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Reading–Owl Moon

Lesson Plan

Teacher: Ms. Reyes

Date: 10/27/17

Overview & Purpose (Relevancy)

Student will understand and grow knowledge in the concept of THEME and connect it
to a personal life experience or a possible life experience. It will help them in the future
by examining and going over their success and failures to help them get the best out of
it. In order to improve next time when do something similar. In other words learn from
their mistakes or get better.

Education Standards
Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Theme and Genre. Students analyze, make
inferences and draw conclusions about theme and genre in different cultural, historical,
and contemporary contexts and provide evidence from the text to support their
understanding. Students are expected to:

(A) identify moral lessons as themes in well-known fables, legends, myths, or stories;

A. Students
B. Student will be able to explain and write out a story based on theme and how
they have experienced it or were they can experience it
C. The students have read/ listing to the story of the narrator from “ The Owl Moon”

D. The student will be able to complete this up to a minimum of ___85_______%

Materials Needed
1. Colors

2. pencil

3. storyboard

Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson

The student will create. Write a story where they had have to be brave or have hope in a
situation in life. If the student has not been through this then they could write a situation
where they could.

● Before:
1. Have you ever been in an night time mini trip?
2. Do you know what an owl is? And what is it?
3. What sound does it make?
● Middle:
1. Do you think she'll will give up?
2. Would you be scared in her position?
● After:
1. What you think of the book?

2. What is something the narrator said you should always have?

3. Is there anything that you learned from the book?

Steps to check for student understanding
1. They will be asked questions
2. We will go over the topic as a class