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Friday, 9 February 2018: Version 1.4.1.

Fixed a crash when clearing search history.
Fixed a security issue when running a FTP server.
Fixed an issue preventing Everything from closing when pressing ESC
Added .jpeg extension to the image information search functions.
Fixed an issue where Everything would lose the current sort after reindexing.
Added support for cluster sizes larger than 64k.
Fixed an issue when using invalid characters to rename a file.
Fixed a crash when rendering tall or wide images.
Added preview_context ini setting.
Fixed an issue when shutting down Everything would cause it to miss changes.
Fixed a memory alignment issue.
Fixed database corruption when renaming a folder when folder size indexing is
enabled or when there is a folder exclude.
Fixed an issue with circular NTFS/ReFS folder parents.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017: Version

added option to index size, dates and attributes
added option to enable fast sorting of size, dates, attributes, path and
added thumbnail view
added preview pane
added REFS support
added advanced searching
added multi-file renaming
added content searching
added search history organizer
added show total size in status bar option
added single click open option
added full row select option
added perl compatible regex
added new search functions
added / search commands
added filter functions
added new Everything icon
improved folder deletion performance
improved indexing when using file and folder excludes
improved search term highlighting
improved database blocking
improved indexes updating
improved folder index monitoring
improved NTFS indexing
improved re-indexing performance when the existing indexes are up to date
improved IPC
fixed an issue causing Everything to hang onto a volume handle when trying to
safely remove a device
fixed an issue with excludes being ignored when rebuilding the indexes
fixed a crash when renaming a folder that had subfolders that should be
fixed an issue with sorting by date created ascending and date accessed
fixed a crash when accessing file information cache
fixed an issue with ETP url links and special characters
fixed a focus issue with UAC prompts
fixed an issue when opening a file as admin
fixed a lock in the Everything service
fixed an issue with a race condition and initializing COM
fixed a hang when deleting a registry key
fixed an issue with very large sorts
fixed an issue with !parent:, !child: and !c:\path
fixed an issue with filter modifiers
fixed an issue with file:!
fixed an issue with indexing hidden or system folders/files
fixed an issue with previous navigation searches
fixed an issue when searching for a \path\
fixed a crash when cutting an item multiple times

Wednesday, 6 August 2014: Version

added MIT license
added installer localization
added run as admin option
added wildcards anywhere option
added run date column/sort/search
added support for accessible MSAA
added etp connection history
added recent changes
added run history
added home page
added x64 build
added always ontop option
added %APPDATA% option
added Everything service option
added search history option
added the option to cancel locked queries after one second
added context menu customization
added tooltips for hidden items
added option to not compress database
added custom filters
added hotkey option to toggle search window
added filelists
added folder indexing
added optional diacritical mark matching
added bookmarks
added new search functions and macros
improved performance when renaming/deleting folders
improved ETP/FTP server
improved HTTP server
fixed an issue with the installer losing settings
fixed an issue with name sort order
fixed an issue with refocusing a window with a dialog
fixed an issue with very small integers stored in the Everything.ini
fixed a focus issue when performing a file operation
fixed a focus issue when opening a file
fixed a gdi leak when showing a context menu
fixed a crash when closing a window when a dialog was shown
fixed an issue preventing the column header from updating
fixed a bug when searching for subpaths
fixed a crash when closing the window while a drag drop operation was active
fixed an issue preventing Everything from gaining focus on startup
fixed an issue with focusing options pages
fixed an issue where a result would lose the run count when it was renamed
fixed an issue with the initial folder of a save as dialog
fixed a crash when adding an item to an empty database
fixed an issue monitoring fileinfo / icon cache
fixed a lock when canceling and restarting file information cache
fixed an issue with updating icons
fixed a crash when sorting folders by size
fixed a crash when update folders with an exclude folder
fixed an issue with preserving column positions
fixed a crash when using the tray icon while a dialog was shown
fixed an issue where a renamed file was not being removed if its new location
does not exist
fixed an issue when a renamed file became hidden was not removed from the db
fixed an issue with middle mouse button scroll
fixed an issue with a renamed a folder being added to the wrong location
fixed an issue when renaming a folder shorter than 5 characters
fixed a memory leak when renaming a file
fixed an issue with jump to when sorting by size descending
fixed an issue when sorting by size
fixed a crash when request a file type
fixed a sort issue for unknown sizes
fixed a display issue for unthemed toolbars
fixed an issue with the everything filter after adding a new filter
fixed an issue with clearing the selection after opening a result
fixed an issue parsing |
fixed an issue with shortcuts using wrong working directory
fixed an issue that prevented the rename edit from being closed
fixed a memory leak when connecting to an ETP server
fixed a memory leak when sorting by type
fixed an issue with sorting corrupting the database
fixed an issue with processing events
fixed an issue with undesired access to a floppy drive
fixed an option page display issue when showing tooltips
fixed an issue with weighted case sensitive compares
fixed an issue with empty key lists
fixed a memory leak when showing a menu
fixed a memory leak when changing the filter bar font
fixed non-unicode clipboard issue with non-ansi locale
fixed a bug causing the db to block while typing a search
fixed a bug with context menus and opening sub menus
fixed wrong mutex name
fixed shift + esc hotkey
fixed a memory leak when using ext:
fixed an issue with path searching only matching the end of the path
fixed an issue preventing the database saving to disk when shutting down
fixed an issue when uninstalling localized start menu shortcuts
fixed a system beep when pressing alt back space
fixed a memory leak when creating a shell item
fixed an issue selecting the edit text when the main window did not have
fixed a crash when sorting a large number of results

Friday, 13 March 2009: Version

added title customization
added NOT operator (!)
added special case wildcards
added authentication support for QTWeb
added the option to exclude hidden and system files
added a basic text export option
added search only mode for HTTP/FTP servers
added shortcut keys for search options
added special case wildcards
added utf8 support for the FTP server
added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter to open path
added extension and type columns
added support for external file managers via the ini file
added exclude paths to etp/ftp/http servers
added unicode support
added multiple language support
added removable NTFS volume support
added exclude folder filter
added option to check media on removable volumes (floppy drives are disabled
by default)
added custom icon support
added optional http server user name and password
added option to use FTP links for ETP connections
added option to choose which drives are included in the installer
added fullscreen mode (F11)
added portability
improved rendering performance
improved search parsing
improved multiple instances option
improved command line parsing
improved option window navigation with keyboard
improved tooltip help for some items
improved searching performance with wildcards by upto 5 times
improved searching performance by upto 30%
improved ETP/FTP/HTTP performance
improved text rendering output and performance
improved rendering performance when updating the UI due to a large amount of
changes to the file system.
improved memory usage when database is unload by clearing icon and file info
improved volume management
improved sorting performance
improved ftp command LIST
fixed an issue with HTTP url parsing
fixed default icons for windows 7 beta
fixed user handle leak in context menus
fixed a problem with cut/copy/paste
fixed cut with files and folders in different folders
fixed start menus for Vista
fixed opening a folder that had the same name as an executable
fixed the FTP REST position
fixed unicode IPC queries
fixed sorting by descending size
fixed characters being displayed incorrectly with the HTTP server
fixed copying files and folders in different folders.
fixed drag drop shortcuts
fixed an issue when searching for wildcards with match path enabled
fixed delete for files and folders in different folders
fixed an issue with long file names
fixed the folder and file selection after sorting and changing search
fixed folder and file renaming using invalid destination
fixed mouse wheel scrolling using the wrong number of lines to scroll
fixed icons for files with the extension lnk and url
fixed show shell context menus toggle in options window
fixed a problem with menus blocking after a search was started
fixed -filename command line option using the wrong path
fixed new windows inheriting old windows settings
fixed horizontal scroll bar using wrong width
fixed a gdi leak when closing a window
fixed the default large icon

Monday, 29 September 2008: Version

added -search <text> command line option
added quick launch shortcut option to installer and options menu
added better support for corrupt ntfs drives
added wildcards
added regex
added highlighted search terms
added customizable text size
added support for Windows Vista SP1
added help index
added version information to everything.exe header
added version information to installer exe header
added descriptions to installer packages
added support for removable drives
added start menu shortcuts to options
added desktop shortcuts to options
added option to merge settings using Merge.c
added optional new window hotkey
added Everything IPC
added optional icon cache size
added database compression
added page up / page down from edit will now change focus to the list control
changed configuration file to Everything.ini
improved status of servers under the tool menu
improved about dialog
improved support for Windows 95/98
improved support for corrupt NTFS volumes
improved support for removable NTFS volumes
improved file info cache
improved icon cache
improved database loading speed
removed uxtheme dependency
removed annoying popups
removed all technical messages and moved them into ErrorLog.txt
fixed a bug that prevented hotkeys from being unregistered
fixed a bug that prevented the listview being drawn for the first time
fixed an issue when loading icon and file information cache of visible items
when multiple windows were open
fixed an issue with loading visible icon and file information cache
fixed a problem where the listview was not getting drawn when shown
fixed USN Journal deletion
fixed a focus issue when opening Everything from a folder context menu
fixed a crash when opening a context menu on a compressed or encrypted file
fixed a bug with reading version.c
fixed a crash when rebuilding the database that had a query with a selection
fixed a handle leak when watching drives for changes
fixed a memory leak when refreshing icons and file information
fixed a memory leak when closing a context menu

Wednesday, 20 February 2008: Version

first official release
new home at
added mouse wheel support
added classes
added drag drop support
added about dialog
added ETP server
added HTTP server
added more options pages
added edit menu and keyboard shortcuts
added filters
added run in background option
added right click menus
added alternate row color
added jump to support
added rename support
added support for multiple instances
added file information columns
added keep selection after sort option
improved range selection
improved window positioning
improved initial search while database was loading
improved threading
improved event handling
improved rendering performance
improved database creation performance
improved sorting performance
fixed an issue with saving filters
fixed an issue when creating the database
fixed a non-blocking issue when executing a result
fixed a thread issue
fixed an issue when monitoring changes after loading the database
fixed an issue that would show no results when the database was loading
fixed a dead lock when unloading the database
fixed a dead lock when updating the database
fixed an issue with processing updates after a database was rebuilt
fixed an issue with launching folders
fixed an issue where folders are seen as files
fixed a scroll bug
fixed a show window issue
fixed an issue with empty database not being saved
fixed a search issue

Wednesday, 7 March 2005: Version 0.102

First public release
added UI
added match case
added match whole word
added match path
improved database

Wednesday, 22 December 2004: Version 0.1

First build