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Employment Standards Act

Answer the following questions using the Employment Standards Act.

1. What is the purpose of the Employment Standards Act?

2. What is the minimum wage in B.C?

3. How often is an employee paid?)

4. What is the minimum daily pay? (how many hours do they have to be paid for)

5. What is over-time?

6. If a person makes a minimum wage, but works a shift that is 12 hours long, how

much in wages would they make?

7. Does the employee have to pay for clothes that follow the dress code?

8. Who is responsible to pay for an employee’s uniform?

9. How many statutory holidays are there in BC?

10. How can an employee qualify for a statutory holiday?

11. What must an employer need in order to employ a person between the ages 12

and 15?

12. After consecutive years of employment, vacation pay

increases to %.


 What is the next upcoming statutory holiday?