corner kitchen
Pages: 12 - 19 Pages: 20 - 27

Open space kitchen with a peninsular Kitchen with an island and an equipped back
unit Pages: 28 - 35 section Pages: 36 - 43

planning guide 11

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A kitchen with a central island

The aesthetic project

If the room is large enough,
the kitchen with an island is
the best possible solution in
terms of functionality and ae-
It gives you lots of freedom of
movement and the pleasure
of working looking over the
dining area. The island beco-
mes the heart of the kitchen
and, together with the celing-
hung hood and other elemen-
ts, creates a stunning setting.
The rendering offers a realistic
view of the arrangement and
allows you to ponder choices
in terms of volumes, colours
and finishes.

12 planning guide

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planning guide 13

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A kitchen with a central island: how can I plan it?

Aeration hole Ø 12






Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

The architectural project

A kitchen with an island re- furniture, of the walls and of be calculated in the following (Y), the distance to the hob
quires lots of attention from a the aeration holes that must be way: centerline (K). This way it will
planning point of view. precise to the centimeter. - crosswise, add to the distance be possible to fit the hood flue
If possible, it is best to defi- of the island from the wall (X), perpendicularly to the ceiling
ne the position of each single If the project of the building al- a distance (J) that will vary de- without the need for curved pi-
element and their sizes in the lows for it, it is a good idea to pending on the type of hood (J pes that are often concealed by
planning phase of the kitchen. plan for the hood fumes outlet is equal to 35cm for the most unisghtly false walls.
The architectural drawing in its in the ceiling, above the hob. common types of hood).
top and front view must inclu- The co-ordinates of the ceiling - lengthwise, add to the distan-
de the measurements of the fumes outlet centerline must ce of the island from the wall

14 planning guide

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Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

Aeration hole Ø 12 SECTION A-A

Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15


The island requires a working To calculate the distance of the If possible, to minimise the in an aligned and symmetric
space of about 120 cm. This island from the wall it is neces- impact of the motor noise, it way.
is the optimal space neces- sary to add 120 cm to the dep- is preferable to choose a hood
sary to simultaneoulsy and th of any elements installed with a motor that can be in-
comfortably open the doors against the wall (wall panels, stalled outside the kitchen (see
of the island and of any tower towers or worktops). page 92).
units installed along the wall.
(In any case, the minimum For good hood extraction, the For an excellent aesthetic re-
space required for working is flue outlet must have a diame- sult, consider the possibility of
100 cm). ter of at least 15 cm. arranging the kitchen elements

planning guide 15

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A kitchen with a central island: how can I plan the electric system?

Wall panels
Electric board for:
- TV set power supply
- TV antenna

- electric socket J X
- spotlight switch


Hood power supply

Power supply A
to ceiling
lights Power supply for:
- refrigerator
- ovens

Electric board for:

- hob
- dishwasher

Electric socket

The electric system

It is of fundamental importan- the power supply of the hob,
area to use
ce to decide the exact position of the oven and of any sockets for cable

of the island in the planning on the worktops. outlets



phase. This way it will be pos- The floor outlets must remain on the floor
sible to precisely determine: within the 8 cm service gap
service gap

- the ceiling outlet of the power created by fitting two 60 cm

between two
supply cables for the hood base units (of which one has base unit
(adjacent to the fumes outlet a sink) back-to-back, or within
described on page 14); the 5 cm gap created by 35/60 60
- floor connection outlets for

16 planning guide

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Boiserie Hood power supply

Electric board for:

- TV set power supply
- TV antenna
- electric socket
- spotlight switch

Electric board for:

- hob

- dishwasher

Floor cable outlet SECTION A-A

Hood power supply

Power supply for:

- refrigerator
- ovens

Electric board for:

- hob
- dishwasher

Electric socket

Aluminium cable guard (on request) SECTION B-B

installing a 60 cm sink base unit Due to the fact that sockets The Valcucine wall panelling position on the wall because it
and a 35 cm base unit back-to- must be accessible, the has been designed to have will then be covered by the wall
back (see fig.A). electric cables should come the TV and telephone sockets panelling.
If the kitchen is raised on a sup- out below the sink because exactly where you need them
port, Valcucine supplies an alu- this is the only base unit that while concealing the wiring in
minium guard measuring 30 cm does not have a back panel. the gap in the back. Therefore,
in length to conceal and protect The exact position of the table if you decide to install a TV set
electric wiring. The cable outlets allows you to determine the or a stereo or if you want to fit
must thus be planned to come outlet of the cables on the cei- shelves with led lights, a cable
out behind this guard. ling for a ceiling light. outlet can be provided in any

planning guide 17

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A kitchen with a central island: how can I plan the plumbing system?

Aeration hole Ø 12



Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

The plumbing system

The water and gas supply and must be centred on the cen- area to use for
discharge pipe outlets must terline of the sink and must fall pipe outlets on

be centred in the 8 cm service within 30 cm (corresponding the floor



gap created by fitting two 60 to the length of the pipe guard

cm base units (of which one is supplied on request by Valcu-
service gap

a sink base unit) back-to-back cine if the kitchen is raised on

between two
or in the 5 cm gap created by supports). base unit
fitting a 60 cm sink base unit
against a 35 cm base unit. In 35/60 60
a longitudinal direction they

18 planning guide

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Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

Aeration hole Ø12 SECTION A-A

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

Floor pipe outlet


For excellent hood extraction sized according to the laws in

it is necessary to provide a 15 force (see page 86).
cm diameter flue pipe whose
centerline must be calculated
as described on page 14.

It is very important to consi-

der the correct aeration of the
kitchen through the aeration
holes in the wall that must be

planning guide 19

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The corner kitchen

The aesthetic project

Due to the fact that it is arran-
ged on two adjacent sides,
the corner kitchen must be
planned by creating logical
connections between the
various functional areas to
make work in the kitchen run
as smoothly as possible. A
perspective view shows the
real space, allowing you to as-
sess the position of the single
elements, the colour scheme,
the combination of materials
and the lighting.

20 planning guide

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planning guide 21

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The corner kitchen: how can I plan it?

Hood fumes 440
outlet Ø 15 205


hole Ø 12




38 182 38 83

The architectural project

Often one finds oneself in the to be adapted to the architec- the two adjacent walls must be +1cm thickness for possible
position of planning kitchen ture which often calls for co- checked, and these must be wall claddings.
furniture after the kitchen has stly custom-sized units. measured at a height of 90cm
already been built and the wal- The correct method is to plan (see page 73), to avoid major
ls have been constructed in a the kitchen furniture first by problems during assembly.
hapdash way, with drains and defining the position of each When planning kitchen fur-
electric sockets that do not fol- element and the exact size of niture it is necessary to con-
low a logical kitchen project. the modules. sider a tolerance of +1cm for
The inevitable consequence is For a corner kitchen, first of all possible imperfections in the
that the kitchen furniture has the perfect perpendicularity of straightness of the walls, and

22 planning guide

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Hood fumes outlet Ø 15 SECTION A-A SECTION B-B


SECTION C-C Plasterboard filler SECTION D-D

Aeration hole Ø 12

If you want to add a free-stan- to consider is the size of the To install a worktop under the the type of hood (see pages 96
ding fridge with a water and side panel against a door: it is window, it is necessary to cal- to page 101).
ice dispenser it is necessary to calculated by adding +2cm to culate the right height of the
plan a space sufficient for the the depth of the kitchen up to window sill (see page 74) and On either side of tower units
convex door to open properly the door frame (see page 72). the position of the tap. a plasterboard wall creates an
(see page 68), as well as for If the hood is wall-hung, it is alcove-fitted effect. This must
the socket and the water sup- advisable to make a fumes be made-to-measure after the
ply/drain tap to be located near outlet hole on the same wall, tower units have been instal-
the appliance. taking into account that its po- led.
Another very impotant element sition will vary depending on

planning guide 23

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The corner kitchen: how can I plan the electric system?

Hood power supply
Socket for back
Fridge power
supply Wall light

Electric board for:
- hob
Power supply - oven
for ceiling - dishwasher
C C Power supply
for wall unit light
Power supply
for tower unit

Switch for ceilng light


The electric system

The electric system can be telephone and the TV antenna them not very accessible. To ces and for the back section
defined only after the exact sockets. This is the only way guarantee practical socket are managed. It is a good idea
position of all the units, of the for the electrician to create a inspection it is advisable to to divide the sockets in the
appliances and of the table rational and aesthetically plea- collect them all together in a electric board and give each a
have been decided. sing system. single electric board located separate switch to prevent a
The plan of the electrical sy- behind the sink base unit, the failure of one appliance jeopar-
stem has the aim of precisely Often household appliances only one without a back panel dising the use of all the other
defining all the light points, the are connected to sockets lo- (see page 104). sockets.
sockets, the intercom con- cated behind the furniture, at It is from here that the various
nections, the thermostats, the 17.5 cm from the floor, making power supply lines for applian-

24 planning guide

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Fridge power supply Wall light power supply
Hood power supply SECTION A-A Electric board SECTION B-B
Back section power supply Wall unit light power supply


Ceiling light switch SECTION C-C Switches and light socket SECTION D-D
Tower light power supply

It is advisable to provide for a keep sockets at a minimum di- switch located on the back pa- The fridge with a water and ice
cable outlet concealed behind stance of 60 cm from the hob nel of the kitchen. dispenser requires an electric
the wall units for a light or for a and sink (see page 105). socket located alongside the
midway socket (see page 105). The cable outlet for the hood appliance.
Due to the fact that the kitchen must be selected in complian-
If a back section is not fitted, can also be illuminated by the ce with the type of hood cho-
provide for sockets on the hood light and by the lights at sen and is usually located just
back panel of the kitchen to the bottom of the wall units it above the appliance so that it
connect small appliances. For is a good idea to collect their becomes invisible (see pages
safety reasons it is best to power supply under a single 96 to 101).

planning guide 25

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The corner kitchen: how can I plan the plumbing system?

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15
Cold water supply
for fridge

Aeration hole Ø 12

Gas supply
Water supply



The plumbing system

It is of fundamental impor- with an automatic water and The back section will allow the through the back section, the
tance to decide the position ice dispenser it is necessary to water and gas pipes to come gas pipe can reach the hob.
of the units and of the ap- plan for a water supply/drain out at any point in the wall The back section can also con-
pliances before planning the tap alongside the appliance. behind the kitchen. tain the gas safety cock. (see
plumbing system of a corner The connection pipe must be Nevertheless, it is a good idea pages 55,59).
kitchen, especially if you want made from a foodsafe mate- for the piping to come out of
to fit special appliances such rial. the wall behind the sink base
as an American-style refrige- unit because it is the only rea-
rator. dily accessible place without
To install this type of fridge a back panel. From here and

26 planning guide

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Water supply for fridge Gas supply

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15 Drain
Water supply

SECTION C-C Aeration hole Ø 12 SECTION D-D

planning guide 27

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An open space kitchen with a peninsular unit

The aesthetic project

A single kitchen-living room
area is increasingly becoming
the new trend.
The open space has become
the heart of the home, be it a
loft or a bedsitter, an apartment
flat or a single house.
The versatility of the Valcucine
programmes guarantees the
possibility of personalising and
constructing the living room,
of integrating the functions
and of co-ordinating elemen-
ts, modules and materials. For
example, the Valcucine wall
panels can be fitted in the
kitchen and in the living
room or can be used as a
way of visually connecting
various rooms of the home.
It is possible to co-ordinate
the appearance of an open
space arrangement by using
furniture that aesthetically
links the kitchen and the li-
ving room but that is fitted
with the specific functional
elements used in each area.

28 planning guide

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planning guide 29

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An open space kitchen with a pensinular unit: how can I plan it?

Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

hole Ø 12


Opening on
false ceiling
for hot air
from fridge

The architectural project

In an open space every detail must be paid to the hood flue top of a wall. At this stage, if with the walls, or with doors
must be carefully planned be- that should be concealed and you want to conceal the flue or windows to create a logical
cause the kitchen shares the to the tower units that should pipe, you will be obliged to distinction of the two areas.
space with the living room be fitted inside an alcove. build a false ceiling. Due to In an open space it makes sen-
and becomes the heart of the If it isn’t possible to make a the fact that we are planning a se to install tower units so that
home, the place where you fumes outlet in the ceiling and kitchen-living room, we could they look as if they are alcove-
spend most of your time and if you don’t want to do without take advantage of the need to fitted, flush with the wall. If you
where you give hospitality to an island hood, the hood must conceal the flue pipe by lowe- want to fit refrigerators inside
your friends. For a good ae- be connected to the existing ring the ceiling above the enti- tower units that are as tall as
sthetic result, special attention outlet that is usually at the re kitchen area and aligning it the ceiling, it will be necessary

30 planning guide

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False ceiling

Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

hole Ø 12

Aeration hole in false
Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

hole Ø 12


to make holes to allow the hot air exits the other half. space must be left to open the
air generated by refrigeration The plasterboard wall must be door. This space will then be
to escape. The aeration holes made-to-measure depending concealed with a filler (see
must have a minimum total on the height of the tower pages 70,71).
surface of 400 cm. There are units.
some refrigerators on the If a tower unit is installed in
market that do not require the corner against a side
these holes because they are wall, knobs or vertical hand-
designed so that cold air en- les must be used instead of
ters half of the plinth while hot horizontal handles or enough

planning guide 31

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A kitchen with a peninsular unit: how can I plan the electric system?

Power supply for wall light
Intercom Electric board for:
Ceiling light switch hob - hob
Thermostat centerline K - dishwasher
- power supply to
Electric board for: back section
- power supply to TV
- TV antenna
- electric socket Cable outlet for
- spotlight switch electric board
Cable outlet for
Socket hood and

Switches ceiling light
Branch points = =
for hood
and false A A
ceiling lights

Power supply for


Power supply for

Power supply
for wall lights

Power supply for

ceiling light

The electric system

The false ceiling used to outlet for the ceiling light to is usually located below the
conceal the hood flue pipe is avoid having to use unsightly sink, a socket will be required
also useful to hide the electric ceiling extension cables for a behind the appliance.
connections that come out of perfectly centred light. The electric cable outlet from
the wall and that power the If your table is more than 150 the false ceiling to power the
hood and the lights above the cm long, it is advisable to pro- hood must be located near the
worktop and above the table. vide for more than one light. fumes outlet (see page 34).
We suggest you choose the
position of the table before de- If the oven and fridge are too
ciding the position of the cable far from the electric board, that

32 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 32 1-02-2008 18:11:21

Cable outlet for hood

Electric board for: Cable outlet from

- power supply to TV false ceiling for hood
- TV antenna
- electric socket Electric board for:
- spotlight switch - hob
- dishwasher
- back section

Cable outlet for

electric board

Power supply for


Oven power supply

Fridge power supply
Electric board for:
- hob
- dishwasher
SECTION B-B - back section

Y2 equipped back
section Due to the fact that the penin- an area comprised between Y1
sular unit has an equipped back and Y2 (see fig.A) that varies
section, the electric cables must depending on the height of the
area to use
for cable come out of the wall behind the base unit (see pages 76 to 79).
Y1 outlets from back section. After the exact From here the cables will be di-
the wall position of the back section has rected below the sink where they
been decided, the electric cables will become part of an electric
must fall within the 11cm gap, board to which the various ap-
measured across the center- pliances will be connected (see
A 11
line of the back section and in page 104).

planning guide 33

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 33 1-02-2008 18:11:21

Kitchen with a peninsular unit: how can I plan the plumbing system?

centerline K

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply
Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

hole Ø 12
Fumes outlet on
false ceiling

The plumbing system

For the island hood, the ceiling of the peninsular unit from the For good hood extraction, the
co-ordinates for the centerline wall. pipe must also be carefully
of the fumes outlet are calcula- - lengthwise to the top, now chosen and positioned (see
ted in the following way: measure the distance from the page 93).
- crosswise to the top, the va- wall to the hob centerline (K).
riable (J) , which depends on In this position, a flue pipe will A gas cock can be fitted in a
the type of hood chosen (J is run to the flue outlet in the compartment in the back section
equal to 35 cm for most hoods) wall, concealed by the false behind the hob (see page 59).
must be added to the distance ceiling.

34 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 34 1-02-2008 18:11:22

Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15
Hood fumes
outlet on
Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply
Aeration hole Ø 12


Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Aeration hole in false ceiling

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

Aeration hole Ø 12 SECTIONB-B 25

Y2 equipped
back section The plumbing pipes must also pages 76 to 79). It is very im-
come out of the wall behind portant to remember that the
area used for back section. drain pipe must always be fit-
pipe outlets The pipes must fall within the ted in the lowest position.
from the wall
Y1 11cm gap, measured across The pipes will run from the
the centerline of the back sec- wall to the sink base unit.
tion and in an area comprised
between Y1 and Y2 (see fig.
A) that varies depending on
A the height of the base unit (see

planning guide 35

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A kitchen with an island and an equipped back section

The aesthetic project

The perspective view clearly re-
veals the most significant fea-
tures of this new arrangement
with an island. It is complete
from a functional viewpoint: as
well as the hob, the worktop
and the sink, it has a wooden
breakfast bar and a back pa-
nel with various accessories.
Clean lines, pure volumes, light
materials and an advanced er-
gonomic study distinguish this
The island hood with its steel
casing has a horizontal glass
panel and a front one that con-
tain and convey the cooking
fumes and protect the wooden
breakfast bar when cooking.

36 planning guide

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planning guide 37

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The kitchen with an island and back section: how can I plan it?

Hood fumes Aeration

outlet Ø 15 hole Ø 12



back section


The architectural project
As well as being aesthetical- the island. The back section gi- Valcucine to the vertical side of - crosswise, the distance of the
ly pleasing, a kitchen with an ves more freedom to position the back section. front of the island from the wall
island is particularly practical to the electric and plumbing floor (Y) is added to the depth of the
use because of the logical arran- outlets because these can run The exact position of the flue base units (65cm) and of the
gement of all its elements. inside it. outlet centerline for the Vitrum back section centerline (10cm).
The new island has a 20 cm The fact that the back section is hood is determined in the fol-
deep back section in stainless higher than the worktop turns it lowing way:
steel that stands directly on the into a protection from splashing - lengthwise, the distance of the
floor and is located alongside water and makes it possible to island from the wall (X) is added
the sink base unit and behind fix the special tap designed by to the hob centerline (K)

38 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 38 1-02-2008 18:11:25

Hood fumes
outlet Ø 15

Aeration hole
Ø 12

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15


Due to the fact that it is an to simultaneoulsy open the

island arrangement, the si- doors of the base units and of
zes of the various elements any tower units installed along
and the necessary distances the wall (at least 100cm are
between them must be care- needed).
fully planned to best exploit
all its potential. The island
requires a surrounding spa-
ce of about 120cm which is
the optimal distance required

planning guide 39

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 39 1-02-2008 18:11:26

A kitchen with island and back section: how can I plan the electric system?

Electric socket

Power supply for:

- wine-cellar fridge
- fridge
- ovens


10 65
back section
Electric board for:
- hob
A - dishwasher
- back section

Power supply for

Vitrum hood

The electric system
If the kitchen has an island electric cables must be calcu- area usable for floor cable outlets
and a floor-standing equip- lated by adding 75cm (depth
ped back section, the electric of the base unit + distance to
cables can come out along the back section centerline) to

the back section in the 13 the distance of the island from
cm wide empty space below the wall (Y).
the accessories (in fig. A, the
green coloured area).

The centerline of the spa-

ce that can be used for the

40 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 40 1-02-2008 18:11:26

Power supply for

Power supply for:

- wine-cellar fridge
- fridge
- ovens
Electric board for:
- hob
- dishwasher
- back section

Electric socket SECTION A-A

Power supply for


Electric board for:

- hob
- dishwasher
- back section

To power the new P20 hood

the electric cables must come
out into the steel flue casing,
as described on page 101.

planning guide 41

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 41 1-02-2008 18:11:27

A kitchen with an island and a back section: how can I plan the plumbing system?

Aeration hole Ø 12

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

10 65

bak section
Hood Drain
outlet Ø 15


The plumbing system
The plumbing connections From here, the pipes can run
must be effected in the 13cm through the back section until
wide empty space in the back they reach destination.
section (see fig.A). The cen-

terline of the space that can be
used for the pipes must be cal-
culated by adding 75cm (dep- 13
th of base unit + back section
centerline) to the distance of A area usable for floor pipe swivel mixer tap
the island from the wall (Y). outlets

42 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 42 1-02-2008 18:11:27

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply
Aeration hole Ø 12

Hood fumes outlet Ø 15

Gas supply
Water supply
Dishwasher supply

If the room and the type of The new single-lever mixer

hood allow for it, it is prefera- tap can be fixed to the new 20
ble to install the hood motor cm deep back section. It has
outside the kitchen to elimi- a swivel and fold-down neck
nate any annoying extraction and a rotating glass spout,
noise. All the Valcucine hoods designed by Valcucine (see
give you this opportunity (see figure).
page 92).

planning guide 43

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 43 1-02-2008 18:11:28

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 44 1-02-2008 18:11:28
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 45 1-02-2008 18:11:29
How should an ergonomic kitchen be planned?



worktop worktop




Ergonomic routes
Working in the kitchen can and organising logical routes the three sides that connect
be very tiring, notwithstan- is the starting point to make them should not exceed 650
ding the help given by many work in the kitchen creative cm.
accessories and by electrical and fun. In an ideal kitchen arrange-
appliances. Good space orga- A simple rule is to connect the ment, the three areas should
nisation can reduce obstacles preserving area (larders, re- be divided by worktops.
and unnatural and useless frigerator), the washing area
movements. (sink, dishwasher) and the
Arranging various kitchen cooking area (hob), by means
areas by respecting distances of small triangles. The sum of

46 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 46 1-02-2008 18:11:30

What are the minimum distances to be respected?





A - A distance of 120 cm B - To allow a person to work C - To determine the distances D - A free space of one me-
between the table and a wall and even open doors and to leave between the worktops tre must be left in front of
or any other obstacle is the drawers behind a person sea- and other elements situated in the dishwasher to allow for
minimum distance required to ted, it is necessary to leave a front of them, it is necessary to loading and unloading. For
allow a person to walk behind minimum distance of 135cm keep in mind the space requi- another person to walk behind
a seated one, in the direction between the edge of the table red for people to move around the first one during this ope-
shown in the drawing. and the unit behind it. If the and of the room taken up by ration, the empty space must
unit is 80cm deep, this di- appliances and base units with be increased by an additional
stance must be increased by their drawers or doors open. 70cm if there is a wall on the
15cm. opposite side.

planning guide 47

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 47 1-02-2008 18:11:30

How can I choose the height of the worktop?





To work standing before a depending on the needs of sockets, the position of the
worktop that is too low or too the user. This way, he/she will wall units and the height of the
high obliges the person to as- work more comfortably. hood flue outlet.
sume incorrect postures that, Valcucine offers various work-
in the long run, can have se- top heights depending on the
rious consequences on physi- height of the person.
cal health. Due to the fact that It is important to choose the
the average height of mankind height of the worktop at the
is increasing, it is advisable to outset because it determines
offer worktop heights that vary the position of the electric

48 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 48 1-02-2008 18:11:31

At what height should wall units be hung?



Traditional 60cm deep base A - For the traditional 60cm B - By increasing the depth of C - The 80cm depth, consisting
units have now evolved towar- depth, the recommended hei- the base unit to 65 cm, it is pos- in a special equipped back sec-
ds greater and more ergono- ght of the back panel is 54cm, sible to lower the wall unit that tion and a 60 cm base unit, gives
mic depths. Valcucine offers which is required to allow for is then easier to see and reach. better visibility on the worktop.
the 65cm depth and the 80cm sufficient visibility of the work- This gives you more freedom The recommended distance of
deep system. By increasing the top. However, the wall unit of movement and better visi- the wall units from the worktop
depth of the base units, it is creates a couped up feeling and bility on the worktop. The re- is 42cm. The contents of the
possible to lower the wall units, its position makes it difficult to commended height of the back wall unit are completely visible
that will be in a more ergono- see and take the contents out. panel is 48 cm. and accessible even on the top
mic position. shelves.

planning guide 49

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 49 1-02-2008 18:11:31

What are the advantages of the 80cm depth and of the Logica System?


A - With the traditional 60cm B - The 80cm depth offers C - A traditional wall unit is D - The 80cm depth allows
depth, even if the back panel is the possibility of working on a usually installed at a height you to stand further away
higher, the wall unit gives you larger surface, at a safe distan- that prvents you from having from the wall units which can
a claustrophobic feeling and ce from sharp edges and wall a complete view of the objects now be lowered, making them
blocks the view of the worktop units, eliminating that couped located on the top shelf, more visible and accessible
during food preparation. up feeling and giving you more making it difficult to use, espe- and increasing the space in
freedom of movement whi- cially for short people. front of them.
le improving the view on the
worktop that can now be used
to the full.

50 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 50 1-02-2008 18:11:32


E - Wall units with traditionally F - The balanced lift-up door G - The dish drainer instal- H - The 80cm depth makes it
opening doors are an obstacle can stay open all the time led at a traditional height is possible to fit the dish drainer
and give you a closed-in fee- necessary and allows you to awkward to use: the move- inside the back panel, behind
ling. Furthermore, due to the move around sideways and ment to put the plates away the sink. It is possible to put
fact that the door often re- bend over with no fear of bum- is unnatural and tiring and it the plates to drain without ti-
mains open, it is extremely ping or banging your head. is inevitable for water to drip ring yourself and without wa-
likely that you will bump your down your arm. The dish drai- ter dripping down your arm.
head when moving around. ner attached to the wall unit is The dish drainer is connected
also difficult to clean. directly to the trap for water

planning guide 51

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 51 1-02-2008 18:11:32


I - In traditional kitchens, the L - The new Libera hood, with M - Kitchens with a 60cm N - The new ergonomic Valcu-
hood is usually too near to its upward sweeping shape, deep top, as well as having the cine system consists in a P20
your face and this stops you frees all the underlying space hood too near to your face, do hood that gives you freedom of
from looking over the pots and allows you to approach not give you enough space to movement and in an integrated
and pans to check the cooking the hob area easily and safely keep utensils and objects used system of containers that allow
process. to check on the cooking pro- for cooking at hand’s reach. you to keep the various kitchen
cess. utensils right behind the hob,
just where you need them.

52 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 52 1-02-2008 18:11:32

The new ergonomic P20 system

P20 hood

Electric sockets
Crumb vacuum
Mini blender
Rolling pin

Shelves Toaster Chopping board

The P20 system

In general the back of the The containers are 20cm deep pliances, a chopping board,
worktop is not used in tradi- (like the equipped back sec- electric sockets, various ki-
tional kitchens. Valcucine, with tion and the P20 hood). They tchen utensils and small shel-
its 80cm deep worktop, makes are available in sizes that differ ves and racks.
the most of this space and both in width and in length
exploits it by fitting the back and can be fitted between the
section and by adding practical worktop and the P20 hood, or
and functional containers that between the worktop and the
are perfectly integrated with wall units.
the worktop. They can contain small ap-

planning guide 53

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 53 1-02-2008 18:11:33

Which are easier to use? Base units with doors or with jumbo drawers?


A - Traditional base units with B - With the pullout jumbo

doors and shelves oblige you drawer, the entire contents of
to kneel down and get into the base units is visible, more
awkward positions (that in the accessible and easy to reach.
long run may cause serious Valcucine offers base units
physical problems), to take with full-extension, 80cm
or put away objects that are deep jumbo drawers, with
usually stored in an almost or without an equipped back
inaccessible corner or in a section.
scarcely-lit area.

54 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 54 1-02-2008 18:11:33

The Valcucine equipped back section

The equipped back section is a back sections: ges 116,117): ideal for use in - a steel back section welded
20cm wide area inside which - an aluminium back section the centre of the room. It has to the top (see page 123): it
plumbing and electrical con- (see pages 126,127): it can be a steel finished back panel that can be used against the wall or
nections can be made, giving fitted between the base units reaches the floor. It protrudes in a kitchen with an island or a
the interior designer freedom and the wall, or used in a cen- by 18cm above the top and peninsular unit.
to install the sink and the hob tral island (in this case it must thus acts as an upstand to It becomes one with the top,
at a certain distance from the be finished using a wooden contain splashing water. The and due to the fact that it is
positions imposed by the wa- back panel combined with a new swivel tap (see page 43) does not have seals, is easier
ter and gas supply outlets. wooden snack bar; can be fixed to the section over to clean.
Valcucine uses three types of - a steel back section (see pa- looking the sink;

planning guide 55

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 55 1-02-2008 18:11:33

What can I fit in the back section?

Chopping Electric Food Vacuum Gas cock Weighing Container with Dishdrainer
board+ sockets bowls pum lift-up door
knife rack

All the accessories can

The back section can be fitted a detergent holder and a small be removed. Some are
with a set of containers ha- blender; a vacuum pump con- dishwasher safe.
ving precise functions that are tainer.
normally scattered around the All the elements can be remo-
kitchen: a dish and glass rack; ved for easy cleaning, some
compartments with sockets are dishwasher safe. The back
and gas cocks; knife and chop- section is modular to suit re-
ping-board racks; food bowls in quirements and allows you to
various sizes; digital weighing work more comfortably with
scales; bottle and spice racks, everything on hand.

56 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 56 1-02-2008 18:11:35

The equipped back section accessories



A - Removable and dishwasher B - Container with a lift-up C - A compartment with a lift- D - Stainless steel food bowls
safe stainless steel dish and door and natural wooden up door and a wooden bottle- in various sizes with lids, easy
glass racks. shelves with slots for knives rack. to remove and dishwasher
The hygiene of this system that are stored in a safe blade- safe. So that everything is on
is ensured because it is con- down position. hand when preparing and coo-
nected directly to the trap for king food.
direct water drainage.

planning guide 57

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 57 1-02-2008 18:11:35




E - Compartment with lift-up F - Electronic weighing scales G - Compartment with lift-up H - Container for the vacuum
door, socket and a mini blender in stainless steel with a capa- door and multilayer laminate pump, an appliance which
housing. city of up to 2 Kg and a 1 gr. container for practical storage extracts the air from special
weighing precision. They have of the glass spice-jars supplied containers to guarantee better
a tare function so that you can by Valcucine. tasting food and more healthy
weigh food in its containers. food preservation.
The new weighing scales are
ready to use at any time.

58 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 58 1-02-2008 18:11:36



I - Compartment for electric L - Compartment with a lift-up M - Aluminium containers N - A container with a lift-up
sockets fitted with a switch door for easy and handy ac- with lift-up doors, the ideal door to fit a rack for small
to connect small appliances cess to the gas cock, usually place to store everything you wooden and non-toxic teflon
or fixed appliances. Thanks located in a place too awkward need to clean your kitchen and chopping boards and for the
to its generous size it can also to reach and turn off every keep detergents out of the rea- rolling pin.
contain the lead which may day. ch of children.
become a nuisance if left on
the worktop.

planning guide 59

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 59 1-02-2008 18:11:37

What is the most comfortable way to open a wall unit?



Ergonomic opening methods The Valcucine Aerius wall unit

A - The wall unit with a balanced B - The wall unit with horizon- A - The wall unit fitted with a pa- B - The width of the Aerius wall
lift-up door guarantees great prac- tally-folding doors reduces the tented balanced opening system unit can vary with requirements
ticality and freedom of movement space taken up by normal wall ensures practicality and freedom and can reach a maximum of 3
and allows you to work safely unit doors that are an obstacle to of movement and allows you to metres for a single unit. In the
even when the door is open. The movement and to sight. It is easy move around safely, even when chipboard or multilayer carcass
oleodynamic balancing pistons to open them thanks to a system the door is open. A balancing versions the vertical interior divi-
allow you to open the door with a of hinges and sliding runners. mechanism adjusts opening and ders are eliminated.
light upward touch of the hand. closing speed so that this very
light door can be opened with a
light upward touch of the hand.

60 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 60 1-02-2008 18:11:37



The Valcucine Ala wall unit

A - The patented Ala wall unit B - The width of the Ala wall C - By opening a single door, D - Storage space and the
opens with a light movement unit can vary with the requi- the entire unit is available and view of the householder have
of the hand thanks to an inside rements of the customer and remains ready to use all the been increased Bby removing
counterweight and without the can reach 240cm in a single time, eliminating tiresome the vertical dividers inside the
use of hinges, springs or pi- unit. We suggest you install door opening and closing wall unit.
stons. Contrarily to traditional it by itself, separate from other movements. When you have
systems, the open door isn’t kitchen elements, to make the finished, the door shuts with
an obstacle to the vertical or most of its unique looks. a single touch of the hand and
side movements of the hou- everything is tidy again

planning guide 61

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 61 1-02-2008 18:11:38

Which is best? A kitchen with a plinth or a wall-hung kitchen?
Base unit with plinth Wall-hung base Load-
unit bearing

Support for
base units

Base unit with plinth Wall-hung base
unit Partition

Support for
base units
with feet

Fixing a wall-hung kitchen

A - A wall-hung kitchen makes B - The wall-hung kitchen is C - Steel L-shaped supporting D - If the base units are fixed to
cleaning under the furniture ideal for floor-heating because brackets are supplied to fix a an interior partition wall, add feet
really easy. it removes all obstacles for per- kitchen to a load-bearing wall. to support part of the weight. It
A kitchen with a plinth is less fect heat diffusion. To avoid accidentally drilling the is advisable to fit a quantity of
easy to clean so that perfect pipes inside the wall it is impor- feet that guarantees a distance
hygiene is not possible. Even tant to use an instrument that between them of 120cm.
if you can’t see it, the dirt ac- detects their exact position. The feet supplied by Valcuci-
cumulates behind the plinth ne are so slim that they do not
which, although it has a gasket, detract from the beauty of the
cannot ensure a perfect seal. kitchen.

62 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 62 1-02-2008 18:11:38

Can household appliances be installed in a wall-hung kitchen?

Oven inside a
wall-hung base


Oven inside a
wall-hung element

In-column dishwasher

The dishwasher The oven

E - Nowadays it is even possi- F - A 76x60 dishwasher can be G - The oven can also be fitted H - The oven is more comforta-
ble to install a dishwasher in a installed in a tall unit, in a higher inside a wall-hung base unit ble to use and more ergonomic
wall-hung base unit. An exam- position compared to a traditio- fixed to the wall. if it is installed inside an ele-
ple of this is the new Smeg nal one which makes it more ment that can be hung in any
60x90 or 60x60 dishwasher. ergonomic. Its ideal position is position on the wall. It can have
We recommend the addition at the right of the sink (making a flap door that disappears be-
of supporting feet. it easier to load). low the unit when open.
It is necessary to accurately NB: Make sure it is provided
define the position of the wall with the Acquastop device be-
pipe outlet (see page 77). fore purchasing it.

planning guide 63

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 63 1-02-2008 18:11:39

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 64 1-02-2008 18:11:39
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 65 1-02-2008 18:11:41
Overall sizes and dimensions of furnishing elements




variable 60-72 6-9



28-34 60-72
16-22 60-72


64-70-75 36
with plinth with feet wall-hung

45 var
40- 20
45 30- 0-1 70 95-
30- 0-120 15- 80-9 40 65- 25 110
30- 60 0-1
-9 60-
9 60- 11 -12
1-6 45- 95- 5

40 96-
35- 65 120
60- 50
65- 60
Var 80 18-
iable 24-


66 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 66 1-02-2008 18:11:44


28-34 120-144-180-192-204-228
16-22 120-144-180-192-204-228

wall unit H 48


60-72 20



Aerius wall unit Ala wall unit

45 0 60 40 120
30- 0-12 0 95
-10 45- 120 30- -90 90- -240
9 125 -10 15- 0-80 180
60 -
95 0 9 -
0 6
1 45-

wall unit H 48
00) -24
le (
m 120
65 iab

Aerius wall unit Ala wall unit

35- 35- 60- 34

50- 50- 65 35
60 60

wall unit H 48
96 113


Aerius wall unit Ala wall unit

planning guide 67

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 67 1-02-2008 18:11:45

How can I calculate the length of the wall to which the units are fitted?

302 366
1 300 1 1 300 60 5

Length of wall for in-line kitchen L.300 Length of wall for in-line kitchen L.300 and
fridge W. 60 with horizontal handle

311+x 321+x
1 300 x 10* 1 300 x 20*

Length of wall for in-line kitchen L.300 and Length of wall for in-line kitchen L.300
fridge with convex door and American-style fridge

Measuring the wall

To calculate the right length of also be planned as a multiple completely; an extra 10*cm if sider the space for a tap to fit
a wall to contain the kitchen of 15 cm. you fit a fridge with a convex alongside the fridge.
unts without the need for costly An extra 1 cm tolerance on door; an extra 20*cm if you in-
made-to-measure elements, each side must always be con- stall an American-style fridge. *indicative measurements
one must remember that a ki- sidered if you will be adding The depth of “Free Standing” that must be checked with the
tchen is composed of modules tiles to an unfinished wall. refrigerators varies depending actual appliance ordered.
that are multiples of 15cm. If a fridge will be installed at on their capacity in litres. For
To avoid wasting space and the end of an arrangement, American-style refrigerators
the need for customised mo- add 5cm to allow a door with with an automatic water and
difications, the kitchen must a horizontal handle to open ice dispenser, you must con-

68 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 68 1-02-2008 18:11:45

367 372
1 300 5 60 1 1 300 5 65 1

Length of wall for corner kitchen D.60, L.300 Length of wall for corner kitchen D. 65, L.300

387 397
1 300 5 60 20 1 1 300 95 1


Length of wall for corner kitchen D.80, L.300 Length of wall for kitchen with corner tower, D.60, L.300

x Base unit depth

In the corner of the kitchen it that they will knock against

is necessary to add the size of each other and then calculate
the corner post (X) (used to the width of the corner post. In

x Base unit depth

make door opening easier) to general, for most kitchens the post
the depth of the base units. In width of the corner post (X) is
general it is preferable to use 5cm. Opening
a door with a knob and a door with knob
with a horizontal handle. To
Opening with
fit two doors with horizontal
handles you must consider

planning guide 69

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 69 1-02-2008 18:11:45

What problems could arise at the end of an arrangement near a door?

Door frame Door frame

handle at the
end of an
Jumbo drawer
end of

min. 5cm min. 5cm

Gap from the Gap from wall


Filler Filler

Door frame Door frame

protrudes by protrudes by
min. 1cm min. 1cm

Drawers or jumbo drawers Horizontal handle

Door frames usually protrude without knocking against the If the kitchen has doors with are. To avoid this problem, a
from the wall by about one door frame. A filler strip will be horizontal handles, a gap must knob can be fitted on the door
centimetre. This is why, when used to conceal the gap while be left between the end unit near the wall.
you plan a kitchen that finishes the top will continue against the and the wall. The width of the
against a wall with a door, a few side wall. gap will depend on the space
simple rules must be followed. taken up by the handle when
A good rule is to keep the the door is open. A 5cm gap
base units detached from the is usually sufficient but it is
side wall by 5 cm to allow the always best to ask how deep
jumbo drawer to be pulled out the handles you want to use

70 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 70 1-02-2008 18:11:46

Door frame Door frame

end of Wall unit with
arrangement lift-up door at
end of

min. 5cm min. 5cm

Gap from the Gap from wall



Door frame Door frame

protruding by protrudes by
min. 1cm min. 1cm

Dishwashers Wall unit with lift-up door

A dishwasher at the end of an gle, problems may arise both If a special wall unit with lift-up However, to make the most of
arrangement and near a door for assembly and for door ope- door such as the Ala or Aerius the special aesthetics of these
requires a gap of approximately ning. Furthermore, due to the wall unit have been planned at elements, it is preferable to fit
5cm from the wall to allow the fact that the dishwasher is not the end of an arrangement, due them in an isolated position, at
door to open without knocking installed inside a base unit but to the special size of the door, it a certain distance from other
against the door frame. Valcu- is attached to the side panels will be necessary to install the kitchen cabinets and from the
cine discourages dishwasher of the base units on each side, wall unit at a distance of at least walls.
installation at the end of an if it is installed at the end of an 5 cm from the wall to allow it to
arrangement because, if the arrangement, one side support open without knocking against
corner is not a perfect right-an- would be missing. the door frame.

planning guide 71

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 71 1-02-2008 18:11:46

How far should the door be from the corner of the kitchen?


K=X+2 K=X+16


Measuring the wall from corner to door

The width of the wall (K) from A - If there are base units, the B - If there are tall units, it will switch, 12cm for the switch
the corner to the door frame width of the wall is calculated not be sufficient to add a 2cm and a 2cm gap between the
must be calculated by con- by adding to the depth of the safety gap, but you must also switch and the doorframe.
sidering the depth (X) of the base units (X), a 2cm gap consider the space taken up by The total width of the wall will
kitchen units that are installed before the door frame. The a switch (generally 12cm). be: K= X+16cm.
against that wall. total width of the wall will be: In this case, the width of the
In general it is always advisa- K=X+2. side panel will be calculated
ble to maintain a safety gap by adding to the depth of the
from the wall of about 2cm. tall units (X=), a 2cm gap
between the tall unit and the

72 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 72 1-02-2008 18:11:46

How are corners measured?

A Non-square corner <90° D<141.5

Length of wall
Length of kitchen

Gap from

the wall


 jumbo drawer

Non-square corner >90° D>141.5

  Length of wall
Length of kitchen


Non-square corners
Before ordering kitchen fur- ghts, but special attention must If the kitchen corner is not fitted at the end of the arran-
niture it is a good idea to take be paid to the measurement square, two cases are possi- gement.
accurate measurements of the taken for the top (at a height ble: B - the diagonal line is >141.5
walls to check for possible off- of about 90cm from the floor) A - the diagonal line is <141.5 therefore the angle is >90°. In
square corners. Two walls are for which it is advisable to re- therefore the angle is <90°. this case the length of the ki-
perpendicular if the diagonal produce a cardboard template. In this case the length of the tchen can correspond to the
line, measured at one metre’s A small mistake in this mea- kitchen must be shorter than length of the wall. The empty
distance from the corner, is surement may require costly the length of the wall, especial- gap at the front wil be covered
141.5 cm. This measurement worktop modifications with a ly if jumbo drawers, drawers, by a filler. The top will be pro-
must be taken at various hei- high probability of error. a dishwasher or the oven are duced using a template.

planning guide 73

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 73 1-02-2008 18:11:46

At what height should the window sill be?

back section back section H6 or

H6 H18 with dish
or H18 drainer



splashback H6 splashback H1



Height of the window sill

To prevent the height of the derside of the window sill, or height of the worktop from
window sill from determining by adding 25cm if the equip- the floor and whether it is fit-
the choice of your kitchen, it ped back section with a dish- ted with a back section or a
is necessary to decide it in drainer is fitted below the win- splashback.
advance by keeping in mind a dow (25cm is considered to The height of the window sill is
few important aspects. be the average space taken up determined as follows:
The height of the window sill by plates standing in the back Y=J+3cm or
(Y) is calculated by adding 3 section rack). Y=J+25cm.
cm from the height of the ki- The height (J) of the kitchen
tchen base unit (J) to the un- base unit depends on the

74 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 74 1-02-2008 18:11:46

How can I plan the sink area below the window?

horizontally or hinged hinged windows with

A vertically-sliding
B windows with
C non-centred sink and
windows centred sink fold-down tap

The sink area

If the sink is installed below a dishwasher is installed). the tap. This can be ensured in sponding to the height of the
window, the householder can Valcucine suggests two so- three ways: folded tap, must be calculated
look outside and washing up lutions: a dish drainer in the A - by installing horizontally or when deciding the height of the
becomes less of a chore and back section (see page 57) or vertically-sliding windows; window sill.
thus less tiring. One often gives a dish drainer in a pullout rack B - by fitting the mixer tap
up on the idea of the functiona- inside a base unit near the sink exactly in the space where the
lity and beauty of a sink below base unit. If the sink is fitted hinged windows open;
the window because of the below the window, it will be ne- C - by installing a fold-down
problem of where to put the cessary to make sure that the tap if B is not possible. In this
dish drainer (superfluous if a windows do not interfere with case a height of 13cm, corre-

planning guide 75

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 75 1-02-2008 18:11:47

At what height should drains and plumbing connections be?

sink centerline

7 31/46/66/76/106 7




Area to use for cable and for
pipe outlets on the wall

A back-to-wall kitchen
In this type of kitchen, the spa- the floor of the base unit K From a front view, the drains
ce in which pipes can come (be it with a plinth, with feet must be centred preferably
out of the wall must corre- or wall-hung) increased by with the sink centerline and
spond to the empty space 10cm, corresponding to the must be kept at a distance of
(without a back panel) of the low bottom back panel + about about 7cm from both sides of
sink base unit. 6cm for safety’s sake. the base unit.
This space is included between Y2 is equal to Y1+24cm if
Y2 (upper limit) and Y1 (lower the base unit is 60 cm deep,
limit), where: Y1+36cm if the base unit is 72
Y1 is equal to the height from cm deep.

76 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 76 1-02-2008 18:11:47










Kitchen with plinth H13cm Kitchen with feet H25cm Wall-hung kitchen H34cm from
and base unit H72 and base unit H60 the floor and base unit H60

Three examples of calculations for pipe outlets

A - kitchen with H13cm plinth and Y1=34cm+16cm=50cm
H72 base unit: Y2=50cm+24cm=74cm.

Y1=13cm+16cm=29cm D - wall-hung kitchen H58 from the
7 8

Y2=29cm+36cm=65cm. floor and H36 base unit:


B - kitchen with H25cm feet and Y1=58cm+7cm=65cm

H60 base unit: Y2=65cm+8cm=73cm.


Y1=25cm+16=41cm Due to the reduced space for

Y2=41cm+24cm=65cm. pipe outlets we do not recom-
C - wall-hung kitchen H34cm from mend fiting a sink inside a H36
Wall-hung kitchen with base units H36
the floor and H60 base unit: wall-hung base unit.

planning guide 77

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 77 1-02-2008 18:11:48

Where should I fit drains and pipe connections in a kitchen with an island?

service gap centerline service gap centerline

area usable
sink centerline

for floor
pipe outlets

service gap
two base

5/8 5/8
35/60 60 35/60 60

Island on feet without a back section

In the event of an island arran- or across the 5cm created by aluminium guard to conceal
gement without a back sec- installing a 60cm deep sink the pipes. They must come out
tion and raised on supports, base unit back-to-back with a of the floor within this space.
the drain outlets and the floor 35 cm deep base unit.
plumbing connections must In addition to this, the pipes
be positioned across the cen- will be centred in the sink base
terline of the 8cm service gap unit centerline, the only one
that is created by fitting two 60 without a back panel and the-
cm base units back-to-back (of refore accessible. On request,
which one is a sink base unit) Valcucine supplies a 30x5cm

78 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 78 1-02-2008 18:11:48

... or in a kitchen with a pensinsular unit or an island with a back section?

back section centerline back section centerline

drains and
come out
of the wall



drains and
come out
of the wall

Peninsular unit with back section and feet Island with back section and plinth

Peninsular unit with back section on feet Floor-standing island with back section
The plumbing connections must the base unit from the floor, + with a steel, floor-standing, can come out of the wall but
come out of the wall behind the 16cm corresponding to the low back section, the plumbing it will be necessary to order a
back section. It is important to bottom back panel + about 6cm connections must be effected back section with a special side
determine the exact position for safety’s sake) and Y2 (equal in the free area at the bottom of panel.
of the back section so that the to Y1 + 24cm if the base unit is the back section, that is 13 cm
pipes can be made to come 60 cm deep, +36cm if the base wide. From here the pipes can
out in the 11cm gap, measured unit is 72 cm deep). The drain reach destination by running
across the centerline of the back pipe must be installed at the through the back section.
section and in an area between bottom. If the steel back section is used
Y1 (made up of the height K of For the island arrangement on a peninsular unit, the pipes

planning guide 79

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 79 1-02-2008 18:11:48

How can I prevent mould from forming in the corners?

Insulator Ceiling Insulator Ceiling Insulator Ceiling



Temperature of Temperature of Temperature of

the wall in the the wall in the the wall in the
corner: 15° C corner: 18° C corner: 19° C

No mould
Formation of No mould
condensation and Insulating paint

External wall Internal wall External wall Internal wall External wall Internal wall
temperature temperature temperature temperature temperature temperature
5°C 19° C 5°C 19° C 5°C 19° C

A - The kitchen is a room in B - There are special insu- C - The ideal solution is to
which relative humidity is very lating paints available on the add a good thermal insulator
high on the ceiling and unless market that avoid the tempe- to the exterior of the ceiling to
the heat bridge has been eli- rature from dropping due to completely eliminate the heat
minated during construction, the heat bridge on the ceiling bridge and all its negative con-
condensation problems may thus preventing the formation sequences.
arise and mould may form. of mould.

80 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 80 1-02-2008 18:11:49

What plaster should I choose?



Various types of plaster are ty and mould, anti-bacterial, sticity. These features result tolerance to humidity because
available on the market, some extremely transpiring and an in extreme durability and very they are very permeable to wa-
are synthetic, others are excellent heat insulator. high reliability, guaranteeing ter vapour.
natural. Bio-architecture re- Slow hardening due to the great resistance to flexion and The choice of colours is also
commends the use of natural presence of dicalcium silica- compression. For as much as important in a kitchen becau-
plaster only, that is less har- te gives this plaster excellent regards paints, silicate paints se it affects the luminosity of
mful for our health. It is made resistance to sudden changes made of potassium silicate the room: light colours make
of lime and sand mortars and in temperature, perfect adhe- and natural mineral pigments spaces look larger while war-
doesn’t contain cement. Lime sion to the base to which it are excellent. They are transpi- mer colours create the right
mortar is resistant to humidi- is applied and excellent ela- ring, hygienic and have a high harmony.

planning guide 81

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 81 1-02-2008 18:11:49

What flooring should I choose for my kitchen?



Cotto, stone, marble and gra- ting it continuously because used which are very resistant style flooring with a different
nite are natural materials that humidity makes it swell. It is because the material mix and coloured border, it is important
must be treated using water- important to appreciate the the enamel are fired simulta- to know the exact size of the
repellent products because “worn” look because even if neously at a very high tempe- furniture and where it will be
they tend to stain. Wood gives a resistant wood such as oak rature. Double-fired tiles are placed to avoid covering the
the kitchen a homely atmo- is used, sharp object, sauces, more refined but also more de- design or obtaining results that
sphere but only if it is finished wine and coffee will take their licate, they chip easily and end differ from those planned.
with natural varnishes that set toll and leave their mark. up looking unkempt. If you are
off its original texture. Care As an alternative to natural ma- planning a flooring with a de-
must be taken to avoid wet- terials, single-fired tiles can be sign, for example a Venetian-

82 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 82 1-02-2008 18:11:49

Where should wall tiles be applied?


For cost reasons and because obtained by subtracting the to the lower edge of the hood. an electric socket above the
this would prevent the wall height of the worktop (Y1) To determine the height, it worktop respecting a mini-
from transpiring properly, it from the height of the lower is necessary to have already mum distance of 60cm from
isn’t necessary to tile the who- edge of the wall units (Y2) chosen the hood you will use. the hob and from the sink (see
le wall behind the kitchen ele- from the floor. Dut to the fact For most hoods, the distance page 105).
ments. The tiled surface must that the height of the worktop from the worktop is 68cm.
be calculated according to the can vary, for safety’s sake it is If decor tiles are applied, these
height of the base units and a good idea to tile about 10cm should be placed at the centre
the position of the wall units. below the worktop. In the hob of the visible tiles.
The height of the tiles (K) is area, it is preferable to tile up Before tiling the wall, install

planning guide 83

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 83 1-02-2008 18:11:50

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 84 1-02-2008 18:11:50
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 85 1-02-2008 18:15:16
Why are aeration holes necessary?

Hob with thermocouple Hob without thermocouple

and/or and/or
use of natural gas use of LPG

Air inlet aeration hole Air inlet aeration holes

Ø 12cm, minimum Ø 12cm, total
surface 100 cm2 surface 200 cm 2

The quantitiy of air that enters these two problems the air flow kW of heat capacity installed, tchen wall to solve problems
2 2
the kitchen must be at least must come in directly through with a minimum of 100cm ; connected with the use of LPG
equal to the air used for nor- permanent openings on the - if the hob does not have a ther- which, as well as needing a
mal gas combustion. In addi- outside walls of the kitchen. mocouple (device that stops the greater quantity of air for com-
tion to this, one must consider These openings are governed gas flow if the flame goes out) bustion, has a relatively lower
that without a flow of air from by the UNI7129 standards and an additional hole is required density compared to natural
outdoors, hood extraction may must comply with the following to obtain a minimum aeration gas.
generate a drop in pressure requirements: cross-section of 200cm.
that would prevent the comple- - they must have a net cross- It is advisable for the second
te expulsion of fumes. To avoid section of at least 6cm for each hole to be at the top of the ki-

86 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 86 1-02-2008 18:15:19

Odours travel to other rooms Aeration hole in a room adjacent
in the home to the kitchen

Aeration hole in an inside All odours are conveyed in the

kitchen wall right direction and expelled by the

Standards also allow indirect lower pressure compared to door divides the two rooms, it up) and to prevent odours from
ventilation by taking air from an the room to be aired because can enter by increasing the gap going towards other rooms in
adjacent room, as long as this of the presence of an applian- between the door and the floor the home by conveying them in
room is ventilated directly from ce powered by any type of fuel (min. 2 cm). the right direction.
outdoors, is not a bedroom and (e.g. a fireplace, a stove, etc.) Where possible, Valcucine sug-
is not at a high risk of catching or of an extraction device for gests to make the aeration ho-
fire (e.g. a carport, a garage, a which an air inlet has not been les in a room adjacent to the ki-
warehouse etc.). provided. The air can flow in tchen to avoid annoying cold air
In addition to this, the adja- from the adjacent room throu- draughts (before reaching the
cent room must not have a gh permanent openings or, if a kitchen the air has time to warm

planning guide 87

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 87 1-02-2008 18:15:21

Why do I need a check valve?

Toxic gasses come in

from adjacent chiimneys

Hood without Hood without

a check valve a check valve

Low pressure Hot air escapes


For all its hood models, Val- Due to particular circumstan- come in from outdoors.
cucine has adopted a special ces that may occur in the home Furthermore, due to the chi-
check valve that shuts when (draughts or drops in pressu- mney effect, a hood without
the motor is off, preventing re) if the fumes outlet hole is a check valve tends to extract
unwanted air from flowing near other flues it may take in the hot air from the room and
in from outdoors, and opens the toxic gasses coming from convey it oudoors even when
automatically when the motor the fireplace, stove or boiler of it is off, thus incresing heating
is on. Unpleasant inconvenien- adjacent homes. costs.
ces may occur in absence of Furthermore, if a check valve
this valve. is not installed, cold air may

88 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 88 1-02-2008 18:15:21

Low pressure room
Odours from
other rooms

Hood without
a check valve

flue pipe

In a multi-storey building, all run vertically and be without case, a flue pipe used in com-
the fumes are usually con- constrictions. mon with other homes may
veyed into a common flue pipe The hood flue pipes must run attract the fumes and food
and then discharged outdoors. into a common flue pipe that odours of neighbouring ki-
The flue pipe must comply is branched and used to this tchens into your kitchen.
with the UNI EN 1443 standard aim only. If your hood does not have
construction requirements. It A problem that must not be an integrated check valve, we
must also be heat-insulated underestimated is the possi- suggest you install a separate
to prevent condensation or ble use of an extraction hood one-way valve in the outside
cooling of fumes and it must without a check valve. In this wall.

planning guide 89

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 89 1-02-2008 18:15:21

What hoods can I choose from?

extraction extraction extraction, ceiling extraction

wall-hung built into wall unit -hung for island from worktop

A - The hood has a fundamen- nitrogen monoxide). of the room; B - To reduce the diffusion of
tal role in the kitchen because Various types of hoods are - worktop hoods: these can odours it is preferable to use
it eliminates odours caused available on the market: shut and be completely ca- hoods that partialise the air
by cooking food and extracts - wall-hung hoods: to use for mouflaged with the kitchen inlet to the greatest possible
the vapours which would kitchens installed along a wall; worktop. extent. The best system is
otherwise stagnate and tend - hoods below wall units: can a hood that is shut in on all
to condense on cold kitchen be completely integrated insi- three sides.
surfaces. It is also used to de the kitchen unit;
eliminate toxic combustion - island hoods: to use if the
gasses (carbon monoxide and cooking area is in the centre

90 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 90 1-02-2008 18:15:22

What is the right hood size for good extraction?




The depth of the hood The width of the hood and the height of the worktop
A - very often, a 80 cm deep B - For the 80cm depth, Val- A - If the width of the hob is B - If a hood wider than the
kitchen is fitted with a less cucine offers hoods with sha- greater or equal to the hood, hob is installed, extraction is
deep extractor hood (50cm pes and dimensions that are vapours and odours cannot improved and the aesthetic
deep) that does not extract sufficient to completely cover be completely extracted, espe- result is definitely more at-
fumes well. the cooking area thus ensuring cially if the hood does not have tractive because the hood can
better extraction. a powerful motor. For safety become a feature and design
reasons the hood must not be element that distinguishes the
installed less than 65cm above kitchen.
the hob.

planning guide 91

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 91 1-02-2008 18:15:22

How can silent extraction be achieved?

external motor remote motor

fixed to the wall

internal motor

. . . bz

remote motor
fixed to the

The heart of the hood is the top quality one. If you want to All Valcucine hoods have an recommends the use of a re-
motor which determines its further reduce noise, a remote inside motor of at least 750m mote motor of the same brand
extraction capacity. For good motor can be installed outside, (volume of air extracted in an as the extractor hood.
extraction, the power of the taking care to fit a duct that hour). If the hood is particular-
motor must be suitable for avoids air vortex formations ly large, the power is increased
the shape, type and size of the that could make the hood very by fiitting two motors.
hood. noisy (see page 93). On request, all Valcucine hoods
The motor can be fitted inside can be fitted with a remote mo-
the hood. In this case, to redu- tor instead of an inside one.
ce its noise level, it must be a For excellent results, Valcucine

92 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 92 1-02-2008 18:15:22

What should I remember when fitting the extractor hose?



hose with 45° hose with 90° hose with 90° smooth flexible hose extensible steel
rounded bends rounded bend sharp bend hose in aluminium and fibreglass
hose hose

A - To increase the efficiency B - The diameter of the hole C - The elbows must be roun- D - It is best to use hoses that
of the hood, the length of the in the wall must not be smaller ded and not at a right angle have a smooth inner surface
extraction hose and the quan- than the diameter of the hood because air turbulence forms to avoid the formation of tur-
tity of 90° curves must be hose, otherwise this narrower near sharp edges and these bulence. If runs are not strai-
reduced to a minimum (every section will create turbulence, are an obstacle to the com- ght, flexible aluminium hoses
bend reduces the speed of the increased air resistance and a plete expulsion of odours to without sharp edges can be
fumes and thus the extraction high noise level. the outside. The best solution used. It is preferable not to use
rate by 20%). The hose must is for bends to be rounded at an extensible hose because
also run straight for at least 45°. the ridges create more resi-
30cm before a 90° curve. stance and noise.

planning guide 93

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 93 1-02-2008 18:15:22

How can I hide the hood hose if the outlet is in the wrong place?

Rectangular hood Hood hose Hood hose concealed

concealed by a shelf concealded by a plasterboard
by a 35 or 60 cm beam
deep shelf with
a H12 front

When you purchase or rent an A - If a flat hose is used it C - Alternatively, a plaster- for a visible connecting run.
old house, it is likely that the can be camouflaged by a slim board beam or false ceiling Furthermore, great care must
fumes outlet will be in a posi- shelf. Valcucine does not re- can be built. be paid to avoid using the
tion that is wrong for the new commend this hose because exhaust pipe of the gas boi-
kitchen plan. The above exam- its has the disadvantage of N.B.: If you are renovating a ler or of the fireplace for the
ples give you three possible being very noisy. house we suggest you widen hood.
solutions to conceal the hood B - If a normal-sized hose is the outlet to a diameter of at
hose that is usually considered used, it can be concealed by least 12cm or, if possible, to
unsightly. an overshelf with a raised front make one in the right position
edge. for the hood to avoid the need

94 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 94 1-02-2008 18:15:23

How can I plan the fumes outlet to hide the hood hose?


If you plan the fumes outlet patented hoods. For different panel. The electric cable outlet lengthwise it must be centred
and the electric cable outlet at hoods, the exact measuremen- must be calculated by taking over the hob; crosswise it must
the right height, you can avoid ts must be requested from the as a reference point the height be located at a distance from
the connecting hose and the manufacturer. of the top edge of the hood and the edge of the base unit that
socket, that are often not a plea- For back-to-wall kitchens the increasing it by 5cm for safety’s varies depending on the type
sant sight, from being visible. height of the fumes outlet hole sake. This way the electric soc- of hood.
The examples of flue outlet and will be calculated by adding a ket will also be concealed.
power supply cable positions variable height that depends on For island hoods, the position
shown in the drawings on the the type of hood, to the height of the flue outlet in the ceiling
next pages refer to Valcucine of the base unit and of the back must be calculated as follows:

planning guide 95

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 95 1-02-2008 18:15:23

100 60-65-80


Distance of the fumes outlet
Optional distance between
centerline from the wall:
the fumes outlet centerline
and the wall: 20cm
Height of electric cable

Height of the electric cable Y1+Y2+71cm

outlet on the wall:


Height of fumes outlet


Height of the fumes outlet centerline on the wall:
centerline: Y1+Y2+75cm

The Libera hood The Overhead alignment hood

The Libera hood can have its height of the worktop (Y1) and In this hood the fumes outlet is lated by adding 75cm to Y1
fumes outlet in a central po- of the kitchen back panel (Y2). in a central position at the top, and Y2.
sition at the top or at the rear. To keep the socket concealed, which means that the hole in The height of the cable outlet
Due to the exclusive design the height of the electric cable the wall must be made len- is obtained by adding 71cm to
of the hood, we suggest you outlet must be calculated by gthwise to the kitchen so that Y1 and Y2.
use the rear outlet so that the adding 70cm (5cm above the it perfectly corresponds to the
hose remains completely con- top of the hood) to Y1 and Y2. hob centerline.
cealed. The height to the outlet To conceal the extraction hose,
centerline on the wall is calcu- the height of the hole centerli-
lated by adding 56cm to the ne on the wall must be calcu-

96 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 96 1-02-2008 18:15:23




Distance of the fumes Fumes outlet centerline

outlet centerline from the
wall: 33cm

Ceiling cable outlet near Ceiling cable outlet
the fumes outlet. near the fumes outlet

26 10

Hob centerline

The Mare hood The Nuvola hood

The Mare hood must be fixed semi-sphere whose supports The Nuvola hood must be max.170cm. A shaped glass
to the ceiling and can be used contain two led lights each. fixed to the ceiling and can panel is fixed to the steel
for a back-to-wall kitchen or In a back-to-wall kitchen the be used for a back-to-wall or structure with two adjustable,
for an island arrangement. It fumes outlet hole centerline island arrangement. It consi- etched glass, conical supports
consists in a shaped glass pa- must be centred over the hob sts in a tubular steel structure for lights. The centre of the fu-
nel attached to a tubular steel and must at a 33cm distance that contains the motor and mes outlet hole must be 10cm
structure that contains the from the wall. The electric ca- that has a semi-spherical sha- behind the hob centerline.
motor and that measures from bles outlet must be near the ped filter at the bottom. The
min. 90cm to max. 170cm at fumes outlet hole. Y1 measurement of the steel
Y1. The filter is a removable hose varies from min.90cm to

planning guide 97

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 97 1-02-2008 18:15:24



- 120
60 - 90

Distance of fumes Distance of fumes outlet

outlet from edge of centerline from the wall:
base unit: 40cm 10cm

Area usable for ceiling Area usable for ceiling

cable outlet cable outlet
5 3,75


3,75 5


The Linea hood The P20 hood with a ceiling fumes outlet
The fumes outlet is at the top must be centred along the hob The P20 hood can have either centerline, in an area to the
of the Linea hood. It must be centerline. a ceiling or a wall fumes ou- side of 5x5cm (inside the steel
connected directly to the cei- - in a crosswise direction, a tlet. For the P20 hood with a flue casing; see drawing).
ling above an island arrange- distance of 40cm must be cal- ceiling fumes outlet, the hole
ment. The co-ordinates of the culated from the edge of the centerline must be at a distan-
centerline of the ceiling fumes base unit. The electric cable ce of 10cm from the wall and
outlet must be calculated as outlet must also be near the centred above the hob.
follows: fumes outlet. Cables will be The electric cable outlet must
- in a lengthwise direction concealed by the steel hood be near the fumes outlet, at a
along the kitchen the hole guard (see drawing). distance of 3.75cm from its

98 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 98 1-02-2008 18:15:25


Steel guys to fix Steel flue hose

the glass panel casing H20cm
to the wall.
- 120
60 - 90 Min.h. from
floor 250cm

Height of cable outlet hole:




Height of fumes outlet


The P20 hood with a wall fumes outlet

For the P20 hood, the height of The wall-supports to secure
the flue outlet centerline (15cm the glass panel guys should be
diameter) on the wall is calcula- fixed flush with the sides of the
ted as follows: Y1+Y2+70cm hood, at a minimum height of
(see drawing). The flue will be 250cm from the floor.
concealed by a H17.6cm flue
The electric cables must come
out of the wall at the following
height: Y1+Y2+65cm.

planning guide 99

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 99 1-02-2008 18:15:26

48 50

120 - 1

Rear fumes outlet hole

Electric cable outlet

Height of hole for

electric cable outlet:

Height of fumes outlet 12,5



The Lux hood

The Lux hood consists in a following way: Y1+Y2+34cm
steel extracting body that can (see drawing).
reach a length of 180cm in a The position of the electric ca-
single element. ble outlet is: Y1+Y2+53cm.
In the Lux hood the fumes
outlet is at the rear at a distan-
ce of 12.5cm from the hood
centerline, towards the left.
The height of the fumes outlet
centerline is calculated in the

100 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 100 1-02-2008 18:15:26



Holes to fix
flue casing
90-1 to
the ceiling
10 X1
5 3,75
Distance of fumes
outlet from the edge of

the base unit: Area usable

5 3,75
X1+10cm for ceiling
cable outlet

Electric cable outlet
near the ceiling guy


The Vitrum hood

The Vitrum hood is used in tain and convey vapours and the fumes outlet, in one of the ceiling, Valcucine will supply a
an island arrangement and is odours. four corners created by the custom-sized spacer to which
fixed to the ceiling by means of The fumes outlet hole centerli- 5x5cm sides that are inside the the hood framework must be
a steel framework. The height ne is calculated as follows: steel flue casing. fixed.
(Y) of the framework can vary - lengthwise it must be centred
from a minimum of 71.5cm to above the hob centerline; If the roof is slanting it will be
a maximum of 211.5cm. The - crosswise, add 10cm to the necessary to use an element
hood is made from a steel depth of the base unit (X1). that adapts the framework to
body completed by a front and The electric cable outlet on the the slope of the roof.
a vertical glass panel that con- ceiling must be very close to If there is a plasterboard false

planning guide 101

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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 102 1-02-2008 18:15:29
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 103 1-02-2008 18:15:30
The electric sockets



electric control board


sink unit

The kitchen is the room con- nected to sockets installed at and switches in the sink base they should be positioned
taining the largest quantity of 17.5cm from the floor, at the unit, the only one without a behind the appliance so that
household applinaces in the back of base units. Problems back panel. In the event of a they can be unplugged without
house. may arise when it is necessa- failure, this will allow you to dismantling the cabinets.
Some of the appliances are ry to disconnect an appliance cut out the appliance concer-
permanently connected while for maintenance or repairs: in ned without interrupting the
others are turned on or off as these cases it will be neces- power supply to the rest of the
needed. sary to dismantle the kitchen. kitchen.
Often some refrigerators, di- The ideal solution is an electric If it is not possible to collect
shwashers and ovens are con- board with individual sockets all the sockets below the sink,

104 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 104 1-02-2008 18:15:32


Sockets to connect small ap- wall unit bar near the neon
pliances in the kitchen should light, 60 60
be positioned: C - if there is an equipped back
A - on the back panel of the section, inside a compartment
kitchen, respecting a safety di- fitted with a switch and a sa-
stance of 60cm from the sink fety cutout.
and from the hob, because
they must not be exposed to
heat or water;
B - in the aluminium under

planning guide 105

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 105 1-02-2008 18:15:32

Kitchen lighting


A1 B1 C1

Artificial lighting
In the kitchen, good visibility trasts can be irritating and tiring sures excellent visibility on the people sitting at the table. The
contributes to reducing accidents for the eyes. In this case, it is im- worktop. light should be 55-60cm above
and creating a cosy atmosphere. portant to soften them by using B - Above the table, a diffused the tabletop.
The right lighting must be plan- lighting that creates a gentle dif- light may be annoying, especially C - The inside of kitchen units
ned for each area of the kitchen. fused light. without a lampshade. should be well-lit but are often in
Direct lights create very well-lit A - A ceiling-hung light behind B1 - A light with a lampshade the dark.
areas while others remain in the a person standing creates a dark is better because, as well as C1 - In particular the inside of the
shade, allowing you to create shadow that falls on the kitchen creating a warm atmosphere, sink unit should be illuminated by
special atmospheres. However, worktop. it diffuses the light in a directed a fluorescent light.
too strong light and dark con- A1 - An under wall unit light en- beam and does not dazzle the

106 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 106 1-02-2008 18:15:33


A1 B1

Natural lighting
It is necessary to plan windows and sullen atmosphere). tity of light is let into the room. coming in sideways to avoid too
and doors carefully to create an A - If the worktop faces a win- B - A window behind the work- must light dazzling the eyes and
environment that is well-lit and dow, attention must be paid to top projects the shadow of the unpleasantly dark areas.
comfortable even during the prevent direct sunlight, or light person working at the top, redu-
day. Directing light through ade- reflected by pale-coloured sur- cing visibility and obliging one to
quately-sized windows allows faces facing the window, from switch on the artificial light even
you to save on electricity as well dazzling or irritating the eyes. during the day.
as promoting greater psycho- A1 - It is a good idea to fit a blind B1 - Ideally, kitchen furniture
logical and physical well-being on the window to deflect intense should be installed so that the
(badly-lit rooms create a gloomy rays so that only the right quan- work area is illuminated by light

planning guide 107

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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 108 1-02-2008 18:15:34
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 109 1-02-2008 18:15:36
How can I plan a child safe kitchen?



A - The socket inside the back B - Detergents are usually sto- C - Children love pots and D - Sometimes, attracted by
section can be used to connect red below the sink, an easily pans. To prevent burns, a some object located on the
kitchen appliances. It is very accessible place for children. It guard should be fitted in front worktop, children climb onto
useful for the oven because is a good idea to keep them in of the hob. handles and pullout drawers.
the power supply can be in- a container with a safety lock. If the kitchen is wall-hung, it
terrupted by a dipole switch, must be provided with a safe
thus preventing children from wall-fixing system.
accidentally switching the
oven on.

110 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 110 1-02-2008 18:15:39



E - It is preferable to choose F - Tower units must have G - It is a good idea to add cli- H - If a child climbs onto a pul-
the latest generation of cool- wall-fixing systems that are ps or magnets to drawers and lout drawer or if all the jumbo
touch ovens with a tangential tested to prevent them from jumbo drawers to prevent chi- drawers of a kitchen island are
fan that ensures efficient heat capsizing in the event of chil- ldren from opening them. This pulled out together, the unit is
insulation. These ovens keep dren climbing on them. way they are prevented from quite likely to capsize. To avoid
the door cool even when food hurting themselves when they this it is necessary to fix base
is cooking inside, avoiding shut them and from reaching units with drawers and jumbo
burns that can sometimes be the objects located inside (de- drawers to the floor using cap-
serious. tergents, knives, etc.). size-prevention brackets.

planning guide 111

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 111 1-02-2008 18:15:40


L N /.


I - The hob must be provided L - If doors or drawers have M - All the glass parts of the N - Install a master switch out
with a safety valve that stops a hole instead of a handle, it kitchen (shelves, doors, etc.) of the reach of children to in-
the gas supply if the flame is is a good idea to check that it must be tempered for better terrupt the power supply to the
not ignited and interrupts its is not too small. A child may resistance to impact and to oven. Children are attracted by
supply if the flame accidently slip his/her finger through the other types of stress. oven knobs and can easily
goes out. hole and fracture it by moving switch the oven on if they play
it around. with them.

112 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 112 1-02-2008 18:15:41



O - It is preferable to install P - Make sure that wall unit Q - In general, sharp edged R - It is not a good idea to
the hob near the sink to avoid fixings have been tested for elements are used in modern install the hob near a window
having to walk a long distance resistance to heavy weights kitchens and these can beco- because an incoming draught
holding red hot pots and pans and that they can be adjusted me very dangerous for chil- could turn the hob flame out
that may be dangerous, espe- in height and depth. dren. It is preferable to choose and swaying curtains, pe-
cially if children are nearby. a kitchen that has rounded rhaps moved by a child, could
doors, handles and knobs. catch fire.

planning guide 113

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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 114 1-02-2008 18:15:42
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 115 1-02-2008 18:15:43
What is the Valcucine “Home system”?
Kitchen area Sliding Living room
glass panels area

The most important revolu- It is a well-known fact that it can be partially divided whi- - sliding glass panels to enclo-
tion in domestic space at the open spaces give an airier le still maintaining that visual se the cooking area;
end of the 20th century was appeal to home environments open-space appeal. - cupboard units with sliding
undoubtedly the “open space” but the dispersion of odours The Valcucine “Home system” glass doors that can accom-
concept. An undivided space from the kitchen to the living includes: modate both the kitchen units
perfectly suited to contempo- room remains a problem to - modular partitions that sepa- and the household appliances.
rary lifestyles, multi-faceted solve. Valcucine has designed rate the kitchen from the living
and unpredictable that puts a “Home system” that allows room and that can be transpa-
flexibility of enrivonments and you to organise the day area rent (sliding or fixed panels) or
of furnishings to the fore. in various ways: if necessary, full (wall panels);

116 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 116 1-02-2008 18:15:44

Sliding glass panel

A sliding glass panel divides the kitchen from the living room
The use of sliding transparent to interact with the family and They can be completely tran-
glass panels is an innovative friends, eat and cook, relax or sparent or personalised with
idea for the architectural plan- spend your spare time in va- various decors (that can also
ning of small apartment flats rious activities. The need to be created by the customer)
but also of important villas. create partial spaces that at the and are purposely produced
Nowadays, formal rooms same time preserve an open, by Valcucine.
such as the living room and luminous appearance is sati-
the kitchen have been repla- sfied by using large floor-to-
ced by large multi-functional ceiling glass panels that slide
rooms in which it is possible in runners fixed to the ceiling.

planning guide 117

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 117 1-02-2008 18:15:45

Fixed glass panel Play area for kids

A fixed glass panel that separates the kitchen from a play area for kids
The kitchen is the room whe- the family, divided by means of
re most of the accidents in the transparent panels that allow
home take place. you to check up on them whi-
It can be a very dangerous pla- le you do your kitchen chores.
ce, especially for children. The glass panels must neces-
This is why, in addition to the sary be impact-resistant and a
precautions mentioned in the tested ceiling and floor (or wall)
preceding sections, it would be fixing system must be used. All
very useful to plan a play area the glass used by Valcucine is
for the youngest members of impact-resistant.

118 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 118 1-02-2008 18:15:45

Fixed glass panel Play area for kids

planning guide 119

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 119 1-02-2008 18:15:45

Partition composed of double Wall panels fitted with
panelling with shelves and an base units, shelves and
interior sliding glass panel wall units


kitchen living room

Double panelling with a sliding glass panel to separate the kitchen from the living room
Valcucine has designed a flexibility of arrangement: it is put functional and aesthetic
panelling system that can be modular in height (it can be elements together for rational
used in the kitchen or in the floor-standing or raised) and space-planning.
living room or that can divide in width to cover any space. It
the two areas. In this case it can be fitted with accessories
can be fitted with a glass panel that are suitable for the kitchen
that runs on a track and that, or for the living room.
when necessary, can comple- This panelling leaves you free
tely divide the two areas. The to furnish with co-ordinated
panelling guarantees utmost materials and finishes and to

120 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 120 1-02-2008 18:15:47

Wall panels fitted with Partition composed of double
base units, shelves panelling with shelves and an
and wall units interior sliding glass panel

planning guide 121

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 121 1-02-2008 18:15:47

Cupboard unit with sliding doors that Double panelling that can contain
08 contain household appliances plumbing and electrical connections


Panels fitted with Panels fitted with

kitchen elements living room elements

Double panelling fitted on both sides that can also contain plumbing and electric connections
The “Valcucine home system” The 2.6cm thick Valcucine wall section welded on a steel top
includes a panelling system panelling can only be fitted must be used preferably on
that divides the kitchen from with small shelves while the perfectly even walls to avoid
the living room and that can 6cm thick panelling can also making their unevenness
be fitted on one side with base support wall, base and tower more obvious. Alternatively,
units, shelves and drawers, units. If these elements are a back panel can be fitted to
and on the other side with ki- more than 36cm deep, it is a conceal any imperfections in
tchen elements. Water pipes good idea to add feet for extra the wall.
and electric cables are concea- support.
led inside the panelling. An arrangement with a back

122 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 122 1-02-2008 18:15:47

Double panelling with the
possibility of containing plumbing
and electric connections

Wall panelling fitted

with living room

Back section welded

on steel top

Panels fitted with

kitchen elements

planning guide 123

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 123 1-02-2008 18:15:48


90 90 90 90 90 90

Wall-hung 80
extractor hood

Glass sliding
doors Hob

Onfalos (hotplate Oven facing the

cooking system) wall-hung
extractor hood
Cooking area
can be enclosed
using sliding doors

Sliding glass panels that enclose the whole cooking area

It is a well-known fact that even use a hotplate barbecue in your into decorative elements.
the best hoods on the market kitchen. Onfalos can be fitted near a
are not capable of absorbing Onfalos is an exclusive fur- wall-hung extractor hood even
100% odours. Valcucine has nishing object constructed capable of capturing the fumes
designed an “ideal anti-odour entirely from stainless steel and odours coming from an
system” that uses sliding glass and featuring a set of original oven installed facing it.
panels to completely isolate design solutions that have
the cooking area and to stop transformed even structu-
the odours from escaping. ral components, that are not
This system even allows you to usually aesthetically pleasing,

124 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 124 1-02-2008 18:15:48

Wall-hung Glass sliding
extractor hood doors

Onfalos Oven facing the

(hotplate cooking wall-hung hood

planning guide 125

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 125 1-02-2008 18:15:48

Sliding doors that enclose a niche
with household appliances

A sliding glass panel that encloses a niche fitted with household appliances
If the space available is large glass doors, to allow the hot installed at a certain distance
enough, it is possible to fit air generated by refrigeration from heat sources such as ra-
some of the kitchen elements to escape. The aeration holes diators, ovens and hobs.
in a purpose-made niche en- must have a total minimum
closed by sliding glass doors. surface of 400cm.
If the fridge is installed in the To avoid interfering with the
niche, it will be necessary to efficiency and durability of the
make some openings at the refrigerator and for greater
top of the panel above the energy-saving, it should be

126 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 126 1-02-2008 18:15:49


Fridge aeration opening

Sliding glass panels that

enclose the niche fitted with
household appliances

planning guide 127

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 127 1-02-2008 18:15:49

P20 ergonomic system Swivel tap under wall unit

Wooden swivel shelf
to cover burners

Cristalan top covers

the sink System consisting in:
double panelling with
shelves and interior
Plasma TV set sliding glass panel

Cupboard unit
with sliding doors

A cupboard unit with sliding glass doors that contains household appliances
The Sinthesys kitchen has be personalised using various nel in Cristalan, a compound te the worktop with the sink
even been designed to beco- drawings created in the Valcu- material that is also used to and, thanks to the almost in-
me a real living room thanks cine laboratory (or reproduced construct wall-hung base uni- visible joints, the top becomes
to various elements that di- from a customer’s drawing). ts and tops. a continuous surface that is
sappear or are transformed. The hob can be covered by a Cristalan is hygienic because available in an unlimited size.
Household appliances such wooden swivel top that beco- it is non-absorbent and non-
as the oven and the refrige- mes a shelf; the tap can disap- porous, ecological and non-
rator can be concealed inside pear in a purposely created toxic.
a cupboard unit with glass space behind the wall units; Thanks to this new material it
pullout sliding doors that can the sink can hide below a pa- is possible to perfectly integra-

128 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 128 1-02-2008 18:15:49

Cupboard with P20 ergonomic system
pullout sliding
doors Cristalan
Wooden swivel top to cover
top to cover burners sink

Swivel tap
below wall

In the drawing on the right:
A - wooden swivel top that can
become a shelf or a hob lid.
B - A swivel tap which, when
required, can be concealed in
the wall unit.

planning guide 129

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 129 1-02-2008 18:15:50

How can I plan a kitchen for people with special needs?
Controls for hob and for Hob with pasta Dish drainer and
worktop raising-lowering strainer sink

corner swivel
base unit

Wall unit
raising-lowering Steel cooking and washing
mechanism modules with raising-lowering

Hability: beauty and accessibility even for the disabled

Hability can be used by peo- is very innovative in terms sition one can prepare, cook rack, pullout and mobile sin-
ple in perfect physical condi- of ergonomics, safety and and strain food without ha- ks and a single-lever spray
tion or by those with special technical solutions. ving to move pots and pans. head mixer.
needs without it becoming a The top is made in a single A self-cleaning system
way of classifying the per- mould (without welded parts drains the water away from
son using it, as often hap- or built-in elements) and has the user and conveys it di-
pens with other products. an up/down mechanism that rectly to the service sink
The distinguishing element can be managed by means between the hotplates.
of Hability is Easy Food, a of the controls located near The top can also be fitted
stainless steel system that the hob. From this same po- with a worktop dish-drainer

130 planning guide

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 130 1-02-2008 18:15:53

Steel cooking and washing
modules with raising-lowering
Wall-hung Wall unit with raising-lowering
cupboard mechansm
Tap with spray head

Dish drainer

Controls for hob and

for raising-lowering

Pasta strainer

Runner guard for top

raising-lowering mechanism

Easy Food has been comple- sible thanks to a raising-lowe- or as a peninsular unit with
ted by Valcucine using: ring mechanism that moves various elements to complete
- wall-hung units and corner the wall unit forwards to the them.
elements with accessories that front of the top; Easy food has been designed
are fully accessible even by so- - an oven with a disappearing in standard dimensions that
meone on a wheelchair; bottom-hung door. are compatible with most ki-
- the steel and tempered glass To meet the most varied layout tchen furniture on the market.
Libera hood that can be mana- requirements the Easy Food
ged by a remote-control; modules can be assembled in-
- a wall unit that is more acces- line, in a corner, as an island

planning guide 131

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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 132 1-02-2008 18:15:53
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 133 1-02-2008 18:15:55
Artematica Vitrum:
the culture of beauty in the kitchen

Valcucine supplies the culture of beauty with projects and pro-

ducts in which original shapes blend with continuous research
into innovative technologies and materials mixed with a passion
for Italian handicraft tradition.
Thus, beauty is born from a harmonious synthesis of design,
functionality, respect for Man and for the environment.
In Artematica Vitrum, the borderline between art and manufactu-
red products becomes very slim in interpreting the pureness and
lightness of one of the most fascinating and ecological materials
created by man. By means of a balanced synthesis of ongoing
experience and research that started two decades ago, Valcucine
is now capable of extending its guarantee on all glass elements
to 15 years from the date of purchase.
The doors consist in a light and resistant aluminium frame to
which a matt or gloss, coloured or etched glass panel is ap-
plied that can also be personalised with various drawings crea-
ted in the Valcucine laboratory or by reproducing a customer’s
drawing. The worktop is also in tempered glass and is supported
by a drawn aluminium structure. The glass is also used for the
side panels applied to base and wall units.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 134 1-02-2008 18:15:58

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 135 1-02-2008 18:16:02
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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 143 1-02-2008 18:16:37
Artematica Vitrum Art at Palazzo Grassi:
design that is inspired by nature

The kitchens of the Artematica Arte line have been created to

give artists the possibility of letting their creativity and their many
ideas flow into the design of the kitchen fronts. After three years’
research, Valcucine has developed a technique to make inlaid
drawings on glass. A very hi-tech process that has its roots in
handicraft tradition and that sets off the priceless value of handi-
craft workmanship. Inside the Valcucine laboratory it is possible
to reproduce graphic decors and paintings on glass fronts, thus
offering artists the greatest possible freedom of creativity and ab-
solute kitchen personalisation.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 144 1-02-2008 18:16:39

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 145 1-02-2008 18:16:41
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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 147 1-02-2008 18:16:47
Artematica Multiline:
high technology and innovative design

The Artematica Multiline programme is distinguished by pure

volumes, formal clean-cut lines and great versatility in models
that allow you to create a kitchen to satisfy any taste and reflect
different life-styles and personalities.
The doors are made of a slim layered laminate panel in various fi-
nishes: laminate (matt, lined or gloss), lacquered (matt or gloss)
in various sample card colours, veneered (oak, cherry and bee-
ch), aluminium, steel or glass. The panel is 5 mm thick and is
applied to an aluminium structural frame. This makes the door
lighter and the door hinges more durable as well as having a
smaller impact on the environment.
The layered laminate doors remain completely unaltered by hu-
midity and heat: they can in fact soak in water for a long time
without undergoing damage. There are no edges that can come
unglued because the panel is layered throughout in a single ma-
chining phase.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 148 1-02-2008 18:16:50

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 149 1-02-2008 18:16:51
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 150 1-02-2008 18:16:55
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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 153 1-02-2008 18:17:06
the kitchen that is respectful of the environment

Distinguished by new shapes and volumes inspired by nature, it

looks like life pulsating within matter. The use of special materials
such as carbon, aluminium, steel or layered laminate is backed
up by the very accurate planning of construction details: the in-
side of the new frame has a pure and clean-cut appearance (no
screws or hole caps) and the frame-panel joint is perfectly flush
at the top of the door. Its membrane swells and changes shape
thanks to lots of small raised dots that jutt out to give the impres-
sion of pulsating life, like that of many animals or of thousands
of plants.
Riciclantica is an ecologically-sustainable kitchen: the door, the
utmost expression of the dematerialisation concept, can be com-
pletely recycled and is long-lasting thanks to its absolute resi-
stance to water, steam and heat.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 154 1-02-2008 18:17:09

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 155 1-02-2008 18:17:10
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70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 159 1-02-2008 18:17:21
Artematica Sinthesys:
a composition of volumes and colours

Pure, single-matter, acrylic resin blocks have been designed

to stop the kitchen from looking like a mere workstation. The
arrangement contains a system that camouflages the hob,
sink, tap and ovens, setting off the clean-cut lines of the ar-
rangement which, having concealed all its functional elemen-
ts, becomes pure domestic architecture.
The doors and the worktop are in Cristalan, a compound
material that is non-absorbent, non-porous, recyclable and
non-toxic. It is supplied in slabs and can take on any sha-
pe. Cristalan allows perfect integration of the worktop and sink
without gaps and the top has a continuous surface that has no
size limitations.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 160 1-02-2008 18:17:23

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 161 1-02-2008 18:17:24
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 162 1-02-2008 18:17:26
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 163 1-02-2008 18:17:28
ergonomics and beauty even for those with special needs

Hability was born from the need to combine a careful study into
the needs of the disabled with a kitchen that is not only accessible
but also aesthetically pleasing and accurate in every detail.
The collaboration between architect and designer Marco Mi-
scioscia and Valcucine, a company that has made the philo-
sophy of beauty its forte, has resulted in this industrial pro-
duct designed to be extremely accessible to the advantage of
everyone using the kitchen. Easy Food is a kitchen system in
stainless steel designed to reduce and simplify work during
food preparation. It is extremely innovative in terms of ergo-
nomics, safety and technical solutions. The stainless steel
worktop is made from a single mould. This technological so-
lution eliminates the need to weld parts or build-in elements,
thus reducing costs and imperfections.
Hability is a concrete and tangible example of how it is possi-
ble to improve the quality of life in the kitchen for all, without
having to forsake beauty.

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 164 1-02-2008 18:17:30

70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 165 1-02-2008 18:17:32
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 166 1-02-2008 18:17:35
70517 VALCUCINE guida.indd 167 1-02-2008 18:17:38
Created by: Gabriele Centazzo
Graphics and illustrations: Arch. Lara Santin
Rendering: Ennio Furlan
Texts: Gabriele Centazzo, Arch. Lara Santin
Photographs: Gianni Antoniali (Ikon fotostudio)
Our thanks go to: Paola Fracassi, Ufficio Tecnico Valcucine, Ufficio Marketing
Valcucine, Ufficio Qualità Valcucine, Ufficio Commerciale Valcucine.
Printed by: Grafiche Risma, April 2007.

If you want to express your opionion, make a comment or a suggestion, please

contact us at the following address:

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