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 is  a  defining    
element  of  character.”    

Plato  427-­‐347  BCE  

Greek  Philosopher  and    
"Music  is  
enough  for  a  
but  a  lifeCme  is  
not  enough  for  
 Sergei  Rachmaninov    1873  -­‐  1943  
 Russian  Pianist  and  Composer.  
“Music is the art of
thinking with
Jules Combarieu
1859 -1916
Music Historian and writer.
"Music  and  
rhythm  find  
their  way  into  
the  secret  
places  of  the  
Plato  427-­‐347  BCE  
soul”   Greek  Philosopher    
and  MathemaCcian.  
“Men  have  
died  for    
this  music.    
You  can’t  get  
more  serious  
than  that.”      
“Dizzy”  Gillespie  1917  –1993  
American  Jazz  trumpeter,            
bandleader,  singer  and  composer.  
“Music washes away from
the soul the dust of
everyday life.” 

Berthold Auerbach

German novelist
“Why waste money on
psychotherapy when
you can listen to the B
Minor Mass?” 
Michael Torke 1961-
American Composer
“He who sings scares
away his woes.”

Spanish playwrite & poet.
“Music was my refuge.  I could
crawl into the space between
the notes and curl my back to

Maya Angelou
American Poet
“Music is what
feelings sound
Author Unknown
“Music is the poetry
of the air.” 

German writer
“Music is the mediator
between the spiritual and
the sensual life.” 

Ludwig van Beethoven

German composer
“My idea is that there is music
in the air, music all around us;
the world is full of it, and you
simply take as much as you

Edward Elgar
English composer
“Music is your own experience,
your thoughts, your wisdom.  If
you don't live it, it won't come
out of your horn.” 

Charlie Parker
American saxophonist
“Music's the medicine of
the mind.”

John A. Logan
American soldier & political leader.
1826 -1886
“You are the music
while the music
T.S. Eliot
English Poet
1888 -1965
“Music is the
of mankind.” 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

American poet & educator.
1807 - 1882
“Music is the art which is
most nigh to tears and

Oscar Wilde
Irish poet & writer.
1854 - 1900
“Music is what
life sounds like.”

Eric Olson
“Music is the
literature of
the heart; it
where speech
Alphonse de Lamartine
French writer & poet
1790 -1869
“When words
leave off,
music begins.” 

Heinrich Heine
German Journalist
1797 - 1856
is the
of emotion.”

Leo Tolstoy
Russian writer
1828 -1910
“Music is forever;
music should
grow and mature
with you,
following you
right on up
until you die.” 
Paul Simon
American singer & songwriter
Born 1941 -
“Music, when soft
voices die Vibrates in
the memory”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

English poet
1792 - 1822  
“A jazz musician is a
juggler who uses
harmonies instead of

Benny Green
Jazz saxophonist
1927 - 1998
“Music produces
a kind of pleasure
which human nature
cannot do without.”

Chinese philosopher
551BC – 479BC
“Music is the
medicine of the
breaking heart.” 

Leigh Hunt
English critic & writer.
1754 - 1859
“Country music
is three chords
and the truth.”

Harlan Howard
1927 – 2002
American Country songwriter
“After silence,
that which comes nearest to
expressing the inexpressible
is music.” 

Aldous Huxley
English writer
1894 - 1963
“The scratches
in Yoko Ono
records are
moments of

S.A. Sachs
“Music is well
said to be
the speech
of angels.” 

Thomas Carlyle
1795 – 1881
Scottish writer
“No good opera plot can
be sensible:... people do
not sing when they are
feeling sensible.”

W.H. Auden
Anglo – American Poet
1907 - 1973
music is

Billy Strayhorn
American composer & pianist
1915 - 1967
“I don't care much
about music. What I
like is sounds.”

Dizzy Gillespie
American Jazz Trumpeter
1917 – 1993
“I don't know anything
about music. In my line
you don't have to.”

Elvis Presley
American Singer
1935 - 1977
“If music be
the food of
love, play on.”

William Shakespeare
English Playwright & poet
1564 -1616
“If you want to make
beautiful music, you must play
the black and the white notes

Richard M. Nixon
37th President of U.S.A.
1913 - 1994
“Music can change the
world because it can
change people.”

Lead singer, U2
“Music doesn't
lie. If there is
something to
be changed in
this world,
then it can only
happen through

Jimi Hendrix
Guitar legend1942 -1970
“Music happens
to be an art form
that transcends

Herbie Hancock
American pianist
1940 -
“Music is everybody's
possession. It's only
publishers who think
that people own it.”

John Lennon
English Singer, Songwriter
1940 -1980
“Music is moonlight in
the gloomy night of

Jean Paul Richter

German writer
1763 -1825
“Music is my religion.”

Jimi Hendrix
Music should be your escape.

Missy Elliott
“One good
thing about
music, when
it hits you,
you feel no

Bob Marley
The iPod completely
changed the way people
approach music.
Karl Lagerfeld
There are more love songs
than anything else. If songs
could make you do
something we'd all love one

Frank Zappa 1940 – 1993

American composer & guitarist
“When words leave off,
music begins.”

Heinrich Heine
German journalist
1797 -1856
Ah, music.
A magic
beyond all
we do here!

JK  Rowling  
BriCsh  author  
1965  -­‐  
"It's much too late to
do anything
rock & roll
now ...”
Jerry Garcia -
Grateful Dead
"When you
strum a
guitar you
have everything -
rhythm, bass,
lead and melody”

David Gilmore - Pink Floyd

“You just
pick a chord,
go twang, and
you've got
Sid Vicious
English bass player
1957 -1979
“All music
comes from
Johnny Cash
American singer / songwriter
1932 -2003
we play
is life.”

Louis Armstrong
American Trumpeter
1901 - 1971
“I'm not going to
be joining ZZ Top.
You know they
can't play my
stuff. It's too

James  Brown  1933  -­‐2006  

American  singer  
A leader faces the
music even when
they don't like the
“Music  is  the    
soundtrack  of    
your  life.”  
Dick  Clark  
1929  –  
American  businessman  &  gameshow  host  
“If  you  have  a  recital  to  do,  you  
have  to  memorise  the  songs.  I  
never  use  music  when  I  do    
recitals.  It  produces  an  instant  
barrier,  both  for  yourself  and  the  
Bryn  Terfel  
Welsh  Baritone  
1965  -­‐  
“Music  is  the  
strongest  form  of  
Marilyn  Manson  1969  –  
American  singer  /  songwriter  
“The  music  
business  has  
let  me  touch  
a  lot  of  
people  with  
my  talent.”  
Britney  Spears