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A // r\ The Ultimate Fantasy Dungeon Construction Guide \ A

"Thet Central Casting: Dungeons book iz great! It's better'n great!
"Since th' High Lord Coreg told Ceeg t'go git hizsef a copy o' th'central Casting: Dungeons
book an' build our dungeonz th' right way, our repyutation fer ex'lent adventure haz spread far an'
wide. Why, w e e'en gots 'venturerz linin' up outside, jest waitin' fer their turn to come on in an'
give us a chance t' womp on their headz!"
-Brubnub, Goblin Guard, 2nd o' the Watch

Writing and Design ............................................ Robert L. Sassone Interior Artist ............................................................. Darla Hallmark
Producer and Art Director-TFG ......................Timothy D. Olsen Chief Playtester .......................................................... Mark Costello
Publisher ......................................................................... o h Olsen Playtesting and Reviews ......................................... a m Sassone,
Cover Artist ............................................................... Daniel Frazier Eric Baumgartner, Rick Clark, Ken Kubo,
CCD Logo Artist .......................................................... David Martin Victor Seuss, Jeff Shepherd, Scot Walsh

You (in the dramatic, mysterious tone which has made you famous as a

The fantasy role-playing game master): "Theleprechaun's map has proven true.
After beating the dark knight at his own game, fighting your way past
the trio of young dragons and clearing debris from the back of their

Dreaded' cavernous lair, you uncover the intricately carved double-doorsof an
ancient stone portal!"
Player One (gleefully anticipating- wealth and adventure): "Hooray!
open the doors?
- We

Player Two (somewhat irritated and confused): "We open the doors!"
You: "Um ...
you can't do that. I'm not finished with this dungeon
Player One: "Arrgh!"
You (pulling Player One's fingers from around your throat): "Ack! You can
try again in a-ufl-in about a month ." ..

An INVALUABLE Haveyou ever been caught in the Dreaded
Scenario? Have you ever wished longingly for
of the drudgery out of creating a dungeon from
scratch. Inside this book you'll find over seventy
*OrDungeon something that could magically reduce the different types of rooms and mapping examples,
Constr~ction amount of time it takes to build a wellcon- dozens of roleplaying suggestions, and literally
structed dungeon for your party of adventurers hundreds of helpful tables to step you through
to explore? Well, wish no more! This is the the basics of buildinga dungeon. There areeven
book you've been waiting for. tables to determine the background of the
Have you ever run into a mental block dungeon's original builders and, if necessary,
while designing a dungeon? Have you ever why the dungeon was abandoned. Each room
dreamed about a wondrous tool that could provides information on possible encounters
boost you over that block or smash it into and treasures that you can easily adapt to any
smithereens? Your dream has come true, and roleplaying system and any level of player expe
that tool now rests before you! rience. Dice rolling is kept simple-percentile
This is Central Casting: Dungeons, the lat- dice only. Best of all, Central Casting: Dungeons
est invaluable Central Casting role-playing aid enhances the most valuable resource of any
from the mastergamestersofTaskForce Games. fantasy role-playing game--you! Enough infor-
Now you can design elaborate, interesting dun- mation is provided about dungeon elements,
geons in one enjoyable evening. Not only that, and enough is left unsaid, that you can easily
but unlike predesigned modules, Central Cast- incorporate them into any fantasy role-playing
ing: Dungeons works with your creativity, not game and almost any fantasy world, and you can
against it, and Central Casting: Dungeons can easily add your own personal touch!
be used over and over and over again, with So buy this book, grab some paper, pull
each new dungeon exactly that-entirely new! out pencil and percentiles, and use Central
Central Casting: Dungeons enhances your Casting: Dungeons to design your next exciting
fantasy roleplaying experience by taking some dungeon adventure!

From Paul laquays, original creator of the up massive encounter areas on a moment's
Central Casting seriei . . . - notice, and pull unique adventure characters
casting, Adventure games are fun, that's why we out of thin air. They just click on their creativity
game aids for any . .
day them. -
But make no doubt about it, setting while the rest of us are still fumbling around for
roleplay system! up games i s work. And creating consistently the switch. Yeah, you know someone like that-
outstanding adventure game material can be a ready to solve the world's problems BEFORE
challenge. In fact there are days when creating that first cup of morning coffee.
even everyday, run-of-the-mill game encoun- But, unless I miss my guess, you're more
ters can be a truly Herculean task. like me. There's no doubt that a creative faculty
On the other hand, there are those game skulks about inside your head, thinking great
masters who can put together a sparkling cam- ideas, but avoiding serious confrontations with
paign setting without a second thought, whip game adventure design challenges. In fact it

. more monsters . and replace the floating to be worked out through roleplay. sub GEnie network. my neural synapses. CentralCasting: Dungeonsand all contents No material which is b a s e s thereof are copyight 0-1 993 by Task Force with. o f course. CentralCasting character history books to gener- something to bridge the yawning gaps between ate a vast array of game personalitieswith pasts. interesting. requests for a spare parts list. and pain. game players could use the I still need some serious creativity jumpstarts. at the GEmail uct updates. . line. Dwarven Warrior Extraordinaire Endorsements "Central Casting: Dungeons? Y'know. and International Copyright written permission of Task Force Games. there was a Central Casting char- times I've picked up a generic game aid only to acter development book to fit the bill. " -)hamend. I'm excited that Central Casting: the author's favorite roleplay game: more Dungeons continues my intent for the product spells. . Central Casting books to unflatten the card- fully noble knights. the ~ ~ ncomputer i e network. they delved into the dungeonsof a fantasy realm. After a few encounters.-a dungeon. right? Give them or worked to overcome challenges in a contem- that needed kick. use sequential order and filled with challenging ity. P. And of course. I saw players and game ing distinctly different dungeons. That's what generic game aids are sup leapt between the start of some far-flung future. I developed the first its pages. -Paul Jaquays Central Casting: Dungeons is published by the release schedule of various ~roducts. subtle wizards. Those players needed something to help "Central CastingTMgame aids: Raw mate- them escape the mundane. roleplay possibilities. posed to do for game players. Legendary Elven Thief . or i s designed Games. more treasureis always nice. . self-addressed envelope. Ididn't think I'd ever actually pay money for anything! Ibought one for all my favoritegame masters. consumer correspondence requires a stamped. find a thinly disguised list of stuff designed for But now. please call them direct at 1-800- mission of art. building those dungeons. oil the rusty clockwork personalities and. this last dungeon was nearly perfect!" -Bertran Stoneback. problems that had gears inside my head.A- Task Force Games. Yet I don't know how many porary setting. This book does for adventure settings moreprops-little or nothing to put my imagina. Send the following correspondencetoTask Players can contact Task Force Games via InfOrIllatiOn Force Games: requests for catalogs and prod.. not during my twelve years of delving! oh. published by any party without the advanced American. For more information about the replacement of defective or missing parts. Berne." not. Even though Ido "creative stuff" for a living. of course. Box 50145. sure. incorporates elements of. more magic items.can be a challenge to even start a new game By using dice tables arranged in an easy-to projectwithout some kind of kick in the creativ. you can use the other ever-clever thieves. rules questions and inquiries into 638-9636 (Voice Only). Throughout For that very reason. TX 79159-0145. you'll find an easy-touse. logical Central CastingTMgeneric game aids: truly system of dungeon development and solid generic game aids that could really help role. but other Shameless than that. whatthe first threecentralcasting books did for tion in gear. board characters who prowl these dimly lit everyone knew what to expect from the next corridors! one. Amarillo. And believe it or rial for the imagination. address TFG. .O. masters fall back on familiar personality stand. after removing thesection on traps. dice tables provided the answer. "This book is great! Idon't think I've ever explored a more exciting. information to use as a framework for develop players of every stripe. after you're done with bys for their characters: thick-witted monsters.) All rights are resewed under the Pan. before I saw that book. (Foreword copyright O 1993 by Paul for use with Central Casting: Dungeons can be copfight ti^^ Jaquays. the characters who explore them. Whether cobwebs with something a bit more solid. Conventions.

300. Table of Contents Construction Construction Instructions 6 The First Room What You Will Need 6 Doors and Corridors Instructions: 6-23 Building Your Dungeon 6 Table 150 Spacing 15 Steps for a Better Dungeon 7 Table 151 Corridor Possibilities Drawing Dungeon Elements on the Table 152 Door Possibilities Map 7 Table 153 Door Possibilities Which Way to Go 7 Table 154 Corridor Layout Do I Really Have To? 8 Table 155 Basic Dungeon Room Doors. 450. 550) Entrance Features 14 I Military Rooms 31 9 Tapestry Weaver's Room Dungeon 201 Arena 320 Taxidermist's Room 202 Barracks Elements: 24-150 203 Fortification 32 1 Wainwright's Room 204 Guard Room 322 Wheelwright's Room 205 Weapons Training Room Living Quarters Prison Rooms 351 Amphitheater 251 Execution Room 352 Bath Room 252 Prison 353 Bedroom 253 Torture Chamber 354 Bedroom Suite 355 Chapel Craft Rooms 356 Dining Room 301 Alchemist's Room 357 Game Room 302 Blacksmith's Room 358 Kitchen 303 Carpenter's Room 359 Latrine 304 Scribe's Quarters 360 Lavatory 305 Cobbler's Room 361 Library 306 Healer's Quarters 362 Market 307 Herbalist's Laboratory 363 Mess Hall 308 Jeweller's Room 364 Music Room 309 Farrier's Room 365 Servants' Quarters 310 Spell Caster's Laboratory 366 Stable 31 1 Oracle Room 31 2 Painter's Room Rooms for the Ruler 313 Physician's Room 401 Exhibition Room 3 14 Potter's Room 402 Great Hall 3 15 Sculptor's Room 403 Pet's Room 31 6 Seamstress's Room 404 Throne Room 31 7 Silversmith's Room 405 Treasure Room . 500. Corridors and Rooms 8 Types Resolving Conflicts 8 Table 156 Fortress Dungeon Rooms Finishing Your Dungeon's Construction 10 Table 157 Tomb Rooms Once Upon a Time 10 Table 161 Corridor Specials Finishing Touches 10 Table 162 Door Specials Encounters and Treasures 11 Table 170 Standard Additional Random Encounters 12 Entrances Table 171 Reduced Additional Starting Dungeon Construction 13 Entrances Dungeon Spacing 13 Room Tables (200. 250. The Entrance 13 400. 350.

. Example 182 The Gambling Pit 186 Beginning 182 introductory and Background Dungeon The First Room The Rest of Jeff's Dungeon Conflicts and Resolutions 182 183 183 Information Additional Information for the Game Master '86 186 Example: 182-192 Dungeon Background 183 Dungeon Elements 187 The Story 184 The Gambling Pit Dungeon Map 188 Index Card Example 185 . .- 406 Zoo 108 509 Stairs Rooms for the Dead 510 Teleportation Room 51 1 Thermal Springs 451 Burial Chamber 512Trap 452 Catacombs 513 Underground Lake Special Rooms 514 Underground River 501 Another Way Out 117 51 5 Volcano Room 502 Bottomless Pit 120 5 16 Well Room 503 Cave-in 22 Storerooms 504 Elevator Room 123 551 Armory 147 505 Lava Tube 125 552 Empty Room 148 506 Mine 127 553 Granary 149 507 Natural Caverns 129 554 Storeroom 150 508 Revolving Room 132 Dungeon Background 151 Dungeon Abandonment 165 Why Was This Dungeon Built? 800 The Dungeon Was Abandoned Dungeon Because. C) 165 701 Standard Dungeon Purpose 702 Fortress Dungeon Purpose 81 1 Slow Abandonment 66 Background and 703 Tomb Dungeon Purpose 81 2 Quick Abandonment 167 Story: 151-181 81 5 Looted 167 Surrounding Countryside 81 6 Unseen Danger 168 710 How Mountainous? 821 Siege 168 71 1 H o w Watery? 822 Enchantment 169 71 2 What Elevation? 823 Monsters 170 71 3 What Climate 824 Plagues and Poisons 171 Civilization Traits 825 Volcanic Activity 1 72 720 Military Culture 826 Earthquake 173 721 Military Demeanor 827 Flood 174 722 Art Active Dungeons 175 723 Literacy Changes and Connections 175 724 Magic Active Dungeon Inhabitants 175 725 Wealth Keep Track of Dungeon Inhabitants 176 726 Religion Encounters 177 727 Tolerance Treasure 177 728 Government Afterward-The Story 179 729 Trade Dungeon . .

After you add a could be 8. element and so on. refer to this list." "Stair- series of tables to find out that room's charac. and delve segments. 2 for the next you will determine whether the dungeon en. If your dungeon grows larger than your will use these to generate random num- graph paper can depict. total. When a dungeon element trance i s a cave on the side of a mountain. and its decor. in the goblins' belt your players may need to see. but Percentile dice: Use two different-colored 10- one with 114" squares will match the scale sided dice. element alongwith pertinent details such as the using Table 50 Encounter and Treasure Level element's treasure and encounters. but 3" x 5" in pen. you will decimal and second number to label the smaller follow corridors. confused or lost. tional pieces of graph paper on the sides. thing behind. etc. peer beyond doors.2. plus ornate candlesticks.) Use the same corridor. or draw a picture of huddled around a game of dice in the far corner an important item. simply tape addi. a pit has more than one room or important segment in the ground.1. and designate one to represent used throughout most of this book (114" = tens and the other to represent ones. record the type of mines that a room exists. encounter or treasure that / 25 pieces of copper. an encounter of need an index card for every element. and "specials" and treasure levels when recording them on such as traps are "dungeon elements. way. teristics. By rolling dice and dungeon map. If you ever get ter. ing with 1 for the entrance. worth about your index cards to record actions taken by 12 ~ i e c e sof silver. you may wish to trace over it depends on your personal taste. For example. start- teristics (page 13) and the tables that follow. you will consult a element. 8. During play. sketch a picture of the with actual encounters. When you place a element. or a secret stairwell amid the (a prison with many cells. On the blank back will replace the encounter and treasure levels of each index card.3. left some. give that element a number." You will your index cards. graph paper. Your cards should have changes will have to be made.Construction Instructions What YOUWill In addition to this book. As your dice rolling deter. one ruled side and one blank side.") Below or beside the num- what is behind it. Graph paper: Any size graph paper will do. its furnishings. every room. you will roll percentile dice to find out be numbered "8. On each level "6" and two treasures of level "A" could be index card. took treasure or other objects. "B/AA" could become "8 goblins furniture clearly displayed. and the peer- Need ing eyes of curious adventurers. record a description of the dungeon "Enc/Treas: B/AA. at the location your When you add a dungeon element to your Building Your adventurers will first enter. treasures and their lo- element with the locations of such things as cations. use pouches. . you will need a cards in order. (If a prison i s number 8. the size of the cards completed." or "Trap. bers from 00 to 99. is usually adequate. Changes (page 11) and then the encounter and tents. for example)." or simply "B/AA. (The card for the above prison would door. its overall condition or treasure level descriptions on pages 1 1-12. Bookmarks: These help." "Blacksmith's Room. take in creating your dungeon. Pencil and eraser: After your dungeon is Ruled index cards: Again. its con." for example. ber on the index card. You 5'). You will start construction of vour dun." Later. the cells into rooms one at a time. Mark down On page seven are listed the steps you will whether the adventurers defeated an encoun. but they are not An index card file: A rubber band can also hold absolutely necessary. "Prison. or sprung or disabled traps. you will travel down that corridor to number on a correspondingindex card for each discover where it leads. which you will be drawing on Dungeon consultingTable 101 General Entrance Charac. on the corner table. geon at the beginning. From the entrance. spilled drinks. You may wish to abbreviate encounter The entrance. but while it is being constructed. but it offers little protection few supplies: from dog ears. 8." adventurers at each location. you level of decay. use a ruins of a lost city.

That your dungeon map i s entirely up to you. find entrance and any additional element on a location on your dungeon map with an your graph paper. Keep stairs. or down stairs. you construction you will need to make changes. plored door in a corridor). continuing campaign basis. Draw your first room on your finished or there are neither corridors nor graph paper. for- Roll against Tables 102. etc. etc. and consult Table 151 (for a partially- dard construction or is more narrowly explored corridor). west is to the left. Most measureinentsin this book are in ten mountain or hill side to make certain yo- foot increments. Note the results on the index card for Go to the tables or sections indicated to element 1.. elevator rooms. m i c h way to G~ . See side of a mountain or hill. so that You can trace over it in pen later. temporarily three directions at once. 106 or 107. Use additional pieces of graph paper to Map For directions in this book. Draw your map in pencil to begin with. noting the result on an use Table 155.. ued construction will present itself at the same guidelines exceptionally cumberso& or inhib time. tions beginning on page 151. fortress or tomb. depending on index card for element "1 Entrance." whether your dungeon is standard. Start a dungeon with nothing you use symbols to represent room contents. but during if the need arises (excess digging. If your map scale is such that dungeon does not go beyond it. Create a story for your dungeon. and consult any additional tables as until either you decide your dungeon i s indicated. For example. 103 and 104. north is towards create additional dungeon levels after going up the top of each page. a corridor may divide in iting under certain circumstances. Table 152 to find out what is behind it. If graph paper. etc. broken-down doors. etc. You may even change the shape or If your dungeon is one that starts on the size of an element if you feel it is necessary. incomplete corridor or an unexplored door Decide whether your dungeon has a stan. Consult the Dungeon Background sec- ties (page 19) to find out what i s d wn2. Get together what you will need to con- struct your dungeon (see page 6). will be easy your map or provide for a more logical con- to record for later reference. each corridor that exits from your first room. Start a dun. tress or tomb. Continue exploring corridors and doors ates. doors left incomplete or unexplored. create a new create rooms and other dungeon elements. Feel way. Characteristics. you may wish to Generally. try to follow the guidelines 1) Complete rooms first. changes adventurers make or cause.) When this happens.156 or 157. Use a new index card for the element your roll cre. Roll against Table 151 Corridor Possib 11. treasures (see page 11). use and note the result. (See "Do I Really Have To?". . Draw your dungeon After completing a dungeon element. ~ ~D~~~~~t t ~ Roll against Table 101 General Entrance When a table tells you to create a room. perhaps). or a corridor may ignore them. draw an outline of the "Do I Really Have To?" on page 8. Table 152 (for an unex- designated as a fortress or tomb. Table 153 (for an unexplored door in a room) or Table Roll against either Table 105. the orientation of elements on keep it in pencil even after completion. ~~~~i~~ one graph paper box = 5' x 5' or 10' x 1O'. actual sizes. standard. struction. on continue past a door that appears to its side. If will be able to tell exactly what i s above and you want to use your new dungeon on a below on different levels. stopping its expansion in any direction roughly Elements on the try to make them proportional to the objects' in the center of your paper. 154 (for an unexplored corridor that starts depending on whether your dungeon is out from a room). . lined up from one paper to the next. dungeon element. Roll against Table 153 to find out Define your dungeon's encounters and what is behind each door in the first room. as they are throughout this book. 15 Steps to a Roll against Table 100 Spacing (page 13) When a door appears in a corridor. paper as indicated by these tables. page 8. like free to rotate or shift rooms and corridors to fit cave-ins. If necessary. then geon of this type far towards one end of your corridors and rooms should be easy to place.

2) Find out what i s behind all doors terclockwise manner. This makes unexplored
locatedwithincorridorsbeforecontinuingdown doors and corridors easier to spot. If your
those corridors or checking doors in rooms. dungeon has a set number of elements, divide
3) If you have more than one corridor or them equally among available starting direc-
door to explore at a time, try to be consistent tions and then finish onedirection before begin-
about which direction you take first. For ex- ning others.
ample, always proceed in a clockwise or coun-

- .
'hd that it'is indeed your dungeon. lf there i s major changes until your dungeon is corn-
D~ I ~~d~
H~~~ something that disappoints you about the pleted. You may find that a construction
TO? dungeon's construction. whatever that some- which seems disorganized and nonsensical
thin; may be, you have the permission of Task in its earlier stages &agically comes together
Force Games and the author of this book to in a refreshingly original way at the end,
change it. Honest. Go right ahead. If you are especially after you determine thedungeon's
so inclined, you may even send us your corn- history and surroundings. For an example of
ments on the matter, but that is entirely up to a completed dungeon developed using this
you. book, see pages 182-192.

are almost all given in increments of ten feet.
in this book were recorded under the assump Unless a room description states otherwise,
D ~corridors
~ ~ ~ ,
tion that humans or human-sizedcreatures built you may assume that all dungeon rooms are
and Rooms your dungeon. Further, measurements were between eight and ten feet high.
chosen more for ease of game play than for Secret or concealed doors are hidden on
adherence to realism, so feel free to alter them both sides. Only through a concentratedsearch
as your campaign requires. For example, you will adventurers have a chance of locating a
may wish to make corridors five feet wide secret door, and once they locate the doorway,
rather than ten. You may also want to alter the they may need to conduct another detailed
standard dimensions of dungeon elements so search to determine the means of opening it.
that they conform to sentient beings who are Secret doors are sometimes made of stone and
substantially larger or smaller than the average blended into the wall. Sometimes they are
human (giants, dwarves, etc.). placed behind tapestries or bookcases. If you
Most dungeon doors are constructed out wish, a door may even be under a rug on the
of heavy wood bound with iron. They should floor. The mechanism for opening a secret door
be three to four feet wide, six to eight feet tall, can be as simple as a solid push against the right
and about three inches thick. You may decide spot, or as complicated as removing a certain
whether the doors swing in or out of rooms. selection of books on a shelf in the correct
Corridors are all about ten feet wide and be- order.
tween eight and ten feet high. Dungeon walls One-way doors can only be opened from
are generally about one foot thick, but outer one side. Adventurers on the other side of a
walls may be as much as ten or twenty feet thick one-way door may be able to see it, but if they
to prevent enemies from tunneling into the wanttogo through it, they will have to break the
dungeon unexpected. Room measurements door down.

construction, you will be faced with the di- tions:
Resolving lemma of what to do when the instructions tell
Conflicts you to put a dungeon element or corridor 1 ) Look to see if there is a way in which
where another element or corridor already the new element can fit with only a minor

"He's gone, Ihars."
" What?! Bertran, Isaw the goblin dive into that room. He couldn't have just vanished into
thin air. Are you sure he's not hiding in the wardrobe?"
"Well, unless he can squeeze into one o f these bite-sizedpieces I've chopped it into, I'm
sure. "
-1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback

adjustment, perhaps moving the new element additional entrances (see the room type de-
or the obstructing one by 10' or less in any scription), then end the corridor with a door
direction. You may always simply deadend, that opens into the room. If the room does not
extend or turn a corridor. You may also elimi- allow an additional entrance, then roll percen-
nate or move a door. When you are not sure tile dice and consult the following:
what to do, consult instructions 2 through 8,
below. Table 3: Corridor/Roorn Conflict
Roll Result
2) If your problem is a corridor that runs 00-14 The corridor ends in a door that opens
up against another corridor, roll percentile dice into the room.
and consult the following table: 15-19 The corridor opens into the room.
20-84 End the corridor in a blank wall.
Table 1: Corridor/Corridor Conflict 85-96 End the corridor in a secret door that
Roll Result opens into the room.
00-19 The current corridor deadends at the 97-99 End the corridor in a secret one-way
obstructing one without entering. door that only allows passage from
20-39 The current corridor enters the ob the room into the corridor.
structing one.
40-69 The current corridor ends in a door that 6) If your problem is a room that does
opens into the obstructing corridor. not fit into the available space, there are three
70-79 The current corridor ends in a one- simple things you can do to resolve it.
way door that opens into the o b First, you can change the size of your room
structing corridor but is hidden on to fit the available space. Remember, essen-
that side (it is a secret door on that tially all measurements given in this book are in
side, but even if it is found, it cannot multiples of ten. Many rooms will not be
be opened from that side). substantially changed by an alteration of those
80-99 The current corridor ends in a secret measurements by five feet either way. If a
door that opens into the obstructing minor sizechangewill notwork, check thesizes
corridor. on the table which gave you the room's dimen-
sions to begin with. Is there a smaller size
3) If your problem is a door that opens possible for that room? If so, use the smaller
into a corridor, then the door simply opens into size.
that corridor. Second, you can construct a corridor (just
draw it, do not consult Table 151) stretching
4) If your problem is a door that opens from your problem area to an area which is not
into a room, then unless the room type does quite as crowded. Place your room after a door
not have an option for additional entrances at the end of the new corridor.
(see the room type description), the door Finally, you can change your room's type
simply opens into the room. If the room does to "554 Storeroom." . A storeroom can be
not allow additional entrances, roll percentile essentially any size or shape without altering its
dice and consult the following: function, so simply fill the available space and
use 554 Storeroom on page 150 to determine
Table 2: Door/Room Conflict your new room's details.
Roll Result
00-29 Thedoor opens into the room anyway. 7) Most construction conflicts can also
30-79 Eliminate the door. Replace it with a be solved by adding a stairway (see 509 Stairs
blank wall. on page 133) and putting the problem element
80-94 Replace the door with a secret door. above or below the crowded area of your
95-99 Replace the door with a secret one- dungeon.
way door. The new door only opens
out from the room. 8) If all else fails, and nothing seems to fit
adequately in your dungeon design, simply go
5) If your problem is a corridor that runs back to the previous table and re-roll whatever
into a room and the room has an option for caused your problem.

"Iknow there's treasure here, Bertran. The 'X' on the map marks it We just have to keep
"lhars, we've been at this for two days! Letmesee your map. Maybe we're lookingin the wrong
p l . . . AAARCH! Iharsvend! This 'X' is just a dead bug!"
"Really? I'llbe. . . . Who'da thought they'd mark treasure on the map with a smashed bug?"
-1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback

~ i ~ iyour~ h i your
~ at any time. Simply eliminate any
unexplored doors and end any incomplete
case, then be sure to look ahead, and when
your chosen number of elements draws near,
Dungeon's corridors. If you want to have a more gradual stop putting in "additional entrances," etc. Also,
Construction ending, just stop putting any "additional en- if you feel that the inclusion of a certain room
trances" in rooms and ignore instructions to type is crucial for your dungeon's success, then
create branching corridors. Your dungeon go ahead and add it rather than trust to the luck
should end soon. of the dice. This, of course, follows from the
You may also decide before you begin answer to "Do I Really Have To?" on page 8.
your dungeon to end it after a certain number

Every dungeon has a story, and it is this After your dungeon's physical construc-
Once Upon a story that makes exploring the dungeon most tion is done, go to Dungeon Background, on
interesting. Justas the series of Central Casting: page 151, and follow the directions with which
Time Heroes books create histories and traits to flesh you are presented. Record the dungeon's
out role playing charactersand non-playerchar- history on a series of index cards and keep it in
acters, Centralcasting: Dungeonscontains tables the file with the restof your dungeon. Continue
to help establish a history and delving environ- with Dungeon Abandonment on page 165 or
ment for the physical dungeon which it helps Active Dungeons on page 175.
you create. Consulting these tables gives you Hints and suggestions about where to
the basics, the beginning of a story. How you proceed after consultingall the tables in Central
develop your dungeon's past beyond the basic Casting: Dungeons appear in the Dungeon Af-
level is up to you and the special details of the terward on page 179. There is an example of a
individual campaignyou design for your adven- completed dungeon in the Dungeon Example
turers. beginning on page 182.

Once your dungeon's history has been dungeon around a dragon, for example, make
Finishing defined, replace your dungeon's encounter sure that one of your encounters i s a dragon.
and treasure levels with actual encounters and You may also want to go over your dun-
Touches treasures. Start at your dungeon's beginning geon map with a dark pen to make the lines
(element I), and refer to Encounters and Trea- permanent and easy to see.
sures (beginning on page 11). Make sure the That's it! You're finished! Now let in the
encounters and treasures fit in with your adventurers, have fun, and good gaming!
dungeon's story. If you decided to center your

use some ingenuity and perhaps quite a however. roll Roll Result levels on theindexcard forthat room. and level A 51 and 52 to guide becomes "no encounter" or "no trea- keep rolling for an encounter or treasure level sure. surprised. they are probable. room Table 50: Encounter and Treasure For each treasure descriptibns will require the addition of en. a rattling noise draws your attention back to the corridor from which y o u come. but level treasures." -Anonymous. group of adventurers. So. the lost treasure of the Gray Dwarves. Death is a sider a group of twenty goblins to be an en. and not particularly bright . B: Major injuries may result from this en- Note that the condition of an encounter counter. See treasure level. change all the encounter and treasure 97-99 Use the next higher encounter or levels into actual encounters and treasures. frag. Twenty sleeping goblins. level C becomes level D. level designations encounter" result or the result "No change. Adventurers should need to counter of level C. are not cannot defeat this encounter. you might normally con- C: Major injuries are likely. artwork. Judgingyour will. "Oh yeah? Maybe it's just pretending to be a dragon. have uncovered the object of your quest. . countless objects Encounters fashioned from gold or silver and studded with even more precious stones-the sight is truly breathtaking. Strewn about the floor of this thirty foot square room is more treasure than you have ever seen-cut gems. E just remains the same. clothing. level B becomes level A. ate." . expertly crafted jewelry.after all of these weeks of exploration. O n Table 50." you in replacing until either you get a "no treasure" or "no 04-95 N o change. below. "Finally. ile or easily corrupted items such as fine pot- E: Run away! As the party exists now. etc. roll per. increased their skills and level for rooms such as 3 12 Painter's Room bought better weapons. AS vou construct vour dungeon. O f Table 51: Encounter Levels course.. row upon row of skeletal remains are emerging from the dungeon's catacombs. it tery. there is been occupied and generally abused by an a possibility that no members of the party assortment of monstrous inhabitants. then maybe- and 31 9 Tapestry Weaver's Room (to level B maybe-they will have a chance of win- or C) to reflect the artistic value of their trea- ning here. B. In fact. have finished mapping your dungeon. After you 00-03 Use the next lower encounter or trea- against Table 50. The ceremonial n easUres weapons that were interred with them are now clasped in their skeletal fingers. they should get by this encoun- may add a few friendly ones as your campaign ter with only a few scratches and minor requires or as you feel they would be appropri- injuries. "Before you can begin stuffing pockets and sacks full of your rich and find. and some deaths in the ally correspond to abandoned dungeons which party of adventurers are not only pos- were vacated quickly and since then have sible. Minor injuries almost certainly matters when determining level." Record the or encounter." Add an additional treasure of level A. Level Changes counter and treasure "levels. Level A becomes level encounters and Tables 51 and 52 to understand what each level means. raise the treasure the dungeon. All encounters determined by this book are hostile and will probably lead to a battle. then use Tables centile dice for each encounter and each trea- sure. If your dungeon i s adventurers have explored the rest of in especially good condition. 96 with actual Finally. D: Major injuries will definitely arise from Treasure levels set out in this book gener- this encounter. Level E becomes level D. you or stupid. After the included in most treasures. though no specific provisions are made A: Unlessadventurersareunlucky. sure. sure level. within this book for friendly encounters. tapestries. will survive this encounter. consulting Table 50. At the corridor's far end. should probably be reduced to an bit of magic to get by this encounter. encounter of level A.

several pieces of silver. No specific provisions are made within this ane chance or lengthen the amount of time Random book for . It could ity. not as the players see it). however. Adventurers will always " of comfortable living by one adventurer. A peasant or E: The reaction of many greedy adventur- minor craftsman could earn this much in ers after coming face to face with a a week to a month. raise the percentage. after finishing your dungeon. 80-92 Two encounters of level A A good average rate for random encoun. make ran- dom encounters likely to appear more often. use Table 60. the largest pile of gold. If. fewer random encounters. In addition to random encounters. An adven. mimicking nobil- man could earn in a year. decide that adventurers will get too bored or below. Roll Result lenged already. not even an exception. lower the percent- . equalizer between your adventurers and the If you want a table to help you determine dungeon. then make random encounters 00-79 One encounter of level A less likely. you the level of random encounters. Why? Because you ers make a very loud noise or engage in a loud should try to use random encounters as an or bloody battle. treasure like this is either to stand. An adventurer could live their new riches out of the dungeon. If Table 60: k ~ ~ d o m Level you think the adventurers will be severely chal.andom encounters. For an increase in the number of adventurers' torch light. those that adven. for several minutes ings over two to six months. slack- B: This would represent a tradesman's earn. bitween chances. for a year or more on a treasure of this probably be spent. consider the dungeon a push-over. An adventurer C: This is probably more gold than a trades. have to get through an extremely formi- D: The average peasant or townsperson dable encounter to claim a level E trea- would never see this much wealth in his sure. see level C. keep in assuming that your random encounters are mind that set encounters may leave their rooms usually level A. jawed and salivating. random encounters every time your adventur- Encounters tioned in any one location. in a month size and quality. For turers or blood. 93-97 One encounter of level B ters to appear could be a 10% chance every five 98-99 One encounter of level C to ten minutes of game time (time as the adventurers see it. i o u should also check for turers bump into at random and are not sta. without moving or to let out a wildly turer could live quite comfortably for a excited scream and dive head-long into week or more. Table 52: Treasure Levels like a noble off this treasure for at least A: This could be a couple pieces of gold or several months. they may or her entire life. and once they have it. have to make more than one trip to carry ally long life. and only very rarely level B or and investigate if they hear a strange noise. could livequite happily. or smell either adven- random encounters.

time. mountain's edge. in ancient ruins. What's your's called?" "It's called a battle axe. Even that Dungeon chilling sound. Any stairway added pit's wall. in the dungeon may be above or below a city. 10-69: A Additional levels in this dungeon will spiraling stairway or ramp along the be below the first. however. Roll Result First. "The doors move with loathing. nothing in its con. and this number is the depth in 45-89 The dungeon begins on the side of a feet of the pit. The only means of the edge of the mountain to the entry and exit is through a teleporta- dungeon'sentrance (see Figure 100. Roll percentile dice a second the surface. a great pit (see Figure 100. but you stand before the fruit of your labor. Bertran? Ididn't know you carried a lock pick.dirt and rubble fall away before your prying fingers and the loosening blows of Ironfist's hammer.) "Bertran. mountain or hill.1 tion room which may be located in a for an example). in a castle. Beneath YOU." "Yours. I've tried my falcon hook." -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . Ihars. trance Characteristics. deter. "Stones." Roll percen.2). Your result tells how closely packed 05-39 Tight your dungeon elements will be by determining 40-64 Normal how often you will roll percentile dice to con. 95-99 Extremely Loose Start construction on your dungeon at the under construction is below the base entrance. ~h~ ~~t~~~~~ index card and label it "Entrance. but no con- Characteristics struction above may intersect with Roll Result the pit. None of these lock picks will open the door. shrieking in alarm as they shudder along on hinges that have rested unused for generations. The dungeon's entrance was 00-44 A stairway heading down into the originally reached by (roll percentile ground leads to the dungeon entrance. my rat's tail. Addi- tional dungeon levels may be above Table 101: General Entrance or below the original. Cypathian Labyrinth. . After an hour's work. sweat has turned dust into mud on all your limbs. Stand back and let me try mine. Ieven broke off the tip of my spider's fork. 65-84 Moderately Loose sultTable 151 on page 19. Additional levels of building of its own. 70-99: A pulley system that later which heads up from the original lowered visitors down by rope or level will result in another opening to chains. . the iron hair. .. my pine root. roll percentile dice and consult Table 100: 00-04 Extremely Tight Spacing. my witch's nose." Construction Before building your new dungeon. Iused the bent toe. . making a note on your 90-98 The dungeon begins at the bottom of card about which type of entrance you have. so takean of the mountain. cannot silence the grating noise of stone grinding against stone somewhere in the walls to your sides... with no direct entrances or cave or corridor which stretches from exits leading to it. the floor begins to tilt. dice): 00-09: A ladder. struction may extend past the tile dice and consult Table 101: General En. This is dungeon element 1. ." "Okay. . Roll percentile dice. 99 The dungeon is completely below The number you roll is the length of a ground. (See 510 the original level. etc. . Note yourTable 100 85-94 Loose result in a corner of your dungeon map. Table 100: Spacing Dungeon Spacing mine its general construction characteristics. the rugged splinter.. a clear passage to the ornate double-doorwayof the long lost Starting . but unless the level Teleportation Room on page 134.

and a ladder hangs into the pit from the wall in the lower right. possibly two. can fit under- ground above the original level. you would begin by drawing an outline of the pit.2 to a dungeon that originates in a great pit.1. Tables 102 through 104 all deal with add. If Table entrance determined under Table 101. The black areas are lava pools begins on the side of a mountain (45-89 on that were constructed according to the rules Table 101). then Features percentile dice and consult Table 102 Entrance you may want to label the new room as element Features. then do the same for Table 103 The number 2 and give it its own card. and finally Table 104 Additional -Number 707 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers 14 . Entrance Door. The bottom of the map is the under 51 5 Volcano Room on page 143.Figure 100. When starting a new level above the first. Additional entrance features entrance door.1 demonstrates the is an approximately 60' x 90' volcano room (51- possible entrance map for a dungeon that 53 on Table 102). Figure 100. The dungeon door at the top of the map corresponds to result 68-79 on Table 103. at least one dungeon level. there 100. located at the top of Figure have been added.1 Above. The mountain's edge. The pit itself is 57' deep. Roll 102 creates a new room (results 00-62). The pit itself i s about 30' in diameter. So. Entrance Features. conforms to result 00-34 on Table 103. No area on the new level could intersect with the pit. Note each result on the Entrance tional features that add specifics to the general index card for the dungeon's entrance. The figure on the left shows the entrance Figure 100. After a 15' long cave.

Table 102: Entrance Features 80-99 The river has a drawbridge Roll Result on the opposite side. It may be on the side of a cliff. or some other similar place. Entrance Features dition for adventurers to Roll Result safely cross it. 51-53 The entrance door is located towards 35-59 The entrance door was built to pro- the back of a volcano room. Take the next 5962 The entrance door i s located on the entrance you get as written.68-79 The entrance door is very plain. (See 507 will be in a raised position. hollow treeon which part of the trunk 25-49 The river is spanned by a swings in when pushed. which will only be in good 12-23 The entrance door is rusted shut or enough condition to use 5% otherwise stuck fast so that it cannot of the time. Any door that may have boat or raft which adventurers can been there at one time has long since reach has only a 5% chance to be in gone. (See 505 Lava they are in good condition. if the back of a lava tube. well concealed. or thickwood bound with iron. its occupants. such as at the bot. of an ancient city. 00-1 1 The entrance is partially blocked by 50-59 The river has a ferry boat rocks or earth. could Tube on page 125) reveal some information about the 42-50 The entrance door i s located towards dungeon. consult Table 102a: 95-99 The entrance door is a secret door. 24-35 The entrance door i s trapped. Table 102a: Underground expertly camouflaged into its sur- River Passage roundings. perhapsafter a corridor opposite side o i an underground lake with two or more sharp turns to pre- which itself is located in a natural vent siege weaponry and battering cavern. bottomed ferry boat where adventur. will be docked where adventurers 6067 The entrance door is small and shows can reach it. Examples of this type of Roll Result entrance could be a small waterfall 00-24 The river is spanned by a covering a tunnel or perhaps a giant stone bridge. The Volcano Room on page 143) door will be recessed at least ten feet 5458 The entrance door is located on the into the earth. there i s a obvious signs that at one time it was 50% chance that there i s a raft or flat. Otherwise. (See 514 Underground River spell to make it blend in with the on page 141) Roll percentiledice and surrounding rock).00-34 The entrance has a grand and elabo- Just reaching the dungeon could be rate double door surrounded by a an adventure. (See 51 5 tect the dungeon's inhabitants. result. 00-34 or 95-99. See . and itwill be made of stone. means for crossing. great deal of decorative stonework. good enough condition toeven make 90-94 Roll again on this table. To get inside. be opened. (See 513 Underground Lake rams from being brought to bear on page 139) There i s a 35% chance against it. rerolling this one trip across the lake. Natural Caverns on page 129) 63-99 This table adds nothing to the en- 08-20 Theentrance islocated amid the ruins trance. 50% 00-07 The entrance door i s located towards of the time the drawbridge the backof a natural cavern. Table 103: The Entrance Door 2 1-39 The entrance is nearly inaccessible. ers cannot use it. in a dense jungle. wooden bridge which has a Table 104: Additional 90% chance of no longer being in good enough con. but con- other side of an underground river ceal the entrance behind a magical which itself is located in a natural enchantment or illusion (such as a cavern. (See 506 Mine on nearby area during the time of its page 127) construction. that a raft or flat-bottomed ferry boat metal. Any the rock. and the the back of a mine. 40-41 The entrance door is located towards The carved stone and decorations. the door 60-79 The river has no visible must be broken down.80-89 The entrance is simply an opening in tom or other side of the lake.

there is auto. there must be at least four primarily served as a tomb. See 512 Trap on ately before the entrance door. For basic dun. roll again on Table35lf. Additionally. for that purpose. determine the room's characteristics. geons. but the passage of time has rendered 36-47 There i s a trap on the ground immedi. See larger of the two rolls. . Roll twice on Table 204b. then the ahead. See 402 mediately after the fortification. See 512 86-99 Roll again. ignore right and continues straight ahead. 151 Corridor Possibilities and 153 Door Possi. 402d there must be at least four addi. you must decide there must be at least four additional whether you want to create a normal dungeon. roll again on that table. one going away to the right. If there are less than The first room i s a revolving room. but on Table not accept roll 78-99 on Table 203a. See 201 ~h~ ~ iR~~~ ~ ~ which t will be determined on a table specifically Arena on page 24. If you have decided that your dungeon Table 351f. entrances. See matically one entrance on each wall. See right and continues straight ahead. See page 137. straight ahead. exit down the stairway opens to a but note the following: corridor that immediately branches Roll twice on Table 204a. re-roll if you get that result. tional entrances. roll again on that table. the fortification involves a room. the door on the other side of Table 105: The First Room the pit will open to a corridor that Roll Room immediately branches both left and 00-19 The first room is a guard room. taking both results. than 48-59. corridor must branch both left and and one going away to the left. Instead. taking the both left and right and continues larger of the two rolls. if the result i s 25-49 or 50-74. See Table 552c you must use result 83-94. useTable 105. Do Great Hall on page 101. but note the following: The first level the elevator room ex- Double the size that is given on Table tends to will contain a corridor that 204a. and then roll an extra time Trap on page 137. a fortress dungeon. immediately branches both left and come a 40' x 40' room. On Table 508b you must use 48-53 The first room is a market room. If there are less than On Table 401 c. 203 Fortification on page 30. the trap inoperative. but on Table 201f. but down each corridor and behind each door in the result of Table 502c cannot be00- the first room. re-roll any result less four. but on 20-3 9 The first room is a guard room. against this table.. See bilities on pages 19 and 20 to find out what is 502 Bottomless Pit on page 120. The first room i s a bottomless pit. if the result is 75-99. the first determine the room's characteristics. use Table 107. 24. ately after theentrance door. additional entrances. roll again See 508 Revolving Room on page on that table. four additional entrances. then dungeon begins with three expanses there must be a door on each wall. 362d there must be at least four addi. 5 12 Trap on page 13 7. 204 Guard Room on page 33 to The first room is an elevator room. 552 Empty Room on page 148. Table 204b. The first room i s a fortification. go to Tables than four. 60-71 There is a trap on the entrance door. useTable 351 Amphitheater on page 69. .) Also. See 504 Elevator Room on page 123. If you want your dungeon The first room i s an amphitheater. trance. If there are less than four. If of corridor: one heading straight the fortification is a corridor. tional entrances. 204 Guard Room on page 33 to Finally. ' 512 Trap on page 137. but on Table The first room i s an exhibition room. If the 40-43 There i s no first room. The dunneon's "first room" is a swecial one The first room is an arena. right as well as continue straight im- 44-47 The first room is a great hall. If there are less After your first room i s done. 132. or a tomb. 362 Market on page 91. (A 20' x 20' room would be. taking the The first room is an empty room. See result 8499. 72-85 This table adds nothing to the en- 48-59 There is a trap on the ground immedi. See to be designedspecifically as a fortress. See 401 Exhibition Room on page 99. Instead. At this point. but on 106.

taking the Double the size that is given on Table larger of the two rolls. This trap is in 203 Fortification on page 30. 'Venturerz iz az ornery az any bear an' twice az stupid t' boot. there must be a door on each wall. most of all." -Brubnub. and add a trap to 00-19 The first room is a fortification. entrances. taking the continues straight ahead. See Roll Room 502 Bottomless Pit on page 120. or 50-74. One day alone. there is determine the room's characteristics. Table 107: Tomb First Room re-roll if you get that result. 2nd o' the Watch . larger of the two rolls. larger of the two rolls. 18-35 The first room i s a burial chamber. taking the 204 Guard Room on page 33 to larger of the two rolls. An exception to the normal corridor that immediatelv branches room description is that this burial both left and right and continues chamber will have three additional straight ahead. 49-57 The first room is a guard room. 40-48 The first room is a guard room. the first See 451 Burial Chamber on page exit down the stairway opens to a 110. Additionally. if the result is 75-99. Do roll again on that table. if the result i s 25-49 115. See the resulting room. has a 50% chance to be a door. If there are less than four. the door on the other side of combs are located immediately the pit will open to a corridor that branches left and right as well as immediately branches both left and continuing straight ahead. iz postin' at th' front door. but on Table 201f. then Table 104. to a corridor that immediately but note the following: branches both left and right as well as Roll twice on Table 204a. determine the room's characteristics. but 00-17 The first room is a series of cata- the resultofTable 502c cannot be00. See ahead.) 204 Guard Room on page 33 to Ignore Table 204b. if the result is 75-99. otherwise it is a corridor. Finally. See 504 Elevator Room on page 123. See Roll twice on Table 204b. See 201 the fortification is a corridor. See 452 Catacombs on page 24. See but note the following: 204 Guard Room on page 33 to Roll twice on Table 204a. The corridor in which the cata- or 50-74. but immediately branches both left and the result ofTable 502c cannot be 00- right and continues straight ahead. 20-24 The first room is a bottomless pit. automatically one entrance on each but note the following: wall. See 512 Trap on page 137. combs. entrances. If the addition to any trap determined on fortification involves a room. corridor must branch both left and there must be at least four additional right as well as continue straight im. (A 20' x 20' room would be. Instead. On Table 508b you must use immediately branches both left and result 84-99. Finally. See come a 40' x 40' room. 60-79 The first room is a guard room. 36-39 The first room i s a bottomless pit. 204a. Additionally. Nowhere gits az much botherin' an' az little sleep. one day. If 90-99 The first room is an arena. Roll Roll Room again on this table. 24. right as well as continues straight 40-59 The first room is a guard room. worse of all iz th' 'venturerz. but note the following: Roll twice on Table 204b. The first level the elevator room ex. the door on the other side of See 508 Revolving Room on page the pit will open to a corridor that 132. Each additional entrance 25-29 The first room is an elevator room. See tends to will contain a corridor that 502 Bottomless Pit on page 120. Double the size that is given on Table "The duty Ihates most of all. taking the determine the room's characteristics. not accept roll 78-99 on Table 203a. if the result i s 25-49 30-39 The first room i s a revolving room. we had t' deal with three bearz thet came lookin' fer a den. "Of course. right and continues straight ahead. Table 106: Fortress First Room 80-89 The first entrance contains a trap. 204 Guard Room on page 33 to the first exit down the stairway opens determine the room's characteristics. mediately after the fortification. then the Arena on page 24.

wall. automatically one entrance on each each additional entrance has a 5O0/0 . the result of Table 504a Table 104. See door. on Table 552c you must use result 83. This trap is in right and continues straight ahead. . addition to any trap determined on Additionally.) Chapel on page 81. chance to be a corridor instead of a The first room is an empty room. See 504 Elevator Room on page 123. must be 00-19. Roll tends to will contain a corridor that again on this table. (A 20' x 20' room would b e 84-95 The first room is a chapel. See 355 come a 40' x 40' room. 552 Empty Room on page 148. See 5 12 Trap on page 137. Also. On Table 355b. The first level the elevator room ex- The first room contains a trap. Ignore Table 204b. Instead. 94. but 96-99 The first room is an elevator room.204a. and add a trap to immediately branches both left and the resulting room. there i s do not accept a roll of 00-14.

It's banded with iron in three strips spaced equally. doors straight ahead Corridor turns right. I can remember. one above another. door on the right Corridor branches left. door on the left and on the right Corridor turns right. . Loose 40' where you wish along the length of corridor. for each even and but place turns at the corridor's end.) determines how Extremely Tight 20' Check the spacing for your dungeon against . door on the left ahead and on the right. Corridors Your dungeon's spacing determines how Table 150: Corridor Roll Frequency Spacing often you will need to roll on Table 151. 30' for each odd roll Table 151. Corridor opens into a room." So. but it sticks when you try to open it. each result on Table 151 takes place in the against Table 151 length of corridor indicated under "Corridor Normal 30' Length. door straight Corridor ends. ahead straight ahead and on the right Corridor turns right. what is in a 17-18 Corridor ends. you waste time drawing that ridiculous map? Can't you remember the way out?" "Oh. door on the right Corridor continues straight ahead. 156 or 157 on page 21 "Bertran. need to find out door on the left 14-16 Corridor ends. every time we enter a new room. ExtremelyLoose 40. against Table 151 branching corridors and other features any.. Table 151: Corridor Possibilities 48-49 ] ro C Corridor turns left. why is it that every time we turn a corner. Corridor ends. door on the left Corridor turns left and straight ahead Corridor continues straight ahead Corridor turns left. door on the right Roll Result Corridor turns left. (You Dungeon Spacing Corridor Length found the spacing on Table 100 on page 13. doors on the left. See tinues straight ahead Table 155. then roll again and so on. door on the left Corridor branches right. See Table 161 Corridor Spe- straight ahead cials on page 21 Corridor branches left and right. continues Special. on the right door on the left and on the right Corridor ends. whenever you 09-13 Corridor ends. . every time the corridor branches. for an extremely tight dungeon.." branching left Corridor continues straight ahead." . continues straight Corridor turns right ahead. "A heavy wooden door bars your way towards the rest of the dungeon. continues Corridor ends in a "T.. the door grudgingly gives way. Moderately L~~~~ 30' for each even and roll against Table 151. con. doors on the left and straight ahead door on the right corridor. "The door isn't locked. door straight ahead Corridor continues straight ahead. doors straight ~ ~ on1~ 1 ~ 151 b l 00-05 Corridor ends 06-08 Corridor ends." -)harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . then map twenty feet of 40' for each odd roll corridor. with a door straight ahead Corridor ends in a "T. When you are mapping a corridor." branching left straight ahead and right. using ten 50' for each odd roll feet of additional corridor to start in the new against Table 151 direction. After Doors and throwing extra muscle into your effort. opening forward and revealing a paved corridor stretching forward beyond your torch light. doors on the left and Corridor continues straight ahead. Place doors. sure. and right branches right. Tight 20' for each even and check On Table 150. but I'm going to want you to walk in front.

what is behind a A room." -grubnub. to determine whether doors are shut or 76-89 This door i.stuck and will have to ~ ~ on1~ 1 ~ 153b l locked. see Table 55. Roll again on this table to is the case. Table 152: Door Possibilities 90% of the time. . 2nd o' the Watch . the door. See the information preceding Table 152. the key will almost certainly be find out what is behind the door. Roll whenever YOU again on this table to find outwhat need --. Table 153: Door Possibilities is behind the door. but easily un- forced or broken down. cials on page 22 above. behind the door. door straight ahead and on the right straight ahead with a door on the left The corridor travels to the right The corridor travels to the left. within a room rather than on a door's corridor face. See Table 154 Corridor time. 156 or It is off its hinges or otherwise door that YOU are 157 on page 21 smashed so that adventurers can passing through I5-70 A corridor. The corridor travels to the right with a Roll on Table 154 Roll Result door straight ahead 00-11 The corridor runs straight ahead whenever you 12-13 The corridor runs straight ahead with The corridor travels to the rightwith a need to determine a door on the left door straight ahead and to the left The corridor travels left and right the layout of a The corridor runs straight ahead with The corridor travels left and right with a door on the right corridor which The corridor runs straight ahead with a door straight ahead exits a room. See Table 155. If this through. get through from the outside. See Table 162 Door Spe. -~ . a door on the left and on the right The corridor travels to the left and The corridor travels to the left straight ahead Extend the The corridor travels to the left and The corridor travels to the left with a corridor 10' in door on the right straight ahead with a door on the right each direction The corridor travels to the left with a The corridor travels to the right and door straight ahead straight ahead indicated on the The corridor travels to the left with a The corridor travels to the right and table. and those that are shut will be ~ ~ on1~ 1 ~ 152b l ~ locked 35% of the time.See Table 154 Corri. Doors for fortress Roll 00-59 Result A room. and those that are shut will be Layout on page 20 74-77 special. we'd draw weaponz n' hide b'hind a door. A key may still be in its that adventurers can merely pass lock (perhaps 10% or 20% of the time). az quiet az corpsez. ~ be forced or broken down. 56 or 157 whenever YOU dungeons will be shut 95% of the time. Doors with key locks will often require a 91-99 This door hasbeenbroken down. 71-75 Special. to the The corridor travels to the right with a right and straight ahead all ready. an when th' Cap'n jumped out yellin' 'Charge!' th' rest o' us'd run away. seeTable 62 D~~~Specials door that you are locked 50% of the time.find out . merely pass through. "When 'venturerz'd come. It is key to lock or unlock them from either the off its hinges or otherwise smashed so inside or the outside. and on page 21 need to find out those that are shut will be h k e d 70'10 of the 60-73 A corridor. Roll Result 90-99 This door has been broken down. This makes them very difficult to corridor. Then we'd be az still az stone. on page 22 entering from a Barred doors will usually be barred from 78-90 This door is stuck and will have to be within rooms. Roll again on this table to find out what is behind locked from within. Roll again dor Layout on page 20 on this table to find out what is from a room. to. Doors for tomb dungeons will be shut what is behind a 98% of the time.

specials. equal to your percentile dice roll. Roll on Table 155 to determine the details of a basic dungeon room. Decide 503 Cave-in on page 122. thing' similar. Are you sure you're reading . 19-22 See 355 Chapel (page 81) All corridor specials should be treated as There i s some exceptional decor in dungeon elements. except for when I agreed to explore these caverns with you?" -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . 00-24 There is a trap in the corridor. See adventurers can understand. or some. here. use 05-14 See 250 Prison Rooms (page 23) 15-16 See 300 Craft Rooms (page 23) 77-84 See 500 Special Rooms (page 23) Table 157 rather 17-18 See 350 Living Quarters (page 23) 85-89 90-99 See 51 Trap (page 137) See 550 Storerooms (page 23) than Table right?" - "Positive. fanciful stonework. use 30-39 40-44 See 300 Craft Rooms (page 23) 65 See 358 Kitchen (page 85) Table 156 rather 66 See 359 Latrine (page 87) 45 See 301 Alchemist's Room (page 41 ) 67 See 363 Mess Hall (page 93) than Table 155. after consulting elaborate tapestries. See 51 2 There is writing on the corridor wall Trap on page 137. especially F~~ corridor own index card. lhars. Roll again. . Table 156: Fortress Dungeon Rooms 53 See 322 Wheelwright's Room (page Roll Result 68) If your dungeon 00-29 See 200 Military Rooms (page 23) 54-63 See 350 Living Quarters (page 23) See 250 Prison Rooms (page 23) 64 See 355 Chapel (page 81) is a fortress. wercentile dice Table 161: Corridor Specials There are the remainsof a battle in the corridor here. Give each of them their this stretch of corridor. possibly including a ind ~ ~ b Roll Result few bodies. what the writing says and the size and 35-42 Construction in this direction was legibility of the letters. If necessary. Have Iever made a mistake before?I mean.Table 155: Basic Dungeon Room Types Roll 00-19 20-24 25-44 45-74 Result See 200 Military Rooms * See 250 Prison Rooms * See 300 Craft Rooms * See 350 Living Quarters * 75-81 82-83 84-87 88-99 See 400 Rooms for the Ruler * See 450 Rooms for the Dead * See 500 Special Rooms * See 550 Store Rooms * * See page 23. Bertran. beautiful sculp this table return to Table 151 to find out what tures. 161. possibly in a language that the 25-34 There is a cave-in in the corridor. never finished. 46-47 See 302 Blacksmith's Room (page 43) See 306 Healer's Quarters (page 68-75 See 400 Rooms for the Ruler (page 48 47) 23) 49 See 309 Farrier's Room (page 52) 76-77 See 450 Rooms for the Dead (page 50 See 310 Spell Caster's Laboratory 23) 78-81 See 500 Special Rooms (page 23) (page 53) 51 See 313 Physician's Room (page 58) 82-83 See 501 Another Way Out (page 52 See 321 Wainwright's Room (page 117) 84-99 See 550 Storerooms (page 23) 67) Table 157: Tomb Rooms 23-37 See 400 Rooms for the Ruler (page ROII Result 23) If your dungeon 00-04 See 200 Military Rooms (page 23) 38-76 See 450 Rooms for the Dead (page 23) is a tomb. Roll percentile dice. and then roll an additional The corridor becomes an unfinished time on this table for yet another corridor that ends after travelling an corridor special in this stretch of cor- amount of feet into the earth that is ridor. "Check that map again. roll else is in this special stretch of corridor.

the wall opposite and one to the right 50-59 There is one additional entrance on of the original entrance. . Bertran! I was looking at something else. It either will not 93-99 Roll again. the northern wall. 25-29 This i s a fake door. 70-79 There is one additional entrance on be bigger. 87-91 There is one additional entrance on Entrances Table 171: Reduced the wall to the left and one on the wall Additional Entrances to the right of the original entrance." "What? jhars. or it will open to a blank wall. you will need Table 162. 80-86 There is one additional entrance on Reduced trances from that of Table 170. 80-89 There is one additional entrance on the wall opposite and one to the right Table 170: Standard of the original entrance. understand. one opposite. opposite the original entrance. Roll percentiledice and consult Table 170. to consult Table 170 Standard Additional En. For opposite the original entrance. F~~ door specials. . Table 162: Door Specials to decidewhat thewriting says as well Roll Result as the size and legibility of the letter- 00-24 This door i s trapped. entrance. index card. the wall to the left. after consulting this 70-84 There is writing on this door. if the original entrance is on the 70-79 There is one additional entrance on western wall. Table 170: trances to determine "additional entrances" for 40-49 There i s one additional entrance on Standard dungeon rooms. Additional . geon elements. which i s called the the wall to the right of the original Entrances "original entrance. (Additional entrances are thewall opposite theoriginalentrance. 60-69 There is one additional entrance on Additional entrance locationsaregiven in terms the wall to the left and one on the wall of direction from the original entrance. and then roll an additional open. and 00-29 There are no additional entrances. . below. In those cases. original entrance. If necessary.") entrance. Give each of them their own even enameled." -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback .-~ those other than the one from which your 50-59 There is one additional entrance on room's construction begins. example. then an additional entrance on the wall to the left and one on the wall the wall to the left of the original entrance is on to the right of the original entrance. and 60-69 There is one additional entrance on one on the wall to the right of the the wall oppositethe originalentrance. Table 171: slightly reduced possibility for additional en. the wall to the left of the original 97-99 There is one additional'entrance on entrance. Additional Entrances 90-99 There is one additional entrance on Roll Additional Entrances the wall to the left. page 137. possibly roll percentile table return to the table that sent you here to find in a language that the adventurers can dice and consult out what is behind the special door. If the adventurers can understand the writing. sorry. special for this door. 85-92 This is a double door. Roll Additional Entrances 92-96 There is one additional entrance on (-20)-49 There are no additional entrances. the wall to the left and one on the wall Additional consult Table 171. consult an additional entrance table that has a entrance. one on the wall to the right of the 30-39 There i s one additional entrance on original entrance. one opposite. time on this table for yet another door 30-69 This door is exceptionally welldeco. these doors must be thirty feet high!" "Huh? Oh! These? Wow. . See 512 Trap on ing.

and turn to 71-73 362 Market (page 91) 200 Military Rooms the appropriate page: 74-79 363 Mess Hall (page 93) 250 Prison Rooms 80-83 364 Music Room (page 95) Table 200: Military Rooms 84-95 365 Servants's Quarters (page 96) 300 Craft Rooms Roll Room 96-99 366 Stable (page 98) 350 Living 00-07 201 Arena (page 24) Table 400: Rooms for the Ruler Quarters 08-32 202 Barracks (page 26) 33-42 203 Fortification (page 30) Roll Room 400 Rooms for the 43-87 204 Guard Room (page 33) 00-19 401 Exhibition Room (page 99) Ruler 88-99 205 Weapons Training Room (page 20-49 402 Great Hall (page 101) 450 Rooms for the 34) 50-59 403 Pet's Room (page 103) 60-84 404 Throne Room (page 104) * Dead Table 250: Prison Rooms 85-94 405 Treasure Room (page 106) ** 500 Special Rooms Roll Room 95-99 406 Zoo (page 108) * The first time during a dungeon's con- 550 Storerooms 00-19 Execution Room (page 35) 20-54 Prison (page 37) struction that you roll a throne room. 500 50-56 359 Latrine (page 87) and 550 refer you to a specific room when you 57-62 360 Lavatory (page 88) Room Tables: know the room's general type. 350. ignore 55-99 Torture Room (page 39) that roll. and roll again on this table until you get 06-13 302 Blacksmith's Room (page 43) a different result. 14-19 303 Carpenter's Room (page 44) 20-24 304 Scribe's Quarters (page 45) Table 450: Rooms for the Dead 25-28 305 Cobbler's Room (page 46) Roll Room 29-36 306 Healer's Quarters (page 47) 00-54 451 Burial Chamber (page 110) 3 7-40 307 Herbalist's Quarters (page 48) 55-89 452 Catacomb (page 115) 41-43 308 Jeweler's Room (page 50) 90-99 5 12 Trap (page 137) 44-47 309 Farrier's Room (page 52) 48-54 310 Spell Caster's Laboratory (page Table 500: Special Rooms 53) Roll Room 3 1 1 Oracle (page 55) 0046 501 Another Way Out (page 117) 31 2 Painter's Room (page 57) 07-10 502 Bottomless Pit (page 120) 313 Physician's Room (page 58) 11-16 503 Cave-in (page 122) 3 14 Potter's Room (page 60) 17-20 504 Elevator Room (page 123) 31 5 Sculptor's Room (page 61) 21-24 505 Lava Tube (page 125) 316 Seamstress's Room (page 62) 25-33 506 Mine (page 127) 31 7 Silversmith's Room (page 63) 34-39 507 Natural Caverns (page 129) 31 8 Smith's Room (page 64) 40-43 508 Revolving Room (page 132) 87-90 31 9 Tapestry Weaver's Room (page 4453 509 Stairs (page 133) 651 54-57 510 Teleportation Room (page 134) 91-93 320 Taxidermist's Room (page 66) 5861 51 1 Thermal Spring (page 136) 94-96 321 Wainwright's Room (page 67) 62-75 512 Trap (page 137) 97-99 322 Wheelwright's Room (page 68) 76-80 513 Underground Lake (page 139) 81-84 514 Underground River (page 141) Table 350: Living Quarters 85-88 515 Volcano Room (page 143) Roll Room 89-99 516 Well Room (page 145) 00-03 351 Amphitheater (page 69) 04-09 352 Bath (page 72) Table 550: Storerooms 10-24 353 Bedroom (page 73) Roll Room 25-30 354 Bedroom Suite (page 74) 00-19 551 Armory (page 147) 31-34 355 Chapel (page 81) 20-39 552 Empty Room (page 148) 35-38 356 Dining Room (page 82) 40-59 553 Granary (page 149) 39-43 357 Came Room (page 84) 60-99 554 Storeroom (page 150) 44-49 358 Kitchen (page 85) . Roll percentile 63-70 361 Library (page 89) dice.250.450. and roll again on this table until you get a different result.300. Table 300: Craft Rooms ** The first time during a h g e o n ' s con- Roll Room struction that you roll a treasure room. ignore 00-05 301 Alchemist's Laboratory (page41) that roll. 400. consult the appropriate table. Tables 200.

If 00-49 oval the arena's your campaign dictates otherwise.00 15-31 2.. arena. including a guard rail on of missile weapons.25 = 90' length. If a area. . with its high ceiling and large empty rooms are placed too close above it.kinds.. The shapes ~ ~ ~ 1 1 i ~ ~ 1 shape listed here are only the most common ones. An arena is a great place for an encounter perhaps the level above that. an arena is usuallyjust far from the adventurers could still qualify as a a large. If the dungeon is in good rooms in the dungeon.50 50-72 2. etc.~ 2 roll percentile dice and consult centiles against Table 2Olc. What you can see from the entrance is an empty floor and a wall. and stock it with large and/or flying crea- corridor on the level above the arena (and tures. An arena is also likely to Game Master Because of its large size. all of .25 and a width ~ the arena's of 40' yields 40' x 2.." Information and The dungeon arena sewed as a staging contain a series of steps or benches around its area for jousts. there may also be shields and weap as high as it is wide..25 32-49 2. triangle.. circle. "There might be sounds of breathing up ahead. Role-playingTips: Take advantage of ground to be completely buried and that no the arena. size. . and the level to ambush adventurers by flying down from the above that) runs into the space which the arena ceiling. an arena may contain several support pillars or columns in contain one or more canopied booths in which nobles or officers sat high above the floor and addition to a larger arched ceiling than other viewed the action. occupies. which supports regularly spaced tapestries and banners. Table 201 b: Arena Width Roll Width Table 201c: Arena Length Multiplier Roll Multiplier 00-14 2. "Thisroom is huge. mostly empty room. its original purpose. then multiply the ~ ~ below: t ~ i ~ result by the width: A result of 2. - take on an unusual shape gon. but that's probably your imagination. thus requiring special care onry adorning the walls at various intervals. though it may low level encounter. if there i s enough light for the opening so that arena events could be adventurers to see a great distance into the viewed from above. . as a hexa.00 "Bertran! Quick! We need you over here!" "Ihars-urph!-can't you see I'm-ack!-busy!" "Bertran! This is an emergency!" "Can't you see I'm-argh!-fighting a dragon?" "You call that a dragon? C'mere an' lookit the one that just ate Ned!" -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . your arena 50-79 ~~~~~~~~l~~ shape. stretching both above and away beyond the easy 201 Arena reach of your torch light. you may wish to end the corridor Since the arena allows easy employment overlooking the arena. an otherwise powerful creature placed Asadventurersfind it. ~ ~ centiledicetand consultTable~201 a. both that it is placed deep enough under..75 73-99 3. . An arena may be nearly condition. . stretching away into the darkness. military games and mock battles perimeter and tapestries on the walls that betray Advice for the . 80-99 Rectangular with truncated corners able 201 b.

3 Add the arena to your map. otherwise it is a corridor. 22-47 Left wall from the original entrance. then there is a 95% chance for a treasure of Consult Table 201g for entrance locations. 170-174 3 counter. 155-164 8 165-166 0 Treasure: There is a 60% chance for a 167-169 1 'treasure of the same level as the arena's en. . for a total of five. then there is a 75% chance for 203-204 6 a treasure of one level lower (D instead of E. level A.). Figure 201. tile dice.) If there is no 190-199 5 treasure of the same level. For rooms under 5000 square feet. The result is the number of 00-21 Same wall as the original entrance. 95-99 There is an encounter of level A. throw out that result and roll again. 70-89 4 entrances. etc. Encounters: Roll percentile dice. Its size is 40' x 90'. consult Table 201d. 74-99 Right wall from the original entrance. Roll 00-02 03-07 08-24 25-60 Result 0 1 2 3 4 Add treasure and encounter levels and 08-26 There is an encounter of level C. 90-109 5 110-117 2 Table 201e: Large Arena Encounters 118-125 6 00-09 There is an encounter of level D. 61-63 0 27-59 There is an encounter of level B. 144-154 3 98-99 There i s an encounter of level A. If a roll breaks this rule. tional entrance has a 30% possibility to be a 48-73 Wall opposite the original entrance. so 5500 square feet would add 20) and Roll Location consult Table 201f. 142-143 6 65-97 There are two encounters of level A. Additional Entrances: Roll percen. adding 10 (maximum 120) for every 1000 square feet of area above 3000 (rounding Table 201 g: Entrance Location down. Table 201 d: Small Arena Encounters 00-07 There is an encounter of level D. For larger rooms.1: The figure above is an example of a rectangular arena with truncated corners. C 205-2 19 9 instead of D. and the encounter is 200-202 2 level B or higher. Each addi. If there is still no treasure. 130-141 7 30-64 There is an encounter of level B. consult Table 201e. additional entrances into the arena. all of which open inwards. (If there are two encounters. 64-69 1 additional 60-94 There are two encounters of level A. door. 126-129 3 10-29 There is an encounter of level C. then 175-189 4 there will be two treasures. Steps lead up to a raised platform along the south wall. No wall may have more than one entrance more than any other wall. The arena contains four additional entrances.

Instructionsto determine the size of nobility and mercenary barracks follow after Table 202c. For example." if the even luxurious. Now. may than a large room with places for the soldiers to have left rare or exotic possessions in their sleep. "You have discovered several with rooms that are much less austere. i Roll 00-49 50-79 80-94 95-99 ~Width 20' 30' 40' 50' ~ . common soldiers 50-84 Mercenaries the barracks. Nobles might Table 2i 0 2 ~Barracks~Occupants ~ even have been housed in the barracks of Roll Occupants occupied common soldiers. 202 splintered remains of simple beds. and officers are usually provided example. who has ever served as a soldier should be able to identify the barracks of common soldiers. and quality troops deserved quality defensible and readily concealablestructures. not even a ghoul would call this home- "Most ghouls. This exchange did not h a p 00-49 Common soldiers pen in reverse. being some type of sleeping quarters. "The room you are entering contains row upon row of the rotting. For barracks that served common trances. one room. state. of barracks should merely be described by its forded to the meanest servants or common room size and contents. To accomme date those soldiers. the guard room find out the guard room's details. ~ ~ Sometimes.served as the shared Barracks quarters of soldiers or servants. Beds are usually simple slabs of wood or rooms. it barracks. that is . soldiers that hail from the adventurers investigate them. Barracks for these soldiers are usually no more Mercenaries. Advice for the is no wonder that most have served to house Role-playing Tips: Any adventurer Game Master soldiers at one time or another.. were not found in barracks that were built to 85-99 Nobles and Officers 75% of barracks are preceded by a guard If your barracks is preceded by a guard ~ ~ room. perhaps ten foot by ten foot square rooms. guard rooms kept the barracks's occu. Any other type seldom more luxurious than the facilities af. for noblefamilies. add one. choose one to barracks. Do not. barracks were added. Table 202b: Simple Barracks Width determine t its size by rolling ~ percentile ~dice 3 ~ ~ the barracks' size against Table 202b (for the width) and Table 202c (for the length). If there is more precedes the pants in. beds Where a barracks consists of more than are stacked two or three high. and add it to if a guard kept unauthorized dungeon inhabitants and your map. and in fact. "willingness to serve" is construction should remain hidden. ~ ings with lower quality soldiers. If your barracks housed common soldiers. who travel extensively.t higher quality soldiers ~ shared lodg.~ ~ i 204 Guard Room ~ on page 33 to~ 2 room. Roll percentile diceand consultTable202a. Dungeons often served as adventurers have not opened all of the doors to home base to a small company of quality see them. one. beyond its usually not one of a soldier's required traits. Treasure should reflect this. webbing stretched across a frame. knights. then see For nobles and officers. did a little of both. Often." Information and Underground labyrinths are such easily troops. Rolltpercentile dice. each one should be revealedonly as Mercenaries. your guard room must have at least soldiers. For mercenaries. At one time this room probably . lead to the barracks. the guards room's than one additional entrance. When determining additional en- room visitors out.. The purpose behind its prisoners. house nobility. The shadows of their ancient frames dance like skeletal figures across the walls as you bring your torches - into the room. If there are none. The barracks of common foot-soldiers are even after centuries of decay.

single beds or the soldier. If all rooms housed more than one soldier.. then increase the size of the luxurious 73-81 . ing down (two or three becomes one. NO likelier sotf//ya' meet What manner of beast i s sent o'er. .04 rooms in the barracks each housed one sol- 64-72 . . This room distinguishes itself by ac- 36-44 . When e'er trouble brews in the borderlands far.05 room to the next largest permissible size (10' 82-90 . -. The soldier no more and the soldier no less. roll on Table 202f and multiply rooms had accommodations for four soldiers.025 noble. then 10' x 10' rooms held one how many bunks (up to three high). then 10' x 10' rooms had accom.015 the others. roll against Table 202d to determine how many rooms there are in the barracks. otherwise they had accommodations for two.045 dier. then roll against Table 202e to determine the size for all of those rooms-they will all be the same size except as noted under step 4. . Determine the result by the amount of square feet in the If your barracks were designed for nobles barracks. 10' x 20' rooms becomes two). barracks housed.soldiers the .035 than the other rooms in the barracks. - Table 202c: Simple Barracks Length Roll Length 00-29 30' 30-59 40' 60-79 50' 80-91 60' 92-99 70' For mercenary or nobility and officer bar- racks.02 a mercenary or high rankingofficer or a greater 27-35 .06 20' x 20'). four modations for two soldiers. - floor. housed in the luxurious room by two. A room of this type either housed 18-26 . 20'x 20' rooms had accommodations for two Table 202f: Common Soldier Barracks' soldiers. Occupants For both mercenary barracks and noble Roll Occupants and officer barracks. 10'x 20' rooms have a 50% chance to .01 each room to have been more luxurious than 09-1 7 . was and how generous their commanders were.055 x 10' becomes 10' x 20'. rounding down. -From "Common Soldier's Song" Annals of the Morning War . have a 60% chance to have held three sol- Who carries the weight of their swords? While scribin' their names into lore? When kings mock each other and threaten for spite. The soldiers slept on and officers.03 commodatingfewer soldiers or by being larger 45-54 . depending on how crowded the barracks have held accommodations for one soldier. . 10' x 20' becomes 91-99 . below. then divide the number of soldiers If your barracks was designed for merce. Who puts hardened metal to words? They bear the whole earth 'neath their feet If e'er ya' want heroes some wrong to redress. Table 202e: Mercenary/Nobility and Table 202d: Mercenary/Nobility and Officer Barracks Size Officer Barracks Roll Size Roll Number of Rooms 00-59 10' x 10' 00-06 6 60-79 10' x 20' 07-12 7 80-99 20'x 20' If your barracks were designed for com- 4 mon soldiers. round- naries. If all 55-63 . . there is a 10% chance for 00-08 .

you shouldn't.5 the barracks for common soldiers. 2nd o' the Watch . chest. The greater noble's room has a larger bed. There are no additional entrances to this barracks (as determined by step 6. The normal rooms contain two beds and a chest for the mercenaries' personal belongings. Figure 202. first build a corridor.3: The figure on the left is a mapping example for a noble and officer barracks comprised primarily of 10' x 10' rooms.) back with the rest of the dungeon. (In fact.2: The figure on the left i s a mercenary barracks comprised of 10' x 10' rooms. and a small bedside table with a candle holder. You would have been limited by any barracks guard can bend or branch the corridor as you see fit. continue a corridor.1: The figure on the left is a barracks for common soldiers. chair. Figure 202. You don't Further. Each normal room has a bed. barracks. table. and bedside table with a candle holder. plus two chestsand a large table with four chairs and another candle holder. The officer's room has a bed. Onlv t h i n r h e t changed hiz mind wuz when Dag nearly ate 'em. on the next page). if the continued corridor never meets your map. chest. and a guard room pre- Figure 202. One room has been upgraded to a 1O'x 20'size to accommo- date a greater noble. a ward- robe. or you See Figure 202.2 for a mapping exampleof rooms closer together.3 for a mapping exampleof may continue some or all of them. realize that Just build a corridor long enough to contain access to dungeon rooms beyond the barracks doors for all of the rooms in the barracks. One room has been upgraded to house a mercenary officer. dead-end all of the barracks corridors. table. and it is preceded by a 10' x 20' guard room which contains a table and four stools. bending and branching it can keep the barracks See Figure202. the bedside table and candle holder. barracks to officer barracks." -Brubnub. rooms. Note that the corridor continues past the bar- racks. This barracks is relatively luxurious. chair. need to useTable 151. then a guard room will have to be Add the For mercenary barracks and noble and placed at the end of the barracks as well. each soldier has a single-level bed and a chest for personal belongings. - "Hishik wouldn' wash hiz stinkin' feet. ev'n when th' High Lord ordered it. Its size is 30' x 40'. If you do the barracks for nobles and officers. You may decide to the barracks for mercenary soldiers.

Each individual room will have only its one racks. but use Table 202h. then there is a 20% entrance. there is an 8% chance for an encounter of level B. above). each room 70-99 The door is located on the wall to the begins with a chance for a treasure of level C. right of the original entrance. each room has nary barracks and for noble and officer bar- a 30% chance for an encounter of level A. then there is an 85% chance for an in addition to any treasure associated with a additional encounter of level A. determine additional entrances by your mapping of the corridors (see step 5. Treasure: For common soldiers' bar. if there is an encounter. If there is no Note that if there i s a guard room preced- treasure of level Bin a room. for an encounter of level A. chance for a treasure of level B. then there is a original entrance. roll on Table For mercenary barracks. each room has a 202 to find out where the door is located. there is a 50% chance for an additional there is no encounter. room's encounter. each room has a 25% chance for an encounter Additional Entrances: For merce- of level A. If racks. then that room has ing the original barracks entrance. which must be a door. For 20' x 20' rooms. barracks. Determine treasure for noble and officer The door i s located on the wall oppo- 40-69 barracks in the same way as that for mercenary site the original entrance. If there is an chance for a treasure of level A. For 10' x 20' rooms. if there is no encounter of The treasure from Tables 202g and 202h is level B. Any room with an encoun. each treasure level: Table 202i: Barracks Additional Door Table 202g: Mercenary Treasure Location Barracks Size Level B Level A Roll Location 10' x 10' 2% 10% 00-09 The door i s located on the same wall 10' X 20' 31 '0 15% as the original entrance. For com- mon soldiers' barracks less than or equal to 1500 square feet. For 10' x 10' mercenary or noble and ter has a 40% chance for a treasure of the same officer barracks. then A: . For common soldiers' bar- 70% chance for a treasure of the same level. 20' x 20' 5% 20% 10-39 The door is located on the wall to the left of the original entrance. racks. there is a 15% chance for an encounter of level B. -- Level C Level B Level A 2O/o 3% 5% 5% 8% 12% 20% 30% 40% 6 Add treasure and encounter levels and soldiers' barracks. Encounters: For common soldiers' bar- racks over 1500 square feet. entrances. there must a chance for a treasure of level A. additional door in your barracks. each room has a 20% chance level as the encounter. Also. For any size common Table 202h: Mercenary Treasure Barracks Size 10' x 10' 10' x 20' 20' x 20' -. Consult the be a guard room following the additional en- chart below for the percentage chances for trance as well. then B.

1 ~ ~ t ~ ~ i ~ ~ one door on each wall. Sentient creatures such as goblins and orcs Game Master pants to defend from a position of strength.. above the trap door is a guard room tain small. ltthen makes with heavy bars on the other side. and it may also con. The corridor cor. there i s not enough room for another diers. atwhich point theenemy was pears to end. The corridor first goes straight for at 44-63 This fortification is a corridor that ends least 50' with no doors or corridor in a thick. This wall will be and more may be poured. 1 ing table: however. dungeon level above the current one. Information and Sometimes internal defenses were neces. The doors. Be. The dungeon dwellers may even ened within the dungeon. See 204 00-08 This fortification i s a twisting corridor. As you make the first left hand turn. givingthemselves ample time other side. If defenders succeeded in to escape. angled shafts which allow which has one doorway in each wall. . headingin theoriginal corridor's Figure 203. somethingon the other side of that right-handwall sneezes.1. When this corridor reaches 64-77 This fortification isa corridor that ends the end of the corridor on its right.3. waited at the far end for the enemy to 78-99 This fortification is a corridor that a p appear. then it 203 reaches a wall and turns left then immediately left again." . Advice for the invading enemy. See Figure 203. or the defenders could hidden somewhere near its far wall. all open into the guard room. banded with the type of Table 203a: Fortification Types iron. There direction andorientation. Arrow and/ mav also be one or more small o ~ e n - or crossbow loops are set all along the ings in the stone above the stairway L-shaped length of* wall which the through which Greek fire. Role-playingTips:If undeadareawak- may also attempt to use fortifications against adventurers. shaped room allows the corridor to yond the door is a corridor going continue in its original direction. it would have been very . direction. spaced about four or five feet apart all alongthe right- Fortification "Whileyou stop to consideryour next action. boiling oil. The room abnormally thick.dor1send with arrow and/or cross- ends with a heavy door on the right bow loops. 'The corridor continues on straight ahead for sixty feet. If poured into the path of enemy sol. but it has a secret door outnumbered. it in a stairway going up to a trap door turns right and then left to be exactly in the ceiling. escaping to the other side of the 24-43 This fortification is a guard room with secret door. the undead will tion in an attempt to stage an ambush. An opening in the U- which locks on the other side. are exceptionally thick. and if they are aware attempt to lead adventurers towards a fortifica- of the presence of adventurers. 09-23 This fortification is a 10' or longer then the corridor ends in a stairway stretch of corridor that is too narrow that goes down to a short corridor for more than one soldier to walk which in turn ends in the stairway through it at a time. Greek fire and the like to be See 204 Guard Room on page 33. again with no doors or s h a ~ e droom that surrounds the corridors on either side. The trap door is very backon linewith the original corridor's thick and reinforced with iron. On a U-turn to the left and goes back the the other side of the door is a U- - same distance. pointedyour way. Roll Fortification inside with thick metal bars. Fortifications allowed occu. you notice that there are crossbow loops. reinforced door that locks openings on either side. have quickly and easily blocked the The corridor begins again on the door's corridor. Guard Room on page 33. The defenders going up. See Figure 203. and can be blocked from the fortification.. corridor surrounds.2. almost certainly take their weapons and at- sary to protect a dungeon's occupants from an tempt to hold a fortification. caltrops. See right.

.' Of all the stupid suggestions. they all are even smaller chance of finding out designed to defend in one direction only. corridor behind the fortification. Bertran . . Figure 203. they will spring a lethal trap so. . The breaks at the end of the southern corridor represent crossbow and/or arrow loops. jhars? Didn't you see the arrow loops all along the walls? What'd you think they were!" "Gee. First. If there are on page 137). . ond. then add a way to do doorway. So. invaders would have had an tant aspects in common. they went. there i s an 80% chance that a If. there fake doorway (not a secret one) i s is no way for defenders behind a fortification to also in the corridor. or there opened or open only to reveal a blank is anotherway out that they can reach from the wall. . If reach a dungeon exitwithout going through the someone attempts to open this fake front of the fortification. which cannot be for defenders to double back to an exit. and how they got there. prepared to fall back to the west if necessary. Defenders would have been positioned in the U-shaped room. two. a ballista There i s a 25% chance that there are firing a large cutting weapon down two secret doors at the end of the the corridor's length . difficult for invaders to find out where corridor (such as a ceiling collapsing.2: The figure on the right represents a fortification of the type described under 44-63 on Table 203a. if the fortification fails to hold off an There is also a 50% chance that there enemy. That Most fortifications have a couple of impor- way. then there must be a means for the are one to four fake secret doors defenders to escape. I dunno. Sec- exactly where the defenders fled. a pit opening in the floor. ready to fall back to the north if necessary.furthest south corridor segments. The door is heavily reinforced. either there is a way along the corridor. then there is a 50% chance that there are three instead of two. after your dungeon is completed. Weren't you looking. . The breaks in the L-shaped wall segment represent crossbow and/or arrow loops. see 51 2 Trap corridor instead of one. Finally. . Defenders would have been positioned in the western and . "'Let's go this way. at its far end. mail slots?" -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . affecting a substantial section of the I 2 Add fortification the to your dungeon map. I---- Figure 203.1: The figure above represents a fortification of the type described under 00- 08 on Table 203a. The door is heavily reinforced.

then take one or more encounter from Fortificationsthat involve guard rooms may have encounters in the guard rooms as set out under 204 Guard Room on page 33. The southern stairway descends from the level with the guard room to one floor below. tion. . leaving their treasure behind. If this happens. those inhabitants may decide to meet the adventurers at the fortification. In the event of an attack. Otherwise. forcing the enemy to first batter apart the heavy door and then fight them from a very disadvantaged position. In that case. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels for the Encounters: There should be no set encounter here unless adventurers have alerted the nearby dungeon inhabitants to their pres- ence. Treasure: Fortifications with guard rooms may have treasure as prescribed by 204 a nearby room and move them to the fortifica. Figure 203. Guard Room on page 33. guards would have surrounded the invaders at the mouth of the trap door.3: The figure on the left represents a fortifica- tion of the type described under 6 4 7 7 on Table 203a. since the barrels stacked against the north wall contain oil that could have been spilled all over the stairs. This particular guard room had the ability to make things even worse for invaders. a fortifi- fortification. cation has no treasure associated with it. The northern stairway ascends up under the reinforced trap door in the floor of the guard room so that the top step of the stairway is one step below the guard room's floor level.

'You have come across a ten-foot by ten-foot square room that contains a table. One of the 204 Guard goblins is reachingfor a signal horn slung under its arm. Information and dungeons to keep order and provide protec. . then otherwise it is a is a 40% chance for an encounter of level A. Encounters: For guard rooms less than 600 square feet in size. For larger guard rooms. they will usually place sentries in as many guard rooms as possible. below. the room could be easily ignored if not for the trio of armed goblins now rising from the benches to greet your party. Role-playing Tips: If sentient crea- tion. there is a 65% chance for a same level treasure. 2nd o' the Watch . Rather than Game Master haps some shields. then use result 90-99. "In fact. If your total i s greater than 99. additional entrances. . including a table with benches and a lamp. Figure 204. 3 Add treasure and encounter levelSand Treasure: If there is an encounter. weapons or tapestries hang. . Doors into guard rooms usually under step 3. neither. Each entrance has a 20°/0 chance to be a corridor. dungeon map. he' we're good az dead!' "Well. two guard room additional benches. a couple benches and little else. Room Guards were stationed throughout most opened and closed from within the room. using the percentage for an encounter as given ingon the walls. hah! Crog won' be worryin' about th' Cap'n anymore! Nothin' else. "Crog sez.1: The figure to the right is a mapping example for a 20' x 30' guard room.. I guess thet showz what he knew!" -Brubnub. tures such as orcs or goblins control your Advice for the Guard rooms typically contain little more than a handful of benches and tables and per- dungeon. there are two 40% chances for encoun- ters of level A (a possibility of two encounters). 'Nah. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 204a: Guard Room Size 1 204a: Roll Size Determine 00-14 1 0 ' 10' ~ 15-34 10' x 20' the guard 35-64 20' x 20' room's size. you may wish to use 90% include a window or spy-hole that can only be or even 95%. but add 20 to your roll (so a 34 will become a 54). and four weapons racks fastened to the to your west and east walls. This particular guard room Add the contains four entrances-all doors that open inwards-and nor- ma1furnishings. wake thk capf." . and the others are drawing their weapons. Additional Entrances: Roll percen- tile dice and consult Table 170 standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22.

otherwise. surrounding a level.but perhaps weighted for use in practice or training. Wea~ons but otherwise there is no furniture. decorative shields. Information and Soldiers stationed in a dungeon were con. it is a door." . stantly training. thick the tedium of life undergroundwithoutwindows pads. A thin layer of loose dirt on the floor covers tightly packed earth. Treasure: If there is an encounter. Each entrance has a 25% chance to be a corridor. Suchactivitynotonly helped to build the dungeon contingent into a more items likely to be in the room are benches. Weapons racks line the east and west walls. Along bench sits in front of one wall. shields and weapons racks. unpaved floor. Table 205a: Training Room Size ~ o l l Shape 00-09 20' x 30' 10-19 20' x 40' *2 mapped weapons training room. The wooden figure is scored from numerous blows. and a long training bench sits in front of the north wall. then there is a 40% chance for a treasure of the same level. Other Game Master theyalready knew. learningthe use of newweapons Aweapons training room usually has some Advice for the and becoming more proficient with the ones appropriate martial decor on the walls. Also. "Weapons racks. tile dice and consult Table 170 Standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. but those weapons appear to be blunted or made of wood-useless for real combat. 1 Determine the room's size. additional entrances. Acouple of long wooden poles lean against the far left corner. almost like a giant child's Room toy. and other tools for training soldiers. . room to your dungeon map. there may be powerful fighting force. and intricate tapestries pic- 205 turing battles and feats of arms hang on the walls of this room. "Some of the weapons racks still contain weapons. . In the other far corner stands a wooden imitation of a man. it also helped to relieve blunted or wooden practice weapons. Its size is 30' x 30'. with jointed arms and legs. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and an encounter of level A. and fresh air.. Torch sconces adorn the room's corners. and there Add the is one additional entrance on the wall opposite the original weapons entrance.

outright. arrows. "The door from the guard room creaks. and behind its ancient portal stands the huge metal statue of a fully armed warrior. etc." "Oh.) Methods listed are general. but gives. Roll wercentiledice and consultTable 251a: 30-42 20' x 30' Table 251a: Execution Room Size Roll 00-08 Size 10' x 10' 1 Determine the size of the room. which. There are overa dozen guards on duty." For many dungeon civilizations. . then rather than kill victims Game Master punishment was only given to the innocent. is locked. etc. not to mention the Archrnage Drabnor. quite imaginative in the methods they used to 53-57 Ritualized suicide put prisoners to death. with a blade at least five feet in length. 12-19 Piercing (sword. Well.) listed here. you may have them capture one or The ultimate punishment was execution. lhars. . We don't even know if the prince is still alive. and a large cut running down its upper length. Dungeon cultures tended to be 45-52 poison (hemlock and others) room. Before the statue rests a large block of wood. and take both results. the wood contains four shackles. or some more civilized sentients. perhaps interesting and enjoyable rescue at each top corner. "No. by the way. if the guilty party was rich and powerful. menacingly brandishing a curved sword. That could lead to an for one or more types of executions." -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . Table 251 b: Execution Methods 2 ing table to determine the method of execution Roll Method Determine ' used by those who constructed Your dungeon. This isjust plain stupid. it meant revenge.) what types clude examples in parentheses. we don't get paid. more adventurers and attempt to drag them to An execution room contains the facilities the execution room. and the ceiling above the figure is higher than that elsewhere in the room. 77-86 Burning 87-99 Roll twice." "That's not the way to look at this. "The metal figure's shoulders appear to be hinged. sometimes animating in the form of undead. Bertran. in a manner that threatens an imminent strike. Pun. Roll percentile dice and consult thefollow. anyway. are actually attending the execution within the room. Devise the 20-28 Hanging of ~ X ~ C U ~ ~ O I ~ execution specifics as necessary. and.justicedid for more than one prisoner at a time. spear. Let's go in and get him. guillotine. andan untoldnumber of defenders. involves the remains of its original inhabitants Advice for the sometimes to both sides. A trap protects the door. 29-33 Drowning or Boiling took place in the may to use a not 34-44 Torture device (iron maiden. . If the prince dies. This extra height could allow those large metal arms and sword to swing all the Room way over the figure's head. each one attentive and armedto the teeth. though Some in. Role-playing Tips: If your dungeon ishment was usually given out to the guilty. Information and not mean recompense. reasoningthatfear of the 58-65 ~~~~i~~ or stoning method of dying served both as a deterrent to 66-71 Starvation/Dehydration keep others from committing the same offense 72-76 Flaying and as a means of extracting revenge. neither of us ever liked him. The figure's arms are raised behind its head. etc. 00-1 1 Beheading(axe. then. and sometimes. Deeply stained on its upper surface.

~ execution room preceded by a 10' x 10' guard room. on your dungeon map prior to the execution room). accessible from a short stairway to the south. A platform in the eastern portion of the execution room. To orevent last-minute rescues. which opens into the execution room. then there is a 55% chance for an encounter of level A. an execu.204 Guard Room characteristics bv consulting tion room is usually preceded by a guard room. if it exists. holds a block used during beheadings. A bench is placed along the east wall of the guard room. and that door. determine its i ~ room may only have one entrance (a door) other than the original one. Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level B. . . on page 33. then there is a 70°h chance for a treasure of the same level. If there is no encounter of level B. Treasure: If there is an encounter. must be located on the wall opposite the original en- trance. 5 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. except for the following: The guard 3 ~ if a guard room precedes the execution room. ~ t ~ An execution room has a 75% chance of being entered from a guard room (meaning that you ~ must place the guard room. - If there is a guard room. your dungeon map.

Guards could prisoners may be able to help adventurers or have carried what light they needed and taken pay them a reward for freedom and an escort it with them when they left. Role-playingTips: Sentient dungeon There would have been no provisions for inhabitants may be holding live prisoners. bits of pot. Indi. If they were was in complete darkness. you see a stone cell. 1 followed b i a corridor or series of corridors that generally held prisoners for relatively short pe. also contain the skeletal remains of their c a p Advice for the ing of an enemy. The walls and ceiling appear completely bare. in a large common room rather than in indi- Dungeon prisons were not pleasant. vidual cells.77 / 2 = 38. nobles were given normal sleep- fortunate if they had a raised wooden or stone ing quarters or a bedroom and held until a large slat to sleep on and a pit in place of a chamber ransom was arranged by their family or king- pot. Rescuing an especially valuable Prisoners would havevalued anythingthat prisoner from an especially well-defended prison they could have gotten their hands on for can be the basis of a very entertaining adven- scraping or tapping against walls.. where. ture. bones from their food. Often. enslaved or executed. Of course. privileged. utensils were never provided. but this was unusual. stone chips. Food on a tray or plate was for the dom. back home. The Information and . rounding up (example: 28 + 49 = 77. humanoid captives this prison was normally 28-34 capable of holding. ROII ep ? le ce rint - ' 2 and divide by two. Lookingin the first window on the left. Less humane cultures simply executed all who opposed them or their way of tives. approximately five feet wide by ten feet long. Most ~risonswere simdv - . freed. captives in confinement and fattening them for There might not have been any light in the a while before eating them.5. and each one contains a small barred window. rounded up = 39). Fleeing dungeon inhabitants would not have taken time to release their ~risoners.and Game Master life. the prison geon prison was a large empty room preceded format. 'The doors along this corridor are placed tightly together. Criminals and defeated foes had to be tery. . but those who were more advanced and prisoners usually could not havk escaped on compassionate either condemned their cap.- dealtwith by dungeon inhabitants in a way that prison rooms that the adventurers uncover may prevented recurrence of crime or the rebuild. light inside a prison cell-no torch or candle Goblins are particularly infamous for throwing sconces. Prisons of this second tvDe . Add Roll Capacity Determine 00-1 1 this number to another dice roll and consult 14-20 the prison's Table 252a to determine how many average 21-27 capacity.. Some of these corridor outside the cell either.. but those were luxuries. 35-41 5 1 -1harsvend the Thief . a barred bers of prisoners were more likely to try to window on the door had a shutter that could overpower guards. but stretched out on the 252 Prison floor are a humanoid's skeletal remains. a ward room. no hooks or nails for lamps or lanterns. a ward room - bv. their own. captive nobles usually were not When the shutter was closed. the prison cell condemned tostay in a prison cell. have been opened and closed from the outside. Prisoners were also taken in battle. after which they were sent else- However. tors to a time of slavery or to a period of Some prisons housed prisoners together imprisonment. Determine had small cells for prisoners on either side." . and larger num- food. riods of time. More contact vidual cells might have had a small barred between prisoners meant a greater chance for window on the door and perhaps a slot for a rebellion or escape attempt. there is a 15% chance that the dun. .

Overcrowdingwas not form into a rectangle. 39 divided by two 70-198 Roll again on this table. In this example. as were certain humanoid If your wing is a series of cells. perhaps 7 prisoners in each of twowings ~ ~ t ~ ~ i ~ ~ 3 ' room must have at least one additional en. adding ten (19. of the guard room is a 10' x 15' corridor around which sits six bare 5' x 10' prison cells. size. A guard room with a table and three Add the benches serves as the prison's hub. So. . room use 204 Guard Room on page 33. Add the guard room to your dungeon guard room's then divide your prison into more than one map. kept segregated. give him make a corridor to build the cells around. rounding down. use 204 Guard Room on page 33. wing. for the 63-69 9 example above. East your map. wings with a large capacity for prisoners (more .5) rounded up is 20. Finally. Men and women were generally form a 20' x 20' square. On details on guard room creation. So. For each prison wing: putting one cell at the corridar's far end if For large holding areas.) the prison's trance. Treasure: For the guard room. in feet. however. more than one prisoner for each 5'x 1O'of area. Prison cell wings have a 5% chance per cell for an encoun- ter of level A. captives to your final capacity. hold seven prisoners requires seven 5' x 10' Most prisons were quite capable of hous- blocks: 35'x 10'. North of the prison to guard room is a bare 10' x 30' holding room. '5 wings. and 8 prisoners in the remaining wing. allocate 5' x 10' of necessary. arrange the 1O'x 10' blocks so that they In fact. they usually did. Note that this corridor does not lead 4 Determine area for each prisoner. rounding up. Then make your prison a rectangulararea using than 40). give a 15% chance for each one that it is result by five. Place 5' x 10' cells along the corridor. This is the length of the corridor a large holding area instead of a series of cells. (Example: Acapacity of 22 prisoners and characteristics. (22 cells =one 100% chance and one 10% level. rounding up to the to anything other than the prison cells. a prison meant to right after 100' or so. divide the 49-55 7 number you added to your previous 56-62 8 roll by two. ("If the goblin eats anyone else. they a concern. (10 cells = 50%) Any percentage cells. 6 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. 35'x 10'does not divide into ing more than one prisoner per prison cell and 10' x 10' blocks. Large prison holding areas have a 40% chance for an encounter of level A. then over 100 is a chance for an additional encoun. and multiply your wing. his own cell!") Divide the prisoner capacity for the prison wing One final note: If you have more than one by two. If there is an encounter in the prison. then first races. 42-48 6 this extra roll. bur guard wings. If your guard room has more than one. turn the corridor or branch it left or all of the 10' x 10' blocks. there i s a 4O0/0 chance for a treasure of the same ter. so round up to 40' x 10'. For the prison's nearest area divisible into 10' x 10' blocks.

. Keep in mind that some nobles may have used 2 1-26 Crushing (including thumb screws) place in the 27-34 Piercing (including the iron maiden) torture as a perverse form of entertainment. "The door to this next room has been broken from its hinges and splintered across the floor. the better they are. some bearing metal barbs or weights. but as you go. "Look at all this. the room extends ten feet left and right and thirty feet straight ahead. Advice for the sions." -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . Bertran. . Ihave tried your rot-weed stew. and against the room's far wall sits a closed iron maiden." . "Youturn to leave. a scratching noise causes you to look back. the plianceon the unwilling in just about any matter torture chamber is an excellent place to put a of state. You are also free to put Burning with acid 08-1 3 in methods not listed here. Only a few shards still cling tenuously to the heavily rusted hinges.. adding the 95-99 Roll twice on this table. 58-71 30' x 50' 72-85 40' x 40' 86-99 40' x 50' Roll percentile dice and consult the follow. the results. food or water) 72-89 5 88-94 Scalding (oil or water) 90-99 Roll twice on this table. which concerned them concerned the state. hang along both the east and west walls. more implements for inflicting pain and terror on unfortunate victims. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 253a: Torture Chamber Size 1 Determine 253a: Roll Size 00-1 3 20' x 20" the torture 14-2 7 20' x 30' 28-42 3O1x3O' chamber's 43-57 30' x 40' size. while Table Burning with fire (includingbranding) 00-07 the tortures 253c gives the types.. The torture device at the room's far end has cracked open on its own. Role-playing Tips: If your dungeon Game Master Torture was a common means of forcing corn. and carry out some executions. Did you ever imagine there could be so many ways to cause pain?" "Well. contains sentients with a mind for torture. and rulers generally felt that anything potential friend in need of rescue. Table 253b gives the number of Roll Method Determine different torture methods used. ing tables. abandoning your fruitless efforts to open the iron . Table 253c: Torture Chamber Method- 2 . Torture chambers were used by dungeon The chamber itself will contain one or Information and inhabitants to punish criminals. Beyond the threshold. and generally the 14-20 Stretching (the rack) that took more elaborate they are. Chamber maiden. . obtain confes. extract information from soldiers or sus- pected spies. In the foreground several 253 Torture pokers rest in a fire pit full of ancient ashes.. combining results. Ihars. Whips of various lengths. 3 5-40 Poison 41-47 Cutting Table 253b: Number of Torture 48-55 Whipping Methods 56-63 Beating or stoning Roll Number 64-71 Magically-induced fear 00-17 1 72-79 Maiming 18-35 2 80-87 Confinement (being shut in a small 36-53 3 space for extended periods of time 54-71 4 without light.

your dungeon map. opening into the torture charn- * map). 4 preceded by a 20'x 20' guard room. If there is a guard room. lamp Add the and four benches. Against the north wall of the torture chamber chamber to rests three iron maidens. shallow torture fire pit ringed with stones. t ~ guard room. 5 ~ d treasure levels. exce'pt for thefGlowing: The guard 3 ~ if the chamber ~ has a guard room. then there is a 75% chance for an encounter of level A. At the center of the torture chamber i s a small. torture Ehamber wds usually preceded 'by a on page 33. . and the additional entrance will be located on the wall opposite ~ the original one. A torture chamber has a 75% chance of being entered from a guard room (place the guard room first on your dungeon ~ i ~ room will only have one entrance (a door) other than the original entrance. determine its ber. The guard room contains a table. If there is no encounter of level B. then there is a 70% chance for a treasure of the same level. Treasure: If there is an encounter. and d encounter Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level B.

Only another alchemist." -Anonymous. chemical recipe that adventurers find will turn all condition. Room Alchemists serve many important func. "You finally manage to break open the door. almost always however. each of which contains books. changingor enhancing their surface above. (Certainly everyone has heard of explorers are familiar enoughwith an alchemist's the classic alchemy challenge. Roll percentile dice and consult Table . map. .. should be able to recognize many o i an contains a vast collection of its master's tools. billowing towards the corridor where YOU stand gaping in astonishment. [EJ 2 4 Figure 3 n R m e served as the alchemist's chambers. scrolls containing formulas. The door has flown from its hinges and fallen headlong into a series of shelves lined up along the right wall. One after another. containers and components for alchemist's potions and other mixtures. dedicated to the work of one gifted individual. The southern wall sports a stone fire place and a box for fuel. vials. There als can be very dangerous.) when they see one. salves and powerful hole that leads to a secluded location on the Advice for the elixirs. to change lead material to recognize an alchemist's laboratory into gold.. etc. "I sumose a small drink can't hurt. and a small venting their creation of potions. or perhaps it will potions. . casting their contents and decimated remains about the room. also scattered about. and depending on the dungeon's over. . alchemist's more obscure chemical compo- tomes and creations. sending dozens of glass vials and bottles spilling to the floor. Note the bed. .* Table 3 0-1hc~ l:A 1 Determine Size ROII Size the room's 00-04 10' x 10' 05-11 10' x 20' size. Written formulas should also be containers made of metal and may not be correct. A small writing table and chair sits against the laboratory north wall. and a multi- Alchemist's colored mist rises from the mix. particularly by fire pit. The alchemist's laboratory. There should be several nents and concoctions. A large table in the center of the room holds some of the to your dungeon alchemist's potions and components. A full spectrum of colorful liquids quickly spreading across the floor's paving stones begins to bleed together. and the loud crash of splintering wood is answered by an even louder crash of shattering glass. Perhaps the scroll with the pottery. jars. the 301 shelves topple to the ground. bedside table and chest Add the in the room's northeast corner. . chemical reveal itself as something that the alchemist was components. there may be a number of magical out to be something valuable. pieces of glass (flasks. . Role-playing Tips: Most dungeon Game Master properties. They also manipulate inanimate mate- rial. etc. primarily coal. and not particularly bright .. items in the laboratory include a stone oven. or someone with training in alchemy." . a Infomation and tions in a dungeon environment. pestles and mortars. such as metals. Other working on but never adequately completed.) scattered Experimenting with an alchemist's materi- about on tables or shelves and in chests. There are shelves along the east and west walls. .

and perhaps treasure of level B does not exist. If there is no encounter of adventurers will have to be very careful about encounter level B. If this is the case. and personal items that belonged to the alchemist. If there is no encounter easily broken. was the lab laboratory also served as the alchemist's living then there is a 50% chance that a 10' x 10' area 3 also living quarters? quarters. Any intact glass objects could be ~ d treasure d of level C. Some encounter of level A. silver. the alchemist may have requiredvessels level as the encounter. and the alchemist's bed and personal items are en- closed there. If this Formulas may still be legible. then there is they will be in a language that the adventurers a 65% chance for a treasure of level A. partially or completely. Further. then there i s a 20% chance for an sold for a decent amount to the right buyer. and not all of an alchemist's may be quite valuable. an alchemist's feet or larger and it also serves as living quarters. tucked away into a corner. any ex. for some chemical compo- there is a 70% chance for treasure of the same sitions. an encounter of level C. made of precious materials such as gold. In addition to any other treasure. alchemist may still be potent if they were p r o p Treasure: If there is an encounter. then there is a 75% chance for an transporting theglassout of thedungeon. the laboratory contains a bed. An alchemist's creations need not be magic tant alchemist's tools. . If the alchemist's laboratory i s 600 square is sectioned off with walls and a door. can understand. then erly sealed. formulas or materials to be valuable. plati- If there i s no encounter. but and encounter of level B. 20% chance for a treasure of level B. potions and components left behind by the levels. Some may be outsideof an alchemist's possession(they know deadly poisonous. Eighty percent of the time. Glass may be rare creations will be beneficial. etc. then there i s a num.

Treasure: If there i s an encounter.) Weapons of this type are brittle Or- and will break during combat or become dull quickly. twenty from your roll. smith's tools and equipment. tile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced Addi- turer finds which appears complete should be tional Entrances on page 22. subtract completed. blacksmith's room. should also be able to identify mostof thesmith's barrels for quenching. Figure 302. An anvil near the forge in the corner of the room appears well worn. most of which is Role-playingTips: Adventurers should readily identifiable. its first solid blow. Infomation and worker. fuel for the fire. entrances. a stone forge with a vent to chamber with relatively little difficulty. They the surface up above. then there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level. tools and their uses. was required to perform tasks ranging vices. stored in chests or 302 Black- strategicallyplaced about the room." smith's Room The dungeon blacksmith. a forge. punches. swages. Any armor that an adventurer finds which appears complete should also be given a 30% chance of not having been fully com- pleted. Otherwise. a mandrel.1: The southeast corner of the blacksmith's room on the right contains shelves and chests for materials and tools as well as a table with a box of sand for casting. . tongs. These include various ham. Some from the forging of weapons and armor to the finished and partially complete works should Advice for the making of small items such as nails and arrow- heads. but the forge itself is too clean to have seen much work. For blacksmith's given a 30% chance of not having been fully rooms of less than 600 square feet. be strewn about the room. bellows. Any weapon that an adven. wooden molds and sand for casting. The vent is now so choked with cobwebs that even the smoke from your torches has nowhere to go. 'You readily recognize this room as a blacksmith's chamber. Other tools of the blacksmith's trade are neatly hung on the walls. & ul dungeon map. a box for fuel. Brittle armor will crack when it receives 3 Add treasure and encounter levels and treasure of level A. Along the west wall are a suit of armor in progress and two mandrels. Roll percentile dice: 29-52 20' x 30' Table 302a: Blacksmith's Room Size Roll 00-05 Size lO'x20' 1 Determine the room's size. the blacksmith's main metal. calipers. The room's northern half contains barrels for quenching fluids. and iron. pierces the ceiling above the forge. and an anvil. a skilled metal. and more. (It lacks hardening or proper tern. bellows. should be present in a Game Master A blacksmith's room contains all of the raw form as well. there is a 1O0/0 chance for a pering. barely large enough to have done its job. Encounters: There is a 25% chance for an encounter of level A. Adventurers may also find a couple of additional useful weapons or pieces of armor /n the Additional Entrances: Roll percen. be able to recognizethis room as a blacksmith's mers and an anvil. Avent.

and several tools for working with wood. entrances. . a few unused wooden planks and logs. Role-playingTips: Adventurersshould be able to recognize this room as a carpenter's The carpenter's workshop contains all workshop. 1 Determine the room's size. a lathe. but a rumble from Room behind stops you." . doors. There are no exits from this room other than the one you just entered. drills. you have removed enough debris from the 303 cave-in to squeeze past into a room. There are two chests in the room and two shelves in the northeast corner that held the carpenters's tools and materials. subtract additional carpenter's tools may still be in usable condi. Carpenter's nails.. then Additional Entrances: Roll percen- there is a 40% chance for a treasure of the same tile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced Addi- level. chests. a wood (furniture. Anew cave- in has buried the door. Encounters: There is a 25% chance for likely to be in very poor shape if they somehow ~ d treasure d an encounter of level A. including hammers. nails. Information and Most tasks involving construction with the manipulation of wood: hammers. This room is ten feet by ten feet and contains some unfinished wooden items. and they should know the purpose manner of tools and materials associated with of most if not all of the tools. oneagainst the east and one against the north wall. chisels and a drill. a vice. leaving you no escape.1: The carpenter's room on the left contains several broken pieces of wooden dungeon furniture and carpen- try works-in-progress along its southern wall. managed to stay intact. Roll 00-08 09-29 30-54 Size 10' x 10' lO'x20' 20' x 20' ' .) required a plane. Otherwise. Advice for the carpenter. twenty from your roll. carpenters' work at a comfortable level. though any of his wooden creations are . Figure 303. tion. causing you to instinctively wheel about. Treasure: If there i s an encounter. worktables. 'You step forward to examine the room's contents. etc. there is a 10% chance for a tional Entrances on page 22. Game Master space for one or more carpenters within their confines. Some dungeons provided work and more. a worktable. some of the rooms of less than 600 square feet. Two tables. For carpenter's levels and treasure of level A. Additionally. "After several hours. chisels. held the dungeon's dungeon map.

including their and bits of paper or parchment on which the amount of wealth and the existence of other scribe recorded pronouncements of the ruler. Also. roll . two chests. was perhaps the only one who ing implements are not likely to be in usable could read and write. Quarters Of all the inhabitants of the dungeon. etc. strongholds. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 304a: Scribe's Quarters' Size 1 304a: Roll Size Determine 00-24 10' x 10' 25-57 lO'~20' the room's 58-82 20~x20' size. scribe's language a trove of information on the The scribe's quarters contains scrolls. 'You manage to pick the door's lock with little difficulty. Infomation and scribe. or clerk. a current adventure.. one set of shelves. the scribe was respon- siblefor creatingand keepinganywritten records mentor paper milled from cloth rags. your map. ter and trea- there i s a 50% chance for a treasure of the same sure levels. writing implements. valiant deeds. percentile dice against Table 304b. If the scribe's quarters is 20'x 30'. spidery writing of an alphabet completely foreign to you. an encounter of level A. ." . . and clues to further adventuringor to the solution to bedroom furnishings. inscribed on parch- Advice for the the dungeon's creator. and an extra large table with a chair and the Add the remains of two large candles that once provided adequate light for both room to reading and writing. should be readable. otherwise. but the records. subtract 25 from 50-74 2 scribes used your roll. If the Roll Original Occupants How many (-24)-49 1 scribe's quarters is 10' x 20'. a table. and when you reach out a hand to draw it closer. The top-most parchment on the table reveals strange. An employee or vassal to condition. and once inside kick up a storm of dust that temporarily clouds the room's contents. gained may range from the dungeon's original tant prophesies and much more. Therewill also ruler's name and its ancient kingdom's name to be ink wells. 120-124 4 Figure 304. Information tax and payment records. add 75-119 3 the room? 25 to your roll. 4 treasure of level A. ate adventurer who manages to decipher the perhaps. the entire scroll crumbles into dust. The settling dust reveals shelf after shelf of scrolls and books and a table so cluttered with ancient parchment that at no place is the 304 Scribe's table top covered less than a hand's breadth deep. Table 304b: Scribe's Room Occu~ants 2 it housed only one scribe. (More occupants would mean more furnishings. These records could provide a liter- Game Master related to the dungeon's operation as well as. the rule of the surrounding territory. cities.1: This scribe's quarters contains furnishings for one scribe. books dungeon's former inhabitants. dungeons. the scribe's quarters may serve up a wealth of informationfor patient Add encoun- Treasure: If there is an encounter. If the scribe's quarters is a 10' x 10' room.) There is a bed. the Role-playing Tips: The scribe's writ. then adventurers who can read the language. impor.

candle. and having a skilled and wooden forms. than one cobbler. Treasure: If there is an encounter. the cobbler worked on some be able to recognize a cobbler's room for what shoes richly appointed with silks. 'You have entered a small room. a small wardrobe." . . particularly soldiers. punches. then there i s a 40% chance for a treasure of the same treasure of level A. chair. a table with wooden forms shaped like feet. a bedside table with a candle holder. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. suming. and two chests that held the cobbler's materialsand tools. needles for sewing. measuring sticks ants. The cobbler's tasks of shoe making and repair were tedious and timecon- and perhaps a few shoes in the process of being completed. The perhaps a buckle made from a precious metal. hooked particularly silver. There is a bed. 73-99 20' x 20' r n 2 a worktable. Role-playingTips:Adventurersshould bored nobility. Add the room to your map. however. in that Room it contains leather-working tools such as punches and thick hooked needles. and a large. condition. . depend- ing on the skill of the cobbler. particularlyif the wooden forms are in good even jewels. 305 Cobbler's that resembles most of the other bedrooms you have uncovered along this corridor. cobbler's tools. All 00-35 lO'~10' the room's room sizes mav have been work areas for more 36-72 lO'x20' A size. Information and Shoes were important to dungeon inhabit.. should be accompanied on Advice for the cobbler on hand made dungeon living much a worktable with scraps of leather and material Game Master more comfortable. without bedroom furnishings. unhappy ogre. an encounter of level A. 1 ~ ~ 1 Of x 10' rooms t should usually ~ serve strictly as~ i Roll Size~ ~ work rooms. about ten feet by twenty feet in size. and a few chests. Treasure may come in the form of a A cobbler's room usually is furnished both couple of jewels on an unfinished shoe or as a living quarters and as a work room. This room is unique. but if he lived in a dungeon that har. knives for cutting. Shoes in usable condition may also be worth one or two treasures of level A. fine cloth and it is.

as Add the was the table. There are two shelves for books. Quarters A healer's role in the dungeon was very The room also has all of the furnishings of a Information and specific: heal the sick and wounded.' the unwilling lock breaks under its age and your pressure. are the healer's books and notes. The bed in the southeast corner of the your room once served to hold the sick or injured while they were under the healer's watchful eye. magical potions created by the sitting on a shelf unused for an extended length healer may be extremely valuable to adventur. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 306a: Healer's Ouarters S i z e Roll Size 00-15 1 0 ' ~ l O ' 16-37 lO'x20' 38-69 2O1x20' 1 Determine the room's size. No matter normal bed chamber. but most of the their examination.. A larger room would have held additional "sick beds" as well as more dungeon map. . "Drawinginside and illuminating your find with torches. Encounters: an encounter of level A. shelves for the healer's materials.. the room's texts. of the same level as the encounter. ous. . A small table holds room to * a candle in the center of the southern wall. . The healer's quarters what the degree of injury or illness. of time. have maintained their original potency over the passage of time. they may still not recognize healer's skills come from a mastery of magical the room's original purpose if no member of arts. Books on shelves and in chests contain their party is familiar with healing or can read notes and information on using magic to heal. chair and candle in the room's northeast corner. Game Master The healer's quarters may contain some of Role-playing Tips: Do not inform the equipment of a herbalist or physician (see adventurersthatthey have discovered a healer's 307 Herbalist's Laboratory on page 48 and 3 13 room unless they examine it thoroughly. then there i s an additional 70% chance for a treasure . Treasure: There is a 20% chance for a treasureof level A. After Physician's Room on page 58). a healer was may even contain a few healing potions that Advice for the called upon to bring a noble or soldier back from the brink of death. you see a 306 Healer's small bed chamber that contains several books on shelves against the east wall and. . and other healing materials. yarter. but perhaps morevaluable. a collection of curious looking potions in cloudy glass flasks. . Components for potions may also prove to be worth a great deal. If there is an encounter. herbs. you finally succeed in catching your pick on the door's peculiar mechanism. With a loud 'snap. on a shelf above the bed. The door opens. The bed and chest in the room's southwest corner were for the healer's personal use. though in many cases the 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. "On the third try. components may lose their effectiveness after Obviously." . which adventurers may have to translate before they can be put to use.

clothes and skin. and. the variety of rare and valuable plants once grew in fungi may have spread. cutting knives. Across the room's floor. "Yousuccessfully picked the lock. It remains tightly shut. and furniture lies a thick blanket of grayish-blackfungus. some- venturers explore the dungeon. food. chair and n on0 candle rest against the northernwall. On Herbalist's the second charge the door opens." "Why? Do you know what it is?" "Of course not! If Iknew what this stuffwas. What is leftwill consist of the contents of sealed pottery. and it budges slightly. but the presence of of the herbalist's fungi. storagejars. rooms and corridors. which would have Role-playingTips: If adventurers poke primarily consisted of toadstools and mush. about in the herbalist's sealed containers. seeds. 38-69 2O1x20' Figure 307. begin to collect on your armor." . If the dungeon corridors a herbalist's laboratorv should indicate that a and floors (and walls and ceilings) allow.but enough to squeeze through. blindness. if the conditions remained Of course. billowing through the air. bedside table with candle and chest are in the lab's southeast corner. showing up in several close proximity to the dungeon's entrance. . would I?" -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . . several in a dungeon environment. A table. gardening tools may share space with his or her dementia or other peculiar afflictions. Some mortars and pestles. fire pit (with roof vent). underground plant collection by the time ad- Game Master lubricants and magiCal components. the times an alchemist and sometimes a farmer. perhaps a large cauldron. There may also be seeds. and the fungus in the room appears to be moving. Information and A herbalist was well versed in plant lore. Laboratory walls. most green plants do not grow appropriate over the passage of years. soil and may wish to infect them with longdormant fertilizer in tightly sealed pottery. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 307a: Herbalist's Laboratory Size 1 Determine 307a: Roll Size 00-15 10' x 10' the room's 16-37 lO'x20' size. try this for me.. but for some reason the door will 307 not move. lust taste a little. Several pots and boxes in the room's southwest corner also held live fungi. fungi and spores. ceiling. Two of you in heavy armor level your shoulders and charge against the door once. LOO "Hey. Bertran. then Iwouldn't need you to taste it for me. you thrust through a torch and shed light on the reason the door sticks. maybe even the entire Within the laboratory may be the remains of the dungeon. and such as increasedstrength or heightenedsenses. dungeon map. particularly the medicinalqualities of plants but Not much i s likelyto beleft of the herbalist's Advice for the also their uses as woisons. Spores. spores may have short-lived beneficial effects cooking pots. and the herbalist's bed. cleansers.1: This 20' x 20' herbalist's laboratory contains four shelvesthat held books. . The dun: geon herbalistwas sometimes a physician. The herbalist's spores that could lead to illness. "Rather than enter immediately. you rooms. undulating in your direction. herbalist's fungus collection. herbalist's tools.. only a few feet.

If there is no encounter of level C or B. roll again for a 50% chance for an years. If there is an 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. then there i s a 50% chance for an encounter of level A. Remember that the herbalist's fungi have encounter and the roll to determine treasure for been left unattended for an untold number of it fails. . could make for an interesting "encounter." Treasure: There is a 15% chance for a treasure of level A. If there i s no encounter of level C. Depending on the fungi's properties. then there is a 50% chance for an encounter of level B. If there i s an encounter. then there is an additional 60% chance for a treasure of the same level as the encounter. The herbalist's seeds and fungi may also ties or poisonous spores. a dense growth of fungi have substantial inherent value to them. particularly fungi endowed with magical quali. additional treasure of level A. Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level C.

realize that the jeweller's room belonged to struction. Open your mouth.. Tell the adventur- ~ ~ those used by a silversmith or blacksmith for ers that they have discovered a smith's work- detailed metalworking. The dust covers everything. while more valuable treasure may reflect partiallyor completelyfinishedgems creating and repairingjewelry as well as cutting or jewelry." . if they exist at all. he would have primarilywith soft metals. For that reason. the floor. "Nothinghas disturbed this room for centuries. add it to your dungeon map now. what was in that little chest?" "Woof waf i'wa' wi'iw chef?" "All right. or perhaps a goldsmith. . tongs. and. several molds extensive smithy experience. "Giving up on the lock. Ugh! lharsvend! This is disgusting! From now on. . some type of smith. should be able to tell that this smith worked When the jeweller worked. If the dungeon is in good punches. l f one does. a of the precious materials he worked with were silversmith. and fine-tipped tools. but they may not be able to Many of a jeweller's tools are identical to discern the room's true use. Jeweller's the room's center. however. may indicate the presence of Game Master There were exceptions. some of which might Role-playing Tips: Adventurers may have been mined during the dungeon's con. Small treasure in this Advice for the wealthy noble. The dungeon jeweller was responsiblefor chips and scraps. room. lhars. . scraps of metal and precedes the jeweller's room. fine smithine. 40-59 20' X 20' "lhars. mandrels. chips from gem stones will be very difficult to geons which harbored a very important and find. . the furnishings. wasted. jeweller's room. perhaps the ruler of the land. C'mon! Idon't want this to take all day. .. which could mean he gone to great lengths to make certain that none was a whitesmith (who worked with lead). or if one of the adventurers has had metals have low melting points. . or think up a new hiding place!" -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . Among the bits of wooden wreckage shine dozens of tiny. onlv. Information and lewellers were usuallv. a small empty forge. room? be only one additional entrance in the guard 2 Determine 308a: Roll Size 00-19 10' x 10' the room's 20-39 lO'x20' size. because soft precious condition. and after one mighty swing the chest and the age-weakened table beneath lo Room it split in half. . of a table in . vices.. swages. forge and bellows. either stop trying to hold out on me. and polishing raw gems.-tools and a small locked chest fastened to the tor. determine its characteristics by consulting 204 If a guard room precedes the jeweller's Guard Room on page 33. housed in dun. fine shop. calipers. a battle axe its lid. Across the floor skitter the chest's former contents.. Note that there will room. glittering gemstones. but not many. the adventurers and sand for casting. and a thin layer of 308 accumulated dust scatters before your feet as you enter. and describe the jeweller's relatively small hammers.

In the jeweller's room. There is a 20% chance Add treasure of level 6. dungeon map. and encounter levels. lamp and three benches occupy the guard's room. chest. A table. then there is a 40% chance for an for a treasure of level B. there are three casting boxes filled with sand. and a 10% chance for encounter of level A. and just north of that sits an anvil. 4 Encounters: There is a 5% chance for Treasure: There are three 40% chances an encounter of level 6. box for coal. If there is no encounter for treasures of level A. On the table are a candle and a small chest which is locked and attached to the tabletop to provide a safe storage area for the jeweller's more valuable materials. a barrel for quenching liquid in the southwest corner. a treasure of level C. A forge. In the room's north half are a set of shelves.1: The 10' x 20' jeweller's room represented on the right is preceded by a 10' x 20' guard room. table and chair. and bellows are in the room's southeast corner. Figure 308. .

and other blacksmithing tools rest against the east wall. about thirty by fifty feet. anvil and quenching barrel for use in shoeing horses. placing the Chests hold medicinal herbs to treat illnesses.1: This 30' x 40' livery stable holds eight stalls for prized steeds. The footprints. Treasure: If there is an encounter. chest. room near the entrance already. as well as a feed box. as if by Room an intense fire. If you do not want to re- roll. appear as light scrapesin the stone and patches of ground cleared of dust. there will be some barding equipment." Information and Occasionally. displaced room deep in the dungeon where the If your farrier's room is not near the main farrier's room was originally supposed to go. dungeon map. the same trail you have followed since the dungeon's entrance. There are also a forge.. If thereis noencounter of level 6 . horseshoes. Roll percentile dice: 30-39 30' x 30' 1 Determine the room's size. The wall and floor around where the door used to hang is heavily blackened. Also. coal box. Aforge. 3 ~ d treasure levels. is dominated by the 309 Farrier's skeletal remains of two horses chained to the west wall. These facilities down corridor after corridor and a stairway or Game Master were always placed near the dungeon's en- trance. and d encounter Encounters: There is a 15% chance for an encounter of level B. then there is a 55% chance for an encounter of level A. Table 309a: Farrier's Room Size ROII Size 00-09 10-19 20-29 20' x 30' 20' x 40' 2Ofx5O' Figure 309. and a small amount of blacksmithing supplies. . They included equipment for doing two makes little sense. to insure that its resident stays put. then there i s an 80% chance for a treasure of the same level. . "This large room. that sent you here and re-roll. Each stall contains an iron loop. bellows.bellows. Leading horses Advice for the horses or to succor ill steeds.. then you may go back to the table inside dungeons to house prized riding or war. you may swap the farrier's room with a simple blacksmith workand for shoeing horses. farrier's rooms were created entrance.

' The figure raises its arms. all of which are very valuable. there is a 10% chance for a treasure magical to be valuable." . These wards may injure or kill the one books and scrolls of common and uncommon who triggers them. strange talismans of ancient origin. etc.. and not all of a spell of level B. . that they are not turned against the master). then there caster's enchanted items may be beneficial or i s a 75% chance for a treasure of level A. a reading stand that level as the encounter. magicwands. then there is a 30% chance for an encounter of level B. magical wards that protect them from prying The spell caster's laboratory is filled with eyes. You have made your choice. C or B. Dedicated to the study and manipulation tables. experimenting and and shelves for books and swell comwonents. then there i s an encounter Also. especially if . divination crystals. spying glasses. "The room is filled with an eerie. light blue mist that billows and churns as you pass into it. maps alone in the laboratory. spell be trapped.. Spell books are notorious for containing dungeon. but somehow you understand. . con- straining itself into the form of a man. magical items throughout the spell caster's room. etc. particularly the more Game Master tices. Advice for the chasing after small bits of knowledge. are likely to have magical protec- was actually the ruler or creator of the entire tion. the thing that they are protecting (guaranteeing bits and pieces of spell casting components. If there is no encounter of level D. 2 Add treasure and encounter levels. There may even be some enchanted items in thelaboratory. The walls hold charts. the dungeon spell caster spent days the master's talent. you may wish to place several simple of level A. Caster's "'Did you think that my absence left this room unprotected? Fair game for intruders? Leave now.he spell caster was powerful. an encounter of level D. translucent. or they may alter or destroy knowledge. but the door has disappeared. If there are no encounters of level D or C. then there is a 10% chance for an encounter of level C. turns pages on command. the mist begins to coalesce at the room's far end. Laboratory "'Very well. reading stands and focuses for Information and of magic. The language is foreign. Some- times the master took in one or more appren- Role-playing Tips: 'Some ite'ms in the spell caster's laboratory. If there are no encoun- may be quite valuable. things such as a torch or lamp that lights Treasure: If there is an encounter. then and extinguishes on command. and sometimes the master spell caster valuable ones. The glow finally focuses in the 310 Spell L figure's eyes. After your first few steps inside. Some may In addition to any other treasure. If this treasure i s not there. ters of level D. Regardless of whether or not there is an A spell caster's creations need not be encounter. Roll 00-14 15-39 40-59 Size 20' x 20' 20' x 30' 20' x 40' 1 Determine the lab's size. "'You fools!' A voice echoes inside your heads. chairs. or suffer the consequences!' "You turn to leave. a glass which there is a 70% chance for treasure of the same always contains fine wine. glowing. have readily discernible purposes.

behind this secret door. The 30-59 The secret door is on the wall to the room has a comfortable chair. 00-69 0 There is an 85% chance that this 70-89 1 secret door i s trapped in some way. and a bed. The second room's secret door map. small table. There are also from one to six magical items of significance. 115-119 4 If not. 90-104 2 50% of the time the trap will be both 105-114 3 magical and mechanical in nature. Valuable non-magical items consti- is behind them. Roll percentile dice is a large looking glass. re-roll 50-69 There is an exit from the dungeon until you get a wall with space. below. small bed. this treasure will be level C square feet. the original entrance. cealed in the spell caster's laboratory. space for a room on its other side. which contains shelves for materials and books on the east and west walls. tapestry. stool and chests in the room's center. A wall with a secret door must have to the value of the treasure within. 90-99 The secret door is on the same wall as This door should definitely be locked.secret doors of the dungeon or hide a simple retreat where 554 Storeroom on page 150) for the the spell caster could have retired to study. 90-99 Behind this secret door is a 10' x 10' Once you have found the locations for all room which the spell caster used to the secret doors in the laboratory. one or more secret doors to protect the spell 3 ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 i 1 Result ~ ~ caster's most treasured and/or dangerous magi. tion. instead. i s located behind a set of shelves. Add 20 tute a treasure of level 6. though probably not trapped. determine spy on others. a table. Attached to one wall what i s behind each one. re. reveals an image of another loca- roll. master spell caster's prized posses- in the laboratory Roll percentilediceandconsultTable 31Ob sions and most valuable magics. The Find out the location of the laboratory's trap's deadliness and its difficulty to secret doors by rolling against Table 3 10c for be disarmed should be proportional each one. a right of the original entrance. Table 310b: Spell Caster's Laboratory choose details for these items to fit Secret Doors your campaign and the level of ex- Roll Doors perience of your adventurers. 25% of the to your roll if the laboratory is larger than 600 time. It should be very difficult if not impossible to remove this spying object from the wall. and site the original entrance. and removing it may destroy it. see . candle and chest in the southeast corner. it iseither magical alone (50% chance) or mechanical alone. did not want to be disturbed. The door to this room should be trapped. shelves with books and scrolls. a few 60-89 The secret door is on the wall oppo. If not. There may be no more mist-shrouded panel or something than one of each type of room or exit listed similar which. If you get a result you already have. Asecret door may also hide a way out storeroom (10' x 10' or 10' x 20'. and find out what to determine how many secret doors are con. perhaps some minor magical items. when commanded. a table and chair against the north wall. 00-49 Behind the secret door is a small if there are cal items. Table 310c: Secret Door Locations 70-89 This secret door hides a 20' x 20' Roll Location room that the master spell caster 00-29 The secret door is on the wall to the used for intensive studying when he left of the original entrance. See 591 Another Way Out on page 117. .1: This 20' x 20' spell caster's laboratory. a reading stand. also has a secret room correspond- ing to result 90-99 on Table 3 10d. Figure310. and consult Table 3 10d.

are concealed. if cryptic. a rock in the tray brings about the exact opposite reaction. paintings. meditated on decorated or empty 'except for stone paving. instructed and one on the wall to the right of the Determine supplicants. . Use decorative stonework. the scale continues to tilt to the right. Role-playing Tips: If your dungeon tions by influencing the landing of a coin tossed has an inanimate oracle. and the quarters may be pre. will I die?" might have had nothing activate it or ask questions properly. Other oracle rooms were of the room from the door through which the centered around the qualities of inanimate adventurers must enter. dungeon. "A large statue with the body of a woman and the head and wings of a hawk stands in the room's center. oracle's servants. The adventurers usually just as misleading as live oracles. Room To dungeon inhabitants. 2 These servants collected payments.. Also. percentile dice and consult Table 31 1b. Such inanimate objects were when adventurers discover it. Each 10' x 10' bedroom 00-19 The oracle's servants lived in two (see 353 Bedroom. the answer "Yes" to "If I go into battle even if they do. The presence and more. oracle may not give an answer to every ques- making aids. clude changed actions of the now-informed Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 31 1a: Oracle Room Size 1 31 l a : Roll Size Determine 00-19 20' x 20' 20-39 20' x 30' the room's 40-59 20' x 40' size. The tapestries on the wall may provide a pictorial explanation. Sometimes an oracle's tries. Curiously.. quarters themselves are barracks (see specifics There is a 75% chance that servants' quar. enforced respect in the oracle's wall with the original entrance... tinn Advice for the future in accurate. and example. Theentrances to their quarters two servants.well-furnishedand Game Master being who received questions. but sometimes it does. the dungeon oracle was a living The oracle's room where prophesies were told can be lavish or S~artan. ceded by a short (10' to 30') corridor." .. but no matter 311 Oracle how many you place. to do with the battle and might have referred to Place clues to the oracle's existence and many years in the future.-. page 26). . operation in its room and elsewhere in the The fate predicted by an oracle can some. questioner. oracles were indispensable decision. allow it to still be active on its surface. An oracle usually had its own servants. an Information and ticular. For may not recognize the oracle for what it is. tapes- times be changed. they may not know how to tomorrow. 202 Barracks. but they have about the ters are attached to the oracle's room. There 20-39 The oracle's servants lived in one is a 75% chance that the doors to the quarters wing of barracks similar to 00-19. and rulers in par. communicate across the centuries. above. roll no guard rooms preceding them. such as a stone that answered ques. books and other things that can answer pertains to a future that does not in. Often. "You continue to place coins in the scale's left tray. To no additional entrances and there are determine details of the servants' quarters. page 73) housed wings. them. terms. . and then returned a cryptic and often The oracle itself should be placed at the far end misleading answer. objects. 40-47 The servants lived in four bedrooms. They gave advice and foretold the . two each entered from the walls to Table 31 1b: Oracle Servant Quarters the left and the right of the original Roll Result entrance. The statue clenches a workable scale in its beak..

and usually the prophesy room. and decide what living (see 353 Bedroom on page 73). a 20% chance for a treasure of level 6. The water dripped down the map. and questions and answers were exchanged in writing. barracks. entrances to their quarters are lo- one each entered from the walls to cated one on the wall to the left and the left and the right of the original one on the wall to the right of the wall entrance. because it i s either too large or too fragile. enchanted. but Additionally. A living oracle need not have been the Table 31 1c: Oracle's Quarters same species as the dungeon's creators. see their specific room descriptions. exceptionally long-lived oracles their answers should be cryptic and make little may still be in their chambers. the question as phrased could not be resolved. 60-79 The oracle's servants lived in two identical to 40-47. Otherwise. The oracle itself is a large stone statue. oracle's arms and landed in buckets on the floor below. above. for example). Servants' Quarters. Only 1O0/0of inanimateoracles If there is an encounter in the oracle's are small enough to be carried. then there i s a 25% chance for an encounter of level B.i The actual location where the~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ 3 specifics about the oracle. Its quarters should be located behind a hidden door which has a 70% chanceof beingtrapped. Supplicants room to placed written questions on a small table in front of the oracle and then servants used a long rod to drop water your dungeon on the statue's head. inanimate object. when the dungeon see their specific room descriptions. inseparable from the oracle's pedestal and stairs on which it is located. the easier it is to acciden- a treasure of the same level. wasabandoned. no. quarters might have suited it (perhaps a natural 55-99 The oracle's quarters is a suite (see cavern or a lamp). if possible. page 73) held two 80-99 The servants lived in one servants' servants. above. and an 80% chance for a treasure of level A. If not. tally destroy it. sense until after fulfillment. Choose to its prophesy room. or as elaborate as a richly adorned throne. page 96). The 54-59 The servants lived in two bedrooms. Perhaps the oracle was nei- ther seen nor heard.. 48-53 The servants lived in four bedrooms. Record the oracle's An oracle's room which can no longer remarks for later use and reference. There is a 5% chance for a treasure of level C. If no drops fell. itself was a living being. . an appropriate intelligent creature (a dragon or 40-54 The oracle's quarters is a bedroom a genie. (see353 Bedroom. then there i s a 60% chance for smaller an oracle is. Otherwise it was an your oracle.. If the first drop fell from the left arm the answer was yes. 00-39 The oracle's quarters is not attached it might have needed special quarters. from the right. there is an 80% chance for an encounter of level A. Roll percentile dice: oracle received visitors may be as simple as a space on the floor. 4 Add the attached living quarters for four servants. quarters similar to 60-79. If there is no level B. have taken it. 5 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. the oracle's servants would Treasure: For bedrooms. etc. A live oracle needs living quarters. Each 10' x 10' bedroom with the original entrance. 354 Bedroom Suite on page 74). An oracle's room may also have lavish tapestries or other decor worth prying loose. etc. Active oracles may be questioned. but each wings of servants' quarters (See 365 room housed one servant. move. answer questions has a 55% chance for an An inanimate oracle should not be easy to encounter of level A. . If the oracle is still capable of answering questions.

Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 312a: Painter's Room Size 1 Determine Roll Size 00-1 9 lo' x 10' the room's 20-39 lO'~20' 40-59 20' x 20' size. value. and by the quality of work exhibited elsewhere in the dungeon. Rooms with extensive decor. Sometimes the nobles room suites. sketches. this was a painter of 312 Painter's substantial merit."' The nobility living in a dungeon often progress. a series of paintings most did not have that luxury. If. or a a common bedroom as well as easels. Figure 312. chest. Note that painting materials knowledgeable collector may even pay adven- will have suffered greatly from the passage of turers ahead of time to explore the dungeon time and will be. shout the Room painted words. page 55). powdered pigments. treasure of level A. the value of any works discovered within this room and throughout the rest of the dungeon could be enormous. your painter's room i s in good condition. uneven orcish script. but its riddles. create likenesses of themselves. especially bed- Game Master vision than real life. The nobles Role-playingTips: Place several of the Advice for the were pictured in the manner in which they wanted others to see them. broken in several places. in large. The art itself is also probably in poor . belonged to the dungeon's true ruler and who canvas. stacked in Add the the northeast corner. brushes and pigments in small pots would have been stored in the chest. or placed against a wall like the spare canvasses. An avid or 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. "Shardsof pottery. Encounters: There is a 20% chance for an encounter of level A. painting could reveal which bedroom suite pigments (and their raw materials). room to your map. and if the painter was a master. brushes and pieces of canvas littering the floor indicate that this room once housed a painter. Otherwise. could show the proper method of consulting an The painter's room will contain fixtures of oracle (see 31 1 Oracle's Room. then there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level. There may also be facilities for one or Information and retained the services of a master painter to more apprentices. on the other hand. great halls requested representations of legendary heroes and even main corridors should contain one or or heroines made purposefully to resemble two finished pieces. for uncovering a dungeon's secrets and solving times allowed to choose their own subjects. writing materials. seeds and shells for crush- ing into components. a far more exalted painter's works throughout your dungeon. Paintings are terrific places to hide clues Extremely talented painters were some. easel (in the northeast corner). dining rooms. and extra canvasses (in the southwest corner). Paints. but paints taste bad. Treasure: If there is an encounter. brushes. devoid of and retrieve artwork. there i s a 30% chance for a condition and should be worth very little. "On the wall facing you. frames. libraries. themselves. for the most part. and works in that ruler was. For example.1: The 10' x 10' painter's room on the right contains bed. 'Painter was good. The shelves which once held the artist's materials lie toppled on the ground.

the physician'squar. the physician's quarters may contain a Game Master rible side effects. lances and small blades bones and treatingwounds also were the duties for bleeding and making incisions. more bodily fluids. vials. small but substantial chance of not knowing skeletons. charts. Additionally. but many do not. but it should have more potions ally cannot afford tovisit physicians and nobility "ready for consumption" as opposed to under generally trust the more certain skills of magical construction. perhaps about more than what function the physician's quarters sewed. Room "Upon closer examination. mortar quarters unless an adventurer has special knowl- and pestle. Even then. Posted on the scant wall space unoccupied by shelves are crudely Physician s ) drawn diagrams of human bodies accompaniedby extensive writing in the same unfamiliar language you have seen elsewhere in this dun- geon. Information and The dungeon physician was in charge of so cures involved reducing the level of one or dispensing medicines and cures of all kinds. turbed lampreys and other organic tools. Other edge. caused sweating or induced vomiting. you discover that the central table's stains are dried blood.. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 313a: Physician's Room Size 1 Determine the room's size. are likely to be completely unfamiliar with A physician's quarters is very similar to that physicians and their practices. There medicinal knowledge and fads when determin. 3a: Roll 00-07 08-29 30-69 Size lO'x10' 10' x 20' 20' x 20' -Number 3 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers . give the players a uw blood. alchemist's laboratory. and several pottery containers. For this Advice for the including those of questionable value and ter. bones and sealed pottery. such as training in alchemy. knowledge of human anatomy and internal Role-playingTips: Many adventurers structure (but not necessarily function). one sentient swecies. and books. Shelves around the room's exterior are filled with books. but it may have flasks. Herbalists and alchemists perform ters should have fewer tools dedicated to the most of a physician's useful functions. will A physician usually has some of the me. passes between a dungeon's creation and the some are likely to leave a patient in a far worse time when adventurers delve into it. and a caskof of the physician as was primitive surgery. decayed and turned to dicinal skills of a herbalist and some of the dust before characters examine the vessels that chemical skills of an alchemist in addition to a contained them. have long since died. even undis- state than he or she otherwisewould have been. In fact." . darkly stained. allow them to think that they have A commbn theory of medicine claimed stumbled upon what appears to be an that sickness was caused by a fluid imbalance. physician's quarters is not likely to have an oven Do not betray the room as a physician's or fire pit. healers. Peasants gener- of an alchemist. "The room is dominated by a thick. There mav also be anatomv charts. . wooden table 313 that stands too high to have been used with chairs. that makes them aware of physicians to amputate limbs and boxes of sawdust to soak and their duties. A physician relied less on magic and herbalism and more on the latest variety of materials that served as enemas. A fore. usually blood. there mixing and brewing of components. herbalism or items in the room mav include serrated blades healing. Setting broken or other blood-suckers. If anything. also may be containers for holding lamprey eels ing the components of cures. Some of a physician's cures do what they Because of the length of time that usually are supposed to do. true physicians are extremely rare. reason. strong drink for easing pain.

if any. which. then there is a 50% chance for an encounter of level A. The physician studied at the table and chair in room to the southwest corner of the room. and the room's bed and chest were for your the physician's personal use. then 10% chance for a treasure of level A. Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level B. then there is a . dungeon map. Unlike an alchemist's laboratory. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. though some may serve to heal. If there is no encounter. If there is no encounter of level B. Surgical Add the work was performed on the large central table. Treasure: If there is an encounter. Addi- tionally. is thoroughly blood-stained. level. physician's quarters contain few. and specimens. books. tools. as a result. Figure 313.1: This physician's room is ringed with shelves for holding the physician's materials. most of the potions and mixtures in a physician's quar- ters are liable to be harmful if adventurers ingest them. there i s a 50% chance for treasure of the same items of inherent value.

for baking and hardening the potter's - tage that it could be sealed. each for holding tools and completed vessels. seeds and grain. water. plates. then there is a 4o0I0chance for a treasure of the same and pictures decorating it. occupy the room's center. Against the north wall are a chest and two cabinets. should be located in a corner away from the work area. with animal mem- brane. " - ltwas also used for curing cutting soft clay. 1 Determine 31 4a: Roll Size 00-19 20' x 20' the room's 20-39 2O1x3O' size. representations of a story or legend. potter's room contains more pottery than one depictions of the pottery's use. . leather and cord. Pitchers. shelves dungeon and should definitely provide interest- and cabinets." Information and Pottery was used in the dungeon to hold and brushes will have been used for decorating. pictures of daily without. dungeon map. wine and other drink. venting hole in the ceiling above. Treasure: If there is an encounter. It is twenty feet by forty feet. and near the west wall sits a table. "After chasing the last of the giant bats away with a couple of well- 314 Potter's placed crossbow bolts. served a half dozen or more skilled workers. In the room's center are several filthy tables. The decor consisted of pleasing patterns. to prevent spoilage or creations. storage jars and many other items in the potter's room. A kiln baskets or sacis. and fuel. and a fine blade would have been used for Advice for the fruits and vegetables. and at the far end is a row of three large stone ovens. There should bea considerableamount life. room to also for tools. If the dungeon's creators were Game Master meats and storing items that either due to their size or their liauid content were not suited to from a more technologically advanced culture. chair and potter's wheel. bowls. the information it may contain in the designs 3 ter and trea- sure levels. . and in the south- Room west corner are dozens of clay pots. . ~ d encoun- d an encounter of level A. Paints and their culture. Larger rooms probably may have originated in this potter's room. though rarely it is adorned with gold leaf or other valuables. especially in or anything else that the potter fancied. Pottery was often decorated with paintsor Role-playingTips: A dungeon with a dyes. Designs painted on pottery may provide The potter's room contains clay (dried out clues to the existence of other rooms in the long ago) several tables. completed. you finally have time to examine the room. Pottery also had the advan. benches. cups and plates all stacked on top of one another and decorated in bright colors and strange designs. eating areas and living quarters. . stools. The room holds pottery in several ing information about the dungeon creators forms. 40-59 20' x 40' Figure 314. Two tables and benches Your . then there may also be a potter's wheel. and there should be a small facilitate curing and fermentation. writing of pottery throughout the dungeon. More than one person may have worked chamber pots. materials and finished works. in progress and broken.1: This mapping example of a potter's room contains 2 Add the five shelves along the south and east walls.

opening secret doors. then there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level.. stone of varying sizes and some dried out clay. Sculptures themselves may of masons within the dungeon. bed.. several stools and benches. Treasure: If there is an encounter.. accompanied by Advice for the fashioning of columns. cabinets and a chest or two comprise the Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 315a: Scul~tor'sRoom Size 1 Determine Roll Size 00-19 20' x 20' 20-39 20' x 30' the room's 40-59 20' x 40' size.1: The sculptor's room to the right contains several cut and finished stone blocks in its north- west corner. taking the place sculptor's room. but it also contains several pieces of sculpture and sculpting tools such as various sizes of chisels and different weights of hammers." .. Some sculptors provide valuable clues to solving the dungeon's also modeled clay. inti1 you realize the sound actually comes from a monstrous S C U ~'SD ~ statue stretching its arms and legs. dungeon map. Two tables with benches also sit near chests full of hammers. Role-playingTips: A dungeon with a Game Master and figurines. performed decorative stonework than one without a tasks akin to those of masons. chisels and a few blocks of dried clay. resetting and disarming traps. wardrobe . Stone sculptures. Figure 315. it seems to make an odd grating noise. However. Work by the sculptor and Information and ate stone ornamentation for the dungeon and the apprentices should be scattered about in its inhabitants. and beginning to walk your way. room's center difficult. working sculptor's room will contain more detailed and under the direction of their master. "This room has the trappings of a common bedroom. Near the blocks and in the southeast cornerare raw boulders and other large pieces of stone. A partially- finished statue near the southern wall is flanked by two chests full of tools. decorations and furnishings to the fine sculptingof busts. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. . "AS you open the wooden chest. Their value may even have appreci- ated. doors. transporting stonework out of the dungeon may be extremely difficult. A few large pieces of carved rock make walking through the 315 . room's furnishings.. ~oom A skilled dungeon sculptor worked to cre. chest. stepping from its pedestal. puzzles and uncovering its past. as well as for Afew tables. shelves. Apprentice sculptors. Encounters: There is a 20% chance for an encounter of level A. statues many different sizes of hammers and chisels. figures and artwork should have retained their valueover the course of time. Stone figures The sculptor's room contains blocks of are often part of the mechanisms for springing. . His or herwork ranged from the several stages of completion.

even if you wanted to. bolts of cloth. there is a 25% chance for a treasure of level A which may be in the form of small gems and precious metals sewn onto the garment of a noble. "You begin to sort your way through the room's dizzying collection 316 of cloth.1: This 10' x 20' seamstress' room contains a bed and 2 Add the chest. hides. It draws you in. Otherwise. The pattern is complex. One or more skilled seamstresses or seamsters (tailors)provided that invaluable ser- of wool and/or cotton. unfathom- able. and a spinner of thread. and a spinning wheel. Treasure: If there is an encounter. dyes and other supplies. knives. perhaps a loomforweavingcloth. The seamstress' room contains tables. then there is a 45% chance for a treasure of the same level. and d encounter Encounters: There is a 20% chance for an encounter of level A. Information and Mending and creating clothing for dun. punches. Advice for the cially if the dungeon's soldiers required uni. Cloth and similar materials are probably worthless. 3 ~ d treasure levels. chairs. a chair. two wardrobe cabinets. It somehow seeks to make you a part of its intricacies. you're not sure you could pull away. espe. when you come across a very peculiar. a spinning wheel. scis- sors. 1 Determine the room's size..." . ruined by the ravages of time and the actions of the dungeon's mon- strous inhabitants. thread. 6a: Roll 00-09 10-24 25-44 Size 10' x l o ' 10' x 20' 20' x 20' Figure 316. mounds Game Master forms. perhaps also serving as a weaver of cloth making or repairing clothing. your map. Seamstress You can't take your eyes off of it. Materials and tools for the seamstress'work would have been stored in the room to chest and wardrobes. Room "After a few more moments. forms and other tools used in vice. . needles. . geon inhabitantswas a neverending task. wrapped bundle of rough material. leather. a work table. searching for treasure.. The cloth's silk wrapping is plain. but the material itself bears a $ striking pattern of brilliant colors and thin woven threads of copper. .

an anvil. A silversmith handled the metal. Figure 317.snarling. molding it into the desired final shape. and an anvil. a stone forge with a vent to the the room. The room may also contain some silver (real and decorative). should their uses. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. jewelry and other orna. a 30% chance for a third.. A few centuries ago the door might have protected you. Room Silver. Role-playingTips: Adventurers should barrels for quenching. calipers. the were-beast. bellows. decorative metal. when to Silversmith's your surprise your eye snaps to hope of a different nature. "You dart into the first room after the corridor bends and slam the door behind you. silver should also be ~resentin small auantities as should Game Master A silversmith's room contains his or her broken. punches. table. but 317 now age has weakened it. forge and coal box along the west Add the wall. tongs. They should also vices.1: The mapping example to the right. surface up above. a soft. barrel with quenching fluid and chest along the southern wall. "You turn from the door. There will also be a treasure of level A. "Youreach for the weapons as the door gives way. . These include The silversmith may also have worked with various hammers (especially those of smaller a small amount of gold which could still be in size). shaping soft metal in fine detail. . be able to recognize this room as a silversmith's wooden molds and sand for casting. bent and tarnishdd pieces to be re- tools and equipment. fuel for the fire. Encounters: There is a 35% chance for an encounter of level A." . Items of be able to identify most of the smith's tools and silver. These treasures of level A should be items made of silver or the raw material with a small chance for a bit of gold or other soft precious metal. room to your map. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 317a: Silversmith's Room Size Roll 00-14 15-39 40-64 Size 10' x 20' 2O1X20' 20' x 30' 1 Determine the room's size. swages. knives shelves. useful in combating certain magical Advice for the mentation. contains bellows. chair and chest along the north wall. ~ a wunshaped . chamber with little difficulty. vainly seeking another way out. Treasure: If there is an encounter. or uildead fiends. specialized for the task of aired or melted for their metal. spiking it shut as quickly as possible. a 60% chance for a second. mandrels. was used be located in the silversmith's room on tables or Information and by dungeon inhabitants to form plates. weaDons. begins to claw furiously at the wood separating it from you. already completed or in progress. Outside. a mandrel. and a 15% chance for a fourth treasure of level A. Among various smithing tools resting beside a forge lie two fully completed silver swords. then there i s a 5o0I0chance for a treasure of the same level. and you have only a few moments before the monster breaks through. and more. a 10' x 20' silversmith's room.

. and be able to recognize this room as a smith's chamber with little difficulty. items in the four casting boxes along the room's southern wall. The chest is filled with pieces of lead. 05-34 Copper specialty When choosing a metal. keep in mind the 35-44 Gold metal's melting point. 1 Room "Quickly. and value to 45-57 Lead metal. gold (goldsmith). there i s a chance for a treasure of level B. 58-59 Platinum 60-99 Tin - Add the Lead's low melting point allowed the whitesmith to easily cast a number of 3 room to your map. malleability. Information and Silver and iron were two of the more lead and gold were similar to the rooms of common metals in which dungeon smiths spe. 45-69 20' x 30' ~ ~ t by rollingon~the following chart ~ i ~ ~ 2 particular smith Roll Metal or choosingon your own. depending on the smith's specialty treasure of level A and a 30% chance for a levels. looking for raw material and scrap. and using your background as a smith's apprentice you can easily make a guess that this room once served a gold or silversmith. there will be the following treasure: second treasure of level A. copper (copper- smith). the culture of the dungeon's inhabitants. a 40% chance for a third. the numerous 318 Smith's molds for metals that melt easily. of specialty was hard or soft. 1 Determine 8a: Roll Size 00-19 lo' x 20' the room's 20-44 20' x 20' size. They should also alloys such as bronze. the rooms of smiths who their uses as well as whether the smith's metal specialized in such soft metals as rush to the nearest chest and fling it open. encounter 50% chance for a treasure of the same level. Role-playingTips:Adventurersshould Game Master Others included tin (tinsmith).the smithing tools. the tools for manipulating soft metal. a 20% ~ d treasure d an encounter of level A. One mandrel stands near a table and chair. "Youexamine the room's contents. Aside from the metal be able to identify most of the smith's tools and they worked with. plus a 60% chance for lead): a 20% chance for a treasure of level A. . silversmiths. which in turn is close by a chest full of tools and materials. lead (whitesmith). but they were not the only ones. and a 10% chance for a fifth treasure of level A. (See 31 7 Silversmith on page 63. You may also choose 00-04 Bronze the smith's a metal other than one of those listed below. copper.. Less valuable metals (such as copper): one Also. 4 Encounters: There is a 35% chance for a second. metal.) Advice for the cialized. To thewest are bellows. forge and coal box as well as a quenching barrel and an anvil." . chance for a fourth. There will also be a 40% and Treasure: For encounters. Extremely valuable metals (such as gold): Metal of very little value (such as tin or one treasure of level A.

and her skin is so pale that you would be tempted to call it 319 Tapestry translucent. thread. ruined by the ravagesof time and the actions of the dungeon's monstrous inhabitants. In the northwest corner lies the broken remains of a human skeleton.h w spun precious metals.. The room also contains a bed. Role-playingTips: You can easily hide Dungeon dwellers who could not read could clues on a tapestry to such questions as "Who still understand the pictures on a tapestry. Game Master cultural histories and illustrations of stories. work tables and bolts of fabric. Figure319." and "Who lived in the dungeon?" You a duty similar to that of a bard. tributes to rulers. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 319a: Ta~estwWeaver's Room 1 Determine Size ROII Size the room's 00-24 10' x 10' 25-49 10' x 20' size.andsimilar mate- rials will probably be worthless. ~loth. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. maps of lands both real and imagined. Additionally. scissors. but at the first footfall within the room.1: This 1O'x 20' tapestry w e a v e r ' k and a wardrobe full of materials andtook for the tapestry weaver's trade. chair. needles. a chest and other items typically found in a bedroom. Treasure: If there i s an encounter. image of great wealth somewhere in the dun- spun thread." . Tapestries also gold or silver for inclusion in a special work. perhaps a rod or frame for holding a Information and inggreat or legendary events was to place them tapestry-in-progress and maybeeven somespun in pictorial form on tapestries. but while a bard can also give clues to additional adventures. Weaver's 'You try to enter silently. dyes. "After opening the door you are surprised to find an old woman sitting in the center of a room filled with tapestries. recorded and retold events with song. carefully choosing thread from a table in front of her and drawing it through fine linen with a gleaming silver needle. . a weaver perhaps in a picture of the surrounding terri- did it with cloth and thread. . then there is a 60% chance for a treasure of the same level. the old woman and all her work vanishes. Room A common means of recording and honor." "Why was the dungeon The tapestryweaver sometimes performed built. The woman has silver hair. there is a 25% chance for a treasure of level. Advice for the contained pictures of everyday life. room to your map. chair and a frame which held the weaver's Add the work-in-progress. a table and geon. leaving a room cluttered with the ruins of smashed furniture and torn scraps of material. You can even tease adventurers with an The weaver's room contains bolts of cloth. built the dungeon. frames for holding material taut. There should also be a bed. tory. She is weaving a new tapestry. Encounters: There is a 1E0/0 chance for an encounter of level A.A.

embalming and preserv. 20-35 20' x 20' as well as a cabinet and two chests that held the taxidermist's materials. litter the floor of this room. decide to hide things in a beast's stuffing. catch adventurers off their guard if a stuffed needles. % 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels.. all of them torn to 320 shreds. Most of the pieces and a large quantity of sawdust form a huge nest-shaped pile in the room's south- west corner. Work-in- progress could be placed on the floor or on the table. The question. 'How big is their mother?' unwittingly comes to Room mind. 1 Determine 320a: Roll Size 00-09 10' x 10' the room's 10-19 lO'x20' size. the taxidermist's materials and small projects. Role-playingTips: You may be able to mified remains of corpses as well as knives. Encounters: There is a 35% chance for an encounter of level A. . cloth. in an incredible coincidence. and. each of which is at least twice as long as one of your hands. L U dungeon map. thread. You may also ing agents and perhaps even porcelain eyes. To show off their "trophies. The taxidermist's room contains the mum- for works in progress. The furniture consists of shelves and chests for ers. the noise of giant claws rapidly scraping across the stone floor suddenly sounds from behind you. Advice for the times enlisted the aid of a taxidermist who There may also be some wooden stands set up Game Master could preserve full or partial carcasses. monster turns out to be alive. treasure of level A. . Taxidermist's "Moving to the pile for a closer look. "The skins and carcasses of several animals." they some. If there i s an encounter. then there i s an additional 60% chance for a treasure of the same level as the encounter." Information and Dungeon nobility weregenerally avid hunt. quietly yelping rat pups.. you find eight bald.

partial and complete wagons of to the table that sent you here. "A menacing hiss arises from behind a pile of broken wagons. The grips and vices. These include wagon wheels. the snake coils and rears back to strike. rusted and broken. the dungeon's original inhabitants kept wagons in this room. war and commerce. A table and chair rests in the south. the chests and on the north wall's shelves. . Roll 00-15 16-32 33-49 Size 20' x 20' 20' x 30' 20' x 40' 1 Determine the room's size. "Apparently.1: This room has an extra-large double door to admit wagons. nearly three feet wide. Any of the wainwright's creations or than 800 square feet. . and spare parts. Figure 321. some of the tile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced Addi- wainwright's tools may still be in usable condi. As you back towards the door. etc. Tools and materials are in the cabinet. Otherwise. A wainwright normally worked accompanied by several ap- entrance. levelSand treasure of level A. Information and for travelling. If not. Game Master prentices. subtract 20 from your entrances. 3 Encounters: There is a 35% chance for condition if they somehow managed to stay an encounter of level A. swapping its place with a room already near the entrance. then entire wagons. or perhaps for both. tional Entranceson page 22. Additionally. sinewy body. they will be useless to Add treasure adventurers). Treasure: If there is an encounter. A giant head. however. intact (in other words. and there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same encounter level. move it there. dungeon's wainwrights were responsible for This room should be near the dungeon's Advice for the wagon construction and repair.". and the wagons that remain in the 321 room are warped. emerges. you may also decide not to The wainwright's room contains tables build the wainwright's room at all and go back and benches.. are likely to be in very poor roll. projects. I 3 dungeonmap. there is a 10% chance for a Additional Entrances: Roll percen. and the room has three additional entrances. Rather than swap. This room is too close to the dungeon's entrance to be well-protected from either the elements or surface-dwellingbeasts. either for storage or repair. carpentry tools. For rooms smaller additional tion. Room Wagons were an important commodity various types. opening its mouth to reveal scimitar-like fangs. leading the way for a huge Wainwright's snake's long.

then there is a 50%chancefor a treasure of the same level. additional wheelwright's tools may still be in usable condi. Unfortunately for the little monster. wrights' 0 1 1 "Inside. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels and an enC0Unter of level A. . some of the entrance has a 50% chance to be a door. and after three powerful flaps of its wings. "As silently as you can. it is a corridor. dungeon map.1: This mapping example of a wheelwright's room shows a wheel on the table in the southeast corner as well as several broken wheels stacked againstthe southern wall. wheels will lie on tables and stand stacked Game Master the wheelwright's room will contain tools for against walls. cuttingwood.. it crashes to the floor at your feet. Roll percentile dice and consult Table - Table 322a: Wheelwright's Room Size 1 Determine the room's size. binding it and shaping paired wheels for all their many uses. weapons drawn. you track the strange squeaking noise to a 322 Wheel. it. After signalling a plan to each other and arranging an order for entry. A bench sits near the table. a gargoyle sits atop a wheel that is attached horizontally to a table top. Otherwise. Each additional treasure of level A. Both the wheel and the gargoyle have been spinning round and round and round. . you kick in the door and pour through. there is a 10% chance for a uselessness. Information and The dungeon's wheelwright made and re. 4 room at the hallway's end. but at the sight of your fearsome party the Room gargoyle immediately takes flight. Additional Entrances: Roll percen- tile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. Additionally. This room also contains two additional entrances for a total of three altogether." . otherwise. entrances. Treasure: If there is an encounter. 322a: Roll 00-24 25-74 75-99 Size 10' x 20' 20' x 20' 20' x 30' Figure 322. dizziness has thrown off his balance. bendingit. Several works in progress and completed Advice for the Aside from assorted tables and benches. The cabinet against the northern wall and the chests along the west wall held tools and materials.

otherwise.75 of the circular (or truncated circle) 75-99 2. Table 351 b yields a measurement 50-74 1. "A series of stone steps surrounding a wooden stage fill this room and mark it as a former location for theater. the amphitheater con." . roll percentiledice and consultTable Table 351 d: Amphitheater Length 351 b. rounding up to the 25-49 1. theater The dungeon amphitheater. would have been used by the leading away from the stage. especially for holding a ported chairs for nobles when they attended. You gravitate towards the stage as the lone spot of interest in the room. the stage is located in 00-24 30' the room's center. also circular. a straight edge to cut off one portion). similar trun. is in the room's 95-99 100' center. multiply its width by the 10-24 1. a blood curdling scream turns you around to face a giant spider wight that lunges at you from a now-opentrap door in the stage's floor. . allowing an adventurer to fall through. along the back wall. Each step in the amphitheater's seating take advantage of it as a hiding place.00 "No.. An audience would have Information and with steps or a slope that leads down to a stage sat directly on the steps or sloping ground or open area. 15-24 50' The stage i s a smaller. The is an encounter in the crawl space. 60-99 The amphitheater and its stage are Table 351c: Rectangular Amphitheater rectangular.25 result from Table 351d. look for an amphitheater's entrances is generally located opportunity for it to take the adventurers by on a level with the top step.50 nearest lo'. though. The 80-94 90' stage. 50-74 50' 75-99 60' For rectangular amphitheaters.OO amphitheater's length. 60-79 80' 45-59 The amphitheater is a circle. For the amphitheater's shape. set in the center of the 40-59 70' room's straight wall. so an adventurer surprise by popping out when they least expect will have to walk down to reach the stage area. ater has a hidden crawl space below the stage. Multiplier Table 351c yields a rectangular Roll Multiplier amphitheater's width. or perhaps by opening a trap door and More than likely. it. a large room tains no furnishings. Otherwise. An extra wide Advice for the dungeon occupants for viewing plays or min- strel shows. music or perhaps speeches. and there. even for area usually is between one and two feet high something insignificant and worthless. Determine Table 351a: Amphitheater Shape Table 351 b: Circular Amphitheater the amphi- Roll Shape Roll Diameter theater's 00-44 The amphitheater is a truncated circle 00-04 30' (what a circle looks like when you use 05-14 40' size and shape. To get a rectangular 00-09 1. you find a concealed door. In 20% of rectangular Roll Width amphitheaters. the 25-49 40' stage is up against a wall. Before you 351 Amphi- can get it open. If there and between three and five feet wide. roll per- centile dice and consult Tables 351 c and 351 d. " -Number I from 1001 Answers to Adventurers 69 . roll percen. amphitheaters '- 1 tile dice and consult the Table 351 a: one side of the room to 'the other). 25-39 60' cated circle. It also could have served as a step in the front rowor a raised central platform covering the first few rows could have sup- Game Master common meeting area. less than formal meeting between thedungeon's Role-playing Tips: If your amphithe- ruler and its lesser inhabitants.

here.. There is a 90% chance that this below stage crawl space. Ihope it's not permanent. until you change back . lhars.. stage contains from one to four trap 60-99 There is a series of rooms. on page26). . ~ ~ i or tapestry easily curtain ~ movedaside. costumes. Roll Result 00-09 There is one 20' x 30' room con- iii) There is a 70% chance that a wooden taining theater props." -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . above. masks. If the stage is up against a wall. and the central area space" is large enough for adventur. scenery and mechanisms. ." "Nah. cos- tumes. Doors to the north and south open to stairs on the third step. backstage room itself holds a series of chests. On the stage stands a wooden partition in front of a door that leads to a 20' x 20' backstage room.. tile dice for the number of trap doors 30-59 There is a series of rooms. a table with benches and a lamp. Icouldn't get that lucky. there is a door is hidden from view by most of 90% chance that they are connected the amphitheater. The dungeon map. either by a low in some way. Roll percen. ~ ~ t your amphitheater. The rooms are in a There is a 50°h chance that the "crawl "box" layout. above. lowing to find out what is on the other amphitheater's side: basic design. . to 30-59. do Ilook different to you?" ")haisvend? Is that you?" "Why? What's wrong?" "You're a mule! What happened?" "Idrank that potion we found earlier. Well. rooms are identical to noble bar- racks. scenery. door (difficult to spot from anywhere 10-29 There i s one 20' x 20' room con- but the stage) that opens up to crawl taining theater props. stage contains at least one secret trap masks. Bertran. .1: The truncated-circleamphi- theater example to the left contains a series of steps that lead down to a stage. masks and iv) There is a 20°h chance that a stone mechanisms. Icouldn't help it. identi- 00-24 1 cal to mercenary barracks (see 25-49 2 202 Barracks. Ireally wanted to know what i t did. you carry all of our stuff. meant 50-74 3 to hold resident or visiting per- 75-99 4 formers.~ 2 additions to additions to i) There is a 60% chance that the stage vi) If there i s a door behind the stage. front of it (simplywalk around the wall Figure 351. space below the stage. serves as a large common room ers to stand upright within it. except that the cal to that in (iii). scenery and mechanisms. two changing rooms with benches and curtains over their en- trances and flat painted scenery leaningagainst the east wall. costumes. roll your area is raised above the level of the percentile dice and consult the fol- first few rows of steps. ii) There is a 75% chance that a raised stage i s made of wood rather than Table 351e: Backstage Rooms stone. there is a 75% chance for a door behind the vii) If there is a backstage room and a stage. similar doors leading to a crawl space identi. containing theater props. "Hev. usually by a tunnel and wood or stone wall set a few feet in another secret trap door.

For that room. Table 351f: Additional Amphitheater If there is a crawl space encounter. scenery and mecha. masks. encounter of level A. If there is no there may be a large selection of theatrical additional encounter of level C or B. then use the encounter information listed under 202 Bar. For that room. then there is a 25% 4 Add treasure and encounter levels and encounter of level C. except for the large common room. 50-69 4 then there is an 80% chance for a treasure of 70-89 5 level A. If there is no encounter. Additionally. 00-09 1 sure of level C. then there is a 40% chance for a treasure of 30-49 3 level B. then Entrances there will be a treasure of the same level. then there is a 10% chance for an encounter of level C there. entrances. nisms. then use the treasure information listLd under'202 Barracks on page 26. then there is a 30% chance for a treasure of the same level. around the amphitheater. noentrance should be placed Treasure: If there was an encounter in on that wall. 90-99 6 . Additional Entrances: Roll percen- racks on page 26. If there are backstage rooms. there is a 60% chance for entrance will be a door. If there is no treasure of level 10-29 2 C. except for the large common tile dice and consult the following table. but if the stage is againstaflatwall. If there is crawl space beneath the amphi- theater stage. Each room. costumes. the amphitheater's main room. then there is a treasure of the same level. there is a 30% chance for an encounter of level A. then there is a 50% chance for a treasure of level A. If there is no If there are backstage rooms. then there is an props. Space doors equally an encounter of level A. if there is an encounter. Encounters: In the amphitheater's main room. If there is no treasure of level C or B. there is a 10% chance for a trea. chance for an encounter of level B. Roll Entrances Otherwise.

. There is a 5% chance that a bath room the room. Information and Dungeon nobility usually bathed in their The dungeon's bath room usually contains own quarters.billows out from beneath the second door on the left. for large kettles and a few benches. then there is a a water been too cold to directly serve as a bath. A bath room with water has a 30% level. ants will have long since evaporated. a fire pit Advice for the bath room set aside for their use. 30-44 10' x 30' 45-64 20' x 20' 65-84 20' x 30' 85-99 3O'x3O1 " around it so that bathers can sit in the s p r i k 2 with natural hot springs. There may also ~ if the bath would have used regularly. springs that could have ~ ~ t ~ been incorporated intoa bath that even nobility ~ i ~ waters at their choice of depth. other type of natural water source would have If there are no hot springs. otherwise there is an If there is no encounter. "Opening the door reveals the source of the steam-this room contains a natural hot spring. and the and chance for an encounter of level C. a fire pit with 3 Add the room to your map. other- usually flows into a large stone pool built into wise the water comes from a magical fountain. Game Master ~f there was only one bath room in the dungeon. for an encounter of level B. chance for a treasure of level A. Around the spring are a series of marble Room steps to allow bathers to bask in the steam." . then there is a 20% levels. 50% of the time the water source is contains natural hot springs. were for women. then source has a 20% chance for an encounter of there is a 70% chance for a treasure of the same ~ d treasure d level A. 4 Encounters: A bath room with no water Treasure: If there is an encounter. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 352a: Bath Room Size 1 Determine 352a: Roll Size 00-09 10' x 10' the room's 10-29 lO'x20' size. then there is a 75%chance treasure of level A. .. and four water buckets. of its own. and on top of the steps are four goblins who are now hastily reaching for weapons and armor laying by their sides. then there i s a encounter encounter of level C. buckets. encounter of level A. This hot water a natural cold-water fountain or spring. 00 a crossbar above it from which to hang the nearby pot. but soldiers and servants had a several wooden or metal tubs. There might also have been Any other water used by the dungeon inhabit- segregation by humanoid race. and other days and times water source-such as hot springs-itwill bedry. 35 2 Bath "Steam. If there is no treasure of this level. and buckets to carry room water temperatures areoften near freezing. Since subterranean be wooden or metal tubs. any water from the spring. contains one wooden tub in the southeast corner. If there is no encounter is greater than level A.accompaniedby constant hissing. certain days or times were set aside Role-playing Tips: Unless the bath room contains some type of magical or natural for its use by men. 5% chance for another type of water source in source.

Information and nobles travelled with large entourages of rela. If there is an encounter. 3 Add roomthe to your map. 353 Bedroom Dungeons housed a lot of nobles. Those and a chair with a writing table. chests. seasoned adventurers know better than to judge by appear- ances. Most bedrooms contain furnishings. 50% chance for an additional treasure of level Add treasure A. If the room is larger than 200 square feet. left behind in the form of other- candle holder. Advice for the people needed living quarters within the dun- geon. wise useless personal belongings and clothing. bedrooms were set Role-playing Tips: A bedroom's con- tents readily betrays the room's purpose to Game Master aside for their use. wardrobe. otherwise it had one. it had two. . The bedroom contains a bed. and place for a fire (to fight the dungeon's subterra. 4 Encounters: There is a 30% chance for chance for a treasure of level A There is -a an encounter of level A. then there is an Treasure: For each 100 square feet of additional 70% chance for a treasure of the and floor area in the bedroom.. Roll Roll ~ercentiledice: Table 353b: Bedroom Occupants 00-09 Occupants If the room is larger than 200 square feet. bedside table. 2 Determine the bedroom's occupants. tives. Some bedrooms also contain a small Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 353a: Bedroom Size Roll 00-14 15-39 40-74 Size 10'~ 10' 10'x2Of 20' x 20' 1 Determine the room's size. encounter levels. adventurers. "From its appearance-including bed.1: The mapping example on the right represents a simple 10' x 10' bedroom. wardrobe.personalguardsandspecial retainers. it had three occupants.". Figure 353. Of course. there is a 20% same level as the encounter. and night table--you might consider this room to be an ordinary bedroom. such There should also be hints of who occu- as a bed. . and a chest for personal belong. bedside table. 50-99 The room had one occupant. chest. othehise 10-24 25-49 If the room is larger than 200 square feet. nean cold) a small ceiling vent to the surface. and for that reason. it had four o&upants. it had two occupants. candle. ings. lamp or pied the room. dther- wise it had two. second table and a chair.

a personal dining room. are piled in the two northern corners. "Rich tapestries adorn the room's walls and the floor is covered by 354 Bed a once luxurious carpet that has since been severely torn. suite that reveal a little of the personality of its Time and the creatures who settled in the original owner. If you roll a second one. then ignore this result 21-41 Waiting Room* and roll again. Determine the rest of 64-68 69-73 74-81 82-86 Music Room* Art Room* Sitting Room Private Chapel* ~ ~ the bedroom your suite's room types by rolling percentile 87-94 Weapons and Armor Room* suite. These rooms included their bedroom and possibly a personal library. worn and soiled. busts. If your suite is 05-12 Library near the entrance. but it is not inconceiv. Roll Room ** A suite resewed for visiting nobles may 00-04 Private Bath Room* not contain a room of this type. dice and consulting Table 354b. etc. the other is bursting open to admit eight heavily armed goblins. nobles and had no regular occupant. Try to ing worn by the suite's occupants would have place personal items (collectibles. Continue 95-99 Secret Treasure Room* ** rolling until you have accounted for all rooms in the suite. an entrance Role-playingTips: If a dungeon con- tains only one bedroom suite. This appointed with expensive furnishings and could include renderings on tapestries. There may only be one of this type of room. owner of the suite also probably had secret dents and guests of a dungeon received a cubbyholes to stash valuables. . tapestries and artwork. dungeon after its original inhabitants left are Bedroomsuites locatednear the dungeon's likely to have taken a heavy toll on the bedroom entrance probably were reserved for visiting suite's riches and finery. The rooms would have been richly more depictions of its original resident. toppled and broken. 42-53 Private Dining Room* . and you have decided to 13-20 Retainer's Bedroom make it a visitor's suite. paintings or full sculpted figures. a longed to the dungeon's owner or ruler. One is closed tight. Another room must be an entry/guard room. determine ~ all the types~ 59-63 Private i Storage Room 9 ~ I I O O ~ Sin ~ the types of t of rooms the suite contains. Theoriginal Roll percentile dice: 28-35 7 1 36-43 8 Determine Table 354a: Number of Suite Rooms 44-51 9 the number Roll Number of Rooms 52-59 10 of rooms in 00-03 2 60-69 11 the bedroom suite. sculpted decorative rugs. Before you draw any of the suite's rooms 54-58 Wardrobe on your dungeon map. Game Master use. Cloth. Information and The wealthiest and most influential resi. One room in the bedroom suite must be the master's bedroom. a waiting room. able that some may have survived. and those may Advice for the whole series of rooms for their own personal still be untouched. The personal bath room. Chairs. decor in a bedroom suite may contain one or etc. it probably be- chamber (with guards).) in the been luxurious. throw out that Table 354b: Bedroom Suite Rooms roll and roll again.. ~ W doors O lead O U ~of this room. At one time this may have been some type of sitting or waiting room Suite room." .

an ornate tub of Table 3 5 4 ~Private Bath Room Size Room fine wood. Library throughout the room. maybe a table and a few chairs. sculptures or other pieces of art. ÿ he first room that adventurerswill enter in Table 354c: EntrvIGuard Room Size the suite will be a small entry room that also ROII Size Entry/Guard would have served as a guard room. possibly cano. etc. It should also have one or more chairs and several reading stands. The bedroom used by the suite's owner to the waiting room which attaches to a sitting should be dominated by a large. Retainer's chest. may have a smallplace Table 3548: Retainer's Bedroom Size Bedroom for a fire. 20-34 lO'x30' If the suite has a waiting room. bedside table. Private Bath the suite's owner is bathing. This room will probably contain no furniture. a small Table 354d: Master's Bedroom Size wardrobe. a chair or two.) and may or may not be richly decorated. brass. and a 00-09 20'x 20' large area to keep a fire for warming the room. 40-99 lO'x20' The private library should . 75-99 30' x 30' standard bedroom furnishings (bed. 10-34 20' x 30' The master's bedroom is more likely to harbor 35-54 20' x 40' secret cubbyholes in the walls and furniture 55-79 30' x 30' than any other room in the suite. wardrobe. There may be a reading stand or two. a few Roll Size statues. The Table 354fi Library Size librarymay contain a tablewith chairsorbenches Roll Size in addition to a large number of books which 00-09 10' x 10' may or may not be in a language that adventur. Otherwise. then the 35-54 20' x 20' library may be entered from there. 10-19 lO'x20' ers can understand. room or libray which in turn attaches to the ~ ~ ~~~d~~~~ t ~ r pied bed. room. 55-74 20' x 30' the library may be entered from a sitting room. the entry room could lead This room contains a larae fire dace for The ~rivatebath room must be entered heatingwaterand keeping the r i o m warm while from the inaster's bedroom. Roll Size The retainer's bedroom may be entered 00-19 lO'~l0' from the master's bedroom. the entrylguard 20-64 10' x 20' 65-99 20' x 20' "Of course it's trapped!" -Number 500 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers . It should also have a kettle for heating the water. glazed pottery or the like. and hooks to 00-39 10' x 10' hold the master's robes. comfortable rugs and pleasing decorations. the master's bedroom should 90-99 30' x 50' be placed a few rooms away from the entry room. The bedroom should also contain master's bedroom. For example. since the Room suite's guards would have been expected to stand and be attentive while on duty. 80-89 30' x 40' If possible. books and may haveadditionalshelves or a music or art room. b shelves fo. a Roll Size large water pitcher.

The master also used the music room to play on some of his or her own Table 354k: Music Room Size instruments. Private Dining probably at the table's head. One of the chairs. or from a sitting 75-99 20' x 30' room. . art. weaving and other artistic Art Room practices. Adventurers may find the remains of Table 3543: Private Storage Room Size Room the master's favorite foods. clothing. or the entrylguard room. weapons and Roll Size armor. In Table 354i: Private Dining Room Size addition to the table. though poor in quality. 00-39 10' x 10' The private storage room may be entered 40-84 10' x 20' from the master's bedroom or from another 85-99 20' x 20' . painting.0 Waiting Room This room is where guests or messengers awaited the master's attention. if there is one. Some of the master's work may still Roll Size 00-14 10' x 10' be present. master. It should also serve 63-78 30' x 30' as a hub for the remaining rooms. room. the room should contain Roll Size extensive wall decorations. Wardrobe private storage room. Roll - Size The waiting room is richly decorated to 00-08 10' x 20' give those who wait something pleasant to look 09-1 9 10' x 30' at. 15-44 10' x 20' The art room may be entered from the 45-74 20' x 20' waiting room. and other. Private Storage but it holds personal belbngings of t i e suite'. the library. taking lessons when appropriate. Music Room or visiting minstrels. Roll Size This room contains chairs for the master 00-29 lO'~20' and guests. so that many 79-89 30' x 40' have entrances from it. 90-99 30' x 50' table surrounded by chairs. thus allowing diners to cast their scraps 10-39 10' x 20' under the table or over their shoulders without 40-59 lO'x30' worrying about damaging a rug. should be espe- Room cially luxurious (that is where the master sat). 65-99 20' x 30' The music room may be entered from the In the art room. and perhaps a small raised stage 30-64 20' x 20' with a selection of instruments. 60-89 20' x 20' The private dining room should be entered 90-99 20' x 30' from the waiting room. be entered from which contains clothing for the suite's master: the master's bedroom. The floor may be 00-09 10' x 10' bare. the master dabbled in Table 354m: Art Room Size sculpting. 32-49 20'~30' The waiting room should have an entrance 50-62 20' x 40' from the entrylguard room. - joyed private musical performancesby resident room or the entry/guard room. onlv . similar items. if there is one. and it also contains benchesor chairs placed 20-31 20' x 20' against the walls. Other- The wardrobe is a small room (10' x 10') The wardrobe mav .

70-99 20' x 20' In this room. 00-29 10' x 10' ing. the sitting room will be attached to sitting R~~~ - tained guests. if there is one. The entrance to this room should be very room except the entry/guard room or the wait- well concealed and extremely difficult to open. The first room will be the entry/guard room. so long as their placement follows Figure 354.2. For ing seven sets of shelves. etc. Otherwise. the entrylguard . Table 354q: Secret Treasure Room Size Roorn gems. To facilitate worship. the instructions for their room type. 22. 22. To the north. environment where the suite's master enter. The chapel should also be filled with 35-69 10' x 20' religious art and decor. The sitting room's decorations Roll Size may follow a common theme. This room is likely to contain a few com- fortable chairs and a small table as well as a Table 354n: Sitting Room Size small fire place. 60-79 20' x 20' Theweapons and armor room should have 80-99 20' x 30' its entry from the master's bedroom. a sitting private chapel them rule justly. Roll Size Armor Room 00-19 1 0 ' 10' ~ Aside from stands for the armor and weap 20-39 10' x 20' ons. The chapel contains a small shrine or altar Table 3540: Private Chapel Size in addition to an area for kneeling. . and that makes your suite construction easier. Then continue to add rooms wherever you feel they best fit. be sure to label Southwest from the corridor is a library contain- each room in the suite with a decimal.3. On your dungeon map. or perhaps lying prostrate on the 00-34 lO'x10' floor. gold. the waiting room.. may have'been added to their suite. chairs 3 Add the bedroom suite to your dungeon map. trusting in divine guidance to help master's bedroom. this room may have a small area for prac- 40-59 10' x 30' ticing swordplay. if the entire suite is designated as chair. Roll Size standing. a corridor borders the waiting room to the east. follow the number 22. 65-99 20' x 20' Some nobility showed extra devotion to The private chapel may be next to the their religion. . a chapel room." or "the color blue. Some of the ROII Size 'terns may have been stored here due to their great sentimental value rather than their mon- etary value (which could be nil). a table. the suite's master kept his or Table 354p: Weapons and A r m o r her personal armor and weapons of choice. etc. then label the rooms in the suite instructions above on where each room may be 22. a reading stand and a example." 30-64 10' x 20' The sitting room's entrance may be at. exdensive . Room Size Weapons and - Here the master dressed and prepared for battle. North of the guard room is a 10' x 20' waiting room with a set of shelves on the west wall. place that right next to or at the end of the entryjguard room (connectingthem with a door or short corridor).1: The eight-room suite pic- tured on the next page begins in the southwest with a guard room containinga bench. located. sitting. If there is a waiting room. a library.ewe&. such as "hunt. A private dining room with table and add a short (no more than 30') corridor or two if chairs borders thewaiting room to the north. Secret Treasure The secret treasure room is where the suite's master k e ~ his t or her ~ersonalriches. the corridor ends in a . or the entrylguard room. You may and lamp.1. The sitting room is a more or less intimate tached to the waiting room.. room. ing room. This room may be located next to any To construct the bedroom suite.

sitting rooms. wardrobe cabinet. age rooms. The private bath contains hearth. second table. A private storeroom contains barrels and chests. beginning with the bedrooms. 4 ~ d treasure and d encounter each of the following chart. a third table with chairs and a lamp and three chairs facing a hearth. two bedsidetables with lamps. All encounters in the bedroom suite should be aware of all that goes on within the suite. first add ten to your roll for each room more than two in the Table 354s: Level B Suite Encounters bedroom suite. stor- levels. twochests. On Table 354r. buckets. since they should remain sealed. retainer'sbedroomand the master's bedroom. and then subtract twenty for Roll Encounters each lower-level encounter already placed by (-60)-19 0 previous tables. Place the encounters in sepa- rate rooms throughout the suite. pot. they will investigate large disturbances elsewhere in the suite. two wardrobe cabi- nets. On the remaining tables (s. t and u). do not put encounters in any secret treasure rooms. bedside tablewith lamp. 20-29 1 30-34 0 Table 354r: Level A Suite Encounters 35-44 1 Roll Encounters 45-49 0 00-04 0 50-59 1 05-14 1 60-74 0 15-19 2 75-94 1 20-24 0 95-99 0 25-29 1 100-119 1 30-39 2 120-134 2 40-44 1 135-144 1 45-49 3 145-149 2 50-59 0 150-164 3 60-69 2 165-174 0 70-79 1 175-184 2 80-84 2 185-194 1 85-89 3 195-199 3 90-94 0 200-204 1 95-99 1 205-21 4 2 . four chests. Also. add ten to your roll for each room more than two in the bedroom suite. tub and a servant's chair. The retainer's bedroom contains bed. library. to determine how many encounters (and what types) reside in the bedroom suite. second lamp and four chairs. Though probably not all at once. music and art rooms. The master's bedroom contains a bed.

If there the bedroom suite has its own possibility for is no treasure of level C. 200-229 2 and the decor in the rest of the bedroom suite for that matter. Li- 175-179 2 braries are also terrific places to plant informa- 180-184 1 tion that adventurers can use. especially large statues and large its same level. Tapestries and paintings may be 80% chance for each treasure level. easier to 90% chance for one of level A. find things of value geon suite all to themselves usually gathered and tear them off. Roll once for each treasure in the art objects severely reduces their value. each is an 80% chance for a treasure of levelA. and even if they do not. then there is a 15% treasure. a a treasure of level B. If there is a treasure of level quite a bit of riches along the way. This room has a 5% 00-49 This treasure no longer exists. If an encounter of greater than tapestries. 155-159 0 Library: Books can harbor vast troves of 160-164 1 valuable knowledge. This room A. 195-199 0 Otherwise. (-80)-29 0 Private Bath Room: There is a 5% chance 30-49 1 that the tub in the private bath room was made 50-59 0 of or plated with a valuable metal such as 60-89 1 copper. are usually much less valuable and much If the suite is a visitor suite. able condition. There is Treasure: Each different room type in a 5% chance for a treasure of level C. for a treasure of level A. may be difficult to remove from the level A does not have a treasure. Brooches and clasps of gold and silver have an 80% chance of totalling a Master's Bedroom: The master was p r o b treasure of level A if adventurers take the time ably quite wealthy. Those who earned a dun. but A stays an A. may be quite valuable. cumbersome form. then there is a 20% chance that instead it is has a 25% chance for a treasure of level C. though he or she might have stashed something away between Table 354u: Level D Suite Encounters the bed's mattresses or in a chest. then give it a dungeon. . 80-99 Reduce the level of this treasure by Wardrobe: It is unlikely that much of the one. Elimi. 145-149 1 could equal a treasure of level B or C. mold. knives. Table 354t: Level C Suite Encounters EntryIGuard Room: This room will not Roll Encounters have any treasure of its own. silver. Any damage to Table 354v. carry. Large encounter has a 50% chance for a treasure of decorations. 90-99 0 Additional valuable metals in this room yield a 100-129 1 15% chance for a treasure of level A. otherwise there below beginningwith Master's Bedroom. to sort through the clothes. a 165-174 3 collector might pay handsomely for them. except sufferingfrom fading. listed chance for a treasure of level B. (The tub. Small statues and paintings. so C becomes a B. This room Roll Encounters has a 30% chance for a treasure of level A. then the waiting room's decor. 60% chance for a treasure of level B. If there is no nate it. then there is a 45% chance 50-79 This treasure becomes level A. to be reduced by dungeon's current residents. candlestick holders and other small 200-204 2 items give this room a 25% chance for a trea- 205-214 1 sure of level A. particularly re- 185-194 3 garding the history of the dungeon's creators. (-100)-99 0 Waiting Room: If the bedroom suite is in 100-199 1 good condition. chance for a treasure of level B. suite. 130-144 2 if extracted in its bulky. then there i s an more fragile. treasure of level B. and abuse from the those due to encounters. depend- 150-154 2 ing on your generosity). Private Dining Room: If the master's plates survived. Candle sticks. In addition to these treasures. or even a very thin layer of gold. B becomesan master's clothing could have survived in wear- A. and two 90% chances for treasures of level A (for a grand total possibility of four separate trea- sures). 215-224 2 I Retainer's Bedroom: The retainer would 225-229 3 not have been very wealthy. and other dining Roll Result items may also retainvalue. they may contain valuable Table 354v: Visitor Suite Treasure metals.

and one 15% chance for a C. Sitting Room: A sitting room will contain There is a 30% chance for the armor. This room has a 10% chance for a weapon to be enchanted. B. these items could be worth a small pole arm) and a 5% chance for each additional treasure. and that is likely to be next to shield and helmet with the coat of arms and worthless. one together. starters. such as removal by current residents. If not. master. The owner's may not realize this. These will include at least one missile various pieces and effects have a 15% chance weapon.) exceptionally wrought weapons and ar- Music Room: Any instruments are not mor that were made to fit snugly to the suite's likely to be in usable condition. If there is no treasure of level Secret Treasure Room: If the adventurers B. . If the master was geon Abandonment beginning on page 165). standard is likely to be hanging from a wall. There will be five treasures sibility towards spiritual assets came first. then there is a 40% chance for a treasure of manage to find this (make sure that it is very level A. Private Storage Room: If the adventurers treasure of level A. If there this room will contain (barring other circum- is neither treasure of level C nor treasure of level stances. there are three 40% chances for If there is no treasure of level C. Then. treasure of level B. they are in for a treat (unless Private Chapel: It takes a definite lack of the dungeon was abandoned slowly-see Dun- scruples to loot a chapel. then there (this is very unlikely-give it a 5% chance). a 30% various trinkets and wersonal items that the chance for each of the master's primary weap master enjoyed showkg off to guests. one hand-to-hand weapon and one of yielding a treasure of level A. the chapel's valuable items This is where the suite's master hid his or her would have been removed. ignorant adventurers crest of their original owner. If there is more treasures of level B. In a pinch. one long range. etc. given any time. They will also include at least one Art Room: This room will mostly contain complete suit of heavy armor and at least one the master's art. greatest treasures. If there is no treasure of level C. they have a 5% did not have time to take his or her weapons chance of coming away with a treasure of level and armor when the dungeon was abandoned C. cleverly hidden). two 40% chances for 20% chance for a treasure of level B. then is a 30% chance for a treasure of level B. pole arm. of level A and two treasures of level B just for there i s a 20% chance for a treasure of level C. respon. Of course. Nevertheless. then there is a more treasures of level A. Totalled ons (one hand-to-hand. are nosey enough to take timeand rifle through Weapons and Armor Room: If the master the masters personal effects. then there will be a treasure of level A. then there will be a 90% chance for a treasure of level D. two 30% chances for neither treasure of level B nor treasure of level treasures of level C.

If there is no treasure of level original entrance. The Information and ers. spiritual assets came before the need to rescue 60-74 ~ h thewall totheright~ ~ ~ other items. C. There is one door on the same wall as the original entrance. Each additional no additional entrances other than the entrance will be a door. . 355 Chapel Religious devotion was important to rul. the left of the original entrance. Figure 355.this room with its ornate altar and extensive decor has survived through the ages largely unscathed. there is a 25% chance for a and one on the wall to the left of the treasure of level C." . responsibility towards the original entrance. Chapels facili.. you roll this result again. o o o o eight pillars support a high flat ceiling. the chapel's valuable items would have been 45-59 There is a door on the wall to the left of additional removed. there i s a 40% chance for a treasure of level 7589 are doors on the same wall. secret door. Advice for the Thedungeon chapel contains a small shrine or altar on the wall opposite the entryway in el's details according to your own campaign and the culture of those who built the dungeon. - 0 0 0 0 Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level B. on B. If not. soldiers and peasants alike. The altar is raised up on a series of four steps. of the original entrance. There is a door on the wall to the right 3 Add treasure and encounter levels and had any time before abandoning their home. then there are trances to your dungeon map. If there is no encounter of level 6. then the wall to the right and on the wall to there is a 95% chance for a treasure of level A. Treasure: If the dunge0n occupants Table 355b: Additional Entrances Roll 00-14 15-29 30-44 Entrances There are no additional entrances. addition to an area for the congregation.1: The mapping example of the 30' x 40' chapel to the right contains an altar against the west wall. Four stone figures at each of the room's corners stare at you as if imploring you to leave everything as you see it. If following table and add any additional en. and double - doors open into the chapel on the east wall. adding a secret door on the Additional Entrances: Roll on the wall opposite the original entrance. If there is neither of these treasures. ' dungeon map. tated inhabitants' worship. Role-playing Tips: Decide the chap. "Surprisingly. chapel also contains religious art and decor. Game Master Roll ~ercentiledice: 30-39 30' x 40' Table 355a: Chapel Size Roll 00-09 Size 20' x 30' 1 Determine the room's size. .then there is a 25% chance for an encounter of level A. 90-99 Roll again. In a pinch. entrances.

then there Next. . If the tional entrance and consult Table 356c to de- . 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and Encounters: There i s a 10% chance for an encounter of level B. statues. entrances. Game Master room did not seat as many as the great hall or mess. If they have not tables and benches along with several elaborate been moved aside. Candle sticks." Information and The dungeon dining room was reservedfor artwork. and dining room has an encounter. the tables may have been and servants usually were not invited. 356a: Table 356a: Dining Room Size Roll 00-06 07-14 Size 20' x 30' 20' x 40' 15-23 30' x 30' four additional). It may be richly decoratedwithtapestries. but. roll percentile dice for each addi- is a 65% chance for a treasure of level A. Treasure: Intact plates may contain valuable metals. Additional Entrances: Roll percen- tile dice and consult Table 356b to determine the number of additional entrances. be interesting obstacles during a battle. when a room such as the great candlesticks. on the other hand.. solid tables could chairs. The lightly armored night-sprites.hance for a treasure of the same level. This tional entrance has a 50% chance to be a door.. "Toppledtables and chairs are proving to be formidable obstacles. So much timber was used to support the table legs that turning the tables on Room their backs does little good. dungeon map. one of which is a double door. making movement around the furniture slow and over a table extremely difficult at best. it i s a corridor. there i s also a 50%. are leaping over and around old furniture as if it does not exist. Each addi- other dining items may also be valuable. metal plates and elaborate formal dinners. 356 Dining Your armor slows and encumbers you. If there i s no treasure of level B. freeingit Advice for the hall and mess were not appropriate. The dining for bones and scraps tossed during meals. tipped and moved aside to clear space for The dining room contains solidly made bedding in the room's center. 6. then there i s a 50% chance for an encounter of level A. additional room has a 1o0/o chance for a treasure of level otherwise. the large. The floor should be bare. knives. 1 Determine the room's size. then. normal soldiers. mercenaries Role-playing Tips: If there is an en- counter in this room. If not. all doors.

termine their locations. No wall may have more Table 356c: Additional Entrance than three entrances. Locations Table 356b: Dining Room Additional Roll Location 00-18 Theadditionalentranceison the same Entrances wall as the original. 30-44 3 73-99 The additional entrance is on the wall 45-59 4 to the right of the original entrance. 60-74 5 75-87 6 88-99 7 . 05-1 4 1 46-72 The additional entrance is on the wall 15-29 2 opposite the original entrance. Roll Additional Entrances 19-45 The additional entrance is on the wall 00-04 0 to the left of the original entrance.

40-59 30~x30' h. Sometimes the con- structors of a dungeon set aside a room specifi- you become our slaves. "We'll show you our treasure" A game room typically contains tables and could turn out to be "here. thing for us" could turn out to be "okay.1: The 20' x 20' game room on the left contains two [QPj tables. occasionally interrupted by grumbling and muttering from the onlookers. of our pockets." encounter is found in the game room. . 'The crowd of reptilians. perhaps Table 357a: Came Room Size 1 Determine 357a: ROII Size the room's 00-1 9 20' x 20' 20-39 20' x 30' size. what they seem." . J Figure 357. Between the two old ones lies an oddly colored board on which rest several delicately fashioned silver trinkets. "If you win. quickly glances your way as you enter. look at the coins in benches as well as barrels of liquor and. Game Master larly fond of this pursuit. direct you to a horde of treasure. Information and Nobles and peasants alike enjoyed to relax the adventurers could be challenged to a game and entertain themselves with competitive or two with stakes such as. teeth bared. otherwise it i s a door. and then their attention returns to the board. each surrounded by benches-and holding a lamp. Soldiers were particu. we'll Advice for the games of skill or chance. Each entrance has a 20% chance to be a corridor. . but if we win. dungeon map. Additional Entrances: Roll ~ e r c e n - tile dice and consult Table 170 standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. games and pieces of games. then there i s a 90% chance for a treasure of the same level." while "you'll have to do some- course.. One wizened hand after another reaches out Room to carefully move the silver trinkets this way or that." or simply. be our Role-playing Tips: If an intelligent dinner. Treasure: If there i s an encounter. additional entrances. "More than a dozen heavily armed reptilians are gathered around a 357 Game table at which two ancient reptilians sit facing each other. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and Encounters: There is a 35% chance for an encounter of level A. "Ten pieces of gold to the winner!" The stakes may not be cally for recreation and the playing of games.

items like a gold tray. Informationand of fish. sonorous snore. or special service particularly wasted food that had been des. From a small door on the west wall. For additionalinformation about Or chase down a horse when the knight's newly Or toss for the boat if there's fish by the ton? peeled? Don't fight when there's eatin' t' end! Don't work when there's eatin' t' end! Why walk with yer brother or stay with yer mate Why close yer fat eyes when the pot's bubblin' full When some other fool might be lickin' yer plate? Or go down t' the cave after only one bull? No. Food was sometimes dyed with Role-playing Tips: Kitchens are easily blood.. tined for the tables of servants or soldiers. cheeses. etc. this may be out. responsible. breads. which might have been seasoned with herbs spices and herbs. ale and (primarilyfor nobility) wine. exile. in barrels. So. tables. or more storage rooms for holding food. pots. even after centuries of disuse. see 554 Storeroom on 2 for the number of storerooms attached to the page 150. comes a deep. . birds and beasts. could have hidden special hard-to-acquire in- Dungeon nobility frowned on wasted food. and spices. If your dungeon is controlled by sentient Sometimes they frowned on it enough to put creatures such as orcs or goblins. which could lead to a store room. and hooks along the walls hold up several pots and sharp knives. The may also have kitchen wares and service pieces. dungeon cooks had to be to which they take their captives. charcoal. mint. fire pits and ovens necessary the preparation of these items kept a team of for daily cooking as well as buckets for carrying Advice for the cooks busy all day and much of the night. the very best wine. perhaps being cooked more somewhere in the kitchen where the head chef than once and more than one different way. Each meal was served with copious quantities of water and some service items like trays. pitchers. Roll percentilediceand consuItTable358b the kitchen storerooms." 358 Kitchen Dungeon dwellers consumed all manner The dungeon's kitchen contains the knives.. food is an ogre's best friend! Don't sleep when there's eatin' t' end! -From "Food Is an Ogre's Best Friend Author Anonymous . and it recognizable. etc. was often forced through several different steps You may wish to put a secret compartment in preparation. "Large tables with countless stains and cuts lie in the center of this room. and spits. mead. Determine kitchen. rather than a prison or torture room. drink. and they should contain drinks the kitchen. gredients. are attached to sacksand crates. sandalwood. adept at preparing and disguising spoiled food. Roll Storerooms storerooms All of the kitchen storerooms should con- tain remnants of food and spices in barrels.. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 358a: Kitchen Size Roll 00-14 1 5-32 33-47 Size 20' x 20' 20' x 30' 2Ofx40' 1 Determine the room's size. Place doors to all storerooms in the kitchen or immediately beside it in the corridor Table 3 5 8 h Kitchen Sto~erooms how many outside. The kitchen should also be bordered by one Game Master beer. incarcerate or execute those deemed the room.

80-89 There is an additional entranceon the Roll percentiledice and consult the follow. There is an additional entranceon the wall to the right of the original en- trance. site and one on the wall to the right of trances the original entrance. otherwise it is a door. pots. Not pictured in the kitchen are wall hooks for holding pots. Two extra large tables take up most of the kitchen's center. knives and other utensils. Each entrance has a 25% chance to opposite the original entrance. wall to the right and one on the wall ing table. one on the wall oppo- Table 358c: Kitchen Additional En. 15-29 There is an additionalentrance on the wall to the left of the original en- trance. 90-99 There is an additional entrance on the wall to the left. See 554 Storeroom on page 150 for kitchen storeroom encounters. 4 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and an encounter of level A. and along the east wall rest three more dungeon map. of level B. Roll Entrances 00-14 There are no additional entrances. A large oven takes up most of the kitchen's west wall. Kitchens also usually contain a few cabinets. then 45-59 60-69 wall opposite the original entrance. entered through a door in the south wall. entrances. If there is no treasure of level B. plates. con- tains several barrels full of food and drink. wall to the left and one on the wall to See 554Storeroom on page 150for kitchen the right of the original entrance. be a corridor. and more. pans. There is also a 10% chance for a treasure opposite the original entrance. There is an additional entranceon the thereis a 70% chance for a treasure of the same wall to the left and one on the wall additional level. the storeroom. sets of shelves for holding tools. some chests. storeroom treasure. . Near that are a set of shelves and a fire pit with a crossbar. Treasure: If there is an encounter. then 70-79 There is an additional entrance on the there is a 55% chance for a treasure of level A. attached storeroom. and often more than one oven and fire ring.

If there is no treasure of level C and no treasure of level B. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 359a: Latrine Size 1 359a: Roll Size Determine 00-39 lO'x10' the room's 40-69 10' x 20' 70-89 10' x 3 0 ' size. Treasure: A full latrine bucket makes a good hiding place for valuables. then there i s a 5% chance for a treasure of level B. each with holes in their centers and with buckets directly under- neath. $2 Add the room to your map. adventurers find it. Servants or soldiers to avoid sharing a latrine with commoners.1: The 1O'x 10' latrine mapping exampleon the right contains two benches over two buckets and a wooden partition in between. 3 There i s a 3% chance for a treasure of level C. On either side of the partition are benches. if tarnished. If there is no treasure of level C. such as castles carrying them out the dungeon's mouth or to and cities. evaporated and turned to dust by the time level A. Information and from those in other locations. "Thisroom is only ten feet wide by ten feet long and has a tall wooden partition down its center.. then there is a 5% chance for a treasure of Add treasure and encounter 1evels. but treasure hidden there . Advice for the more holes in one or more benches. The bucket's unsavory contentswill probably havelongsince will likely be intact." 359 Latrine A latrine in a dungeon did not differ much emptied the buckets several times each day. . Figure359. Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level A. The basic design consisted of one or an underground river.. each with Nobility usually employed chamber pots Game Master a bucket underneath.

and a wooden trough 360 Lavatory about a foot wide runs the length of three walls. then there is a 15% chance for a water. otherwise the room has no furnishings. This lavatory has one additional entrance for a total of two. then there is a 15% chance for an treasure of the same level. tile dice and consult Table 1 7 0 Standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. If there is no encounter of If there is an encounter but no water. Benches are placed throughout the room. Any water system for the lavatory has running magical fountain. 360b: Roll 00-01 Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 360b: Lavatory Water Supply Result Water in the lavatory comes from a 02-03 04 05-99 There i s a magical fountain in the lavatory that requires a special com- mand word to start running. p. . a ably have a good idea of the lavatory's role in the Game Master stone basin. There is a bench in front of one third of the trough. If there is no water in the room. hands and feet. 1 Determine 360a: Roll Size 00-1 4 10' x 10' the room's 15-34 l o ' x 20' size. unless the cleansing feet. fountain was magical. have a steady stream of water pouring into the trough from what appears to be nothing but thin air. however. ten feet by twenty. 4 Encounters: If the lavatorvstill contains lavatorv. ~ d treasure d encounter of level C. levels. then there is a 90% chance for an a 5% chance for a treasure of level A. all water in the lavatory will probably may also be benches on which to sit while be gone. then there is a 30% chance for an there is a 30% chance for a same level treasure. including any in a fountain. . 35-64 20' x 20' 65-79 20' x 30' 80-99 3O'x3O1 fountain in its center. long since dried up. encounter of level A. then there Additional Entrances: Roll percen- is a 10% chance for an encounter of level A. I Information and The lavatory was a washroom. dungeon map. and troughs full of water in the northeast and southwest corners.. otherwise it is a there i s an operating fountain with water in the corridor. then and level C. If there is no encounter of If there is no encounter at all. a long stone gutter at waist level or dungeon. Each entrance has Treasure: If there i s an encounter. There i s a natural fountain and drain- age system still in operation. has frequented a castle environment will p r o b Advice for the Within the lavatory may be a fountain. BY the time adventurers discover the simply pitchers and buckets for water. -4 - 3 Determine the lavatory's water source. The room does. encounter encounter of level B. and a 50% chance to be a door. There dungeon." . "This room is fairly small. mainly for Role-playingTips: Any adventurerwho heads. then there is level B or C.

lharsvend. tables. Very few others would have been inter- language that adventurers can understand. retainers. Oh. .). There are five chair and reading stand pairs as well as one table and lamp surrounded by four chairs. In Paper itself was a valuable commodity. physicians. on the left side of Role-playing Tips: Books were usu. . even if they knew libraries in an attempt to find valuable tomes of how to read. elite considerable to the right buyer. each page will be a language the adventurers ally written and copied by hand. spell casters. A smart adven- logically adept or innovative enough to have turer will realize that this book may be used to created even the crudest of printing presses. If you must give them an or chairs. its discovery a challenge. clerks. For these reasons. If you feel kind- A library contains several shelves. There are also books on the ground at the foot of a very large troll who." "Really? Let me see. another part of the dungeon. guage that they do not know. "Books. the low) on the tables and attached to the walls to adventurers might find a book in the library that make the room bright and easy for reading. 1'11let you find the tinder and relight the torch. Adventurers are notorious for ransacking Game Master ested in visiting the library. probably a spell ously made. There should also be enough wax exceptionallyvaluable bookof this nature. etc. officers and certain skilled craftsmen Books and scrolls may or may not be in a Advice for the (such as healers. there could craft. For example. one by one. is written in two languages. labori." . five along the walls and five in the room's center. and book-binding was a skilled caster's room or healer's quarters. and some benches and/ make it easy on them. lhars. Now that we're in totaldarkness. Roll percentile dice: 40-45 20' x 40' Table 361a: Library Size Roll 00-04 05-14 15-19 Size 10' x 10' 10' x 20' lO'x30' 1 Determine the room's size. books were difficult for be a valuable book written in the foreign lan- all but the wealthiest to own in any great guage. . Iguess you're right. a few hearted.. since most do know. dungeon map. that's just a reflection from your torch. and on the right side will be a lan- dungeon-building cultures were not techno. you may let them find one. ." "Great. 6 n I "Hey Bertran! Look! This sword's glowing!" "That's not glowing. spells and potion recipes. translate from one language into the other. 361 Library The dungeon's library contained books quantity.1: This 30' x 40' library contains ten I ~ I shelves full of books.books and more books fill this room on shelves attached to every wall and stretching from floor to ceiling. but do not reading stands. 20-29 20' X 20' 30-39 20' x 30' Figure 361. is carefully tearing out pages and eating them. make candles (more valuable and cleaner than tal. The library has two additional entrances for a total of three counting the original. and their individual worth could be Information and and scrolls of interest primarily to nobles." -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . which they probably did not.

trance. then there is a 50% 40-49 There is an additional entranceon the chance for a treasure of the same level. There is an additional entrance on the wall to the left. and tragedies such as new. less 30-39 There is an additional entrance on the literate dungeon inhabitantsdeciding to use the wall to the left of the original en- books for fuel or bedding material. Additionally. then there is a 3 5 O / 0 chance for an encounter of level A. There i s a 5% chance for a treasure of level 50-59 There is an additional entranceon the C hidden somewhere in the library (perhaps in wall to the right of the original en- a fake. the right of the original entrance. at least the value of their paper. ravages of time. entrances. . wall opposite the original entrance. opposite the original entrance. but shelves.3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and an encounter of level B. The door is probably hidden behind a set of book their own. is a 45% chance for a treasure of level A. additional that value may have decreased due to the 05-29 There are no additional entrances. Treasure: The books may have value of Roll 00-04 Entrances Roll again on this table. Each 70-79 There is an additional entrance on the entrance has a 75% chance to be a door. 60-69 There is an additional entrance on the wall to the left and one on the wall Additional Entrances: Roll percen. tile dice and consult the following table. adding to the result one secret door concealed on the wall of your choice. If there is an encounter. hollowed out book). If there i s no encounter of level B. one on the wall oppo- site and one on the wall to the right of the original entrance. 80-89 There is an additional entranceon the wall to the right and one on the wall opposite the original entrance. wall to the left and one on the wall to otherwise it is a corridor. there trance.

with Infomation and location for dungeon inhabitants to buy. empty chests. you hand crafted trinkets. broken barrels. with'perhap. It begins either. out. A platform holding a chair flanked by two statues once served dungeon map. I'm not sure Ican decipher this scroll. furs. open chests.'or. The dungeon's market area served as a remnants of the scene described above. as a d v e i turers find it. the dungeon's merchant master. sacks. . cloth (plainand exotic)." .. and trash. but bear a grammaticalresemblancet i Gnomish. dozen small items and low-value coins scat- cheapjewelry. customers large. 'Big frog by the moon. who administered the market place. a few and the sounds of haggling.dna 35-39 60' x 90' Table 362a: Market Size Roll Size 55-59 70' x 110' 1 A Determine the room's size. destroyed booths and smashed tables. the Market will probably be a Game Master filled with merchants. craftsmen. Doing most of the damage in the room is a large dragon who is now flatteninga few barrels 362 Market while charging your way. There were tables. etc. . mostly empty room. sell signs of hasty evacuation. to reward there should be a small chance (10%) that itwas adventurers who like wasting time searching done in the midst of a market day. The best and most and trade with travelling merchants and local valuable wares would have been taken away by Advice for the craftsmen. Otherwise. "Hmm . hawking and bar. yet hard to find. Role-playingTips: Among the several and goods such as fresh food. such as a magic ring. The market was empty most of the time. may wish to place something highly valuable If the dungeon was abandoned quickly. shredded cloth. . The characters are similar to Old Dwarven. then the adventurers should find the sneak up on them. 'This room is huge and filled with a seemingly endless quantity of shattered pottery. If that is the the floors of large rooms while encounters case. scattered tables. crushed tin and silver wares. but on designated market days. Roll percentile dice . gaining. tered across the floor of the market room. tin wares. it was the fleeing market-goers. weapons.'" --Bertran Stoneback . 'By order of the king.

95-99 There are no encounters. the wall to the right of the one with the original entrance. 362d will give you the total number of addi- . consult Table 36213. level A scattered about in low-value coins and 55-81 The additional entrance i s located on small trinkets. 76-87 7 60-84 There are two encounters of level A. Table 362d: Market Additional 45-75 There are two encounters of level A. If the market was evacuated in haste (see 28-54 The additional entrance is located on Dungeon Abandonment startingon page 165). 00-03 0 04-15 1 Table 362c: Large Market Encounters 16-27 2 Roll Encounters 28-39 3 00-12 There is an encounter of level C. re-roll it and place it elsewhere.3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and rooms under 5000 square feet. 40-51 4 13-25 There are two encounters of level 8. 20-29 There is an encounter of level B. one at a time. 52-63 5 26-38 There is an encounter of level 6. the wall opposite the one with the there will be an additional seven treasures of original entrance. Roll Table 362b: Market Encounters Encounters 362e will. give the location of those entrances. of being a door. original entrance. For larger rooms. 30-44 There are three encounters of level A. 82-99 The additional entrance is located on tile dice and consult the following tables. 00-09 There is an encounter of level C. 88-99 8 85-94 There is an encounter of level A. entrances. 64-75 6 39-59 There are three encounters of level A. consult Table 362c. Additional Entrances: Roll percen. Entrances f 6-89 There i s an encounter of level A. Each additional entrance has a 40%chance additional 10-19 There are two encounters of level B. Roll Additional Entrances 90-99 There are no encounters. Table 362e: Market Entrance Locations 00-27 The additional entrance is located on Treasure: Each encounter has a 90% the wall to the left of the one with the chance of having a treasure of the same level. otherwise it is a corridor. If any entrance would break that rule. Table the same wall as the original entrance. No wall may have more than one entrance more than any other wall.

Theyz likes it lots n ' g o o d n' timely. 'cauze it's real important. th' food or th' cook. contains several overturned.' sez Hagoyl.' "'Sez who?' sez Haggy. broken and smashed tables and benches. 'tiaggy. ya'gotta' doez a good job here. cher. theyz petiklar 'bout their food.l.' I sez. radiating away from those doors like rays from the sun. The two doors on the west wall have been torn off their hinges. 07-1 3 30' x 50' 14-21 30' x 60' 22-28 40' x 40' 29-35 40' x 50' 2 Figure 363. The mess hall has four additional entrancesfor a total offive counting the original. there are an untold Hall number of blood stains. I sez.' I sez. and above those. them are cast about haphazardly. It's jus'one." . and the many benches that surround dungeon map. . forty feet wide and twice as long. "This large room. I sez. 2 n d o' the Watch . 363 Mess "There are a total of five additional entrances in this room. When it comez t' food. "'Look. are an equal number of vents that probably lead to the surface up above. and. in the ceiling.' "'Yeah. but e'ryone takes it t'heart. I sez. or some other type of plate. The " :.'" -Brubnub.1: The mapping example t o the right represents a 50' x 60' mess hall that. 'We gots a rule here. 'So wot?' "'Haggy. I'm tellin' ya' true. On the far wall is a row of half a dozen fire pits. is somewhat of a mess. Th' grubz here. to hall's six large and three smaller tables are set up at odd angles. The dungeon's mess hall was a place for Those w h o ate in the mess usually did so with Information and soldiers. He'd never cooked fer th' troops here b'fore. 'Haggy. "Hagoyl waz new. servants and commoners toeat.. It was their o w n knife and a wooden or bread tren- a large room filled with tables and benches. true t o its name. w e eats w o t tastes best. Advice for the Game Master 1 44-50 40' x 70' Table 363a: Mess Hall Size 51-57 40' x 80' Determine Roll Size 58-64 50' x 50' the room's 00-06 30' x 40' 65-71 50' x 60' size. Cookin' fer th' troops is a matter o' life n' death. soz I took him aside and givez him th'rules straight n'simple.

88-99 8 Treasure: Each encounter has an 80% Table 363d: Mess Hall Entrance chance for a treasure of the same level. 64-75 6 76-89 There is an encounter of level A. roll percentile dice and con- original entrance. the wall to the right of the one with the Each additional entrance has a 5o0/ochance original entrance. If any original entrance.3 levels ~ d treasure and d encounter and consult Table 363b: Table 363b: Mess Hall Encounters Roll 00-09 Encounters There is an encounter of level C. Entrances Roll 00-03 04-15 16-27 Additional Entrances 0 1 2 . entrance would break that rule. 52-63 5 45-75 There are two encounters of level A. 40-51 4 entrances. 76-87 7 90-99 There are no encounters. otherwise it is a corridor. sult Table 363d to find the location of each of 28-54 The additional entrance is located on those entrances. 30-44 There are three encounters of level A. 10-19 There are two encounters of level B. of being a door. No wall may have more than the wall opposite the one with the one entrance more than any other wall. Afterwards. . Locations Additional Entrances: Roll percen- Roll Location tile dice and consult Table 363c to find the total 00-27 The additional entrance is located on number of additional entrances into the mess the wall to the left of the one with the hall.-. 28-39 3 additional 20-29 There is an encounter of level B. 82-99 The additional entrance is located on the same wall as theoriginal entrance. reroll it and 55-81 The additional entrance is located on place it elsewhere.

There is one additional entrance for a total of two including the original entrance. "A small stage rests against the east wall. especially since any instrument ad- ered around it. raised or are unfamiliar with will often turn out to be much more interestingthan one that they easily Game Master not. lyre. drum. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 364a: Music Room Size Roll 00-24 25-49 50-74 Size 20' x 20' 20' x 30' 30' x 30' 1 Determine the room's size. then there i s an 80% chance for a treasure of the same level.. Room The dungeon music room was a place instruments may include a lute. Otherwise. and several benches angle to face it. One painting and several tapestries along the walls depict musicians playing various instruments including a lute. Additional Entrances: Roll percen- tile dice and consult Table 170 Standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. room to your dungeon map. Information and where nobles and privileged inhabitants gath. pipe or something ered to enjoy the music of a court musician or unusual. and several benches and/or chairs gath. 3 Add treasure and encounter levels and additional entrances. Add the ing it in a rough semi-circle. Treasure: If there is an encounter. Each additional entrance will be a door. .. . recognize. The air has become noticeably colder.. . An instrument that your adventurers Advice for the a travelling minstrel. Encounters: There is a 25% chance for an encounter of level A. Musical tion. mandolin. bells. there is a 20% chance for a treasure of level A. There may even be a musical venturersfind is probably not in playable condi- instrument or two left in the room. Figure 364.1: The music room on the right consists of a stage centered against the north wall and several chairs surround. music suddenly fills the room from some unknown source. The music room has a small stage. recorder. 364 Music "When you step on the stage.. a lyre and a hunting horn.

own personal deeds may have brought great Most servants' quarters contain scarce fur. that would yield a number of occupants 67-77 . 28-41 20' x 20' 42-55 20' x 30' 56-69 20' x 40' 70-84 3Ofx3O' 85-99 30' x 40' ters.0275 becomes 10. you find a twenty foot by thirty foot room that contains three rows of two-level bunk beds and several small chests scattered about-some opened and over- ) flowing with soiled clothes and other worthless items. . 89-99 . (If beds-not just straw on the floor-are number by the amount of square feet in the servants' quarters and round i Roll 00-10 11-21 22-32 ~ Occupants . nishings if any. a hat. place some personal effects of this on the floor for sleeping. some of whose fami- beasts such as horses. a table.0225 42.025 equal to 600 x . cows and trained dogs lies may have served for generations.0175 44-55 . these effects could include may have been given bunks or single beds on an embroidered item. If the dungeon owners room's former inhabitants inside to give it char- were more wealthy than normal. square feet. Within. then roll t percentile dice~and consult fable 9 a ~ how many servants ~ provided. For servants.) ~ u l t the i ~ resulting l ~ ~ 365b. see 202 Barracks on page 26. but Advice for the required for those tasks not assigned to sol. clothing. . rounded down 78-88 . and they received ones befitting their status as peasants not soldiers. Quarters eyes "One are of opening.5.02 quarters. 1 Determine 365a: Roll Size 00-1 3 10' x 10' the room's 14-27 IO'x20' size. and straw quarters. .015 ~ shared the down. Its Information and Maintaining a dungeon involved hundreds barracks. the servants acter. keep in mind that the barracks are for servants. for their personal effects. Grumbling and growling noises rise from the beds. benches.) If this if not thousands of menial tasks. If the roll against Table 365b was 56-66 . The servants needed quarters. (Perhaps give it a 35% chance. finding it unlocked. quarters to resemble the layout of soldiers' . reward to some noble or ruler.0125 . 365 quietly ease it open to peer inside. a which to sleep and been provided with chests small wooden figure or something similar. or whose more valuable than servants. and they will not be preceded by a guard room." the creatures is now rolling over to face your way.01 .0175 = 10. Officer and noble type barracks lucky to get any wages at all beyond room and may have been occupied by the most trusted board. shoes. "You try the first door on the left and. Game Master diers. then roll on Table 365c instead. issuing from the mouths of over a dozen sleeping orcs.03 . Servants were is the case. They may have nothing but a Role-playing Tips: As with all living few personal items. Objectively. a 20' x 30' quarters is 600 33-43 . some closed Servants and possibly hiding valuables. Dungeon nobility generally deemed and valuable of servants. all of these items are probably You may decide to set up the servants' worthless. For example.

02 27-35 . dungeon map.025 36-44 . then there i s a 45% chance for an level. there i s a 3% chance for a encounter of level A. .03 Figure 365. If there is no encounter Add treasure there i s a 50% chance for a treasure of the same of level B. and encounter levels. Otherwise. your ings. There are eight Add the mats on the ground for sleeping which sometimes were rolled or folded Oan and placed against the walls. The quarters also contain four chests which room to the servants shared for storing their clothes and meager personal belong. .01 09-1 7 . 0 4 Encounters: There i s a 5% chance for an encounter of level B.1: The servants' quarters illustrated by the mapping example to the right contain provisions for eight servants.Table 365c: Servants' Quarters Occupants Roll Occupants 00-08 . treasure of level A.015 18-26 .

Whether the animals were slaughtered and burnt by fleeing dungeon inhabitants or pillaging attackers may never be known. wool. Sometimes a quickly and easily. hides and meat. perhaps switching it with a room that taken up or down stairways. . on the floor with the main entrance or does not habitants with milk (for drinking. geon map. then an encounter of level 13. . then you may ignore the roll Game Master room was set aside within the dungeon to house some of these animals. more than a score of goats and 366 Stable countless chickens intermingle throughout this fifty foot by seventy foot room. Encounters: There is a 20% chance for Treasure: If there i s an encounter. cooking and have some means for getting animals inside Advice for the cheese). 'The skeletal remains of a dozen cows. same level." . Information and Herds of livestock provided dungeon in. then there is a 50% chance for an encounter of level A. 1 Determine the room's size.If there i s no encounter there is an 80% chance for a treasure of the 3 Add trea- sure and encounter levels. especially in case that told you to create a stable and go back to the table which sent you here. If your stable is not is already located there but does not need to be. Each bone is blackened by fire.. of level €3.1: The 40' x 40' stable mapped on the left containsfour separate pens for holding fowl and small livestock animals. Table 366a: Stable Size Roll 00-08 Size 30' x 30' Figure 366. You may also decide the dungeon was ever subjected to a siege. There are also two stalls for a cows or other large animals. to locate this room near the main dungeon Livestock would probably not have been entrance.

the heads of of what is on display. what is on Suits of armor. valu. These traps may still be active and Game Master rooms were also useful for displaying large ready to give adventurers a brutal lesson re- statues and other objects meant to intimidate garding the principle of "hands-off. the corridor suddenly expands out to a width of thirty feet. While the first suits were tarnished by passing years. Exhibition "Turningback as the corridor closes to ten feet width once more. You will have to decide what will fit in assortment of painted shields. amber fossils. or bones of strange or common creatures. depictions of great battles instruments or oddly shaped bee hives? You (on tapestries. suits of armor stand at attention. stuffed and could reflecta ruler'seccentricityin your choice the exhibition mounted beasts or monsters. 17-26 30' 27-37 40' 38-49 50' 50-61 60' 62-72 70' 73-82 80' 83-91 90' 92-99 100' . tions of great legends. as if you have entered a long room. On either side of this room. Exhibition able items on display probably had traps pro- tecting them. (What Collections which are stranger and more is the connection between all of these arrow exotic will generally be more interesting to heads and that statue of a tree?) "Do you honestly think 11 '1 answer that question?" -Number 355 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers . watchingadventurers struggle to solve it. and above each suit hangs a coat of arms over two crossed swords. weapons. odd merely give the appearance of one and enjoy machines. more primitive. . more rugged.. in miniature. statues of nobility tion of snake skeletons. Sometimes nobles had collections that Role-playingTips: An exhibition room Infomation and they wanted displayed. writing display in (past or present). the armor seems to lose its age. etc. ancient artifacts. For that reason. Showing off visitor to the dungeon. their style becomes less decorative. feet. . the You could present a puzzle in the collection. etc. the last few practically gleam. . . a variety of severed left room. soldiers and other subjects. spoils of war. criminals.).you are no longer the only life in the corridor. but how many Determine well with your campaign. At the same time.'' or inspire servants. Some examples: could claim to haveexperienceviewinga selec. Then roll Dimension percentile dice and consult Table 401a again Determine Roll Size the room's for the exhibition room's length. As you walk past these lifeless sentries and their shields. - 2 possibilities for display items in an exhibition Most adventurers wohd be iamiliar with an room. rocks. "Rounding the next bend. 00-07 10' 08-16 20' size. you find that all the armor resembles those few suits at the end. Roll percentilediceand consultTable401a Table 401a: Exhibition Room for the exhibition room's width. as much for showingoff was often open to viewing by any resident or as for sharing with their subjects. artistic representa. statues of rats standing on their heads. Two women Room dressed in ancient garb stand staring at you in amazement. More surprisingly." . Advice for the a large collection (or a collection of large ob- jects) required an exhibition room.

secret door does not apply to the limit on how many entrances may be Additional Entrances: Roll percen. otherwise it is a corridor. Re-roll any roll that Table 401d: Exhibit Room Entrance would result in breaking this rule. (A secret Locations door is an exception. located. No wall may have two entrances on it if another wall has none. placed on a wall. then 96-99 Roll again. If the collection on 48-59 4 ~ d treasure d display i s particularly valuable.) Roll Locations Each entrance has a 40% chance to be a 00-18 This entrance is on the same wall as door. 24-35 2 .1: This 20' x 40' exhibition room is 9 ababOdbabab~ababdb an' encounter of level A. room on page 150) containing addi- Then roll percentile dice for each entrance and tional. Additional Entrances 46-72 This entrance is on the wall opposite Roll Additional Entrances the original entrance. 19-45 This entrance is on the wall to the left Table 401c: Exhibition Room of the original entrance. 60-71 5 and sider placing a more difficult encounter. or it may be an intensive search will uncover it. perhaps more valuable. The extra entrance is a secret additional level. addingoneentrance to the levels and there is a 90% chance for a treasure of the same result. 72-83 6 A encounter 84-95 7 Treasure: If there i s an encounter. you should con. room may also be valuable. Behind the secret tile dice and consultTable401 c to find out how door is a storeroom (see 554 Store- many additional entrances are in the room. the original entrance. mate- consult Table 401d to find out where it is rial for display. Figure 401. concealed so that only a highly entrances. 00-11 0 73-99 This entrance is on the wall to the right 12-23 1 of the original entrance. This assortment of junk. The collection on display in the exhibition door.

The thrones Roll ~ercentiledice and consult Table 35-39 60' x 90' 1 60' x 100' Determine 60' x 110' Table 402a: Great Hall Size 60' x 120' the great Roll Size 70' x 110' hall's size. 70' great hall contains a throne on 0 0 0 0 0 0 steps near thewestwall. 00-03 30' x 50' 04-07 30' x 60' 08-1 1 40' x 60' 12-15 40' x 70' 16-19 40' x 80' 20-24 50' x 80' 25-29 50' x 90' 30-34 50' x 100' Figure 402. noted below. perhaps alongside accommodate the great amount of foot traffic in the hall as well as the great amount of scraps Game Master his or her spouse's throne and maybe even the thrown on it during feasts. . carpet extendsfrom the foot of the throne to the hall's double doors. Role-playing Tips: If your dungeon The great hall is usually decorated in a grand contains remains of its former inhabitants with a manner with giant tapestries. On a massive throne Hall set against the far wall sits a pale giant who. pillars to help support the ceiling. That was where the ruler's throne was placed. reaches nearly half-way to the ceiling. should be placed againstawall. thrones of their children. eighty feet wide by 402 Great one hundred and sixty feet long by thirty feet high. coats of arms. received nobles or foreign be no door or corridor near them except as dignitaries. "On the other side of the door lies a huge room. though seated. and behind the throne is a secret door." When a ruler met his or her subjects. 'Tour hobbled gnomish guide at last comes to an ornate door and motions for you to enter. and you pass through the doorway alone. he leaves you now. he did it in the great hall. to Advice for the tions. give a small chance symbols of the ruler's reign and authority. Due (maybe 5% to 10%)for them to reanimate if the to its size. The floor should be barren. and possibility of reanimating. and there are three h additional doors. ate a grand feast or issued proclama. pre. . . Pillars support the ceiling and gnomish guards line the walls. and thereshould Information and sided over disputes.1: This 40'. The room is lit by fiery brands ringing each pillar high above the ground. Heavy chains imbedded into the stone wall are attached on the other end to a thick metal band around the giant's neck.. Twelve pillars stand to 0 0 0 0 0 0 either side of the car- pet. the great hall normally containsseveral great hall is disturbed. As silently as he first met you. A royal -- I ' 1. dungeon map.

but in a 3 1-43 There are two encounters of level B. If any this secret door. Table a secret door concealed behind the 402d will give you the total number of addi. The extra entrance is tile dice and consult the following tables. add a way. 88-99 8 47-61 There are three encounters of level A. on Table 402d. behind the throne. 90-99 Add one entrance to the number of additional entrances you determined Additional Entrances: Roll percen. 62-89 The additional entrance is located on Otherwise. or on that wall not far from it. 40-51 4 additional 05-11 There is an encounter of level D. after the rest of entrance would break this rule. 62-75 There are two encounters of level A. and so on until level A has been checked. sible. . re-roll it and your dungeon is completed. Table 402b: Great Hall Encounters Roll Encounter Roll 00-03 04-15 16-27 28-39 Additional Entrances 0* 1 2 3 00-04 There i s an encounter of level E. 64-75 6 21-32 There are two encounters of level B. 76-89 There is an level A. there is place it elsewhere. effect for zero additional entrances is 90-99. Table 402c: Large Great Hall Encounters Table 402e: Great Hall Entrance Roll Encounter Locations 00-08 There is an encounter of level E Roll Entrance Location 09-18 There is an encounter of level D. which the throne i s placed. those entrances. there must be some way to one entrance more than any wall other than the escape the dungeonby going through wall against which the throne is placed. * Roll percentile dice for 402e anyway. and Table This door will open into a guard room 402e will. 76-87 7 33-46 There is an encounter of level B. or the next lower level. Con- tinue determining the locations of the remaining entrances. chance to have a treasure of the same level. 06-33 additional entrance is locatedon 72-84 There are two encounters of level A. tional entrances into the great hall. which the throne i s placed. The only result on that table which will have an 90-99 There are no encounters. throne. there is a 50% chance for a treasure the wall to the right of the one against of the next lower level. give the location of (See 204 Guard Room on page 33). 58-71 There are three encounters of level A. 95-99 There are no encounters. one at a time.3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and rooms under 5000 square feet. corner as far from the throne as pos- 44-57 There is an encounter of level B. the same wall as the throne. If. consult Table 402c. which adds a concealed entrance. otherwise it i s a corridor. no way for a fleeing ruler to escape Each additional entrance has a 30% chance the dungeon through the secret door of being a door. No wall may have more than Further. For larger rooms. consult Table 402b. 00-05 The additional entrance is located on 19-30 There is an encounter of level C. 34-61 The additional entrance is located on the wall opposite the one against Treasure: Each encounter has a 50% which the throne is placed. the wall to the left of the one against 85-94 There is an encounter of level A. 52-63 5 entrances. 12-20 There is an encounter of level C.

pet's room to your I L _' 1 dungeon map. including a lions and very small dragons. but. there are unanswered questions. Treasure: If there i s an encounter. where have you seen this boy before?" Room Dungeon nobility commonly owned pets small room preceding the pet's room may Information and ranging from dogs. Also. cats and horses to bears. 33-49 20' x 40' room's size. grooming Advice for the commonly provided more luxuries for their exotic pets than for their servants. and perhaps even a whip and heavy armor. The room may include a Role-playingTips: Sometimesa noble barred door with a slot for food. feeding trays. The treasure within it has a 5% chance of being level C. The pet served as if the pet could not be taken when the dungeon a twenty-four hour guard. 3 m D Add treasure and encounter levels. noble's exotic pet.1: The pet's room on the right contains little \ more than straw scattered across its floor. otherwise it is level A. There is a secret Add the compartment hidden towards the western end of the south wall. If it is not level C. the bones of past meals. Your conscience tugs at you. contain tools for tending the pet. "From behind the iron bars. perhaps. This compartment will be very difficult to find and open. and. still. --2 Roll percentiledice and consultTable 403a to determine the size of the room in which the pet was housed: Figure 403. a nest or placed valuables in a secret compartment hid- nesting material. A door which locks from 16-32 2O1x30' the pet's the outside leads into the actual pet's room. was abandoned. D . implements. the bones of the pet itself. den in his or her pet's room. There is also a 20% chance that a treasure is hidden in a secret c o in the pet's room. A The pet's room is preceded by a 10' x 10' Table 403a: Pet's Room Size 1 room that contains implements for tending the Roll Size Determine pet as well as containers and cages that once 00-15 20' x 20' held food for the pet. The small room may also contain Game Master The pet's room is a holding pen for a cages and barrels that held food for the pet. a small male elven child sits in the middle of a dirt floor and pleads with you to let him out. How did the child get here by himself? Why does it appear that this 403 Pet's door hasn't been opened in centuries? Why are there huge reptilian footprints in the dirt floor? Most importantly. nobility shovel or a scoop. then there is a 60% chance for a same level treasure. then it has a 30% chance to be level B. Encounters: There is a 20% chance for an encounter of level A.

Treasure: If there is an encounter. which should be on the L "Of fools. lharsvend. but by its extensive and intricate decor. o f fools. but it is done on a If your dungeon contains remains of its smaller scale. even over the skeletal remains of a human seated at a throne Room against the west wall.encounter encounter of level C nor one of level B. decoration. "The skeleton's bones are clothedin rich though decayed finery. candelabra. 50-74 30' x 30' 75-99 30' x 40' Figure 404. Table there is an 80% chance for an encounter of 404b will give you the total number of addi- levels and level A. coats of arms. No wall may have more is an 85% chance for a treasure of the same than one additional entrance (entrances other level. 8 the throne room for a total of three. could have activated to punish an unfortunate The throne room is decorated every bit visitor or two. Empty suits of armor are f. "Thisroom is small. then tile dice and consult the following tables. and there are two additional entrances in dungeon map. over delicately carved pillars.over rich tapestries. one at a time. Some. it must 404 Throne have been very important to the dungeon's original inhabitants." -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . Extending from the throne to the double doors on 1I > the east wall is a rich carpet. If there is neither an Additional Entrances: Roll percen- . and a decorative throne or thrones thing in the throne room is disturbed. a ruler would have had his or her placed against the wall opposite the original throne in a great hall. Advice for the would have been conducted there." . than the original one. rich them to reanimate (maybe 3% to 5%) if any- carpeting. propped up to either side of the double doors as . then there is a 20% chance for an and encounter of level B. give the location entrances. you might add a pit trap in front of the throne which the ruler throne room. and a silver crown rests on its skull. less formal. you should give a small chance for tapestries. Cob- webs drape over everything. 1 Determine 404a: Roll Size 00-24 20' x 30' the room's 25-49 20' x 40' size. tional entrances into the throne room. There should be reanimating. as richly as a great hall. of level C. Information and f4ormally. If there is no encounter for treasures of level A. and additional Table 404c will. Role-playing Tips: If the ruler of this Game Master times. and official business entrance. there of those entrances. - contains a throne on a low pedestal against the west wall. however. .1: This 20' x 40' throne room tl . and perhaps with more of a former inhabitants which have a possibility of personal and detailed touch. Encounters: There is a 5% chance for There are also two additional 95% chances ~ d treasure d an encounter of level C.. more intimate or more secretive work was carried out in a smaller dungeon was particularlybrutal.

00-29 The additional entrance is located on Each additionalentrance has a 30% chance the wall to the left of the one against of being a door. re-roll and place it else. 50-74 2 90-99 Add one entrance to the number of 75-99 3 additional entrances you determined on Table 404b. or on that wall not far from it.wall opposite the throne). The extra entrance i s a secret door concealed behind the throne. Roll Entrance Location where. Roll Additional Entrances 60-89 The additional entrance is located on 00-24 0 the wall to the right of the one against 25-49 1 which the throne is placed. 30-59 The additional entrance is located on Table 404b: Throne Room Additional the wall opposite the one against Entrances which the throne i s placed. If any entrance Table 4 0 4 ~ :Entrance Locations would break that rule. Continue determining the locations of the remaining entrances. . which the throne is placed. otherwise it is a corridor.

then choose a suitable firmly locked and strongly reinforced. where adventurers will not uncover it exceptional worth. by a @lard additional. and that key was only reanimating. if the room Room on page 33 to determine its characteris. . Advice for the means as taxation and looting (often the same Role-playingTips: If this room is rolled Game Master thing). In mapping without placing the treasure room until either case. then have only two doors. valuable room should be in one of the deepest parts of the art and artifacts. give them a substantial chance revealed under the guard of personal. the next. set it aside for later. There is a 90% chance that the door to the is preceded tics. the original and one the door to the guard room is also concealed. and then the next. "Onlyafter filling several sacks with your rich find and noticing that Room your hands are itching horribly do you begin to consider that the treasure may have been protected by contact poison. silver. you giddily open the next container. the door to the treasure room was the dungeon is complete. very trust. and room continues to be disturbed. Table 405a: Treasure Room Size ROII Size 00-11 l o ' x l o f 12-24 10' x 20' Figure405. gilt weapons. If the treasure normally trapped. The treasure room's door was the treasure room is disturbed. however. jewelry and precious gems. gold and other precious metals (as coins or not). Roll ~ercentiledice: 25-36 10' x 30' 2 Determine the room's size. If a guard room exists. to appear close to the dungeon's entrance. that the guard room will treasure room is hidden. See figure 204. Note. Finally. check for reanimation. If your dungeon contains remains of its Only the dungeon's ruler or a close advisor held former inhabitants which have a possibility of a treasure room key. most treasure room for the wealth accumulated through such rooms were preceded by a guard room. add it to your treasure room itself. Every container in this room is filled with gold. even to location for the treasure room to be added.. and each time you peer in upon Treasure the same brilliant contents.1 on page 33. do not put it in yet. Overcoming the initial shock. the heavily reinforced door to the If there i s a guard room. go to 204 Guard corridor outside. This wealth consisted of fine furs. "Afteryou lift the top off the first stone container along the left wall. Instead. jewelry. the point of being made completely from stone. your map. (maybe 10% to 15%)to reanimate if anything in worthy retainers. There is an 8O0/0 chance that there is a Treasure rooms that were not precededby 1 ~ ~ guard room t immediately prior ~ to the treasure~ a guard roomi usually had guards ~ posted in the~ room. . Another secret door is hidden behind the bench and opens room to into a 10' x 10' treasure room containing several chests full of treasure. You may continue to a treasure room was usually concealed. often with deadly poison. continue to could automatically reset itself to counter sev. If this i s the case. dungeon map." . 405 the light from your torch flashes to life on the vessel's glittering contents. and nearly any other item of dungeon.1: In the mappingexample to the left. until they have explored most if not all of the Though sometimes well-marked. Information and Most dungeons had at least one treasure eral lock-pickingattempts. the door other dungeon elements. a secret door leads 3 Add the into a 10' x 10' guard room with three chairs and a large bench on the eastern wall. This precious stones.

etc. then there is an 80% chance for an modify your result on 405c to fit in with your encounter of level D. Most treasure rooms are trapped. example. If there is no encounter actual treasure room. treasure of level E. the trea. Roll percentile trying to force the door or pick the lock. rized visitors directly into a locked prison cell. common stones. This sure room. or not far from. spiked pits. 00-04 There are no traps associated with also commonly hold magical traps and are this treasure room. 00-49 Add up the total number of dungeon sure room and its associated guard room. like sure room. Determine enter without the proper key. Trapswithin a treasure room also tend to be 18-30 There are two traps on the treasure lethal. level. blocks. a chest if the chest is moved or opened. two 75%chances Treasure: If there is an encounter. Common traps of this type 44-56 There i s a trap on the treasure room are poison needles or blades which spring from door and two inside the treasure room. but sometime it simply whether the renders its victim unconscious long enough for treasure Table 405b: Treasure Room Traps a relief shift or two of guards to have the oppor- Roll Traps tunity of capturing him or her. the treasure room encounter either as an o b Place one treasure of level A in the stacle against obtaining the treasure or an o b treasure room for each dungeon ele- stacle towards safely leaving with it. and three there i s a 60%chance for a treasure of the same treasures of level B. contact 57-69 There are two traps on the treasure poison on an apparently valuable (but probably room door and one inside the trea. ment. wood chips or grain. and add to your final result useful magical trap could teleport unautho- one trap within the treasure room. of course. an alarm sounded by orcs in the guard 50-74 There are ten treasures of level A. then there will be an encounter of level C. immediately prior to. sometimes magically locked. a block that seals off the treasure room 70-82 There are two traps on the treasure if a trigger is sprung. treasure room containing 50 treasures dor that leads to the treasure room. room could attract a hundred or more addi. Add treasure of level E. Magic often guards room door and two inside the trea. but unlike other lethal traps (large falling room's door. and one treasure of level E. In addition. jewelry. If there is no encounter campaign and your generosity (or lack thereof). then for treasures of level C. treasure room traps 3 1-43 There i s a trap on the treasure room tend to be sharply focused to avoid damaging door and one inside the treasure room. Table 405c: Treasure Room Treasure Try to place the encounter in a room Roll Result levels. For example. etc. a dungeon with ample. does not necessarily mean a trap. For ex.). a 40% chance for a treasureof level D. Treasure room is trapped. There is also a 20% chance for a tional orcs within a minute or two. You can. roll percentile dice and consult . not) prominently displayedornament or piece of sure room. 05-1 7 There is a trap on the room's door. any of the treasure. 75-99 There are twelve treasures of level A ter is located. to punish anyone who tries to similar tb poison needle traps that jab anyon. Encounters: There is a 30% chance for Table 405c for treasure that must be in the an encounter of level E. 50 dungeon elements in it will have a turers must cross before finding the short corri. Needle dice and consult Table 405b: poison i s usually lethal. put a dragon in a great hall that adven. Use elements in your completeddungeon. treasure to appear useless or of little value. at least T r a ~ on s the treasure room door are usuallv 4 on their doors. treasure inside the treasure room as well. it could mean 83-94 There are two traps on the treasure something as simple as an illusion to cause the room door and three inside the trea. As another of level A. Place this treasure wherever the encoun. Another 95-99 Roll again. of level D.

feeding trays. "Theanimal skeletons in the first two barred rooms were unremark- 406 Zoo able. the bones of past meals (if the placed valuables in a secret compartment hid- beast was carnivorous). After. he sez. include one 11 size. zoo storeroom (use 554 Storeroom on page 12 150).'" -Brubnub. but every door Roll again. Roll Size Roll percentiledice and consultTable 406a 00-09 10' X 10' to determine the number of pens in the zoo. Re-roll any "corridor ends" Table 406b: Zoo Pen Size result until all pens have been added. the bones of the beast itself. A large. Then they brakes. Now pigz iz really nothin' next t' chickenz. For every ten zoo 10 i ~ ~ the ZOO'S holding pens or portions thereof. why don't ya'put th'pigz on this side o' th' room? How comez ya' gots t' stow 'em o'er there by th' chickenz?' "Orbnob. Brak gits hiz plan.. he sez. 'Hey.fleshless skeletons seldom come back to life. He sez. 10-19 10' x 20' Then roll against Table 406b for each pen to 20-29 lO'x30' determine its size. see. 2nd o' the Watch .. and. Its teeth are almost half-a-handlong. called for under Table 4O6a have been added to the dungeon map. hesez. a nest or Role-playingTips: Sometimes a noble nesting material. ing implements. "Fortunately. th'chickenz izlayin' eggz." Information and Most dungeon nobility owned pets. . see. he don't see no difference. 'There. and from tooth to tail its length must be nearly ten swords. ' "Now Brak iz burnin' red. 'So wot?' "Orbnob'z bigger 'n Brak. groom- Game Master fond of exotic beasts that he or she set aside a section of dungeon for a zoo. doned. has a barred door with a slot for food. The storeroom may also contain The zoo is a series of holding pens for cages and barrels that held various forms of live exotic beasts of various types. Brak sez. A store 8 along one or more corridors. excelled as a guard. An' they don'know th'difference b'tween their own pen n' th'pigz'pen. 30-41 20' x 20' 42-53 20' x 30' Table 406a: Number of Zoo Pens 54-63 20' x 40' Roll Pens 64-75 30' x 30' 00-08 5 76-83 30' x 40' 09-17 6 84-91 30' x 50' 18-26 7 92-99 30' x 60' "First Brak sez t' Orbnob. 'So wot?' Then he sez. so Brak triez t'explain. Each pen usually and dead food. and room near the zoo may contain tools for tend- some of their pets were even exotic.' "Orbnob. but every ing the various beasts. and perhaps even a whip and heavy armor. soz they layz their eggz in th'pigz'pen an'th'pigz iz all th'time steppin'on 'em. soz after he leavez. carnivorous beast not be taken when the dungeon was aban. he still don't see. if the animal could den in his or her zoo. he goez about plottin. y'know. but the skeleton in the third room is immense. 'Chickenz iz nothin' next t' pigz anywayz. adding 10 pens to the final opens to a holding pen until all holding pens result. They brakes. including a shovel or Advice for the once i. he goez wit' some friendz t' tell Orbnob an sez. Pigz is alwayz dezervin' th' best spot. The corridors may 9 ~ ~ t ~ ~ all continue beyond the zoo. straw and bedding. 13 Construct the zoo corridors by using Table 14 151 on page 19 as normal.' "Thet night at eats. 'Look. He goez back t' th' north wing an'gits th' whole guard of north wing t'gether an' they eats every last pig.p a while an influential noble became so scoop.

1: 2 This zoo contains six Add the pens. one 20' x 20'. The treasure within it has an 8% chance to be level C. Figure 406.. map. with little but intellectual value to is hidden in a secret compartment somewhere adventurers. one 10' x 30' dungeon and one 20' x 40'. In addition to their barred doors. etc. each pen may have one or more barred 7 windows looking out to the corridor to al- low better viewing by passersby. then there i s a 55%chance for a treasure of the same level. otherwise it is level A. There is also a 25% chance that a treasure items. . then it has a 35% chance to be level B. in the zoo. onelO'xlO'. This comDartment- difficult to find and open. The compartment may also have contents. such as letters. If it i s not level C. personal 3 Add treasure and encounter levels. two 10' zoo to your x 20'. Treasure: If there is an encounter. The pens are con- nected by a 10' wide corridor. Encounters: Each Den hasa 1!?%chance for an encounter of level'^.

sealed. Once you have a burial chamber (luck so bad that there is obviously something constructed. perhaps themselves. chamber almost always havesomethingobvious One of the "traps" you should consider using in common. (2iii). 90-129 Roll again. Table 451b: Burial Chamber Length Roll Width Roll Length 10': Subtract 50 from your roll on (-50)-01 10' Table 451 b. . 451 ~ ~ 100': Add 30 to your roll on Table 451 b. (If the 451 b. coffins. (2ii). be able to counter the effects in some way. starting gradually. mysterious sickness. "The magical gem you seek must be buried beneath the stone slab covering Umatian's corpse. and the adventurers should Role-playing Tips: Within a dun. and Table 451 b deter- mines the chamber's length.) If you roll 90-129 again. i s a curse that could be placed on everyone burial garments. the members Most societies don't want their dead to Advice for the of a royal family. 55-64 60' 40' 65-73 70' 50' 74-81 80' 60': Add 10 to your roll on Table 82-89 90' 451 b. the burial practices should not vary Some curse possibilities include undead visi- much from one chamber to another. and other chamber who enters the burial chamber. try to keep the ers. a once ~owerfulruler. There are delicate. incred- you may allow a slight possibility for major ible bad luck at the most inopportune times variation." . ~ determines the Table 451a ~ burial chamber's width. (2iv) and ( h i ) roughly the same throughout 1 size. The individuals interred together in a single chamber i s an ideal location for traps (See 512 Trap on page 137). ~ the chamber's ~ t ing two tables. adding the width to the 70': Add 15 to your roll on Table final result for the total length. guild members. be disturbed after they are buried. Inscriptions. the dead. Feel free to place a few. width was 50 feet. musical instruments. attempts by the ghosts of the dead constructing additional ones within the same to take over or influence the cursed adventur- dungeon or tomb. Chamber shell-white vessels for precious oils and fragrances. "Entering the burial chamber of the High King Umatian. denly forgetting who they are. Information and The burial chamber was meant to house the dungeon. Statues. wooden carvings. you are interrupted by a loud pounding at the chamber door. Specifically. the width to 100 feet. 00-19 20' 20': Subtract 30 from your roll on 20-34 30' Table 451 b. you close 451 Burial the door silently behind you. decorations. town resi. geon. A curse may items may provide clues to what that common not make its effects known for some time after trait is as well as to histories of the individuals the adventurers leave the dungeon. Wedging swords against the slab to move it.. add 451 b. you should refer back to it when causing it). etc. A burial Game Master dents. Tribute from many lands and royal families lies buried in this chamber-along with Umatian himself. or everyone the adventurers know sud- information given below in (2i). though tors late at night. Table 451a: Burial Chamber Width 90-99 ib. 35-44 40' 30': Subtract 10 from your roll on 45-54 50' Table 451 b. Chests contain valuable ores and personal belongings. add 50 feet to your 80': Add 20 to your roll on Table result. All about are symbols of the high king's power. tapestries. carvings. . etc. ornate tools and richly decorated weapons and armor lie arranged against each wall.

If the prisoners were not found near 21-26 2 the entrance. on the of times to roll againstTable451 f. Point Table 451d: How Many Were Buried in out to adventurers that the door did This Chamber not appear to be locked from the Roll Result outside. where they frantically tried to escape before dying. adding ten bodies to your There is a 10% chance that the dead final result. then there is an 80% 27-32 3 chance that their bodies can be found 33-38 4 chained to the walls or floor at places 39-44 5 around thechamber. about the 75-99 Roll again. Their vi) Roll percentile dice and consult the practices. which adds nothing to the list of were placed in stone or wooden cas. Subtract Otherwise. final result. 91-99 The dead were clothed as warriors. appropriate for the occupation they 10-15 The dead were buried with sealed held while living. things were placed in the burial cham- ber with the dead and what those ii) There i s a 50% chance that the dead things were. 00-09 The dead were buried with nothing 34-42 The dead were buried in the clothing more than their clothing. Table 451f. 70-84 6 ments before they were buried. the chamber door is a 25 from your first roll. 16-23 The dead were buried with weapons 55-63 The dead were buried in the clothing and armor. kets. There are a number of details you will need 2 Determine to set down to determine the burial practices of the dungeon's creators and the physical con- tents of the burial chamber. 85-99. Table 451 e to determine the number they were left above ground. clothes. items buried in the chamber. Go through the details following list. re-roll any result you have already gotten. there v) Findout how many were buried in the is a 5O0/0 chance that the chamber chamber. 1427 2 28-41 3 Table 451c: Burial Clothes 42-55 4 Roll Result 56-69 5 00-02 The dead were stripped of all gar. in wall niches. otherwise. Table 451f: The Dead's Possessions / 20-33 The dead were buried in a garment Roll Result made solely as clothing for the dead. Roll percentile dice and door was locked from the outside. etc. perhaps leaning against the door. following tables todetermine whether mental chests. that they died in. 7 03-19 The dead were wrapped tightly in strips of cloth. but do not tell them that if (-25)-05 1 they close the door while inside they 06-20 Roll again. finery. one-way door which will not open from the insideonce it is closed. remains are stored in urns or orna. and ornamental costumes. 2428 Prisoners. If this is the case. containers (usually pottery)full of food 43-54 The dead were clothed in their best and seeds. Table 451e: Rolls Against Table 451f iv) Roll percentile dice and consult Table Roll Result 451 c to find out how the dead bodies 00-13 1 were clothed. making a note of all the results. except for result 00- iii) There is a 50% chance that the dead 09. There is a 50% chance that their bod- 80-90 The dead were placed in travelling ies will be found near the entrance. consult the following table. First roll and consult were buried in the earth. On floor. retainers or servants were 64-79 The dead were given elaboratemasks sealed in the chamber with the dead. The keys may be . chamber and i) were cremated before they were about burial placed in the burial chamber. on pedestals. adding ten bodies to your will be trapped.

If there is no encounter of level B in the antechamber. before the first. an encounter of level D. things listed above. then there i s an 85% chance for an the chamber) that the bodies located there will encounter of level A. In addition to the above encounters. or at most a lo' to 20' corridor. Eight stone pillars spaced around the room help support the burial chamber's high ceiling. drive the invaders away.1: The mapping example on the left represents a 30' x 50' burial chamber. If there are no encounters of level B. 4 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. Every surface in the room is elaborately carved and painted. actual burial chamber. then it has a 50% chance for an encounter of level A. 93-99 30' x 50' Figure 451. If no objects Prized animals were buried with the were buried with the dead. 83-92 30' x 40' The dead were buriedwith fragrances. remains above the floor level. 41-56 20' x 30' The dead were buried with musical 57-70 2 0 ' 40' ~ instruments. The dead were buried with some of The antechamber. true to its name. gems and personal should come immediately prior to the wealth. then there is a 70% abled before they were left in the chance that those objects were placed chamber. Roll Size The dead were buried with means of 00-07 lO'x10' travelling. then there is a 20% chance for an encounter of level C. If there is no encounter of level D. second antechamber immediately tal value. (see (vi) above). some of which Roll on the following table to deter- were representations of themselves mine the antechamber's size. The dead were buried with ornate Table 451g: Antechamber Size furnishings. during life. 08-16 10' x 20' The dead were buriedwith writings or 17-27 lO'x30' engravings to remind them of their 28-40 20' x 20' past lives. ber. boats. If there is neither an encounter of level D nor an encounter of level C. Five rectangular stone slabs cover the buried remains of four nobles and a king. their jewelry. there is a 10% chance after each action the adventur- of level B. burial chamber. vii) If objects were buried with the dead then they were either killed or dis. precious oils and unguents. litters. then there is a 40% chance for an encounter encounter of level 6. The dead were buried with personal there i s a 20% chance that there i s a items which may have had sentimen. The king's remains are separated from the others by three steps that raise the king's dungeon map. art and sculptures. chariots. found somewhere out of their reach. games and other means 71-82 30' x 30' of amusing themselves. If the prisoners did not try to escape and they were not chainedto the wall. Feel free to modify this . probablywithin easy reach of the dead 96-99 The dead were buried with all of the bodies they were meant to serve. either slain before interment or still a 30% chance that the burial otherwiserestrainedso that they could chamber is precededby an antecham- not disturb their masters' bodies. in an antechamber rather than the tempting escape would be futile. connected to it by a The dead were buried with works of door. etc. reanimate in some manner to exact revenge or If the burial chamber has an antechamber. If there is one antechamber. or they realized that at. there is dead. ers take to disturb the dead (including entering C or D.

etc. their best finery or ting on a casket. C nor B. If it is not a treasure of level Some items should have a preset value to B. furniture. does not hold a treasure of level B. that these treasure amounts are the worth If there is only one body and it is dressed above and beyond the weapons' and armors' as a warrior. If decayed beyond the point where it could be they are clothed as warriors. If the chance to constitute a treasure of level B. though some level B. Additionally. If there is only one body in the burial If there is only one body. or items entombed with the dead. If it is not a have a 15% chance to constitute a treasure of treasure of level C. Roll percentile dice against a 5%chanceof being magical. then there is a weapons and armor in the chamber. ten bodies. sit. Weapons and armor have a 5% chance to then there is a 10% chance that the clothing constitute a treasure of level D. rifling through. then each outfit has a Clothing: Most clothing itself will have 25% chance to contain a treasure of level A. then there is a 60% weapons and a 25% chance for 1-3 pieces of . It also has a 15% Table 551b (seepage 147)five times. such as chariots. treasure of level A. ing clothing for the dead. If there are more than one but fewer than moving the dead's remains. interpreted as threatening (such as bringing a then there i s a 10% chance for each that their torch close to a casket) or merely staying in the clothing will contain a treasure of level B. there may be treasure in the made solely for the dead. and they are wear- moving or looting the dead's possessions. their best finery. then it has a 30% chance of holding a treasure of level A. then there i s a 50% chance that it contains a them. then they contains a treasure of level C. If it does not equal a treasure of level B items may contain gems that can be pried loose or C. then there is a 40% chance dead take as they rise to confront the adventur.. but make sure that it is If there are more than one but fewer than appropriate for the setting. Some of the actions that may level A. You will have to If there i s only one body. and that body chamber: was clothed in an elaborate mask and costume. then they have a 55% chance of containing a treasure of level B. then there is a 95% chance C. then there is other items in the tomb. then If there are more than nine bodies in the there is a 35% chance for a treasure of the same burial chamber. and they are clothed as warriors. For burial chamber for too long (perhaps roll once each one. if they try. If not. each outfit could be valuable. that it will contain a treasure of level A. It will also have a 5% there are in the chamber. making a gesture that could be elaborate masks and ornamental costumes. then there i s a 95% chance that it consti. cloth following list: or leather may have degraded to the point that If there is only one body in the chamber. Treasure: If there is an encounter. then any armor it wears will have normal values. or metals that can be scraped off if enough time tutes a treasure of level A. The fewer bodies chance of being magical. if the clothing does not constitute a every hour of game time). If highest roll only. then there is a 5% chance that the be in good or easily recoverable condition. clothing contains a treasure of level C. each piece of worth anything of significance to adventurers. as they will be easier to remove. mated remains could come back as ghosts. What form the living treasure of level B. and itwas clothed be the judge of how much adventurers can get appropriately to the occupation it held while in this manner. then the clothing contains a treasure of level that they constitute a treasure of level A. then the clothing has a 50% levelC. but then any armor they wear will have a 2% not as animated skeletons. then there i s a may be too large for easy removal by adventur- 35% chance that it constitutes a treasure of ers (without a large excavation). ers is up to you. cre. gems and precious metals sewn into 2% chance to contain a treasure of level A.percentage up or down to fit your campaign chance for the clothing to contain a treasure of and adventurers. armor has a 1% chance of being magical and a However. treasure of level B. they are worth little aside from their historical and that body was buried in clothing made value. If it does Many items. cause this roll are opening a casket or urn. ornamental costumes. Food and plant items will be worth solely as clothing for the dead or in his or her nothing. For instance. the amount of time a 10% chance that the clothing contains a spent on recovery and the methods used. If there is that there is a 25% chance for 1-3 magical no treasure of level B or C. except 35% chance for a treasure of level B. the more powerful chance of containing a treasure of level B. If it the living dead should be. is spent in the burial chamber. to determine the amount of there i s no treasure of level C. based on the valueof living or in the clothing it died in. Note A. If neither C nor D. not equal a treasure of level C. Items made of stone or metal should best finery. Refer to the Items: Normal items made of wood. If clothing holds neither a treasure of level B nor neither D. ten bodies in the chamber. and they are wearing clothing level. taking the chance of containing a treasure of level C.

wasted on the floor. they have a 90% chance chance for 1-6 magical weapons and a 20% of being worth a treasure of level A. If not. Otherwise. Art and sculptures have a 15% chance of Personal wealth has a 15% chance to equalling a treasure of level B and ten 50% equal a treasure of level D. If there are more than nine bodies in the Precious oils and fragrances have a 10% chamber: chance of being worth a treasure of level C. they are not worth a treasure of level C. Note that chance to constitute a treasureof level A. a 90% chance to be worth a treasure of level A. it has a 75% of being worth a treasure of level A. and eight 95% chances Otherwise. There the adventurers must take care not to break the will be approximately one complete set of containers. bodies in the chamber: Personal items have a 35% for each corpse Weapons and armor have a 20% chance to be worth a treasure of level A. each body to equal a treasure of level A. there is a 50% chance they are worth a treasure Art and sculptures have a 15% chance of of level 6. then to determine the amount of weapons and ar. a 40% chance to chances for treasures of level A. Note that chance for 1-6 pieces of magical armor. and each body has a 1% If there are more than one but less than ten chance that one of those items is magical. seven 60% chances a 30% chance to make up a treasure of level 6. ons for each body. a 30% chance to make up a treasure of level C. If not. Otherwise. taking the highest roll only. to constitute a treasure of level C. If page 147) six times. If treasures of level A (a total of nine possible they are not worth a treasure of level C. Otherwise. except that there i s a 20% of level B. and five 95% chances for chance of being worth a treasure of level C. they have equal a treasure of level C. Precious oils and fragrances have a 10% Roll percentile dice against Table 551 b (see chance of being worth a treasure of level C. then they have to be treasures of level A. If The total of all weapons and armor has a they are not worth a treasure of level C. then treasures). then 10% chance to constitute a treasure of level C. each corpse has a 90% containers. chances for treasures of level A. sure of level B. a treasure of level A. or the oils and fragrances will be armor. they have a 90% chance equalling a treasure of level B and five 50% of being worth a treasure of level A. one missileweapon and two hand w e a p wasted on the floor. two60°/~chancesfor Precious oils and fragrances have a 15% treasures of level B. or the oils and fragrances will be chance for a treasure of level A. then it has a 35% chance to constitute a of level B. Personal wealth has a 10% chance to Personal items have a 10% chance to equal a treasure of level D.magical armor. the adventurers must take care not to break the For personal items. . they have a 90% chance treasure of level 6. then Personal wealth has a 70% chance for they have a 65% chance to constitute a trea. If they are neither a treasure of Art and sculptures have two 50% chances level B nor a treasure of level C. for treasures of level 6. there is a 45% chance they are worth a treasure If not. they have a 95% chance to make up for treasures of level A. equal a treasure of level C. there is a 55% chance they are worth a treasure mor in the chamber. Otherwise.

Each niche should be just a little larger wish to place a curse on adventurers who than necessary to hold its contents. The broken and dismemberedskeletons in the niches along this corridor are all pulling themselves together. The scraping and snapping of bones and the crackling of dried skin fills the corridor in a crescendo of 452 - maddening sound that quickly drowns out the pounding of your boots against the floor. taking the highest result. 56-69 70' Treat the catacombs as any normal corridor. Tables 452a and 452b give the width and length of the catacombs as a room. then 09-17 20' the new branches and side corridors also 18-26 30' contain recesses until a total distance equal 27-35 40' to the amount given on Table 452c has been 36-44 50' passed. Information and contains recessed niches in the walls as resting Role-playingTips: As wi th burial charn- places for the dead. cata- Advice for the The niches should be located every eight to twelve feet or so." A catacomb is a room or tunnel which any. page 1lo). are not likely to be elaborate. the Catacombs first animated corpse steps onto the floor only a few paces away. If a catacomb 00-08 10' corridor branches or has side corridors. Determine the catacombs' corridor and gives the length of that corridor. . "The whole scene is like a vision out of your worst nightmare. Roll percentile Roll Recesses the recesses 00-19 1 dice and consult Table 452d to determine the construction for your catacori~bs. if disturb any of the corpses. "Beforeyou can pass through the doorway at the corridor's end. 70-84 80' rolling on Table 151 on page 19 as always. In other catacombs. . In some catacombs. then roll percentile dice against Tables 452a and 452b. bers (see 451 Burial Chamber. adding 100' to your final 69-99 30' result. you may Game Master larly. If the result is 00-49. otherwise. roll against Table 452c. only one recess is located in each segment of wall. 80-99 4 percentile dice three times. 20-49 2 per wall Some catacomb recesses are empty. 85-99 90' with the only difference being that these corridors are lined with cavities every eight to Table 452c: Catacomb Corridor Length twelve feet. This number is the percentage chance for each recess to contain remains. and each cavity has a possibility Roll Length to contain one body's remains. Also. Table 452c assumes that the catacombs are in a Table 452b: Catacomb Length Roll 00-13 14-27 28-41 42-55 Length 30' 40' 50' 60' 1 size. Roll 50-79 3 segment.. Caskets. Its grinning skull angles menacingly towards you. Roll percentile dice. 45-53 60' - 54-62 70' Table 452a: Catacomb Width 63-71 80' Roll Width 72-80 90' 00-30 10' 81-89 100' 31-68 20' 90-99 Roll again. the recesses that hold 2 remains of the dead are placed one above the Wall Segment Determine other. sometimes spaced irregu- combs throughout your dungeon should be similar in design and content..

If your catacombs is a room. Additional Entrances: If your cata- entrances. levels and intruders. each ten feet in width. occupying about seventy feet of corridor length. 4 Encounters: As with the burial cham. that there will be an encounter of percentile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced level A. . Treasure: Every corpse has a 10% Add treasure ber (see 451 Burial Chamber on page 1 10). roll encounters). there is a lO0/0 chance for every 500 "additional entrances" are the branching corri- square feet of catacomb area. Each such and 5%) for each action that adventurers take to treasure has only a 25% chance of being visible encounter disturb the dead that their remains will reani. the rest additional should animate shortly thereafter. rounded up (900 dors and doors determined by Table 151 on square feet = 2 10% chance of being buried with personal items that should allow a small percentage chance (maybe constitute a treasure of level A. If one corpse animates. then the corpses. without moving the corpse in some way or mate to exact revenge or chase away the rifling through its burial garments.1: The mapping example 1 to the left representseleven catacomb niches 3 Add the catacombs to your dungeon map. There are three segments of corridor. possibility of 2 page 19. In addition to the threat of reanimated combs i s located along a corridor. Figure 452. Additional Entrances on page 22.

pants to escape a successful attack or make a an overwhelming foe that forces escape down surprise foray against a siege party. that the original occupants either avoided or The type of an additional exit is largely 1 dependent on the dungeon's general entrance through which it travels allows enough characteristics. a narrow corridor makes a couple of quick turns and then stretches away into the distance. Down. 00 The additional exit is a 10' x 10' room where it breaks the surface at a lower which teleports those who enter it to a elevation. the river passes through several natural "rooms" and caverns. and other times adventurers will which teleports those who enter it to a have to duck or crawl. Entrance a 10% chance that the exit from the Roll Result dungeon is at the end of the stream. A dungeon's "rear entrance" may contain and even an easy exit for adventurers who lose surprisesfor unwary adventurers. the case. varies over the course of its length. Likewise. "At last your lock pick catches. and from the surface it with no exit or drown at some point isindistinguishablefrom any other natu. - Game Master way out's passage is usually small. angling up as it goes. 30-89 The exit is a 5' wide passageway that 01-29 A passageway leads away from the extends several hundred feet before dungeon until itfinallyopens upoutside ending in a stairway up to the surface. includingtraps their way. placed cases the additional passage to the outerworld in the most direct line of passage. location far from the dungeon.. not even torch sconces. after about thirty feet the corridor begins to take on a 501 Another natural appearance. In fact. adorn the corridor's walls. Beyond. The remainder of the time. In can lead to interesting and exciting incidents in many cases it resembles the postern of a castle. winding. and with a satisfying 'click. The passageway's width water. and Entrance sometimes it is easily wide enough for Roll Result three. Sometimes it is just large enough for Table 501b: Mountain Side Main one person to squeeze through. Role-playingTips: The existence of a . sometimes the ceiling 00 The additional exit is a 10' x 10' room is high. Nothing. 20-29: a series of ons from being fired down its length. where the stream's tunnel is filled with ral opening. handholds in the rock going up.' the door swings open. as if it was originally part of a natural cave system. and designed Advice for the is concealed on the surface and kept secret by the dungeon's occupants. In many ways it appears to be either end up downstream in a cavern a natural tunnel. events as cave-ins blocking the main entrance.. 10-19: a being carried along it and missile weap catwalk going down. . Any Infomation and more than one entrance or exit. an adventure. and dungeon's additional exit. an additional to counter a large number of invaders. and in most traps of this nature are probably deadly." Way Out It is not unusual for a dungeon to have activated as they abandoned thedungeon. the exit is through one of the rooms or 01-29 The exit is a narrow passageway that caverns that the stream passes. perhaps accessible only from the inside. on the side of a sheer cliff. There is A exit. then anyone floating down eral hundred feet before reaching the the stream must get off at this cavern or surface. The only The passagewaycontains several sharp escape from the cliff is (roll percentiles): turns to prevent siege weapons from 00-09: a catwalk going up. An additionalexit allowsfor such the small rear gate that allows a castle's occu. location far from the dungeon. Roll percentile dice and consult room for a shallow raft whose passen- Determine the appropriate table below: gers lie flat to float downstream. Also. 30-39: 90-99 An underground stream intersects the a series of handholds in the rock going . the type of Table 501a: Stairway or Pit Main stream. If this is slopes gently upwards for at least sev. what might originally appear to be a deadend. if used effectively.

. that leads to the exit will be a secret door. Finally. . Relax. works in only one direction. the main entrance. or they and dialect of the dungeon's creators. even dangerous the requirement of a "key" word.). give a teleport room which r e wise bypass. location names must be those given to trapped. Bertran. "Let's get out of here. or some location (such as thousands of feet above similar device. Traps in these types of exits may be falling only destination. is a oneway trip. a location far away from the original dungeon entrance. A small waterfall covers and conceals the surface exit. 40-49: a rope or chain ladder tion far removed ftom the main going up./bar- "Okay. 50-99: a rope or chain ladder entrance's teleport chamber. in passageway exits share one characteristic. Instead. almost always must be spoken in the language exit is sure plates. etc. I'm with you. There is a 50°/o anything that goes half-way down the chance that this teleport chamber chute will teleport away. Bertran. Entrance 20-99 The additional exit is a 10' x 10' tele Roll Result port chamber that leads to a chamber 00-09 The additional exit is a chute that a p far away from the one that teleports to pears to drop into a furnace. Any- in Table 501a) leads away from the thing that goes a few feet below the main entrance to the dungeon. in the ocean out of sight of land. effect until the occupant of the room speaks a exit i s concealed within the dungeon. Table 501d: Surface Concealment 80-89 The exit is covered by rocks which Roll Result can be pushed aside from within. and porter that for some reason fails to activate. Anyone leaving the passageway will get soaked. 10-19 The additional exit is a pit that goes 30-99 A narrow passageway (similar to 01-29 down at least fifty or sixty feet. 2 there is a 75% chance every 100' for a-deadly sends the occupant to the teleportation room's Check to trap. ered down to the base of the cliff. Additional exits are concealed on their surface ends (if possible). exiting surface of the pit will be teleported to on the opposite side of the mountain. note the obvious (and very un- pits have room for adventurers to walk around pleasant) implications of a pit or furnace tele them or hand-holds to climb around them. shrubbery growing in front of it. The teleportation will not take ground. 00-29 The surface end of the exit i s in a 90-99 The exit is hidden behind a secret secluded location and has trees and door in an ancient city. . down. areas by the dungeon's inhabitants and may they all are easy to avoid by someone who correspond to citiesor landmarksthat nolonger knows where they are located. This exit is a o n e Table 501c: Teleport Chamber Main way trip. The exit is concealed by a magical table: illusion to blend it into its surround ings. The door layer of dirt that allows grass and small ~ ~ t ~ ~ i ~ ~ 3 whether the exit is concealed. Finally. Addi- may be some other common device. exist. Note that any such key word see if the stone or concealed weapons triggered by pres. For example. to some loca." -6ertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . The door opens outward. pressure plates are easy to leap over or other. the door's locked! Bertran! Someone locked us in! It's a curse! We're trapped! We're doomed!" "lhars! lhars! Stop pulling. . Hey. out.. Determine the type of concealment by rolling on the following 35-44 45-79 plants to grow directly over and cam- ouflage it. This exit within the passageway that can be low. or they may be spiked pits. All traps tionally. quires a key word a 15O/0 chance of always An exit that consists of a teleportation teleporting a user who does not use the correct room has a 55% chance of being protected by word to an uncomfortable. or the corridor will be protected by an illusion that makes it very difficult to find.

encounter levels. Add treasure of level B. there is a 50% chance for there i s a 65%chance for a treasure of the same an encounter of level B.cealed. then leading to the outside. If there i s no encounter level as the encounter. . then there is an 80% chance for an and encounter of level A. 5 Encounters: If the exit i s a corridor Treasure: If there is an encounter.

"Taking a coin from your pouch. adventurers should not be able to see thing. A high-pitched shrieking rises from somewhere below. Roll Size Roll Depth 00-19 10' 00-14 50' 20-39 20' 15-29 60' 40-59 30' 30-44 70' 60-79 40' 45-59 80' 80-99 50' 60-74 90' 75-99 Roll again. and do not let it intersect higher the pit's diameter. so if an adventurer tries to climb down. . Table 502a: Bottomless Pit Shape 1 lowing table. Was that the bottom or the pit's rocky side? BOttomle ss 'You take a lit torch. A "bottomless" pit may be incorpo- the walls. turers should be able to hear something thrown Roll percentile dice and consult the fol. the floor of the pit may be out of view due criminals or prisoners thrown into the pit as to curving and irregularitiesin the walls. size and Table 502b: Bottomless Pit Size Table 502c: Bottomless Pit Depth depth. though it may seem to be An intrepid explorer lowered by rope to when viewed from the top. levels of the dungeon. Adven. you hear a faint 'clack' as the coin hits rock somewhere below. the torch hits the far side of the pit.. coins." . From the top of a the pit's bottom should be able to find some- deep pit. 60-69 Crescent els. or it may mean walls. For circular pits. There may be construction tools. of the dungeon. truly bottomless. and soon the pit is filled with the echoing thunder of wings. Varying sides may change the 50-59 Triangle pit's shape at lower and higher dungeon lev. hits again. and goes out. be great and the chance of success extremely Role-playing Tips: No natural pit is remote. the bottom unless they send down a light or other small items accidentally dropped into source and peer far out over the edge. 70-99 Oval 2 twice on Table 502b. but it may unforeseenobstaclesto their construction. The Pit torch falls further. Even the pit long ago. Information and Sometimes dungeon builders discover over the edge as it lands down below. Most pits. After about eighty feet. adding 50' of depth every Roll percentile dice and consult Table 502c time you get this result. once for width and once extend the pit upwards. but your efforts did not go unnoticed. punishment. One be difficult to distinguish that sound from the Advice for the of those obstacles is a natural opening in the sound of echoes and the object bouncing off Gallle Master earth that drops down far below the level of the dungeon. the end of the dungeon's construction in this inform him or her that the chance of falling will direction. 'You failed to find the pit's lower end. you stretch your arm as far as 502 possible out over the edge of the pit and let go. have smooth rated into the dungeon's design. formed by water. but do not let it reach ~ ~ t ~ ~ for length. or there may be the remains of then. After a few heartbeats. give it a gentle toss towards the pit's center and then lean over to watch it fall. . roll once for a i ~ ~ the surface. scatteringa shower of sparks and fiery splinters. The shape that you determine ~ ~ t ~ here will only be an approximation of the ~ i Roll ~ Shape ~ 00-39 Circle the pit's actual shape that the pit carves out at this level 40-49 Rectangle shape.

then there will be a creature(s) well suited to living there. The treasure of the same level at the bottom with it. while a wooden bridge has a Figure 502. Roll percentilediceand consultTable 502d: 20% chance that a wooden bridge Table 502d: Bottomless Pit and Con- Roll 00-24 struction Result The dungeon's creators abandoned construction in this direction after they found the pit. creature should be capable of flying or of Whether there i s an encounter or not. ing. . 5 Add treasure and encounter levels. it opens intoa corridor leading collapsing when crossed (it is old and straight away. If there i s a path a 70% chance for a treasure of level A scattered or stairway around the pit or if there is a bridge across the pit's floor. way exits the pit. then it will attempt to gain an advantage by attacking when they are only halfway across. For that level. There is a 50% (Each level will be lower by approxi- chance that the bridge i s made of mately twenty feet. If there is no encounter of level C.1: The 20' x 30' oval bottom- less pit on the right i s bridged from west to east. then there is a 40% chance for an encounter of level B. to your dungeon an encounter of level C. there i s another chance that this corridor immediately 50% chance of the stairway continu- branches both to the left and the right. while there is a 70% chance that a stone one has no guard walls.) When the stair- stone. and There is a 5O0/0 chance that the stair- beyond the door is a corridor leading way continues down to a second away from the pit. of level A. The door on the other side of the bridge opens into a corri- dorwhich has a 75% chance of imme- diately branching both to the left and 3 Determine how the pit fits in with construction. which will be through A stone bridge has a 5% chance of a door. There is a door thedoorway exiting the stairway leads. that crosses the pit. there is climbing the pit's smooth walls. There is a 75% level. on the opposite side of the pit. If there is neither an encounter of level C nor an encounter of level €3. worn). to the right. Treasure: If there is an encounter living Any encounter in the pit must be some at the bottom of the pit. otherwise it is made of wood. with a corridor that immediately branches left and Add the pit right as well as continues straight ahead. 75-99 Into the outer wall of the pit the row walkway around the outside of dungeon's creators carved a stairway the pit which has a 50% chance of that spirals down one level of the having a low stone wall to protect dungeon. Choose which direction travellers from falling. and so on until the stairway ends 50-74 The dungeon's creators built a bridge or reaches the bottom of the pit. If they do. yond it. 25-49 The dungeon's creators carved a nar. then there is a 60% chance for an encounter observe intruding adventurers to see whether they are going to try to make a crossing. There is nothing be- has no guard rails on it.

getting around it. or they may have cannibalized each cave-in is cave-in by clearing it. etc. If that i s the case. all you see before you is an impenetrable wall of rock and dirt. then construct the dug a new way out (which you will have to add blocking. and most cave-ins will will have to concern themselves with bracing involve much more than that. as i s half of a 20' x 20' dungeon map. Roll percentile dice and consultTable 503a Table 503a: Cave-in Dimension 2 ~ ~ twice. 40-59 30' Figure 503. Advice for the the most sturdily constructed dungeon. . so the cave-in had no effect there. but a 10'x 10' storeroom is completely filled. the D'ellen Emperor's treasure should be 503 Cave-in another seventy feet down this corridor and then left for thirty feet on an adjoining corridor. before any of the If you do continue to map the dungeon current occupants moved in. "Accordingto your map. give careful consideration then the only encounters in this section should to the fate of encounters in the trapped area of be undead members of the original inhabitants. Adventurers with mining experience may be able to clear a cave-in safely. If may have perished due to lack of water..1: The cave-in represented by the mapping example on the left covers a 30' x 30' area. possibly triggering a new and more widespread Game Master Role-playing Tips: Even a few tons of dirt and rock blockinga corridor or room can be collapse.. Go back to the table on which you rolled the dungeon. or perhaps they it. tunneling through or over other to the point of extinction. cave-in occurred long ago. earth movements or Attempting to clear a cave-in without min- elemental action can cause a cave-in in even ing or tunneling experience can be disastrous." . The remaining 10' x 10' cave-in area (the southeast corner of the cave-in's 30' x 30' area) had no dungeon construction in it to begin with. but they a formidable obstacle. The ~ i Roll ~ Width ~ area given is the amount of ground covered by the size of 00-19 10' the cave-in's debris. remainder of the dungeon in this direction as if to your dungeon). . Unfortunately. beyond the cave-in. barracks. You may decide that the the cave-in did not exist. Information and Every once in a while. 20-39 20' the cave-in. food what the you feel that the adventurers may get past the and fuel. If the cave-in blocked the only 1 ~ ~ the cave-intand roll again. Most of the buried dungeon i s corridor space. the roof as they slowly proceed. The ~ new result is the~ way out of the ~ dungeon. theni the encounters~ room or corridor that the cave-in i s blocking. oncet for length and once ~ for width.

its bottom level with a loud crash. and the room will rise or sink to room may be marked so that an o p that level. or perhaps they are not. though. more likely. you discover that the entire room is indeed moving downward. have frozen. identical elevator room in the same location on Roll percentile dice and consultTable 504a. or. in the language of the original inhab The ropes which raise and lower the itants. Chains and pulleys perhaps an additional 10' x 10' area reserved may have rusted or broken. Elevator "Pushingthe switch up causes the room to lurch upwards. it will plummet down to Be careful not to let other rooms or corri. Loud bells on every dungeon level. mapping the levels from that location. and begin Information and going up and down between levels in a dun. ropes (or chains) on a pulley and weight system in the corridor outside Table 504a: Elevator Room Operation or in an adjacent 10' x 10' room. tying the cally. The weights need to be reset howthe if the race that built the dungeon was techno- logically advanced enough. If both levers are thrown. nearly losing your footing as the room stops moving. whether magically or is interference already. made short work of moving large quantities of goods or heavy that the elevator room ." .tops bkfore'that level. once may have alerted a can simply mean that the elevator freezes in servant to an elevator call. mechanically operated. elevator room operates it. and the room plunges rapidly downward at an ever-acceleratingrate of speed.Tips: If the elevator is Role-playing is a high possibil- The typical elevator room is 10' x 1O'. though more slowly than you had feared. a elevator gear system can do the work of several beasts 40-74 The room is raised and lowered by room operated. time. Instead. An elevator room. forcing the dors interfere with the shaft in which the eleva. a given level. and levers may for weights that counterbalance the elevator. place. This Roll Result requires that someone outside the 00-19 The elevator room operates magi. of burden more efficiently and less expensively. each honors when they attempt to use it. place an the dungeon-if they survive the fall. Some ered by a large hand-turnedcrank that . "Gingerly. and another lever The weights periodically need to be releases a weight to allow the room to reset. If there geon. and the room's users merely rely on One lever releases a weight to allow the operator's experience and skill. Looking out the open door. Room Stairways were not the only means of the other levels of your dungeon. the room to go up. elevator rooms protect against that 1 For results 20-99. If you are feeling malicious. Once more to center. go down. with ity that it no longer works.. A break with a unique pitch.exactly as you expected. hand over hand when it is in motion. . adventurers to find another way up and out of tor room or its weights travel. You feel a slight sensation of falling. and with a horrible grating sound the entire room lurches into motion. raLing them with a series of ropes (or chains) and pulleys. A corridor comes into view and you quickly throw the 504 switch back to center. you move the switch to a down position. 20-39 The room has two levers inside it. you may replace the need to from happening by allowing only one periodically reset weights or use muscle power lever to be in the "on" position at any Determine ifyour dungeon contains an undergroundriver. leave The door to the elevator room is usually not the elevator room on the verge of breaking so attachedto theelevator room and usuallyopens that adventurers have a chance of doing the out. you may simply decide Advice for the mechanically powered. Someone inside the elevator ropes on pegs when the elevator is room merely needs to say to what stopped.. . 75-99 The elevator room is raised and low- the room will godown very fast. and raisingor lowering them level of the dungeon they wish to go. A water wheel and periodically. Game Master . The outer door will not erator knows exactly when to stop for open unless the room is stationary.

level of the dungeon that the elevator vants. etc. 20-39 2 If there are no dungeon levels in a direc. then there is an 80% chance that the ~ ~ t ~ ~ are rooms or corridors in the way of the elevator i ~ elevator shaft stops one level below the surface ~ how many shaft in only one direction. If there are the surface. 80-99 5 below. building. The room with the crank is 20' room reaches. there the reach of the elevator room. and one for stop. elevator room then move the elevator room to a location travels to. O n each level. next door to the elevator in the two sections of an elevator room. x 20' in size. then it rises into a concealed stone things blocking the shaft in both directions. the new levels. you may decide should be an identical elevator room and lay. These weights dungeon map. an encounter of level A. there i s a 15% chance for a treasure of the same level. pulleys. one for down. to lengthen the elevator room's shaft to include out. where there is space to go in one direction or Table 504b: Elevator Shaft Extent another. to determine how many levels the eleva- tor room extends in that direction (in addition If the dungeon eventually extends beyond to the current level). must occasionally be lifted through the use of gears and muscle-power to the top level of the elevator shaft. It contains three levers. one for up. The actual moving room is to the north. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels. An opening in the room's inner wall allows passage through the lone door. The black area in the eastern "weight room" is an open shaft that allows the elevator room's counter-weights to travel up and down. preferably to a place where the room Roll Dungeon Levels on another level can open onto a corridor that 00-1 9 1 already exists. then roll on Table 504b. If there surface. ropes. requires the muscle power of a few room and on the lowest or highest large beasts or several strong ser. with all necessary space forweights. If the extent of a shaft would mean . or if there is nothing blocking the elevator 60-79 4 room in that direction. 4 above and below the elevator room. then the elevator instead. 40-59 3 tion. If the elevator does go all the way to levels the shaft only extends the other way.

This will fetch a high price from the right buyer!" "Really? Let me see. but you cannot turn back now. not with shriekers clawing at the wedged door behind you and ripping out chunks of the aged timber. . as if the vessel was made from polished egg shells. Unfortunately. 505 Lava I "Your only hope lies above. except the lava tube is filled with sharp Information and constructed. Roll percentilediceand consultTable 505a. animal carcasses and similar items will have Game Master A lava tube is like most other natural collected inside of it. "You feel yourself growing faint from the noxious gases being belched from the pools of lava in this underground chamber. the bottom of the tube is nearly twenty feet up on a rocky Tube wall footed by a pool of molten rock. action of water. and how it's gloss gives the vessel a caste o f crystal. . If the Advice for the often in the form of a lava tube. a long tunnel left behind by flowing lava. adding 100' to the final result. Sometimes when dungeons were being tunnels. 18-26 70' tube's size. Table 505b: Lava Tube Length 1 then roll a second time and consult Table 505b.thebuilderscameacrossevidence lava rock rather than rocks smoothed by the of previous volcanic activity in their vicinity. lava tube opens up to the surface. So beautiful. This mapping ex- ample of a lava tube represents an approximately 10' x 70' tube incorpo- 2 E:ri%e dungeon map. plants. . tube's length usually follows a fairly straight 09-17 60T the lava path. nearly circular tube that seems too bright not to have an exit to the surface at the other end. length Determine A lava tube is roughly as high as it is wide. . nearly transparent. .wow. water." "No. . The 00-08 50. ." ." -6ertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . lhars! You'll just-" "Oops!" "Arrgh!" "00. Sorry about that. he workmanship is incredible! Look at how smooth the finish is.. and it is more cylindrical. a ten foot wide. page 126). to rated into a dungeon's con- struction (result85- 94 on Table 505c. 80' Table 505a: Lava Tube Width 90' Roll Width 100' 00-24 10' 110' 25-49 20' 120' 50-74 30' 130' 75-99 40' 140' Roll again. Bertran. . . .

Use 515 Volcano Room on page 143. Determine 3 what is at the lava tube's other end. The lava tube comes to a dead end. . both of which should be smaller lava tube to the dungeon is concealed in width than the original. If there is neither an encounter of level B nor one of level C . It cannot be 65-69 The lava tube branches in three. levels. smaller in width than the original. Roll 70-84 85-94 95-99 The lava tube opens into a volcano room. If there is no encounter of level C. The lava tube goes upward and opens two new lava tubes at the end of this on the surface. then Treasure: There is an 80% chance for a treasure of the same level as any lava tube's encounter. The lava tube branches in two. 4 ~ d treasure and d encounter an encounter of level C. Roll found unless someone knows where three new lava tubes at the end of this to look. The lava tube ends in a door that opens up to more of the dungeon. The entrance from the one. from the lava tube side. Table 505c: The Lava Tube's Other End Roll 00-59 60-64 Result There is nothing but rock at the other end. then there is a 35% chance for an encounter of level B.

its ceiling may not be well Information and found valuable stones or minerals in their supported. you should give a small chance (5% to 15%.1: This 30' x 30' mine is a series of tunnels as described under step 2. Roll Width 00-09 10' 10-19 20' There is a 50% chance t h h 2 series of tunnels extending out from the en. made. shovels. begin with Determine trance and roughly covering the area deter. This entire area is not only uncomfortable. after finding that large gem stone in the bucket you accidentally toppled.. The wooden supports for the ceiling are rotten and weak." . they mined the operation. or create a Advice for the area rather than set it aside for a specific room. straight. Still. If the mine is not a series of out with subsidiary tunnels heading in random if the mine tunnels. Unless one of them is an experienced ging implements (picks. The mine should contain several dig. also intervals and occasionally crisscross. size may vary. Figure 506. Role-playingTips: Since the mine was Roll percentile dice twice. The mine may be a large. a hundred. "The room's walls are rough and unfinished. miner. construction. consultingTable 20-29 30' 1 506a once for the mine's width. Tunnel covering an area roughly equal to that deter. and branch mined above. When this happened. cleared out room with directions. A mine has raw. adventurers may not be able to tell that tered about along with piles and buckets of this was a mine rather than a normal area under dirt and rock. depending on the Game Master and floors that bear the scars of repeated size of the disturbance) that there i s a major digging and probing. move ceiling supports. sometimes allowing room for cleared out area mined on Table 506a. etc. or (25%to 35%) for a minor cave-in (coveringless it may be a series of tunnels that reach out into than a lo' x 10' area). If adventurers continue the mining tunnels. ceilings large disturbance in the mine. once-for its Determine length. one main tunnel at the entryway. . If the mine is a series of tunnels. you cannot help yourself but to sift through every availablebucket. the mine's Table 506a: Mine Dimension size. Tunnels should turn at random Was a large earthen orwooden supportsfor the ceiling. . even if there are over 506 Mine . then it is a large. cave-in within the mines and a larger chance cleared out areawith some ceiling supports. and the room need not be even a p allowing nothing but crawl space. The walls should not be several men to walk abreast. but it is probably dangerous.) scat. Every once in a while. dungeon map. See 503 Cave-In on page the area around where the initial find was 122. unfinished walls. above. dungeon diggers never finished. and sometimes Or tuXUlels.

If enough material to constitute a treasure of level there is no encounter of level C. . possibly leading to cave-ins. again reduce treasure of level A for each 10' x 10' section of the percentage chance to find treasure by one. Only a lengthy and a day of digging drops to zero. Note again. If there is if a concerted effort is made to continue mining and no encounter of level C. mine can no longer yield treasure. there is an 8% chance to find a when the total is reached again. then there is an encounter of level level A. then there is a 25% operations in it. If or highly skilled miner has twice the percentage there is neither an encounter of level C nor one chance of a normal digger to find a treasure of of level B. though. If there is out experience. that with- encounter chance for an encounter of level B. then there is a ~ O / O itself can yield a substantial amount of treasure chance for an encounter of level C.l va Finally. B. After determining the percentage A. lower level. Start counting over again. At that point. Encounters: If the mine is s i m. When a total Treasure: If there is an encounter. cleared out area. and ter or not. then number of treasures of level A equal to this there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same second roll are removed from the mine. then there i s an 85% chance for an encounter centile dice and divide the result by ten. round- of level A. then there is A after one full day of digging. the thorough search will uncover these treasures. roll percentiledice a second time. Roll per- levels. ~. level A by one. mine. mining can be a hazardous neither an encounter of level C nor one of level activity. An experienced a 50% chance for an encounter of level B. then there that one normal human digger has to uncover is a 15% chance for an encounter of level C. there is a 50% chance that the mine ~ d treasure d large. ing up. This number i s the percentage chance If the mine is a seriesof tunnels. chance to find a treasure of level A in this mine. the percentage chance to find a treasure of Regardless of whether there is an encoun. This treasure will be in the form of raw Continue repeating this process until the per- stones or minerals hidden among the piles and centage chance to find a treasure of level Aafter buckets of dirt and rock.

The floors of Information and caverns as a starting point for the creation of the caverns are not level. things are located. What's wrong with the pit?" "Well. encounters to hide behind. it has turned somewhere be- caverns' original formation. re.") When flecting pools. according to your map. and sometimes same chamber or tunnel. There could never be two quite like it. Finally. not even within the their underground complexes. they are almost You may wish to place a second or third certainly having an easier time than their char- level of natural caverns below the first. note that stalagmites and other Mapping a cavern is much more difficult features of natural caverns are terrific places for than mapping a regular. but it generally appears to be turning left. assure level of the dungeon. I'd just rather not explore the pit. later. I've got the rope all set up-" "Iknow. mak- progress in some clear manner. signs of cave-insfrom ages long past. after the river's course was diverted or the Handling these mapping problems will water level lowered. Bertran. "That stalagmite is unmistakable. and yet. it should be located somewhere else entirely. but if the map and say. the map adventurers are trying to make begins less Pit on page 120). Millennia deceiving. Rock formations look completely different. those adventur. Try giving empty space the water once occupied. describe to them what they see. Rock formations should not appear Remember that the adventurers' field of the same unless they are viewed again from the vision is limited to the area which their torches same angle and roughly the same distance. constructed room be. You hardly even blinkedabout crawlingabout on the outer walls of the Emperor's tallest towers. the cavern's okay. "Of course. . Idunno. . with the towers Iknew Icould only fall a couple hundred feet at most. ing slightly different approximations and de- ers will probably become lost. stalagmites. during the After forty feet. perhaps GaIlle Master The caverns themselves were normally even disappear entirely. Don't try to correct The cavern floor should not be completely adventurers when they make mistakes." "The tunnel you are in is snaking back and portion of the dungeon. all that was left was the take some creativity on your part. and other fascinating to diverge from the map of the actual caverns- natural features. a little behind you and off to the more prone to cave-ins than the "finished" left. perhaps forever." "What? Ihars. complain that it would be easier for their char- perhaps causing it to extend to more than one acters than you are making it for them. In fact. but that pit. it almost always will-let it. It is impossible to be certain. only vague directions and distances to where Cavern walls." -1harsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . scriptions than the ones they heard before. So now you need to decide: are 507 Natural you going to follow your map. do not allow them to simply point to their caverns may be very difficult to map. though there may be forth. them that it would not. . or are you going to just pick a direction and hope?" Laverns Dungeon builders sometimes used natural no logic behind any formations. go around. ("There's a rock formation ally smoother than other natural constructs of that lookslikea giant fist about fifteen to twenty- rock. and As a warning. when they are viewed formed by the action of water on soluble rock from different angles. "We're going out this way. or lamps can illuminate. degrees. the cavern is not necessarily any five feet away. . con." adventurers do not map them or mark their Instead. acters would. tell adventurers before they enter allow them to tell you which directions they are that the caverns appear to be very. . and they may tilt so Advice for the they encountered natural caverns after con- struction began. very difficult going and which formations they are going to if not impossible to accurately map.your map could be wrong. cause there are no definite angles and there is "Bertran. When adventurers want to leave the cav- Role-playing Tips: Extensive natural erns. Distances may also be to form an underground lake or river. What i f Ifell!" "lhars. If they level. much that footing becomes treacherous. . It should have some overall slope to it. ceilings and floors are usu. Also. Natural caverns tween forty-five and one hundred and thirty-five may also contain stalactites. bottomless pits (see 502 Bottom. nected to it by bottomless pitsor slopingground.

- You should not feel compelled to fill up the others short. Not that questioning them will do you any good. rock formations. down below. try dividing your pit or lower cavern level. ~ ~ t consultingTable ~ 507a each time. In general.. the better. they will break through. below the current one.. bottomless pits are tremendous assets to natural caverns. 9 ~~~. or an oval or hour much weight. and the rest of the caverns could gradu- ally slope downwards until the southwest cham- ber is perhaps thirty or forty feet below the northeast tunnel. or some other interestingfeature. opening up to a On a more detailed level. which currently deadends. your another level of caverns) and crevasses. and slope the floor up or 20-24 50' down to the caverns' entrance. For fun. Each room should be littered with strange entire mace allocated to caverns as deter. This gives the opportunity for adventurers to attempt to scale a hazardous cliff where the northeast tunnel and southeast cham- ber meet. Try giving the caverns an overall shape are undrinkable.d~ on an overall a form for the that they will be interesting and challenging to adventurers. could be ex- tended down to connect up with the southeast chamber. Another possibil- ity: Simply place the southeast chamber at the bottom of a thirty foot drop and not give adven- turers a way down except by climbing. caverns into a series of natural chambers con- natural cavern contains numerous natural rock 3:gt0 dungeon map. If 0509 20' the natural your caverns are too large to fit the space on 10-14 30' your map. Instead. adding 100' to your final result. stalagmites. they appear nakral. while others may continue on for hundreds of feet before ending. and when adventurers step on glass shape. For example. and they can later find that their climb was completely unnecessary. put them a level or two above or 15-19 40' caverns. Finally. and perhaps put another natural cavern. them. still mined b i ~ a b l e s507. and the second gives you its length. deep pits (perhaps leading to that is not rectangular. Some caverns could fill a roughly "L-shaped" area. themore complex they are. Some tunnels may loop back on themselves. ~ i ~ ~ 1 each roll and Roll Width Your first roll gives you the natural caverns's 00-04 10' the size of width.. "Of course you may question my decisions. but also construct them so distances between chambers may be long. stalactites. use that result as pools of water so laden with minerals that they a guide. leading nowhere. formations-round stalactites and stalagmites and ovalwhile features irregular represent tures are other rock formations-but overall the fea- floor is mostly level. Add a pit right in the middle of your natural caverns. the northeastern tunnel. a parts of the floor may be too thin to support somewhat triangular area. 25-29 60' 30-34 70' 35-3 9 80' 40-44 90' 45-49 100' 50-99 Roll again." -Number 6 1 1 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers .

and they may not find it even then. have to make a concerted search. the treasure may be very 05-07 There is one treasure of level B. O f course. then 00-01 There i s one treasure of level D. 50-99 There is no encounter. encounters. of natural caverns that are not treasure. Table 507c: Natural Cavern Treasure Roll Treasure Treasure: If there i s an encounter. 08-14 There is one treasure of level A. 25-49 There is one encounter of level A. encounter. . difficult to find in the darkness and stark shad. pants. natural caverns by the dungeon's former occu- 11-24 There is one encounter of level 6. and cano Room on page 143) roll once on Table ers search. They must bring their light close to encounter 4 507b (maximum of 5 rolls). encounters across the extent of the caverns. Above and bevond anv treasure due to levels. Treasure from this table will 03-05 There is one encounter of level D.f rounded up. Roll Encounter rounded up. ows of the natural caverns. primarily be from hidden caches placed in the 06-10 There is one encounter of level C. for each 5000 &are feet of natu- Table 507b: Natural Cavern Encounters ral caverns not submerged in lava or water. Adventurers should 15-99 There i s no treasure. submerged in water or filled with lava (see 513 Place each treasure on your map near the Add treasure Underground Lake on page 139 and 51 5 Vol. spreading the total the treasure to find it. roll once on Table 507c (maxi- 00-02 There i s one encounter of level E. mum of 5 rolls). 4 Encounters: For each 5000 square feet. there i s a 70% chance for a treasure of the same 02-04 There is one treasure of level C. and keep track of where adventur. level.

. The remaining door would face a wall. . A water wheel powered room usually a mechanism for turning. Access to them try to figure it out for themselves. are three ravenous looking dracocores. then 14-27 Directlyoppositethe originalentrance.. and Treasure: If there is an encounter. the room would be set as pictured. " 1 Since the revolving room is circular. with only the fifth door facing an opening (the escape route). every other entrance is blocked. In emergencies. and on page 22 to determine the number and 90" to the right of the original en- location of corridors leading away from the trance. orm mall^. roll percentile dice and the original entrance (3 total). your revolving room must have as door is lined up against a corridor. at its center. and the remaining doors blocked. Next. river may use a water wheel and gear system to Game Master The revolving room is circular and fur- nished like a guard room.with a diameter of approximately twenty feet 508 and one additional entrance straight ahead. doors. typically a largewheel turns in only one direction." . encounter there is a 35% chance for a treasure of the same 28-41 90" to the right of theoriginalentrance. Roll Entrances 00-13 90" to the left of the original entrance. openings. turningthewheel could be magically treated so that adventurers spins the entire revolving room. 90" to the left and 90" to the right of the entrances. original entrance (3 total). . Down the new corridor. below. waist high. floor. Room rounding a bend and heading your way. Smoothed spokes extend beyond the wheel's edge at regular intervals. the result ~ ~ t ~ of Table 508a is the room's diameter. the doors would be positioned so that four fit into the four outer 2 Add the room to your map. consultTable 1 70 StandardAdditional Entrances 90" to the left. Information and A revolving room was a defensive ploy the gear room is through a trap door. levels and 42-55 90" to the left and directly opposite the original entrance (3 total). . directly opposite. about its center. walls. If it does not. roll per. re-roll the result of Table 170. Except for result 84-99 on one of the others. Through a series of gears in an Role-playingTips: A revolving room identically-sizedroombelow.) Add treasure ahencounter of level A. Let ceiling and contents. level. ~ i Roll ~ Diameter ~ 00-59 10' the room's 60-99 20' size. many or more corridors leading away as doors. (See result 8499 on Table 508b. the entire room begins to spin very slowly about its center. A fifth door is 45" away from revolving room. The room also holds turn the revolving room by the movement of a lever. centile dice and consult Table 508b to deter. mine the location of additional doors in the 90" to the right and directly opposite revolving room. ''Thisroom is circular. When this extra Table 508b. and a new one soon emerges. In the room's center is a large wheel set parallel with the floor. . Revolving "As you turn the wheel. additional Additional Entrances: First. The corridor through which you entered disappears behind the wall. inside the room can not tell it has moved. used by dungeon inhabitants to thwart and A dungeon that contains an underground Advice for the confuse invaders.

If so. see page 33 There is a 60% chance that the stairs are 402 treat ~ ~ 1 see 1 . . if there is an encounter. The easiest and most steps. Game Master Some stairs head directly up or down from Table 509a: Stairway Room 1 behind a door or through an opening in a Roll R~~~ Determine corridor. chance for a treasure of the same level. 50-69 2 roll on Table 509b twice. in a concealed 509a). Encounters: For stairs located in a Treasure: For stairs o-l 4 room. 509 Stairs Most dungeons had two or more levels of levels was to put in a stairway. and then to a lower dungeon dungeon map. Add encoun- Otherwise there IS a 5% chance for an encoun. Advice for the common way to provide access between the or something similar. that they stop one level below the surface then move the stairs to a different location. ablvone where the stairs can open into a corridor surface. 70-84 3 tion. Check the dungeon levels above and below stairs -aer 2 the stairs. use the encounter levels for that room. a ramp. page 101 if the stairs 50-69 located in a room. 00-49 204 Guard Room. If your stairs extend all the the extent way is one of those listed on Table 509a). stacked on top of each "Stairs" need not actually be a series of other beneath the earth. building. Your route to freedom is now just beyond the party of heavily armed goblins descending towards YOU." . etc. then end them in a hidden location. If there are dungeon elements in the under 509 Stairs again. Add the room indicated to your map. skip this step. You may decide to use a ladder. in on 'another level (or one of thk rooms on Table a cave. ter and trea- sure levels. etc. thbugh. 90-99 363 M~~~~ ~ 1 see 1 . level. then roll on Table 509b to Table 509b: Stairway Extent determine h o i many levels the stairs extend in Roll Dungeon Levels that direction (not including the current level). page 93 552 Empty Room. then there is a 10% ter of level A. instead. you've found the stairs up to the top level of the dungeon. are in a consult Table 509a. once for each direc. first to a middle landing. 00-49 1 If there are neither blockages above nor below. behind a waterfall.. If there way to the surface. then the since the stairway's extent will already have stairs extend the other way (unless a room in the been determined. then there i s an 85% chance of the are things blocking the stairs in both directions. see page 148 room. The mapping example on the right shows a 20' x 20' guard room (result 00-49 on Table 509a) and a two-flight stairway heading down. If the stairs do go all the way to the stairs. . use the treasure levels for that room. roll percentile dice and 70-79 201 A ~ see ~page ~24 ~ . "At long last. 85-94 4 Add a stair room to each level that the 95-99 5 - Fimre 509.) and'whether the stairs are Add the broken into a series of flights (traveling first to one or more landings before reaching the next level). Information and rooms and corridors. Determine way of the stairway in only one direction. prefer. straight. Others are located in a room.1: Decide the specific s h a ~ eof vour stairway (spiraling. If there are no elements blocking the stairs in a direction. Otherwise.

ators. zap!. sometimes it was a place can deny the temptation of entering to find out located outside the dungeon. locatedeither in or out Think of all the places you would love to send of the room. everything is different. find or obtain. adventurers. ers. . i s nothing more than a 10' x 20' room with one additional 3 Add the room to your map. Even if adventurers know that a room will teleport them somewhere. The corridor that used to stretch straight ahead is gone. for a total of two. though. a spell. where they would notor could not 20-64 The teleportation room activates as go on their own. room Table 51 0b: Teleportation Activation Roll Result Since there are no real limits to where a operates. Information and Magic provided the quickest means for Role-playing Tips: A teleportation dungeon dwellers to travel from one place to room is one of the easiest. where. You see the same 510 Telepor ten foot square room.he teleportatiin room.. by moving something. that it teleports. . if you remember the original position. try having an encoun- word (in the language of the dungeon's cre. bare except for the oddly carved stone wheel on the north wall. such as a lever. they are on their way. naturally). "Lookingback into the room. ~ ~ t is activated: ~ ~ i ~ ~ Choose an appropriate spell or spell how the type. Special rooms teleported everything direct ways to start adventurers on a new Game Master within them to a different location. but. of course. This particular room teleports its contents the instant that both doors are shut. entrance. very few within the dungeon. 1 Determine 51 Oa: Roll Size 00-34 10' x 10' the room's 3564 lO'x20' size. 65-99 20' x 20' 510b to determine how the teleportation room activates . the doors. and consider the possibilities soon as someone enters and shuts all for new adventure.nothing has changed. 00-19 The teleportation room is activated magical teleportation room may take adventur- mechanically. the dungeon's original creators acti. the movement of something When the adventurers close the door as a within the room or on its walls. Give adventurers a way to get back from 65-84 A key word uttered in the language of wherever they happento be sent. Some teleporta. or the casting of defensive measure. In its place stands the tation Room overgrown ruins of an ancient city-above ground. quickest and most Advice for the another. decide the room's destinationon yourown. tion rooms sent their occupants to different If your teleportation room activates by locations depending on either the use of a key simply closing the door. you do not need to make that way back easy to vates the teleportation room. Outside." . ter chase your adventurers towards the room. "Shutting the door to the room and turning the wheel back to its original position may take you back to the dungeon. Sometimes the destination was another teleportation room campaign.

Every additional entrance is a door. 4 Add treasure and encounter levels and additional entrances. then there is a 10% chance for a treasure of the same level. Treasure: If there is an encounter. . Additional Entrances: Roll percen- tile dice and consult Table 171 Reduced Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. Encounters: There is a 5% chance for an encounter of level A.

Unfortunately. a room type. If there is no encounter of level C. Either Role-playing Tips: If there is an en- counter in a room with thermal springs. and they Use 507 Natural Caverns on page were not yet in it when the dungeon 129. complete with two wooden tubs. drawing sweat from your pores in a matter of moments. three water buckets and a bench. with 9 a Add the springs to your map.156 or 157 on page heat the bath water. their pools of water are extremely hot. its rusted hinges break loose and hot 511 vapors carrying a sharp mineral odor roll over you. and often heavily hide in the springs's hot waters. If they did not. then there is a 70% chance for an encounter of level B. a thermal spring welling up from the east wall. the type Roll Room then they would have been used to room that 00-09 Go toTable 155. The springs were discovered in was abandoned. Tables. steam from the springs would contains the ing to construct this dungeon)and roll have kept the bath room warm. and. fostered by the hot springs rising from the floor near the room's far end. That is the room that Use 360 Lavatory on page 88. The contains the thermal springs. in either 21 (depending on which you are us. and reading Thermal A. The atmosphere type than they are a room feature." Information and Thermal springs are less a definite room laden with dirt and minerals. . con- way. and the shelves bear books numbering well into the thousands.1: Themappingexampleon the leftdepictsa bath room. chairs. then use both sets of encounters. "As you force open the door. Figure511. The springs 1 themselves may not have provided Determine Table 51 la: Thermal Springs Room the actual bath water. only use those listed above. "The room inside is a library. an encounter of level C. If the room calls for encounters that would be greater in level than those listed above. case. If the room which contains the thermal Treasure: Use the treasure listed for the springs calls for encounters that would be room in which the thermal springs are located. They may of a room that contains thermal springs is thick Advice for the exist in a natural setting (507 Natural Caverns with steam. If there is no encounter of level B. Each book is heavy with Springs mold. thermal springs. benches. sider making that encounter a creature that can even scalding to the touch. stands front row upon row of shelves. then there is a 95% chance for an encounter of level A. the wealth of information recorded in these tomes is lost. abandoned. was originally constructed. Roll percentile dice: Use 352 Bath on page 72. They have broken a natural cavern below ground and into the room since then and have not yet incorporated into the pooled across the floor and possibly dungeon's design when it was lost or into adjoining rooms or corridors. Game Master on page 129) or an artificial one (352 Bath on page 72 or 360 Lavatory on page 88). The spring water flowed into troughs that springs were not in the room when it were used for washing. 3 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels.

to the right. less Roll Deadliness Determine deadly type as determined in stepOne. There are two basic categories of traps in Dungeon residents would have 1 the dungeon. rooms which were gering it at some time. would be of the first could be heavy metal bars that drop type). it is an added feature to your dungeon gettingcaught in it. Leaping forward in a blind panic.). a trap is interesting Game Master A trap is usually not an actual room. enough or amusing. more deadly type. trapping adventur- Table 51 2a. frequently traversed area. go. So. actually used. adventurers may not mind stead. as much. for example. they may be tran. (-10)-11 This trap is not lethal at all and will do subtract 10 from your percentile roll. needed a relatively simple way of Determine tions that were frequented by the dungeon's recognizing and avoiding a trap in a occupants. The floor beneath your feet gives way. At least. Roll Result 50-99 The trap is placed in a dead end 00-49 Continue mapping the dungeon. feet. detain or the trap is. you narrowly escape the fall of a large block from the ceiling 512 Trap overhead. If your trap is of the first. "Yourfoot steps down on the floor with a dull 'click. simple (use 204 invaders had breached the dungeon's Guard Room on page 33) and never outer defenses. since The dead ends where a trap of this dungeon dwellers had a relatively type is placed should be disguised high possibility of accidentally trig. traps that were placed in loca. modify your result to delay invaders. with fake doors." . It is designed to capture. . The more never occupied. and captures its victims is an example turers. if ad. but any doors you roll are fake turers encounter it. Traps were usually placed in dungeons to The dungeon usually continues as if the trap Information and confuse or thwart invaders and unwelcome does not exist. etc. the more likely it is dor leading away for fifty to seventy that the trap is not set when adven. stone this location. If you do not know what type of trap able to avoid trigger& this type of yours should be (a trap on the entrance to the trap. where dungeon dwellers would not ing back to the table that sent you have traveled. 10. The dungeon's (either they do not open or they open original occupants would have set a to a blank wall) and any rooms you deadly trap only when they knew roll must be small. Dungeon occupants were familiar Role-playing Tips: Make some of Advice for the enough with their home to avoid them. Extend a corri- deadly the trap is. from Table 500). which gives slightly. but place a trap at spears thrusting from walls. of this type of trap.. L avoid. and traps that were placed in dead. add it. your traps unusual. If your no damage to adventurerswho spring how deadly trap is of the second. A net that springs out fit your campaign and the tastes of your adven. Are your worries over? Not remotely. the type of ends that dungeon dwellers would know to venturers are thinking. Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 512b: Trap Deadliness 2 51 2b. then roll percentile dice and consult from the ceiling. etc. strangers. but only if they step on the only red paving stone in a section of corri- Table 512a: Trap Type dor.' and you dive to the left as a crossbow bolt pierces the space where you once stood. . they may not mind which occurs at the point where you rolled it. In. This type of trap is here (or the table that sent you to much more likely to be at least poten- 500 Special Rooms if you came here tially deadly than not (spiked pits. You may. ers. Your dive is halted by the wall. An example of this type of trap dungeon. This trap is more likely blocks falling from the ceiling. to be non-lethal than lethal. of course.

perhaps even kill or even do both. Springs then reset the trap. If someone stands the space with water. harm its victims. . An example manner. but there is a chance for it to launches an arrow or crossbow bolt do minor damage anyway. they will be grateful. they the trap off and lift the blocks are in the may be seriously injured or worse. where the victim should be standing.1: In this trap. page 137. tunity. the entire floor section will drop forward. ample. If your dungeon is populated by unin- telligent monsters. You may refer to them or it will give the dungeon an extra "lived-in" feel. 12-26 This trap is not designed to harm its them. ~ ates. Levers to shut directly beneath the falling bars. a 20' dead-end 4 Add the corridor extends south from a through corridor. or if an even smaller creature goes all the way to the corridor's end. Determining the details of a trap involves design a trap on your own. them. them as they tumble down the slide. etc. There are three fakedoors tolure passers-by onto thefinal 15' trap to your of the deadend corridor. Figure . An example i s a trap that victims. where the victim should be standing. For ex. what. one of them will almost certainly have sprung the trap at least several times long before adventurers have that oppor- tion of trap details within the scope of this book. how the trap may beavoided. sealing off a sec- locks into place around where the tion of corridor. Examples of this typeof trap is a trap that drops victims into a are ones that drop a huge stone block relatively deep pit with sheer sides. which is a trap. ers without much thought given to 88-109 This trap attempts to kill its victim or their safety. . 73-87 This trap attempts to kill its victims in a 27-41 This trap is not designed to harm its slow mannerthat can beeasilythwarted victims. down the corridor. and do specifically that. fect. or if even one human-sized creature walks more than ten feet map. 58-72 This trap is designed specifically to drop thevictim into a deep spiked pit. ~ how it oper. spilling its contents into a 20' deep spiked pit. An example of this type of trap An example of this is a trap that drops is a heavy iron cage that drops and huge stone blocks. If more than dungeon a few human-sizedcreatures step on the trap. If the trap does not reset on its own. ~ details about the ~ trap types determined in step 1. and then begins to fill victims should be. deciding how t the trap is sprung. but there are several excellent role-playing consider allowing adventurers to find it in an supplementsonthe market that are designed to already sprung state. the second type can involve much larger and more elaborate traps. . are the ways to stop the trap. if any. The possibility of victims victims in a quick and unpreventable being wounded i s high. Of the broad It i s not possible to provide a broad selec- when designing a trap is whether or not the trap has the capability of resetting itself after it has sprung. potentially harming tim opens. but there is a possibility that it by someone outside the trap area (as will do major damage or even kill a precaution for dungeon occupants). 512. the trap may slide victims into perhaps through a door that the vic- a holding cage. Attempting to open any of the fake doors also springs the trap. corridor outside the trap's area of ef- 42-57 This trap is designed to catch intrud. One very i important aspect ~ to consider~ 3 trap.

Rust has completely 513 Under- eaten away the hinges. but adventurers will not know that depth.1: The underground lake in this mapping example is the large blackened area in the southeast. dungeon map.. in feet. ground Lake An underground lake is a room feature. . Instead. of course. Below.- There is a 5% chance that the under- 1 ground lake is flooding a portion of the con. page 129) or Role-playingTips: A lake that is deep Advice for the it may overlap the dungeon's built up areas. water in an underground lake is extremely cold Infomation and not an actual room. "Opening the trap door is surprisingly easy. for the lake. one with water. This room is a natural cavern identical to the example on page 130. Determine depth. If you roll 00. The mirror-like stillnessof the underground unless they venture into it. . If this is the case. etc. what if it's a friendly ghoul?" -Bertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . adding 99 to the final number. "In the room are two tables surrounded by benches. . ignore the on page 129 for additional room description.). and the entire wooden slab lifts up in your hands. Flooding by an underground lake which broke enough can be an interesting setting for an underwater adventure. none of which seem to be in usable condition. Divide make it impossiblefor adventurers to judge the your final result by 2. Figure 513. level to submerge by a half foot or more. flood all levels below this of the cavern'sfloorarea and may extend further location. Roll percentile dice. The total i s the greatest depth of the water more than a few feet away. % . setting (see 507 Natural Caverns. provided that the ad- Game Master into the dungeon may have been what forced venturerscanstandfreezingtemperatureswith- thedungeon'soriginal inhabitants to leave. Alarge trap door covers a section of floor between the tables.. The lake may take up much if not all the lake's dungeon is finished. except. a stairway heads down into the crystal surface of deathly still water that floods the dungeon's lower levels. at any point. and select a large portion of this beneath the cavern walls. So." . of the underground lake. Bertran. when your sizing. roll lake and the d a r k n e k 2 again. a The lake may be no more than six inches deep the lake's roll of 45 yields a depth of 22. The out breathing. it is in a natural cavern (see 507 Natural Caverns structed dungeon. - "But. Determine remainder of this section. It may exist in a natural unless it is in close proximity tovolcanicactivity.5 feet.

there will be an en. then there is a 95% treasure for natural caverns or for the flooded chance for an encounter of level A. If the lake dungeon section. then no encounter of level C. and counter located in the water: There is a 50% encounter chance for an encounter of level C. If there is Treasure: If there i s an encounter. there will be the normal encounter of level 5. then there is a 90% there i s a 40% chance for a treasure of the same levels. Additionally. encounters of level A. chance for an encounter of level 5. If there is no level. then there are encounters found in a natural cavern or in a also four 50% chances for additional water ~ d treasure d flooded dungeon section.4 Encounters: In addition to the normal is larger than 5000 square feet. .

It may exist the river is not visible because it passes beneath in a natural setting (see 507 Natural Caverns on the floor or over the ceiling. Where the river intersects portions of 00-24 The river continuesfor ten feet straight the constructed dungeon. 504 types listed above). of 1 grinding stone. If the dungeon. it is bridged or cov. When you reach the edge dungeon. If your dungeon contains a granary with a where a readily available. The water in an Make sure that lower levels of your dun- underground river is extremely cold unless it is geon either do not intersect the river or are built in close proximity to volcanic activity. see 507 Natural Caverns on head in the opposite direction. crumbling. 25-74 The river continuesforten feet straight rooms normally cover the river over completely. Corridors normally contain bridges. adventurers may Advice for the page 129). wide. constant supply . "A constant roaring rises from the floor further down this corridor. and 508 Revolv.. percentile dice and consult Table 514d for its 16-32 The river is between five and ten feet the river's depth." ground River An underground river is less a definite Role-playing Tips: In rooms where Informationand room type than it is a room feature. . then your dungeon dwellers may have Determinethe path of the river and where Determine used a water wheel and gear system to turn the it intersects the dungeon on your own (try to how the stone. and it definitely emanatesfrom somewhere below the floor. except rooms such as 352 Bath. width. then it crosses through artifi- cially constructed portions of the dungeon (per. natural cavern. revolve the room or raise the elevator have the river intersect any of the five room river room (see 553 Granary on page 149. 50-66 The river is between fifteen and twenty feet wide. 358 Kitchen. low enough to pass beneath it. "AS YOU walk down the corridor. a revolving room or an elevator water i s beneficial. If there is an underground lake in the still be able to hear it. Pick a direction of If the river does not only pass through a flow for the river yourself or flip a coin. Otherwise..or it may overlap the dungeon's built up areas. there is a ten feet as a guide. . the roaring grows louder. Finally. . ahead. you should arrange for the river to way when adventurers try to cross it. ahead and then turns left. percentile dice and consult Table 514a every intersects the ing Room on page 132). 67-83 The river i s between twenty and twenty-five feet wide. or choose a direction. determining the page 129 for the room description. meet with it at some point. ered over. Roll percentiledice and consultTable 514b Table 51 4b: River Width 2 for your river's width. 75-99 The river continuesfor ten feet straight 359 Latrine. . Then roll percentile dice Roll Width and consult Table 514c for its depth. You step gingerly. You may also allow a very small chance for a floor over the river to give Game Master dungeon. 33-49 The river is between ten and fifteen depth and speed. return to your starting point and this is the case. river's path that way as well. roll Elevator Room on page 123. room. Table 514a: River Path Direction haps in addition to passing through natural Roll Path caverns). feet wide. Nothing else appears to be out of the ordinary. 514 Under- but all your caution does not prevent the stones under your feet from giving way. 30% chance that the underground river only of your graph paper or a location well beyond intersects the dungeon in a natural cavern. casting themselves and you into a roaring torrent of icy water rushing away into the darkness. roll Determine 00-1 The river is five feet wide or less. ahead and then turns right. 360 Lavatory and 51 6 Well Room. 84-99 The river is between twenty-five and thirty feet wide.

normal walk. 75-89 The river flows at a fast run for the 67-83 The river is between eleven and thir. 16-32 The river is about four or five feet 10-24 The river flows about the pace of a deep. double the encounters. teen feet deep. dungeon map. a room which normally has . 4 Encounters: Wherever the river passes only one encounter has two). Figure 514. sixteen feet deep. deep. about the pace of a slow walk. sible (for example. 90-99 The river is very swift. It flows feet deep. corridors open into Add the an empty 20'x 20' room in which an underground river i s bridged. the room in which the river is located. 33-49 The river is about six or seven feet 25-49 The river flows about jogging pace. the river changes it to two 25% encounter chances for encounters. Table 514c: River Depth Table 514d: River Speed Roll Depth Roll Speed 00-1 5 The river is no more than two or three 00-09 The river is very sluggish. 50-74 The river flows at an easy run for the 50-66 The river is between eight and ten feet average human. In rooms where this Treasure: Use the normal treasure for leads to more encounters than normally pos. average human. having broken ~ d treasure d there would normally be a 25% chance for an through any paving that covered over it. If 70% chance to be exposed. give the river a through a room. levels. It flows faster 84-99 The river i s between fourteen and than the average human can run. deep.1: In this figure. and encounter.

is extremely hot. clouds of billowing. poisonous gas. and they are imaginations. In general. be wealthy beyond their wildest it without too much difficulty. Some distances between chambers 9 Add the volcano room to space allotted to the volcano room. Construct your room in such a way that it roughly "L-shapedw . and rising from the shadows near 515 Volcano the cavern's far reaches. leading nowhere. "Pools of glowing lava light up this giant natural cavern. porous and brittle. ments. though.. . There may also be at least to be sharp. or an oval or hour glass shape. . the more complex it is. 1 51 5a each time. ous to enter or even view. but there is one very important difference: the Another difference between most natural Advice for the volcano room has several pools of red hot bubbling lava connected to an active volcano caverns and volcano rooms is that volcano rooms are made of volcanic rock. your volcano room may fill a feet before ending. adventurers a difficult choice: leave. tive chanceeach hour or so toerupt. 25-29 60' Determine 30-34 70' the volcano Table 515a: Volcano Room Dimension 35-39 80' room's size. which tends Game Master near the dungeon. Sulfurous fumes make the air almost unbreathable. consider divid- ing your volcano room into a series of smaller chambers connected by narrow fissures or tunnels. hard. cumula- severely limit visibility as well as harm adventur. and give loop back on themselves..-. give the volcano a small. but also construct it so that it area. destroying ers directly. rising lava levels. reflecting off jagged rock formations with an undulating pattern of orange light. Roll Measurement 40-44 90' 00-04 10' 45-49 100' 05-09 20' 50-124 Roll again. The volcano produces several different on the length of time adventurers can explore corrosive and poisonous gasses. may be long. Simply walking be preceded by loud rumblings. and these may this dungeon. Heat rushes in waves through the cavern's mouth. earth move- across the floor of the room may be treacherous. if adventur- with parts of the floor nothing more than a thin ers still have not figured out that they are in crust over lava. Theeruption should exposed lava. especially in an Role-playing Tips: For extra excite- underground setting without adequate ventila. particularly near the everything in thedungeon. and collapse than to become lost. the few minutes before molten rock annihilates ral caverns. Some tunnels mav your dungeon use the result ofTable 51 5a as a guide. Instead.a appears natural. the volcano room an irregular overall shape. Adventurers should be able to map everything. ment. map. volcano's main crater. Natural caverns one large vent leading to the surface or to the of different origin were often formed by water. If treasure in the dungeon as well. while others may continue on for hundreds of For example. See 507 Natural Caverns on page 129 for You might want to increase the levels of every more details about underground caverns. or if you want to impose an artificial limit tion. a huge reptilian head and snake-likeneck are twisting your way. or stay. which would have left most rocks smooth and Volcano rooms can be extremely danger. and finally. others short. the better. and for volcano room easier to map than normal natu. adding 100' to the final 10-14 30' result. The room. once for the volcano room's 20-24 50' width and once for its length. danger." Room The volcano room is identical to a natural more likely to become overcome by poison gas Information and .- cavern (see 507 Natural Caverns on page 129). Do not feel compelled to fill up the entire On a more detailed level. and be the presence of glowing lava may make a satisfied with what they have. will be interesting and challenging to adventur- ers. This will give obscuring gas does not fill the room.

Roll Treasure 21-34 There is one encounter of level 6. or even 30' x 30' if your room is very large) square of area in the volcano room. 05-07 There is one treasure of level 6. 00-04 There is one treasure of level C. roll once on Table 51 5b. 05-10 There is one encounter of level D. ious fumes. 00-04 There is one encounter of level E. every square has been tested.1: The irregular room on the left represents a 60' x 60' volcano room. re-rolling if the num. Each room should be littered with strange weight. then ~ d treasure d of volcano room (to a maximum of five per there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same chamber). 4 Encounters: For each 5000 square feet Treasure: If there is an encounter. Table 515c: Volcano Room Treasure 11-20 There is one encounter of level C. Figure 515. 3 place lava pools in the room. and when adventurers step on them. rockformations. The black areas are pools of lava. you may also simply forgo rolling dice and place lava pools at your own discretion. and the total encounters across the extent of the Above and beyond any treasure due to encounter room. Use encounters such as fire-breathing encounters. 08-14 There is one treasure of level A. can0 room (to a maximum of five). connect pools in ber YOU get is greater than 79 or less than 10. 15-99 There is no treasure. and the heat detected therewill not be much different than the heat of a solid edge. opening up to a pit or of the floor may be too thin to support much pool of lava. for each 5000 square feet of vol- dragons that enjoy hot environments and nox. If the number you roll for a square is less than your original percentile roll. Roll percentile dice. Table 51 5c. Pools of lava which have crusted over in this manner will still give " out substantial amountsof heat. You may also decide to begin by covering a large section of room with lava and then applying the above dice method to the remaining uncovered area. Take the result. and for each lo' x 10' (or 20' x 20'. After Of course. Treasure from this table will prirna- rily be from hidden caches placed in the vol- Table 515b: Volcano Room Encounters cano room by the dungeon's original occu- Roll Encounter pants. below. adjacent squares to form larger pools. Some parts they will break through. roll percen- tile dice again. Lava pools should be placed as described under step 3. see step 3. pitsand crevasses. Theedges of a lava pool may also be fragile in this manner. 35-59 There is one encounter of level A. . Label it. To place pools of lava. and this I can give them away if adventurers are smart and observant. 60-99 There is no encounter. spreading level. below. then that square contains lava. roll once on levels.

"Yes. until the bucket reaches water. the rope jerks from your hands and tumbles into the well. pulling taut against the crossbar. Table 516b: Well Room Water Supply 08-31 The water came from a normal foun- Determine Roll Water Supply tain which no longer operates. 14-27 lO'x20' Roll percentile dice: 07 The w w 2 tain which still operates. to a siege. i t does appear that you are in a lot of trouble. and no. Adventurers who start well or fountain. . tain which no longer operates or re. the water poisonous residue in the pipes. Suddenly. The well itself is 20' deep. that took in water from a source on the surface Role-playing Tips: If the dungeon fell or worked magically." -Number 842 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers . crying won't help even a little. taking any water.. somethinghas grabbed the rope and is now lifting itself up from the water. or they may fall victim to If. Advice for the reach water (it should extend below the lowest dungeon level. It usually dungeon area. it probably does have an appetite for human flesh. hand over hand. containswater. Yes. Figure516. the well 00-04 The water came from a magical foun. unless magical. has a short (3') stone'wall around its mouth and a crossbar wound with rope. has probably run a fountain that had been stopped up during a dry. the scaly creature rising from the depths of the boiling pool does look hungry. and it does appear to be heading in your direction. Roll percentile dice: 28-42 20' x 20' 1 43-56 20' x 30' Determine Table 516a: Well Room Size 57-71 30' x 30' ~ o l l Size 72-85 30' x 40' the room's 00-1 3 10' x 10' 86-99 40' x 40' size. Any fountain that took in water from the siege should let it run for several minutes before surface may have had a way of being turned off. you lower it. now completely dry.and a well.. though it is now brack- quires a key word to turn on. ish and unhealthy. From the 516 Well sounds echoing through the darkness. the pipes that carried included a well dug deep into the ground to waterforthefountain areaImostcertainIy clogged. was not turned off. In any event. 05-06 The water came from a magical foun. a dungeon soned the water supply." Room Thedungeon's well room providedan inter. There is one additional Add the entrance in the well room for a total of two. it either ran outor stopped up. when the dungeon was abandoned. the attacking force may have poi- By the time adventurers reach it. "Tying one end of your rope to the crossbar above the well and the other end to a bucket's handle. Yes. Game Master water). it has seen you. Yes. but sometimes it consisted of a fountain There may also be a winch. well room to your dungeon map. 75-99 The water came from a well which still water supply.1: The well room on the right containst w o w buckets. 32-74 The water came from a well which is room's tain which still operates. possibly after overflowing and flooding the local Information and nal water supply for dungeon residents. or those levels should be below A well should have one or more buckets at hand to lower into the water by rope or chain.

If there is neither level B nor C. then there is a 20°/0 chance for an encounter ot level 5. then there is a 40% chance for a treasure of the same level. encounter of level A. an 80% chance to be a corridor. If there is no encounter at all. If there i s no encounter of level C. encounter of level A. otherwise it is counter in the well room.a 5% chance for a treasure of level A. then there is . then there is a 10% chance for an encounter of level C. Each entrance has Treasure: If there is water and an en. If there is an encounter but no water. additional A dry well room has a 10% chance for an Additional Entrances: Roll ~ e r c e n - entrances. then there is a 10% a door.4 ~ d treasure and d encounter levels and Encounters: If the well room still con- tains water. . tile dice and consult Table 170 standard Addi- tional Entrances on page 22. then there i s a 70% chance for an chance for a treasure of the same level.

There tains a few weapons. simple weapons still possibly in serviceable cow An armory is little more than a storeroom dition. Armories usually hold a variety of Role-playing Tips: ~ o s magical t mor and weapons belonged to nobles or offic- ar. Advice for the with racks. but your eyes are immediately drawn to the far corner. that they b e bers. It con.. bolts and stones. bolts and stones. weapons or pieces of armor and a few several shields of varying sizes. and other small weapons and supplies. a few complete suits of the armory's stores: armor. perhaps. There are su'its of armor on the north wall and weapons racks for swords. So. and they were the first items with metal armor and its tightly-fitting parts and removed during an emergency. 08-19 101x20' - F i m e 551.1: The 20' x 30' armorv. score arrows. . bv the mapping example on the right is well-stocked. bolts and sling stones. . assortment of weapons. 98-99 The armory is completely stocked. one or two complete suits of armor. Most equipment may be in poor shape. Encounters: There i s a 20% chance for an encounter of level A. The four chests and six shelves hold arrows. roll percentile dice and 56-89 90-97 The armory is partially stocked. 05-24 The armory is almost entirely empty. crossbows and more. crushing weapons and pole arms hanging on every other wall. bolts and sling stones. The armory contains an assortment of 3. Treasure: If there is an encounter. maybe a shield is a 2% chance for 1-3 magical weap or helm. in a solid crystal case." 551 Armory A dungeon's soldiers stored their weapons numerous joints having suffered the most and Information and and armor in an armory. perhaps some armor (but not ons and a 2% chance for 1-3 pieces of a full suit). where. an ornate broadsword glows brightly. and they kept their weapons in their cham- the assortment beyond. shelves and wall fixtures for weapons and armor. some shields and bucklers. in- There may be one or two broken cluding some complete suits of armor. armor. quills. There are shields. magical armor. It has- small assortment of weapons. dungeon map. "Armorand weapons of all types fill the room almost to the point of bursting. There is a Table 551 b: Armory Contents 1%chance for a magicalweapon and Roll Result a 1% chance for a piece of magical 00-04 The armory is completely empty. circumstances.. and many 25-55 The armory i s mostly empty. Roll ~ercentiledice andconsultTable551a: 20-39 20'x20' 1 40-64 20'x30' Determine Table 551a: Armory Size 65-84 20' x 40' Roll Size 85-94 3~x30' the room's 00-07 10' x 10' 95-99 3o'x 40' A size. For all armories. represented . levelS Add treasure and encounter consult Table 551b to determine the extent of weapons. and many arrows. magical weapons and armor were longed to soldiers in the same part of the duw only stored in an armory under the most rare geon. a wide arrows. Game Master weapons and armorwith little rhymeor reasonto ers. several shields and many score arrows. axes. quarrels. there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level. and a couple score arrows. a few helms. spears. bolts and stones.

20-32 There is an entranceon thewall to the expertly hidden so that only a very left of the original entrance. you are unable to turn up any details 552 Empty to overturn your original conclusion that this room is entirely empty and uninteresting. then there is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level. and there is nothing in and enjoy watching as the adventurers pound their heads against the walls. t once for the~room's width." try saying "you have come across an Advice for the it. this room would be completely unnotable if not for the far door. Room of heavily armed orcs." ' Information and 'Not every dungeon room was completed adventurers. 40-59 30' 60-79 40' 80-99 50' entrancks. finding them. Any en- 00-1 9 There are no additional entrances. and~ i Roll ~ Dimension ~ once for its length. "You have come across an empty by the time the dungeon's owners abandoned room. 75-82 There is an entranceon the wall to the tional entrance (except a secret door) has a left and one on the wall to the right of 50% chance to be a corridor. "Aftera second careful search. which is currently swinging open to admit a stream . entrances.. I I 3 Add treasure and encounter levels and Encounters: There is a 10% chance for an encounter of level A. 00-19 10' the room's 20-39 20' size. searching every them. 83-94 There is an entrance on each wall of the room. concentrated search has a chance of 33-45 There is an entrance on the wall oppo. door. dungeon map. trances you roll are secret entrances. There is an entrance on the wall to the left and one on the wall opposite the original entrance. Additionally. Each addi. the room on the left is completely empty. some rooms were cleaned out apparently empty room. otherwise it is a the original entrance. the original entrance." Then you can sit back Game Master for one reason or another. 1 ~ ~ 552a each time. Treasure: If there is an encounter. There is an entrance on the wall oppo- site and one on the wall to the right of additional Additional Entrances: Roll percen. . nook and cranny to make certain that it i s Role-playingTips: Rather than telling indeed empty. These are the dungeon'sempty rooms. (Total = 4) Table 552b: Additional Entrances 95-99 Roll again on this table. tile dice and consult Table 552b. ignoring this Roll Entrances result if you roll it again. site the original entrance. In fact. 46-58 59-66 67-74 There is an entrance on the wall to the right of the original entrance. .

'This room contains the smashed and scattered remains of several
barrels, but that is all. The contents of the barrels have vanished,
probably taken away by the room's destroyer. Not even tiny remnants
remain.. ." . 553 Granary
The dungeon's granary was a special store- If your dungeon has monstrous inhabit- Information and
room set aside for keeping grain stored in sacks ants, then most if not all of the granary's sup-
for the short term and sealed barrels for the long plies should have been eaten.
Advice for the
term. The granary often contained a small Role-playing Tips: If adventurers are Game Master
millstone as well, which was turned by servants, foolish enough to try to eat or drink anything
a small beast, or, if the dungeon contained an that has been stored in a dungeon for genera-
underground river, a water wheel and gear tions or even centuries, give them a nasty illness
system. to teach them a lesson.

Roll percentile dice and consult Table Table 553a: Granary Size

553a: Roll Size Determine
00-09 10' x 10' the room's
10-29 1 0 ' 20'
30-49 20' x 20' size.

Figure 553.1: The 10' x 10' granary on the right contains several barrels,
tightly sealed for long-term storage.

f i your map.

Encounters: There is a 10% chance for
an encounter of level C. If there i s noencounter
of level C, then there is a 20% chance for an
encounter of level B. If there is no encounter of
level B or C, then there is a 95% chance for an
encounter of level A.

Treasure: If there is an encounter, then
there is a 75% chance for a treasure of the same
3 Add treasure

"Fortunately,you make it to the end of the corridor and through the

554 door, slamming it behind you, just before the giant troll gets close
enough to grab you. You wedge the door shut and look for another way
out. There is none.

Storeroom "The troll is rapidly turning the wooden door into splinters, so you
quickly the room for help. 1t.s tvu of siege supplies, and, sure
enough, in the corner rests a ballista.. ." .

4 Information and A dungeon had many supplies that needed rels, chests or sacks, and the contents may not
to be stored for future use. This was done in be uniform. Feel free to mix together two or
Advice for the storerooms. more types of storeroom contents.
Game Master Storeroom contents are often held in bar-

Roll percentile dice: 20-39 20' x 20'

1 Determine
the room's
Table 554a: Storeroom Size
00-07 1of x 10'
08-19 10' x 20'

I your map.

3 ~

supplies are listed on the following table. You
t ~
may roll percentiledice and consultTable554b
or simply choose contents for the storeroom on
your own.
~ 12-19
page 148)
i ~
Grain (see 553 Granary on page 149)
Food (Other than or including grain)
Siege Supplies
Building Supplies

Table 554b: Storeroom Contents 90-99 Miscellaneous Items (furs, skins, coal,
Roll Contents wool, cotton, cloth, tools, furniture, art
0047 Weapons and Armor (see 551 Armory objects, candles, torches, oil, clothing,
on page 147) tinder, wood, etc.)

4 , ~ d treasure

an encounter of level A.

Treasure: If there is an encounter, there
is a 50% chance for a treasure of the same level.
Regardless, roll percentile dice and consult
empty. There is enough left to see
what the storeroom originally held,
but little more.
The storeroom is mostly empty, about
114 to 113 full.
Table 554c to determine how depleted the 56-89 The storeroom i s about half stocked.
storeroom's supplies are. 90-97 The storeroom i s mostly stocked,
about 213 full.
Table 5 5 4 ~ :Storeroom Depletion 98-99 The storeroom is completely or al-
Roll Result most completely stocked.
00-04 The storeroom is completely empty.

Dungeon Background
Why Was This Dungeon Built?, beginning on page 152, will help you to determine your Consult the
dungeon's original mission and construction purpose.
Surrounding Countryside, starting on page 157, will give you the broad geographical
five sections that
characteristics of your dungeon's location. follow to
Civilization Traits, starting on page 160, provides such information as how militant and determine
aggressive your dungeon builders were, howwealthy they were as a nation, how artistic they were
and how devoted they were to their religion. background
Dungeon Abandonment, beginning with page 165, works under the assumption that your information for
dungeon was primedfor adventure by being abandoned by its original inhabitants and later taken
over by such unsavory residents as trolls, goblins, orcs and dragons. Dungeon Abandonment sets
your dungeon.
forth the scenario that caused your dungeon's original inhabitants to move out of or flee their
If you decide that your dungeon was never abandoned, especially if your dungeon was built
only recently, modify your dungeon as described under Active Dungeons, starting on page 175.

use result 90-109 on Table 701. Blacksmith's Room. if your dun- ties: standard. Add a modifier of -20 for each of the together all of the modifiers that apply to your followingwhich your dungeon contains: 0 dungeon. 2 than 149. It reads. fortress and tomb. 5 or more 251 Execution Room. nomic center. i t is more or less dungeons. 2 or more 362 Market. add the 201 Arena. For all following which your dungeon contains: other dungeons which contain 200 or more 1 201 Arena. . slowly trans- This forming the strange characters into legible script. A dungeon eco- dungeons. If any fication. one or more market room. Eminent. and on it is an inscrip- Whv Was J tion in the strange language you've seen elsewhere in books and on tapestries. 4 202 Barracks. Dun- Fortress Or Tomb dungeon was built. "The dungeon's cornerstone rests before you. For standard geon contains certain rooms. 0 362 Market. Before consulting your table. however. therefore. geons designed to serve specific roles tend to spond to the three types of dungeon possibili. 701 Standard Market for each one hundred rooms.. 3 or 4 252 Prison. "Your magic changes the inscription before your eyes. 0 203 resulting total modifier to a percentile die roll. consult Table 702. Fortification. 6 or more total more 252 Prison. 4 followingwhich your dungeon contains: 5 251 Execution Room. 5 or more racks. or 5 201 Arena. . more rooms: If there is more than one 362 Physician's Room. Feared. fewer than 150 rooms: Consult thefollow- racks. 0 205 WeaponsTraining Room. For fortress likely to fulfill specific roles. 0 302 Blacksmith's Room. Otherwise. 0 or 1 55 1 Armory. Add together all of the more 252 Prison. 5 or ing list of modifiers. consult Table 703. 6 or more 201 Arena. Add .. 4 or 302 Blacksmith's Room. 5 ."' Standard. use result 65-89 on Table 701. Finally. Add a modifier of -1 0 for each of the rooms. add enough barracks to bring them or 1 253 Torture Chamber. 1 402 Great Hall. 10 or 11 202 Barracks. 0 Barracks. than one 402 Great Hall for each one hundred . Add a modifier of +10 for each of the add the resulting total modifier to a percentile followingwhich your dungeon contains: 4 die roll. For tomb dun. but fewer than 200 rooms: 551 Armory. These three tables corre. use result 3 or more 402 Great Hall. 2 or fewer total 307 Herbalist's Quarters plus 3 13 Physician's Dungeons which contain more Room. 702 and 703. 0 of these dungeons have fewer than ten 202 251 Execution Room. 10 or more 202 Bar- or more 253 Torture Chamber. if there is more Armory. 0 or 1 252 Prison. for example. Consult the following list of modifiers. Finally. Add a modifier of +20 for each of the followingwhich your dungeon contains: 6 Dungeons with more than 99 but or more 201 Arena. Built? So Sealed on the Third Day. His Seventh Dragon Moon. Add a modifier of +20 for each of the or more 205 Weapons Training Room. 3 or fewer 202 Barracks. 0 and consult Table 701. 402 Great Hall. contain certain rooms. and consult Table 701. yet Beloved by His People. modifiers that apply to your dungeon. Dungeon Commissions the Keepers of This Fortress with the Eternal Guardianship of Southwind Province. 4 or more 251 Execution Room. 'Lord Tainaw. 1 302 up to ten. 7 or more 551 Dungeon Purpose 10-19 onTable 701. 701. that give answers to the question of why your read the list of modifiers that precede it. usually contains geons. 1 203 Forti- rooms. 12 or more 202 Bar. and then add +15. consult Table 701. There are three Tables.

Add a modifier of +10 for each of the contains 4 or more 202 Barracks.
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 3 Add a modifier of +10 for each of the
or 4 201 Arena; 9 202 Barracks; 4 or more followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1
205 Weapons Training Room; 3 251 Ex- or more 201 Arena; 3 202 Barracks; 2 or
ecution Room; 3 252 Prison; 5 or more more 205 Weapons Training Room; 3 or
253 Torture Chamber; 4 or more 302 more 251 Execution Room, 2 or more 252
Blacksmith's Room; 5 or more total 307 Prison; 3 or more 253 Torture Chamber; 2
Herbalist's Quarters plus 3 13 Physician's or more 302 Blacksmith's Room; 3 or
Room; 1 or more 362 Market; 2 or more more total 307 Herbalist's Quarters plus
402 Great Hall; 6 or more 551 Armory. 313 Physician's Room; 1 or more 362
Add a modifier of -10 for each of the Market; 1 or more 402 Great Hall; 3 or
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 0 more 551 Armory.
201 Arena; 3 202 Barracks; 0 203 Fortifica- Add a modifier of -10 for each of the
tion; 0 205 Weapons Training Room; 0 or followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1
1 302 Blacksmith's Room; 2 orfewer total 202 Barracks; 0 205 Weapons Training
307 Herbalist's Quarters plus 313 Room; 0 302 Blacksmith's Room; 0 total
Physician's Room; 0 402 Great Hall; 1 551 307 Herbalist's Quarters plus 31 3
Armory. Physician's Room; 0 402 Great Hall; 1 551
. Add a modifier of -20 for each of the Armory.
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 2 Add a modifier of -20 for each of the
or fewer 202 Barracks; 0 551 Armory. followingwhich your dungeon contains: 0
202 Barracks; 0 551 Armory.
Dungeons with more than 49 but
fewer than 100 rooms: Consult the follow- Table 701: Standard Dungeon Purpose
ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the Roll Purpose
modifiers that apply to your dungeon, and then < 10 To serve as a protected home for
add-15. Finally, add the resulting total modifier nobility. Dungeons that housed n o
to a percentile die roll and consult Table 701. bility in a protected environment
Add a modifier of +20 for each of the (maybe even one important noble)
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 4 were generally smaller than other
or more 201 Arena; 8 or more 202 Bar- typestwith an emphasis on livingquar-
racks; 4 or more 251 Execution Room; 4 or ters. Dungeons made it tough for
more 252 Prison. assassins to do their business and
Add a modifier of +10 for each of the fostered respect for a noble in much
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 2 the same way as a castle. Some
or 3 201 Arena; 6 or 7 202 Barracks; 3 or nobles even built a castle on top of
more 205 Weapons Training Room; 3 25 1 their dungeon, or a dungeon under
Execution Room; 3 252 Prison; 4 or more their castle. A dungeon of this type
253 Torture Chamber; 3 or more 302 must have at least one bedroom suite
Blacksmith's Room; 4 or more total 307 and at least one servants' quarters.
Herbalist's Quarters plus 3 13 Physician's 1@ I 9 To serve as an economic center. This
Room; 1 or more 362 Market; 2 or more dungeon was subservient to a surface
402 Great Hall; 5 or more 551 Armory. town or city. When the guild mem-
Add a modifier of -10 for each of the bers controlling the city or town de-
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 0 cided they had become rich enough
201 Arena; 2 202 Barracks; 0 203 Fortifica- to make a tempting target for attack-
tion; 0 205 Weapons Training Room; 0 ing or looting, they built a dungeon as
302 Blacksmith's Room; 0 or 1 total 307 a defensive measure and as a status
Herbalist's Quarters plus 31 3 Physician's symbol. Cities with dungeons to aid
Room; 0 402 Great Hall; 1 551 Armory. in defending their prominent citizens
Add a, modifier of -20 for each of the andvisitors attractedmore tradefrom
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 0 abroad and prospered more readily
or 1 202 Barracks; 0 551 Armory. than cities without dungeons. These
economic centers may have an un-
Dungeons with fewer than 50 derground market area. They also
rooms: Consult the following list of modifiers. should have more bedrooms and
Add together all of the modifiers that apply to barracks areas than craft rooms, which
your dungeon, and then add -30. Finally, add would have remained in the surface
the resulting total modifier to a percentile die city. These types of dungeons also
roll and consult Table 701. should have more additional exits,
Add a modifier of +20 if your dungeon and less of an emphasis on store-

rooms. Cities and towns rarely had and even the national ruler, extensive
any hopefor relief during battle, since quarters for servants and visitors, fa-
they bad no additional forces to call cilitiesfor a very long siege, roomsfor
on. Running away made much more craftsmen, wizards, healers, and even
sense than trying to out-last a siege. prisoners. This dungeon probably
To defend against an enemy. Of had a large town or city above i t
course, the military control option 90-109 To militarily control the surrounding
(result 90-109, below) also performs country-side, much like an under-
this function, but a mainly defensive ground castle. This is the most com-
dungeon is usually smaller. Its sol- mon purpose for a large dungeon.
diers are usually a blocking force de- The soldiers remain not only p r e
signed to slow down a major ad- tected, but hidden and shieldedfrom
vance, harass enemy soldiers, and long-range magic. Because magic
perhaps attack them from the flank, gives attackers increased opportuni-
cutting off supply lines and paths of ties to send missiles and attacks over
retreat. The defensive dungeon usu- defenses as well as through them, the
ally does not have a large enough covered nature of a dungeon is criti-
force to perform many effective of- cal in keepingitsafe from invaders. In
fensive functions. the event of a siege, the front en-
To serve as an economic center. See trance is easy to defend. If the en-
10-19, above. trance is breached, creating a local-
To house soldiers. A dungeon de- ized cave-in is relatively simple and
signed simply to house soldiers often gives dungeon inhabitants the time
has barracks, training areas and little they need to escape through another
else. way out, usually a hidden way. If
To defend against an enemy. See 20- necessary, soldiers trained for dun-
29, above. geon living can even dig a new addi-
To serve as an economic center. See tional way out in relatively little time.
10-19, above. 1 10-119 To serve as a political center. See 65-
To serve as a political center. The 89, above.
political center has it all, a large mili- 120+ To militarily control the surrounding
tary contingent, housing for nobles countryside. See 90-109, above.

702 Fortress more rooms: Use result 60+ on Table 702. contains 6 or fewer 202 Barracks.

Dungeon Purpose Dungeons with more than 149 but Dungeons with more than 99 but
fewer than 200 rooms: Consult the follow- fewer than 150 rooms: Consult thefollow-
ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the
modifiers that apply to your dungeon, and then modifiers that apply to your dungeon. Finally,
add +15. Finally, add the resulting total modi- add the resulting total modifier to a percentile
fier to a percentile die roll, and consult Table die roll, and consult Table 702.
702. Add a modifier of +20 for each of the
Add a modifier of +20 for each of the following which your dungeon contains:
following which your dungeon contains: 14 or more 202 Barracks; 2 or more 402
18 or more 202 Barracks; 2 or more 402 Great Hall.
Great Hall. Add a modifier of +10 for each of the
Add a modifier of + l o for each of the following which your dungeon contains:
following which your dungeon contains: 12 or 13 202 Barracks; 6 or more 252
15, 16 or 17 202 Barracks; 7 or more 252 Prison; 3 or more 301 Alchemist's Labora-
Prison; 3 or more 301 Alchemist's Labora- tory; 6 or more 302 Blacksmith's Room; 3
tory; 8 or more 302 Blacksmith's Room; 3 or more 3 10 Spell Caster's Laboratory; 1
or more 3 10 Spell Caster's Laboratory; 1 402 Great Hall; 6 or more 551 Armory.
402 Great Hall; 7 or more 551 Armory. Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon
Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon contains 5 or 6 202 Barracks.
contains 7 202 Barracks. Add a modifier of -20 if your dungeon

-Number 79 from 1001 Answers to Adventurers

contains 4 or fewer 202 Barracks. Table 702: Fortress Dungeon Purpose
Roll Purpose
Dungeons with more than 49 but < 30 To house soldiers. A dungeon de-
fewer than 100 rooms: Consult the follow- signed simply to house soldiers often
ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the has barracks, training areas and little
modifiers that apply to your dungeon, and then else.
add-15. Finally, add the resultingtotal modifier 30-59 To defend against an enemy. Of
to a percentile die roll, and consult Table 702. course, the military control option
Add a modifier of +20 if your dungeon (result 60+, below) also performs this
contains 10 or more 202 Barracks. function, but a mainly defensive dun-
Add a modifier of +10 for each of the geon i s usually smaller. Its soldiers are
followingwhich your dungeon contains: 9 usually a blocking force designed to
202 Barracks; 6 or more 252 Prison; 2 or slow down a major advance, harass
more 301 Alchemist's Laboratory; 4 or enemy soldiers, and perhaps attack
more 302 Blacksmith's Room; 2 or more them from theflank, cutting off supply
310 Spell Caster's Laboratory; 1 or more lines and paths of retreat. The defen-
402 Great Hall; 5 or more 551 Armory. sive dungeon usually does not have a
Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon large enough force to perform many
contains 4 202 Barracks. effective offensive functions.
Add a modifier of -20 if your dungeon 60+ To militarily control the surrounding
contains 3 or fewer 202 Barracks. country-side, much like an under-
ground castle. This is the most com-
Dungeons with fewer than 50 mon purpose for a large dungeon.
rooms: Consult the following list of modifiers. The soldiers remain not only pro-
Add together all of the modifiers that apply to tected, but hidden and shieldedfrom
your dungeon, and then add -30. Finally, add long-range magic. Because magic
the resulting total modifier to a percentile die gives attackers increased opportuni-
roll, and consult Table 702. ties to send missiles and attacks over
Add a modifier of +20 if your dungeon defenses as well as through them,
contains 6 or more 202 Barracks. the covered nature of a dungeon is
Add a modifier of +10 for each of the critical in keeping it safe from invad-
following which your dungeon contains: ers. In the event of a siege, the front
5 202 Barracks; 3 or more 252 Prison; 1 entrance i s easy to defend. If the
or more 301 Alchemist's Laboratory; 2 entrance i s breached, creating a lo-
or more 302 Blacksmith's Room; 1 or calized cave-in is relatively simple
more 3 10 Spell Caster's Laboratory; 1 or and gives dungeon inhabitants the
more 402 Great Hall; 3 or more 551 time they need to escape through
Armory. another way out, usually a hidden
Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon way. If necessary, soldiers trained
contains 2 202 Barracks. for dungeon living can even dig a
Add a modifier of -20 if your dungeon new additional way out in relatively
contains 0 or 1 202 Barracks. little time.

Dungeons which contain 200 or
more r o b e : Use result 80+ on Table 703.
Tomb Catacomb. 703
Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon
Dungeons with more than 149 but contains 9 451 Burial Chamber. Dungeon Purpose
fewer than 200 rooms: Consult the follow- Add a modifier of -20 for each of the
ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1
modifiers that apply to your dungeon, and then 402 Great Hall; 1 405 Treasure Room; 8 or
add +IS. Finally, add the resulting total modi- fewer 45 1 Burial Chamber.
fier to a percentile die roll, and consult Table
703. Dungeons with more than 99 but
Add a modifier of +20 for each of the fewer than 150 rooms: Consult the follow-
following which your dungeon contains: ing list of modifiers. Add together all of the
39 or more 451 Burial Chamber; 27 or modifiers that apply to your dungeon. Finally,
more 452 Catacomb. add the resulting total modifier to a percentile
Add a modifier of +10 for each of the die roll, and consult Table 703.
following which your dungeon contains: Add a modifier of +20 for each of the

5 or 6 451 Burial Chamber. Most of its Dungeons with fewer than 50 corpses are in catacombs. 18 or 19 452 Great Hall. and then be large. throne room or other seat Add a modifier of +20 for each of the to carry on the dead leader's author- following which your dungeon contains: ity. usually is built near the city it serves. It Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon often contains several differentthrone contains 5. . and addi- rooms: Consult the following list of modifiers. There may also be a to a percentile die roll. storerooms. Add a modifier of -20 for each of the Add a modifier of -20 for each of the followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1 followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1 402 Great Hall. contains 8. and consult Table 703. < 20 To bury an important leader. 20 or 21 202 Barracks. add nation's nobility. A burial place for a town or city fewer 451 Burial Chamber. 9 or more most extensive riches. tional rooms are kept to a minimum. and then add -30. Table 703: Tomb Dungeon Purpose Dungeons with more than 49 but Roll Purpose fewer than 100 rooms: Consult the follow. bers. rooms. Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon Add a modifier of -10 if your dungeon contains 4. 4 or city. and other facili- Add a modifier of -20 for each of the ties for the dead leaders. or one for several leaders. 20 or Add a modifier of + l o for each of the more 452 Catacomb. Add together all of the this dungeons burial chambers should modifiersthat apply to your dungeon. Add together all of the modifiers that apply to 80+ To serve as a burial place for the your dungeon. A Add a modifier of +20 for each of the burial site for nobility is usually filled following which your dungeon contains: with the most lavish decor and the 13 or more 451 Burial Chamber. 7 or 8 452 following which your dungeon contains: Catacomb. 7or fewer 451 Burial Chamber. and consult Table 703. non-burial rooms. A more 452 Catacomb. 12 or 13 452 This dungeon has several burial cham- Catacomb. even directly beneath it. central. 1 405Treasure Room. 0 402 30or 31 451 Burial Chamber. following which your dungeon contains: 452 Catacomb. with the roll. 14 or 20-39 To bury several important leaders. 9 or 10 451 Burial Chamber. 22 or more 451 Burial Chamber. 1 405 Treasure Room. tomb for several leaders i s a more Add a modifier of +10 for each of the extensive version of the type for one following which your dungeon contains: important leader. This tomb dungeon the resulting total modifier to a percentile die is the most extensive type. 1 405 Treasure Room. most additional. following which your dungeon contains: Add a modifier of +10 for each of the 10. Catacomb. 11 or 12 202 Barracks. described above. followingwhich your dungeon contains: 1 40-79 To serve as a burial place for a town or 402 Great Hall. great hall. 3 or 402 Great Hall. Finally. 3 or more 252 Prison. Finally. and protected by add -1 5. 32 or more 451 Burial Chamber. 6 or 7 451 Burial Chamber. fewer 451 Burial Chamber. One of ing list of modifiers. add the resultingtotal modifier several traps.

dangerous fires. Variations in height make the dungeon's specific location contain a from hill to valley are typically less wide fault or sheer cliff. Perhaps an hill. 710 is "Flat. Water is a rare. four results will define the characteristicsof the Particularly on flat lands. erally less than one thousand feet. on the side of a giant traverse. 71 1. There is water in this territory. you may decide Table 710: How Mountainous? that though the broad territory in which your ~011 Result Plains. cracked earth. This is level territory. is located is the only mountain or hill in an 94-99 Extremely mountainous. rock slides and logical change in the region. but your ordeal may be just beginning. over a thousand feet deep. This land i s coveredwith low. the result able commodity here. 26-44 Mostly dry. then you do not need to accept a result of possibly dangerous to traverse due to "flat" or "rolling" on Table 71 0. though the dungeon may be under water (re. valu. An immense chasm. The entrance itself lies towards the center of the cliff face. though the result of Table 25-49 Rolling. flect the immediate location of the dungeon. and wa- pocket underneath a rock shelf or in a magical tercan be found fairly regularly. Maybe the civilization than one hundred feet. From the top of any given canyon created by a passing river. if your result on Table 101 General tion change from hill to valley is gen- Entrance Characteristics was 45-89 (the dun. A great variety of vegetation . scrag- be located in the middle of an oasis. The mountains are extremely meteor crater. its entrance may be in a natural air variety of hearty vegetation. dangerous winds. Hilly land makes for very slow mountain of earth to house its entrance. leading to the possibil- 00-11 Desert. terrain. the surrounding view is largely earthquake and erosion worked together to unobstructed. but unobstructed travel. not often. and animal life are sparse. the dungeon itself is in uniquely different elevation may be quite high or low. prone to avalanches. The eleva- Also. gly trees. the entrance to the Lost Halls of Urtaggan is finally in view. you may either re-rollor decide extreme heights. If you get one the dramatic elevation changes and of those results. thousands of feet long. cactus and scrubby brush. 45-69 Normal. that built the dungeon also piled up a small 50-79 Hilly. like Table 710. This land is difficult and hill). though its ~ ~ ~ ~ t 710. but the dungeon's entrance may arid land is mostly low bushes." the dungeon may be in a small rolling hills. These dungeon. Vegetation in may bedesert. Many of the moun- that the mountain or hill in which your dungeon tains are less than 5000 feet high. This land can support a sult 98-99). On Table 71 1. but it is very hard to find and may For example. but may not necessarily re. Mostly dry territory may have a yearly dry season duringwhich Table 71 1: How Watery? much of the vegetation turns brown. the territory holding the dungeon require some digging. ity of extensive. "After three weeks on horseback. dirt and dry. The dungeon extremely hazardous and difficult to could be on a volcano. hundreds of feet below you and several hundred feet above the ground. and vegetation you get applies to the large territory surround. 12-25 Arid. and over a hundred feet wide." Countryside Roll percentile dice four times. though under water cave. geon entrance is on the side of a mountain or 80-93 Mountainous. Lots of sand. consulting overall geographic territory surrounding your in turn Tables 710. Hills. For example. or near some similar feature that tall and the passes are narrow and is not necessarily associated with a broad geo. separates you from the cliff face that holds Surrounding the entrance. Also. Desert or Ocean? ing the dungeon. or dungeon i s located i s as described under Table 00-24 Flat. Roll Result dry and brittle. This land is otherwise flat or rolling terrain. 712 and 713.

merged it over time. normal terri. Sum- to choose a location on your adventurers's mers are pleasantly warm. though it can be a river. in the upper half of a moun- the lowest possible elevation for this tain or on land that is at an otherwise region. The body of dant and possibly obstructing. sea. Rivers. huge lake or giant river. In mountainous land. The dungeon the dungeon was flooded after its itself should have at least one under. sea. land around the dungeon may be at 30-59 The dungeon is located at a low an elevation of up to 10. then your dun- some huge water source such as an geon was built under water by a race ocean. world that corresponds to the results of Tables 8-42 The dungeon's surroundings typically 710-712 and use that area's climate. Roll Result 75-89 The dungeon i s located at a high 00-09 The ground above the dungeon is at elevation. weather cold enough for snowfall up Rather than usingTable 713. Flat. side about ten to twenty percent of rolling or hilly land is on a -raised plateau. temperatures may be very hot during the O&l 7 The dungeon's surroundings receive day and then well below freezing at night. If the area is elevation for this region. rollingor Low or High? perhaps in the center of a continent or in the hilly land is all at a small elevation. I On Table 712. round. See 827 Flood on page ground lake (add if needed). midst of a mountain range. Roll percentile dice. find. lakes and ponds are easy to a lake. you maywish to six months out of the year. tions. Aside from leaves falling during 98-99 Submerged. Otherwise. or subject to flooding. rolling or hilly hilly. that lived there (perhaps merpeople Verywet landis often marshy. a diverted year round. of a mountain's total height. construction. If the area is mountainous or high elevation. Water is fairly walls and floors should be wet and easy to find. rather than perhaps several hundred feet. the rolling land is at about sea level. Vegetation is thick and plentiful. Higher a moderate thaw duringthe cool sum- elevations have greater daily temperature varia. Flat or top of a mountain. though not overly abun. you may wish to simply choose 60-74 The dungeon is locatedat a moderate a location that corresponds to Tables 710 and elevation. 03-07 The dungeon's surroundings tend to Modify the climate result for your dungeon be bitterly cold most of the year with based on your dungeon's elevation. usingTable 712. unless they take precautions. probably did not start out that way. note that high elevationflat. Flat. water is abun. swampy orintelligentamphibians). the 71 1 on the world in which your adventurers dungeon may be around the middle live. the mountain's height. have very cold weather only during . tory is capable of green vegetation all but subsidence of the land. water coveringthe dungeon is usually streams. elevation. slippery. Flat. the dungeon is at the the foot of a mountain or hill. and its 174. river or a changing water table sub 70-87 Wet. In wet territory. 90-99 The dungeon is located at an ex- 10-29 The dungeon is located at a very low tremely high elevation. It may be up a mountain try surrounding your dungeon. 88-97 Very wet. Very wet territory is by If the result is 00-04. It may be at mountainous. rolling or hilly land may be at an Table 712: What Elevation? elevation of up to 2000 feet. mer months. An underwater dungeon the tiutumn and winter. then the dungeon is located in a land may be at an elevation of 3000 to valley. dant. Flat or rolling land may be 5000 feet. lives in this territory.000 feet. Otherwise. Also. below sea level. ocean or marsh. remember that Hot or Cold? characters wearing armor on hot days in the ~ ~ 1 Result 1 00-02 The dungeon's surroundings are sub warmer regions (rolls 67 through 99) during ject to arctic weather conditions year- daylight hours can die from the heat's effects.

43-66 The dungeon's surroundings receive weather cold enough for snowfall only a few days each year. Some days during the sum- mer may be extremely hot. and the summers can become uncomfortably warm. 93-99 The temperature around the dungeon can be unbearably hot any day of the year. 67-81 The dungeon's surroundings essen- tially never receive snowfall. Summer tem- peratures are often unbearable. and any day during the year can be uncom- fortably warm. even hot. . The uncomfort- ably hot days of summer typically last a full three months. the winter months. The temperature never becomes cold enough. Hot days can occur any time of the year. 82-92 The dungeon's surroundings never receive snowfall.

They may even amongthecivilianpopulacethat could have ruled the nation. to your roll for each arena. The dungeon's sole military have been called upon for military use was as a hiding place.. The civilization that built 90-129 Extensive military presence. pillaged goods and captured enemies were presented to the local Traits overlord as a form of tribute. service in times of necessity." add 25 to your roll battle with another nation. Militant? on Table 720 was "Some rnilitarv. be. Every citizen was considered guards. likely to try to justify the fight in a way that turns the tables and makes itself Table 721: Military Demeanor the defender. zenry who could be called to action geon. were generally mercenaryforces from For fortress dungeons. to determine civilization traitsof the ginningwith 720 Military Culture and ending at beings who built your dungeon. 00-04 No military. not even irregular troops from largeand dominating. 05-39 Some military. Also. ever. If your result was 10-39 Normal. The this dungeon had no military whatso. guard irregulars or reserves among the citi- civil or ~ ~ ~ t iroom ~ or lweapons ? training room in the dun. quired to serve in the military at some Any barracks in this dungeon would time in their lives. Table 720: Military Culture They also had an extensive force of Roll Result irregulars among their citizens. Consult each of the following tables. Regular. Thedungeon builders had a dungeon. The civilization's pri- Table 720 was%o Military. This nation would not fight inhibitions about attacking another against anyone else. If the result of your roll would actively defend themselves. Even enemy civilians. In this room. This civilization is less likely "Extensive military presence. add five to your roll other lands. plus an additional one for each room in the 40-89 Normal. nation's regular military forces were ever. "If your interpretation of the tapestries adorning the walls of this Civilization great hall is correct. add three for each fortification in quickly." . well-trained. . allowed. Every zation probably did not even have available citizen may have been re- hired mercenaries on hand. military might not even have been ing army. 729Trade." .. If your resultwas "Everything in a conflict. this one is on Table 72 1. 130+ Everything geared towards the mili- The dungeon still would have had tary. and the guards may have been part of the military. barracks." subtract 60 from be the aggressor in a conflict. When it does initiate a geared towards the military. all of the time. subtract 25 though. for any country. They Pacifist or your roll on Table 721." add 10 to your to be the aggressor than the defender roll onTable 721. This civilization has few < (-25) Pacifist. every resident of the dungeon served the army during times of war. Most every have been called up on a moment's available citizen could conceivably notice. This civili. and the army was always at war. whether to right a perceived reason. old and young alike. full-time soldiers the dungeon. from your roll on Table 721. Roll Result 40-74 Aggressive. wrong or to simply increase its own . have been used as servants' quarters. but not for large-scale Things that did not directly serve the actions or defense against an invad. were treated as soldiers. small regular fighting force and often used mercenaries as extra support.

silversmith's room (or any the dungeon. There should be . herbalist's laboratory. territory. decorated artistically. try or some other form of art. Extremely aggressive nations usually tainly have a major war every genera. story-telling. roll twice. spell caster's labora. skilled craftsmen knew how to read. wise sages and magic users. music room. using the same modifiers listed under "standard Literate. maybe fres- pottery or weaving are almost always cos or paintings on the walls. as did all nobility < 25 Illiterate. Add three for every library. dungeons. market. perhaps stat- art. tremely rare in this civilization. Servant and soldier mistry other smith's room specializing in a precious quarters should still be largely barren. add one for every and writing for them. chambers. though it dungeon would have been decorated might be frowned on or not treated as with some form of art. Very literate. Writing your dungeon. tapestries or framed paintings. dier quarters may even have a tapes- For fortress or tomb dungeons. fortress or tomb dungeons. utili. Most skilled craftsmen Table 723: Literacy and most town or dungeon dwellers Roll Result knew how to read. 95+ Very artistic society. healer's quar. sible locations: religious institutibns. Add as should smithies. perhaps practiced. add one to your but not obsessively." above. Singing. Add five for every the country did not believe it actually ~ ~ & ~ l teleportation room. propriate. Art is a using the same modifiers listed under "standard major portion of life in this civilization. For standard dungeons. The ability to read was ex. This civilization a a d i n g and ters. and highly skilled craftsmen. and subtract five for every existed. the upper echelons of government. grow beyond an easily manageable tion or so. Art should be extensively. Most nobility and highly dungeons. Table 724: Magic - add three to Your roll for every alchemist's < 04 NO magic. Magic in this civilization Mundane or laboratory. Even Fully literate. torture two for each jeweller's room. Even Roll Result the servants and common soldiers 00-14 Little or no formal art. knew needed scribes to do all their reading how to read. prisons. All the nobles Table 722: Art practiced one form or another. painter's room. their neighbors and fade away. Practicingmagic might even physician's room. and the like. The entire is completely devoid of art. roll twice. healer's quarters. or spell caster's was the stuff of legends. had some small pockets of learning tory. or they get put down quickly by usually with this nation as the attacker. land. For standard. For standard dungeons. and take the higher result. though their Spartan. Somewhat literate. metal) or treasure room in the dungeon. Even tarian usage may not be recognized locations where art might seem inap as art by other civilizations. This civilization was obsessed with art. such as prison cells. music room or physician's room in where literacy existed. Some pos. chapel. even many peasants. size and then stop their advancewhile 75+ Extremely aggressive. dancingand ues or carved stonework. This nation's they struggle to manage their own history is just one war after another. and take the higher result. evident a r o y roll for each library. For fortress or tomb dungeons. were 15-49 Normal. have been a crime. sculptor's room or tapestry 50-94 Fairly extensive art. This nation will almost cer. Almost everyone in this the land's ruler and nobles might have civilization. No civilization had some artistic training." above. Subtract two for every scribe's room. Servant and sol- weaver's room. and many in laboratory in your dungeon. alchemist's laboratory.

very little, if any, magical treasure in dated by someone with magical abil-
this dungeon. ity. Magic would have been used to
Some magic. Magic use in this nation construct most of the nation's more
was extremely rare. To be able to impressive structures, including this
practice magic was considered either dungeon, some of which might not
an extraordinary blessing or a deadly have been possible otherwise. Nobil-
curse. A skilled magician might have ity would have certainly had access to
served the ruler and some of the more spell casters and may even have had
powerful nobility. magical ability themselves.
Average magic. Magic use was rare, 95+ Extremely magical. Many, if not most
but not unheard of. Most citizens or all, of this nation's people had the
would not havelosttheirawe of magic, capability to manipulate magic, even
and many would have been very sus- if not all of them learned to exercise
picious of people with the ability. their ability. A dungeon founded by
Most nobles would have had access this type of civilization should be
to a magic user when they needed stocked with lots of magical treasure,
one. but most of it should be relatively
Very magical. Magic use is relatively useless, such as a carpet that shakes
common, and though it might have itself free of dust once a day or a
caused some to shy away in fear, pitcher that floats around a set table
most would not have been intimi- and fills glasses as they're emptied.

to D, D to C, C to B, B to A), then divide
room in the dungeon. Also, add an additional the worth of every treasure by four.
Poor or Rich? one for every craft room (rooms 301 through 05-14 Poor. Reduce the level of every trea-
322) in excess of five, and add an additional one sure in the dungeon higher than level
for every amphitheater, bedroom suite, game A by one (E to D, D to C, C to B, B to
room, library or music room. Add five for every A), then divide the worth of every
treasure room or market. Subtract five if there treasure in this dungeon by two.
is no market or great hall. Subtract ten if there 15-34 Somewhat poor. Reduce the level of
is no treasure room. every treasure in the dungeon higher
For fortress dungeons, use the modifiers than level A by one (E to D, D to C, C
for standard dungeons, above, but roll twice. to B, B to A).
The lower roll is the wealth of this particular 35-64 Average.
dungeon. The higher roll is the overall wealth of 65-89 Above average. The decor in this
the nation that built the dungeon. dungeon was extensive and valuable.
For tomb dungeons, add two for every For every fifteen rooms in this dun-
room in the dungeon. geon, add an extra treasure of level A.
90-104 Wealthy. For every ten rooms in this
Table 725: Wealth dungeon, add an extra treasure of
< 05 Extremely poor. The decor in this level A. Also, add twenty percent to
dungeon was Spartan, at best. The the value of treasure in any treasure
dungeon was madecheaply,with poor room.
materials, and the risk of cave-ins was 105+ Extremely wealthy. For every five
great. Add a cave-in to your dungeon rooms in this dungeon, add an extra
(see 503 Cave-in on page 122). Re- treasure of level A. Also. add fiftv
duce the level of every treasure in the percent to the value of treasure in any
dungeon higher than level A by one (E treasure room.

For standard or fortress dungeons, add -
Table 726: Religion
Secular or three for every chapel in the dungeon. Add one ~ ~ 1 ~~~~l~
for every healer's quarters.
Religious? For tomb dungeons, add three for every 00-09 Not very religious. No dungeon cut-
ture was completely devoid of reli-
chapel in the dungeon. Also, add one for every gion, though some might not have
five nonchapel rooms. given it much importance or official

sanction. Some might even have ciples of a religion, though some may
outlawed religion, but outlawing reli- have done so merely to fit in or win
gion was an admission of its impor- the admiration of those who truly
tance and influence. believed.
10-39 Religious. Most members of the soci- 85+ Devout. Almost all members of the
ety attended to religious duties. society had an authentic, firmly held
40-84 Very religious. Almost all members of belief in religion.
the society tried to follow the prin-

Tolerance was a trait that allowed diverse
people to live together peacefully. With toler- duress, societies of this type might
ance, dwarves and elves could have cooper- have become "not tolerant" (see 00-
~ ~Or ~
ated; without tolerance, even different types of 19, above). Receptive?
humanswouldhavebeen at each others'throats. 5069 Tolerant. h hose who differed from
The measure of tolerance in Table 727 is a the society's norm would have been
measure of societal tolerance, not necessarily treated suspiciously, though not nec-
that exhibitedon a personal levelby thesociety's essarilysubjected toofticial sanctions.
individuals, which may have been radically In many areas, such as marriage and
different from that of the society. nobility, intermixing may have been
scorned, and "half-breeds" such as
Table 727: Tolerance human/elf mixes may have been dis-
Roll Result criminated against.
00-1 9 Not tolerant. Other races were p r o b 70-89 Very tolerant. Differenceswere toler-
ably excluded from society. Petty ated, though in some circumstances-
differences might have been the particularly marriage-they would
causes of wars. have been frowned on or even treated
20-49 Somewhat tolerant. Those who dif- with scorn.
fered from the societal norm may 90-99 Extremely tolerant. There were no
have been excludedfrom positionsof significant sanctions based on inher-
power, perhaps taxed more heavily ent differences from the society's
than others, and generally would have norm.

For standard dungeons, subtract one for ,.
each guard room or barracks in the dungeon. dungeons built to hold the nation's nobility, roll
Subtract three for each execution room, prison twice, add the rolls, divide by two and round
~ i ~ t ~or t ~ ~
or torture chamber. Add one for each great hall down. Democracy?
more than one, and add one for each craft
room. Also, subtract fifteen if the nation had Table 728: Government
everything geared towards its military (Table Roll Result
720). If the nation had an extensive military < 25 Strong dictatorship. A weak noble
presence, subtract five. If the nation had only class, weak towns and guilds, and
some military, add five. If the nation had no strong monarch generally meant the
military, add fifteen. nation which built the dungeon was a
For fortress dungeons, subtract one for strong dictatorship, under the abse
each guard room or barracks in the dungeon. lute rule of one powerful person or
Subtract three for each execution room, prison perhaps a very few powerful people.
or torture chamber. Add one for each great hall 25-49 Moderated dictatorship. A strong
more than one. Add three for each craft room. nobility and weak towns or guilds
Also, subtract fifteen if the nation had every- coupled with a moderately powerful
thing geared towards its military (Table 720). If monarch resulted in a moderateddic-
the nation had an extensive military presence, tatorship. One person ruled the na-
subtract five. If the nation had only some tion, but that monarch's power was
military, add five. limited by the nobility, who could
For tomb dungeons which were made to depose him or her if they were all
bury one important leader (Table 703) or sev- banded together under a common
eral important leaders, subtract twenty-five from cause, such as money.
your roll. For tomb dungeons built to serve a 50-74 Weak dictatorship. A strong noble

class together with powerful towns or arch resulted in rule by the masses or
guilds and a weak monarch led to an by elected or chosen representatives.
extremely weak dictatorship. The In this society, power was diffused,
nobility neededthe monarch to check and the town or city governments
the power of the towns, and the towns essentially served as city-states within
needed the monarch to check the the larger nation.
power of the nobility, but neither of 95+ Anarchy. With no central control at
the two powerful entities allowed the all, the nation dissolved into anarchy.
king to gain enough power to get out The dungeon was probably built un-
from under their sway. der local leadership in a pocket of
75-94 Centrally controlleddemocracy. Pow- stability, and it was almost certainly
erful towns and guilds, weak or no designed to withstand repeated at-
nobility, and a weak or absent mon- tacks by roving, armed bandits.

ported goods were have been some
add ten for each market. Add one for each what of a luxury, but one that was
Isolated or treasure room more than one. Subtract ten if obtained without much difficulty.
Mercantile? the government (Table 728) i s a strong dictator- 50-74 Active trade. A merchant class devel-
ship. Add ten if the government is a weak oped to transport goods into and out
dictatorship or a centrally controlled democ- of the nation. lmported items were
racy. Also, add twenty if the nation which built common, if expensive. Readyjobsfor
the dungeon is extremely wealthy (Table 725). many members of the lower classes
Add ten if the nation was wealthy. Add five if existed in trade, either on board ships
the nation had above average wealth. Subtract or as escorts for caravans.
five if the nation was somewhat poor. Subtract 75+ Extremely active trade. Small towns
ten if the nation was poor, and subtract twenty worked hard to take extra goods to
if the nation was extremely poor. market, where caravans bought them
and took them to neighboring lands.
Table 729: Trade lmported goods and domestic goods
Roll Result were set side by side at market and
< 10 Isolationist. The nation which built were readily available to all, though
this dungeon may even have forbade the imported goods were somewhat
its members from travelling abroad. more expensive. Even poorer villages
10-24 Some trade. Trade was not actively contained some imported items as
encouraged, but it also was not for- luxuries. The nation's merchant class
bidden. was very wealthy and actively re-
25-49 Average. The nation's citizens freely cruited for shipworkers and caravan
traded with outsiders, but usually as a escorts among all the lower classes,
matter of convenience and not as the using coercion and force if necessary
active pursuit of an entire class. Im- (especially for shipworkers).

28-37 A monstrous enemy ransacked the The dungeon inhabitantswere forced dungeon. On the benches. the dungeon Poisons on page 171 to determine was abandoned. taking the plore. and these later residents provide erations (onegeneration = twenty years) before the hostile encounters that adventurers spend the adventurers stumble across it. killing or driving out its in. dungeon was abandoned. . Table 800 pro. donment onegai 167. What should you do if you want your tive and diligent system of defense.". you may much more difficult for adventurers to ex. Go to 81 5 Looted on page 20-27 A magic enchantment was placed on 167. to abandon their home due to nearby habitants. under the assumption that the dungeon you are goblins. and such dungeon to be inhabited by its original cre- a dungeon is probably attached to a large ators? See Active Dungeons on page 175. danger to adventurers. 816 Unseen Danger on page 168 to Table 800: The Dungeon Was find out if the poison can still pose a Abandoned Because. Why was this under the assumption that the dungeon'sorigi. tacked and captured by an enemy coming the dungeon's defenses. Original inhabitants have a much more effec. and in some cases standing around the room. in some cases. weapons racks hold long-bladed pole arms. The dungeon was successfully at- 07-19 A long siege finally succeeded in over. complete with reinforce. and where the tapestries Dungeon are absent. Roll percentile dice: could not flee. doned it. abandoned? tions. . . Centralcasting: Dungeons generally works Since the abandonment. even more difficult than one taken over lower roll. See 822 Enchantment The kingdom which built the dun- on page 169 and then go to 816 geon was in decline. generations. similar to those at the dungeon's entrance and in the first room. again you find evidence of the enchantment that apparently doomed every original inhabitant. Go to 825 Volcanic . are stone figures. Decide on a much of their exploration time dealingwith.. dragons. The figures are perfect representations of armed guards.. This table water or air. unsavory tenants. and use that as the number of by an intelligent race such as orcs or goblins. See 824 Plagues and Poisons on page 171 and then go to Because . When the king- Unseen Danger on page 168 to see if dom could no longer support it. va- cated by their original creators. vides several possible reasons why your dun- 800 The Dungeon Poisons seeped into the dungeon's geon may have been abandoned. A number of generations since your dungeon's dungeon occupied by its original inhabitants is original inhabitants left. The twenty foot by thirty foot room holds four tables and benches. the dungeon. killine" evervone who Was Abandoned also directs you to another 800-series table for more information. ter- ror. the the enchantment can still affect ad. Go to 81 1 Slow the type of plague and then go to 816 Abandonment on page 166. etc. ghouls. bewilderment and. best adventurers. ment Dungeon exploration i s often conducted external kingdom. Unseen Danger on page 168. Alternatively. Slow Abandonment on page 166. ments. and their facial expres- Abandon- sions are ones of surprise.. See 823 Monsters on page volcanic activity. if needed. "Enteringthe dungeon's second room. For traditional exploration dungeons. Go to 81 1 venturers. decide to roll percentile dice twice. but possibly centuries or millennia ago. Tattered tapestries cover much of the walls. Roll Result The dungeon's inhabitantswerecalled 00-06 The dungeon's inhabitantswerekilled out to do battle elsewhere. When the off by a plague. and a host of defenders nal owners abandoned it or were forced out headed by leaders at least as capable as the dungeon some time long ago-at least a few genera. See army which later looted and aban- 82 1 Siege on page 168. See 824 Plagues and army never returned.-have moved in building was abandoned at least several gen- uninvited.

Most furnishings example. Most fur. reduce twenty bags of silver and non-treasure items were also totwo bags of silver. Then reduce any the dungeon) must either enter the dungeon nonencounter treasure above level A through an opening caused by movements of to level A.* sealed by its inhabitants when they left. turers (and encounters that they meet within counter treasure. example. 100 pieces of gold becomes a neck- Each way into the dungeon. 85-99 Reduce each nonencounter treasure nishings and non-treasure items are to 20% of its current amount. many years ago. and then go many. Go to 827 Floodon page donment on page 167. Apparently. were planning on returning in just a 80438 The dungeon was flooded. Any treasure not associated with an Remove many of the dungeon's fur- encounter has an 85% chance of nishings and non-treasure items as having been taken by its owner when well. all of the dungeon's in- ment of the dungeon. 812 Quick Abandonment on page 89-99 There is no way of knowing what 167. A necklace outsideworld has a 90% chance to be worth 100 pieces of gold becomes a blocked and concealed. the earth or erosion or through an entrance treasure items are also gone. dungeon because of an encounter. $ "Why didn't you get the key before shutting the door?" . adventurers will have to do some digging. 174 and then go to 812 Quick Aban- to one bag of silver. Any 501 Another Way Each way into the dungeon from the Out is also sealed. they dig themselves. A necklaceworth taken. Roll percentile 7184 Reduce each nonencounter treasure dice for each treasure to see if they to 10% of its current amount.* possibly through a solid stone wall (anyone Reduce each nonencounter treasure familiar with stonework will realize that any to 5% of its current amount.* other possessions. reduce twenty bags of silver dungeon construction). Remove outside world hasa 95% chance to be many of the dungeon's furnishingsand blocked and concealed. to use one of these extra outside world has an 85% chance to exits. Any treasure not associated with an Each way into the dungeon from the encounter has a 90% chance of hav.* Each way into the dungeon from the outside world has an 85% chance to * If all the dungeon's entrances were be blocked and concealed. Go to 826 habitants just disappeared one day Earthquakeon page 173.* necklace worth 20 pieces of gold. For also gone. Each way into the dungeon from the there is a 95% chance that the trea. be blocked and concealed. the dungeon was abandoned. adven- First. Most Each way into the dungeon from the furnishings and non-treasureitemsare outside world has an 80% chance to also gone.' dungeon was abandoned. 75-79 An eaithquake forced the abandon. be blocked and concealed. leaving all of to 812 Quick Abandonment on page their possessions behind as if they 167.from the lace worth 10 pieces of gold.* non-treasure items as well. forcing its few minutes. causedthe dungeon to beabandoned. Most furnishings and non. For such blockage was not part of the original example. A necklaceworth 100 pieces of gold becomes a neck- 811 slow Table 811: Slow Abandonment lace worth 5 pieces of gold. Remove Abandonment ROII Result most furnishings and non-treasure For any treasure that i s not in the items as well. outside world has a 95%chance to be sure was taken along with its owner's blocked and concealed. Activity on page 172 and then go to donment on page 167. outsideworld has a 90% chance to be ing been taken by its ownerwhen the blocked and concealed. For are no longer there. Go to 812 Quick Aban- evacuation. eliminate any level A nonen. reduce twenty bags of silver Each way into the dungeon from the to four bags of silver.

20 pieces of gold becomes 22 pieces of gold. the looters. A looted dungeonwas ransackedin search 35% chance of having been taken. Jhars. not you. been left open. of valuables. chance of having been taken by the ants were probably especially mutilated or de. There might also have been curses and symbols Every nonencounter treasure other of the conquerors paintedon the walls. Thrones looters. huh Bertran? Tell va' what. So. gold becomes 21 pieces of gold. Hidden treasure has a 20% stroyed. The information in this book under Tables 20CL554 generally assumes that the dungeon 05-09 gold becomes 24 ~ieces 00 Add 15% to the value of every non- encounter treasure. So. Hidden treasure has a 15% torture chambers. damaged and possibly torn Every nonencounter treasure other from their hinges. So. than hidden treasure has an 85% ing the rule of the dungeon's original inhabit. Roll percentile dice and consult Table 812 to see if there are any gold becomes 23 pieces of gold. 20 pieces of gig ~ ~ i ~ was abandoned quickly. chance of having been taken. that's dwarven armor. Hidden treasure will not have the looters. breakable objects that were not taken might Every nonencounter treasure other have been cracked or smashed. 20 pieces of 20-99 Change nothing. Many chance of having been taken. encounter treasure. perhaps than hidden treasure has an 80% in the blood of victims. and I'lltake the magical plate armor." -Jharsvend the Thief and Bertran Stoneback . than hidden treasure (in secret loca. AbZHldonment - small adjustments due to an extremely quick 10-14 Add 10% to the value of every non- abandonment. Every nonencounter treasure other 09-17 Every nonencounter treasure has an than hidden treasure has an 80% 85% chance of having been taken by chance of having been taken by the the looters. chance of having been taken by the Roll percentile dice and consult Table 81 5 looters. Hidden treasure has a 10% to find out additional effects of the looting: chance of having been taken. Many flammable objects might looters. "Good loot. So. 20 pieces of 00-04 Add 20% to the value of every non. Table 812: Quick Abandonment 15-19 Add 5% to the value of every non- Roll Result encounter treasure. "Well. 11 '1 have i t altered or something. Ifit it. . . An extraordinarily brutal lootingmight have Every nonencounter treasure other resulted in the torture of any captured dungeon than hidden treasure has an 85% inhabitants for clues to the whereabouts of chance of having been taken by the secret treasure (there should be remains in any looters. Tiles and than hidden treasure has a 90% patches of stone might have been torn from the chance of having been taken by the walls. Hidden treasure will not have 18-26 Every nonencounter treasure other been taken. doors might have chance of having been taken. execution rooms or prisons). Hidden treasure has a 30% have been at least partially burned. The looters might have acted out Every nonencounter treasure other 815 Looted of vengeance and probably inflicted severe than hidden treasure has a 90% damage on non-valuableitems that they did not chance of having been taken by the carry away. Every nonencounter treasure other Table 815: Looted than hidden treasure has an 80% Roll Result chance of having been taken by the 00-08 Every nonencounter treasure has a looters. and any symbols represent. you take the sword and crossbow. Hidden treasure has a 5% 90% chance of having been taken by chance of having been taken. " "But. Hidden treasure has a 25% might have been toppled. Every nonencounter treasure other tions such as those in 507 Natural than hidden treasure has a 75% Caverns or 403 Pet's Room) has a chance of having been taken by the 90% chance of having been taken by looters. floors and ceilingsof the dungeon. looters. chance of having been taken. Hidden treasure has a been taken. encounter treasure. looters.

fought inch by ended in the surrender of the dun- inch through nearly every corridor in geon by its inhabitants. tapestries. the enchantment still takes effect. Each ad- Exposure can even result from contact be. but little obvi- The dungeon floors are littered with ous damage within. Exposure to a to fall victim to the danger. but especially near forti- both sides. Roll percentile dice ingfood. dungeon's entrance. It must be barricaded. particularly those contain- casualties on both sides. Also. " smashed. The winning force took some battle scars evident near the no prisoners. Table 816: Unseen Danger poisons-can do more harm to adven- 816 Unseen turers than a dungeon's other deadly denizens." -6ertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . plague'Spread by contact should occur with 19-34 The danger is greatly diminished. Exposure rolls for an 03-08 The danger is slightly lessened. add five to your roll for of actions before the adventurers en- each generation that has passed since the dun. Exposure to sure to fall victim to the danger. ter the dungeon) may trigger the r e geon was abandoned. paintings. Each every contact made between adventurer and adventurer has a 10% chance per diseased remains such as corpses or personal exposure to fall victim to the danger. possibly with the remnants of Table 821: Siege a makeshift barricade on the other Roll Result side. a bloody 25-49 The siege was a long one which finally battle erupted within. roll again on this but ignore the "add five per generation" rule. once for each corpse that adventurers 09-18 The danger is diminished. This often led to ded. stat. hard-fought battle with tremendous depleted. All storerooms the bodies of the dead. drinking their own provisions. pecially those containing food. Each Danger What constitutes an "exposure" for rolls adventurer has a 95% chance per ex- 00-54 on Table 816 varies depending on the posure to fall victim to the danger. Evidence of a great battle is 00-24 The siege was long and difficult for everywhere. disturbinga corpse. enchantments. plagues spread by ingestion may occur if ad. even if an adventurer does not breathe. There are the dungeon. SeeTable 815 Looted on page 167 to servants and mercenaries). but it can return. burned. and from their looks. Furniture. turn of the danger to the dungeon. venturers drink water in the dungeon. are almost completely depleted. exposure to fall victim to the danger. ter. We'd better turn around and go back the way we came. Each airborne plague should occur once every hour. Much of the furniture fications and important locations such within the dungeon was broken to as stairways and anything near a dun- form barricades or fuel fires (espe geon exit. venturer has a 3% chance per expo- tween adventurers and undead. re-rolling a result of 85+. slashed. All dungeon storerooms are 821 Siege a bitter. 85+ The danger i s gone and will not return. dungeon's outer defenses. Each adven- handle and once for every 100 feet of corridor turer has a 30% chance per exposure the. cially furniture belonging to soldiers. table.adventurers travel down. ues. taking a treasure-decide what types For all plagues. 5584 The danger is gone. Roll Result 00-02 The danger is still fully active. and shred- feating a dungeon's defenses. or if they An action by an adventurer (enteringa fail to cleanse themselves before eating and long-sealedroom. jharsvend. Unseen dangers-plagues. Bertran. I'd say that charging troll and his giant scimitar have doubts as well. each such action. etc. adventurer has a 75O/0 chance per once for each new room that adventurers en. For Treat enchantments as airborne plagues. possessionsof those who died from the plague. but this door won't budge." "I don't know i f that's a good idea. Each door has a %%chance and consult the following table. When the determine the siege's effect on non- siegingarmy finally broke through the encounter treasure. es- personal belongings. of being smashed and thrown from its hinges. threat to adventurers. are broken. 35-54 The danger is nearly gone. See Table 815 Looted on page 167 to "Sorry.

you already know that the transfor- You may decide that certain beings are not mation was i'mmediate. over a period rangingfrom one week sters or extremely life-like statues. either for a set period of time . This result is identical to 49-55. the result of 26-38 The enchantmentcauses itsvictims to lunatic ravings. but little damage elsewhere.* page 171 to find out how quickly this 66-80 The enchantment puts its victims transformation will take place. so kingdomwas under attackelsewhere. roll- encounter treasure. This takes place over less chantment could have been designed to have than a day. else. or they may all be the same. wild halluci- effects. Other times. Also. on page 167 to determine the siege's One of the most effective means of forcing the table refers to symptoms. above. around the main entrance to the dun- age is heaviest near the dungeon's geon. however. ing percentiles twice instead of once 50-74 The siege ended in a tremendous and taking the higher of the two rolls. Spells are often used in taking dace. mental afflictions. The mad. one is their mortal enemy or simply Instead. go mad. except the madness sets in habit the dungeon as hideous mon. above. but emerged triumphant. They feared the dungeon's inhabitants later de- another attack. smashed. it may even beimmediate. battle within the dungeon. When asleep. they are a dungeon's abandonment is to subject it to a symptoms that the transformation is 822 ~ ~ ~ h hostile magical spell. if this was a human dungeon that 49-55 Victims of the enchantment rapidly had been attacked by goblins. then the en. convinced that every- but it cannot be healed like a plague. ing each other.* For example. and they knew that eventually they There is substantial battle damage would be forced out if they did not throughout the dungeon. entrance and any fortifications. Quick Abandonment on page 167. A common madness result- Table 822: Enchantment ing from enchantment is a berserk Roll Result rage in which victims set about attack- 00-10 The enchantment acts like a plague. * 81 2 Quick Abandonment on page 20-25 Theenchantment causes itsvictims to 167. A dungeon under this enchant- become extremely forgetful.* battle or to attempt victory when the sieging 39-48 Theenchantmentcauses itsvictims to party is not large enough to hope for success by immediatelytransform into something more conventional means. See 81 1 Slow complete loss of mental faculties. extreme despair and depres- 11-19 The enchantment results in extremely sion. Their that they could not stand again. or simply babbling lunacy and bad luck for its victims. and knew cided to abandon it anyway. a battle in 75-99 The siege never succeeded in breach- which the dungeon's inhabitants ing the dungeon's outer defenses. See Table 81 1 Slow Abandonment See Table 812 Quick Abandonment on page 166. effect on nonencounter treasure. they fled that very night. See 81 1 ment may show extensive damage Slow Abandonment on page 166. no effect on goblins (if the goblins cast it) or to Each victim may suffer from different have noeffect on humans (if the humans cast it). Other types of 824 Plagues and Poisons on page enchanted madness may be uncon- 171 for details of the enchantment's trollable fear or paranoia. When the table refers to conjunction with a siege. to one month. but do not chantments are placed on a dungeon to avoid consult 824 Plagues and Poisons. Dam. to avoid a final bloody death. torn and battered furnish.* throughout its interior.'it is the final transformation. see 812 affected by the enchantment on the dungeon. See sion through combat. There is substantial battle damage ings and personal belongings. since having to carry out a siege. See Abandonment on page 166. it must be dispelled like any driven by a wild need to release ten- other type of unwanted magic.* slowly transform into somethingelse. determine the siege's effect on non. enchantment's victims may still in. See 81 1 Slow Aban- Consult 824 Plagues and Poisons on donment on page 166. en. 56-65 Victims of the enchantment slowly go usually a beast or a stone statue.* nation. See 26-38. including leave on their own.

Follow the begin their exploration. or one driven by an intelligence of some include a powerful spell-caster or a sort. Table 823: Monsters The dungeonwas attacked by several Roll Result smaller creatures. such as goblins or 00-44 The monster that attacked the dun. a the monster (perhaps twelve to fif- 823 Monsters victorious monster benefited from some other teen feet wide). above. see 824 Plagues and Poisons on sewed in a state of suspended anima. Also. their sleep by invaders. many of the 90-99 The enchantment causes everything dungeon's inhabitants resisted the eaten or drunkwithin the dungeon to spell and fled. See tion. see 815 see 81 1 Slow Abandonment on page Looted on page 167. This The monster that attacked the dun- way. Perhaps the and tear out doors to allow the dungeon's garrison of soldiers was away. the dungeon's inhab perhaps until the enchanter releases itants were killed by invaders. If the roll i s 6069. turn to poison in the victim's stomach. usually blindness. see the spell. the instructions in 00-44. many of the 59. 81-89 Theenchantmentcauses itsvictims to then. Roll percentile dice. especially long-lived. If the roll is percentiledice. the dungeon's narrow openings. that had to digits way through should still be present. or until a specificaction has occurred. in addition to any other effects of the suffer some type of sensory depriva. Usually. and expand corridors weakness in the dungeon. Roll percentile dice. See 81 5 Looted on page 167. More likely. dungeon on a fairly predictable schedule. which may be never. plus deafness. If the roll is 00-49. Roll 815 Looted on page 167. or blindness 81 5 Looted on page 167. see 812 Quick Abandonment on page 167. the dungeon's inhabitants are still 49. tion. If the roll i s 50. usually a Undead attacked the dungeon. see 815 Looted on page 167. make its home in one of the largest "Do i t over? You're joking. If your roll is 00-49. invaders simply forced the dungeon's inhabitants resisted the dungeon's inhabitants to surrender. 166. arrange so that it will leave the to the first. the dungeon was looted. page 171. a dragon for example. geon was a huge creature. lfthe roll is 70. inside the dungeon magically pre. Also invading army). right!" N -umbe? r . siege (the monster may have been drawn by the amphitheater. room in the dungeon. They dragon. If your roll is 00- 99. enchantment. or at least have the dungeon's narrow openings and the potential to return. Try not to make and.Thiscould ture. * Roll percentile dice. if there is more than one large any still-living creature too powerful for adven. but tun- monster's offspringare in the dungeon. Decide on the actual size of fortified dungeon is extremely rare. the 5064. adventurers can attempt to bypass the geon was small enough to fit through beast rather than defeat it. If A successful monster attack against a well. great hall. rooms. and the nel into several branching corridors original invader died long ago. donmenton page 167. tunnel a little ways into a few branch- If the monster that attackedthe dungeonis ing corridors. If the roll is 65-99. snakdike dragon (as opposed to a lizardike dragon). or creature's passagefromthedungeon's maybe the dungeon had just survived a long main entrance to the nearest arena. natural cav- strong scent of blood from a battle with the erns or other large open area. but Any successful monster attack against a powerful enough to chase away the dungeon generally requires an intelligent crea. the roll is 00-49. but if the monster to at least one large room in addition is too powerful. inhabitantssinglehandedly. see 81 2 Quick Aban. invaders simply forced the dungeon's inhabitants were killed in dungeon% inhabitants to surrender. it The dungeon was attacked by more may still be in the dungeon when adventurers than one huge creature. 166. extend a tunnel turers ever to hope to defeat. spell and fled. see 81 2 Quick Aban- see 81 1 Slow Abandonment on page donment on page 167. orcs.

This will make The plague or poison is fast-acting. then you should only use a week. and some donment on page 167. and for fast-acting plagues 167. these symp Quick Abandonment on page 167. SeeTable 812 QuickAban- may be immune to a plague's effects. Anyone it affects shows symptoms tunity to take the threat of disease or poison within two days and is dead within seriously. three or four days. if you wish. killing its victims in six to eight ing numbness. The plague or poison is fast-acting. may be able to ignore the effects of a poison. By giving players some symptoms. With both plagues and poisons. since victims of the plague or poison The plague or poison i s slow. a plague attacks every living creature. blindness. paraly. Table 824a: Rate of Effect ing doom. The plague or poison acts in about a blindness or other sensory deprivation includ. killing its victims in six to eight Some possible symptoms: fever. Symptoms fate. hair loss. killing mains of victims should be prominently cast within a month or so. aches and pains of all one or two days. dehydration. remember that some races two days. blotches Quick Abandonment on page 167. See Table 812 Quick Aban- results on Table 824a lead to the victim's death. killing would have tried anything to ward away their within a month or so. See Table 812 the symptoms should become extremely se. Symptoms begin to show after paralysis. toms are not pleasant. loss of muscularcontrol. If they manage to avoid their 00-05 The plague or poison i s extremely fate by finding a talented enough healer. See Table 812 Quick exhibit the most severeand incapacitatingsymp Abandonment on page 167. Combine symptoms. tremely severe after about 75% of the time Anyone it affects shows symptoms before the victim dies has passed. The object is usually to maximize the poison has run its full course. . perhaps even within hours. you can at least say you and may be dead within a day or two. For longer-actingplagues or poisons. SeeTable A plague or poison should have more than 812 Quick Abandonment on page one typeof symptom. and poisons are all about. complete loss of muscular con- most role-playing games is not to see how trol. the r e The plague or poison is slow. See Table 812 Quick Aban- undead encounters in your dungeon. See Table 81 1 Slow Abandonment After rollingpercentiledice and usingTable on page 166. Every plague or poison on this table causes symptoms to show well before the victim suc. toms after about 36 hours. littering both corridors begin to show after one or two days. spread (you may decide that this is the case). Be cre. amount of fun had by all. three or four days. you give them some time to try to Roll Result avoid their fate. Quick Abandonment on page 167. killing within two to three weeks. There also may be very little in the See Table 81 1 Slow Abandonment way of potions or herbs in a dungeon of this on page 166. Symptoms begin to show after about and is still active. gave them a chance. vere at least a few days to two weeks before The plague or poison acts in about a death. or poisons the symptoms should become ex. So. donment on page 167. donment on page 167. is easily killing within two to three weeks. certain that adventurers are given every oppor. Anyone it affects begins skilled alchemist. 824 plaguesand cumbs to its effects. If The plagueor poison is relativelyslow. chance of helping them. type. or marks on the skin. killing plagueor poison affects its victim. the object of sis. madness. days. Symptoms 824b or 824c to find out how the adventurers begin to show after two or three may come in contact with it. Yes. If to show symptoms within an hour the adventurers die. See Table 812 ative. weight loss days. dizziness. a victim within a day and is dead within three who would die after two days (48 hours) should or four days. even imbibing things that had little or no begin to show after six or seven days. or a fast-acting. or some other severe debilitating effect Poisons effectively the game master can kill off all of the which becomes irreversible once the plague or players. Symptoms begin to show after or wasting. Do not make it too difficult to obtain a cure Symptoms begin to show after oneor or antidote. and rooms. 824a: Rate of Effect to determine how fast the The plague or poison is slow. brittleness of the bones. Why? Well. foreshadowing their impend. they will be forever grateful. week. See Table 812 types. Symptoms around the dungeon. vomiting. weakness. week. Note that all the weeks. consultTable within a month or so. delirium. but that is what plagues The plagueor poison is relativelyslow. Also. to something like madness.

Activity pletely destroyed the dungeon. killingwithin several months to a year. Poison that was carried through the air has a 50% chance of having entered the dungeon Roll Result as a result of obvious volcanic activity. again: 00-29 consult 81 1 Slow Aban- Roll percentile dice. Whatever the result. but ignore any result instructing through the cracks poured poisonous . The dun- Roll Result geon should reflect the panic of their 00-19 Poisonous gas and rising lava levels in final moments and contain their r e the volcano room forced the dungeon mains. Symptoms begin to show after a month or so. lungs. Roll Result killingwithin several months to a year. the skin. If so. The poison was air- donment on page 166. then and poisonousgases leakinginto the dungeon's the dungeon dwellers foresaw the air. food or drink-possibly the dungeon killingwithin several months to a year. 812 Quick Abandonment on page erwise. consult 812 Quick 825 Volcanic since any large scale activity would have com. Victims Through . (give them a way out as well). an open wound or Symptoms begin to show after one or other areas subject to touch. See 812 See 826 Earthquake on page 173. 90-94 The plague or poison is very slow. If your dungeon has donment on page 166.. two days. the dwellers to flee for their lives. It was carried in month or so of thevictim's death. water supply. Instead. after they dig in a location 168. prescribed by an ancient map. See food or drink-possibly the dungeon Table 81 1 Slow Abandonment on water supply. then consult Table 825a. 70-99 Ingestion. Abandonment on page 167. . especially earthquakes centile dice. or after 20-39 Earthauakes caused bv volcanic activ. you to consult 81 1 Slow Abandon- adventurers discover should be relatively small. The plagueenteredthrough donment on page 166. through the skin as well. Table 824b: Plague Was Spread By. the digestive system. 167. page 166. See Table 81 1 Slow Table 824c: The Poison Attacked Its Abandonment on page 166. Roll per- effects of the volcano.. months. but usually that signalled time to save their lives-roll percentiles the dungeon's total destruction. the dungeon dwellers were caught in Table 825a: Volcanic Activity the dungeon and perished. 70-99 Ingestion.. consult Table 825b. 35-69 Contact. ment. See Table 81 1 Slow Aban. they are magically teleported inside ity led to the dungeon's evacuation. 816 Unseen Danger on 00-14 An earthquake caused the dungeon's page 168 and 826 Earthquakeon page walls. 65-99 A nearby volcano erupted. The poisonentered through Symptoms begin to show within a the digestive system. If your previous roll was 50-99. Consult dungeon's entrance may be found by 824 Plagues and Poisons on page 171 adventurers after an earthquake r e and then 816 Unseen Danger on page veals it. Oth. Table 825b: Volcanic Activity Consult 824 Plagues and Poisons on Roll Result page 171. but it could attack its victims 95-99 The plague or poison is very slow. If your roll is 00-49. eyes.30-99 consult a volcano room. buryingthe Your dungeon's original inhabitants were entrance and additional exits to the most likely driven from their home by indirect dungeon in ash and/or lava. and 173. The plague entered through killingwithin several months to a year. See Table 81 1 Slow Aban. The poison entered through the Symptoms begin to show after a few lungs. 4064 Earthquakes and poisonous gases forced out the dungeon dwellers. Quick Abandonment on page 167. add one. It was carried in 85-89 The plague or poison is very slow. and 00-34 Air. borne. Sometimes lava flowed into the finished destruction of their home and fled in portion of a dungeon. 00-59 Air. 80-84 The plague or poison i s very slow. floors and ceilings to crack. 60-69 Air or Contact. The plague entered through the if your dungeon does not have a volcano room.

Consult the panic of their final moments and 81 1 Slow Abandonmenton page 166. Knock things impact. ity led to the dungeon's evacuation. Whatever the page 171. add earthquakerelated cave-ins to your dungeon. See 15-64 A nearby volcano erupted. 35-43 60% 44-53 55% Table 826a: Earthquake Cave-ins 54-64 50% Roll Result 65-73 45% 00-49 1 74-81 40% 50-64 2 82-88 35% 65-79 3 89-94 30% 80-94 4 95-99 25% . aftershocks might have led to additional cave-ins or landslides that sealed the dungeon away for centuries. A dungeon that was seriously damaged by ers' discovery of the dungeon with a quake. the dungeon dwell. jarring rubble from the ceiling and walls. but ignore any result instructing quake reveals it. The dungeon should reflect are already in your dungeon. place them in nor- ers were caught in the dungeon and mal. buryingthe 812QuickAbandonmenton page 167. and trap others behind caveins. ment. rather than placingthe pools of lava in If your roll is 50-99. Earthquakes can devastate dungeons. Cover the floors with in the dungeon. 20-26 70% allowing a space near the top of the rubble for 27-34 65% adventurers to crawl through. below. If adventurers disturb the walls or supports from an earthquake. after they dig in a you to consult 81 1 Slow Abandon. finished dungeon rooms which perished. Leave corpses underneathlarge chunksof The resulting percentage chance i s the possibil- fallen ceiling. b e found by adventurers after an earth- low. Also. Consider adding one 14-19 75% cavein near the entrance of your dungeon. but Abandonment on page 167. or at least make them too dangerous to live in. An 826 Earthquake earthquake severe enough to force the aban- donment of a dungeon probably killed many of its residents and caused extensive structural damage. 816 Unseen Danger on result. then the dungeon 85-99 Crowing evidence of volcanic activ- dwellers foresaw the destruction of ity in the area caused the dungeon their home and fled in time to save dwellers to pack up their belongings their lives-roll percentiles again: 00. disturbance in the dungeon. See 826 Earthquake. Even if the dungeon residents man- aged to escape. and consult 503 Cave-in 09-13 80% on page 122 for details. the dungeon's entrance may be page 168 and 826 Earthquake. Roll percentile dice and consult Table 826b: Cave-in Possibility Table 826a to determine how many cave-ins to Roll Result add. by digging or a sudden. location prescribedby an ancient map. inside (givethem away out as well). Choose the loca. Instead. Roll percentiledice and consult Table 826b. entrance and additional exits to the 65-84 Earthquakescausedby volcanicactiv- dungeon in ash and/or lava. Roll per. glass. Add from one to four 29 consult 81 1 Slow Abandonment volcano rooms (515 Volcano Room on page 166. gas. centile dice. See 824 Plagues and Poisons on contain their remains. and leave. then there is a chance for another cave- off shelves and shatter fragile items. or until the next large quake.) an earthquake is also prone to additional cave- Place signs in the dungeon that it suffered ins. consult 81 2 Quick or after they are magically teleported Abandonment on page 167. Increase your percentiledie roll by one for 00-01 95% each room in your dungeon (so. floors and ceilings. add fifty for a 02-04 90% dungeon with fifty rooms).30-99 consult 81 2 Quick on page 143) to your dungeon. (Perhaps precede your adventur. especially in. natural caverns. 05-08 85% tions for the cave-ins. ity that a cave-in will result from any major Run cracks through the walls. If your roll is 00-49.

Everything within rooms of a siege. should be in disarray. escape the flooding should be all over the roll percentiledice. At least one and possibly stairways or other openings to lower levels may more lower levels of the dungeon are have washed down into the lower levels. The dungeonwas flooded because of Table 827: Flood an earthquake. Continue checking roll percentile dice. then the siege was over quickly. warped had more than one level. 173. The dungeon was flooded as a result All of the furnishings in rooms that contain of a siege. If your resulti s 50- dungeon. with age full of water for the current level little affect on the dungeon's stores. and one or more lower Roll Result levels of the dungeon are still under 00-19 The dungeon's flooding was the re. a dungeon be. . Sometimesdungeons are flooded by natu. If the dungeon water damage. dungeon levels. until you roll less than 50 or dungeon are depleted. reroll any result greater of exploring under water. that dungeon level i s completely dungeon levels. full of water. though. perhaps resultingin swollen doors levels were not looted. Starting at the next remains of dungeon inhabitantswho could not to the lowest level of your dungeon. Storerooms in the at a time. but it was not looted. quickly into the earthen floor and etc. If your percentile roll is 00. See 826 Earthquake on page 827 Flood earthquake. the course of a river.of an course. that can no longer be opened. If the percentile roll is roll of less than 50 gives the percent- 50-99. For the top be. than 49. perhaps a dungeon less deadly than they otherwise should little over two feet deep). to deter- sult of an earthquake that changed mine which levels are under water. so move to the next level If the dungeon was flooded during a siege. Wood may be swollen. The still under water. of the dungeon (a roll of 23 means the Consider making encounters in a flooded level i s 23% full of water. See 75-87. since changed back to its original ral forces. perhaps even as the result. and the flood waters receded If the dungeon's location (top of a mountain. the siege was long. and furniture may have you reach the dungeon's top level. water. The top floor of this dungeon have broken into it and caused the flooding. up and roll again. a siege. the lower and cracked. especially in closed rooms and lower 99. Books and The dungeon was flooded as a result papers will be ruined. A been used for firewood. to compensate for the inherent difficulties dungeon level. moving up one level 49.) makes it unlikely that a river or lake could walls. Usually. was looted after the waters receded then consider thatwater may have been brought far enough for the attacking forces to to the dungeon magically by a hostile wizard. comes flooded by a besiegingforce that cannot The dungeon's flooding came during otherwise break down the dungeon's defenses. especially items that float. above. See 815 Looted on page 167 A flooded dungeon will show extensive for the top floor only. enter. The river has then see 826 Earthquake on page 173.

Large guard rooms. . nobility and craftsmen may be present in the Assign at least a dozen posts to the main dungeon only part of the year. soldiers and servants. were occupied by their original inhabitants at (Understand. the dungeon or cause damage. Above-ground ers. Some have even more posts. town or Place fresh ashes. active dungeon inhabitants. and before the doors stands a large party of heavily armed. Make all patrols looking for them. Assign two to four posts to each 401 406 Zoo rooms and 403 Pet's Rooms will Exhibition Room. The above- and on inscriptionsmay be in a dead. "A small break in the dense forest opens up before you and presents you with your first view of the Chardat Dungeon where Prince Ellignin is imprisoned. ghouls and such (unless the mon. orcs. writings in books dungeon's defense and vice-versa. Dungeons Almostall inactive. "Perhapsa frontal assault against the dungeon is not the best plan after all. fire places and forges. Active They outnumber you at least twelve to one." especially craftsmen and special guard rooms such as those con- and servants. and you may decide that your geons are considered inactive. count its guard post's ti^^ D~~~~~~ sters are the dungeon's original inhabitants). dungeon's "inhabitants. travel among several residencies and posts. put a price on changes and in and unflooding dungeon sections that were their head and send bounty hunters and armed flooded by 513 Underground Lake. glowing ambers or even village at or near their entrance. all contain live. Most active dungeons have a city. In active dungeons. the event of an enemy attack. group or individual in your their walls. water in any 51 6 Well Room or 360 Lavatory. Dungeon inhabitants usu. They food spoiled-at least very much. including 551 Armory and 553 who loot a dungeon the same way you would Granary. geons that lack adequate living facilities within ful nation. an (which are not always occupied): active dungeon will be populated with nobility. goblins. ground settlement lends military support to the In long-dead dungeons. not only will the and personnel to the dungeon in return for a language be current and possibly common. Since Central Casting: definition. Assign one or two posts to each 202 Bar- ers are concerned. specific characteristics of a dungeon's related ally have access to reinforcements from outside above-ground settlement. attentive guards. do away with any major signs of their decay. settlements are especially important to dun- Connect your active dungeon to a power.. it guarantee of safe haven within the dungeon in may even be a native tongue for the adventur. Giant stone doors mark the dungeon's entrance. Assign one or two posts to each 551 Ar- Guards: Perhaps the most important mory. should but spend their days in the dungeon. nearly full. nected with treasure rooms and stairs. guards a dungeo. . This above- blazing fires in all fire pits. Treat adventurers ~ o ~ U ' M X ~ ~ ~ S storerooms. healthy beasts." . may actually live above ground. the original inhabitants of a tomb Dungeons works under the assumption that are dead. This includes eliminating any 503 Cave. they are needed. Include good will be outlaws at best. ruler. however. Nobility may entrance. unfamiliar ground settlement may also provide services language. are the guards (including all racks that is not preceded by a guard room. abandoned dungeons have to alter your dungeon to make it active. you'll First. as far as adventur. There should be at least two to four guard Inhabitants craftsmen. and do not make stored treat adventurers who loot a town or city. Some of the posts for every guard room. Assign at least one post to each 501 An- while craftsmen may visit the dungeon only as other Way Out. Almost by dungeon is still active. that all tomb dun- one time. has. You will have to determine the adventuring world.) the original inhabitants left long ago.

and most craft rooms are empty during pied or not as adventurers approach them. and some of the barracks rooms one third. . he or she is twelve guards at the dungeon's entrance. If there are less than two (or three) times the Place a guard at each post in your dungeon. will be full of offduty guards (probably sleeping) erything Geared Towards the Military. . For "Some ground facilities. The num. For "Ev. These additional guards may be housed geons. Determine the time of Keep Track of guards in t'he dungeon and stationed guards at day and keep trackof its passingso that you can each post." deciding whether rooms are occu- held. and a 20% chance guard using the same barracks as one or more for less. . ten posts for every fifty dungeon elements. If adventurers invade a dun- probably in his or her trade room. For "Normal." assign eight posts. then the dungeon relied on soldiers inspecting rooms or curious sounds. territory. geon to rescue a friend from the executioner's smith is in the blacksmith's room. The rest "No Military. the black. from outside its confines. militancy and factors such as an ongoing war or all shared dungeon barracks will be full of guards the dungeon's location in or near an unfriendly (probably sleeping) nearly all the time. beds are nothing but the straw on the rocky ground. he^ live like . Some dun- guards." assign nearly all the time. each 4O0/0 chance for more guards. . your dungeon's military culture (from Table 720 with soldiers only being called to serve in the Military Culture on page 160). keep records of the status of dun- dungeon. Inhabitants living quarters to those who reside within the Also. depending on the dungeon's cultural guards currently on duty. of the posted may be vacant at any given time. ground contingent is especially necessary since geon elements. their possessions are small and few. A great hall is likely to be or less. or perhaps immediately military functions as their primary purpose. meal times and nights. Bertran?" -6ertran Stoneback and lharsvend the Thief . and in so doing they fight and defeat i s not in his or her craft room. In this situation. A large above Military. Otherwise. that would not shirk from driving their soldiers wandering the dungeon's halls and occasionally excessively)." "Like us. while mess halls and dining rooms are full to keep all active dungeons small-50 elements around meal times. then probably in his or her living quarters. If a craftsman i s awake. but they should be in easy calling range still require all guards to share barracks in shifts. scouting. you may wish night. Assign personnel." assign one post for every fifty of their time may be spent guarding above dungeon elements (rounded up). Elevator Room reaches. Most postsoccasionallyhave more or less guards but not more than halfagainas many beds as guard than originally assigned to them. number of guard posts as there are barracks beds." assign three posts for every fifty dun. times the number for militant dungeon cultures Also post guards as random encounters. The number of guards ber pf guards assigned to this duty depends on available outside the dungeon may be quite large. all dungeon barracks Military Presence. you may decide to just packed during the evening if a banquet is being "wing it. Count the dungeon's available barracks space Assign one post to each level that a 504 (its capacity for sleeping soldiers). those guards are no longer available as encoun- The time of day that adventurers visit a ters. particularly those which were built with within the dungeon. For this reason. Assign one to four posts to each 452 Cata. keeping track of of dungeon residents. and more likely one half. i. like. For "Extensive to defend. determine whether each craftsman i s be aware of the changing position of dungeon Dungeon lodged inside or outside the dungeon. If barracks beds total 50% or more of the In addition to guards at posts. in the event of an invasion or intruder alert comb. may outside. etc. Perhaps give a posts. If a craftsman block. then each guard may have his a number of off duty relief guards equal to at least or her own bed. If there are more than two times the number Assign at least four posts to each 252 of guard posts as thereare barracks beds (or three Prison.e. Like the situation above. he or she is geon personnel. then guards used the barracks in shifts. there must be total guard posts." assign six posts above-ground fortresses are usually more difficult for every fifty dungeon elements. dungeon makes a big difference on the location If your dungeon i s large. For a culturewith dungeononceor afewtimeseachweek. Bedrooms and bedroom all of its inhabitants is a very tedious and time- suites are almost always occupied during the consuming task.

Many dungeons receive strange visitors fairly accurate pictureof where adventurers will almost daily. ers suddenly find themselves trapped in the ants. These visitors are intercepted by run into inhabitants and who those inhabitants the guards at the dungeon's entrance. C. Parties of inhabitants. depending on the number of adventurers wards any 501 Another Way Out. have been linked to encounters). Perhaps royalty i s visiting the dungeon. . For example. rarely A primary function of guards. D. announce the visitors' arrival to concerned will always be wandering the corridors and parties within. (admittedly. servants. First relief guards will go to posts.or other guards may have trained dogs. those that would T~~~~~~~ . and quired to pay a toll and then most likely as. treasure of level A. possibly re. At shift changes."). and those who threat to his or her well-being or the well-being may have special tools for defense at their of any other dungeon inhabitant will yell. peeking into rooms. and enemies make substantial head. surprise encounter as well. is an encounter then . Dun. unless they have talents beyond dungeon's inhabitants about possible danger. summon any available reserves. attracting much attention. guards (occasionally B). will awaken any sleeping inhabit. All other dungeon inhab If adventurers get past the entrance guards itants will be in corridors briefly several times without raising an alarm. . If things go badly for dungeon into calling that a level E encounter. Guards corridors. you should have a linked to the existence of encounters ("If there to exist (except. panied by elite soldiers. C or higher depending help and sound an alarm. at least in rooms. For example. or one really counters than level A.352 Bath Room and the likelihood of treasure existing. accom- If you keep track of your dungeon's inhab. especially where a worse to aid them in rooting out intruders. especially C). you would almost be forced Fortification. and if they from living quarters. Groups of dungeon summon nearby guards and perhaps a few inhabitants rapidly become more difficult en- curious onlookers. then als should probably be level A. just (except351 Amphitheater. giant rats or readily defensible positions. interro. itants and the time of day. Depend- are good at coming up with quick. and if either or have no treasure apart from that carried by both results indicate a treasure. and then. is to warn the ally B or C. or even gettingintoserioustrouble should rise markedly. roll for a Military rooms and prison rooms should 10% chance of treasure A twice. Several alarms. and alert great hall with every guard in the dungeon some guardsmen to take positions at any 203 surrounding them. So. you may explanations for their presence and intentions. or the corridor intersections. almost every guard in the dungeon will be geon. Another guard may be sent ahead to on patrol (those postedas random encounters). may also cause dungeon inhabitants to arm all You may want to throw in an occasional 51 2 Traps that are normally disarmed. checked for weapons (which are re. corridors. sleep or recreation. or if they have Any guard who becomes aware of a potential magical weapons and armor). there i s one guards (see below). Any invasion and the guards' proficiencies. give adventurers a 25% to 50% chance every and if the dungeon i s fairly large so the residents five or ten minutes of game time to meet are used to seeing strangers about. and if they hide their during the day to go to and from meals. better yet. or to run errands. a retreat signal will dungeons are usually encounters of level B or instruct dungeon inhabitants to fall back to. if adventur- urgent alarm. goingfrom one placeto another in thedungeon's moved). blow on a horn. if admitted. If adventurers are What level are encounters? Most individu- disguised as guards or. Exceptions are their chances of exploring the dungeon without spell casters (who could be level C. This chance should this is a lot of "if's") then they may be able to go way up if any guard has sounded an alarm to spend quite some time in the dungeon without rouse the dungeon and call in reserves. This rule does not increase In all craft rooms and all living quarters the possible number of treasures in a room. 203 Fortifications. approximately four to six guards which patrol way into the dungeon. such as blacksmiths (probably B) and out. mercenaries and officers (possibly B. then relieved guards will go to locations for signed a guard as an escort inside the dungeon's such things as meals. nobles (occasion- those at the dungeon's entrance. call disposal. plausible ing on how crowded your dungeon is. E!). will be. someone in the corridors. of course. Onealarm will at least on proficiency and luck). a geon occupants may also set up ambushes at blacksmith can turn out to be a werewolf. to and weapons and travel in small groups. corridor enters a room. or otherwise attempt to get alchemists (possibly B. armed conflict to bring to bear. ~~~~~t~~~ gated as to their purpose in visiting the dun.

ltems such as porcelain. (bb+l)-aa Add a treasure of level A. should at least carry a treasure of level A and with results of less than one meaning that the should have a 10% to 50% chance for a trea- corresponding treasure (see below) cannot be sure of level 6 or C. Round down all of these figures. unlike aban. etc. Using the number you guard a 25% to 50% chance for a treasure of rolled for your dungeon against Table 725 level A. doned dungeons. yield a treasure of level C.. delicate sculptures. Give each of corruptible riches. However. otherwise. laden with riches. and rooms for the ruler especially may contain additional For dungeon inhabitants (in their personal treasures of level A. a 10% to 50% chance for a treasure of level A. "dd" = one thirtieth depending on the value of their crafts. "bb" =one third of your roll. fragile and perishable items (dd+l )-cc Add a treasure of level C. silk. . For this (aa+l)+ Add no additional treasure. 0348 would yield a Treasure in any 352 Bath Room. roll three times for the contents of each room Table 851: Perishable Treasure ltems (Tables 551b and 554c). "cc" = one tenth of your roll. Give each craftsman against Table 725. all rooms for the dead. paintings. craft rooms. (For merchant caravan. reason. B. taking both rolls. roll percentile dice and their political and social standing. Maybe a rooms for the ruler. bb = 8. cc = 2. C or even D in the form possession): Servants have nothing. all rooms treasure of level B. highly-trained guards). all retain their full inherent value. 00-02 would no treasure. (cc+l)-bb Add a treasure of level B. and dd < 1. are in good condition. has example. "aa" =two times your roll rooms have no treasure. Roll twice for a few surprises for adventurers. so Table 851 with its own. Nobles of your roll. 00-dd Add a treasure of level D. experiment with potential for perishabletreasure. military rooms and prison Wealth on page 162. and 09-48 would yield a for the ruler. fine cloth. Any 351 Amphitheater or 359 Latrine has would allow no treasure of level D. Roll Additional Treasure For all active dungeon rooms. a roll of 24 against Table 725 yields aa stopped for the night in the dungeon (along = 48. for storerooms. Using these figures. taking the highest roll.) inactive dungeons. and consult Table 851 for each room with the Like with the encounters. all special treasure of level A. living quarters. 49 and above would yield rooms and all storerooms remains the same as in no additional treasure. depending on their wealth added.

like a large dungeon is. Adventurers may have to all of the dungeon adventures that you to find out some valuable piece of information enjoyed the most. turers could be driven by a rumor that a huge Connect Your geon. exciting. Are tant. though. Also. for adventurers far away from where they will examine: first enter the dungeon. such as the grave. what sort of conflicts extraordinary weapon or magical item.the context of your dungeon's dungeon's story around. The owner of large treasures are particularly effective as lures. Your Dungeon's Purpose: Why was larly powerful individual. a large dungeon should have been a particu. would be an excellent choice to construct the plainable in . Learn. If the dungeon has a teleporta- point for adventurers to aim at and a central tion room. think back for them to be captured. Magic Ability and Rooms for the Ruler in your dungeon? This Other Cultural Factors of the could signify that your dungeon housed the Dungeon's Creators: Could a highly mili- ruler of a large nation or powerful city-state. This may indicate that the object example. was your dungeon built to defend of your dungeon could be to recover some against an enemy? If so. larger dungeons probably contained more im. A prison. For story turers. The only thing left before defining example. your dungeon built and how did that purpose viduals generally signify powerful or valuable lead to the dungeon's ultimate demise? For possessions. at the top of a mountain. Among other things. against that enemy involved the dungeon's ing the story of the dungeon owner's life could inhabitants and what were their outcomes? be the key to recovering the item. These engaging. Afterward-The Story You have just finished creating your dun. Dungeon numberof rooms. discovering adventurers into the dungeon and then force the pieces as they get closer and closer to the them to find another way out. an oracle room right atthe beginningofthedungeon may Your Dungeon's Location: Is your be interesting. Some rooms may have a story to tell. For example. resulting in undead protectors for several market rooms? A dungeon with several the dungeon? A highly militant race might also market rooms would have been a mercantile have tended to use more deadly traps to center which would have had huge sums of protect their home. you should). in a waterless the dungeon's fifth and final level. then perhaps you can teleport the storyline for adventurers to follow. like dragons. Encounters. spell. card. wasteland? Anything unusual should be ex. or maybe they need to search memorable adventures almost always have a a healer's room to find the long lost cure for a theme which drives them. including the basic historical and back. a spell caster's laboratory could sig- encounters and treasures is to add a unifying nify the presence of a powerful magical item or story. Your Dungeon's Encounters: If your Your Dungeon's Size: The larger a dungeon has a powerful encounter. providing a focal deadly plague. Look at the important pieces of your The Placement of Rooms within dungeon and imagine a story to revolve around Your Dungeon: Try to center the main goal and connect them all. Magic use i s always a wild money changing hands within its walls. the more important it probably was dragon. You have mapped an untold dungeon when it was abandoned. if you can arrange master (if you haven't. from an oracle. Who was the enemy? What happened to the The Distributionof Room Types in enemy's civilization after the dungeon fell? Your Dungeon: Is there a large number of The Militancy. which normally own portant and influential residents. nationalistic race be driven even beyond there several of a specific type of room. a focus. An oracle room at the far end of water. hoard or shipment of valuables was left in the ground elements. torture chamber or execution If you have played an adventurer in a room could mean that adventurers need to fantasy roleplaying game as well as a game rescue sorneone-or escape. and powerful indi. You havenearlyall the things -The Presence of Certain Rooms: Elements with a you need to open the dungeon doors to adven. story. adventurers could be drawn by knowl- to the nation or city where it existed. but it should not be the focus of dungeon in an unusual location? Is it under the dungeon. one that could cause anything to hap- . adven. edge that the encounter lives in the dungeon. finish.

then perhaps some Dungeons. . "The Gam- is relatively young (only a few generations since bling Pit" was created using Central Casting: its original owners left). recover something. a ruler may be happy to allow with little treasure. A dun. see the Dungeon YourDungeon's Age: If your dungeon Example beginning on page 182. Perhaps adventurers need to recover a religious arti. Don't hold back. Be wildly creative. A descendants can send the adventurers in to very artistic society could mean that the ad. If you would like an example of a com- fact* pleted dungeon and its story. not be the recovery of treasure alone. Dungeons are expensive and take many geon built by a poor civilization. or a dungeon years to build. indicates that the object of adventurers to keep any treasure they find as the adventurers' exploration should probably long as the dungeon becomes operable again.pen. Maybe a ruler can send the venturers' ultimate aim is to recover some adventurers in to eliminate whatever danger precious artwork for a collector who found caused the dungeon to be abandoned in the first rumors of the dungeon's existence. place.


(See 506 Mine on page 127. entrance to the dungeon is grand and elabo.) To complete element 1. and Table that must have been frequently traveled by 104. which guards did before abandoning dungeon opens into the center of one of the 90' the dungeon. and see the ground. as opposed to a fortress or a Naturally. He human creatures it will spring later. the trap will spring earlier. ~h~ ~ iR~~~ ~ ~ he rolls t percentiledice and consults Table 105: Fortification. take more than a few sessions to complete it. dungeon description and map.) A roll of 02 on Table 102 tells Jeff that the Jefflabels the entrance door's trap element entrance door is grand and elaborate. Jeff chooses a location near the page 185 for the index card example for ele- center of his graph paper and draws a stairway. To work. "The stretch of floor furthest from the entrance door. For heavier-than-human crea- cated at the back of a mine. Jeff consults Table 101 with a roll of at this level until 27 treasures of level A are 40. for which Jeff rolls a 33. with sheer sides. with a great deal of decorative stonework." chance for each day spent mining. titling it "1 trap door itself. and begins. immediately goes to Table 512b. He decides that the trap is a 10 foot discovers that the mine i s one large room rather square trap door above a twenty foot deep pit than a series of tunnels. A 42 on 2 and turns to 512 Trap on page 137. He also de- role-playingsession tomorrow. turns to central dungeon that i s large enough that his adventur. pencil and percentile dice. Jeff draws the mine. dungeon that will allow him to exercise his skills standard-type. Jeff turns to 203 Fortifi. He labels the mine and entrance door springs to reset itself automatically after each "1. Since Jeff Table 103 means that Jeffwill have to place his knows that the entrance door trap is in an area entrance door at the back of a mine. His roll is an 81. but he wants it graph paper. and he needs a cides that the dungeon will be the basic-or dungeon." First Room on page 16. After getting together some index cards. the map on page 188.' Jeff then safety. steps on it anywhere within five feet from the The entrance door. There are discovers that there is one encounter of level A remains of unlucky victims at the bottom of the and five treasures of level A." (See element 1 of tures (or more than one humansized creature). and for lighter-than- Jeff checks for encounters and treasure. victim falls through. Jeff skips Table 512a and entrance door is trapped. is lo. The trigger for the trap is the and then he writes on an index card. so the On Table 203a. ers will not finish it in one night. the trap door must be orienting it so that the stairway that begins the activated. but once activated the trap uses walls. Dungeon Example Jeff needs a great Jeff has friends coming over for a fantasy geon to fifty dungeon elements. entrance door. to catch intruders without much regard to their finding out that the mine is 20' x 90. continuing Next. a double doorway." On the card Jefffurther writes. Jeffrolls a 02. Jeff Casting: to be small enough that they will not have to opens up his Central Casting: Dungeons book Dungeons. so he follows room is a fortification. four of which are trap. (See pages 186 to 192 for Jeff's Considering this. Hisentrance is a stairway headingdown into extracted. subtracting 10 Jeff turns to page 127 and consults 506 from his roll of 60 to get a 50 and a trap designed Mine. Jeff notes that his dungeon's additional mining activity at the rate of 10% spacing will be "Tight. the example of Figure 203. fast. The trap doorwill open if a humansizedcreature rate.) leff begins - . He wants a tomb." since they are the first dungeon element. he as a top notch game master. tells him that the dungeon inhabitants. Jeff decides to limit his dun. Rolling percentile dice find.1 and creates a . It is hinged along the ten foot Entrance. The mine itself can yield treasure to and getting a 23. ment 1.his dungeon with Table 100: hidden amongst the rubble and very difficult to Beginning Spacing on page 13. He rolls against Tables 506a and 506b.

he begins to work on the dungeon's about 500' elevation-not terribly high. Jeff tional entrances in the room. Jeff shrunk room 40 to fit the available according to Table 151. Jeff rolled a 12 against a long distance to go from one to the other. (therewere only two elements left). alcove prior to room 47 so that room 47 would Jeff rejected a result stating that a second not overlap room 43. Basic Dungeon Room Types. 188). label. the stairway should appear after a secret door ing to the south so that room 26. (See element 3 of the ing it "3.2. Jeff rolls a 69. not enough free space to the south. Also in So. He sees that the corridor ends at Quarters." Jeff follows it with a later eliminated the corridor's left branch-it is corridor branching left and right which also blocked by room 7. There. At location D. and Background This Dungeon Built?on pages 152 to 164. Jeffopened the corridor east dungeon's only bedroom suite and only great to room 30 rather than south. . corridor should exit from the south wall. See At location L.2. means that this roll againstTable 151 covers to be 10' x 10' with one encounter and one twenty feet. Some of Jeff's conflicts were: far enough in that direction. Jeff Table 1 Corridor/Corridor Conflicts on page 9 added a secret corridor. right (south) without interfering with room 7." Because this fortification is the dungeon map on page 188. Door/Room Conflict on page 9. and it should serve as an available space. at location G. Jeff added another 10' x 10' location C. Jeff extended the corridor had determined that the door was broken from 20' straight ahead (east) so that it could turn its hinges. of jeffs getting a 76. 7. location A was supposed to open into room At location J. Jeff closed a corridor open. each of level A. the corridor which loops around past 7. should have turned space. and then doubles back towards 7.) I Jeff decides to f o l l a the corridor first. At this point. located in a flatland which Jeff determines is at ment. escape route. he decided At location E. Jeffthrew out a "door stuck" 7. For that table. Jeff ~ h ~~~t . behind thedoor isa library. (See the "T" Jeff continues rolling. setting. Jeff eliminated that door. and story. Water D~~~~~~ history. The library turnsout 76. Jeffdecided that the At location F. result from Table 152 because his previous roll At location B.3 again.3. so Jeff places the end of the corri. Jeff added the 10' x 10' Because of the strange shape of room 15. but note that Jeff dungeon's "first room. Jeff summers for the dungeon are hot while winters discovers that the dungeon was built to serve as bring snow only on very rare occasions. Jeffeliminated Since Jeffwas nearly finished with his dungeon a door that would have opened into room 1. treasure. since there were made it turn left (north).. twisting corridor fortification on his map. since there was hall must have been built for the same person. the Resolutions At location A on the dungeon map (page dungeon was only going to be fifty elements. Theeven roll.1. to prevent that person from having to travel room 30.6 would fit the behind the throne. continues mapping.) he has completed the dungeon mapped out on Jeff rolls against Table 152 Door Possibili.1. ConsultingWhy Was in the area is present in normal amounts. Once done. Additionally. and consults Table 151 Corridor rolls a 46 and turns to page 23 for 350 Living Possibilities. a door at wanted them at the dungeon's southern end. He rolls percentile dice. Also. alcove so that room 48 would fit easily. page 183. He also decided not to put any addi- right (south) when it reached 7. At location K. After all. continues straight ahead. T and has index cards for every dungeon ele. since there was not only ten elements left for the dungeon and he much room to the right. he goes over the pencil ties todeterminewhat is behind thedoor hejust lines with pen. intersection next to element 4 ofThe Gambling and continues making out new index cards until Pit map. after consulting Table 2 room 48 was supposed to contain a stairway. The room Dungeon a door but branches left and right. After Jeff finishes mapping his dungeon a protected home [ for nobility. dor twenty feet after it starts.3. conflicts d ai decided them on his own and with At location H. Jeff eliminated a corridor the aid of the Resolving Conflicts section on because he decided that his dungeon had gone conflictg and pages 8 and 9. etc. and Jeff was already on element 34.

" was built as a hideout for criminal gambling Jeff also notices the dungeon's two torture activities. to serve as a protected Broke visitors simply were not permitted inside home. Rather than four weapons training rooms. and game rooms could quets in their honor. silver average wealth. "Wow. Jeff keeps this in mind and will slightly somewhat literate. etc. Besides. and the soldiers in the agreements between parties. if a judge was needed to powers. these combats were trained in the four weap While he was designing the dungeon. arrived. The oracle would have fit into this tion room served as outlets for the Pit's owner's dungeon as a supernatural source of truth. Dungeon really should have had a larger prison The oracle room was a gimmick. task. The dungeon's generic purposefrom traveling tents or at the inns of local villages. great hall.. but at bling Pit would have had to have been huge to last he rejects it. The torture chambers have resolved difficulties between parties with. suite. He decides that a justice provide rooms for all of its visitors. visitors were vague enough to coveralmostany ent arenas? The judge could only have been in possibility. The arenas could two barracks protected the dungeon as well as have staged trials by combat. why were there three differ. Jeff ons training rooms. room protect the judge and judicial proceedings.) Now Jeff sits down and looks at what is but its location seems to indicate it was placed unique about his dungeon. but now he sees that they may fit very different kinds. levels that correspond to his playing group's 800 Why Was This Dungeon Abandoned? favorite fantasy role playing game. owner of the Gambling Pit (which Jeff decides One idea that Jeff considers is a dungeon is his dungeon's name). Table 701 on page 152. tion 27 served the owner. A human capacity and at least a few bedroomsfor visitors in the room pretended to have precognitive or attendants. and had some magic though increase the value of treasures when he trans- its use was still extremely rare. The catacombs could There were no bedrooms for visitors b e have held the remains of past judges. The bedroom suite housed the well together. and the Gam- Jefflikes his "Justice Dungeon" idea. The servants in room 27 could have served Instead. (To help himself in this tolerant. The society had lates them from levels into actual gold. but it could come back. The poison has since something similar for your group's favorite fan- disappeared. extracted money from those who were reluc- out bloodshed when there was no clear indica. Jeff decides that his dungeon thinks. The fighters for room. and single bedroom suite. oracle room. the oracle's purpose in the Justice The entrance door was not always elabo- Dungeon should have been more to guide the rate and decorative. exhibition on which bets were placed. zoo. could have meant that it was built to wagering areas the next day. to blend in with the rest of the mine walls. was very religious. underground was at a premium. Also. The quirky nature. three game rooms and Jeff turns to his second idea. and the cause that way visitors were never humiliated current judge could have lived in the bedroom by being evicted after they lost all their-money. -leff has made his own tables of treasure ated dictatorship. The table for reveals to Jeffthat the original inhabitants were level A lists such things as "5 pieces of gold. The great hall was where the torture chambers could have punished guilty owner received wealthy visitors and held ban- parties in any argument. while the great hall ran the various games and contests. and lived under a moder.. They had a normal amount of art. Also. warm-up. visitors stayed above ground in their the judge. He immediately for everyone's use." etc. Originally. were 5%. somewhat and valuable objects. "These people sure liked competition. the servants from loca- dedicated to holding trials and resolving dis. He charged fees thatwere weighted one place at a time. itwas disguised judge than to assist the parties in a complaint. The tasy role playing game as well. The zoo and exhibi- conflict at all." "a killed or chased away when an extremely fast silver ring with one small gem worth a total of acting poison somehow seeped into the 10 pieces of silver. tant to pay. The arenas held jousts and combats chambers. but the cryptic answers he gave to preside over trials. You may want to do dungeon's air supply. The Story notices the three arenas. until the judge petitioner. The game rooms were also thought that some of these rooms seemed out locations for heavy wagering and contests of of place. tion of guilt or innocence. The cata- could have been used either to set the terms of combs held the remains of former champion the combat or to resolve difficulties without any fighters from the arenas. unless the other two went according to the question and the wealth of the through set-up. catacombs. That ." Jeff a lawful place. The dungeon's creators had an extensive dungeon's quick abandonment means that any military and were extremely aggressive in its nonencounter treasure will be increased by use. isolationist.

an attempt to retrieve lost winnings. or had run out of funds and wanted to catacombs. Index Card Example The index card pictured above represents ruled side. value of weapons. Feel free to adapt it for your own cam- to store some treasures from his earnings. impoverished guests from attacking the Pit in The zoo. the funds. music room and exhibi. So. One of the jeweler's duties was to Jeffthe most. Of these three more. Jeff used the other side. library. but paign. etc. metals. to draw an illustration of The Gambling translated the encounter and treasure levels Pit's double-door entrance. tion room provided diversions for gamblers Jeff identifies three possiblefocal areas for who needed a break. This side of the index card. cepted by the surrounding communities. obviously. an illustration that into a game-specific encounter and treasures. the adventurers' main goal in investigating the The blacksmiths provided estimates on the dungeon will be to uncover lost treasure. paign for the adventurers!) to prevent angered. he planned to show to his party of adventurers. Those who owed money waited in the choices. the blank element 1 of Jeff's now stands out and indicates wealth beyond most were snuck away from the dungeon and its door indicates that the presence of the hidden in another location (an additional cam- Gambling Pit was widely recognized and ac. and he i s certain it will also appeal estimate (in favor of the Pit's owner) the value the most to his adventurers. is the . and the combination of the exhibi- wait for a messenger from home to bring them tion room and the great hall. the secret treasure room appeals to prison. Note how Jeffhas side. were running low on his dungeon: the secret treasure room. he decides that of gems and jewelry that were put up for bas. armor. The Jeff's dungeon follows on pages 186 to owner of the Pit used his secret treasure room 192.

ture campaign. replace the levels with specific See Encounters and Treasures on page 1 1 encounters and treasures that correspond to for more information. One night. One rumor they should learn about ants who were awake when the poison en- is that. the dungeon through a crack in the ground the Game Master mation adventurers do find will almost certainly opened up during the night by workers who be from at least a third or fourth hand source. . and its owner became incredibly dom collapsed. when existed in any writings other than those of the wagering became more accepted. of the noble class wagered on contests be. You proceed cautiously. Whether the poison ex- for shipment the day after tragedy struck never isted in the ground naturally or was magically reached the surface and apparently remains placed there by an angry visitor to the Garn- hidden somewhere below ground. that spawned the Gambling Pit was a secretive Actions in the Gambling Pit were underground one. the Gam. the kingdom surrounding Pit. The few sol- Background along military lines. The Gambling Pit began operating during the Gambling Pit collapsed. Gambling "Finally at the bottom of the stairs. You light one torch. were extending a new corridor just south of Most of what they discover should be very dungeon element 45. the ability of your adventurers to overcome If you want to use this dungeon for an adven. a sub their lives. bling Pit cannot be known. you remove the torches from the mappings that have kept them dr). Competition. The civilization not only illegal but vigorously prosecuted. ~ claiming the ~ lives of~ nearly every of this civilization developedlargely inhabitant. but there is a . The poison entered Information for tales handed down mouth to mouth. Gambling Pit's civilization. especially competition in feats of arms. and at last turn to examine your subterranean surroundings.iandlocked d ~ flatlands. construction.. Most dungeon inhabit- unreliable." Encounter and treasure levels in this dun.and fumble about with the tinder for a few moments before sparks catch and ignite. most of the writings and knowl- wealthy. edge of the language went with it. was When they. and the kings and nobility diers who were on guard and managed to Information who served as military commanders gained a escape claimed that their companions merely great deal of power and wealth. too. Those who frequented the Gambling Pit tween their champions and soldiers with only a knew that a new extension had just begun token effort to conceal their actions. making each step slick and dangerous. including its master. their enemies.. . . Hundreds of years ago. an underground complex called the Gambling Within a few years.. Very few references to the Gambling Pit and kept free from prying eyes. Later. then Pit another. but nearly all those who were stantial amount of loot that had been scheduled sleeping perished. a warlike civiliza. and though staying awake. and their remains still lie ing ancient records or by listening to legendary throughout the dungeon. ~ bling t Pit. they activated the dungeon's gambling wasofficially forbidden. and the dungeon's an era when gambling on armed outcomes was existence faded into legend. Adventurers can learn of the Gambling Pit's Poison in the air killed most of the Gam- Additional existence and rumors about its demise by scour. 'The light rain falling on the surface above has trickled down into The the descending stairway. Perhaps the diggers disturbed an One of the more popular gathering places ancient burial sight or uncovered something for the nobility to hold their competitions was evil and deadly? Nobody ever found out. then a third. Any infor. fell asleep and then could not be reawakened. began to experience difficulty very important to these people. bling Pit's inhabitants. and when the king- bling Pit grew. the members defenses and fled. though treasure was routinely taken from tered the dungeon managed to escape with the Gambling Pit and stored elsewhere. intent more on your footing than on peering into the darkness below. the fantasy role-playinggame you are usingand geon are left as encounter and treasure levels. a terrible curse befell the Gam- ~ ~ t and tion grew~upon ~ The culture extensive.

A result of 00. The the middle hinge on the left. training room (24). On Element 10: This room i s a large. Many of the tapestry weaver and his work. fleeing guards activated the trap by visible the skeletal remains of the pens' former throwing a lever located on the wall a little inside inhabitants. table. When the dungeon was abandoned. hang on all the walls. dungeon will save anyone threatened by it. digging at that location by one human-sized The poison is heavier than air. working the mine can still Element 6: This is a trap. itants. if it is pulled from square area in front of the entrance door. Guards in here permitted only all alongits length. accompanied by a soft hissing sound that will Element 1: The entrance to the dungeon. located at the back of a mine. and the door will trapped. this zoo comprised of seven holding pens (7. The door at the D~~~~~~ ground and a 20' x 90' mine. ~dditionall~. bench. it or break it down will cause a 10'x 10' trap door Elements work. This guard room contains tables. Inside there is a booksdeal with the rules forjousts. is a music room. Encflreas: AA/AA. trap door was not activated except during emer. and for lighter-than-human creatures it small raisedwooden stagesurroundedby benches will spring later. game room (25) and b e d Each of the three walls that has no door is room suite (26). The trap then resets. The "L". with a great deal of decorative stone. dirt and mined the spikes. the poison will first render uncon- originally emanated. Any attempt to a 10% chance to yield a treasure of level A. some cloth and thread. It master of the Gambling Pit used to hide some can hold a small amount of weight without valuables and personal effects. however. bed. four treasures of level A in the form of raw ore There are remains from previous victims stuck in hidden among the mine's rubble. the trap will spring Element 8: This room. Any attempt to open elaborate. a double doorway. making a loud treasures of level A removed from the mine.3. Encflreas: A/A.7. A hidden trap door covers a 10' x 10' only open. is grand and end of thiscorridor isa fake. roll percentile dice. a few . and the door itself isvery thick personal guests of the Gambling Pit's master to and heavily reinforced with iron.2. which contains a earlier. but thereareenough For heavier-than-human creatures (or more than other trinkets to comprise a treasure of level A. Past their barred and locked doors are however. trap door opens to a twenty foot deep pit with Element 7: Dungeon element seven is a sheer sides. center i s a small table and one small bench. The pens are basically gencies. and its release will be again. is in the floor in front of the door to opkn up. There are some opening. competitions. This use its handle or to break it down will cause a 10' percentagechance i s reducedby one for each 27 x 10' net to fall from the ceiling. A full day of digging provides end of this corridor is trapped. used to provide musical entertainment for visi- lucky victims rest at the bottom of the trap's pit. rock. covered with shelves full of books. so leaving the adventurer. the trap door and chairs. but anything man-sized that walks to personal items still in the compartment-mostly the center of the trap doorwill definitely set it off. pass through and into the master's personal Element 4: This room is a small library. and it is trapped droppinganyone on it down intoa 10' pitthat has (see element 2). The room originally housed a knowledge of the lost language. noise as it is releasedand covering the end of the Element 2: The entrance doorway is corridor. In the room's benches and weapons racks. The trap will not reset.5. 7.7.7). The trap door i s hinged secret compartment hiddenin the wall where the along the floor 10' away from the entry door. empty. There are also spikes covering the floor. 7. The entrance door. Here performers automatically resets itself. bypassing the trap. For every day spent scious and then kill anyone who breathes it. that a long time will another pocket of the same poison that killed have to pass before the poison dissipates the Gambling Pit's inhabitants. gambling and the like. possibility that additional poison remains in last for several hours. 6 04 means that the adventurer has discovered This also means. The remains of un. Once sprung. The door at the produce treasure. Element 11: The door to room 11 i s A lengthy period of study in the library could broken from its hinges and lies on the floor at the a l l ~ wa bright adventurer to gain a minimal room's entrance. When the dungeon was in use. Tapestriesdepicting battles and wagering in the language of the dungeon's original inhab.6. which is located after a stairway down into the Element 5: This is a trap. After a few hours of the walls of the unfinished corridor where it exposure. scrollswith business records.4 there i s a the entrance doorway. Element 9: Next to the music room is a shapedwall with a door on it has crossbow loops guard room.7. Encflreas: A/A dungeon's entrance i s a fortification. one human-sized creature). open the table are two candles.4. tors to the gamblingpitwhiletheywaitedto enter Element 3: The twistingcorridor after the the main arena (room 10). At the back of room 7. games.1. a language that is long dead and forgotten. and 7. The poison has naturally and the dungeon is safe to explore a very faint sweet smell. The books are mostly arena. Encflreas: A A-/.


dungeon fled.thick needles. (element 4). molds and other tools Element 20: This small guard room con- for fine metalworking. dried paints and door directly south of it. Lifting the tapestry also room for the Gambling Pit's master and his few triggers the ballista. The southern door benches. which can reload for a total hand-picked champions. The winner high and 5' wide) is covered by a large tapestry. ornate table in the room's center. Fastened to the top of the Guards from this room often assisted at the tables there are small. some of the wager wagering and battle.2. This room's small amount of treasure is Element 21: Dungeon element 21 is a all locked in those two small chests. two. hammers. This trap was Element25: This game room is elaborately activated when the original inhabitants of the decorated with rich wall tapestries and a large. for safe keeping. The floor is bare. He held special contests in ing a thief being led to the gallows (see 16 for this room for close friends and the mostwealthy or what is behind the tapestry). Pots from this room were used to B/AA. silver or anything Element 15: This room is an oval-shaped else put up for a special wager between two arena.4." If an adve~turer* except for scratching and meaningless mes- spends three days doing research in the library sages left on their walls by long ago prisoners. Encflreas: C/C. rninginto the southern doorabout three and one. a few benches. empty.3. progress. There i s a coffin- ing the value of gems and jewelry that were shaped box in which a victim could have been placed as wagers on many of the arena compe. it is completely wide blade hurtling across the room and slam. The tapestry hangs powerful visitors. Encflreas: -/A. this room there is a small forge. Enc/ the walls that depict game-play. vices. jeweller kept his scraps of material and works in beside the table.and between the tapestries hangweapons this room. Element 19: This room is a torture cham- Element 14: This is a jeweller's room. the tapestry will quickly lift Element 22: This room appears to be up and the ballista will fire. Small tables Element 1% Dungeon element 17 is a along thewalls hold pitchersforwine and traysfor guard room and a small prison. hold wagers. 17. The ber in which those who could not make good on dungeon jeweller spent most of his time estirnat. smaller pot as a Element 16: This small alcove (about 5' share for the Gambling Pit's master. jewelry. The room is stuck and must be broken down to be walls hold tapestries depicting great martial ex. Gold. then he or she should be able to get The doors to the cells and the southern door of a rough idea of what the writing says. Anyone standing in fortification similar to dungeon element 3. Encpreas: A/A. Gambling Pit's master. lost bets were punished. Most of the many to this room lies the skeletal remains of some tapestries hangingthroughoutthisdungeon were bipedal creature. two chests containing some per. a special training unpleasant experience. In the westwall that werealso used for persuasion. was kept aside in a separate. calipers. wall of 17 is disturbed. There are a couple of tables in ploits. projectile from a ballista-which lies on the ground Inside there are a couple of tables and several not far from the skeleton.1) has one table and several benches. There is writing on the eastern door itself has a wide cut init about three and one-half that reads. locked chests in which the torture room. about once every fifteen seconds. parties was put into a pot which was then sealed this room's walls bear tapestriesdepictingwealth. He spent his spare are some vials of acid on a shelf hanging from time craftingjewelry for the dungeon's master. In reality. cells (17. tables and benches. Element 23: Dungeon element 23 is a half feet above the ground. There are also a couple tains a couple of benches and one small table. fine EnclTreas: A/A. from a narrow opening in the ceiling and extends sonal items and additional cloth. Encflreas: A/A. sending a four foot completely empty. There is one corpse in this room. After each shot the tapestry will cept for a few weapons racks which contain lower to its original position. another arena. of the wager took the larger pot and its contents. and some tapestries on racks that hold blunted. in the long lost language of the feet above the ground (see 16). 17. brushes. In the cawed chairs. Encflreas: potter's room. the way of the flying blade will have a very Element 24: This room. "Fairness. The guard room food. O f course. The trap can spring blunted and padded weapons. There titions and games of chance. Near the southern door holdinga tapestry-in-progress. is completely bare ex- of five shots.6) are all empty All games must be played fairly. and a frame for all the way to the floor. .5. 17. Treas: A/A. Like the walls of room 10. The five prison dungeon's former inhabitants. confined until he or she agreed to pay. In the alcove rests a ballista which is aimed at the In this room is a kiln. fairness. The large table is surrounded by ornately (17. Element 13: Dungeon element 13 i s a Element 18: The south door to this game weapons training room. 17. The skeleton has been cut in made in this room. padded weapons. room 1 7 are all locked. bellows. If the door on the south dried clay as well as a few tables and benches. passed through. probably by the largecurved bladeattached Element 12: This is a game room in which toa metal bar like the top of a "74looks like the dungeon visitors wagered on games of chance. This was the gaming room of the center of the north wall is a large tapestry depict.

If the picture is true.6 to 26.1. numerous cuts and punctures. The door on the southern wall of the tapestries and weapons racks on the walls. a thick woven rug. Anyone who takes anything from this suite times they were puton a rackandcutwith knives. The oracle himself wooden tub.3 is a ~rivatebath room which has a strongly resemblesthe oracle. but now looks worn. If the clothing is removed from the weapons. Five bellows. from wagers made in the dungeon. he was a strong man later twist to account for almost anything that with very dark features. training room. happened. He took money from visitors (splitting The sitting room. The door on the Inside room 26.4. great helm. crossbow and quiver full of cross. The master's bedroom is concealed in the back of the weapons racks hold a couple of blunted. . one of which 26. and a few was a fake who only pretended to be able to see buckets for carrying water. On the south wall are pressed in the right order: 3.6) is combat conditions. hammers. One of the pots contains a treasure of weapons. resting two daggers. The door from the corridor to Gambling Pit. pots are each worth a treasure of level A. resting peacefully in some shattered pieces of barrels and pots that oblivion. Encpreas: Element 30: This room was a weaDons AA/A. a table with a few chairs. pots. There are weapons racks o" the The door from 26. A stone chair where the 26. will be cursed with incredible bad luck and There is a 10' x 10' guard room preceding the haunted by the long deceased master of the torture chamber. the future. a chest. tains two benches where guards were once ers want passage. and there are bow bolts. there are fourteen sealed down if adventurers wish to pass through it. The fact some archery targets. black hair. or that a east wall are two wooden dummies scored with room exists behind it. Enc/ element 41). The master's bedroom contains an Element 32: Dungeon element 32 is a ornate bed on which sleeps the skeletal remains granary which contains a small millstone and of the dungeon's master.5 is actually the walls containing blunted and padded weapons. torn and filthy.5. The floor i s bare. scored and splintered. and a couple of wall wall. held quenching liquids. a black mous. Encpreas: BIB. If adventurers examine this room's tache. There are also .5. in the northeast corner of the room. Encpreas: -/A. Enc/ room i s ornately decorated with tapestries and Treas: A/-. Treas: BIB. There are also be able to discover that the room had something several comfortable chairs in this room restingon to do with diviningthe future.1 is a small entryjguard room that Element 29:This is the oracle's room. Encpreas: -/AABC. Element 34: This 10' x 10' alcove con- It is lockedand must be brokendown if adventur. Six of the complete with all the usual equipment: forge. which Also hanging from the walls are some heavily swings out only if five stones on its surface are padded pieces of armor. has a large picture of his take with theGambling Pit's master) and gave the dungeon's master hanging from the west the petitioners cryptic messages that he could wall. which served as the master's northwall of this room isstuckandmust be broken secret treasure room. He is dressed tapestries and decorations closely. a few chairs. The only way to break this curse the guard room has been broken down and and end the haunting is to take the master's splintered across the guard room's floor. One of the suits of armor has several level D. There is one wooden dummy. and deep. wardrobe. Room 26. each of which contains the master's shares Element 31: This i s a blacksmith's room. firmly locked. barrelsforquench- torture chamber in which victims were either put ing and some piles of raw metals. clothing. ment of blacksmith's equipment and tools includ- Element 28: Dungeon element 28 is a ingaforge. etc. the door will be relatively easy to find. and propped against the that this wall segment moves at all. i s cleverly concealed. The room also contains some stone statues decorations. For the torture chamber. sword. as has remains from the bed in 26. weak links in it and will fall apart if used under The door to the master's bedroom (26. penetratingeyes. Element 26: This is the master's bedroom on a rack for stretching or cut with knives. barrels which once of the pots are each worth a treasure of level B.2 is a small private dining room with an oracle used to preside sits in the center of the far ornate table. and that the stone a rug that at one time must have been luxurious chair was the focal point. Element 33: Room 33 is a weapons training room.6 and place them in the two benches that once sat against the guard the empty niche in the Pit'scatacombs (dungeon room's walls. Encpreas: -/A. they should in deep red and royal purple. padded wardrobe. There are also two Two of the pots are each worth a treasure of suits of humansized chain armor and a few level C.4. hammers. of legendary figures of wisdom.2. 26. entire 10' x 10' section of stone wall. Encpreas: -1-. Some- suite. There is also a wardrobe containing rich once held grain. Element 27: This small servants1quarters Element 35: This once sewed as a contains two beds and two chests for the blacksmith's room. The room containsan assort- dungeon's master's personal servants. a kettle above a fire pit. vices. shield. The contains one table and a few benches. bellows. and a stand on which hangs the master's chain armor. stationed. carved stonework.

and abandoned their home. the crests off of a few helmets. Insideareacoupleoftables. he placed strange objects that he with each one. Each recess has a 1O0/0chancefor won in wagers with visitors to the Gambling Pit. which. victims until they died of thirst. a table. two benches. There triggered it has been removed and destroyed. There are accommodations for forty-two. Enc/Treas: BIB. and shields-all of which bear the remains of three former dungeon inhabitants. and then held its Encflreas: -/A. now contains several benches with holes in them and looks like any other section of floor. also the remains of three former dungeon inhab Element 40: This room is an arena.two swords in the room. There is a separate 1% cumulative few full beards. This storeroom once smashed and splintered all over the corridor contained food. It at the bottom of the pit. a catacombs. chance each time any corpse i s disturbed that all some brass signet rings. There are more wooden buckets than benches. The nearby wall. three pairs until they catch them or they drive them from the of shoes. a room which contains one table. then the corpses will return to their pieces of clothing. martial scenes. remains are on the floor. bling Pit were treacherous. Near the ovens lie the skeletal stonework. decorative stone ovens. five swords which bear decorations on Element 42: Room 42 is a small guard their blades but are otherwise unremarkable. Only one catacomb niche. each ofwhich is mess hall. Encflreas: -/A. half of the beds hold corpses. a couple of braids. Noneofthe objects hasany other anything i s taken from the catacombs that all 44 intrinsicvalue. deep pit that opened. perhaps enabling them to be Element 38: Room 38 is a seamstress' saved by someone the trap failed to capture. are also two spinningwheels and some raw wool When the trap operated. couple of brightly feathered arrows. pins. like that for the trap at 45. set before the dungeon's original inhabitants It contains an empty weapons rack. There are remains Element 39: Room 39 i s a latrine. some horse shoes. A decorative throne sits a little bit benches. There isa 3% cumulative chance each time who lost them. Dungeon element 4 7 is the exhibi- bodily remains are dressed in traditional burial tion room of the Gambling Pit's master's win- garments. Encflreas: C/C. and the walls corridor just south of this location. now entombed in the catacombs(41). it was a twenty foot as well as some dried dyes and a few buckets. It was designed to kill its a few benches. a glass eye. personal possessions. and pit. Every ten feet there are and broken shards of pottery. In the center of the room is a large fire removed from the middle of the west wall. victims slowly. itants. needles. a collection of several shirts and other dungeon. Among the objects in the exhibition door is splintered and strewn about outside the room: a few locks of hair. Dungeon element 41 is the broken remains of barrels. while on the southern wall there are two the walls are full of large tapestries. and some personal effects are placed nings. torn scraps of sacks dungeon's catacombs. throne and seven equally spaced on each of the . a whip. room. in the unfinished Benchesring the arena's perimeter. Enc/Treas: A/A. but each treasure will only The objects on display are items that were asso- be visible without moving the corpse 25% of the ciated with the honor or identity of the visitors time. trap is currently disabled. Under placed there for decoration. About Element 36: This is awheelwright's room. resting places. The chests contain old. and visitors' cart worthless clothing and some almost worthless wheels sometimes needed repairs or replacing. is empty. Inside there are many tables and great hall. has been torn from its Element 41: The door to this room is hinges and destroyed. closed. because the door that and lots of cloth. thread.some benches. Element 43: This room is the dungeon's Element 48: Dungeon element 48 is a mess hall. but now there are only the leading towards it. If the shields-not made for combat but emblazoned corpses reanimate. each with digging tools. a treasure of level A. hold several decorative tapestries which depict Element 46: The door to this storeroom. brittle and will shatter if struck hard. whilea few skeletal Some of the surface roads leading to the Gam. each of which contains one Element 41: The door to this room has corpse. same heraldry. There are Element 44: This barracks room is filled a total of sixteen statues. the middle been broken from its hinges and leans against a one on the last wall segment. The room. they will chase their victims like the arms of those who lost them. etc. It was apparently each shield is a lifelike statue of one of the won in a wager and then put on display in the GamblingPit's great champions. etc. one of which is still longed to the Gambling Pit's common soldiers. sold for money or transferred to a more secure They have done this once before-that is why the location. three wall recesses. they would have been corpses will rise and try to take the items back. dragon and resting on a crimson field. Inside. Ifthey had. covered. Enc/Treas: A/A. several decorative the corpses will reanimate to seek revenge. an open hand encircled by a The middle door on the eastern wall i s a fake. one on either side of the with two-level bunk beds and chests that be. Element 45: The trap at location 45 was Element 37: This room is a guard room. There is and two corpses on the benches slumped over a corpse on the ground near the entrance to this the table.

There is a Room 50. over the doorway to the surface.2 has accommodations for four.4 has accommodations for four.1 1 has accommodations for two. and that will -1-. and the hinges Room 50.5 has accommodations for four leads to a hidden door on the surface up above. and two benches are in this room. Behind the throne is a A/-.1 has accommodations for four. and two of the beds contain corpses. Encpreas: A/A. take a substantial effort.8 has accommodations for four.7 has accommodations for four. Encpreas: 66/66. Encpreas: protect the Gambling Pit and make sure that A/AA. Encpreas: A/A. and two of its beds contain the remains of former . door's keyhole will be revealed. If a small stone about four feet remains. Also behind theconcealed door isa stairway that Room 50. Encpreas: -/A. Currently. Encpreas: -16. concealed door made out of stone which can Room 50. The floor of the great hall inhabitants. Gambling Pit's large mercenaryforce. and one bed holds a corpse. Element 50: These eleven rooms once Room 50.1 0 hasaccommodationsfor four housed the mercenaries who were paid to help and all four beds contain corpses. but impressions on the ground Room 50. guard room that precedes the barracks for the Room 50. It has a table and a few chairs. Encpreas: -1-. peace was kept among all visitors. Room 50. and there are no the door is locked. Encpreas: for special banquets. Element 49: This 10' x 10' room is a small Encpreas: -/-. and one difficult if not impossible to open. and one corpse is-sprawled out on the bedroom (26.3 has accommodations for two. Encpreas: certainly have to be broken down. Encpreas: A great deal of foliage has grown up around and A/A. a single bed and a chest for each of its inhabitants. Each room has Room 50. Behind the Three beds hold the remains of former inhabit- concealed door is a passageway to the master's ants. and both beds Room 50. It only be located by a thorough search. so that door will be extremely only two. corpse on the ground near the table.north and south walls.6) which emerges in his wardrobe. contain corpses.9 has accommodations fdr four. is mostly bare.6 contains accommodations for have rusted shut. from the ground is removed from the wall the Room 50. show where tables and chairs were once set up but only one bed contains remains. has a table with chairs as well. It will almost corpse lies on the ground near a bed. One table Encpreas: -/-. It has a table with a few chairs. ground.