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Corporate Social Responsibility Project

AIESEC in Oman

Partnership proposal

For more information please contact;

Walaa Hamdan
National Project Coordinator
Mobile: +968 952 03 607
AIESEC in Oman obtained a grant for a project based on exchange devoted to
establish the network around corporate social responsibility in the country and
educate youth about CSR by sending Omani students abroad for CSR internships and
receiving foreign students in Oman.
We are looking to sign on partners for
this project - countries which see the
value in partnering on a CSR project that
will boost the quality exchange
experiences we are providing. These
countries would have CSR internships
available for Omani students and
students who would go on internships in

Project Background

Several companies in Oman have begun CSR initiatives, through providing donations or building
programs for company employees to volunteer in the community. However, these programs are
not very large in scope or impact, as they are often singular activities that are not incorporated into
the company’s operations. Furthermore, the company programs do not typically connect different
key players in society, such as NGOs or students that are similarly passionate about contributing to
society. Because of the existing interest of individuals to develop CSR in Oman, current CSR
initiatives could be enhanced to have a greater positive impact, through learning more about best-
case practices implemented in other countries and designing guidelines for CSR in Oman. This
project would foster partnerships between different key players in society (companies, NGOs, and
student leaders) to scale up the impact of CSR initiatives and engage tomorrow’s talent today
around socially responsible causes. Furthermore, this project would enhance the sophistication of
CSR strategies by bringing perspectives from different sectors of Omani society as well as
international expertise together, all to boost the impact of CSR initiatives.

Interns taking part in this project will have the chance to feel their impact directly through the work
they do in developing CSR practices, implementing best case practices from other countries, or
developing the NGOs in the country and it is promised to be a very satisfying experience.
Project objectives: AIESEC in Oman
• A manual of CSR policy guidelines for Oman will be Established in 2007
created through the activities and research of 50 members
students participating in the project; 36 internships realized
• 20 outgoing exchanges realized; since 2007
• 10 incoming exchanges realized; 3 LCs
• CSR Symposium in April 2011; 8 universities
• A minimum of 10 NGOs will have built their capacity 2 national partners
in one of the relevant areas of their operations;
• There will be 5 CSR partnerships established
between companies, NGOs, students and AIESEC.

Delivery Timeline
AIESEC Oman Partner Countries
August ‘10 Planning Signing Partnership Agreements
Selection of Project team Planning exchanges and realizations
Signing on Country Partnerships

Sep. ’10 – Nov. ‘10 Recruitment and preparation of EPs Recruitment and preparation of EPs
TN Raising TN Raising
Receiving incoming CEEDers Sending CEEDers to Oman
Nov. ’10 – Dec. ‘10 Finalizing Matches
Interns start internships in their respective countries
April ‘11 CSR Symposium Interns taking part in Symposium
Possibility of having delegates from partner
countries attend

CY Partnership opportunities:
1. To be a provider of the CSR TNs for Omani EPs

2. Become provider of the CSR EPs for Omani TNs

(Nov ‘10-March’11) – Only for MENA Countries

3. Send a CEEDer to Oman in September – October 2010

(Only if you are taking part in 1-2 points as well)
Examples of internships:
 Working in existing CSR
department of a company to run
CSR projects;
 Establishing CSR department in
the company;
 Working in an NGO to build its
capacity and establish relations
with corporate sector.

Partnership Benefits

1. Taking part in the first project to be

run in AIESEC Oman; a country that
has shown exponential growth over
the past 3 years.

2. Interns in Oman will have a chance

to directly feel the impact they will
have on society because CSR in
Oman is such a new area and there
is much to be done.

3. Partners will have priority in CSR

symposium in regards to having
delegates present, and possibly
showcasing their own achievements.

At IC 2010 a representative from AIESEC Oman will meet with the
responsible from your country to finalize timeline and agree on
exchange numbers and backgrounds.