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Holden Torque

July 2018
Established in 1972.
Proudly Affiliated with
Australian Early Holden Federation & Australian National
Street Machine Association.

Edition No543
Meetings 7:00pm 2nd Monday every month at Hexham Bowling
2017 - 2018 Committee

Presdent: Dave Guy 0408 680 709
Vice President and :
Newsletter Editor David Fulmer ( 0434 606 467
Treasurer: Kayleen Wiseman 49387501 0412 976 809
Secretary: Cathy Fulmer 0438 509 955
Public Officer: Stephen McLean 49673054 0411 505 575
Registrar: Ron Marshall 0409 100 215
2nd Registrar: Phil Ryan 0407 018 201
Events Co-ord: Gary Sims 49515824 0403 848 831
Merchandise: Phil & Linda Ryan 0407 018 201
Membership Coord. Sean McNamara 0412 366 209
Club Postal Address: PO BOX 4146 EDGEWORTH NSW 2285
Club Email:

Direct Deposit (Preferred Method for all payments)
Newcastle Permanent Building Soc Ltd
48-78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley
Description--Use your name BSB 650 000 Acc 984241703

From The Editor
Hello and welcome to the July 2018 edition of Holden Torque. The official publication
of the 48 to 78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley Inc. I would like to give a special mention to
Greg Smith for sharing his experiences of his latest deployment to the Middle East at last
month’s club meeting.
Please be aware if you are having trouble opening the Newsletter from your email,
you can also open it from the “Holden Torque” Facebook page or the Club Website
Please support our sponsors.
Enjoy Your Read
David Fulmer


Edition No543
To All Members with Vehicles on H or D plates,
The RMS now have a compliance squad going around checking vehicles for the correct
compliance for the registration that the vehicle is covered for. ie H or D plates. Two clubs in
the Sydney region have had their H & D plate privileges revoked and have been suspended
for quite a lengthy period of time.
In order to ensure our Club’s compliance with the laws now being enforced by the RMS, it is
necessary for one of the Club’s Registrars to inspect all vehicles registered through the Club
on an annual basis. Issue of historic and conditional plate registration to members will be
withheld until the vehicle is inspected and assessed for eligibility by a Club Registrar.
This inspection can occur at an event or at a meeting provided you arrange it with one of
the Registrars beforehand. Alternately you can arrange to have the inspection conducted at
one of the Registrar’s homes via a time and date appointment.
Proof of a minimum of Third Party Insurance must be provided.
Please do not blame the Registrars, they are simply doing as the Committee has ask of
them. It is not the Registrar’s or the Committee’s fault if you fail to meet the minimum
requirements under the Club’s Constitution or if you leave it too late and your vehicle
registration lapses.
Vehicles can be driven unregistered for the purposes of obtaining registration.
For new registrations and for those in any doubt about modifications it may be wise to have
the vehicle inspected by a Registrar prior to obtaining your Pick Slip. Just in case, you may
need to get a Blue Slip instead.
Plates are issued in the belief that the Members prime intended use is for Club Outings and
Events. The Committee retains the right to reconsider eligibility for issue or the removal of
Club plates should this cease to be the case or if the vehicle does not attend any Club
Outings or Events during the year without good cause.
There are two books to be signed, one is for attendance at meetings and one is for
attendance at outings. It is your responsibility to make sure that you sign the meeting
attendance book at meetings and that you put your name and registration number in the
outings book when attending outings. These books will be checked to see that you comply
with the required attendances (3) upon your request for registration renewal.
Conditional registration is a Club privilege and is issued at the Club’s discretion in
accordance with the Constitution.
On Behalf of the Committee.


Edition No543

Edition No543
General Meeting 11/6/2018
Opened. 19.00
Committee Present. D Guy, D Fulmer, C Fulmer, G Sims, R Marshall, P Ryan.
Apologies. As per Attendance Book
Previous Minutes. Moved D Fulmer, 2nd P Ryan.
Business Arising. Nil.
Correspondence. In. Newsletters, Ads , Bank Statement.
Treasurer’s Report. Moved D Guys, 2nd R Marshall.
Registrar’s Report. Moved R Marshall, 2nd D Fulmer. Please see note in Newsletter
Event Coordinator’s Report. As Per Newsletter. Moved G Sims, 2nd D Caban.
General Business. Need a good quality Gazebo. G Warnes from ANSMA will help pay for it.
S McLean is doing the Variety Bash and is looking for sponsors.
Around The Sheds. HJ onwards parts at Redhead. Contact D Guy for details.
For Sale. R Nichols – Crash Box, Syncro Box and 179 Block
Guest Speaker. Club Member Greg Smith spoke about his service with the RAAF in the
Middle East. Greg also donated some memorabilia for the raffle. Thank you Greg.
Raffle. Raised. $111.50
Meeting Closed. 20.30


Edition No543

Edition No543
All the forms and paperwork needed for your Conditional Registration RTA and club are
available on the clubs website under forms



Have gained approval under the Historic Vehicle Registration scheme to move my vehicle,

Make________________ Model___________Year__________Rego No_________________




MOVEMENT No________________
This authority is issued with conditions, as outlined in the clubs Constitution for user of
vehicles operating under Historic vehicle Registration.
Ron Marshall Ph. 0409 100 215
Phil Ryan Ph. 0407 018 201
Or ring the club phone
0437 993 251
The vehicles “Certificate of Approved Operations” must be kept in the vehicle at all times.


Edition No543

Edition No543
Sweeney’s Stuff


Edition No543
Events Report July 2018

Since last newsletter....

On Sunday 24th June the club run was a trip to Lost in the ‘50’s followed by lunch at
“Limejay Cafe” at Morisset. We had 17 cars on the run including some of our new
members, thanks to all who attended.
There are only 3 more open days before the contents of the museum is auctioned.

All Holden Day.....
The club will be catering for members at AHD so if you are going to be there Sun 5th August
please let me know numbers for catering by 30/7/18.


Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543

Edition No543
Events Calendar ……As per the club constitution, “Conditional registration, part 2, A, 1”, any events listed in the
events calendar may be attended by vehicles with historic registration without requiring a movement number or log
book entry. (Provided you are a fully financial member of the club. A copy of the current newsletter must be carried as
proof of an authorized event).
Events in Bold Italic underlined are preferred club runs. Catered events will specify “Catered Event” and numbers
are needed in advance.
48 to 78 Holden Car Club Hunter Valley Inc. Events (Updated 29/07/17)

July 2018

Sat Bakers cottage Chelmsford Dr. Meet and greet
7th Park up Metford From 5pm.
Mon Club Meeting Hexham 7pm Start
9th Bowling Club
Sat Stroud Show n Stroud showground Meet 12 mile rest area, north of Raymond
14th Shine Terrace for 9.30 departure
Sat ToyRiffic Midlife Crisis 7 til 9 pm
14th Modified car meet Customs Meet n greet

14-15 Hunter Region Newcastle Foreshore
All British Day
20-21 Mud Run Gresford Details on line
Weekend Tunes Showground
Sat Gloucester Family day with Meet 12 mile rest area, north of Raymond
28th Chillout Festival heaps to do and see Terrace for 9 am departure
August 2018

Sat Bakers cottage Chelmsford Dr. Meet and greet
4th Park up Metford From 5pm.

Edition No543
Sat All Holden Day Swap meet Hawkesbury
4th NSW Showground Clarendon
Sun All Holden Day Display Day Bookings now closed
5th NSW Numbers needed for catering
RSVP Mon 30/7/18
11-12 Hunter Valley See flyer Cessnock showground
Swap Meet
Sun All Jap Day McDonald Jones
12th Stadium
Mon Club Meeting Hexham 7pm Start
13th Bowling Club
Sun Maitland Lions See flyer Meet Bakers Cottage, Metford
26th Club Motorfest For 8.30 departure
And Swap meet
Sept. 2018

Sat Bakers cottage Chelmsford Dr. Meet and greet
1st Park up Metford From 5pm.
Sat Sandy Hollow See flyer
8th Car show
Swap meet
Sun Broke Village Fair Club Run Numbers needed for catering
9th More info to follow. RSVP 3/9/18
Sun Blast from Past Toronto
Sun Special needs Stockton
9th MC ride
Mon Club Meeting Hexham 7pm Start
10th Bowling Club
Sun Spring Cruz-in HV Gardens Meet at Maitland Park
16th CLUB RUN For 8ish departure
Sun Gresford
16th Show n shine
Sun Paterson
23rd Car and bike show
Oct. 2018

Sun Bathurst Day CLUB RUN Kylie and Gary Spicer’s place
7th Catered event Medowie
Mon Club Meeting Hexham 7pm Start
8th Bowling Club
Sat Lake Mac Spears Point Park Club Run
13th Big Weekend (Super boats Free entry, markets, music, food.
on the lake)
Sun Dungog Rumble Dungog See flyer
14th Showground
Sun Maitland swap Maitland From 6am
14th meet show ground
Sat Maitland Heritage Steamfest Display day and swap meet
20th Motor and Steam “Rally ground”
26 - 28 Chromefest The Entrance


Edition No543