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Abundance Kriya Yoga

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatanajanada”

Abundance Kriya and Yoga

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”

Four Types Yoga

• There are four types of Yoga • Kriya, Kundalini, Tantra, Jnana


• Teaches guru and disciple relationship.

• This Course (more info in Metaphysical Notes), provide Postures (Asana Portion Course), Meditations (7 early day and late evening; 3 day or weekend meditations), Pranayama (7 early day and late evening Kriyas; 4 afternoon or weekend Kriyas), Mantra (2)

• Kriya is Surrender

• Blocks to Kriya and Yoga are “The five afflictions of ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and the desire to cling to life. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra



Asanas (Babaji’s 18 Postures)


  • a. Establish the Concept of What was Before Cosmic Origin. Enables Soruba Samadhi. Soruba Samadhi is so powerful and visualization or intent will manifest.

  • b. Builds up to Mindfulness

  • c. Concept of Play (afternoon and weekend meditations)


  • a. In Pranayama portion Course


  • a. Om Bhavad Shiva Aum (I Am the Witness and Becoming of Shiva)

  • b. Minimum 10,008 X 108 to reach perfection and siddhi mantra


Kundalini, often expressed as Buddhist Thought, teaches that you are God.

In this course there will be three Mudras Taught

Two Pranayamas

  • a. Breath of Fire

  • b. Alternate Nostril Breathing



  • 1. Eka Mudra: Right arm in front of body with hand positioned in karate chop. See image of Babaji in Eka Mudra on Bookstore.

  • 2. Gayatri Mudra: Both hands all finger tips touching, hands separated. Mastered in Soruba increases potential of mantras worked on.

  • 3. Karma Quenching Mudra: Left hand: little finger to lateral side thumb tip, rest finger lightly into palm under two touching fingers. Right hand: first, third and fifth tips touch, rest lightly extended. Arms crossed into front of body.



  • 1. Breath of Fire: Perform this Pranayama by pulling in and out your diaphragm. Inhale while quickly pulling in your stomach and diaphragm, on exhalation allow it to forcefully recoil. Start with 20 to 30 seconds, and work up to many minutes.

  • 2. Alternate Nostril Breathing: Breath in through the left nostril while closing the right nostril. Then exhale (twice as long as inspiration) out the left nostril while right is closed. Then inhale through right as left is close, and exhale (twice as long as inspiration) out right as left is closed. Repeat cycle twice, and then one cycle breathing in through both, and out through both. After this repeat left then right (opposite nostril breathing pattern) three more times, finishing one more cycle of both in and both nostril out. Repeat as time permits.


• Tantra teaches sexual divine sublimation

• Through sublimation you gain insight, longevity, immortality, and health.

• Sexual Sublimation Brahmachary • Seminal/Partner Longevity


• Practice Kriya Tantra from Advanced Kriya Yoga found at


• Jnana, teaches upper limit of cosmos • Cosmic Order, Seven systems • How to become God.

• Read:


– Autobiography of a Yogi (P. Yogananda) – Complete Chakra System (Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn)

– Metaphysics of God and Cosmos (Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn)

Abundance Kriya and Yoga

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


There are four types of Asanas

  • a. Strength: Outcome of these postures is Grounding

  • b. Samadhi: Outcome is development of Siddhis

  • c. Flexibility: Reason is development of ease of Lotus

  • d. Relaxation: Samadhi

Keys To Asanas

• The Key to all Asanas is to contract the muscles maximally and relax into that lengthened position


Babaji’s 18 Kriya Yoga Postures

  • a. Development of Samadhi

Salutation as Method for Siddhis

  • a. Technique: Using the Salutations from Babaji Kriya Hatha (18 Posture of Relaxation see: ) Invoke Agastyar sending him love and surrender during each position. Must maintain Samadhi during full course.

Camel Pose for Karma

  • a. Use Camel Pose to overcome blocks in life

Longevity Triad

  • a. Fish Pose

  • b. Danurasana

  • c. Krounchasana


• Longevity Triad

– Fish Pose

Asana • Longevity Triad – Fish Pose


Longevity Triad


• Asanas Longevity Triad – Dhanurasana


• Longevity Triad

– Krounchasana

Asana • Longevity Triad – Krounchasana


• Babaji’s Postures For Abundance • 20 Posture Sequence

• For bringing about siddhis, immortality, deathlessness, longevity, beauty, wealth, powers, and clairvoyance


• Babaji’s 20 Postures for Abundance

– Follow the following sequence – Use Babaji’s Hatha 18 Postures Manual and follow postures. Progress until get Hamstring Sitting Posture. Complete this then do the following sequence. – Camel Pose – Laying Plough with alternating leg straight up to sky – groin/butterfly stretch

– kneeling alternating one leg straight to up to sky, face touching kneecap

– Continue on with Babaji’s Hatha Postures…Virasana, Triangle, Savasana


Complete Babaji’s Abundance Postures


Sun Salutation

Shoulder Stand

Lotus Rocking

Standing Bend

Side Rocking

Laying Half Back Bend



Laying Superman

Lotus Forward Bends




Laying Back one then opposite leg raise

Groin Stretch/Butterfly

Kneeling One Leg up, then opposite leg up




Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


• Sit in a relaxed posture • Lotus, Half-Lotus, or Chair

• Hand Mudra, thumb touching index finger tip, both hands, relaxed and comfortable


Course 8 Meditations During Mornings and Night

Do in sequence

Should be done after abundance Kriya Pranayama



  • 1. Think about/visualize what could you do for God.

  • 2. Contemplate/Visualize God

  • 3. Time Line. Visualize self with golden light coming through crown and out heart chakra lighting a golden straight line from self to eternity forward. Then do backwards.

  • 4. Abstract dualities then abstract Source

  • 5. Visualization how you want your life to occur

  • 6. Abstract what is consciousness

  • 7. Mindfulness/Shuddhi. Let all thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, memories, ideas, and abstractions pass through completely detaching from them.


• For Weekend or During the Day

– Three additional meditations to be used with the weekend or afternoon Kriyas


1. Walking through beautiful garden, use five senses and eventually come to full length mirror. Walk up to mirror and see the image of yourself (time could be important) the way you want to be. See every detail. When this is done, walk into the magic mirror and merge with that picture. You now take on that embodied self.


2. Laying down meditation. Comfortably relax, adjusting arms, legs, hands, feet and head and neck. Lay there and relax. Then think of the expert, celebrity or God you want to approximate. If there is something you don’t like about them leave it out from the meditation. As you have this persona established (remember it could be anyone from history or even a make belief character from a book, future, idea, or even God) allow that persona to raise above you and slip or merge into you superimposing itself over your form. You now have those characteristics.


3. Think of the qualities and characteristics of a God. This could be a mythological, religious, spiritual or even fictional God. As you think of these qualities, examine the nature of siddhis (spiritual powers) they have. Focus especially on the details of how they use, when they use, why they use and how they use these powers. Now visualize yourself with similar or different powers that you would like to have. See yourself in the same way using, putting to use, teaching others, teaching other Gods about these powers, or even becoming one with the power so you are the person or bearer that bestows that power or siddhi. This is now your embodiment.

Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


• Pranayama is breath and life control • Seated in Half or Full Lotus • Tongue in Raised Khecari Mudra • Breathing using Ujjayi (Throat) Sound

– Breath through nose, but use throat – Slow, exaggerated, maximal and controlled


This course 7 variations of pranayama/Kriyas

Do Sequence in Order


7 to be done early mornings and late evenings


Visualization of Expanding Field: Visualize your field expanding on

inspiration. On expiration maintain your field. Continue expanding on next



Grounding and Expansion along Shushumna: On inspiration move


consciousness down from 1

chakra into earth as far as possible. Expiration

go from crown straight up as high as you can go. (Mastery through “blocks”)


Fame: During in breath and out breath visualize some aspect of fame

you want. In breath and out breath Samadhis mentally chant Shanti, Shanti,



Insp. Using left nostril visualize A for count >16, hold >16 visualizing

U, exp. Using right nostril visualize M >16, extension >32) OR and once mastered first one do this (insp. Right nostril visualize A count >16, hold visualizing U, exp. Left nostril visualize M >16, hold up to 64 repeating Aum)


Pink Triangle: Visualize a pink triangle 43 feet above Crown.


2:4:1:4 Using breathing pattern inspiration 2 fold, retention 4 fold,

expiration 1 fold, retention 4 fold. Build up reps to 4 cycles of 16 reps.


Point of Focus (self, space, time): Focus on desire during in/out breath


• Kriya for Afternoon or Weekends • 4 Special Kriyas


1. E-e-e Kriya Meditation

Inhale quickly through the mouth. As you exhale using a smile, mentally or vocally say E-e-e. Then extend the emptiness for as long as possible.

Repeat this three times, each time developing duration of emptyness. Doing so after the third time, focus at the third eye watching the solar disc that appears. This is the meditative part of the pranayama.

As you grow in advancement, go from 3 repetitions each with a prolonged empty chalice, followed by the meditation on the solar disc after the third, then 5, 7, 9, so on numbers of Kriya with meditation.

Continue this to cycles of odd numbers. Ie. Beginning do 3 reps then meditation. Then do 5 reps with meditation.

Continue to 7 reps meditation, so on up.


2. Mantra Pranayama

Inhale both nostrils. Maximum in Samadhi repeat mantra of choice 3 times.

Breath out in Samadhi repeat Mantra three times again.

3. Chakra Pranayama

Focus on chakra for full in, out and Samadhi Holds.

Move up to next chakra and repeat

Repeat cycle to level of mastery doing 4 cycles of every chakra


4. Pranayama 1:3:2:1

-Insp. 1 Fold, hold 3 Fold, exp. 2 Fold, hold 1 Fold

Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


• Accompany Book: The Complete Chakra System (Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn)



  • a. Chakras beyond 1-7, which are human body chakras

  • b. Chakras 0 (feet) to 7 are basic

  • c. Chakras above 7, which go to 42 divine

  • d. Chakras above 42, go to 66 (max) is for DemiGod Status

  • e. Also Grounding or Divine Feminine Minus 1- Minus 42

  • f. Total 108 Chakras


Spiritual Chakras as Dimensions

  • 1. 0-7 third dimension

  • 2. 8-15 fourth dimension

  • 3. 16-22 fifth dimension

  • 4. 23-30 sixth dimension

  • 5. 31-42 seventh dimension

  • 6. 43-50 eight dimension

  • 7. 51-58 ninth dimension

  • 8. 59-66 tenth dimension



  • 1. 7 th chakra-Soul, self realization

  • 2. 15 th chakra-Monad, Eternal Guru

  • 3. nd


chakra-Monad Release, witness of

Father (Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu or Cohorts)

  • 4. 30 th chakra-Realize Finishing of Karma

  • 5. 38 th chakra-Soul leaves Body, merges into Source.


Key Chakras

  • 1. 12 th chakra-Christ Consciousness

  • 2. 15 th chakra-Teleportation, Advanced Healing, and Bi-Location, Levitation

  • 3. Space between 18-19 th chakras, Soruba

  • 4. Chakras 39-42 (Holders)

    • 1. Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omnitemporal


Chakra Development

Goes through six stages

  • 1. Open: Opens Chakra

  • 2. Activated: Test Fires

  • 3. Humanistic: Able to be used

  • 4. Metaphysical: Progress taken to future lives

  • 5. Viable/Mastery: Can be used with ease

  • 6. Teachable: Can be explained and created in others


Soul Nature

  • 1. Non-realized Self-Chakras 0-7

  • 2. Self-Realized-Chakras 8-30

  • 3. DemiGod-Chakras 31-66

  • 4. God: All Completed and finished 2 Soul Missions, working on God Mission


• Allow Meditation, divination, Samadhi or Babaji’s 7 th Meditation from Babaji’s Kriya Course Level 1 to guide you in the way of working on, opening, developing or mastering chakras.

Abundance Kriya and Yoga

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”

Cosmic Order

• Established through Kriya and Jnana • There are 10 dimensions

• Earth and this system is the third cosmic play (Read: Metaphysics of God and Cosmos, by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn)

• This cosmic play norm is 3 rd dimension (Space or Volume), but can reach 10 dimensional abilities if developed. Progress in Complete Chakra System (Dr. Greszczyszyn)

• Realization Leads to higher spatial Soul development


• Chakras 0-7 physical Body • Chakras 8-15 physical and light body • Chakras 16-up light body. • 16-22 Monad and Missions (15 realization of Monad)


• 23-42 Father and Finishing Mission (30 th Finishing Karma)

• 43-66 DemiGod Status (38 th Soul leaves merges into Source)


• 42-66 Siddhis and siddhi development


• Lord/Lady Opened to 42. Develops power and chakra development which can not be undone (can’t fall from grace) • Opened, Humanistic to 66 leads to Soruba • Opened, Humanistic and Metaphysical leads to Higher Realization, Higher Samadhi and spiritual development to 5 th dimensions and higher. Examine Autobiography of Yogi for 5 th dimensional Yogis.

Abudance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew “Ayatnajananda” Greszczyszyn

Fields and Energies

And the LORD did according to the word of Moses;and the frogs died out of the houses, out of the villages, and out of the fields. Exodus 8:13

• And the LORD (Brahman/Allah, Tao, etc.), did according to the word (what Moses asked), and the frogs (which means transformation), died (dampened) out of the houses (symbolic of body), out of the villages (communities-which is your cosmic disciples), and out of the fields (the energy/field)


There are 40 Some Fields. 26 are Relevant



  • 2. Pranayama

  • 3. Meditation

  • 4. Asana


  • 5. Acupuncture

  • 6. Chakras

  • 7. Nadis

  • 8. Foods

  • 9. Health


  • 10. Physical

  • 11. Vital

  • 12. Emotional

  • 13. Intellectual

  • 14. Spiritual



  • 15. Metaphysics

  • 16. Kaya Kalpa

  • 17. Liquids

  • 18. Immortality/Light Body

  • 19. Soruba

20. Budhi Mind


  • 21. Formation of Manifestations

  • 22. Siddhis

  • 23. Lord/Lady Status

  • 24. Brahman

  • 25. DemiGods

  • 26. God

Fields 1-4 Yoga

  • 1. Kriya: Moving up the cosmic Chain

    • a. Expressed in Chakras and Cosmic Hierarchy

    • b. Guru Mahavatar or Babaji Nagaraj. Born Nov. 30 th , 203 A.D. India. Alive, lives in Himalayas.

    • c. Five Schools (Lahiri Linage,

Satchidanda, SRF http://www.yogananda-, Paramahansa Hariharinanda, Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn )

2. Pranayama

Field 2

a. Acts to negate death, advanced along cosmic chain, increased realization, increases vitality.

3. Meditation

Field 3

a. Brings about alteration in cosmic play. Siddhis. Chanelling.

Field 4

4. Asanas a. Overview in Asana Portion Course.

Field 5-7 Energetic Body

5. Acupuncture

a. 12 channels. Often 1-4 locations involved.

b. Areas of Involvement either physical, organic, cosmic, or up energetic chain.

c. Go to acupuncturist during seasonal changes

Fields 6

6. Chakra (66)

  • a. Complete Examination in Chakra part of


  • b. 0 to minus 42, 0 to plus 42 and 43-66


  • c. Minus Divine Feminine Grounds,

Balances, Engages Siddhis.

d. Read Complete Chakra System (Dr. Greszczyszyn)

Field 7

7. Nadis a. There are 72,000 Nadis.

b. Three main nadis (Pingala, Ida, and Central Shushumna)

c. Cleaning and balanced using Samadhi. Intent to clean, open, and balance complete nadis system.

d. Avoid caffeine, drugs, chemical, food allergies, get regular walking and asanas

Field 8-9 Energy/Vitality

8. Food

  • a. Food as Energy.

  • b. Requires proper digestion and


  • c. Fasts 21 to 40 day and/or 3 to 4 day fast

every month.

9. Health

  • a. Sickness

Field 9

  • b. Lethargy: Activate mission, do yoga

  • c. Energy -Regular Basic and Advanced Kriyas,

avoidance of drugs, alcohol, sugars, synthetic sugars, recreational drugs, prolonged TV/media, do regular Asanas, moderation sex/sleep/forceful exercise

Fields 10-14 Surrenders

  • 10. Physical

    • a. Highest and last. Concept to surrender (3 ways,

explained) to the cells. Activated when Soul/God take control of tongue raises it to back of throat. Release Abrosia Fluid-Immortality

  • 11. Vital

    • a. Second last. Surrender vital and health to God.

  • 12. Emotional

    • a. Middle Surrender. Required mental surrender and

then emotional balance. Two techniques (shuddhi, emotional technique Babaji Kriya Yoga Level 2)

Fields 13-14

13. Intellectual

  • a. Requires little humor, reducing speech,

elimination of mental attacks, and use of

abstractions. 14. Spiritual

  • a. Realization of Self 7 th chakra opening.

Fields 15-18

15. Metaphysical Abstractions

  • a. Images (Guru, Father, God)

    • a. 12 Primary Eternal Gurus. for determination. Read Complete Chakra System

  • b. Fathers (Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu)

  • c. God (brain/universe)

Fields 15-18 15. Metaphysical Abstractions a. Images (Guru, Father, God) a. 12 Primary Eternal Gurus.

Fields 15 (Continued)

15. Metaphysical Abstraction b. I’Ching/Tarot

  • a. Concept/Design: Use Tarot, go to tarot

reader or buy tarot deck.

  • b. How to Ask: Intent or focus on question.

Remember synchronicity or God(s) influence readings. Then meditate on card or “pull”.

  • c. Limitations: Don’t ask Yes/No questions

Fields 15 (cont.)

15. Metaphysical Abstractions c. Self-Testing, Kinesiologic Testing

  • a. How to Test: use pendulm, ring test,

or eyes and finger one over other. Find teacher.

  • b. What to Tests: Infinite limitation

  • c. Conscious limitations: Self imposed

barriers, consciousness, disciples, avatars.

Field 15 (cont.)

15. Metaphysical Abstractions d. Creativity

  • a. Creativity Defined: Infinite,


  • b. Three methods to increase creativity

-Meditation, Divination, Soruba

  • c. Insights: Build reliance on channeling

  • d. Use of Divination

Field 16

16. Kaya Kalpa

a. Three forms (Homeopathy/Energetic, Orthomolecular/High Dose, Herbs)

b. Homeopathy (Self Realization from ), dose, frequency, potency important. Kinesiologic Test or Divine.

Field 17

17. Liquids

  • a. Three main liquids (Water, Juices, Milk)

  • b. 2-2.5 liters (68-85 Ounce) Water Daily

c. Drink juice sparingly

d. Milk only if non allergic. Do elmination diet no milk for 3-5 days reintroduce and see if problems develop.

Field 18

18. Immortality/Light Body

  • a. Development

  • b. Protection (Advanced Kriya Course )

  • c. Story (LSD, Limbs, Poison-

Autobiography of Yogi, Yogananda)

19. Soruba

Field 19

  • a. What is Immortality: Spirit lives on.

  • b. Soruba and Samadhi: Brings about

Deathlessness: Body lives on.

  • c. Kechari Mudra: Mastery, tongue

controlled by God/Soul, raise to release abrosia. Used for Kriyas.

  • d. Field: Surrender to cell level.

Field 20

20. Budhi Mind

  • a. Budhi

  • b. Surrender Level

  • c. Cosmic Dimensional Levels

  • d. Higher than Soruba Samadhi

  • e. For Development of God Mission

Field 21

21. Genesis of Manifesting

  • a. Law of Attraction: Mind focuses pulls

into life.

  • b. Law of Creation: Karma blocks

  • c. Samadhi: Asking, or Intentions and


22. Siddhi

Field 22

  • a. Siddhis 8 primary List

  • b. Other systems

  • c. 8 Primary and Agastyar Asanas (This


Field 23

23. Lord/Lady Status

  • a. Level Chakra 38 up.

  • b. Nothing can revoke/close reverse

chakras. Can’t fall from Grace.

Field 24

24. Brahman a. Tao, Godhead, Light, LORD/GOD, YHWH, Allah b. Chakra 66 Witness Source

c. Witness Monad, then Seven Fathers (Read Complete Chakra System) of seven systems prior to Source

Field 25

25. Becoming DemiGod

a. Chakra Opened and descended 31-42 or above.

b. Developed Siddhis, Overcome Soul Missions, opening God Mission

26. God

Field 26

  • a. Opened, Humanistic, Metaphysical 108


  • b. Kaivalya, continual Samadhi.

  • c. Dimensional 10 th stablility.

Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


Four concepts

  • a. Images

  • b. Self-Testing

  • c. Divination

  • d. Yantra



Three keys to making the best out of images

  • 1. Clean spiritual images (God, Guru, environment, memory/motivation)

  • 2. Look at image, pick location and lock sight on that location

  • 3. Listen for inner voice



  • a. Beyond kinesiologic testing there is using intuition using your own body. This is self- testing

  • b. Pendulum, blink, finger, or ring (Main)

  • c. Allow consciousness which channeling to guide the test.

  • d. Find Teacher




  • 1. Divide or narrow search (eg. Pages 0-100, yes/no)

  • 2. Intent of who you are testing, as you question the question

  • 3. Clean out consciousness from tests



Three main sources

1. Tarot/I’Ching

  • 2. Coin

  • 3. Higher Order/Quality Book


• Tarot

– Don’t ask yes/no questions – Mind may limit questions – Clean questions highest order – Don’t ask same question multiple times – Use for anything


• I’Ching

– Created by Lao Tzu – Don’t use yes/no – Symbolism require more complex interpretation – More complete than Tarot – Can be used for anything



  • a. Simplify: After initial question, ask follow-up narrowing question (eg. About card/meaning of card)

  • b. Pose question to various identities (higher order)

  • c. Think of “breakthrough” questions or things which will help move you to next level



– When used can be alternate for yes/no, or duality, 50% questions (questions with one of two possible variants).


• Higher Order Book

– Take a higher or quality spiritual book – Either Self-test page (regarding question), or flip and allow page to “appear” – Read and meditate on page


• Yantra

– Yantras are meditative symbols – Three main yantras

• Personal symbols (Cross/Fish for Jesus, Sikhs and knife, Taoism-Yin/Yang) • For Powers (wealth, astrological planets, or deity) • For creations (higher level expansion of self)

Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajananda”


Asanas (3)

  • a. Become Source

Meditations (3)

  • b. Abundance

  • c. Spiritual Growth

Abundance Field

Success Field

• Asanas


– Master Lotus – Samadhi in every possible Asanas

– Asanas not able to do, visualize self in posture while in Samadhi



  • 1. Use Abundance mediations (morning and late evening)

  • 2. Use Abundance meditation (afternoon and weekends)

  • 3. Will become linked to Lakshmi Goddess of Abundance.

  • 4. Abstract what is abundance. Both spiritual and materialistic.


Abundance Field

  • a. Chakra: Look to Extradimensional Chapter in Complete Chakra System (Dr. Greszczyszyn)

  • b. Asanas (2)

    • a. Dancer Pose: Visualize Black Wealth Chakra, one inch up 2 inches in front of head

    • b. Turn head to left (click), turn head to right (click), bend head back (click), bend head down

  • c. Mantra

    • a. Aum Shrem Mahalakshmiyei Swaha

  • Manifesting

    Success Field

    • a. Meditation: What is Success?

    • b. Yantra Symbol

    Manifesting • Success Field a. Meditation: What is Success? b. Yantra Symbol c. Chakra: Read Extradimensional
    • c. Chakra: Read Extradimensional Chapter Complete Chakra System

    Abundance Kriya and Yoga™

    Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn “Ayatnajanada”

    Reading List

    • 1. Autobiography of Yogi (Yogananda)

    • 2. Complete Chakra System (Dr. Greszczyszyn)

    • 3. Metaphysics of God and Cosmos (Dr. Greszczyszyn)

    • 4. Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition (Marshall Govindan)

    • 5. Hollographic Universe (Michael Talbot)


    • 1. Join Master Mind Groups

    • 2. Join Kriyaban Facebook Group

    • 3. Do 3 single days of no sleep (morning to next evening of no sleep)

    • 4. Do at least 21 day fast

    • 5. Do day of silence

    Special Thanks

    Foremost thanks has to be given to Babaji. Lakshmi, Agastyar, Satchidananda, and guidance of God all helped inspire this Course.