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Susantha Goonatilake: Journal Publications and Chapters in books (a selection)

1. “Happiness and the Psychological Content of Anuradhapura”

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka New Vol.61, Pt. 2, Pages 71-88
2. "Ancient Sri Lanka Ergonomics: Lumbar Supported Seats" in Ergonomics in
Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors A pplications SAGE 2014
3. "The Transmission Belt for Steel Technology:I deas Transfer from Sri Lanka
towards Japan" Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka New Series pp
51-67 LV111 part 1 2013

4. “Border Crossings in Anthropology and Buddhist Philosophy” in Giri, A. and

Clammer, J. (eds) 2013. Philosophy and Anthropology. London: Anthem Press
5. “Social Construction and Deconstruction of a ‘Theocracy’” Antiquity
(2011)Volume: 85 Number: 329 Page: 1060–1065
6. “The emerging ecology of genetic, digital and cultural (including non-Western)
information environments” tripleC 7(2): 415-424, 2009 ISSN 1726-670X CC: Creative Commons License, 2009. Position Paper Number 3

7. "White Sahibs, Brown Sahibs: Tracking Dharmapala" Journal of the Royal

Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka New Series pp 53-136 LIV 2008

8. “Really Different? The Future of Future Studies” Foresight (Vol. 10 No 4 2008)

9. "Locating South Asian Anthropology within the Shift to Asia" in N. K. Das, V. R.

Rao (ed) Identity, Cultural Pluralism and State, Macmillan India Publication,
New Delhi 2009

10. "Knowledge as an Ecology" in Problematizing Global Knowledge Mike

Featherstone et al (Eds) Sage Publications 2006

11. “’Prophet’ Looking for a Nineteenth Century Future” Social Epistemology Vol.
19, No. 1, Month, 2005, pp. 111–127

12. "Cultural Imperialism: A Short History, Future and a Post Script from the Present"
in Cultural Imperialism: essays on the political economy of cultural domination /
edited by Bernd Hamm and Russell Smandych. Peterborough, Broadview Press,
2005. pp 33-52

13. “The Construction of the Panadura Vaadaya as Buddhist Fundamentalism”,

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka New Series Vol. XLIX 2004 pp
87-118 Special Number on the Panadura Vaadaya

14. “Buddhist Foundational Approaches in Bioethics”, Journal of Buddhist Studies
Centre of Buddhist Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka Volume 2, January 2004 pp 117 -

15. “Information Currents in an Interlinked Ocean of Genes, Cultures and Computing

Artifacts”, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Special Issue on the
Global Brain (forthcoming)

16. “Knowledge, Science and Technology and the West-East Transition” in Peter
D.Hershock, Marietta Stepaniants, Roger T.Ames (eds) Technology And Cultural
Venues: On The Edge Of The Third Millennium University Of Hawaii Press 2003
pp 46-69
17. “Non-western Science – Mining civilizational knowledge” in Kevin Rosner (ed)
The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS UNESCO Paris 2004

18. “Science and Technology: Struggles without Political Support” Irfan Habib and
Raina Dhruv (eds) History of Humanity, UNESCO Paris (2004)

19. “’Buddhist Protestantism’: The Reverse Flow of Ideas from Sri Lanka to the
West” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka New Series Vol. XLV
2002 pp 35-71

20. "The Merged Evolution of Culture, Genes and Artefact" in Michael Wheeler,
John Ziman, and Maggie Boden (co-editors) The Evolution of Cultural Entities
The British Academy 2002

21. “Towards a Post-European, Post-Enlightenment Future” in Richard Slaughter

(Series Editor ) The Knowledge Base Of Futures Studies: Directions & Outlooks
Millennium Edition, Living Presence Books ((2001) Indooroopilly, Queensland

22. Humanity Three Thousand Symposium No. 1 Proceedings, Volume 1 and Volume
11 Seattle, Washington USA August 12-16-2000

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Millennium Essay Nature 25 May 2000, Vol. 405 issue no. 6785

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a Unified Theory of Information Edited by Wolfgang Hofkirchner Amsterdam:
Gordon and Breach, 1999

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Futures Studies Ziauddin Sardar (ed) Adamantine Press Limited, 21st Century
Series, Twickenham 1999 pp 72 – 83

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Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht 1997

29. “East and West: India in the Transmission of Knowledge from East to West”
Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Non
Western Cultures, Kluwer Academic Publishers Dordecht/Boston/London 1997
pp 266-270

30. “A Search for New Psychologies” Sri Lanka Journal Of Buddhist Studies
Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka Volume V, 1996 pp 131 - 165

31. “Towards a post-European, post-Enlightenment future”, Futures 28 (6-7) (1996)

pp. 573-576
32. "Pre-colonial Science and Technology in the Third World" in Graham Woodgate
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Environmental Crisis” in Ubiratan D'ambrasio and Vladislav Kotchekov (eds)
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Vol. 9, No. 2, Summer 1993 pp 71-93
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Magazine The Royal Society of Canada No. 9 June/July 1993 pp 48-53

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43. “Future of Asian Cultures : Between Localization and Globalization” in
Eleonora Barbieri and Yogesh Atal (eds) Perspectives on Asia's Futures: the
Futures of Asian Cultures pp 131 – 158 Social and Human Sciences in Asia and
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44. “Globalization and Localization: a Perspective from Cultural Information

Processing” in Mike Mannerma, Sohail Inyatullah and Rick Slaughter (eds)
Coherence and Chaos in our Common Futures World Futures Studies Federation
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45. “The Historical Geopolitics of Knowledge” Science Studies Vol 6 No.2 1993 pp


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Devices”, Symposium on Mind and Knowledge, Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka,
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and M.A.T. de Silva), Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, 1987

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Culture: Sociobiology, Structuralism and Cultural Selectionism” Current
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Economies and Social Psychology of Sri Lanka” Lanka in the 21st Century:
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Development Studies, Sussex, April, 1975 (with a reply by Michael Lipton). The
debate continued in the Bulletin, October, 1975, with further comments by Rita
Cruise O'Brien, Michael Lipton and Susantha Goonatilake. A reply also by
Godfrey Goonatilake in Marga, Vol.2, No.4, Colombo, 1975

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