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The Performance System

Blast Machines and Remote Controls
Blast Machine Systems Clemco’s smaller
machines are light,
transportable, and
• Rugged • Reliable • Proven industrial quality.
Fifty years of reliable field service have made Clemco Model 1028
blast machines the preferred equipment for industrial blasting 1/2 cubic foot capacity
and painting contractors.
Model 1042
Clemco machines are built tough to survive the real world.
1 cubic foot capacity
With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, Clemco
blast machines virtually eliminate downtime, so they spend
Tall and slim, can be
more time at the job site; less time in the shop. moved empty with ease
Choose from 1/2-cu. ft. to 20-cu. ft. capacity, in portable or from blast site to blast
stationary models — blast machine only or machine package. site.

Take the guesswork out of buying a blast machine by

ordering a complete system. Clemco’s complete systems Accessories
include the blast machine, remote controls, nozzle, couplings, Clemco’s fully equipped
blast hose, Apollo helmet, air filter, and spare parts kit — and accessorized
everything but the compressed air and abrasive. packages are designed
to meet a wide range of
job requirements.
• ASME-coded pressure vessels.
• Concave head stores abrasive for loading.
• Conical bottom ensures smooth abrasive flow and
complete emptying.
• Large inspection door for access to the interior.
• Wear-resistant urethane-coated pop-up valve seals
tight and lasts longer.
Model 3658
10 cubic foot capacity
Stationary models are
All our special machines feature the same quality con- suitable for industrial
struction, plus unique features for special applications. use in blast rooms or for
Clemco 6 cubic foot Lo-Pot is for contractors who need a other applications
requiring a large
full-capacity machine that’s not too tall. Lo-Pots use a special
volume, yet economical,
low-profile metering valve and a more shallow head to blast machine. Station-
achieve an overall height of just 43 inches. ary machines adapt to
• Easy to load • Easy to store fixed sites or to custom
truck (or trailer)
mounted systems.

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Blast Machines and Remote Controls
Decades of experience enable
Clemco to produce blast
machines suitable for a wide
range of jobs.

Model 1642
2 cubic foot capacity
150 psi 150 psi
Working Working
Pressure Model 1648 Pressure
is standard is standard
on this 3 cubic foot capacity on this
model. A mid-size blast machine, a model.
favorite of rental yards.

Model 2452
6 cubic foot capacity
This larger capacity blast
machine is the obvious choice
for professional blasting
contractors, shipyards,
railcar re-man facilities
and large scale
industrial production. 150 psi
is standard
on this

Model 2463
8 cubic foot capacity

Dual blast chambers permit

continuous blasting. Twin
outlets allow two operators to
work without interference.

Model 2443
6 cubic foot capacity

Lo-Pot Blast Machines

are designed for ease
in abrasive loading.

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Piston Outlet

Remote Controls Metering Valves

Pneumatic Remote Inlet
Precise Media Metering
Controls Classic Clemco blast machines
Twinline offer users a choice of metering valves
Pressure-Release Systems Hose to suit their application. Small blast
Pneumatic remote control systems machines, 1 cu ft or smaller, are
offer safe, efficient operation of the TLR 100/300 Pressure-Release equipped with Clemco's MSV, a valve
blast machine from a lever mounted Remote Controls suited for expendable media. On larger
near the nozzle. In a pressure-release machines, Clemco's tried and true FSV
system, pressing the handle, pressurizes is the work-horse of the industry; it
the machine to start blasting; releasing Abrasive Trap Outlet Valves
offers reliable service with garnet, slag,
the handle depressurizes the machine and similar expendable media.
and stops blasting.
The Sentinel is suited for all
Clemco’s TLR 100/300 remote common abrasives; and is available
controls feature a self-cleaning muffler Intlet
with an optional urethane-coated
to reduce exhaust noise and protect Sentinel
metering plate to ensure optimal flow
personnel from expelled abrasive. Twinline with fine-mesh media.
• TLR 300 remotes work The metering valves on Clemco’s
with 11/4-inch piping. Single high-production Classic blast machines
• TLR 100 remotes fit machines
RLX feed abrasive into the airstream at 45
ACS degrees. This feature offers many
with 1-inch piping. Hose ACS
• TLR 50 remotes are designed
for machines that have 1/2-inch TLR Pressure-Release System with • Minimizes wear on fittings.
Abrasive Cut-Off • Ensures a smoother, more
consistent abrasive flow.
• All meet OSHA requirements • Precisely machined plates meter
for remote controls. the abrasive from barely a
Pressure-Hold Systems trickle to wide open.
• Plates (the primary wear compo-
For applications that require nent) can be replaced quickly
Sentinel with standard tools.
frequent starts and stops, Clemco Valve Air Valve
pressure-hold remote control • Clean-out plate to remove
systems shut off the air and abrasive obstructions without opening
the pressure vessel.
to the nozzle, while maintaining Line
ACS The Clemco Sentinel has a pneu-
pressure in the blast machine. Hose Twinline Hose RLX
ACS Switch matic actuator that operates separately
Electric Remote Controls Pressure-Hold System
from the metering valve. The actuator
Sentinel Remote Controls plunger completely withdraws from the
Electric remote controls offer abrasive flow to prevent wear. The fail-
quicker response times at greater safe actuator stops abrasive flow
distances (beyond 100 feet from the instantly if air or electric power is
machine) because the signal travels Abrasive Trap
Outlet Valves interrupted.
Control Panel
The Sentinel can be configured for
• Suited for extremely cold pressure-release or pressure-hold and
weather - include standard works with pneumatic and electric
To 12 V or
antifreeze injector (optional Inlet systems.
120 V Valve
for pneumatic remotes) source All remote control systems with
• Use compressor’s 12-volt Sentinel valve include control-handle-
system or 120-volt line source. mounted abrasive cut-off switch (ACS)
RLX to allow the operator to shut off the
abrasive flow and blow off the surface
Electrical Cable with air only.
Electric Remote Controls

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Classic Clemco – Tough, Reliable, Quality Blast Machines
Semi-elliptical head for Self-cleaning exhaust
larger storage of abrasive. muffler greatly reduces
bleed-off noise.
Urethane-coated pop-up
valve with external sleeve
for long wear life and fast Pop-up valve umbrella
pressurization. (optional) relieves load
pressure, when hopper
Large 6” x 8” inspection is in place.
door for easy access to
Fast, safe remote
Heavy-gauge construction controls built for years
pressure vessel fabricated of dependability.
for rugged field service.
Built to ASME standards. Heavy-duty piping
assembled tightly
Conical 35° bottom ensures against tank avoids
total use of abrasive and unnecessary protrusions.
uninterrupted abrasive flow.

45° abrasive flow into air Full-flow stainless steel

stream – the natural way to teflon-sealed ball valve
uniformly mix air and with brass body
abrasive. Eliminates provides unrestricted
premature wear found in air flow.
90° systems. Tough stain-
less steel plates meter Flexible pusher line
precisely. Clean-out guarantees air flow
provides access to foreign without pressure loss
matter. Built to offer years caused by elbows; and
of reliable service. eases valve replacement.

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Stock No. 23339 • Job No. 2134-0501, Rev. C, 09/03
Model Dimensions Standard Capacity Portable or Piping ACS Remote Metering Pop-up
Dia x Working Cu Ft. Stationary (I.D.) Optional Controls Valve Valve
Height Pressure Pneu. or Elec. & O-ring
1028 10" x 28" 125 psi 1/2 cu. ft. portable 1/2" No TLR 50A MSV 01242
pneu. only 01245

1042 10" x 42" 125 psi 1 cu. ft. portable 1/2" No TLR 50A MSV 01242
pneu. only 01245

1642 16" x 42" 150 psi 2 cu. ft. portable & 1" Yes TLR 100 FSV 03699
stationary pneu. or elec. 02325

1648 16" x 48" 150 psi 3 cu. ft. portable & 1" or Yes TLR 100 or 300 FSV or 03699
stationary 1-1/4" pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325

2443 24" x 43" 125 psi 6 cu. ft. portable 1" or Yes TLR 100 or 300 Special 03699
1-1/4" pneu. or elec. FSV 02325

2452 24" x 52" 150 psi 6 cu. ft. portable & 1" or Yes TLR 100 or 300 FSV or 03699
stationary 1-1/4" pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325

2463 24" x 63" 125 psi 8 cu. ft. portable & 1-1/4" Yes Sentinel pressure Sentinel 03699
stationary hold only only 02325

3054 30" x 54" 125 psi 7 cu. ft. stationary 1-1/4" Yes TLR 300 or Sentinel FSV or 03699
pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325

3079 30" x 79" 125 psi 14 cu. ft. stationary 1-1/4" Yes TLR 300 or Sentinel FSV or 03699
(pot & hopper) pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325

3658 36" x 58" 125 psi 10 cu. ft. stationary 1-1/4" Yes TLR 300 FSV or 03699**
pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325

3676 36" x 76" 125 psi 20 cu. ft. stationary 1-1/4" Yes TLR 300 FSV or 03699
pneu. or elec. Sentinel 02325
NOTE: * Abrasive Cut-off (ACS) is optional.
MSV, FSV, and Lo-Pot abrasive metering valves are suitable for blasting with mineral and slag expendable media. The Sentinel metering valve
handles all common media including steel grit.
** 10 cu. ft. machines manufactured before 1986 use different pop-up valve and seat. Consult your Clemco distributor for details.
Remote Controls:
Remote control systems have valves matched in size to the blast machine piping. Remote Control System styles vary to suit the blasting operation
or application. Pneumatic Remote Controls work best with blast hose lengths up to 100 ft.; and Electric Remotes, powered electro-pneumatically, are
for hose lengths greater than 100 ft.

Machine Pressure-Release Pressure-Release w/ACS Pressure-Hold Pneumatic or Electric

Piping Size Pneumatic Electric Pneumatic Electric Pneumatic Electric
/2” TLR 50A — — — — — pneumatic only

1” TLR 100 EAC 100 or TLR 100C. EAC 100C or — — pneumatic or electric
EDC 100 EDC 100C — —
11/4” TLR 300 EAC 300 or TLR 300C EAC 300C or Sentinel Remote Controls pneumatic or electric
Single and dual operator systems
EDC 300 EDC 300C available; consult distributor for details.

Piping Size: Size varies with pressure vessel capacity. Choose larger diameter Distributed by:
piping for high production operations.
Pressure-Release Remotes: Pressurize/depressurize machine by pressing/
releasing handle — simplest system to operate.
Pressure-Release with Abrasive Cut-off: Allows the operator to stop the flow
of abrasive to blow off the surface after blasting.
Pressure-Hold Remotes: Keep the blast machine under pressure for frequent
starting and stopping by the operator for repositioning.
ISO 9001-2000 certified. Clemco is committed to continuous product improvement.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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