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The Anteater Express can transport you to and from most UCI housing The OC Bus is a great way to get around Irvine. The cost of taking the bus is
communities, including Park West , Villa Siena, and Toscana. The Park $2.00 per ride, $5.00 per day, or $69 for the whole month. These single
West shuttle is only available during the academic school year, NOT ride or day fares can be purchased when boarding the bus or on the OC
summer, and it is NOT free. Single rides can be purchased with cash on Mobile ticketing app. To purchase a monthly bus pass, please visit the Park-
the shuttle and quarterly shuttle passes can be purchased at the Cashier’s ing and Transportation Office.
Window. Stay up to date on bus locations and schedules:
 Text OCTAGO (628246) with the key word, “bus” along
For more information on Shuttle schedules, with your stop and route number.
routes, and prices, please visit  Transit App: or visit the Student Buy your ticket and use your phone as your pass:
Life & Activities Office.
 Search OC Bus Mobile Ticketing in the app store

Parking in the structures on campus costs $2 per hour, $10 per day, $40 Waze Carpool is a new carpool matching service that is dedicated to
per week, or $70 per month. reducing the number of vehicles trips on the road.
Preferred zone commuter rates cost $14 per day, $49 per week, or $89
 Download the app on iOS or Android
per month.
 For more information, please visit
Parking permits are available in the Parking and Transportation Office.
Students should park in either Social Science Parking Structure (SSPS),
Anteater Parking Structure (APS), or Lot 1. Students are NOT allowed to
park in Parking Lot 19A (the Student Health Center lot) or Parking Lot
17A (the lot next to DCE 1).

Bikes can be purchased at many stores including Target and Taxi services will pick you up and drop off at
Walmart, or at UCI’s monthly reCycle Bike Fair held on the last any location you choose. These services are
Wednesday of every month. easier to use but can be more expensive than
*They can also be rented from the public transportation.
RexIrvine Apartment Vendor.
Uber: Lyft:
*To prevent theft and make it easier to find your bike if lost or sto-
len, register your bike online using the link below : TRAINS
You will need to bring your bike to the UCI police There are two main trains you can take in California. You can find a
department to complete your registration. complete list of routes, schedules, directions, pricing, and more
information online: AMTRAK:
*Also, please note that you cannot ride your bike on UCI’s Ring
Road Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
*Search Metrolink or Amtrak in the app
For your safety, please read the bike laws at the link below:
store to get the free app to purchase
tickets online

If you are interested in using a car, we suggest you consider a car rental. We recommend the companies listed
below because they accept international driver’s as well as rent cars to people under 25 years old.
Please visit the Student Life & Activities Office for more help and information on rental cars.

Stop then Go Rent-A-Car Zipcar
Website: Zipcar allows you to use a car for as little as 1 hour and up to 7 days. Zipcar is great to
Call at: (949) 222-0100 use for shopping trips, going out with friends, and even road trips. Zipcar does not
have an application fee if registering as a UCI student, and costs $9.50 per hour to
AM-PM Rent-A-Car use the car when you need it. There are several Zipcars located on the UCI campus.
There are also a variety of plans to choose to fit your needs.
Website: You will need to apply for a membership online at
Phone: (800)220-4310
Park West Villa Sienna
Other Housing
Use the W Line to get to and from
UCI. It operates Monday-Thursday: Villa Sienna is 3.9 miles from UCI.
We recommend either driving or
7am-10:15pm and Friday: 7am-
biking. It is an 11 minute drive or a
6:45pm. 17 minute bike ride. The UCI Shuttles serve only the
UCI Shuttle It is $3 for a one-way trip, $36 for 18 The W Line is also available for Park West Apartments, Villa Sienna
rides, and $100 for a quarterly Villa Sienna (stops on Carlson Ave) and the UCI Housing Communities.
unlimited ride pass.
*This will not be operating in the
*This will not be operating in the summer.

Use either bus #79 OR #167. Get on Use Use
Overview/ to figure out the best bus
at the Campus-East Peltason stop Overview/ to figure out the best
route to and from your apartment as
and get off at the bus route to and from your
OC Bus (City Bus) the routes and bus numbers vary
Culver-Michelson Stop, then walk homestay. Visit the Student Life &
throughout the day. Visit the Student
across the street to Park West. Life & Activities Office for help. Activities Office for help. See
See reverse side for pricing. See reverse side for pricing. reverse side for pricing.

Park West is 2.4 miles from UCI. Use Use to figure out
Villa Sienna is 3.9 miles from UCI. to find the best the best route to get to and from
We recommend either driving or
Bicycle or Car route to get to school. It should take your homestay. Visit the
biking It is an 11minute drive or a
about 13 minutes by bike, or 10 Student Life & Activities
17 minute bike ride.
minutes by car. Office for help.

Parking &

Student Life OC Bus stop
& Activities
UCI Shuttle stop
Building CE 1 OC Bus AND UCI
Shuttle Stop