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To whom it may concern,

As an experienced applied sociology student who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Applied Sociology with a minor
in Spanish at Texas State University, I am writing to request information about possible summer internship
opportunities with your organization. I am interested in a positon that will allow me to combine my talents I have
developed in both applied sociology and my minor of Spanish. However, as you can see from the attached resume, I
have extensive experience in related fields, and I always enjoy new challenges.

I believe that it is important for me to maintain a practical, real-world perspective while developing my academic
abilities. I am proud that I financed my entire education from my hard work through my amazing jobs over the years
and the support of my family that helped me in my field of study. My work has only enhanced my appreciation for
my education and also possibly furthering it in the future if need be. For example, I found that I learn so much in my
job at IPlay dealing with children and adults helps me understand how people are and why all the while going to
school to understand it more into detail. When I started college I did not know what I wanted to major in I was
undeclared but I took intro to sociology with Professor Tina Villarreal and I instantly know I wanted to know more
about society and one day become a part of that life.

Having said all of this, I realize your first consideration in hiring must not be the potential educational experience
that your organization can provide, but the skills and services an applicant has to offer. I hope the experience and
education cited in my resume suggests how I might be of service to you.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you my qualifications for a summer position at this organization to assist
in meeting your present corporate needs. I will be available for hire at the end of this spring semester which ends
May 9th. Please let me know what summer employment is available at this organization for someone with my
education, experiences and interests. I can be reached best at my cell phone (512) 804-8017. Thank you for your

Sincerely yours,

Alexia Zuniga

Alexia Zuniga
7203 Lunar Drive
Austin, Texas 78745
(512) 804-8017
Alexia Zuniga
Phone: (512)804-8017●E-mail:

Texas State University, College of Liberal Arts San Marcos, Tx
• Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology, minor in Spanish Expected August 2018
o Course work includes: Fundamentals of Human Communication; Statistics for the Behavioral
Sciences; Applied Data Analysis; Quantitative Research Methods; Qualitative Research Methods;
Sociological Theory; Family Problems; Social Deviance; Criminology; Social Control; Beginning
Span I and II; Intermediate Spanish I and II; and Spanish Advanced Composition.
Work Experience
IPlay Austin Austin, Tx
Cashier/Customer Service 09/13 - present
• Performed cashier duties
• Hostess for parties
• Worked concession area
• Oversee the play floor to ensure safety to children
Academy Sports and Outdoors Austin, Tx
Footwear Sales Associate /Customer Service Cashier 05/2015-07/2016
• Assisted anyone who wanted a shoe size
• Organized shoe sizes
• Customer service duties/ refunds / price checks
• Cashier duties
Uptown Cheapskate Austin, Tx
Fashion Consultant 12/2015-01/2016
• Priced clothing
• Assisted the dressing room
• Assisted customers who had clothes and placed it on hold
• Organize the wardrobe
The UPS Store Austin, Tx
Cashier / Customer Service / Pack and ship expert 07/2016-01/2018
• Customer Service
• Cashier Duties
• Print jobs
• Pack and Ship items
Kindred Hospice San Marcos, Tx
Volunteer Intern 06/04 – Current
• Research projects
• File, scan, sort documents
• Volunteer visits
• Use MS Word, Excel
Specialized Skills
Programs I can operate:
• MS Word
• MS PowerPoint
• Excel
Soft Skills
• Communication skills are over the top, friendly customer service, task completed with a passion, perfect
time orientation, successful time management, hard worker, optimistic and most of all positive.