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July 2018

Fight for work/life balance
RMT Bakerloo Line branch passed policy
at its June mee/ng calling for the union RMT Bakerloo Line branch policy on 2019 pay deal
to launch a real fight for work/life
balance as part of our 2019 pay claim. This branch urges all branches to
Our deal on pay, terms, and condiions proacively consult members about
on LUL expires in April 2019, and RMT what else to include in the claim,
branches are now debaing what we organising special branch meeings
want the union to demand in the new and workplace visits and
forwarding members' views to the
Your branch agreed to propose a flat-
rate pay increase, the aboliion of the Naional Execuive Commitee.
CSA2 grade, and a 32-hour week for full-
ime staff (for the full text of the moion This branch calls on the union to
we passed, see right). circulate the full contents of our
claim on pay, terms, and condiions
WHY FLAT RATE? to all members once it is compiled
We’re proposing a flat‐rate pay increase, This branch notes the expiry of the and submited.
rather than a percentage rise, because current deal on LUL for pay, terms,
percentage increases will increase the and condi/ons in April 2019. This calls on the union to
differen/al between grades. immediately declare a dispute and
If we won a 5% increase, a CSM on, This calls on the union to submit its begin balloing our membership for
say, £50k would get a £2,500 increase, claim for the subsequent deal industrial acion should LU respond
but a CSA1 on £33k would only get following a period of consultaion in the negaive to our demands.
£1,650, thereby widening the gap with members and before the end
between higher-paid and lower-paid
of September. This branch calls on the union to
grades. A flat rate means everyone gets
the same increase, but in a way that measure the progress of any
helps out the lower-paid grades who This branch calls on the union to dispute against progress towards
need it more. demand a one-year deal containing these demands.
the following elements:
32-HOUR WEEK? Your branch meets on
We want a reduc/on in the working • A £2,000 flat-rate, consolidated the FIRST TUESDAY of
week, with no detriment to pay or and pensionable increase for all every month, 16.00,
condi/ons. staff (not a percentage-rate upstairs at The Royal
Our shit-based, faigue-inducing jobs increase)
Exchange, 26 Sale Place,
means that our lives outside of work • a 32-hour working week for full-
oten take the hit. Reducing the working ime staff, without loss of pay W2 1PU (Edgware Road
week would massively improve work/life • a commitment to reduce H&C). All members
balance, as well as creaing addiional weekend working for full-ime staff welcome.
• the aboliion of the CSA2 grade
And it’s been done before: our unions
have previously fought disputes to win on staions and the promoion, The Regional Council meets on
reducions from 40 to 37.5 and then to following suitable training, to CSA1 the LAST THURSDAY of every
of all exising CSA2 staff
month, 16.30, at the 12 Pins,
35 hours. next to Finsbury Park station.
Goldfish Bowl: worth the wait? News
over the ceramic wall iles, mop the
floor, and remove the dead mice from roundup
the back of the broken fridge. How
proud we all were back then to see our
workplace as the star of Grand Designs. SRT reps
In fairness though, drivers can’t be fight
blamed for being a litle impaient, as
progress on the new and improved
understaffing of
Goldfish Bowl has been slow. We events
By Nellie Fantin-Castle moved out someime before the royal RMT reps on the Special
wedding, (good luck, Charles and Di!) Requirements Team, which is part
In this age of instant gra/fica/on, and since then litle work has been of the Bakerloo Line branch’s
people o en become impa/ent for done. Actually... none whatsoever. cons/tuency, are figh/ng for
things to happen quickly; so it has When asked for updates on the work proper staffing of events.
proven with the greatly an/cipated by local reps, managers (who are only Recent months have seen chronic
refurb of the Elephant and Castle too willing to book drivers for being understaffing of events at
“Goldfish Bowl” (T/Op step back room). three minutes late for a pick up) have Wembley, the 02, and the Olympic
But some things in life are worth simply shrugged their shoulders and Park, puing an unacceptable
waiing for. Part of this impaience is no given reps that blank look that they strain on both SRT and local staff.
doubt caused by drivers’ hope that the reserve for all quesions about the Reps have prepared reports
current refurb will be up to the running of the railway. highlighing this to management
standard of the last one. Drivers will However, these are minor quibbles and are demanding that events be
remember how excited we all were to and we will forget all about them on properly staffed as per CCEPs.
discover that the world-renowned the day of the grand reopening, unless If a swi response from
architectural firm Boggit & Sons was of course we’ve all re/red by then. management is not forthcoming,
brought in to slap a coat of white paint RMT will have to consider further
“Parliament of the union” meets in Edinburgh
The union’s Annual General Mee/ng were passed. New drivers’ seat
(AGM) took place in Edinburgh last The branch also supported three installation put back
week (24‐29 June). proposed rule changes: to allow for
It’s not just the Goldfish Bowl
This is the governing body of our submission of AGM items via email; to
refurb that is dragging on (see main
union. Reps and acivists the length extend the deadline for the submission
ar/cle, le ).
and breadth of the country, from every of amendments to the AGM; and to
The installaion of new drivers’
transport sector that the RMT give more scope for our equaliies
seats into Bakerloo trains has been
organises within, were present. Seeing commitees to plan their own agendas
put back unil December 2018 at
the size of the event and areas and conferences. The first two passed,
the earliest, as the company
represented really brings in home that but the later was narrowly defeated
making them has gone bust.
we are part of largest transport trade (33-29).
This means the contract will have
union in Britain. There will be discussions on these to be re-tendered, and another
At the forefront of debate was the and other issues at our July branch supplier found to make, deliver, and
Driver Only Operaion (DOO) dispute mee/ng. install the new seats.
ongoing on many train companies. The
At least drivers will have a
AGM took decisions to strengthen our Centre Group News
comfortable step-back room at
fight against DOO.
Elephant to use in the meanime.
The Bakerloo Line branch submited Your reps on the Centre Group
Oh, wait...
three policy moions to the AGM. One sta/ons are campaigning on a
called on the union to be fully involved number of issues, including resis/ng
in the demonstraions against the visit what RMT believes to be an unsafe
of US President Trump on 13 July; unofficial “li duty” at Edgware Bakerloo News is a monthly
another commited the union to Road. newsletter from the Bakerloo
supporing public ownership of the Reps are also working with branch of the RMT union.
banks; another moion aimed to give members to improve work/life To submit a story for Bakerloo
the tutors delivering courses at our balance in the MYB rosters, and News, or to contact the branch,
educaion centre in Doncaster and pushing management to provide sot please email
around the country the ability to meet seaing in staff accomodaion areas
jimmcdaid36@gmail.com, or ring
to discuss curricula and teaching at staions.
Branch Secretary Jim McDaid on
methods. All Bakerloo Line moions
07917 131692