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Below are some common interview questions that a potential employer could ask you
during an interview. Please come up with an answer on a separate piece of paper for
each question.

Your answer may be in full sentences, point form, or word lists; it is up to you how you
prepare yourself!

1. What is your greatest strength?

2. How will your greatest strength help you to perform in this job
3. What is your greatest weakness?
4. Describe yourself using 3 words and 3 words only.
5. Do you work well with other people?
6. How would you adjust working for a new company?
7. How do you handle stress and pressure?
8. What motivates you?
9. What are you passionate about?
10. What strategies would you use to motivate your team members in the workplace?
11. Give some examples from your life where you have used teamwork skills?
12. Why do you want to work for this company/why do you want this job?
13. What are some of your long term goals?
14. What is one of the toughest challenges that you have faced?
15. What are your plans after graduation?
16. What is your favorite subject in school and why?
17. How would your friends describe you?
18. How would your teachers describe you?

Behavioral Questions
1. Describe an example of a time when you set a goal for yourself and were able to
meet it or achieve it?
2. Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in
order to get a job done.
3. Provide an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead.
4. If a customer claimed that you did not provide them with the appropriate amount
of change, what would you do?
5. If a co-worker was supposed to start his/her shift but did not show up, what would
you do?
6. How would you handle working with someone who may or may not like/get along
7. If you were dealing with an unhappy customer, how would you react?
8. Explain a time when you worked effectively under pressure.