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Edited by Frederick Mann


by Don Smith

[Reprinted with permission from Volume 3, Number 2 of AntiShyster, PO Box 540786, Dallas,
TX 75354-0786 -- (214) 559-7957 -- annual subscription $25.]

Most of government's activities consist of collecting moneys or taxes from Americans for
various alleged civil or criminal wrongs. Therefore, an insight into ordinary debt collection
axioms and experience is useful to the average anti-government litigator.

From the point of view of government Agents (predators), debtors are "prey" who can be
classified within the following spectrum:

1. Slaves: Once they receive a government Demand letter ("give me your money, slave!"), they
will send a check regardless of whether they owe the money or not.

2. Whiners: Upon receiving a Demand, they'll complain, "I don't believe I owe," but their
trembling voices will show they have no substance. So when the Agent says LOUDLY, "Are
you refusing to pay?!", the Whiners will send the check. Whiners are also Slaves, but they have
read a book or two about Men or Women.

3. Evaders: Those who simply refuse the green cards, ignore the Demand letters, etc. They are
weak, without substance, and will not resist in court. The Agent knows he'll get a default
judgment, garnish their wages, seize their car, and collect readily. Evaders are Slaves with bad

4. Red Necks: These bluster or threaten, and may even file an Answer or complaint to some
consumer protection agency -- but they are ignorant and therefore easily beaten. Red Necks are
also subject to garnishment or seizure, but government Agents must first listen to them to
determine their level of knowledge since they may actually fight and occasionally get lucky.
Government Agents routinely crush Red Necks, just as if they were Slaves. However, Red
Necks are not Slaves, but are simply so ill-raised and poorly educated that they cannot defend

5. Men and Women: Perhaps 5% of the population who respond to a government Demand by
asking questions. They don't merely complain, evade, threaten, or even deny. They ask
questions, which implies the presence of intelligence, understanding, and sufficient courage to
challenge and perhaps defeat the Agents.

As soon as a government Agent hears a sensible question, all summary process stops since
Agents know that those who ask questions may be Men or Women and, as such, can be
genuinely dangerous. As soon as an Agent is asked a sensible question, he will re-examine his
Demand to make sure his position is sound, go back to his Principal to ask if there is any reason
that the debtor may not owe, or if the amount demanded may be in error. The Principal usually
senses his Agent's caution and cautiously re-examines the Demand he put forth for collection.

The government will probably proceed with the collection anyway, but from the moment the
debtor asks the first question, the Agent knows he may no longer be dealing with "prey," but
may be dealing with a Man or Woman who sees him as prey. Faced with the possibility of
personal liability, government Agents tend to scrupulously honor the debtor's rights, see that he
gets a copy of every notice or action, provide him with an opportunity for genuine negotiation,
and even act as if they were "nice guys."

Why does the government Agent do all this? Because he knows from experience that he is not
the biggest fish in the pond, that the waters are dark and deep, and he may have grabbed hold of
something that wants to grab hold of him.

Remember, for government Agents, the first sign of a dangerous Man or Woman is often the
sound of an intelligent, sensible question.

Editor's Comments: Who Attacks? -- Who Gets Attacked?

Freedom Technology includes the appropriate questions that tend to stop terrocrat agents
(terrorist bureaucrats) dead in their tracks.

The first thing to realize is that "the government" or "the state" never attacks you. It's always
one or more individual terrocrats -- or a group of individual terrocrats. The terrocrats are often
not the world's most intelligent people. Usually they have quotas to fill. It's much easier for
them to fill their quotas if they go after Slaves, Whiners, Evaders, and Red Necks.

When confronted with a Man or a Woman who correctly asks penetrating questions that
expose the terrocrats' greatest weaknesses, it usually doesn't take too long for them to back
down and switch their attention to more docile victims.


by Frederick Mann

Anyone interested in the legal aspects of Freedom Technology is invited to participate in The
Right Way ... l.a.w. (learn and win), a private non-profit club with the primary objective to
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lawful manner.

The membership fee is $150 per year. It's also a networking system, enabling members to earn
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Dynamite Legal Strategies and Tactics

Do you know what a demurrer is? It's a pleading by a party to a legal action that challenges the
major premise of the opposing party, and sets up that it is insufficient in law to sustain his claim
or that there is some other defect constituting a legal reason why the opposing party should not
be allowed to proceed further.

Let me illustrate by example: the IRS sends you a letter demanding that you visit them with
your books and records. Their major premise is that you must come with your books and
records. They are the plaintiff and you are the defendant. Your demurrer is to challenge their
major premise and ask them to prove that they have the authority and jurisdiction for their
demand. You change the major premise to: "they must prove their authority." Effectively, you
now function as plaintiff, and they effectively function as defendant. Guess who has the
advantage? (The Harry Plott Saga and The Harry Plott Saga II contain some examples of the
successful application of demurrer to stop terrocrats dead in their tracks.)

Do you know what allocution is? I've asked several attorneys and law students. Not one of them
had even heard of the term. Suppose you are convicted in court. Just before passing sentence,
the judge asks: "Before I sentence you, do you have anything to say?" What you say at this
point is called allocution. This is a last-ditch opportunity to walk away free and clear, even if
you've been convicted! Most attorneys know nothing about the legal actions you can take at this
point. Yet there are powerful allocution actions you can take that in some cases have resulted in
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Demurrer and allocution are just two examples of the wealth of dynamite information available
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 How to use a law library
 Criminal defenses and counter-attacks (such as demurrer and allocution) not used by
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 How to protect yourself against corrupt terrocrats
 How to sue corrupt terrocrats, police officers, and judges
 What rights you have and don't have, and why
 What taxes you have to pay and what taxes are voluntary -- dynamite strategies and
tactics to stop the IRS dead in their tracks.

Why be Prepared for Legal Emergencies

Terrocrats sometimes strike capriciously. Most people, when confronted with a legal
emergency, run to their attorney. In the vast majority of cases they end up paying both their
attorney and the terrocrats tens of thousands of dollars -- or more!

The attorney is an officer of the court, licensed by the state. Wittingly or unwittingly, his
primary purpose is to take you for all he can get, while upholding the corrupt system on
which his livelihood depends! If the attorney uses the most powerful legal strategies and tactics
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You never know when the terrocrats might strike. You're much better off, if in a legal
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Why Terrocrats can be Beaten Legally

In America, all terrocrats -- from the low-level IRS clerk who sends you an extortion letter, to
the unctuous judge in his intimidating black robe, sitting on his elevated pedestal -- are
vulnerable. They are vulnerable because the agencies they represent achieved their ostensible
power and authority through fraud. Highly workable legal strategies have been developed to
expose the fraudulent foundation on which they operate, evaporating their bogus power. A
wealth of practical, thoroughly tested information on exactly how to do all this is available from
The Right Way ... l.a.w.

The U.S. Constitution severly limits what government bureaucrats may do. In order to
circumvent these limitations, all government agencies (probably without exception) have
resorted to trickery and fraud to attain their current power and scope. Through extensive
research during the past few decades and determined testing in court, by a network of patriot
legal scholars and practical activists, the legal means to expose the terrocrats' fraudulent
foundations and use it against them, has been developed. And the legal means is being
improved all the time, becoming stronger and stronger. The terrocrats are on the losing end of
an unstoppable march to freedom.

Achieving a Critical Mass of Legal Expertise

The concept of "critical mass" is important. When a critical mass of people in Eastern Germany
withdrew their support from their tyrants, the Berlin Wall collapsed. When a critical mass of
individuals withdrew their support from their Soviet tyrants, the Soviet Empire collapsed

Generally, political systems are designed so that subjects have to support the system under
penalty of punishment -- "If you don't support us, we'll take your property, smash your
business, jail you, etc." I believe that the legal expertise is now available in America whereby
any individual or group can withdraw support from the system and organize their affairs so as
to reduce the risk of being punished to a negligible level. Furthermore, by organizing your
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Now, to reach critical mass, this legal expertise needs to be made available to as many people
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by Frederick Mann

Just over a year ago we made contact with Harry for the first time. He spent $49.00 to order the
first batch of our materials. As a former "Federal Employee," he was amazed to discover (from
The Economic Rape of America: What You Can Do About It) the extent to which Americans
were being economically raped. He was even more amazed to find out (from the many other
reports) that there were practical things he could do immediately to increase his personal power
and freedom. He learnt that it was possible to actually live as a Free Sovereign Individual. It
seemed almost too good to be true!

He also learnt that he could operate his business as a "Sovereign Business" free from practically
all taxes and government regulations. His business could become vastly more profitable if he
implemented Freedom Technology principles. Well, during the past year he's been
implementing Freedom Technology principles in both his personal life and his business. His
freedom and personal power have indeed increased phenomenally. And so have his profits!
(See the update in the second part of this article.)
In 1991 the terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats) started "investigating" Harry's business. He
successfully handled their "questions" over a two-year period. Here's the rest of the story
(extracted with permission from his Dec., 1994 "Confidential Report"):

I hope you can understand that even though for a number of years, I had been developing my
basic concepts of freedom, individual rights, the true nature of government, and so on, putting
these concepts into practice, while confronting the enemy "face to face" is extremely difficult.
The basic intimidation and fear created by years of brainwashing creates an almost
overwhelming urge to acquiesce and take the easy way out.

All of these little skirmishes helped me prepare for what was about to come. The seeds of my
discontent had already begun to sprout.

Freedom Technology
In the Fall of '93, I ordered everything available from a freedom-promoting organisation. Their
material confirmed, explained and expanded on my basic belief system. Their Trust-package
was the exact structure needed for my idea for a business co-op. With little delay, I got a few of
my friends together, completed and recorded the Trust documents. WNH [World Network
Holdings] was born - a Sovereign Entity.

The "System" Attacks

In May, '94, I got a phone call from a reporter for the Harrisburg "Patriot News." (A misnomer
if I ever heard one.) He wanted my comments on the "Cease & Desist Order" issued against me
and WNH by the PA [Pennsylvania] Securities Commission. I had no such Order! The reporter
had a copy of this Order even before I did! The next day I received the Order. This was just the
start of similar attacks by the so-called free press...

The so-called article was a public indictment of my activities and beliefs. Wait a minute!
Wasn't WNH outside of the STATES's jurisdiction? Wasn't a Pure Contract Trust a "Legal
Entity?" Not according to "them."

What am I going to do? I have everything "on the line." I'm not going down without a fight! I
called Frederick Mann. I explained what was happening. He told me he would make a few calls
and get back to me. Within a few minutes he called me back. This is the person you want to talk
to, he told me.

In a matter of minutes, I was in contact with one of the best legal minds in the country. Of
course, I didn't know this at the time. (I discovered his distinguished qualifications later.)

Within a few weeks, I was completing a series of documents that would change my life. We
then prepared our legal ammunition and fired our first shot. We returned the PA [Securities
Commission]'s Cease and Desist Order with a "Refusal for Cause." We demanded a "Judicial
Notice of Foreign Law." Yes that's right, common law is foreign to the STATE's legislative
This was in Aug., but we are still in business. I was served with a subpoena for our records, and
I refused. I was subpoenaed for my appearance and I refused. In Sept. I was told that a warrant
would be issued for my arrest for criminal and contempt charges. I said, do it! And we are still
in business.

Could the STATE be in error? In Nov., after [our] "Due Process of Law" [motion], our Default
Judgment against any further action by these people became final. [Because the PA Securities
Commission did not respond to the "Due Process of Law" motion, they automatically subjected
themselves to a Default Judgment that prohibits them from taking further action.]

I hate to do this to you, but I am out of space. I will continue this saga with our Jan. end of year
report. HWP."

If you have all your ducks in a row and you know what you're doing, you can mostly stop the
terrocrats dead in their tracks. Anthony Hargis successfully followed a similar procedure with
his free-enterprise bank in Orange County, California. However, not all of us are as brave as
Harry Plott and Anthony Hargis. We can operate in ways that are pretty well invisible to the
terrocrats. This is an essential aspect of Freedom Technology.

Sovereign Businesses
The sovereign businesses of Harry Plott and Anthony Hargis are like little pinholes in a giant
government dyke. And the terrocrats can't plug these pinholes. The reason is that the pinholes
represent the law of the land, while the giant government dyke consists entirely of fraud. People
like the legal expert who assisted Harry have developed the legal means to make pinholes the
terrocrats cannot plug.

All that is necessary to bring the government dyke crashing down is to create more pinholes
and to continuously enlarge them. When the pinholes reach critical mass in number and size,
the government dyke collapses. The government dyke holds back a dam of free enterprise.
When the dyke collapses, free enterprise is released and washes and floods over the country and
the world.

In Harry Plott and Anthony Hargis we have powerful role models. There are thousands of
freedom lovers in America and the rest of the world who can emulate them. We've described
the "Free Enterprise Shift" as the shift of economic resources and activities from the public and
private sectors to the real free-enterprise sector of the world. The shift is most risky for the first
pioneers. They blaze a trail for the rest of us to follow. They prove it can be done. We learn
from them and follow them as role models.

It will probably take only about a thousand "Harry Plotts" and "Anthony Hargises" to collapse
the dyke. We need more pioneers. And we're available to assist you. Before the end of the
century we could create a free-enterprise flood that engulfs Northern America within a few
years... and the rest of the world within a few more years.
by Frederick Mann

Update on World Network Holdings (WNH)

In his latest "Confidential Report," (Feb. 1995) founder Harry Plott writes:

"...[T]here is no question that our tremendous growth, over the last year and a half, is the direct
result of our involvement with that "radical fringe" of extraordinary people dedicated to
personal and business freedom. Our understanding of how "the system" really works has
opened incredible opportunities for future growth."

Harry reports that 1994 began with $285,000 in assets and ended with $4.3 million. He
essentially attributes this phenomenal growth to the implementation of Freedom Technology
and the support from other freedom oriented individuals.

WNH is the beginning of the explosive shift of people, resources, and economic activities from
the public and private sectors to the free-enterprise sector - the "Free Enterprise Shift."

We need more freedom-entrepreneurs to implement Freedom Technology in their businesses, or

to create new Sovereign Businesses. Pioneers like Harry Plott will become millionaires and
billionaires during the next decade! The public (coercive) and private (slave) sectors will be
competed out of existence!

[Note: The following is from the World Network Holdings "Confidential Report" (in part) for
January 1995. It is reprinted with permission. Don't let the first paragraph frighten you! Harry
Plott is a GIANT among MEN!] - Copyright (c) By World Network Holdings ALL RIGHTS

Trust Promoter Skips Town

"Pennsylvania promoter and "self-proclaimed" entrepreneur, Harry W Plott, has fled the
Commonwealth with an undisclosed amount of trust funds claimed to be owned by World
Network Holdings. Plott was not available for comment. It has been reported that he was last
seen heading south, possibly to the State of Florida."

Is this statement true or false? (Actually we've moved to the Florida state Republic. I would
never move to the "State of" anywhere.) However, this is typical of the kind or garbage that the
so-called news media put out. Over the last 8 months or so, there actually have been similar
articles about me and WNH. Maybe you've seen them, maybe not.

In each case, for a few days, I would be flooded with phone calls. Many calls were in support of
our efforts. We even gained some new associates. Occasionally, I would get some jerk telling
me I was un-American. Some would tell me to stop rocking the boat and play the game. The
implication here was for everyone to continue the use of expensive legal loopholes and for me
to keep the truth to myself.
So far, there have been articles in the "Harrisburg Patriot News," the "Chicago Tribune," the
"Philadelphia Inquirer," and the "Wall Street Journal." In these articles, I was basically
portrayed as some kind of nut with the ridiculous idea that I was actually free to operate a
business without the government's blessings or interference. In my opinion, the "Philadelphia
Inquirer's" article, written by Robert Moran, was the closest thing to an honest report. The rest
was just plain news media propaganda to scare would-be participants from associating with the
rest of us kooks.

I've been asked several times if I would address this issue. However, I'm not going to dignify
these articles with a blow by blow response. I will cover some of these issues on page 8, where
I will continue my story from last month. I will use the above article, which is similar in tone
and words to the actual articles, as an example of how the truth can be slanted to create a
negative image.

There is always some semblance of truth to these articles or the legal department at the
newspaper would not allow it to be printed. However, an article can be written in such a way as
to make it appear that something is not quite right. The first impact, of course, is negative but
what does this little item really say?

It says that I have moved the trust operations from Pennsylvania to (possibly) Florida. That's
what I have done, so why does that sound so bad? The use of words like "skip" and "fled" are
subjective, arbitrary and specifically used to deride. Wouldn't "moved" or "relocated" be more

Certain words have come to have negative connotations. When the newspapers called me a
"promoter," I'm sure they didn't mean it to be a compliment. But "promoter" is a perfectly
legitimate description. The Oxford Thesaurus gives the full sense of "promoter" to mean "A
person who helps or defends another; One who gives financial support. The opposite of
promoter is "adversary," "opponent," or "enemy." I'm proud to be a "promoter" for our cause!

Does the term "entrepreneur" give you a positive or negative "feeling." Unfortunately, for most
people, "entrepreneur" is also one of those words which has been slanted to mean someone
"less then honest." Webster defines "entrepreneur" as: "a person who organizes and manages a
business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit." Simple enough!

Words like "self-proclaimed" and "claims to" are also used to cast doubt like kids saying "yah,
says who?"

In my opinion, the stock-in-trade of the Socialist state-controlled news media is to cloud the
facts with subjective, arbitrary words of ridicule and disparagement when reporting anything
that goes against the "establishment."

Time spent trying to explain the concepts of freedom to these miscreants, has fallen on deaf
ears. They prefer to quote me out of context to make me out the fool.
Our Survival, continued
Now I'll continue our story from last month. I'm going to back up to the point where the PA
Securities Commission had issued it's "Cease and Desist Order."

The order stated that we were in violation of PA Securities regulations by advertising and
promoting an "Investment Trust." My reply was that WNH was a "common law entity" not
within their jurisdiction and not subject to any of their legislative rules and regulations. Our
right to contract is inalienable, guaranteed and protected by our Constitution.

I told them that WNH was not invested in any regulated equities such as stock or bonds and
therefore by Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, could not be categorized as an "Investment
Trust" and further that we had never placed any advertisements (as if any of this matters) and
conducted our affairs under our right of free association to exchange information with each
other without government censorship or interference.

I Was Wrong!
Later I discovered to my surprise that I was wrong! While WNH may be a common law entity,
I was not. And, as a US. citizen acting in the capacity of Trustee for WNH, I was [claimed to
be] subject to their laws and therefore so was WNH, common law entity or not.

This was an attack on me personally. WNH was not the issue. As a US citizen, I was subject to
all US rules and regulations. (This is why an "offshore" entity has always been considered and
is the only "safe haven" for US. citizens. You'll understand this paradox in a moment.)

This seems to leave us with basically two choices: leave the United States and give up our US
citizenship, or turn over our business affairs to someone in another country. I don't accept either
choice! Either we are free or we are not. There is no middle of the road!

Now I'm really in "hot water." I say, "I am free with inalienable and constitutional rights"; the
government says, "You are a US citizen with the "Civil Rights" we grant to you, or revoke, at
our convenience. In other words, "Guess again, dummy."

How can we, while living in a country established on the concept of "Individual Sovereignty
over government," be reduced to mere subjects at the whims and wishes of these bureaucrats.
(Finding the answer to this question gave us back our personal power!)

Voluntary Acts
It is a violation of the Constitution, (the "Charter" that created our government) for them to use
force to take away our inalienable and constitutional rights. As corrupt as we may believe our
government to be, they still must obey this basic law. I believe they do. Otherwise, there would
be no hope of freedom for individuals in this country. The legal steps that we can take to regain
our Sovereignty would be worthless. However, they (those who've stolen our power) are not
above using lies and propaganda to trick us into giving up our rights, "Voluntarily".

This is a somewhat complicated process to explain, so I will just give some basics. When we
sign-up for any government benefit, like Social Security; when we ask for a "license" to do a
thing, like to drive, incorporate a business, or get married; when we sign an agreement to be
taxed, like the IRS 1040, we are voluntarily agreeing to give up our constitutional rights in
exchange for "Civil Rights." We agree to become 14th Amendment US citizens and subjects of
(meaning "to belong to") the STATE.

Anytime a document asks the question "Are you a US citizen?", how do you respond? Most of
us agree that we are. And, of course, our signature confirms it. The fact is "we were not
intended to be US citizens and subjects." We were to be, and can be again, Power Judicial
Citizens, first in (but not of) our townships, then in our county, state, and country. "But what
country?" you ask. The united states of America. We are American Nationals!

Undoing the Damage

Now that we know some of the ways we became subjects of the government, can we do
anything about it? The basic legal question is this: "Did I know that I was giving up my rights
when I entered into the above mentioned agreements?" Was I told that I was trading my
inalienable rights for civil rights? Since I was not informed or aware of these stipulations, then I
did not enter into these contractual obligations "knowingly," "intelligently," and I'm not so sure
it was even "voluntarily" - rendering these agreements "null and void" "ab initio" (from the

You can't Just Drop Out

Well, you can just drop out, if you want to. You are naturally free and can do what you want!
However, from a "legal standpoint," you must do something to free yourself from this legal
entrapment we find ourselves in. If we are going to withdraw from the "statutory legal system,"
we must replace it with something else.

The first step is to stop being US citizen subjects. On August 15th, 1994, I completed and
recorded (at the county level), the following documents: (a) "Revocation of Power of
Attorney"; (b) "Oath to the Pennsylvania commonwealth state"; and (c) "Declaration of

At a later time, I will explain the details and significance of these documents. Right now, it's
just important to know that I voided "ab initio" all "Powers of Attorney" and contractual
obligations due to, among other things, the use of various elements of fraud by the UNITED
an attempt to deprive me of my vested Rites and Rights under the Law of the Land and state
Citizenship, and to further deprive me of my primary state Citizenship and Privileges and

I then "posted" by certified, receipt requested, to all of the key bureaucrats and departments of
the UNITED STATES, INC, including their agents "the COMMONWEALTH OF
PENNSYLVANIA SECURITIES COMMISSION" (23 agencies in all) the above docs., plus
the following: (a) "Return of Papers for Cause"; (b) "Refusal of Service for Cause"; (c)
"Affidavit of Truth of Harry W. Plott, Sui Juris"; and (d) "Refusal to Traverse and be
Unlawfully Joined to the Party Petitioner and Issues." ...
[Editor's note: Harry used the "state citizen" strategy to personally exit "the system" and to
successfully stop terrocrat attacks against himself personally. As far as I know, he has stopped
all the attacks through the use of "legal paperwork."]