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Conference Paper · December 2011


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Khalida Binte Harun Tahrima Binte Rouf
Auburn University Purdue University


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Cashew nut oil phenoxy carboxylic acetic acid derivative has been tested as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 3% aqueous NaCl solution using weight loss method. Bangladesh CASHEW NUT OIL DERIVATIVE: AN ALTERNATIVE CORROSION INHIBITOR FOR MILD STEEL Khalida Binte Harun* and Tahrima Binte Rouf Department of Chemical Engineering. These toxic effects weight of the metallic substance. The corrosion inhibitor which after some treatment shows a good corrosion production method for cashew nut. hence each step of the procedure needs to be carried out with utmost precaution. E-mail: khalidabinte_harun@yahoo. BUET. The weight loss of the mild steel bar harmless. So. against corrosion can be achieved either by special Weight loss measuring method however. * Corresponding Author: Khalida Binte Harun. furnace where high temperature involved nut oil. the weight of the metal substances called corrosion inhibitors. These types of corrosion inhibitor also can be extracted using pressurized oil extraction are most widely used for heavy duty equipments such machine. . After the mild steel was used as metallic material. Potassium hydroxide was added to cashew as boiler. electrochemical method. devote more attention to metallic corrosion now a mixed flowing gas environment testing. day than before. anticorrosive activity. method. The protection of metals or alloys Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy etc. Here acid derivative for Cashew nut oil. The weight loss organic and synthetic compounds showed a good depends on the nature of corrosion environment. is the treatment of the medium to depress its aggressiveness easiest method. most of them are highly toxic concentration of environmental fluid. Dhaka-1000 Chairman of Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research (BCSIR) Cashew nut oil and its derivatives have been known for producing effective corrosion inhibitors. Dept. water or soil in chemical or electrochemical reaction Different methods are available for this experiment. Waliuzzaman Visiting Faculty. BUET. Engg. For or by introducing into it small amounts of special corrosion on metal surface. Cashew nut oil contains phenolic resins. This indicates that Cashew nut oil is a potential corrosion inhibitor for mild steels in aqueous solutions. structure and to both human and environment. to form more stable compounds. attack of metals or alloys by their environment as air. Dhaka Dr. was measured with time. Then chloro acetic acid was added which and in alkaline and salt environment. 29-30 December. Dhaka. These inhibitors separated potassium ion and produced phenolic acetic can be used for different types of carbon steel. It xylene separation. INTRODUCTION preparation of the corrosion inhibitor. it is necessary Corrosion is a surface phenomenon known as the to examine the corrosion resistant characteristics. is a very delicate resistivity. Proceedings of the International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2011 ICChE2011. 3% sodium chloride have led to the use of natural products as solution was used here as aqueous solution or anticorrosion agents which are eco-friendly and environment. It was found that cashew nut oil phenoxy carboxylic acetic acid derivative reduces the electrochemical processes taking place on mild steel undergoing corrosion to a great extent. specially the Cashew nut oil was extracted by soxhlet extractor. A number of sheet or bar decreases gradually.. of Chem. It is felt necessary to ASTM and NACE method. this method was used here.

Subsequently 168 g of potassium hydroxide was added to the reactor and stirred for 40 minutes.2%).2 Campesterol 8.0 % the round bottom flask of soxhlet apparatus. the set-up was then re-assembled and heated to recover the solvent from the oil. Palmitoleic acid C16:1 0.1%).0 % extractor.5%) (6) 2.(8) in milligrams per 100g of product:(6) β-Sitosterol 112.6 Stigmasterol <1. protein (18.01% produced was subsequently condensed by water Linoleic acid C18:2 w6 22. The contents were warmed to 40 degree Celsius. Other components of cashew nuts include cleaned. dried and crushed using mortar and pestle.2%). EXPERIMENTAL 2. Cashew nut oil Composition The cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.9 Sitostanol <1.1 % charged into the thimble and fitted into the soxhlet Stearic acid C18:0 9. 20g of crushed cashew nut kernel was Margaric acid C17:0 0. the solvent was removed and contents taken in water and acidified Fig.2 Δ5-Avenasterol 13. the reaction mixture was refluxed for 6 hours.2 Corrosion inhibitor producing process: Cashew nut oil corrosion inhibitor was prepared by charging 300g of cashew nut oil and 500 ml of xylene to a 2 liters reactor equipped with agitator and condenser.1 Oil extraction procedure: The extraction of cashew nut oil was carried out using a Soxhlet Table 1. The solvent in the set-up was heated to 68oC and the vapor Oleic acid C18:1 57.) is an The cashew that served as sample for preparation of evergreen species native to Brazil and contains 47% the corrosion inhibitor was at first thoroughly oil (w/w). Fig. this component of cashew nut oil reacts with KOH.2 Preparation of Cashew nut oil Corrosion Inhibitor 2. Fatty Acids composition in Cashew nut oil(6) extractor and n-hexane as solvent. In the series of reactions that take place to produce corrosion inhibitor from cashew nut oil.(3) . Phytosterol compositions of cashew nut oil (300g) was extracted. and ash (2.5% flowing in and out of the extraction set-up.2: (a) Soxhlet extractor. Later 94g of chloro acetic acid was added slowly in 30 minutes. 1: Structure of β-Sitosterol(7) with dilute sulfuric acid.7 Campestanol 2 Total phytosterols 150 From the tables above it is evident that the predominant Phytosterol component present in cashew nut oil is β-Sitosterol. (b) Carrying out extraction process 2.1% Finally. This Alpha-linolenic acid C18:3 w3 1.3% process of heating and cooling continued until a Arachidonic acid C20:0 0.2. carbohydrate (27. The mixture was extracted with hexane to yield semi solid cashew nut oil phenoxy acetic acid. Three hundred and fifty milliliters (350ml) of hexane was charged into Palmitic acid C16:0 9. The apparatus was assembled.3 % Subsequently. This process was repeated 30 times until the desired amount of oil Table 2.6% sufficient quantity of Cashew nut oil was obtained. On completion of the reaction. After the completion of addition of reactants. water ( Gadoleic acid C20:1 0.

3: Stirring and heating of Cashew oil and KOH Here.2 cm dimensions and two small with the fact that the rate of a chemical reaction coupons (coupon B and coupon D) were cut into increases with increasing time. RESULT AND DISCUSSION 3. 4: Set up for Xylene recovery along a period of 21 days (immersion time). day Rcorr= Corrosion Rate. . Table 3. air and H+. The corrosion rate was determined using the relation: Rcorr= … … … … (i) Here. The data of weight-loss are shown in Table 5. the weight loss increases with time.which accelerate the corrosion process. g/cm2 A =area. time of mild steel sample in 3%aqueous solution was plotted. g/cm2. After specified period of time each sample was taken out rinsed with distilled water.1 cm dimensions for weight loss measurements. Specimen Preparation Cl. Weights of mild steel Coupons A and B Coupons Weights of Coupons(g) A 172. salt. indicates that the corrosion rate of mild steel is a Two large coupons (coupon A and coupon C) were function of immersion time.5×5. The corrosion rate was calculated from the slope of the straight line obtained.197 59.1×0. dried between two filter papers and weighed using a digital balance. g/cm2. The weights of the coupons at the beginning of the experiment are given in the table below.ΔW = weight loss. 3.5×0.271 D 42.129 Table 4. This observation agrees cut into 10×7.525 195.454 Fig. cm2 t =immersion time. Na+. Inspection of these plots show that. Rfree = corrosion rate of sample mild steel mixture without Inhibitor.2. 7 and 8 and represented graphically in Figures 6 and 7. The percentage efficiency of inhibitors is taken as: IE%= ] ×100… … … … (ii) Fig. Corrosion inhibitor was applied only on coupons C and D. Fig.928 B 44. Effect of Time on Corrosion In this part the rate of weight loss Rinh =corrosion rate of sample mild steel with corrosion inhibitor. 2. g/cm2. This Mild steel specimens were used for the experiment. Weight Loss Measurements The samples of mild steel was suspended by nylon strings and kept about 3cm under the test solution in a plastic vessel. This attributed to presence of water.1. Weights of mild steel Coupons C and D coupons Weights of coupons (g) Without corrosion With corrosion inhibitor inhibitor C 166. 6. 5: Mild steel Specimen immersed in aqueous About 3% aqueous solution was prepared by adding solution without any corrosion inhibitor (corrosion is 618g sodium Chloride with 20Liters of distilled clearly visible) water.

6 without B in 3% aqueous solution in the absence of cashew 0.1 0 10 20 30 3% aqueous solution as corrosive media was studied Immersion Time(day) at 30 ºC.0191x + 0. Fig.454 0 0 7 172.109277 21 59. Effect of Inhibitors 0.2 0. 6: Weight loss-time plots for mild steel coupon A in 3% aqueous solution in the absence of cashew nut oil corrosion inhibitor Table 7.219 0 0 7 44.454 0 0 14 172.432 0. 7: Weight loss-time plots for mild steel coupon 0.000484 21 43.Table 5.4 0.039x . 8: Mild steel specimen immersed in 3% aqueous solution with cashew nut oil corrosion inhibitor (no sign of corrosion is visible) .9 Immersion Time(day) 0.271 0 0 with 21 195.0 0 172.1 inhibitor 0 Weight Loss vs.454 0 0 21 172.66 0.328876 7 59.5 inhibitor nut oil corrosion inhibitor (day) Sample(g) Loss(g/cm2) (g/cm2.219 0.0007 0.0.2 14 195.5 y = 0.271 0 0 inhibitor 0.112 0.271 0 0 0.3 without 7 195. Figures 5 and 6 represent the weight loss vs time plots for mild steel sample. Immersion Time 0 10 20 30 0. Data of weight loss of mild steel coupon A Table 8.4 (day) Sample(g) Loss(g/cm2) (g/cm2.3 with inhibitor 4.454 0 0 Table 6.7 Weight Loss(g/cm2) Fig.8 y = 0.000538 Fig.816 0.000818 14 43.2.259 0.271 0 0 0.787 0. Data of weight loss of mild steel coupon B in 3%aqueous solution in the absence of corrosion inhibitor Time Weight of Weight Rcorr (day) Sample(g) Loss(g/cm2) (g/cm2.553 0.96 0. Data of weight loss of mild steel coupon D in 3%aqueous solution in the absence of cashew nut in 3%aqueous solution with Cashew nut oil oil corrosion inhibitor Corrosion Inhibitor Time Weight of Weight Rcorr Time Weight of Weight Rcorr (day) Sample(g) Loss(g/cm2) (g/cm2.164167 14 59.375 0. Immersion Time in 3% aqueous solution with cashew nut oil corrosion inhibitor 0.928 0 0 0 59.1 The effect of adding the Cashew nut oil corrosion 0 inhibitor on the weight-loss of mild steel samples in 0 195.0271 Weight Loss(g/cm2) Time Weight of Weight Rcorr 0.268 0. Data of weight loss of mild steel coupon C Weight Loss 0 44.

'Process for producing rust corrosion inhibitor from cashew nut shell liquid'.H. Tanzania 3. Bhatnagar Kumar Akhilesh. Federal University of Technology. Peighambardoust. Department of Chemistry. 6. USA 5.From equation (ii) the inhibition efficiency of cashew nut oil corrosion inhibitor for mild steel is 100%.(1986).php>. especially chemical and process engineers. S.(2009). <http://www. World Academy of Science. only through 3 weeks. Phytochemicals. The application of cashew nut is not so wide. Mkayula LL and Philip JYN. Buchweishaija J. Environment concern is a very important aspect. Ahmed. Nemati. But this corrosion inhibitor sample is tested . Noha Mosa Al-Qasmi 'Natural Products as Corrosion Inhibitors of Some Metals in Aqueous Media' Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master Degree in Physical Chemistry Faculty of Applied Science for Girls Umm Al-Qura University. Labake FADIPE. and M. Sh. So. Emami. Mathew Obichukwu EDOGA. yet with more work it can be the future hope of process engineers. Iqbal. Fontana Mars G. S.2011.phytochemicals. ' Corrosion Engineering'. 5. 'Cashew Nut Shell Liquid as an Alternative Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbone Steels' M.. CONCLUSION Electrochemical corrosion on metallic material is the common anxiety of engineers. So. Makkah Al-Mukarramah 6. Engineering and Technology 81 2011 . 8. J. Hesari. 2003) 4. McGraw-Hill. REFERENCE 1. University of Dar es Salaam. Azadmard-Damirchi. Rita Ngozi EDOGA. eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor is the best choice for protection of metallic materials. viewed 2 October. 'Nuts Composition and their Health Benefits'. Submitted as in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master Degree in Chemical Engineering Department. Minna. Publication number: US 2003/0050198 A1. to achieve full results of inhibitor efficiency a few weeks more are required. 7. Patent number: US6548459 (Issue date Apr 15. Dohhen Chand als/beta-sitosterol. Nigeria. 'Corrosion Engineering An Introductory Text'. Nooruddin and Mahmud. Bangladesh 2. 'Extraction of Polyphenols from Cashew Nut Shell'. Sc thesis.

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