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NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION COMMISSION DE LA CAPITALE NATIONALE Office ofthe Chief Executive Offer ‘Bureeu du premier dirgeant June 15, 2018) Mr. Lindsay Lambert Re: Development of Chauaiére, Vietoria and Albert Islands Dear Mr. Lambert ‘Thank you for your subsequent email regarding the proposed Zibi development on ‘Chaudidre and Albert Islands |Leommend you onthe extensive research you have done on the ownership ofthe CChaudiéve and Albeit stands and Fading doeurrenation gong back Wo 1853, However, the Commission cannot comment onthe sale of private lands that happened prior tothe institution ofthe National Capital Commission (NCC), {As stated in my previous letter, the NCC attempted to acquire the lands on Chaudiére tnd Albert Islands following thei designation as National Interest Land Mass in 1988, but was unable to secure the funds. "Now that the sale ofthe private lands on Albert and Chauaire Islands has been finalized, there are no futher actions thatthe Commission can undertake with regards to the transaction with the Windmill Group. Sincerely, Ly Dr. Mark Kristmanson Chief Executive Officer ‘26s Shelagh Murphy, Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Economic Developmen, INAC ‘Andy Smith Associate Assist Depaty Minster, Real Pope, PSPC -stlgnsee on am IPI) |_ AD pic, On Camda IPT eccengtes | conneegect Canada