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DETROIT DIESEL Marine Pleasure Craft 12V-71TA 900 BHP General Specifications Bore and Si 4.25 mx 5.00 in (108 mm x 127 mm) sion Ratio 17.010 2 (on) 945 fs (1793 kg Rated Power Output—Maximum Power {900 BHP (671 kW) @ 2900 RPM Not Pow 570 SHP (649 «VY) @ 2300 BPM. Rated Power Output—intermittent-Maximum 0 BHP (5 Net Powe 775 BHP (578 kw) APM Equipment Specifications Air inot Housing-—With manual shutdown ‘Mtercocler—Two-pass with precocled coolant supply Aermator—24 val, 65 amp, lange mounted ‘System—Side mountad heat exchanger wih low profile ‘crankcase vapor colectrs wih silencers ,—Resikent aunts for bath engine and marine gear Engine Mou Exhaust System—Fa housing Flywheel Housing —S stem—Cam operated unt injectrs with low pressu {S'ype A external Noses ual Titers and cooker Govern Variable speed Lube Oi Fiter—Ful fm, two spin-on elements Marine Gear—Avaable with Detroit Diesol-202V (1.50, + 195, 248 reduction ralos} and 252A (1.52, 1.77, 197 »duction ratios} an—Designed fr 0°12 instalation angle, no sump Starting Motor—24 vot lin iba fi iii a wee it eA i a la Photograph its 1 atypical marine engine 5 hh a i A ac a a a as aaa Performance Curves Model 12V-71TA Intermittent-Maximum RATED BHP Bas engin goes horsepower Fates SHP Not power avai atte mare gear eu. Hange PROPELLER LOAD Indes hersepower barony ae eed eh ‘eal pens ce egrton, Neale contrac use HEN 9 POWER OUTPUT guaranied wiin 5% a ated ambient conatins. ‘de kmtodtoa masimumel S80 Neue peryear IHAERE MAxBVUM Tre manne marry og apes Ng peremance bs ste what coud le gray ngearce and ual ga ee 0 on NOTE Othe toate: 99 fr, pon, wih an oa aay ce i es sate Sop ing orrted orgie Iau or rm mania ay b asi er atreced Cert Des Cerone be ang fterrevanussppicaons win an average annus Nar setamelavoe Fr opt your sae Dimensional Drawing Model 7122-7600 TIT 0m 1270 mm) ntomaton Vio Ls be 70 11981