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D i p l o m a o f Te x t i l e D e s i g n a n d D e v e l o p m e n t 2 0 1 3

Egress: /'i:gr s/
noun. The action of going out of
or leaving a place: “direct means
of access and egress”.
verb. Go out of or leave (a place).
RMIT Textile Design and Development

Ahsan, Aisha 2 Demers, Natasha 28

Anand-Sobti, Savannah 4 Evans, Tia 30
Armatas, Effie 6 Fuglsang, Isabel 32
Bonilla, Natasha 8 Gioftsis, Christine 34
Brettle, Jessica 10 McGuigan, Rachel 36
Brunmayr, Georgia 12 McKeown, Georgia 38
Caridi, Bianca 14 Mohamed, Aisha 40
Carlson, Gretta 16 Peri-Heinnen, Scarlett 42
Chen, Binhao (Robin) 18 Ragheb, Emma 44
Coetzer, Jessica 20 Slade, Rosalind 46
Crawford, Lucinda 22 Watt, Daisy 48
Davies, Callan 24 Westmore, Lily 50
De Rosso, Joren 26 Xu, Jiaqi (Pink) 52
Very special thanks to Mr and Mrs McKeown from Home Innovations, Christina and Jeff Demers, Virginia and Mark Drury,
Wendy Hazler, Rapidfil, Xiulan Sun, Kathryn Williams of Eosin Studio, Dallas Palmer and Penny Black.

Aisha Ahsan
Mobile: 0402 156 335

Aisha Ahsan is one of Australia’s emerging textile print designers.

With a fresh multi-disciplinary approach that includes screen-
printing and digital print, she likes to push the boundaries with
her subtle, intelligent take on design. Her philosophy is to do
good things with good people and produce work that is personal
and approachable. In her recent homeware design range she has
used a vibrant playful colour pallet to create a range of ottomans
and pushes the boundaries of the typical ottoman into urban
abstract stylised designs.


Savannah Anand-Sobti
Mobile: 0410 541 465

Born in New Zealand and raised in Singapore, travel and culture are
fundamental to Savannah Anand-Sobti’s identity. Through her work
she seeks to reflect this identity based on her multifaceted cultural
sensibilities to create an international feel. Often present are
references to cross-disciplinary interests like youth, pop culture,
music, art and travel. Always seeking to show the juxtaposition of
luxury versus casualwear, her work endeavours to capture a fresh
take on cultural youth trends.


Effie Armatas
Mobile: 0422 426 246

Effie Armatas is an up and coming artist/designer who specialises

in knitwear. She reinvents traditional techniques to create unique,
architectonic garments in her field of knit, which she’s shown in
previous pieces she’s created. Effie likes taking risks and pushing
the boundaries of traditional ideas and developing original
contemporary pieces. Sandra Backlund has been a huge influence
to Effie, as it was seeing her work that made her question what
you can really create with yarn.


Natasha Bonilla
Mobile: 0432 033 707

Natasha Bonilla is a textile designer/artist who specializes in hand

and digital printing. She explores all aspects of fabric surface
design with digital print, laser cutting and traditional hand screen
printing while being conscious of sustainability. Natasha likes
using the memories of her quirky dreams for inspiration, she loves
taking risks and pushing the boundaries of traditional ideas to
create individual and original designs. She uses various mediums
such painting, sketching, drawing and computer aided design.
Her style can range from hand painted to a graphic street art feel.


Jessica Brettle
Mobile: 0433 461 416

Jessica Brettle is an emerging textile designer majoring in

printed textiles and digital technologies. Her collection is a
range of statement wooden jewellery created using laser cutting
technologies, screen printing and hand painting. The collection
is inspired by doilies and the radiating circles within them.
Her pattern work is inspired by ancient Aztec art work with
much of the line work depicting the suns rays.


Georgie Brunmayr
Mobile: 0416 366 993

Georgie Brunmayr is a young Melbourne based textile artist

majoring in knit. She finds inspiration in the simplicity of knitting.
How one repetitive movement can metamorphosis into something
beautiful. Georgie enjoys mixing, adding and taking away
elements to create useful hybrids. She uses natural and found
materials that are hand knitted or machine knitted, often joining
knitted pieces to unlikely objects. Through being inspired by the
use of colour, shape and texture she aims to highlight knit in
wearable but unique way.


Bianca Caridi
Mobile: 0422 390 474

Bianca Caridi is an emerging textile designer who works in printed

textiles and digital graphics to create innovative contemporary
products. The ‘Outdoor Indoors’ collection is based on designing unique
contemporary textiles appropriate for soft furnishings, more specifically
an Egg Pod hammock chair. This chair has been designed to suit both
the indoors or outdoors in the home. Her designs emerged from hand
drawn motifs, were then further developed with computer aided design
technology and have been digitally printed at the production stage. The
atmosphere and scenic views found in Lorne have influenced the colour
palette for this collection, making it fresh and reminiscent of the sea.


Gretta Carlson
Mobile: 0488 584 333

Gretta Carlson is very excited to be presenting at this year’s RMIT

showcase. As a textile design artist, Gretta has mastered many artistic
disciplines, helping to enhance and enrich her original, quirky designs.
Inspiration for her works often originates from small, simple places which
evolve in complexity, focusing on bold, vibrant colours. Gretta’s featured
work reflects her love of both the sun and the rain. Her idea was to create
bright, colourful, rich designs to either brighten up a dismal Melbourne
winter or to complement radiant summer days. After graduating Gretta
hopes to continue designing and producing her work locally, to support
the very fragile but determined Australian textile industry.


Binhau Chen (Robin)

Mobile: 0402 596 555

During his time at RMIT, Robin has had the opportunity

to extend on his knowledge of computer graphics and
explore the world of textiles. Choosing knit as his major,
Robin has learnt much about the processes involved in
order to create designer pieces for the world of menswear.
His current collection brings together his new found
knowledge and skills.

W E AV E & P R I N T

Jessica Coetzer
Mobile: 0450 614 632

Jessica Coetzer is one of Melbourne’s most exciting experimental

textile designers. Specialising in hand weaving and printing
techniques, Jessica uses non-traditional materials to reinvent
the concept of contemporary woven and printed art. Through
exploring mediums that aren’t traditionally used in textiles she
has discovered a penchant for the unexpected, celebrating the
woven structure and delicacy that hand weaving can produce.
These skills coupled with those of photography, computer
aided design and digital printing produce a dynamic example
of contemporary textiles that push the boundaries between
traditional techniques and modern technology.

Lucinda Crawford
Mobile: 0423 282 406

Lucinda Crawford is an emerging textile designer based in

Melbourne. She works with a range of materials and techniques
to create beautiful and distinctive pieces. With a keen interest
in sustainable practices, the majority of Lucinda’s work contains
recycled or reused components. Specialising in hand and digital
print, Lucinda’s style incorporates an array of vibrant colours
in quirky combinations ensuring a truly unique outcome.


Callan Davies
Mobile: 0431 257 512

During the past two years Callan Davies has explored textiles
through printing and experimental textile techniques. Never one
to go with the flow, Callan uses textiles as a medium to explore
her love of art, architecture, nature and fashion. She creates
vibrant graphic textiles, sculptural body pieces and conceptual
installations merging contemporary and ancient techniques.
Her current project Noctiluca, meaning that which shines at night,
uses sublimation printing and retro reflective technology to create
modern bike wear for the Melbourne woman. She aims to make
a breakthrough in the Australian designer market through her
feminine and fashionable high visibility wear.

Joren De Rosso
Mobile: 0413 766 637
Instagram: /joren_the_red

Joren De Rosso, has spent his studies focusing on the

sculptural and 3D worlds of textiles, using his two areas
of expertise, knitting and weaving. His work reflects heavily
on the experimental and narrative forms whilst maintaining
a consistent design aesthetic. Joren has used his time at RMIT
to help complement his various works including fashion
design, interior design, fine arts and industry consultations.
He now proudly exhibits his latest venture, ‘Close the Door’,
his invigoration of the slow moving Bed Linen market into
a fashion conscious product.


Natasha Demers
Mobile: 0439 108 986

In her final year studying Textile Design, Natasha enveloped

herself in her textile major, knit design. Her knitted textiles
demonstrate innovative placement of knit structures and her
reasoning behind selective yarn choice. In her collection,
she has stripped her range back to a handful of neutral hues,
allowing the knit structures and shaping of her garments
to speak for themselves. Through well thought out design,
careful yarn choice and a specifically selected colour palette
Natasha’s, collection reflects her as a designer and what she
hopes to be, unforgettable.


Tia Evans

‘Above Us Only Sky’ is the first collection from textile designer,

Tia Evans. This range was developed from paintings that Tia
created, with inspiration stemming from photographs taken
while trekking in Nepal earlier this year. This body of work
represents the small textures and details in nature that she
encountered during this time. Each piece has been hand
screen-printed onto silk using a variety of different printing
techniques. This collection exhibits the two branches of Tia’s
brand, ‘Away She Flies’ and ‘Away He Flies’, featuring handmade
accessories for both women and men.


Isabel Fuglsang
Mobile: 0423 649 642

I am passionate about creating beautiful and unique hand-woven

pieces by merging modern design concepts with the traditional
art of weaving. It is rewarding to communicate ideas through
weave, exploring the gradual creation of underlying patterns
and colours. My collection is tailored toward the soft furnishing
market, each piece is individually designed, though as a collective
are a reflection of each other. The coordinates explore a wonderful
rawness and slight imperfections through dye processes, multilayer
fabrics and the manipulation of weave structures. Dedicated to
pushing design ideas further, I combined contradictory elements
of irregular grids and bold geometrics overlaying barely-there
patterns with subtle and subdued gradation of colour.

Christine Gioftsis
Mobile: 0433 081 661

Christine is a textile and knitwear designer who enjoys giving

traditional styles a unique contemporary twist. Using luxurious
natural fibres such as wool and cotton, Christine’s work
experiments with hand manipulated techniques including cables
and manual lace, taking them beyond the conventional. Inspired
by what she sees in different knit constructions, she conquers
various techniques and then rebuilds them to make them her
own. Her work is bold, but balanced. She is currently working
on a baby blanket collection, with a focus on stepping away from
traditional soft pastels, instead bringing in deep, sophisticated
tones in luxurious 4-ply wool.

Rachel McGuigan
Mobile: 0400 507 212

Through studying the exciting world of textile design at RMIT, Rachel

has been extending on her existing skills as a digital artist. This has
opened up so many more possibilities in ‘surface design’ which
she plans to pursue upon graduation. Her interests are in the digital
technologies and, as a designer, she has enjoyed designing for print
and jacquard weave and all the processes involved to producing
the end product. Rachel’s graduate showpiece introduces her new
collection ‘Telopea’ which is a graphic interpretation of native
botanica for furnishings bringing together her newfound skills
and knowledge.


Georgia McKeown
Mobile: 0418 398 633

Georgia McKeown is an emerging designer from Melbourne.

Her time at RMIT was spent specialising in printed textiles,
using both digital production and screen-printing. With
a thorough knowledge of dyes, Georgia has translated her
love of Shibori techniques into digitally printed designs
for her collection ‘Framed’. The collection provides a range of
printed textiles to be applied to a contemporary style bedhead.


Aisha Mohamed
Mobile: 0412 816 616

Aisha Mohamed is one of Australia’s emerging designers. She uses

recycled and new materials to create contemporary large scale
body architecture that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
As a digital designer, her use of colours, patterns and designs
are incredibly creative. For this project she used digital printing
techniques and processes to produce a textile that is inspired by
botanical flora, for a collection of cushions.


Scarlett Peri-Heinnen
Mobile: 0417 275 171

Scarlett has gained skills in visual art; installation and costume

design having a strong influence on her practices. Scarlett has
investigated laser technology, traditional and innovative printing
methods to create her experimental outlook on textile design and
continues to gain knowledge through the multitude of possibilities
that the creative world offers. In order to grasp Scarlett’s design
aesthetic, you would need to start regarding her influences who
all have profound aesthetic qualities to their works; Anish Kapoor,
Ernesto Neto and Gerhard Richter. Scarlett’s graduate exhibition
“PARASITE” presents a collaborative work with RMIT interior
design student Aliahn Amir, exploring installation art, textile
design and aesthetic proposition.

Emma Ragheb
Mobile: 0414 924 016

“Throughout my childhood, I remember the lounge room bookcase being

full of scraps and damaged rolls of fabric that my father had rescued
from the textile factory where he worked. These remnants were utilised
in our home for clothing, bedding and even the smallest pieces were
used as rags around the house, nothing was wasted.”
These early memories fuelled Emma Ragheb’s desire to create textiles.
She came to the course to combine skills from her visual art and pattern
drafting background. Ragheb works primarily as a screen printer. She is
intrigued by the processes and physicality of printing by hand. Ragheb
would like to maintain her father’s philosophy of no wastage and quality
over quantity. She is excited about embracing new technologies whilst
maintaining techniques that have been passed down through generations.

W E AV E & P R I N T

Rosalind Slade
Mobile: 0404 045 105

Rosalind Slade is a textile designer specialising in woven, dyed

and printed textiles. She has always harboured a love of fibres
and fabrics and enjoys hand-weaving, hand-knitting, sewing
and garment making. Rosalind is highly skilled with traditional
techniques of designing pattern repeats as well as being
accomplished in computer aided textile design. She has over
6 years experience of painting in gouache and watercolour and
her work focuses on ensuring practicality, quality and beauty
of design. She favours use of natural materials and is mindful
of sustainable and ethical practises.

W E AV E & P R I N T

Daisy Watt
Mobile: 0488 148 534

Daisy Watt is an up and coming designer and textile artist. She

is currently specialising in hand woven and printed large-scale
pieces produced with lavish materials. Daisy’s appetite for
expression is amplified by her love of colour in combination
with her own hand rendered designs. Her craving to produce
work with intimate and evocative ideas enhances her uniquely
expressive and individual design aesthetic.


Lily Westmore
Mobile: 0433 647 956

Lily Westmore has a sewing and jewellery design background.

Throughout her studies at RMIT, she has explored and developed
skills and techniques in machine knitting. To create her collection
she expresses herself through her vibrant use of colour and
interesting textures and patterns gaining inspiration from nature
and her imagination. As a designer she creates practical yet edgy
pieces that add fun to everyday wear.


Jiaqi Xu (Pink)
Mobile: 0421 937 416

Pink Xu is one of Australia’s new knit designers. As a designer she

uses a myriad of small details added to the knitting textile designs
combined with other graphic knitting shapes to bring about
unique visual effect based works. In the work of this exhibition she
continues to use small details added to the knitting textile designs
combined with other graphic knitting shapes, and she also adds a
lot of knitting technology to bring about unique visual effect based
works. She uses the fairy tales to create knitted sweaters and to
describe the love and a timeless feel. “My work is always about
discovering new things through tiny details in our daily lives”.

designed in brunswick

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We gratefully acknowledge that ‘Egress’
has been made possible due to the
support and guidance of all the staff
during our time at RMIT.

Special thank you goes to Lucy Adams,

Rachel Halton, Douglas McManus and
Rohani Osman for their incredible
support this year.

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