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Intelligent Platforms

for brewery
manufacturing success
GE Intelligent Platforms combines innovative technology
and in-depth industry expertise to provide you with the
key pillars that help increase production efficiency, quality
and execution across your operations.

Whether established global players or 6 Brewing

growing regional enterprises, brewers con- Acting as the integration layer between
front a unique mix of challenges. Increasing your enterprise-level supply plans and
grain and energy prices put ingredient and your process, our solutions address recipe
resource costs under constant upward translation, specification management,
pressure; customer loyalty demands that order execution and quality control. An
brands be consistent, even as new markets integrated view of process data, quality
and distribution channels beckon; and fierce data, equipment event data and execu-
competition among global giants and local tion data means that your brewmaster
brands holds retail prices in check. Clear is equipped to keep the brewing process
strategies are needed to help ensure that under control—and yielding the brand’s
manufacturing operations can deliver on signature characteristics—ensuring that
consistent quality at an optimal cost. you keep up with demand.

The GE Intelligent Platforms portfolio deliv- 6 Fermentation

ers—with a suite of automation, visualization A steady flow of information is critical
and production management solutions that to ensuring correct flavor and quality.
offer precise control and execution of criti- In our portfolio, the strengths of a true
cal processes. Our advanced technologies, process historian, HMI, and quality sys-
combined with our deep industry expertise tem combine to ensure real-time views
and experience, can help you achieve a and interpretation of process param-
sustainable competitive advantage. eters across all concerned roles—from
the brewmaster to the line operator to
Our focused areas the quality lab specialist.
of expertise include:
6 Packaging

6 Material Receiving With so much of the competition for

Achieving consistent beer from incon- consumer dollars focused on packaging,
sistent ingredients is the number-one you can’t afford to waste premium mate-
challenge. Our unique approach ensures rials or precious capacity. We support
that quality data collected at material you with automation that can handle
receiving can be used to guide recipe the most demanding high-speed, coor-
adjustments in processing steps such dinated packaging applications, and
as malting, mashing or fermentation. with analytics needed to understand
This ensures that inconsistent materials and eliminate causes of downtime or
don’t affect quality or flavor, or lead to quality losses.
excessive batch losses.
Expertise, experience and
commitment you can count on
As part of GE, we have more than 100 years of experience in
process technologies—enabling you to leverage powerful
innovations and global expertise from across the company.
You can also take advantage of these benefits:

Product breadth directly correlated to your profits. Our global

presence enables you to access local and
Optimize your brewery operations today prompt support to minimize downtime.
and into the future with our suite of scalable
products that comprises batch control, HMI/ Trusted GE brand
SCADA, data collection, process systems
and production management. Our compre- As a GE company, we are bound to the
hensive solution set can help you achieve same ideals that have made GE one of the
operational excellence, profitable and safe most trusted names in the world.
supply chain execution, and product and
process innovation. Ecomagination

Industry expertise This is our company-wide commitment to

create and enhance products that help our
You can leverage our deep understanding customers improve their environmental
of brewery operations and years of proven and operating performance. As such, our
industry experience to effectively meet your brewery solutions combine the strengths
manufacturing goals, quality and regulatory of our environmental technologies and the
requirements, and supply chain objectives. collective imagination of our people to be
Our industry insight and directional leader- as economically advantageous as they are
ship enable value-added solutions that help ecologically sound.
you achieve operational excellence.

Global customer support

Starting from the moment we are engaged

with your project to its successful completion
and launch, we never forget that uptime is

GE works with the world’s top five brewer-

ies and many others, helping them deliver
real results: improved productivity, quality
and consistency at reduced costs.
Innovative solutions for
maximum optimization
With our powerful, integrated capabilities, you can achieve consistency
and control across your brewery operations—from material receiving
through packaging—to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Batch Execution and Analysis Visualization and Control

Proficy* Batch Execution software delivers Proficy HMI/SCADA software collects and
complete data collection, robust batch shares real-time and historical data across
management, clear process visualization, all business levels—providing you with
and powerful supervisory control capabilities. actionable visibility to monitor and control
You can produce a specified quantity of end plant processes, equipment and resources.
product on any chosen line according to Its process visualization, data acquisition
the specifications you define for minimized and supervisory control provide a solid and
variance and maximized yields. With Batch reliable data foundation for digitized pro-
Analysis software, you have the tools to duction management.
compare batches and identify how to con-
sistently achieve the “golden batch.” Data Collection

Proficy Historian software provides a robust

and effective plant data repository to collect,
archive and distribute large volumes of real-
time, plant floor information quickly and
easily. With the ability to read all types of


process data, Historian provides a window As a result, your production management beyond the plant for comprehensive enter-
into your manufacturing operations across system can track key information like prog- prise analysis. We can summarize KPIs for
all key metrics. ress to completion of an order or material one plant or many plants into an executive
genealogy, and allow for easy correlation of view for wide distribution via web-based
Process Control detailed process and machine event data. reporting tools—enabling your operators,
In addition, with certified integration with managers, and executives to make real-
Proficy Process Systems* is a state-of-the-art, leading ERP vendors, Plant Applications can time decisions throughout your plant.
scalable, fully integrated system for ­process align with your enterprise systems invest-
automation and control that leverages the ments for increased ROI. GE Enterprise Solutions
latest hardware and software technologies.
It combines the power of traditional DCS Plant floor reporting. Proficy Real-Time Your operations may need additional value-
systems with the flexibility, freedom and Information Portal delivers contextualized added solutions, in which case you can tap
affordability of a PLC-based approach to real-time information through a common into an entire suite of capabilities from GE:
help you improve quality and productivity. web client and reporting environment—
providing comprehensive visibility into your 6 Electrical and distribution solutions
Built on an open and layered architecture, plant operations. By applying sophisticated 6 Wireless technologies
Proficy Process Systems leverages ­existing trending, graphical presentation and sta- 6 Site security solutions
investments to support both real-time deci- tistical analysis to all of your online data, 6 Digital energy solutions
sion-making and the deeper analytics that it provides insight into how your plant is 6 Sensing and inspection solutions
provide the foundation for continuous im- operating and how to improve it.
provement as products and processes evolve.
Enterprise analysis. Reaching deep within
Production Management your operations, our Proficy DataMart
software extends the ad-hoc reporting and
Proficy Plant Applications is a suite of Man- analysis capabilities in the plant while going
ufacturing Execution Systems software that
is uniquely tailored to manage operations
that combine process with discrete and/ We’re committed to your success
or packaging operations. Leveraging our
Proficy Historian and functional modules We understand your business needs, and we have a proven track record helping
that address Efficiency, Quality and Produc- breweries around the world enhance production performance and innovation for a
tion, Plant Applications allows you to easily sustainable advantage. To learn more about GE Intelligent Platforms’ solutions for
integrate automation data into detailed ­brewery operations, visit
production models.
Brewing Solutions
6 Batch Process Execu
and Analysis
Eco Solutions
6 Hazardous Material Management

6 Waste Management

6 Raw Materials

6 Water Management

6 Environmental Monitoring

6 Energy Management

6 Efficiency and

6 Finished Goods
Brewing, Fermentation,
Filtration and Bright Beer
6 Consistency

6 Yeast
6 Traceability and Genealogy

6 GMP Compliance

6 Clean-In-Place

6 Raw Materials Management

6 Quality Management and Control

6 GMP Compliance

6 Quality Management and Control

GE Intelligent Platforms
Packaging and Warehouse 6 Proficy Enterprise Connector 
6 Proficy Plant Applications 
6 Proficy Real-Time Information Portal 
6 Traceability and Genealogy
6 Proficy Historian 
6 Proficy Shop Floor SPC 
6 Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX* 
6 Proficy Batch Execution 
6 Process Solutions   
6 Series 90* controllers 
6 PACSystems* 
6 QuickPanel* 
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