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C l a s s r o om- a n d S c h o o l - B a s e d

“5 Why Process”
for Problem Identification
Describe a specific problem you have observed in your classroom or school: ELL
students don't perform well in Science, and unit 5 of Maisa: Nonfiction Reading and
Why does/doesn’t this happen?
ELL students have a difficult time understanding science vocabulary or lack of it.
Why does/doesn’t this happen?
ELL students haven't mastered the experiences or vocabulary of science concepts
Why does/doesn’t this happen?
Parents speak Spanish at home so they are not exposed to the scientific concepts and
vocabulary in English
Why does/doesn’t this happen?
Many of the parents have low education attainment
Why does/doesn’t this happen?
All students live in 100% poverty
1. The topic I’m thinking of doing my action research on is…..How STEAM instruction
will increase science, reading and writing in unit 5 of Maisa and nonfiction knowledge in
ELL students.
2. The purpose of my study is to…..Determine whether STEAM teaching will help
increase ELL student achievement in the area of Science, and unit 5 of Maisa:
Nonfiction Reading and Writing.
3. My fundamental research question is….Does student achievement levels for ELL
student differ between STEAM teaching instruction vs. Traditional subject taught
4. The most appropriate type of data for me to collect is…. Both qualitative and
quantitative (mixed methods) I chose both methods because traditionally that is how
schools collect data. They do not just use assessment information they also use
observation or student voice.
5. The specific form of data I will collect is...The form of data I will collect will be
assessment data: Map reading and Pre and post science and writing test scores. I will
also use my observational notes that I collect as I walk around the classroom listening to
student conversations while focusing on the students problem solving , reasoning and
communication skills.
6. Based on the preceding responses, my research design can best be described
as….Triangulation Mix-Method Research Design as the combination provides a better
understanding of a research problem.
Literature Review:
I will be focusing on why ELL students need more STEAM instruction in their everyday
learning compared to English speaking students in low poverty and also the benefits of
teaching STEAM in Science and in nonfiction reading and writing.