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There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World,
and that is an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo
19th Century Author

Author: Stjepan Spanicek - Independent researcher
Version 1.0 - July 20, 2018.
Split, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on copyrights,
so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and for education purpose.
The author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and making some appendices, because
of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is just like the never-ending story. Therefore,
always check if you have the latest version of that text.

Well, this is so interesting indeed! The fact that whatever topic we take in deciphering the True Vedic History,
we always finish deep in the spiritual field, is very interesting. It is absolutely impossible to explain our reality
without entering the field of spirituality. In fact, we can learn that the term … reality … is not something firmly
defined. It depends upon our comprehension entirely, it depends upon the level of consciousness we are
established in. The reality of a man in a sleeping state of consciousness will differ drastically from the reality of
a man who is awake and fully alert. Needless to mention a dreaming state of consciousness, where we can be
taken to some who knows what realms. That can be some surrealistic worlds of our imagination, some fiction
story scenarios, or some very realistic scenes from our everyday life. We are very familiar with all these three
states of consciousness, and everybody can easily experience them. Nevertheless, though they differ from each
other drastically, from the spiritual point of view, they are considered the same, and they are attributed to lower
states of consciousness. Along with, they say, we use some very limited potential. Even medicinal reports are
claiming we use just five to ten percent of our full potential. Some more rigorous researchers would claim this
is only one percent. Well, whatever option we supposedly take as a plausible one, one or ten percent, this is
something very limited indeed. They say this is all about our brain and nerve system. According to the level of
consciousness we are in right now, our brains are more like … Swiss cheese. That is the reason scientists
developed the syntagm … Swiss-cheese Brain.

In fact, we all know what Swiss cheese is and how it looks like. Just to make it apparent, it has many holes within
it. However, even though holes are there, and even though some cannot live without such kind of cheese,
scientists are still debating why they are there. Right now, we do not want to know why these holes are there
within Swiss cheese, but they are there, and imagine now that our brains look exactly like this. Imagine the brain
with many holes within it. Though need to highlight as well, these are functional holes. Scientists made research
by measuring activities within the brain, and what they saw stunned them. It is stunning, but alarming as well.
There are places in the brain that are totally silent, not doing anything, and these are so-called functional holes.1

The photo was taken from …

They say this is all due to the atrophy of the brain. Scientific explanation will tell that our brain is more like
muscles. When and if some muscles are not used, they will atrophy inevitably; they will lose their strength,

1) Due to heavy drug abuse, and due to some other very serious medical problems, some real holes in the brain can be developed.
Sometimes this is also called … Swiss Cheese Brain. I am not referring to such situations. I am referring to the very specific situation where
there are functional holes in the brain observed due to not having any activity within, and this is coming because of not using the full
potential of the brain. Some portions of brain have simply atrophied. They lost their function.
volume, and ability to achieve something. They will not be functional at all. In such a case, we have them, but
we do not have them actually. A similar case is with the brain. When we started not to use certain portions of
the brain, they have gone into sleeping mode, and we lost our full capacity.

If we connect that with the cycle of yugas or world ages, what we inevitably need to do when considering the
True Vedic History, well, then, everything becomes apparent. Our ancestors had a very sophisticated knowledge
and they knew that we depend so very much about these cycles. Remember that these cycles are caused by
some very exact and precise astronomical events; therefore, it is obvious that our ancestors knew a lot about
astronomy itself. They say that Astronomy and Astrology were one unique science at that ancient time. Actually,
what we depend on very much is that cosmic energy that is life providing, life-sustaining, and it is incoming to
the Earth depending on the cycle of yugas. That cosmic energy has a name and it is called … the Ether-Akasha.
We depend so very much on Ether-Akasha. We are built up from the Ether-Akasha, but also, our level of
consciousness is directly related to the quantity of Ether-Akasha entering the Earth. Our ancestors considered
that as the main reason for civilizations and cultures on Earth going up and down. They say that is the reason
we lived the Eden, Heaven on Earth, once upon a time, and then somehow due to the cycles again, we had slid
out of Eden and did find ourselves in the kingdom of lower states of consciousness. Now, by the way, we know
this is not quite something. Devoid from full mental potential and from full capacity of the brain functioning
where there are no functional holes within it, Humans started to violate Natural Laws, and they started to bury
themselves deeper and deeper into the Karma Law and endless labyrinths of it.

This name, Ether-Akasha, is not the only name for that energy. Different cultures throughout the long history of
the Mankind did apply different names. The name … Prana … is also used, though originally from the point of
view of the Vedic Science, there is a slight difference between Ether-Akasha and the Prana. This will be discussed
some other time perhaps.

The terms like … Chi … Orgone … Vis Vitalis … are used as well, though historically and etiologically, there are
some differences between them as well.

Just to finish this story with the not fully functional brain. Well, now when we know that our brain is just like
any other muscle in our physiology, we can start with some training and with some exercises in order to develop
it fully so that there are no functional holes within it anymore. We can all like Swiss cheese, but we do not like
that association with our brains. That is the reason we quickly grasp all the knowledge how to put all gray matter
of our brain in function so that we use the full potential only. More potential used means more achievements
in our lives, and that means more accomplishments, more fulfillment, and more happiness. Actually, this is the
basic reason we are here, to share all the bliss, love and happiness what is the basic substrate of the Creation.
After all, this is why all the Creation is created. It was created just because of that simple reason to enjoy more
bliss and happiness. It was created because we asked for it.

That is the reason we turn ourselves toward that knowledge which is worthy enough and entirely capable to
establish us in higher states of consciousness. We need a Vedic Science so very much. We need that restored
Veda, and we make everything that it becomes our everyday reality. We need that life-supporting cosmic
energy, what we call Ether-Akasha, and we do everything to make it available for us. People of ancient time,
what we call historical times, they knew how to raise the level of consciousness and how to keep it high. They
knew very well. However, in different cultures, we shall find different methods of achieving this goal. Their
terminology, their methodology can differ, but this is all the same actually. Yoga, meditation, life-supporting
effects of pyramids through an enormous quantity of negative ions, this is all the same for us. We live in a time
when we can integrate all the best of these systems and cultures together. After all, we have to do that, because
this is the only way to tune ourselves with the quantum leap we are expecting to happen in about few years, let
say two years from now on. In all other world ages, that was all about our personal choice. We could choose
whether we want this, or something else. Nevertheless, now we do not have a choice. In order to tune up with
global ascension, we have to raise our level of energy and our level of consciousness. This is what we have been
expecting for so very long time, and we definitely do not want to miss this point right now.
The mentioned story about the close connection of Ether-Akasha with the level of consciousness is quite a
good introduction to this fourth sequel of Good and Evil story. We shall continue our story about Good and Evil
because as long we live in the dualistic field of the relative phase of life, this is our reality, and we are not
supposed to neglect such knowledge. This is very important part of the Vedic Science because as long we are
established in the lower states of consciousness, we can only lament about Absolute, about Vedanta, and about
all other supreme aspects of the Vedic Knowledge and the Vedic Science. Our first and only goal now is to
establish ourselves in the Cosmic Consciousness, what is actually the first level of higher states of consciousness.
Then, when we achieve that goal, then we shall most probably think about the next step. We go systematically,
we go step by step.

This is to say, in the dualistic world we live in right now, you will find some guys always ready to help you in
raising the level of consciousness, but you will find another kind of people which would like to deprive you of
that highest purpose of Human existence. Whatever world age we consider, whatever point of history we enter,
you will find forces of Good and forces of Evil in their appropriate actions to accomplish exactly these two
mentioned goals.

We saw that very nicely depicted in that now already legendary bas-relief in Angkor Wat Temple complex. Last
time I depicted in details process of … Churning the Sea of Milk … and what is all that about. This is the essence
of Veda. I am not going to repeat that right now, but we definitely can continue to research the same bas-relief,
because there are some indications it will reveal much more knowledge and much more information. We saw
that some characters in that pulling the snake-rope game were depicted bigger than other. This is to say, they
need to be considered as devatas. We know that some devatas did join the game, helping Suras and Asuras in
their endless game of purifying the Truth in order to achieve elixir of life and the immortality.

The photo was taken from …

In fact, beside of God Indra shown as the head of Suras, and Vishvakarman as his counterpart on the other side,
additional three figures of Suras and three of Asuras are portrayed bigger, supposedly of celestial origin as well.
We know that gods and goddesses divided among themselves in order to help one or another side. On the right
side, there are Suras, and on the left side, there are Asuras. Therefore, we have remaining six figures bigger than
others, but who are they, well that is the matter of permanent arguing and disputes. I am not going to reproduce
all these ideas and arguments. I will be free to expose my opinion, based on all what I learned so far from
researching the subject, and from what I learned from different sources after all. First, let us say a few additional
words and let us analyze these two figures at ending points. We see that at both ends of the snake Vasuki, at
the head side and the tail side, there are two bigger figures anchoring the snake entirely. These are supposedly
main devatas so to say. On the Asuras side near to the head of the Vasuki snake, this is God Vishvakarman. In
this context, by the way, his name is mentioned … nowhere. However, there is another name used as an
alternative option in many attempts to identify this devata; they use the name … Bali. Now we know who Bali
is, we know his full and longtime hidden identity. This is … Vishvakarman … the celestial partner of Goddess
Durga, who by the way is identified as the true Goddess Kali.2 Vishvakarman is the God of Asuras, and therefore
there is no any problem with this figure on the bas-relief. In some places, it is mentioned Ravana as being that
figure, but this option should be dismissed entirely. It is true, Ravana is included on the Asuric side, but he is not
the head of that department.

The photo was taken from …

In Vedas, Vishvakarman is depicted as a deity of architects, artisans, and craftsmen. He has a meter in one hand,
the symbol of measuring, then another hand holds the pen and yet another hand sketching notes. He is always

2) Goddess Durga, alias Goddess Kali, her name is quite vibrating and resonating throughout the history of the world and within the
collective consciousness of the world. Every culture or civilization has, or had, some memory on her. Apart from being Aphrodite in Greek
tradition, Venus in Roman tradition, and Hathor among Egyptians, she was known in all other ancient cultures as well. For example, she
is known as Ishtar in Akkadian and especially in Assyrian culture, where she was venerated as the highest goddess. Now we know why. It
is because she, the Ishtar, was the highest deity on the negative asuric side; she is on the throne with God Vishvakarman himself. In
Sumerian culture, she was known as Inanna. In Talmud and Old Testament, she appears as Lilith. A stunning article about Lilith can be
found in the BAR under the title … Lilith … at the link …
depicted with long silver hair and with a long silver beard. Well, it is quite enough that we recall an image of
Moses. He resembles the Vishvakarman definitely. This is exactly the same style.

The photo was taken from …

Vishvakarman is the son of the Lord Brahma, and he was assisting him while he was creating the Creation. No
doubt, he is an important devata, and that is the reason we do not consider him just as a God of Asuras. In fact,
it seems, he has much more duties and obligations in god’s pantheon. They say that he is a great builder, and
that fact is quite often reflected in many incarnations of his. We remember very well King Herod the Great and
his majestic building achievements. However, some would say they are megalomaniac kind of job, entirely
exaggerative, and quite often … useless. Nevertheless, whenever we see him coming as God of Asuras, well, we
can be sure that he will make some frauds and manipulations, and that he will turn the things on the negative
side. That means, he will try to deprive Humanity of the restoring the Eden, the Heaven on Earth. Another very
common name of his is … Vritra. In many places, the name Bali was associated with him, and we know now who
he was. He was the first Human with gangster consciousness in our present half-cycle of time. That name, Bali,
we shall see appearing later on in some Near East religions. Indeed, some slight modifications did happen, so it
became … Baal. What I observed is that everything was mixed up heavily. We find the god Bali, or Baal, but
sometimes with such attributes like god of weather and thunderstorms, what are basic descriptions of another
God, the God who is the counterpart of Vishvakarman, and this is Vedic God Indra, the God of Suras, and the
God of Svarga Loka. Therefore, the fact is that as the cycle was going down, everything was mixed up heavily.

This is now the moment we need to consider seriously another side of the snake Vasuki, the tail of that snake-
rope. There we see another enlarged figure, what is supposedly yet another devata. Who is that? Well, in all
analysis, this is very questionable. Nevertheless, we know the answer to that question. This is great God Indra,
the God of Suras. He is anchoring another side of the snake-rope Vasuki, the tail side, the side of Suras. This is
mentioned … nowhere, by the way. Why? Because the identity of God Indra was deeply hidden, but not due to
his wish I would say. Dark Forces of asuric origin led by God Vishvakarman and Goddess Kali did make
obstruction wherever they could have done that. This is part of their plot and they would try to suppress Forces
of Light, and especially their leaders God Indra and Goddess Indrani, in order not to be exposed, and not to be

visible at all so that nobody knows about them. Exactly such kind of plot we can see here on this most famous
bas-relief of all.

This is the God Indra depicted as the leader of Suras, who is anchoring the tail side of the snake-rope Vasuki.

The photo was taken from …

Nevertheless, immediately we can see there are some problems there with depicting the God Indra on this bas-
relief. Look at his face. This is the face of the monkey actually. That is the reason that this figure was confused
with … Hanuman or Sugriva. This is exactly the official opinion of many researchers. Hanuman was a monkey
god, while Sugriva is the king of monkeys. They both do appear in the Ramayana. Nevertheless, those are human
like monkeys what is all very disputable from the point of view of modern science. However, from the point of
view of the Science, the complete Ramayana is disputable as well. Isn’t that the basic fact? Then, why do I claim
that this is Indra? Well if we look carefully to that part of the bas-relief, then we can notice immediately
something weird. It is apparent that this portion of the relief, the face itself, was manipulated heavily! This is
not the original face image of that figure! We see that this portion of the relief is cut off, removed, and replaced
with some other sandstone block where another picture was engraved. This job was done after the relief was
finished. This is so clear. That inserted portion is of a different color, the cutting edges are highlighted and they
are not smooth as all other edges are, and it is obvious that alignment is not so tided as with all other blocks. In
general, the bas-relief was performed after the entire huge wall of sandstone blocks was established first. The
precision in alignment of all blocks is stunning as well so that even the sheet of paper is hard to be inserted in-
between two sandstone blocks. The precision is amazing indeed! Then, all of sudden we have such a striking

The photo was taken from …

It can easily be that some other parts of the bas-relief suffered some interventions as well because in some
places I observed such very suspicious fragments. The thing is that the designer and the builder, probably King
Suryavarman I, made very clear who is who on that epic picture. In almost every case, some significant insignias
relevant to that devata are shown, so that even small kids would be easy to recognize who is who. For example,
look at the image of Lord Vishnu as a moderator in the middle. Two hands of his are occupied by holding the
snake-rope Vasuki and helping Suras or Asuras accordingly. However, in one additional hand of him, we see the
sword, symbol of fighting, and in yet another hand there is Kalachakra, the symbol of perfect creation and cycles
of time and cycles of world ages. Furthermore, and the most important of all, Kalachakra is the symbol of the
level of pure consciousness we can reflect on. Recently I was talking about Kalas in detail. These insignias are
very clearly seen along with the Lord Vishnu. In many other cases it seems, unfortunately, all these insignias on
critical places were removed, so that some devatas are hidden and not to be recognized. If we take a close look
at the Vishvakarman, the king of Asuras, I mean any other picture, then, we always see him depicted with some
symbols. I already mentioned symbols of God Vishvakarman, meter, pen and sketching notes. They are missing
entirely on the relief. The same is with God Indra; his symbols are missing entirely. However, not only that, his
identity was intentionally confused with someone else. With all due respect, that figure is not of monkey origin.
This is God Indra, the God of Suras.

Vedic God Indra, or Devendra, how he is also being called, is the god of war and storms, and he controls the
weather, rains, thunders, and lightning. From the above link, I took one paragraph that states …

In the Vedas, Indra is the king of Svarga (Heaven) and the Devas. He is the god of the heavens, lightning, thunder, storms, rains and
river flows. Indra is the most referred to deity in the Rigveda. He is celebrated for his powers, and the one who kills the great symbolic
evil (Asura) named Vritra who obstructs human prosperity and happiness. Indra destroys Vritra and his "deceiving forces", and
thereby brings rains and the sunshine as the friend of mankind. His importance diminishes in the post-Vedic Indian literature where
he is depicted as a powerful hero but one who is getting in trouble with his drunken, hedonistic and adulterous ways, and the god
who disturbs Hindu monks as they meditate because he fears self-realized human beings may become more powerful than him.

Above paragraph is depicting Indra very clearly. It narrates the story about Indra’s power. However, particularly
interesting are the last few sentences where it is shown that in post-Vedic times, Indra was gradually neglected
more and more, and even some entirely false attributes were associated with him. This is telling everything
about last portions of descending phase of the Dwapara Yuga, the Silver Age, and the just approaching Kali Yuga,
the Iron Age, where negative and very dark forces represented by Goddess Kali and God Vishvakarman became
dominant, and they shaped Vedic literature for their own purpose and for their own agenda. Once again, we
can see that we need to be very careful with Vedic literature that we inherited from such ages. Because we are
just witnessing that everything can be turned upside down. Throughout the History, we are witnessing the fierce
and heavy clash of Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness. Nobody can deny that. Now when we are armed with
sophisticated knowledge and very profound tools, and when we are capable to remove tick sediments of frauds
and manipulations, well, all of sudden the Pure Truth is striking as into the face. More about the fact how Forces
of Darkness manipulate the Pure Knowledge will be exposed later on. Let we say a few more words about God
Indra himself.

Interestingly, except these few facts, very less is known about God Indra. We do not know his true origin, there
is no any clear picture to depict him, and including previously mentioned false accusations and even false
portraying, well, one is destined to circle in the circle. Nevertheless, we do not want to circle anymore. We want
to know everything about this very important Vedic God. Very interesting, constructive, and above everything
very enlightening article about Indra, I did find at the following site …

Though, need to say that as well, I did find two very disputable points, and I would like to expose them right
away. The first thing is about his true origin. Well, they say that he is the only one among gods of human mortal
parents. Nevertheless, there are huge contradictions in this statement. They say that his father is Sage Kashyapa,
who is considered to be one of Saptarishis, just like Saptarishi Vasishta and Saptarishi Vishvamitra. Well, as we
know now that Sage Vasishta and Sage Vishvamitra are not of human origin because we know that they are
direct offshoots of Lord Brahma, well, then, how on earth Indra can be of human origin? All Saptarishis are direct
offshoots of Lord Brahma, why then Sage Kashyapa is to be exceptional? In addition, his mother, Indra’s mother,
is Goddess Aditi, who is also being called … Mother of Gods …, and because she gave birth to so many gods,
then she is not of human origin either. She is a Goddess. She is a great Goddess! How then the statement that
Indra is the only among Gods of human origin came into existence? Alternatively, is this just another fraud of
Vishvakarman and Kali? My God, it seems that they put their fingers everywhere. Everywhere we can find their

There is another example coming out from the same article.

From the same article mentioned above, we learn that in Ramayana, it is said that Indra was heavily humiliated
on Lanka, while he was captured and taken around in a cage. This is weird indeed because now we know that
Indra was there incarnated as Bharata, the brother of King Rama. Therefore, he was there in the Ramayana, and
he played an extremely important role by taking care of the kingdom while Rama was in exile. His administrating
skills are especially emphasized here, just as it should be with the incarnated God of Heaven. Therefore, such a
humiliating role cannot be associated with God Indra. Definitely not! Is that another swindle of Kali and
Vishvakarman? I think it is. This is exactly yet another one manipulation showing that Indra is a loser and always
defeated by forces of darkness. Nevertheless, nothing is further from the truth.

In addition, I also did find one very interesting site exposing the fact that Indra is … Vastu Dev … what is to say
that he is the … Vastu devata …, and should always be kept in the Vastu house or in any house after all, so that
it removes obstacles and brings smoothness and prosperity in life. However, they recommend not having any
other devata along with. What they also say, just ensure that the statue is made of gold, silver, brass, copper,
or that it is golden-plated or silver-plated. That probably also assumes that the surface is always kept very clean
and shiny.
Very interesting indeed. Well, that means, if you consider yourself on the side of Forces of Light, you would
possibly consider that option to have God Indra statue in your house, and you would probably wish for
Vishvakarman to stay away from your house. Indeed, this is as simple as that.

The photo was taken from …

Vedic God Indra, the God of Svarga Loka, what we consider as the Heaven and the place from where all Suras
are coming, is usually depicted as a tall and thin. We just need to recall his one incarnation, where he came as
the Joseph of Arimathea, and where he was nicknamed exactly this way … the Thin Man.

Now after considering those two characters in details, those two gods anchoring the snake-rope Vasuki in order
to help Suras and Asuras in their never-ending struggle for the Truth and finding the Truth, well we can make a
step forward and find and recognize supposed other devatas who joined Suras in Asuras in that epic battle. In
fact, to be honest, I tried to and must say it is rather complex. It is very complex actually. It took some time just
to make me clear that we need to leave that for some other time. Nevertheless, I will make some hints of my

As Ravana is mentioned in some options to be on the side of Asuras, I think this is true. He is on the side of
Asuras, but not as the head of the department as I already mentioned before. He must be one of the remaining
three devata characters on the Asuras side. Furthermore, in no any option, I could see that they are discussing
Saptarishis Vasishta and Vishvamitra to be involved in the portraying on the bas-relief. We saw that Saptarishi
Vasishta was found in almost every incarnation of Vishnu, therefore he must be involved in this epic story. Then,
if he is involved, it must be that his twin brother Saptarishi Vishvamitra is also involved in the same or similar
manner. I think they are both shown as two devatas next to Ravana, just on his right side. In the previous essay
when discussing King Sudas, we saw that they have been very antagonistically oriented, and in a final stage, they
finished on the opposite sides. One was on the side of Suras, while another one was on the Asuras side. I think
this is kind of unique situation, they are both on the same side actually. Two devatas were shown absolutely
identical, and that could be only Saptarishis Vasishta and Vishvamitra. I think this is the case. We have seen
many incarnations of the Saptarishi Vasishta, but unfortunately, we did not pay attention so much on his twin
brother Saptarishi Vasishta. Nevertheless, I did find one very interesting situation that would explain the fact
that quite often the Saptarishi Vishvamitra can come as a forerunner of the Sage Vasishta. Well, as it seems,
great sage need another great sage to transmit him all the highest and all the greatest knowledge. Here I will
demonstrate one very extraordinary situation, and we shall see that we could be very familiar with this

As I was mentioning Sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi many times, especially due to his enormous contribution by
giving us that valuable commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, just some few initial chapters to be precise, well,
somehow the question was raised where he got his knowledge and wisdom. This is now where we are coming
to the very interesting situation. By researching his life story very carefully, we find out that he spent many years
in the ashram of the … Swami Brahmananda Saraswati … in India, who was also known as the … Guru Dev …,
and who was for a long time functioning as the … Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math. I was just curious little bit,
and did extensive research, and look, very interesting chart came out. In making this natal chart, I followed all
necessary knowledge acquired with making the natal chart of Sage Vishvamitra. This is to say that
Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati was the incarnation of the Saptarishi Vishvamitra. What a
stunning revelation!

The photo was taken from …

He was born on December 21, 1871. at 8.55 AM LMT in Gana, a village just next to Ayodhya, India. Here is the
natal chart …

I am not going to make detailed elaboration on this natal chart right now, though need to say that some valuable
information about his true and precise birthdate can be found at the site …

The photo was taken from the eBook exposed at the following website …

No doubt, Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati – Guru Dev, was a great guru and teacher. He
belonged to the Shankaracharya order, the knowledge tradition line that we can trace back to the great Sage
and Rishi … Adi Shankara.

Well, better to return to our temporarily topic, the bas-relief on the wall of the northern wall of the Temple in
Angkor Wat.

As we are considering now all those devatas who are supposedly depicted on this stunning epic bas-relief, I
would like to make another very important remark. I have mentioned already before that the entire central part
and all figures there do represent the Lord Vishnu. This is the undeniable fact. Nevertheless, according to my
opinion, he is not depicted and shown additionally to be on any side as some individual character. That means
none of those six additional enlarged figures among Suras and Asuras is the Lord Vishnu, as some observers and
commentators have claimed. There is absolutely no need to depict him again after he was already shown as a
moderator in the middle. Just by this fact that he was shown as a moderator, that automatically means he will
help one or another side, just according to the situation, and just as the Evolution asks for. There is absolutely
no need for him to be shown once again on both sides. This is to say that those figures should be some other

Another remark should be done as well. This is connected to the mentioning that one of these enlarged figures
on the side of Suras is … Rahu Graha-Devata. In fact, one of Asura devatas is shown among Suras, this is true,
but this is due to a very specific reason. The energy of Suras is positive only; this is creative, constructive, and
innovative energy only. It is concentrated and focused on light and bright values only. They do not have the
negative energy of their own. Not at all. Due to that fact, they would not have been capable to oppose Asuras
and to fight with them. For any kind of fight and war, we need a negative energy. That is the reason some
negatively charged devata who belongs to the Asuric side basically, would join Suras just for the purpose to give
them that very much needed negative energy so that they can fight Asuras. We just need to recall what Krishna
had performed prior he started the war on Kurukshetra Field. He used that conch shell of demonic origin to
saturate all living beings there with additional negative energy. That additional negative charge helped Suras
because they did not have the negative energy of their own. Nevertheless, that action actually brought Asuras
to destruction due to the overcharging with negative energy. Therefore, who is the most suitable to perform
such an agenda? Is this Rahu? Well, to be honest, I cannot say anything about right now.

Another point that becomes very critical is the story of Lord Shiva. Where do you think he is in this epic battle?
We saw him establishing very important knowledge lineage, where he as Babaji and throughout Lahiri Mahasaya
and Sri Yukteshwar, he did establish Kriya Yoga system. That would assume he would be on the side of Suras,
right? In addition, we saw that Goddess Parvati the partner of God Shiva incarnates regularly and together with
Vishnu, well, she is backing Suras exclusively. She is in the core of the Dynasty of Light. The Queen of Heaven is
the source of Forces of Light. Then, their appearance should have been mentioned along with this epic bas-
relief. Where are they? Is this five-headed figure actually, the mighty Lord Shiva and Parvati?

The photo was taken from …

Well, these are just some reasoning and thinking of mine on this topic. Nevertheless, it is probably better to
leave that discussion for some other time.

Now, let see for the moment how this game is going on. Both gods, Indra and Vishvakarman, are very important
for this game to be played on. There are no doubts about that fact. Nevertheless, what is also not to be forgotten
is that they do represent opposite sides of the same reality. They do represent the positive and the negative
side of the polarized dualistic relative world. There is a huge antagonism between them. Such polarization will
follow us all along the moment we establish ourselves in the God Consciousness on a way toward the Unity
Consciousness. Therefore, as long we live in Duality, and as long we are not established in the Unity, well, we
need to join one of these clubs. This is to say, we need to join either God Indra or God Vishvakarman in their
epic battle. The choice is of ours. There is no third option.

Of course, each side has their own goals, and their own methods to achieve these goals. For example, the side
of God Indra and his Suras will try to restore the Eden, the Heaven on Earth, and for that, they need the highest
Truth to be established all over the world. Another side, the Evil side represented by God Vishvakarman and his
Asuras, would try to distort the Truth wherever they can. That we have seen throughout endless examples
where the Truth and the True Knowledge, where they faced terrible deviations and distortions, just to be tuned
with the agenda of the Asuras, the Dark Force. Dark Age we passed through is full of such examples. They will
take even the highest knowledge and they will try to swindle it, to bend it in order not to be functional. I revealed
and exposed many such places, but just to make a reminder on one suchlike situation. For example, we saw that
famous and very basic postulate of the Veda and the Vedic Science …

Yogastah Kuru Karmani – Established in Being perform actions

… which I extensively elaborated in my previous writings. It looks very simple. It says that we need to be
established in higher states of consciousness in order to perform any action including going to war and fighting.
Nevertheless, sometimes due to ignorance, but sometimes even intentionally, some would insert the word …
FIRST … there, and that would change the context, connotation and the meaning entirely. It would drive kind of
thinking that you need to leave everything, and not to do anything, not to do any action, prior you are
established in higher states of consciousness. This will bring you to total confusion, it will create illusions and
delusions, and you will not be possible to function normally in everyday life. You will become confused just same
as Arjuna was, and even more. Forces of Light definitely do not want you to be in such a state of consciousness
so that you lose connection with the reality. However, there are guys who would like to see you exactly in such
a state of consciousness. Bad people would do exactly this; they will try to confuse you. They would do that
because they can rule over you easily when you are confused and lost in this dualistic world. They will rule over
you, and they will apply some religions and some systems where they will disconnect you from the Source even
further on. They will disconnect you from the Creator entirely. It sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? Just turn around
and watch people around you all over.

You see, just one word would change the meaning of that most essential postulate of the Vedic Science.
Therefore, do everything whatever you can to uplift your level of consciousness, but if the crisis comes along
with, just fight with what you have, and do not allow bad guys to manipulate your system of highest knowledge
on anyway. Because, if you are passive, you will not have this Knowledge how to climb toward higher states of
consciousness around. Bad guys will hide that knowledge, and you will be entrapped in the dualistic world, in
the world of Karma Law and its labyrinths, and you will not know how to come out.

There are many such examples of deviating from the Vedic Knowledge, but we leave that for some other time,
otherwise, we can miss the main topic of this essay entirely.

Just to conclude this discussion on God and Evil for this time, let us devote a few words to the Angkor Wat
temple complex itself. Indeed, this is amazing how much information we can gather from there. Again, we raise
that question about who built it up. Who was that King Suryavarman I, who supposedly built it up? They say he
diverted from Shiva tradition that was somewhat dominant in the region at that time. He turned to the God
Vishnu, and as we could see, he put Lord Vishnu at the center of all the Veda. This is actually how it should be,
because Lord Vishnu is the one running the Evolution itself, and all what we want to achieve, including
Enlightenment and Unity Consciousness, is in his domain. Then, just there at the site where I was researching
all that stories about bas-relief of Angkor Wat, they mentioned King Suryavarman I could possibly be the Vishnu
incarnation as well. Well, that stroke me indeed. Because all of sudden we see him possibly coming there in
Cambodia. Well, considering the fact that he is maybe God Vishnu incarnation, maybe in some future essays we
need to shed more light on this very interesting figure, and a very interesting situation.

The photo was taken from …

In my previous essay, the topic of King Sudas was discussed, and Aryan Invasion Theory, better to say … Aryan
Out of India Theory …, was partially deciphered. This time we shall continue to shed more light on this situation.
Therefore, it would be good to read that mentioned previous essay before this present one. If you did not do
that so far, it is better to visit the main site and to find all the appropriate information including the essay itself.3

As I said, we shall shed more light on that situation, though I do not have any new information about what was
happening on the Indian side, neither about King Sudas nor about some other events of that time. Thus, we do
not know exactly and precisely what was going on with his descendants. The last and only information I have
found is the fact that his grandson, the grandson of King Sudas, was fighting some battle and having a war on
the territory of Afghanistan and Iran. That was supposedly around 2275 B.C.E. He won the battle and the war,
and that means that he most probably pushed someone further to the west. Who were these people pushed
out from that region? Where did they go? Therefore, along with this event, and along with everything that we
know so far, a huge wave of migration out of India and toward the west was happening. This is very important
to be noticed. The migration was going only one way, migration was going toward the west. Therefore, that was
a one-way migration out of India. Vedic Aryans moved out of India. That was a huge wave of migration, and
masses of different kind of people were moving and rolling out of India. To where did they move on? Well, if
they were moving westward, and that was the only way that they could possibly have moved on, they would
definitely finish on the Levant and on the Mediterranean Sea. From the territory of the Afghanistan and Iran,
they could not move south because there is a sea, a big sea is on that side, big ocean. Moving north from that
point was not practical either, because there is a big mountain massive there, and moving over there would be
very complicated. The only open and easy way for moving was westward and this is how all these people
gradually moved toward the Levant, toward the Mediterranean Sea and the territory where there is today big
country we call … Turkey. Such moving toward the Levant was probably provoked by the battle of the ten kings
at the time of King Sudas, and most probably, it was gradually continuing further on for a long time.

They say there was a huge series of catastrophic events happening about 2000-1900 B.C.E., just there in western
and northern parts of India. It seems there was a big earthquake also so that some rivers changed their course
and all together, the entire region changed drastically. They say that was the time when once upon a time mighty
Vedic River Sarasvati entirely dried up, and it vanished from the scene forever. Such kind of situation was
probably amplifying all these migrations westward, and that was the moment that even the last light-skinned
people left the Indian subcontinent. Today the term … Indo-Europeans … is used to denote such groups. This
term has a good connotation, even though it would denote those who moved out of India, but it denotes those
who stayed there as well. There are Indo-Europeans and Vedic Aryans who stayed there in India, and we can
see them there even today. This term though could have some other connotations as well, but this is some other
theme actually.

Thus, it is there at that moment that we need to find migrants from India, who by moving westwards probably
diminished the Sumerian culture, and most probably some other cultures as well. Just there in the place where
it was Sumer, Akkadian Empire was born, it did last for some time, but it vanished by being transformed into
Assyria and Babylonia. Some other new Near East kingdoms and cultures emerged there as well, like strong
kingdom Mitanni, as well as the kingdom of Hurrians, Hittites, and Kassite.4 It was about that time that Canaan
was formed as well. This is to say, Suras and Asuras, they both moved out from India, they regrouped there, and
they formed their new kingdoms in the new world. One map, which can give at least some insight into how all

3) Mentioned essay with the title … KING SUDAS AND THE BATTLE OF THE TEN KINGS-Version 3.0 … can be found at the following web
site …
4) The question who were Hittites is quite often among scientists. One interesting article in the BAR, with the quite similar title … Who
were the Hittites? … can be found at the link …
Another article in the BAR covering the destiny of Hittites under the title … The Last Days of Hattusa … can be found at the link …
that looked like, is shown in the continuation below. This is the map from 1400 B.C.E., even though the first
appearance of mentioned states can be traced to around 1800 B.C.E., and perhaps even before.

It is exactly at that moment, and exactly in that region, that we shall continue our story. Even though we are
supposed to leave India for the moment because there is a lack of information on that side, we continue our
story on the other side because from Biblical sources we have some clues what was happening there. O yes, we
have plenty of information, but let we see if that can be useful enough for finding some natal charts and applying
Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. We shall try to do just the same efforts what we did so many times before. We try to
find the natal chart of any historical person, and then we can read out what and how all was going on. It worked
very well so far and why not to use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in this what they call … the dawn of civilization.
Nevertheless, we now know this is not any dawn actually, this is just the continuation from previous glories
Vedic Times. Changes were huge and drastic, but anyway, this is all just a continuation of older civilizations
before Biblical times.

The photo was taken from …

Then, when we consider early Biblical texts, including the Genesis where it all starts with Abraham, his son Isaac,
his son Esau and his twin brother Jacob, and then we come to the Biblical Joseph. This is where we need to stop
for a while and consider this situation very carefully.

The story of Joseph is so strongly imprinted in the Old Testament, and in some places, I even did find a very
important piece of information that he should be considered as Messiah. O yes, this is so very important info
indeed. That motivated me immediately to try to search for Biblical Joseph from the point of view of Vedic
Astrology-Jyotish. This time the search did not last for a long because based on all descriptions given by Biblical
sources, and by considering the fact that we have some clues to search in the period around 1800 B.C.E., it was
just there at that point that I began this entirely new quest.
When searching for historical Biblical Joseph, the clock has stopped on March 8, 1753 B.C.E. at 11.14 AM LMT.
The place of birth was the town of … Harran … in Mitanni in Mesopotamia. As we know, his father was Jacob,
and due to some troubles with his brother Esau, he was supposed to take shelter by his uncle, his mother’s
brother. He spent quite some time there, he got married there, and he had his own progeny including many
sons from few wives. It is exactly there that Joseph was born. Later on, they returned to the Canaan, but this is
another story.

Thus, we have a very clear situation about the natal chart. I’ve just followed a classical set of rules for casting
natal charts of Vishnu incarnations. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction should be involved definitely. We are expecting
Sun-Surya to be in the tenth house as well because this is exaltation place and we need to recall the fact that he
became the king, he became the Pharaoh by himself, even though he served for a long time as a prime minister
of the Pharaoh. Then Chandra-Moon should be in the twelfth house as usual, probably in Uttara Bhadra
Nakshatra. In addition, the Atmakaraka should be in the ninth of the Navamsa divisional chart.

Well, I did find one very interesting situation when Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined in the sixth house. That
attracted me immediately because that would indicate he spent some time with or among his rivals and
opponents. Or, at least, his wisdom and knowledge helped him to overcome enemies. Well, this is the point
where I intensified my research. The natal chart that follows was the result of that research …

Mentioned Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is very important in this natal chart. Both planets are functional malefic
for that ascendent, but being positioned there in the sixth, that will help in overcoming rivals, opponents, and
enemies. In fact, the owner of such a natal chart is very talented in finding troubles. He or she will be driven
through all kind of problematic situations, but in the final stage, they say, everything will finish with a happy
end. Saturn-Sani gives an aspect to the third house from him to the eighth house actually, the one he owns, and
that is the formula for a long life. The only problem with this placement is the seventh lord Saturn in the sixth
house, what is twelfth from the seventh actually. That will probably cause separation or at least instability in
marital life. Depending on the situation, it can be that partner will become an enemy, or, it can also be that a
partner will help in overcoming enemies. There are many nuances in this very position. However, in this
particular case of Biblical Joseph, I would rather consider that his wife was inimical to him. Or, the situation was
such like in the beginning, but later on, animosities faded out. Everything is possible.

We see many nice points in this natal chart, but we also see that Venus-Shukra is debilitated in the Navamsa
chart. That will give that in the first half of his life, Joseph was suffering from problems created by debilitated
fourth and eleventh house. The fourth house does represent home, homeland, but because this is Shukra-
Venus, it will have some connection with his wife; it will denote his wife as well. The eleventh house denotes
older brothers, income, and gains in general. Nevertheless, that debilitated Shukra-Venus has some feedback in
the third house denoting siblings in general, and neighboring countries. Debilitated Shukra-Venus will give bad
and questionable relationships. We know that Joseph’s elder brothers were extremely jealous and they sold him
to slavery in Egypt. He was about 17 years of age at that time. I would place this crucial and very dramatic event
to the planetary period … Budha-Rahu … in the dasha system. Please note that Rahu sits in the Bharani
Nakshatra, which is debilitated in Navamsa. Actually, in Navamsa, Shukra and Rahu are conjoined together and
they will give feedback to the third house, what I already mentioned before. Exactly this kind of situation was
activated in the mentioned planetary period. That period was about to last from December 1736 B.C.E. until
June 1733 B.C.E. If we want to be even more precise, I think we need to place that event to the … Bu-Ra-Ra …
period, to the spring of 1735 B.C.E., just when Joseph turned to be seventeen. Then, in the planetary period …
Bu-Ra-Sa … it happened something that will make another fateful turn in his life. In fact, as he did find himself
in Egypt, he lived in the house of the captain of the Pharaoh’s guard, who was actually a prince, the son of the
ruling pharaoh. His name was … Potiphar … or … Potipherah …, and who later on became a pharaoh by himself.
That is not all by the way. It seems that this Potiphar was a high priest of Egypt. In addition, he had a wife whose
name is not entirely clear though in some Jewish and Islamic texts she was mentioned as … Zuleikha.

However, it seems, she was attracted to younger men very much. Of course, she was attracted to Joseph as
well, due to his extraordinary beauty, how they say. Nevertheless, it seems Joseph was not the only one young
man in her life. If we read this part from Biblical texts, it was not apparently said what and how it really
happened. Following different sources, we come to different conclusions. Some texts would say that Joseph was
strong enough and pure enough to resist her and to refuse her. That is the reason, they say, he finished in the
prison for a few years. I think this is just some idealization due to religious needs. Nevertheless, some other
authors would say that there was some intimate connection between the two of them. I would agree with this
last statement. Some even mentioned that Joseph had children with her as well. Others say that he married
Zuleikha’s daughter … Asenath …, and that he had children with her. Well, that far I cannot go with reading the
natal chart. Hope somebody will solve that dilemma.

Then, why this imprisonment of Joseph did happen? I think some differences in opinion between Joseph and
Zuleikha erupted; she accused him of sexual harassment and she plotted his arrestment. This is how he finished
in a prison. It is not easy to say why, and it is not easy to say what the subject of that quarrel was. Did she already
try to marry him for her daughter in this early stage? Did Joseph refuse, and by doing this, he cemented his
destiny and finished in prison for a few years? We should have on mind that Joseph was a slave. His maneuvering
space was very small and narrow. He probably accepted this play with Zuleikha, but this is a very weird
relationship between slave and master. As it seems, his religious principles would not allow him to marry a girl
devoted to a different god. He rather chose to be punished, no matter what that would be. That probably
happened in the … Bu-Gu … planetary period, from June 1733 B.C.E until October 1731 B.C.E. As the story has
it, later on, he was saved from the prison due to his very extraordinary gift to read dreams. He became the
house intendant of Potiphar, and consequently, he was raised up in a career with him. Nevertheless, this is not
all. In a final stage, he accepted their daughter Asenath and he married her. Some sources would even claim
she, the daughter, turned to … Yahweh. This is where the bond and long-term cooperation was established.

Let we turn our attention now to the family Joseph was born. This is where we need to say a few words about
initial Canaan.5 The origin of the name itself is very controversial, they say. We need to know that the basic
structure of Vedic Aryans, once when they left their primary destination in India, that basic organizational
structure of caste system started to fall apart. That simply could not be followed anymore. Therefore, along with
moving, they started to separate. That is to say, huge masses moving out of India were naturally divided based
on the fact whether they do belong to the Suras or Asuras. That was one way of separation and one reason for
grouping and regrouping, and for the formation of new states kingdoms and empires. Nevertheless, each such
entity of suric or asuric background started to separate additionally due to the caste background. Needless to
say that the warrior caste, the Kshatriyas, were a dominant part of any such like society at that time. They had
a power; they were armed and trained to destroy everyone who would potentially oppose them or confront
them. Along with such big migrations, the basic idea is to take over the territory rich in resources. By the way,
what are basic resources of that time or of any time after all? I guess it would be territory rich in water and
fertile soil so that food production can go on the easy way. Basic elements of survival are … water and food.

Now we need to turn back to the map exposed a little bit earlier. This map is telling many things. For example,
we can consider the fact which territory was the most desirable in this sense. Of course that the Mesopotamia
comes to be as the first place of choice. The fertile valleys of Euphrates and Tigris could have been a dream for
many such like groups moving out of India westward. This is exactly why many of these groups rolling out of
India settled there. Nevertheless, who could take a chance to settle there? Only the strongest, I would say. It is
not difficult to conclude, there was a big fight for this territory. And, who was the strongest? The strongest were
these groups organized around warrior caste, around Kshatriyas. Only they were capable to take advantage to
settle there. Therefore, if we now look at that map again, whom do we see there? We see there Hurrians who
established Mitanni Empire, we see Kassite kingdom formed therearound Babylon, we see Assyrians around and

5) Nice article in the Magazine … Biblical Archaeology Review – BAR … under the title … Does a Jordan Valley Site Reveal the Origin of
Ancient Israel? … covers the possible first signs of Israelite presence in the territory of the today Israel, can be found at the site …

Hittites as well. Needless to say that all these groups are based on strong Kshatriya caste. They were all very
strong military.

If we look now on Canaan, what do we see there? We see mostly shepherds, and this is how they got their name
after all. We see shepherds and farmers in the land with not so very extraordinary fertile soil, except few smaller
river valleys, and we see mostly hilly regions, with mountain and rocky landscape. No need to mention that
some regions were more desert-like and very difficult for a comfortable life. How did they get there? Well,
immediately, we need to recall the story of Abraham and arrival of Israelites in the Canaan. They say that
Abraham was born in Ur, and this is supposedly somewhere in Mesopotamia. Some are connecting it with
Sumerian Ur, but some claim this is Chaldean Ur, different from Sumerian Ur. Nevertheless, it must be
somewhere there in or around the Mesopotamia, in what will become the big Mitanni Kingdom. The Mitanni
Kingdom is part of even the bigger Hurrian group. For a long time, there was a strong connection between
Canaan and the early Mitanni Kingdom. Even later on, Jacob, the father of Joseph, when he was having troubles
with his twin brother Esau, he exiled to Harran in Mesopotamia. That was the Mitanni Kingdom. His mother
Rebecca was originally from that region, and her primary family including her brother, they were still there. Jews
quite often went to Mitanni to choose their wives. Therefore, we see the connection. Before they had come to
Canaan, Jews were part of that big migration wave coming from India.

Nevertheless, the fact is that in a certain moment, they separated and the story has it that under the guidance
of Abraham, they moved to Canaan. Strong contacts with Egypt, the dominant culture of that region, was
established even during the time of Abraham. We know that due to famine at some time Abraham took Israelites
from Canaan to Egypt, but this story did not finish well, and Israelites were supposed to return. Therefore, the
first contacts of Israelites with Egyptians we can trace back to around 1850 B.C.E., or maybe even before.

I am just reading the very extraordinary book from Jewish Biblical scholar … Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg …

Actually, this is an e-Book, under the title …


The book itself is very useful indeed. It already gave answers to many questions I had, and it definitely helped
in shaping exposed natal charts.

Therefore, this separation of Israelites from masses of other migrants from India, this is one very important
point to be noticed. Initially, Israelites were another caste, probably mixture of a majority of Vaishya caste with
some small parts of other castes as well. Vaishyas are the caste of entrepreneurs, farmers, tradesmen,
craftsmen, and artisans. They were producing all that was necessary for the comfortable life of the entire society
of that particular country-kingdom. They were doing that for generations and their tradition we can trace back
for many thousand years. Nevertheless, whenever such separation happens, the new social group will
reestablish other missing classes. Of course that they had their own priesthood already at that time. Most
probably, they already arranged some defense as well, but that was probably in some initial stage. In general,
early Israelites were peaceful people oriented to their jobs, work, families, and God. According to the story, this
is exactly what God needed. He needed pure people not involved in sins. After all, the entire faith of theirs is
revolving around the knowledge of how not to commit sins and how to stay pure.

To confirm that story, it would be nice to have some other charts of Joseph’s family. I was working on that
intensively, and somehow it happened that two incredible charts surfaced. I did find none else then Jacob, the
father of Joseph, and his twin brother Esau.
Well, their place of birth is Ashkelon, I think. Biblical Jacob was born on August 19, 1792 B.C.E., at 6.21 AM LMT,
while his twin brother Esau was born some few minutes before, at about 6.05 AM LMT.

This time I will skip details about both natal charts. Just to mention that based on what we see, Jews are very
well established in the Canaan right about the beginning of the nineteenth century before Christ. If we consider
the fact that Jacob’s and Esau’s father, Biblical Isaac, was born there as well, most probably around 1840-1850
B.C.E., then we have a stunning information about the very beginning of Canaan and the early Israelites.

Perhaps it would be good now to continue the story of Biblical Joseph. Now when we know the full frame of the
Canaan and Israelites, maybe we can drive some additional conclusions about Joseph and his situation.

I did my best to find out historical background for pharaohs of Egypt about the time of Joseph, but I could not
do that. There is such a mess with the 12th, the 13th, the 14th and the 15th dynasty of Egypt, that it was impossible
for me to make any significant progress. I was curious to know which pharaoh was in power at the moment
when Joseph entered Egypt. If we find out an answer to that question, well, all other questions could be
answered as well. One thing is for sure, Joseph belonged to the era before the Hyksos entered Egypt. This
conclusion is very definite and along with I need to change, modify and revise my previous attitude about this

When considering the topic of pharaohs of that era, I think we need to follow the line of Danish Egyptologist …
Kim Ryholt …, and he would associate … Pharaoh Sheshi … to be the mentioned one Pharaoh when Joseph
entered Egypt. They say his reign lasted about 40 years starting with 1745 B.C.E. This is probably all right, but
we need to consider that in this period we need to count the reign of his two sons as well. The prince Potiphar
was one of them, and most probably, he inherited his older brother on the throne.

By researching the natal chart of Joseph, I would say that he became the prime minister in … Sk-Sy … planetary
period and that would be around 1718-1717 B.C.E. That is the moment that Potiphar became the Pharaoh. That
could last until 1705 B.C.E. and the planetary period … Sk-Bu … or alternatively until 1701 B.C.E., when Surya
mahadasha started. These two options are possible for him, for Joseph, to become the pharaoh. He himself was
ruling for a long time, for some time alone, then later on probably in coregency with his son or sons. They say
he lived a long life of about 110 years, what is to say that he was around all until 1640 B.C.E., let say so.

Now we are coming to the very critical point. It is told that Israelites from Canaan were gradually entering Egypt
exactly during this time when Joseph was there, and especially when he became prime minister and the
pharaoh, most probably of all Egypt. That means, due to increased problems with food scarcity and famine in
Canaan, they were gradually moving toward the fertile delta of Nile. They got their part there, on the eastern
side of the delta of mighty River Nile, and everything was going smooth way and without animosities and
without any clash. It seems that was his mission. I mean, Joseph’s mission. It seems, he was about to connect
two great cultures and to make an even bigger unique new culture where East and West would be connected
together and to be integrated and fused entirely. This is the very common theme of the Evolution Force, and of
all those who are running the Evolution itself. Integration of cultures and civilizations, and transforming the
entire world into one unique spiritually highly evolved unit, what we usually call Eden, this is the primary goal
of Forces of Light.

In the beginning, before Joseph entered Egypt, the population of Israelites there was very small. They already
had there some very small pieces of land, on the eastern side of the delta of Nile, but they were very small in
number, perhaps about 70 people. At the end of Joseph’s era, that could have been the number of several
million. About three million, I would say.

Therefore, we see that the main goal was the peaceful integration of the Great Vedic Culture with the equally
great culture of Egypt. This is all that I see from this very complex situation. Nevertheless, it seems that in the
post-Joseph era something went wrong there. This is the time, probably about 1630 B.C.E. when we have to
consider the appearance of the Hyksos in Egypt. Hyksos were very strong military, and according to some
sources, they were very cruel. This description does not have anything to do with the Israelites. Why would they
turn against their hosts Egyptians while everything worked so well for them? However, it seems that exactly in
the fact that they lived happily in harmony with their hosts Egyptians, we need to consider an option that such
kind of situation did provoke a lot of envy and jealousy. All the Near East including Mesopotamia as well, this is
kind of relatively small area, the voice was spread around quickly, and it is very likely that good life of Israelites
attracted some vultures, birds of prey, to make a mess there. Moreover, this is exactly what these Hyksos did.
They definitely must have been of some asuric origin, they came and by brute force, they overtook some
portions of Egypt. That could have been bigger portions indeed. Of course, they took Israelites as their partners,
most probably they forced them, and this is where hatred of Egyptians toward Israelites and Jews started. The
story has it that Hyksos ruled Egypt for about a hundred years, all until Egyptians reorganized and expelled
Hyksos out. This is to say, only Hyksos were expelled, not Israelites. Instead, Egyptians turned the Israelites to
be their slaves and to perform some heavy works. This is the story of the … First Exodus …, which could possibly
have happened about 1530-1520 B.C.E., and which is related to the Hyksos only. However, this is the story of
the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt as well. Thus, something that began as a nice idea of unification and
integration, and what was going on so well for some time, in a final stage it finished as a disaster.

It is very likely that Joseph was also mentioned in some texts as Pharaoh Khufu. It is very likely that he, as well
as some other pharaohs of that era, tried to build up some pyramids. No doubt, they were trying to preserve
and reestablish glorious past times when pyramids of Egypt were fully in function and providing an enormous
quantity of negative ions, which were used for light devices and in electrochemistry, like gold plating and silver-
plating. That was just one way to use these precious negative ions. Actually, the basic purpose of such pyramids
was to keep the level of consciousness high, and that was done exactly by generating the enormously high level
of negative ions. Therefore, King Khufu, or King Cheops how Greeks did interpret that very same name, he very
probably did build some pyramids, but only smaller ones. He definitely did not build up any of these big pyramids
of Giza Plateau. In fact, maybe if we consider that King Khufu alias Joseph was an incarnation of God Vishnu, just
same as it was Hermes the Trismegistus who lived some 10.400 years before the Christ, and who really did build
up these pyramids, well then maybe we can say that this statement is true. Joseph was identified as Hermes,
but this is not the same incarnation. Thus Biblical Joseph, alias King Khufu, does not have anything to do with
pyramids on Giza Plateau, except maybe the fact that he tried to put them in function again. In addition, one
thing is for sure, King Joseph-Khufu never did try to build any pyramid for burial purpose.

This is now how we shall bring this story of Biblical Joseph toward the end. Of course, much more is possible to
say and write about, but that would definitely exceed the purpose of this essay. Soon, perhaps, we find some
other clues about that topic, including some new natal charts, so that we can shed more light on this very
complex situation. Just to conclude, we see now that Jews and Israelites are not supposed to be mixed up with
Hyksos. These are entirely different stories. Prior to the entering into Egypt in the entirely peaceful way,
Israelites lived as a separate unit at least for 250 years. Perhaps even more. However, if we reconsider the words
of German Egyptologist Hans Wolfgang Helck, that Hyksos and Israelites were part of the same migration of
Aryans and Hurrians from India, this is maybe technically correct. Nevertheless, we saw that Israelites, as being
of Suric origin and belonging to the caste of Vaishya who are not so eager to have quarrels and fights, and totally
without military orientation, they did not have anything in common with Hyksos. We can use the following
analogy. Theoretically, we can say that Hitler and Churchill sat together, ate together, and made all these
barbaric demonic plans together. This is technically possible. Right? Because the fact is that, they did belong to
the same era, and to the same time frame of the World War II. However, as we know very well, the story did
not go this way.

This is the reason that this natal chart of Joseph is so very important. As I already mentioned before, I was
supposed to revise many opinions of mine about that topic. I deeply apologize for all my wrong thinking. In fact,
only this one unique natal chart of the Biblical Joseph changed many things. We are not in darkness anymore,
we can see much deeper through the dense smoke and mirror reflections. We can reconstruct the true events,
and this is all that we are interested in. We are interested in finding the Truth what the only way to deconstruct
the illusion is.

There are almost no words strong enough to emphasize the importance of finding the natal chart of Biblical
Joseph, and as we could see, natal charts of some other members of his family. Finally, now we can put all these
early Biblical events into belonging historical context. This is so crucial and fundamental discovery indeed. After
such a revelation is done, it will be much easier to reconstruct what really had happened in early Biblical days.
Of course, that will perhaps be just as a catalyst in finding natal charts of other important figures of that time.
Nevertheless, this is important not only to understand better Biblical events but also to understand better that
part of the History of Humanity that was totally obscured and enshrouded in darkness. We discovered all of
sudden, that we have so sophisticated and so profound tool, such as Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is. Opportunities
are endless. We could possibly say … only the Sky is the limit. This syntagm is quite often used in such situations.
Nevertheless, this is going even beyond that. Along with Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, we entered deep into celestial
spheres, and there, as we know … there are no limits. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is such a blessing indeed. However,
we must also highlight the point that Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is part of the Vedic Science, part of the Veda.

Restoring the true Vedic Knowledge, and reconnecting all religions with Veda, well, this is our basic task right
now. We need to know that all religions are missing something. They are missing this vital part of how to
reconnect the Man and Humankind with the true Source, with the God. Unfortunately, during Dark Age we just
passed through and left behind, that portion of the Wholeness was somehow lost. Therefore, even though we
are confirming many claims of many religions, this is not our basic intention. No doubt, this is good, and this is
very important. Nevertheless, even more important is to find out what is missing in all these religions, to repair
that, and to make one unique system as a guide for the entire world. The entire world needs Veda. It is such a
blessing that we have Vedic Knowledge revived again. For some time we were sleeping deep winter sleep and
Vedic Science somehow was put aside for a while. However, never completely, and never all over the world.
Even in such dark ages, Veda and Vedic Science, they were still around though in some seed form. Then again,
the time comes for this knowledge to blossom and thrive. Some seeds seeded long ago, are just about to

Just to conclude with something very nice, bright and celebrating …

In Veda and Vedic Science, the big importance is given to teachers, to all those who are transmitting that
precious knowledge throughout the time. That is the reason we pay homage to all those great Gurus, Rishis and
Maharishis, who made possible this knowledge to flourish and thrive again. We pay homage to all teachers
because the month of July is exactly for such purpose. This is especially emphasized with the Full Moon-Purnima
in that month, which is traditionally devoted to celebrating all teachers of the world. Initially, it is to enliven the
memory on Veda Vyasa, but this is additionally devoted to all gurus and teachers of the world.6

It is a pleasure of mine that by the great blessing of … Divine Providence … and by the assistance of the equally
divine … Goddess Jyotir Vidya …, even the natal chart of Shankaracharya Swami Bramhananda Saraswati
surfaced. Let that be my humble contribution to this very special Guru Purnima of 2018. The fact is that we are
approaching now to the … Guru Purnima … on July 27, 2018, and I would like to congratulate this very auspicious
day in the Vedic Calendar to everyone.
The End

6) According to the legend and tradition, it is said that Veda Vyasa was born on that day, what is to say, on the Full Moon in the month
of July. Interestingly, as I have shown and have exposed the natal chart of Veda Vyasa, it seems that was not the case. I exposed that
natal chart in the essay with the title … THE AGE OF LORD KRISHNA-The True Story of Lord Krishna … that can be found at the link … The natal chart based on the birth date as October 25, 3179
B.C.E. at 7.52 AM LMT, seems pretty consistent with the life story of Veda Vyasa. Nevertheless, there is no Full Moon visible in the natal
chart, and there was not the month that would correspond to the summer month July in our present calendar. Furthermore, it is even
more interesting that on some places, another story for celebrating Guru Purnima can be found. According to that story, disciples of Veda
Vyasa by being very grateful for the immense knowledge and wisdom given out, they asked him how they could honor him. Veda Vyasa
replied that they could chose one day within the year … to be especially dedicated in honoring Sri Guru. They chose the Full Moon of the
month Ashādhā when the Moon itself is the fullest. This corresponds to June and July in the Gregorian calendar. This seems as very
plausible option actually.
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