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PLEASE NOTE: There may be private holdings within and adjoining the
boundaries of public lands. IN A WORKING
Please respect all landowner restrictions.
Public use of private land is a privilege, not a right. LANDSCAPE
Conscientious operation, careful planning,
and safe use will help protect riding areas
and may lead to the opening of some areas
that are currently closed to ATV operation



MUD SEASON i Respect Private Property
Don’t ruin it for yourself or others i Ride Responsibly
i Stay Safe
For further information contact:
ATV PROGRAM i Use Common Sense!
Bureau of Parks & Lands
Tel: (207) 287-2751 Riding on private property
You can visit us at: in Maine is a privilege
SUPPORT not a right.
BUREAU OF PARKS AND LANDS Our rural economy & lifestyle
ATV CLUB depends on respect for
22 STATE HOUSE STATION Published under Appropriation 8340-83 private property.
(207) 287-4958 May 2010
i If private landowners suffer damage
from irresponsible ATV use…
i If logging operations are
inconvenienced or hindered by
This is not a Trail Riding map. careless ATV riders in their way…
i If blueberry or potato fields and other
It is designed to show you where ATV crops are damaged by reckless ATV
Clubs and ATV Trail systems are located. i If tree farms, planted seedlings, or
natural regeneration is damaged…
i If ATVs trespass on closed trails or
Detailed Local or Regional Riding Maps roads…then
are available through local ATV Clubs.
Contact them for current Information. WE WILL LOSE
Please be aware that the trails may OUR PRIVILEGE
change at any time due to wood TO RIDE.
harvesting or other landowner activities.

A Special Thanks to all

Cooperating Landowners
without you these trails
would not exist!

every day is
Fire Prevention Day

Ride Responsibly
i Stay on marked trails!

i Not all gravel roads are open for use.

i Not all ATV trails are open to Off Road

motorcycles or side by side units. Check First!

i Always use a bridge when crossing rivers, brooks

or streams.

i Don’t spin near rivers, wetlands, and lakes.

i Keep your noise level down.

i Don’t disturb or chase after wildlife.

i Respect seasonal closures.

i Share the trails with other trail users - slow down,

be courteous and wave.

i Carry in, Carry out!

i Don’t damage the land.

Stay Safe
i Wear a helmet and eye protection!

i Slow down and drive safely for the conditions.

i Medical help is not always easily available.

i A cell phone may help you call for help, but it will
not make help arrive quickly.

i Staying on the trail will help you avoid an accident.

i Help keep trails safe! Clear hazards such as

downed trees. Report anything you cannot fix to
the local ATV club.

i Logging trucks drive fast down the middle of the

road so stay out of their way.



Statewide ATV Association 23 Knowles Corner ATV Club 47 Sandy River Riders Penobscot County Sagadahoc County
Oakfield, Maine Strong, Maine 118 Thorndike Trail Blazers
70 Airline ATV Riders 95 Outdoor Explorers Thorndike, Maine
24 Madawaska Valley Atventure * 48 Temple Trail Riders Eddington, Maine Bowdoin, Maine Madawaska, Maine Temple, Maine 119 Troy ATV Club
96 Over the Hill ATV Riders Troy, Maine
25 Mapleton ATV Club 49 Webb River Valley ATV Club 71 Bull Hill Trail Riders West Bath, Maine
Mapleton, Maine Carthage, Maine Charleston, Maine 120 Winterport Wilderness ATV Club
Androscoggin County
97 Topsham Trailriders Winterport, Maine
50 Western Maine ATV Club 72 Central Maine Trail Blazers Topsham, Maine
26 Northern Ridge Runners * Wilton, Maine
1 Androscoggin Trail Venturers Corinna, Maine
St. Francis, Maine
Greene, Maine 98 Winnegance Wheelers
73 Downeast Lakes Region ATV Phippsburg, Maine Washington County
2 Brettons Wheelers ATV Club
27 Portage Lakers ATV Club * Hancock County Springfield, Maine
Portage Lake, Maine 99 Woolwich Wheelers
Livermore, Maine
51 Acadia Area ATV’ers 74 Dwinal Pond 4 Seasons Club Woolwich, Maine
3 Maineiacs ATV Club 28 Roosevelt Riders Ellsworth, Maine Winn, Maine 121 Breakneck Mountain ATV
Minot, Maine T16 R6 Wells, Maine Alexander, Maine
52 Airline Snackbar ATvers 75 Endless Season Riders
4 Pine Tree Trail Riders 29 Sinclair ATV Club * Beddington, Maine Plymouth, Maine Somerset County 122 Dennysville ATV Club
Auburn, Maine Sinclair, Maine Dennysville, Me
53 Schoodic ATV Club 76 Exeter Explorers
Exeter, Maine 123 Down East Trailriders
5 Riverside Trail Riders 30 Sly Brook Trail Blazers * Gouldsboro, Maine 100 Athens Valley Riders
Lisbon, Maine East Machias, Maine
New Canada, Maine 77 High Cut Trail Monkeys Athens, Maine
Garland, Maine 124 East Stream ATV Riders
6 Turner Timberland ATV Club 31 St. Agatha ATV Club * Kennebec County 101 Big Indian ATV Riders
Turner, Maine Cutler, Maine
St. Agatha, Maine 78 Lagrange Rail Road Riders Skowhegan, Maine
Lagrange, Maine 125 Grand Lakers ATV Club
32 Star City ATV Club 102 Border Riders Sportsman Club
Aroostook County 54 All Seasons Trail Riders Danforth, Maine
Presque Isle, Maine 79 Northern Timber Cruisers Jackman, Maine
Chelsea, Maine
Millinocket, Maine 103 Cambridge Cruisers ATV Club 126 Grand Lake Stream ATV Club
33 Valley ATV Riders * Grand lake Stream, Maine
Allagash ATV Riders * 55 China Four Seasons Club Cambridge, Maine
Fort Kent Mills, Maine China, Maine
80 Penobscot ATV Ridge Riders
7 Allagash, Maine Bradford, Maine 104 Central Maine ATV Club 127 Narraguagus ATV Club
34 Van Buren Pine Runners * 56 Messalonskee Trailriders Fairfield, Maine Cherryfield, Maine
8 Aroostook Riders ATV Club * Van Buren, Maine Oakland, Maine 81 Penobscot County Country Riders
Houlton, Maine Corinth, Maine 128 Ridge Riders Trail Club
105 Coburn Mountain Riders
35 Washburn Beavers ATV Club 57 Mountain View ATV Club Machias, Maine
82 Penobscot Off Road Riders Upper Enchanted, Maine
9 Aroostook Valley ATV Club * Washburn, Maine Mt. Vernon, Maine
Woodland, Maine Lincoln, Maine 129 Robbinston Bushwackers
106 Forks Area Rec. Club Robbinston, Maine
Participating Club * 58 West G ATV Club
10 Ashland ATV Club 83 Rocky Mountain Trail Riders West Forks, Maine
W. Gardiner, Maine
Ashland, Maine Cumberland County Greenfield TWP, Maine 130 St. Croix Trail Riders ATV
107 Lake Moxie ATV Riders Baileyville, Maine
84 Seboeis Stream ATV Club The Forks, Maine
11 Big 13 ATV Club
Mars Hill, Maine 36 ATVenture Trail jockeys Howland, Maine 131 Tomah Country Trail Riders
Oxford County 108 Mercer Bog ATV Club Waite, Maine
Windham, Maine Mercer, Maine
12 Borderline ATV Club *
Caswell, Maine 109 Moose Alley ATV Club
37 GNG ATV Club Piscataquis County Bingham, Maine
Gray, Maine 59 Black Mountain ATV Club York County
13 Caribou ATV Club * Sumner, Maine
Caribou, Maine 110 Norridgewock Sportsmen Assoc.
38 Lakes Region ATV Club
85 Abbot Explorers ATV Club Norridgewock, Maine
Bridgton, Maine 60 Canton Trail Riders ATV Club 132 Buxton Trailblazers
14 Chapman Ridge Runners Abbot, Maine
Canton, Maine Pittston Farm Club Buxton, Maine
Chapman, Maine 39 North Yarmouth ATV Riders 86 Bodfish ATV Riders 111 Pittston Academy Grant, Maine
N. Yarmouth 61 Oxford Hills Trail Blazers 133 Hollis Freewheelers
Elliottsville, Maine
15 Eagle Lake Trailblazers * Norway, Maine 112 Rockwood Blue Ridge Riders Hollis, Maine
Eagle Lake, Maine 40 Pequawket Trail ATV Club Rockwood, Maine
87 Dover Rovers ATV Club
Baldwin, Maine 62 Oxford Trail Ryders
Dover Foxcroft, Maine 134 Land Share Riders
16 Easton ATV Club Oxford, Maine 113 Somerset Ridgerunners
41 Standish-Gorham ATV Club Parsonfield, Maine
Easton, Maine 88 K.I. Riders Hartland, Maine
Gorham, Maine 63 Peru ATV Riders
Brownville Jct. Maine
17 Fort Frontier ATV Club Peru, Maine Starks Trail Riders 135 Limington Wheelers ATV Club
Fort Fairfield, Maine 89 Last Frontier Riders 114 Starks, Maine Limington, Maine
64 Pulpit Rock Trailblazers Bowerbank, Maine
18 Frenchville ATV Riders * Franklin County Waterford, Maine 136 Massabesic ATV Club
Frenchville, Maine 90 Moosehead ATV Riders Lyman, Maine
65 River Valley Riders ATV Club
42 Camp-2 Trail Riders Dixfield, Maine Greenville Jct. Maine Waldo County
19 Grand Isle ATV Club * Sandy River Plt, Maine
137 Ossippee Mountain ATVers
Grand Isle, Maine 91 Narrow Gauge Riders Waterboro, Maine
66 Roxbury ATV Riders
43 Flagstaff Area ATV Club Roxbury, Maine Monson, Maine 115 Friends & Neighbors ATV Club
20 Haynesville Woods Trail Riders Stratton, Maine 138 Southern Maine ATV Club
Liberty, Maine
Haynesville, Maine 67 The X-tra Mile 92 Northern Lights ATV Club Berwick, Maine
44 Kingfield Quad Runners South Paris, Maine Kokadjo, Maine 116 Jackson Wheel N Ski Club
21 Island Falls Free-Wheelers * Kingfield, Maine 139 Square Pond ATV Club
Jackson, Maine Shapleigh, Maine
Island Falls, Maine 68 Trap Corner Ridge Riders 93 Parkman Prowlers
45 Mt. Abram Trail Riders W. Paris Parkman, Maine 117 Mid Coast ATV Club
Katahdin Valley Wheelers Salem TWP, Maine
Searsmont, Maine
22 Sherman, Maine 69 Woodstock ATV Riders 94 Wellington Wheelers
46 Narrow Gauge Riders Wellington, Maine
East Milton, Maine
Phillips, Maine

Commonly asked questions on

ATV Use in Maine

Landowner Permission Information Law Clarification Trail Information

1. Do you need landowner permission to ride an ATV? Yes 1. Are Off-Road motorcycles considered ATV? Yes, under Maine Law they are considered an 1. How much of my ATV registration goes to clubs and trails? Approximately 50% goes to the
ATV and must be registered as one in order to ride off your own land. ATV recreational management fund for club and trail development.
2. Do I need to carry written permission for every trail? No
2. Is it true that I can lose my hunting, trapping, guiding, and fishing licenses for certain ATV 2. Are there any trails open to ride? Yes, Maine has 6000 miles of designated ATV trails with the
3. Does any landowner permission have to be in writing? violations? Yes in addition to paying a fine you can lose your licenses depending on the offense. longest interconnected ATV trail system in the country and the
Yes, if you are on cropland, pastureland or an orchard and number of clubs and miles of trail continue to grow.
are not on a designated ATV trail. 3. Who should landowner’s call if they have a problem with an ATV on their property? For issues in
progress, call the nearest local law enforcement agency. For an ongoing problem contact the 3. Are there official opening and closing dates for trails? No, but
4. Do I need permission if I am on a trail? Landowner Relations Director at 287-8091. the law does provide for a mud season closure. Actual closure
Not, if you are on a designated (signed) ATV trail dates will vary across the state based on local conditions.
4. My ATV is registered in another state, so do I have to register it in Maine? Yes, all ATVs are Landowner or clubs have the right to close trails at anytime
5. Can a landowner have an open land policy? Yes, any required to be registered in Maine to be operated here. due to trail conditions.
landowner, including farmer, can have an open land
policy. 5. Are you allowed to ride an ATV on a road right-of-way? You can 4. How can I find out where it is OK to ride? The easiest way is
travel up to 500 yards on the extreme right for the purpose of to join a local club. There is a list of the ATV clubs on this
6. Where can I ride my ATV? On designated ATV trails, land open by landowner policy or where crossing as directly as possible a public way, bridge, overpass, map. You can contact the Department of Conservation ATV
you have landowner permission. underpass, sidewalk or culvert. You can travel further only if it is Program at 207-287-2751 for a club contact phone number or E-Mail address or you can visit
an authorized ATV Access Route.
7. If I have ridden somewhere all my life, do I still need to get permission? Yes, unless it is already
a designated ATV trail or the landowner has an open land policy. 6. What guidelines apply to ATV access routes on public roads? 5. Do I have to belong to a club to ride? No, but we encourage it because the clubs are taking the
They have to be authorized by the “appropriate governmental lead obtaining permission and maintaining the trails, creating good will by addressing
8. Who enforces the landowner permission requirement? Generally law enforcement agencies but unit” which means the Department of Transportation, County landowner problems, and they need your support.
the law requires persons operating ATV’s on the land of another to stop and identify themselves Commissioners or Municipal Officers within their respective
upon request of the landowner or the landowners duly authorized representative. jurisdictions. Routes will be conspicuously posted at regular 6. Can joining a club potentially give me more access? Yes, Clubs are the backbone to the sport.
intervals for travel on the extreme right. They are obtaining permission and building trails and they know what is open and what isn’t.
9. If I am stopped and asked about permission, how do I prove I have verbal permission? Give them
the landowner’s name that gave you permission to ride. 7. Can I register my jeep, dune buggy or pickup as an ATV? No 7. Can I ride on state owned land? Yes, you can ride on signed
shared use roads or designated ATV trails. There are many
10. How can I tell if a trail is a designated ATV trail? 8. Do the ATV Laws apply to my dual sport motorcycle? Yes, when used off road. locations and properties where this is allowed. Check with
It will have either the Trail ID or the Trail Blazer, which are the local Fish & Wildlife or Parks & Lands staff for current
green and white ATV signs with the ATV symbol. 9. Is a tree farm considered cropland? No, However; damaging trees in a nursery or tree farm is information or contact the ATV Program.
See signing guidelines at considered abuse of property and carries the same penalties in law. 8. Are there any park and ride locations for ATV’s? Yes, most
10. Are landowners liable if they allow ATV use on their property? No, Maine’s Recreational clubs have locations to unload and access their trail systems.
11. Have all the large landowners closed their property to Liability Law protects them except for a willful or malicious failure to guard or warn against a Contact a local club for current information.
ATV’s? No, many landowners are authorizing ATV use dangerous condition; or if they charge a fee for exclusive use. The ATV Program also provides
through clubs on designated trails. liability insurance to protect the landowner who authorizes a designated ATV trail. 9. Is there a list of authorized ATV Access Routes? No, the
ATV Access Routes are generally authorized in conjunction
12. What is the fine for riding on land without permission? Up 11. Are helmets required? Yes, everyone under 18 including passengers but we encourage with a local club trail system. Generally only a portion of road is open. Check with the local club
to $500 plus the potential loss of licenses and registrations everyone to wear them. Safety First. and obey the posted signs.
issued by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
12. Can we ride along active railroad tracks? No. Any use except for crossing at approved
13. Can I ride on power lines and pipelines? They are privately owned and you must have locations is prohibited.
landowner permission unless it is a designated (signed) ATV trail.
13. Can I ride my ATV on the snowmobile trail? No, unless it is also a designated ATV trail or you
have landowner permission.