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Subnetting Project

Objectives: - Solidify your understanding of IP subnetting. - Design your own network addressing schema.

Assignment: You are the new Network Administrator at the new Hospital facility on River Road.
Congratulations!! As with all new hospitals, this one will be a technologically advanced facility, with nearly
ubiquitous computing facilities. Your assignment is to design a network addressing schema that will be most
appropriate for the hospitals needs now and in the future. The hospital organization is made up of a number of
different departments. Assume that the hospital has only the departments that are listed below. Each
department has a planned need for network devices as listed.

Administration 123
Billing 44
Cardiology 7
Emergency 32
Maternity 2
Morgue 16
Oncology 48
Pediatrics 32
Podiatry 63
Radiology 62
Receiving 12
Reception 33
Sales 159
Support 107


1. Use IP Addresses from the network.

2. Each department needs to have their own network.

3. IP Addresses are at a premium, so minimize the total IP usage. (if a /29 will get the department needs
met, use it, instead of a /25 or /24)

4. For each department list the following:

Department Name

Network Prefix in CIDR format.

Subnet Mask

Network Address

Network Broadcast Address

Number of unused IP Addresses in this network.

5. Don’t forget that each network needs a router address on the network, and that was NOT included in the
above requirements for each department.

To pass off

Put the above in a spreadsheet format, save as pdf