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Nombre: Brayhan

Apellidos: Santos Almonte

Carrera: Psicología Educativa

Matricula: 16-9810

Facilitador(a): Teófilo Antonio Álvarez

Asignatura: inglés 3

Instituto: Universidad Abierta Para Adultos (UAPA)
Luego realiza los siguientes ejercicios en tu libro "Stand out 1
Grammar Challenge " (libro de ejercicios páginas blanco y negro) y
envíalos en un archivo de Word con hoja de presentación.

Exercise D. Page 3
Write am, is, or are.
1. She __is__ from San Diego.
2. We __are__ 35 years old.
3. They __are__ from Chicago.
4. I __am__ divorced.
5. You __are__ married.
6. He __is___ 12 years old.
7. John _is__ from Honduras.
8. Pedro and Maria __are___ married.
9. Jennifer and I __are_ from U.S.
10. Anabel __is__ divorced.
11. The students __are__ from Cuba.
12. The teacher _is_ from Cuba.

Exercise D. Page 5
Bubble in the correct answers.
1. John __is__ 6’ tall.
2. They _have__ brown hair.
3. Margarita and Jan _have__ brown eyes.
4. You _have__ 120 pounds.
5. We __have_ blue eyes and blond hair.
6. I _am__ 25 years old.
7. She __is__ 5’5 tall.
8. I _have__ brown hair.
9. He __has__ black hair.
10. We _are__ 32 years old.
Exercise E. Page 5
Circle the correct answers.
1. Alfredo has / have blue eyes.
2. Pauline has / have brown hair.
3. We has / have brown hair.
4. Pauline and Alfredo has / have brown hair.
5. You has / have blond hair.
6. I has / have black hair.
7. She am / is / are from Mexico.
8. The teacher am / is / is tall.
9. We am / is / are from Nicaragua.
10. You am / is / are 42 years old.
11. They am / is / are 5’2 tall.
12. I am / is / are 24 years old.

Exercise E. Page 7
Complete the sentences with have or has.
1. Kenji ____has__ two brothers.
2. Tooru __has__ one brother.
3. Yuuki _has_ one aunt.
4. Takuya and Ayumi __have__ three grandchildren.
5. Ikumi, Yukki and Tooru _have_ three aunts and uncles.
6. We _have__ four children.
Exercise D. Page 9
Circle the correct verb.
1. Amal like / likes computers 7. I like / likes movies.
2. They like / likes restaurants. 8. We like / likes sports.
3. We like / likes school. 9. Eva like / likes restaurants.
4. Maria en Alvin like / likes parks. 10. He like / likes music.
5. I like / likes books.
11. They like / likes TV.
6. You like / likes the teacher.
12. She like / likes school
Exercise D. Page 11
Rewrite the sentences with from and to.
1. Jerome reads.
from 7:00 to 8:00.

2. Bihn practices English.
Bihn practices English from 5:00 to 7:00.
3. Alberto writes in a journal.
Alberto writes in a journal from 9:30 from 10:00.
4. Marie listens to the radio.
Marie listens to the radio from 12:00 to 3:00.
5. Hugo watches TV.
Hugo watches TV. From 8:30 to 10:00.
6. Tien reads a newspaper.
Tien reads a newspaper from 7:00 to 8:30.

Exercise D. Page 13
Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives.
1. My name is Roberto. I have a beautiful family.
2. I have two children. Their children are happy.
3. My son is 17 years old. My name is Juan.
4. My daughter is 15 years old. My name is Carla.
5. Juan and Carla both have brown hair. Their eyes are also
6. My wife Silvia has brown eyes, too. Her hair is black.
7. I am 45 years old. My hair is black, and my eyes are brown.
8. We all watch TV in the evenings. Are family is very happy.
Exercise D. Page 15
Rewrite the sentences with possessive proper nouns.
1. John has a book. It is new.
John´s book is new.
2. Antonio has a sister. She is 24 years old.
Antonio´s sister is 24 years old.
3. Rosalba has a pencil. It is yellow.
Rosalba pencil´s yellow.
4. Darlene has a friend. She is from Peru.
Darlene´s friend is from Peru.
5. Lidia has a sister. She has red hair.
Lidia sister´s has red hair.
6. Armand has an uncle. He has blue eyes.
Armand´s uncle has blue eyes.