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Material Product Data Sheet

Cobalt Chromium (Nickel) Tungsten Carbon Alloy Powders

Thermal Spray Powder Products: Quick Facts

Amdry™ MM509, Amdry X40, Metco™ 45C-NS,
Classification Alloy, cobalt-based
Metco 45VF-NS, Diamalloy 4060NS
Chemistry CoCr[Ni]WC
(similar to Stellite)
1 Introduction
Manufacture Gas atomized
Oerlikon Metco’s family of CoCr[Ni]WC alloy powders pro-
duce dense, well-bonded coatings that resist oxidation and Morphology Spheroidal
high temperature wear. Service temperature ≤ 840 °C (1550 °F)
Purpose Wear and oxidation resistance on co-
The addition of tungsten and carbon produces tungsten balt-based substrates
­carbide within the coating to increase hardness and improve Process HVOF, Atmospheric Plasma Spray or
wear properties. ­Combustion Powder Thermospray™

In addition to providing various wear-resistant functions,

the coatings are also recommended for salvage and build-up

These materials are manufactured by inert gas atomization,

ensuring homogeneous chemistry and freely flowing spheroi-
dal powder particles that feed well.

1.1 Typical Uses and Applications

nn High temperature coatings to resist abrasive grains, hard
surfaces, fretting and particle erosion for fuel rod mandrels,
forging tools, pump components, hot crushing rolls,
­turbine air seals, turbine vanes, exhaust valves and seats.
nn Surface restoration of worn or damaged gas turbine
components such as airfoils, combustors, blades
and vanes.
nn Gas turbine hot section applications such as
combustion liners.
nn Salvage and build-up applications on cobalt and
­cobalt-based alloy substrates.

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco 1
2 Material Information

2.1 Chemical Composition

Product Nominal Chemical Composition (wt. %)

Co Cr Ni W C Si Ta Ti Zr
Amdry MM509 Balance 23.4 10.0 7.0 0.60 --- 3.5 0.23 0.45
Amdry X40 Balance 25.5 10.5 7.5 0.50 --- --- --- ---
Metco 45C-NS Balance 25.5 10.5 7.5 0.50 --- --- --- ---
Metco 45VF-NS Balance 25.5 10.5 7.5 0.50 --- --- --- ---
Diamalloy 4060NS Balance 28.5 --- 4.5 1.08 1.6 --- --- ---

2.2 Particle Size Distribution, Manufacturing Method and Comparison to Similar Alloys

Product Nominal Range (µm) Manufacturing Method Chemistry Similar To:

Amdry MM509 –45 +5 Gas Atomized Mar M 509
Amdry X40 –106 +37 Gas Atomized Stellite 31
Metco 45C-NS –75 +45 Gas Atomized Stellite 31
Metco 45VF-NS –45 +5 Gas Atomized Stellite 31
Diamalloy 4060NS –45 +11 Gas Atomized Stellite 6

Microtrac by laser light diffraction per ASTM C 1070; screen analysis per ASTM Standard B214

2.3 Recommended Thermal Spray Processes

Product HVOF Atmospheric Plasma Spray Combustion Powder Thermospray™

Amdry MM509 ✘ ✔ ✘
Amdry X40 ✘ ✔ ✘
Metco 45C-NS ✘ ✔ ✔
Metco 45VF-NS ✘ ✔ ✘
Diamalloy 4060NS ✔ ✔ ✔

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco 2
2.4 Key Selection Criteria 2.5 Related Products
nn Always choose the product that meets the required cus- nn When coating application by electric arc wire spray is de-
tomer material and process specifications. sired, Metco 8100 [Co 32Cr 13W 2.5C 2.5Fe 2.5Ni) is a
nn Amdry MM509 is similar to Mar M 509 casting alloy that cored wire that can be used to produce coatings where
contains carbide-forming elements. Amdry MM509 is wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance is required at
best applied using atmospheric plasma spray and is pri- temperatures up to 900 °C (1650 °F).
marily used for surface restoration of worn or damaged nn The CoMoCrSi alloys (Triballoy family) are particularly suit-
gas turbine parts such as airfoils, combustors, blades able where lubrication is low or nonexistent. They are
and vanes. know for their excellent high temperature sliding wear,
nn Amdry X40, Metco 45C-NS and Metco 45VF-NS are sim- corrosion, oxidation and general wear properties. Charac-
ilar to Stellite 31 (Stellite X40) and are applied using atmo- terized by molybdenum-rich phases dispersed in a softer
spheric plasma spray. They have the same elemental cobalt matrix, coatings perform well in reducing environ-
composition, but are differentiated by their particle size ments such as hydrochloric, formic and sulfuric acids; ox-
and morphology. Coatings of these materials are resistant idizing environments, such as ferric chloride; non-oxidiz-
to wear by abrasive grains, hard surfaces, fretting and ing environments, such as phosphoric and acetic acid
particle erosion at high temperatures. They are also rec- and saltwater. Excellent sliding wear resistance is com-
ommended for salvage and build-up applications. The bined with good hot corrosion resistance and moderate
coatings are useful in gas turbine engines at high tem- oxidation resistance at temperatures up to approximately
peratures up to 850 °C (1550 °F), and for metal working 800 °C (1470 °F). Oerlikon Metco products include:
components which require a combination of mechanical
integrity and hot wear resistance. Product Similar To Recommended
nn Metco 45C-NS can be applied using atmospheric plasma Spray Process
spray or combustion powder spray. It differs from Metco HVOF APS a
45VF-NS in that it produces thicker coatings that are Diamalloy 3001NS Tribaloy 800 ✔ ✘
softer. The thickness limitation of Metco 45C-NS coatings
is 1.78 mm (0.070 in). Thicker coatings may require spe- Metco 68F-NS Tribaloy 800 ✘ ✔
cialized spray techniques. Diamalloy 3002NS Tribaloy 400 ✔ ✘
nn Metco 45F-NS is intended to be used for thin coatings, Metco 66F-NS Tribaloy 400 ✘ ✔
up to a maximum thickness of 0.4 mm (0.015 in). The
coatings produced are smoother and harder than coat- a APS: Atmospheric Plasma Spray
ings produced using Metco 45C-NS and Amdry X40.
nn Diamalloy 4060NS is used as a general restoration and
repair material when compatibility with Stellite 6 is desir-
able. It forms dense, wear-resistant and oxidation-resis-
tant coatings that may be used for turbine hot section ap-
plications such as combustion liners. Diamalloy 4060NS
is applied using HVOF.

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco 3
2.6 Customer Specifications

Product Name Customer Specifications

Amdry MM509 Chromalloy B-88
GE B50A988, Cl B
GE Part # 372A4430P001
Pratt & Whitney Component Repairs MS 1068
Pratt & Whitney PWA 1185-2
Amdry X40 Chromalloy BZ-003 Type 25
GE B50TF185, Cl A
Metco 45C-NS Canada Pratt & Whitney CPW 218
Chromalloy CP 6029
GKN Aerospace PM 819-18
MTU MTS 1228
Pratt & Whitney PWA 1318
Rolls-Royce OMA 3/81B
Rolls-Royce plc MSRR 9507/3
Rolls-Royce plc RRMS 40037
SAE International AMS 5791
Snecma DMR 33.007
Metco 45VF-NS Canada Pratt & Whitney CPW 236
CFM International CP 6002
GKN Aerospace PM 819-16
Honeywell M3963
MTU MTS 1346
Pratt & Whitney PWA 1316
Rolls-Royce plc MSRR 9507/23
Rolls-Royce plc RRMS 40043
Snecma DMR 33.008
U. S. Military MIL-P-83348, Composition C, Type 1, Class 1
Diamalloy 4060NS GE B50A960 *

* Meets the requirements of this specification, but not approved.

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco 4
3 Coating Information

3.1 Key Thermal Spray Coating Information

All data is approximate and will vary depending on spray process, coating equipment and parameters used.

Specification Metco 45C-NS Metco 45VF-NS Diamalloy 4060NS

Spray process a CP APS APS APS HVOF
Spray gun 5P-II or 6P-II 3MB 3MB 3MB DJ2600
Process gases oxygen/ argon/ nitrogen/ argon/ oxygen/
acetylene hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen
Deposit efficiency % 90 40 – 50 75 65 55
Macrohardness 61 HRA 59 HRA 68 HRA 78 HR15N 86 – 89 HR15N
Typical porosity vol. % <2 <2 <2 <1 <1
Density g/cm3 7.3 7.7 7.3 7.6 –
Surface roughness (Ra)
As sprayed µm 9 – 11 9 – 11 9 – 11 6–8 4–5
µin 350 – 450 350 – 450 350 – 450 250 – 350 150 – 200
Recommended finishing Machine using carbide tools or grind Green silicon carbide-diamond wheel with
­water-based rust inhibitor coolant.
Diamond lap for high luster
a APS = Atmospheric Plasma Spray, CP = Combustion Powder Thermospray™, HVOF = High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spray

3.2 Coating Parameters Recommended Spray Guns

Please contact your Oerlikon Metco Account Representative
Atmospheric HVOF Combustion
for parameter availability. For specific coating application Plasma Powder
­requirements, the services of Oerlikon Metco’s Coating
Metco 3MB series DiamondJet series Metco 5P-II
­Solution Centers are available.
SinplexPro WokaJet series Metco 6P-II series
Metco F4 series WokaStar series

4 Commercial Information

4.1 Ordering Information and Availability

Product Order No. Package Size Availability Distribution

Amdry MM509 1002099 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg) Stock Global
Amdry X40 1002391 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg) Special Order Global
Metco 45C-NS 1000081 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg) Stock Global
Metco 45VF-NS 1000083 5 lb (approx. 2.25 kg) Stock Global
Diamalloy 4060NS 1037003 10 lb (approx. 4.5 kg) Stock Global

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco 5
4.2 Handling Recommendations 4.3 Safety Recommendations
Store in the original container in a dry location. Carefully tum- See the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) in the localized version ap-
ble contents prior to use to prevent segregation, but avoid plicable to the country where the material will be used. SDS
breakdown of friable components. are available from the Oerlikon Metco web site at (Resources – Safety Data Sheets).
Open containers should be stored in a drying oven at tem-
peratures to prevent moisture pickup. Remove desiccant Product SDS
bag prior to use, if applicable. Amdry MM509 50-1023
Amdry X40 50-114
Metco 45C-NS 50-114
Metco 45VF-NS 50-114
Diamalloy 4060NS 50-505

Stellite and Tribaloy are registered trademarks of Deloro Stellite Holdings Corporation.

Information is subject to change without prior notice.

DSMTS-0074.6 – CoCr(Ni)WC Alloy Powders

© 2016 Oerlikon Metco info.metco@oerlikon.com6