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C H A P T E R *8


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sissoo and th e ir relation sh ip s with, bioc: e::iea l
changes. Ind. J .lla r.t Ih y o io l. 12, ; 1!3L*-1Co.

— — - (1970): Seasonal chan ;ec in -he ro o tin g response

o f stem cuttings o f Br/onhvllnn ta b lflo ra n end
th e ir rela tion sh ip s with biochemical chances.
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sucrose feeding on root format ion in. s o ft
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o f Inooea cSCBfiS. Irod.Iad.byapo,. -o rti.
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^ the ro o tin g responses o f c ertain stem cuttings,
a ft e r a p p lic atio n o f hormone so lu tio n .
(accepted fo r p u b lication in Proc. H .A .S c .,)

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mmtm 9

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p h o to p e r io d , a u x in s and g i b b e r e l l i c a c id on
r o o tin g of stem c u ttin g s o f B r .v o p h y llu m
tu b iflo r u m . P h y s io l. P la n t. 20 ; 1 0 9 6 -1 1 0 2

:Ta n d a , K .K . ; P u r o h it, A .IT . ; B a la , A and Tandon R . (1 9 6 7 )*

L le c h a n is m o f a u x in a c t i o n in r o o tin g of
c u ttin g s . P roc. In te r . S y m p .(P la n t 'r o w t h
S u b s ta n c e s ) - C a lc u tta U n iv e r s ity ;2 0 1 -2 0 9 .

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S eason al r o o t in g resp o n se of s te m c u t tin g s
of som e f o r e s t tre e s p e c ie s to a u x in s . In d .

F o r 24; » 1 5 4 -1 6 2 .

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a u x in s and l i g h t on r o o t i n g o f s te m c u t tin - s

jE o s u lu a ni&La* S a liz i e l E a a s s E L a , ia a m a a
H f l t t t lf lf if l and I j i b l a g a e n o lo d u a in r e la tio n
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P o -p u lu s n i g r a an d it s r e la tio n s h ip s w ith
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9 9 -1 0 7 .

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a d v e n t itio u s r o o t s on stem c u ttin g s of Ppom ea

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m ow ing and dormant le a f y c u ttin g s in r e l a t i o n
t o endogenous hormone l e v e l and photo p e rio d .
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th e tim e i t i s taken u n t i l the tim e i t i s r o o te d .
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cause i n i t i a t i o n o f r o o t s and oth er responses
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