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Vol. 19 JULY – 2018 No.7
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KURNOOL: In a judgment that sets at rest the Archaka families which were continuing under the
confusion prevailing over the hereditary rights of repealed Act 17/66 in the Archakathwam service,
Archakas, the High Court of Judicature at having been so recognised thereunder, shall
Hyderabad for the states of Telangana and Andhra continue to have the right of Archakathwam and it
Pradesh, in Swarna Gadhadhara Babu vs State of is crystal clear the abolition of hereditary Archaka
Telangana, held that the qualified members of rights u/sec. 34(1) of the Act is revived once they
those Archaka families which were continuing in were continuing by the time of the repeal of Act
Archakathwam service under the repealed Act, 17/66 under the repealed Act by the new Act in
1966, having been recognised thereunder, shall 1987 of respectively, later on not continued from
continue to have the right of Archakathwam. Thus, the very wording supra of the amended Section
by virtue of the amended provisions, if entitled to 34(3) by the Act 30 of 2007, leave it apart from the
the benefit, it is for them to take pleas as provided very definition of Section 2(15) of the hereditary
in the Act and the Rules made thereunder before office holder which includes Archaka, the
the proper forum as per Section34(3) amended succession to whose office devolves concerned,
provision. it is according to the Rule of succession laid down
Hailing the judgment as path breaking, Chilkur by the founder or according to usage and custom
Balaji Temple priest C.S. Rangarajan, who is also applicable to the institution or endowment or
the chairman of Telangana Temples Protection according to the law of succession for the time
Committee, said that Ramana Deekshitulu, the being in force. It is not a case of rule of succession
former chief priest of Tirumala Sri Venkateswara allowed by the founder of the institution or
Swamy temple, could not be retired under any endowment. Coming to the law of succession
provisions whatsoever as claimed by the concerned, where Archakas herein are Hindus
government. The government action in relation to undisputedly governed by the Hindu Succession
Ramana Deekshitulu was “illegal, arbitrary and Act, 1956 and as per the very Section 8 of the Act
vindictive”, said Rangarajan. r/w schedule-1 wife and daughters are the class-1
However it may be mentioned that Ramana legal heirs for no sons to the rule of succession.”
Deekshitulu was retired after attaining the age of Citing the above, CS Rangarajan demanded the
superannuation. government reinstate Ramana Deekshitulu
Writing the judgment, Justice B. Siva Sankara Rao forthwith and facilitate continuance of Archakatvam
opined, “It is clearly laid down from Section 34(3) from lineal descendants.
of Act 33 of 2007 that, qualified members of (Deccan Chronicle 27.6.2018)

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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranamam-208 ....... 4 ™áÏ∫Á uƒ\ÆΩ - 81 ............. 18
Madhura Vijayam - 81 ................... 6 Ahobilam and Ahobila Mutt - 67 ................. 20
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Devotee's Experiences ................. 26


Justice P. Kodanda Ramayya passed away on Friday 15th June at Delhi.
He was born in the year 1926. He was enrolled as an Advocate of High
Court of Madras in the year 1952. He was elevated to the Bench of Andhra
Pradesh High Court in the year 1982 and held that office till 1988. He is the
founder Chairman of a Publishing 'Trust known as "Arsha Vijnana Trust".
He wrote 'Light of Ramayana' to draw the attention of the modern young
men emphasizing on the fact that several Dharmas practiced by Sri Rama,
the hero of the Epic Ramayana, are really in the nature of faculties - life
skills, that every human being should imbibe and practice to makehis life
successful and purposeful.
He is also author of "Message of Mahabharata". He highlighted several
concepts of Dharma taken from Mahabharata of Sage Veda Vysa. His loss is deeply mourned by 'VAK' and
'Temples Protection Movement'. – EDITOR
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Dont disturb Archaka Service Inam Lands
Inams granted in respect of institutions are usually of three types. Firstly, inams granted for
the maintenance of the institution or for the performance of a religious or public charity; secondly,
inams granted as a remuneration for performing certain customary services in a religious or charitable
institution, and thirdly, personal inams granted but burdened with service…
The Inams Abolition Act, 1956, practically deprived the temples and charitable institutions the
benefit of service inams by allowing the grant of ryotwari pattas to service-holders even though they
are not the real owners of the land. It is not disputed that the very grant of inam lands to the service-
holders is in lieu of remuneration for the services which they are bound to render in the institutions.
By virtue of the grant of ryotwari pattas, the service holders were emboldened to think that they are
the absolute owners of these lands and have no obligation to render the services for the performance
of which alone the inams were originally granted. Consequently they have stopped rendering the services
in most of the temples as the very incentive was no longer available. Instead of providing monetary
remuneration per month or annum payable to the service-holders, such service inams were granted
burdened with service by the pious and benevolent grantors only for the purpose of ensuring regular
and proper performance of several services in the temple permanently. The servicedar can only enjoy
the land so long as he renders the service, which enables the regular and continuous performance of
the service irrespective of the individuals. Hence, there is a direct connection of nexus between these
inam grants and the service to be rendered by the service-holders in the institutions. The inam lands
go with the services and as such there should be a specific condition that the alienations of such
lands are void. Grant of patta should be made only in the name of the deity. Further, no provision has
been made in the Inams Abolition Act enabling the authorities concerned to insist upon the performance
of the service in case ryotwari pattas are sought to be granted in favour of the individuals as incumbents
of a particular service nor is there any safeguard providing a condition that the inam lands even after
the grant of ryotwari pattas could be enjoyed only so long as the service is rendered.
Justice Challa Kondaiah introduced a Section 76 in the Draconian Endowments Act 30/87 to
enable the Inam lands as well as the lands which are in the possession and enjoyment of the Archakas
in lieu of the remuneration towards the services rendered by them or by compromise approved and
accepted by the department, must be restored to the religious institutions, and if necessary by making
law with retrospective effect. This Section was struck down by the Supreme Court as Unconstitutional.
Divesting the right, title and interest vested over the land held by the Archakas under
this Section was held to be invalid and unconstitutional. Peddinti Venkata Murali Ranganadha
Desika Iyyengar vs. Government of Andhra Pradesh, AIR 1996 SC 966.
Recently, New Pattadar Pass Books are being issued in which Archakas and Trustees’ names
have completely been deleted contrary to the Pattadar certificates and Muntaqab issued to their
fore fathers and only the name of presiding Diety is inserted, such action on the Part of Revenue
Authority is nothing but interfering with the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under the constitution of
India. Archakas cannot be deprived of their rights to the schedule lands without due process of law
and no amount of compensation can equate this change of nomenclature of the Lands.
We need to say that the Endowments Department wants to first dispossess the lands from
Archakas and then lease them at throwaway prices as noted by the High Court, this will ensure
that the temples will not only lose lands but also the dedicated archaka families. It is very important
to note that Temple lands will be governed by Endowment Laws and not Revenue Laws.
The sincere Archakas who served these many years making a livelihood from the service
inam lands can not be harassed by driving them to court. Endowments Department and Revenue
authorities which will prejudicially affect the rendition of Religious services in said Devasthanam.
On behalf of VAK and Temples Protection Movement, we are requesting the Hon’ble Chief Minister
of Telangana Sri K Chandrasekhara Rao to restore the rights of Archakas over the service Inam
Lands in their occupation and Personal Cultivation and restore their names in the R.O.R. Records
as Anubhavadars (Cultivators ), so that the Kainkaryams- in the temple are not affected and the
regular services are rendered, periodical Utsavams are conducted as before. O
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 208

Dr. V.S. Karunakaran B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D

I had been to Sri Ahobila Mutt, Selaiyur in Chennai the Lord. As she completed the circumambulation,
on Monday the eleventh of June 2018. she walked towards me with excitement and asked
It was a pradosha day. I wanted to worship Malola me, “Aren’t you Dr. Karunakarachariar swamy?”
Nrusimha, the presiding deity of Sri Ahobila Mutt, I nodded in the affirmative.
and pay my respects to H.H. 46th Jeeyar. She added, “I have listened to a lot of your discourses
Worship of Lord Vishnu’s form is in general prohibited in TV. Your anecdotes on Lakshmi Sahasranama –
during Pradosha. But worshipping Him in the form the thousand names of the Goddess – in Vijay TV
of Nrusimha and Rama during Pradosha is prescribed. were awesome. Your way of adding power point
And my maternal uncle had performed the aradhanam presentations as aid to your discourses has earned
of the presiding Deity of Ahobila Mutt as a gruhastha you a lot of fans from the younger generation! We
for many years. He had caressed me, his nephew, like your sense of humour and the way you present
as a child with the very same hands that had caressed even difficult philosophies through simple stories!”
the divine vigraha of Malola. This I believe is one of I virtually blushed and asked her, “What is your name?”
the many causes for my getting the opportunity to She said, “I am Bhairavee!” (Readers may be aware
write these articles and my acquiring the wisdom that Bhairavee is one of the Ragas in Carnatic music!
to do so. I fancied her parents would be ardent devotees of
He later became the 43rd pontiff of Ahobila Mutt and Carnatic music.)
toured the whole of Bharath in a very short period I further enquired, “Do you come to this Mutt often?”
before attaining salvation in Naimisaranya in Uttara “Yes! I come here and circumambulate Lord Nrusimha
Pradesh. on every pradosha day in Ahobila Mutt without fail.
After getting the blessings of H.H. 46th jeeyar I reached Even if the Main deity of Ahobila mutt would be on
the hall where the Deity is glittering in the Golden tour with the H.H. I visit this complex to have darshan
vimana. of the Lord Nrusimha installed by HH the 45th jeeyar
While I was going through these motions. I was also here in Selaiyur Branch!”
praying to Lord Malola Nrusimha to give me the By now I had become bold enough to put it
anecdote for the name 208 of Vishnu Sahasra Nama candidly.
for VAK July 2018 with the last date for the same I asked, “You seem to be a modern girl. I hope you
being the Seventeenth of June 2018. The commitment are working in the IT sector. How did you develop
was sitting pretty on my head. this sort of glowing devotion to the Lord matching
Among the devotees that had gathered there, I could neither your age nor your financial independence?”
see a young lady ( May be to call her a girl would She then narrated a past experience of hers that
have been more appropriate!) dressed in modern attire, had made her Lady version of Prahlada.
offering worship to the Lord with utmost devotion. ----
Readers may not fancy of any romantic narration I am working in an IT company in OMR road. My
to follow. They may be well aware that I am Seventy father Sri. Ramanujam is a Bhaagavatar -a carnatic
years -too old for such themes .More over it was musician, who delivers musical discourses also like
the August atmosphere of Lord Malola and HH the Sri Sesha Gopalan of Madurai. He has become old
46th Jeeyar with many focused devotees gathered now and his market has started to shrink now. But
there. his fantastic fanatics to Carnatic music that made
The glow of devotion in her face made me note her. him to name me as Bhairavee has not!
Though she was in modern attires she was not the Because of this, once my father told me, “I, as a
sort of the PA of my friend whom he used to describe spiritual speaker, used to present the roaring of a
“She can neither add or subtract properly but could lion in my voice while describing the way the Lord
distract effectively” Nrusimha incarnated with a wild roaring laughter like
I was really surprised to see such glow of devotion the famous Sri Ananta Padmanabhacharya swamy
in the face of the modern girl. and others. As I have become old, I am unable to
She was also looking at me while circumambulating roar anymore in the same fashion fiercely. Still I want

™êfi~°úO`À ‰õÄ_ç# ¿ãflǨÏO âßâ◊fi`«OQÍ =ÙO_»^Œ∞.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
to captivate my audience through some sort of a for help I pressed my mobile but in my tension I had
roaring sound. Can you please record the sound of pressed the record application –” play music button”
a lion in your mobile phone and transfer the same on my mobile and the lion’s roar sound started playing
to mine? I will just play that while describing Nrusimha in the chill mid night piercing the air. I put on the
avatara!” speaker also.
I recorded the roaring sound of a lion from a wildlife The three rogues were taken aback as they got afraid
channel in my mobile phone. I sent it to my father’s. lost their balance on hearing suddenly this voice.
I kept the audio file in my mobile also. I was very For them it appeared truly a lion was coming there.
much attracted by the sound and used to hear it I continued to press the amplifier button on and the
often by playing the record. sound started to play more loudly. I abandoned my
Every day after finishing my work, I used to go to bike and ran in to the forest area with my mobile
my house at Nemilechery via the short route through which gave me the light.
the forest area of Nanmangalam, riding my two-wheeler Just then Mayandi, a lorry driver carrying illegally
through the narrow lane full of dense woods even in mined sand in his lorry, and being chased by the
late nights or midnight. I considered myself brave policemen & the Tahsildar drove his lorry there,
enough to face any adversity. I avoided the office His lorry ran helter skelter and ran into the woods.
Transport for the thrill of driving through the woods The three rogues who were whizzing hither and thither
in the silent chill midnight much against the wish were confused by the sudden beam of blinding light
of my father. from the lorry .They were hit by the lorry and run
But I was not aware that three lusty rogues had been over .They died on the spot.
noticing me for quite some time and had decided As I sounded the amplifier again, the policemen traced
to exploit me sexually. On one of the midnights as me and came to my rescue.
I was riding through that lane, they stopped me and In one of your discourses, you had described the
tried to inflict their assault. way the Lord Nrusimha came with a roar to save
I tried my best to get rid of them but in vain. His devotee Prahlada. The same Lord has saved me
I shouted many times for help but there was nobody too with His roar taped though and warded of all the
there to help. evil forces.
At that juncture, the scenes of Swathi’s murder in -—
a railway station and many other such incidents flashed She then added, “From that moment onwards, I
into my mind. I thought that I was also going to face developed strong faith and devotion towards Lord
the same plight. Nrusimha and visit His temple on every pradosha!”
My photos would be flashed in all TV’s and newspapers. I told her, “Thank you Bhairavee! For providing the
All TV channels will hold debate on my incident for anecdote for Two hundred and eighth name!”
four or five days. “What?” she asked.
Feminists will hold meetings parades shouting “justice “The 208th name of Vishnu Sahasranama!” I said.
to Bhairavee”. “Wow! I like Vishnu Sahasranama! I have read your
Opposition parties will describe how unsafe the country book titled ‘The Lord At Your Call’ released by VAK
is for women. containing your simple and catchy explanations for
Many will shed crocodile Tears. the names of the Lord!” she exclaimed.
Virat Kohili the skipper for Indian Cricket team will I told her, “The 208th name of Vishnu Sahasranama
twitter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the safety is ‘Shaasthaa’.
of women Since the Lord eliminates all the evil forces and saves
Shri C.S. Rangarajan the maverick priest of Chilkoor His devotees, He is called so”.
temple would insist on the formation of Jatayu Sena Nirukti puts this crisply as:
for women at once for safety of Seetas from Ravanas
throughout the country at the earliest.
ÙÀoÁåΩ N˛lbN˛ÁåΩ ∆ÁÀoynÆo: ∆ÁÀozuo N˛ynÆ|oz
…….! Those who want to be protected themselves from
Then everything will fade away till another foolhardy the evil ones may do well to meditate on the form
victim like me emerges. of VISA Balajee at Chilkoor and chant the name
But I Bhairavee would have been torn mentally and “SHAASTRE NAMAHA”
physically and lost all by then. I trembled at this to get help from Sasta to eliminate evil forces “
thought’ Dear VAK Readers! Come. Let us chant
It occurred to me that I could try calling the police @@H ∆ÁÕÁz å™:@@ O

=ÚMÏxH˜ z~°∞#"Õfi JO^ŒO.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Madhura Vijayam - 81 Sri Ranganatha Travel Part – II

Tamil Manuscript : Sree Venugopalan, Chennai English Translation : CSL Narasimhan

Story so far: The story based on the 14th century to reinstate the idol in the sanctum sanctorium.
incidents, was written by Sri Venugopalan which is based Meanwhile Gopanna’s army left Kannnore and reached
on the historic facts elucidated in Madhura Vijayam Madurai for the next attack. There they killed Sultan
composed by Maharani Ganga Devi, Chief Queen of and captured Madurai easily and restored back worship
King Kampana Raya. Two young men Vallabha and in all the temples there. The walls which were built
Dutta (son of a great warrior, who lost his life while covering the sanctum sanctorium of Goddess Madurai
saving Lord Ranganatha idol from Muslim invaders) Meenakshi temple was removed and restored back.
set out on an expedition to locate the idol of Lord Over 5000 temples were restored in almost a months
Ranganatha of Srirangam,. After several adventures time by the Vijayanagara empire. Gopanna returned
the two boys, found the idol along with one Kodava to Sri Rangam to reinstate Lord Ranganatha. Swamy
who protected them for more than eighteen years deep Desikan arrived, broke the stone curtain, helped in
inside the forest of Chandragiri. They brought the idol clearing the confusion regarding the Utsava idol and
to Thirupathi. To restore back the idol to Srirangam, enabled the opening of the Sanctum sanctorum of Sri
the two boys met Sri Gopanna, commander-in-chief Rangam temple alongwith the reinstated utsava idol
of the Vijayanagara’s mulvoy province and he promises worship. Goddess Ranganayaki’s idol was also found
Vallabha to restore Lord Ranganatha to Sri Rangam from near by champaka tree. There was festive moment
with the help of Vijayanagara king. Meanwhile, as a everywhere. The coronation ceremony of Kampana Raya
first step the Vijayanagar army mission was undertaken as the king of southern provinces was organized in
to conquer Sambuvaraya of Rajagambhira. Kanchee Sri Rangam with pomp and glory. Many kings and
puram was conquered and Kampana Raya’s army Satraps were invited. Vallabha’s heart throb, Princess
advanced to Rajagambhira mountain conquered it and Madhurangini was also invited. When the eager Vallabha
killed the Raja Gambhira king. The Madurai princess came to know that she has married a royal family person
was rescued. Vallabha who was on a mission to he was heart broken. He was wondering what has
safeguard Pandya princess Makaravizhiyaal to pandya happened to the love relationship they had. When
kingdom fell in love with her but promised to marry Vallabha was quietly lamenting near the Lord’s sanctum
her only after completing his mission. Meanwhile, Lord sanctorium where Princess Madhurangini approached
Ranganatha who was in Thirumala for a while, has been him and explained her circumstances and inability to
brought to Chenghee by Gopanna the commander of realize their love to culminate into their marriage as
Vijayanagar army belonging to Mulvoy province. her father was getting concerned about the undue delay
Vallabha, Datta and Vallabha’s mother Vasanthika meet and he got her to accept his alternative marriage
Gopanna to find out about the plans of restoring Lord proposal. Due to his promise made to his mother,
Ranganatha to Sri Rangam. It was 10 years since the Vallabha would not marry till his vow of bringing Sri
Rajagambhira Kingdom became part of Vijayanagar Ranganatha to Sri Rangam is fulfilled and how can one
and still no further advancement action was taken estimate how long will it take for that vow to be fulfilled.
against Madurai Sultan due to trouble from Bahamani When years rolled by it is natural that Princess Madhura’s
sultans. Gopanna takes up on him and vows to take father became worried and got her finally married. When
up the expedition now and reaches Kanchi, the capital Queen Madhura explained her position, Vallabha
of King Kampana Raya. Kampana who was having fever reconciled and lived a bachelor’s life through out with
at that time was feeling guilty that he did not take any austerity. Datta brought back Manjari and married her.
action to restore Lord Ranganatha. In his dream, he Madhura Vijayam, the novel about how the tyrant
felt that Goddess Parvathi herself comes and blesses
and cruel Sultanate of Madurai was defeated and
him to continue the mission. Later Vasanthika briefs
her son that she is the one who spoke as Parvathi to the native tamil speaking land was freed from foreign
Kampana and she has also left the dagger with Kampana clutches and the Vedic sanathana dharma was
which was presented by Makaravizhiyal to Vallabha. reinstated concluded last month. I have intended
Meanwhile Gopanna meets Kampana, and the King to provide the VAK readers with a reflection of this
with all others has an extensive meeting with ministers
whole historical event. There are three major learnings
regarding an attack on Sultan. As per the discussion
they all decided to send Vallabha and Dutta to study which emanate from this historical event.
the Mughal army, their strengths and weaknesses. 1. The historical event is a great example of how
Vallbha and Dutta set on this expedition and with the aggressive oppression will happen when natives
help of locals, weakened Sultan with a disease through are suppressed and attempts made to forcibly
a devadasi and made him move to Madurai. Then
or with deceit convert them, destroy their culture
the Vijayanagar army launched a two pronged attack
on Kannanoor fort which surprised the Sultan’s army. and tradition and plunder their wealth.
The Sultan’s army outside the fort was defeated with 2. There were true devotees in those days who
a sound military strategy. A siege was laid on the fort. learnt, understood and believed in Sanathana
Lord Rangantha was taken inside the temple with pomp Dharma and were prepared to sacrifice anything
and glory and all waited for Swamy Vedanta Deshikan’s
for the worship of their deities. Ultimately their
arrival to break the stone curtain and proceed further

g∞ PÖ’K«#Å∞ =∞Oz"≥·`Õ g∞~°∞ `«Ñ¨Ê‰õΩO_® Q˘Ñ¨Ê"åˆ~.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 7 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
devotion prevailed and the foreigners who were He got crowned as King and after the demise of his
wrong doing rulers had to retreat. This helped father Bukka Raya, he also got crowned as an emperor.
king Kampana Raya reinstate the temples He is the famous Hari Hara Raya –II who ruled the
worship in a very short period. entire Vijayanagara empire as per Sanathana Dharma
3. No ruler or Government can succeed when doing all the right things like Lord Devendra ruling
they become exclusive to the citizens imposing the Swarga which meant that people were very happy
their views on them and cause pain to the and satisfied in his rule. In Swarga there will be no
citizens. Sanathana Dharma which is all about pained people and similarly in the Vijayanagar kingdom
causing no pain to any living being has be there was none during his rule.
adhered to for successful governance. If a ruler Hari Hara Raya –II ruled Vijayanagar after Bukka
defies that, the fate of the ruler will be like Raya for over 27 years from 1377 A.D to 1404 A.D.
the fate of the tyrant Madurai Sultan. The lesson During his reign, he brought the entire Andhra, Karnataka
here is rulers have to rule by winning the hearts and Tamilnadu under one umbrella. He extended
of the subjects and including them and the kingdom’s territory through fighting against the
respecting their traditions, cultures and values. Reddis of Kondavidu for control of the Andhra
I would like to bring to light to the viewers Queen between Nellore and Kalinga. From the Reddis of
Gangadevi’s verses from her magnum opus Madura Kondavidu, Harihara II conquered the Addanki
Vijayam when she described the killing of Sultan and Srisailam areas as well as most of the territory
and the rule of her husband post the capture of between the peninsula to the south of the river Krishna,
Madurai which brings to life the feelings of people which would eventually lead to fights in Telangana with
in those days proving the above three learnings: the Velamas of Rachakonda. Harihara II took advantage
ErÁoÃzƒÁzuYoYÁbσÁtÊ oϪ…N˛ÃÁ™¿Á[ÆNw˛oÁuß zN˛™Ω @ of the death of Mujahid Bahmani in 1378 and extended
his control into the northwest, controlling such ports
utƒÁ{N˛ÃÁú™õÆNw˛oümÁ™Ê ßÓ™Á{ÃÏ∫fiÁmu∆∫: úúÁo @@ as Goa, Chaul, and Dabhol.
Meaning When King Kampana duel cut off Harihara II ruled from the capital Vijayanagara now
the head of the Madurai Sultan in their duel fight more popularly known as Hampi. What is believed
it fell down. The head which had always got undue to be the ruins of Harihara’s palace is located
praise from subjects due to fear of their life even among the Hampi ruins. [2]
if the doings were wrong, the head which ruled His general Iruguppa was a disciple of Simhanandi,
the whole Madurai Sultanate, the head which never a Jain teacher. He built a tank for Gomatteshvara
respected the divine gods fell on the ground. (Bahubali) and the stone temple of Kumthu-Jinanatha
ü∆ÁãotÁƒzƒ ƒåÁão¬fl™y ToÁzú∫ÁTÁ TTåÀs¬yƒ @ at Vijayanagara. [3]
During his fight against the Reddis of Kondavidu,
N˛u¬ãt\Á ™ut|oN˛Áu¬Æzƒ utStuqmÁÃyoΩ qoúÁ∫ÃyN˛Á @@ he delegated the rule of Mysore and the task of
The Southern states have been freed from the
fighting the Dalvoys in Mysore to Yaduraya, thereby
Persians after several years of tyrannical rule and
appointing the first ruler of another mighty future-
it looked like peace prevailing in the forests after
kingdom. It is also local belief that he was known
a forest fire, the glow of full moon after the eclipse
as a re-incarnation of Lord Siva, Arunachaleshwara
and the River Yamuna after being detoxified when
who promised to Veera Bhallala that he would
Lord Krishna controlled the Kaliya serpent and
be born in his clan to decimate the Sultans.
extricated it with its full family.
We definitely need to get inspiration from the great
“oÁƒu∆…bÁås ƒy∫ÆÁzáÁåΩ ÃÊ∫flÆ úÁtümoÁåΩ ∆∫lÆ: @ episode today to protect our temples and Sanathana
Dharma from the clutches of pseudo-secularists who
Nw˛oÁuß zN˛: ü∆∆Áà ™zutåÎ utƒÊ ™ªnƒÁuåƒ N˛©úßÓúuo: @@ in the name of secularism have been acting detrimental
Here Queen Gangadevi concludes her magnum opus to temples worship and Sanathana Dharma. The
by this sloka which is a great testimony on devotees have to join together to ensure that the
description of how the kingdom was managed post Sanathana dharma, which was restored and protected
the victory. King Kampana reinstated Sanathana by valiant people like Hari Hara Raya –II, is protected.
Dharma. He only killed those Persians who revolted Lets all join and pay tribute to this great emperor
against him and he protected those who surrendered whose heroic deeds have got lost in the annals of
to him and treated them with great respect. To protect Indian History and revive the memories to take
the surrendered is a great virtue prescribed in the inspiration to recover, protect and restore our temples
Sanathana Dharma and King Kampana followed it. to past glory and fight against any onslaught on
Sanathana Dharma. (Shubha Asthu: Concluded)
q∞ug∞i# Pâ◊ÖË "≥∂™êʼnõΩ HÍ~°}=ÚÅ∞.
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D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞ÅÃÑ· Hõ|O^èŒÇ¨Ïã¨ÎO
=∞# ã¨=∂[OÖ’ PÅÜ«∂ʼnõΩ, ¿ã"åã¨Oã¨Å÷ ‰õΩ D<å=∞∞eKÕÛ ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O D<å\˜kHÍ^Œ∞. ^è•i‡Hõ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞,
¿ã"åHÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞ ã¨=∂[OÖ’ x~°O`«~°OQÍ H˘#™êQÍÖ<Õ ã¨`«ûOHõÅÊO`À Hõey# P™ê=∞∞Å∞, PKå~° ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂ÅÃÑ·
=∞#ã¨∞ Hõey# ~åAÅ∞, JkèHÍ~°∞Å∞ D<å=∞∞eKÕÛ"å~°∞. D<å=∞∞e=fi_»O J<Õk =∞∂_»∞ ~°HÍÅ∞QÍ [iˆQk. 1.
P^蕺u‡HõÑ~¨ "° ∞≥ #ÿ / ã¨fiK«ÛOù ^Œ ¿ã"å ã¨Oã¨Å÷ ∞ =∞#∞QÆ_™» êyOz `«=∞ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å#∞ U `«_É» Ï@∞ÖˉΩõ O_® x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜
2. =∞`« / ã¨fiK«ÛùO^Œ ¿ã"åã¨Oã¨÷Å∞ `«=∞ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂ʼnõΩ JÜÕ∞º Y~°∞ÛÅ#∞ ÉèíiOK«_®xH˜ / ÉèísÎKÕÜ«∞_®xH˜ 3.=ºH˜ÎQÆ`«
D<å=∞∞Å∞. XHõ =ºH˜ÎKÕ¿ã ¿ã=Å∞ x~å@OHõOQÍ âßâ◊fi`«OQÍ H˘#™êQÆ«_®xH˜ g\˜x WKÕÛ"å~°∞. `åq∞KÕÛ Éèí∂=∞∞Å∞
^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩx ^•x g∞^Œ =KÕÛ „ѨÜ≥∂[#O P ã¨Oã¨÷Å∞ á⁄O^•Åx, JHõ¯_» [iˆQ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞ x~°O`«~°OQÍ ™êQÍÅ<Õ
„ѨQÍ_è»"≥∞ÿ# "åOKè«`À D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞eKÕÛ"å~°∞.
1956Ö’ JѨÊ\˜ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞Å x¿+^èŒ K«@ìO `≥zÛ PÅÜ«∂Å#∞, ¿ã"åã¨Oã¨÷Å#∞ f„=OQÍ
^≥|ƒfã≤Ok. ^Œ∞<Õfl"å_çHˆ Éè∂í q∞ JO@∂ D<å=∞∞ Éè∂í =∞∞Å#∞ ^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ ~Ô `· ∞« ʼnõΩ Ѩ\Ïì~åã≤zÛOk. D ~Ô `· åfii Ѩ\ÏìÅ#∞
á⁄Ok# "åiÖ’ J#∞ºÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® L<åfl~°∞. ^Œ∞<Õfl ǨωõΩ¯‰õΩ Éè„í ^Œ`« HõeÊã¨∂Î ^Œ∞<Õfl"åi ¿ã=Å∞ z~°HÍÅO H˘#™êQÆx=fi_®xH˜
"Õ∞O =ºuˆ~HõO HÍ^Œ∞. HÍh P =∞∞ã¨∞QÆ∞Ö’ ^Œ∞<Õfl"åiH˜ Éèí∂q∞ÃÑ· ѨÓiÎ Ü«∂[=∂#º ǨωõΩ¯Å∞ HõeÊOz Jã¨ÖÏÌ~°∞ʼnõΩ
["å|∞^•sx KÕÜ«∞HõáÈ=_»O =∂„`«O PˆH∆Ѩ}©Ü«∞O. ѨÓiÎ Ü«∂[=∂#º ǨωõΩ¯Å∞ HõeÊOK«_»O Åaú^•~°∞Å∞ PÅÜ«∂ʼnõΩ,
¿ã"åã¨Oã¨Å÷ ‰õΩ ¿ã=Å#∞ xeÑ≤"âÕ ß~°∞. P^•Ü«∞OÖ’ "å\Ï W=fi_»O =∂<Õâß~°∞. JO^Œ∞=Å¡ ¿ã=Å∞, HÔ O· Hõ~åºÅ∞, L`«û"åÅ∞
[i¿Ñ Ѩiã≤÷uÖËHõ, KÕuÖ’ ze¡QÆ=fi P_»Hõ PÅÜ«∂Å∞, ¿ã"åã¨Oã¨÷Å∞ J<ÕHõ ã¨=∞㨺Å`À H˘@∞ìq∞\Ïì_»∞`«∞<åfl~∞∞.
D<å=∞∞ Éè∂í =∞∞Å#∞ ^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ"åiH˜ Ѩ\Ïì~åã≤ W"åfieû=¿ãÎ ^•xg∞^Œ J#∞Éè=í Ü≥∂Qƺ`«<Õ W"åfie `«Ñʨ Jã¨ÖÏÌ~∞° x
ã¨OѨÓ~°‚OQÍ x~°¡Hõ∆ ºOKÕã≤ ѨÓiΙê÷~∞∞ Ü«∂[=∂#ºÇ¨Ï‰õΩ¯Å∞ HõeÊOK«‰õÄ_»^Œ∞. PÅÜ«∞Éèí∂=∞∞ÅÃÑ· Ü«∂[=∂#º ǨωõΩ¯
ZѨC_»∂ ^Õ=Ù_ç ¿Ñ~°∞<Õ H˘#™êQÍe. HÍh ^Œ∞~°^Œ$+¨ì=âß`«∞Î D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞Å x¿+^èŒ K«@ìOÖ’ WO^Œ∞‰õΩ ã¨O|OkèOz
ZÖÏO\˜ J=HÍâ◊O HõeÊOK«ÖË^Œ∞. ZO_À"≥∞O\òû K«@ìO 30/87Ö’ 76= ÃãHõ∆<£#∞ [ã≤ìãπ K«ÖÏ¡H˘O_»Ü«∞º *∏Ñ≤ÊOz, D
ÃãHõ∆<£ ^•fi~å PÅÜ«∞Éèí∂=∞∞Å<ÕHÍ^Œ∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ J#∞Éèí=OÖ’ L#fl Éèí∂=∞∞Å#∞ ‰õÄ_® ÖψQã¨∞‰õΩ<Õ J=HÍâ◊O HõeÊOKå~°∞.
nxÃÑ· ÃÑkÌO\˜ "≥OHõ@ =∞∞~°m ~°OQÆ<å^äŒ ^ÕtHõ JÜ«∞ºOQÍ~ü ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞HÔì Hͯ~°∞. <å\˜ PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^âÕ ò „ѨÉ∞íè `åfixfl HõH^∆© •~°∞x
KÕâß~°∞. „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl K«~°º#∞ ^Œ∞â◊Û~°ºQÍ, ~å*ϺOQÆ=ºuˆ~Hõ"≥∞ÿ#kQÍ ¿Ñ~˘¯O@∂ ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì H˘\˜ì"Õã≤Ok.
`å*ÏQÍ `≥ÅOQÍ} „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO H˘`«ÎQÍ Ñ¨\Ïì^•~°∞ áêãπѨÙã¨ÎHÍÅ∞ *ÏsKÕã¨∞Î#flk. nxÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞, „@ã‘ìÅ
¿Ñ~°¡#∞ ѨÓiÎQÍ `˘ÅyOz"Õã¨∂Î. Ѩ\Ïì^•~°∞ ã¨iìѶ≤ÔH@∞¡, =∞∞O`«MÏÉòÅÖ’ HõxÑ≤OKÕ D<å=∞∞ Éèí∂=∞∞ŠѨÓsfi‰õΩÅ ¿Ñ~°¡#∞
`«∞_çzÃÑ>Ëãì ≤ ^Õ=Ù_ç ¿Ñ~°∞#∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ KÕiÛOk. ~Ô "≥#∂º JkèHÍ~°∞Å D K«~º° ~å*ϺOQÆO „Ѩ™êkOz# „áê^äqŒ ∞Hõ ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞
^≥|ƒfã¨∞#Î flk. Éè∂í =∞∞ÅÃÑ· ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ |^ŒÖÏ~∞∞OKÕ@ѨC_»∞ „ѨÉ∞íè `åfiÅ∞ J#∞ã¨iOK«=Åã≤# U q^è•<åhfl Ѩ\ Oì˜ K«∞HÀÖË^∞Œ .
ѨiǨ~°O „ѨHõ\ ˜OK«ÖË^Œ∞. J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞, "åi J#∞Éèí= ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ `«∞OQÆÖ’ `˘Hͯ~°∞. Wëêì#∞™ê~°OQÍ Ç¨Ï‰õΩ¯^•~°∞Å ¿Ñ~°∞¡
=∂ˆ~ÛÜ«∞_»O =Å¡ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ѨÓiÎQÍ J<åºÜ«∂xH˜ QÆ∞~°Ü«∂º~°∞. ^Õ=Ù}˜‚ =∂„`«"Õ∞ #=∞∞‡‰õΩx, PÅÜ«∂xˆH JOH˜`«"≥∞ÿ
`«~°`«~åÅ∞QÍ ¿ã=Å∞ JOkã¨∞Î#fl J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ XHõ¯™êiQÍ k‰õΩ¯ÖËx "å~°Ü«∂º~°∞. =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ# q+¨Ü«∞O U=∞O>Ë, ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞
Éèí∂=ÚÅ∞ „ѨÉèí∞`«fi Éèí∂=ÚÅ∞ HÍ=Ù. Ô~"≥#∂º K«\ÏìÅ∞ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚʼnõΩ =iÎOK«=Ù. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Éèí∂=ÚÅÃÑ· UK«~°º
J~Ú<å ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìO ^•fi~å<Õ [~°QÍe.
D q+¨Ü∞« OÖ’ `«H}∆õ O *’HõºO KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩx D<å=∞∞ Éè∂í =∞∞ÅÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩŠѨÓ~°fiǨωõΩ¯Å#∞, J#∞Éè=í JkèHÍ~åÅ#∞,
^Œ∞#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ Ç¨Ï‰õΩ¯#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOKåÅx "åH± Ѩ„uHõ, PÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞ "ÕkHõ `«~°Ñ¶¨Ù# P^蕺u‡Hõ ÉèÏ"åÅ∞ xO_»∞QÍ
"≥∞O_»∞QÍ L#fl `≥ÅOQÍ}Ï =∞∞Yº=∞O„u ÔH. K«O„^ŒâıY~°~å=ÙQÍix HÀ~°∞‰õΩO@∞<åflO. P~üXP~ü iHÍ~°∞¤ÅÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞
J#∞Éè=í ^•~°∞Å∞QÍ ¿Ñ~˘¯x <åºÜ«∞O KÕÜ∂« Åx HÀ~°∞‰õΩO@∞<åflO. D LѨHÍ~°O =Å¡ PÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’ ^è∂Œ Ѩ, nѨ, <≥"· ^Õ •ºÅ‰õΩ,
L`«û"åʼnõΩ ZÖÏO\˜ Ö’@∂ LO_»^Œx, Jxfl HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∂ Wk=~°Hõ\ ˜ÖψQ x~°O`«~°OQÍ, x~å@OHõOQÍ ™êQÆ∞`åÜ«∞x
q[˝Ñ≤Î KÕã¨∞Î<åflO. O
=∞x+≤ Hõ+¨ì HÍÅOÖ’<Õ QÆ\˜ìQÍ J=Ù`å_»∞.
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q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o – 208

POQÆ¡=¸ÅO : _®II q.Ü«∞ãπ. ‰õ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£, B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. J#∞"å^ŒO : _®II ã¨∞=∞<£Å`«

D<≥Å JO>Ë E<£ Ѩ^ŒH˘O_»= `Õk 2018 <å_»∞ „ѨâßO`«OQÍ LOk. Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ ZO^Œ~À „Ѩ=ÚY∞Å∞ JHõ¯_» Pã‘#∞Öˇ·
K≥<≥·flÖ’x ¿ãÅÜ«¸~°∞Ö’#∞#fl JǨϟaÅ =∞~îåxH˜ <Õ#∞ =KåÛ#∞. L<åfl~°∞.
P<å_»∞ „Ѩ^À+¨ ukä. <Õ#∞ JHõ¯_ç =∂Ö’Å #~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï P J=∂‡~Ú =ÚYOÖ’ HÍ#=ã¨∞Î#fl HÍOu, <Õ#∞
™êfiq∞x ^Œ i ≈OK« ∞ ‰õ Ω x, 46= rÜ« ∞ ~° ∞ ™êfiq∞"åix P"≥∞#∞ „Ѩ`ÕºH˜Oz ѨiH˜OK«_®xH˜ HÍ~°}=∞~ÚOk. P^èŒ∞xHõ
ѨÅHõiOKåÅ#∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. ^Œ∞ã¨∞ÎÅ∞ ^èŒiOz<å P"≥∞ "Õ+¨^è•~°} ZO`«=∂„`«O Zɡƒ@∞ìQÍ
„Ѩ^À+¨ ã¨=∞Ü«∂# q+¨µ‚=Ù#∞ ^Œi≈OK«∞HÀ=\Ïxfl ÖË^Œ∞.
™ê^è•~°}OQÍ x¿+kè™êÎ~°∞. J~Ú`Õ PÜ«∞##∞ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞QÍ, JO^Œ∞ˆH P Ü«Ú=u =ÚYOÃÑ·# `«à◊√‰õΩ¯# "≥∞~°∞ã¨∞Î#fl
N~å=ÚxQÍ ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩx P~åkèOK«∞HÀ=K«∞Û#x `≥eÜ«∞=™ÈÎOk. ÉèíH˜Î ÉèÏ"åxfl K«∂ã≤ <Õ#∞ Pâ◊Û~°ºáÈÜ«∂#∞.
<å "Õ∞#=∂=∞, KåÖÏ ã¨O=`«û~åÅáê@∞ QÆ$ǨÏã¨∞÷QÍ ^Õ=ÙxH˜ „Ѩ^ŒH˜∆}Å∞ KÕã¨∞Î#flѨC_»∞ P"≥∞ ‰õÄ_® ##∞fl
JǨϟaÅ =∞~î°OÖ’ H˘Å∞"≥·# ™êfiq∞"åix ¿ãqOK«∞‰õΩ#fl ^èŒ#ºrq. QÆ=∞x™ÈÎOk. „Ѩ^ŒH˜∆}Å∞ ѨÓiÎ KÕã¨∞‰õΩx <å ^ŒQÆæ~°‰õΩ =zÛ#
PÜ«∞# =∂Ö’Å™êfiq∞"åix ¿ãqOK«∞‰õΩx, ã¨Êi≈Oz# KÕ`«∞Å`À<Õ P"≥∞ ZO`À L`åûǨÏOQÍ, ''g∞~°∞ _®. Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£ ™êfi"Õ∞ Hõ^•?——
ÉÏźOÖ’ ##∞fl ‰õÄ_® „¿Ñ=∞`À Z`«∞ΉõΩx ÖÏeOKå~°∞. D Jx „ѨtflOzOk.
q+¨µã‚ Ǩ Ϩ „ã¨<å=∂=o QÍ^äÅŒ #∞ „"åÜ«∞QÆeQˆ J^Œ$+¨Oì , „"åÜ«∞\ÏxH˜ B#x <Õ#∞ `«Å Táê#∞. P"≥∞ =∞iO`« L`åûǨÏOQÍ
HÍ=eû# <Õ~°∞Ê |Ǩïâß <å‰õΩ ÅaèOK«\ÏxH˜ Jk‰õÄ_® XHõ ''<Õ#∞ g∞ ÉèíH˜Î „Ѩ=K«<åÅ<≥xfl\˜<À \˜.q.Ö’ K«∂âß#∞. g∞~°∞
HÍ~°}"Õ∞"≥∂! q[Üü∞ \˜.q.Ö’ ÅH©;ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∂=oH˜ K≥Ñ≤Ê# QÍ^äŒÅ∞ x[OQÍ
`«~°∞"åu HÍÅOÖ’ PÜ«∞# JǨϟaÅ =∞~îåxH˜ 43= J^Œ ∞ ƒù ` « O ! g∞ „Ѩ = K« < åÅ#∞ g∞~° ∞ P^è Œ ∞ xHõ ™êOˆ H uHõ ` «
rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞QÍ `«# ¿ã=Å#∞ JOkOKå~°∞. L`«Î~° „Ѩ^ÕâòÖ’x ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O`À (Ѩ=~ü áê~ÚO\ò „Ѩ*ˇO>Ë+¨#∞) „â’`«Å‰õΩ JO^Œ*Ë¿ã
<≥·q∞âß~°}ºOÖ’ "≥·‰õΩO~î°„áêÑ≤Î á⁄O^Õ =ÚO^Œ∞ PÜ«∞# ÉèÏ~°`«^Õâ◊O Ѩ ^ Œ ú u =Å# g∞~° ∞ ZO`À=∞Ok Ü« Ú =f-Ü« Ú =‰õ Ω Å#∞
Ü«∂=`«∂Î KåÖÏ `«‰õΩ¯= ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’<Õ Ñ¨~°º\˜OKå~°∞ ‰õÄ_®! PHõ@∞ì‰õΩO@∞<åfl~°∞! =∂‰õΩ g∞ Ǩ㨺 K«`«∞~°`« ZO`À #K«∞Û`«∞Ok.
P<å_»∞ <Õ#∞ 46= rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"åi Pj~åfi^ŒO ZO`À Hõ+¨ì=∞~Ú# "Õ^•O`« Ѩ~°=∞~Ú# q+¨Ü«∂Å#∞ ‰õÄ_®
á⁄Ok, ã¨fi~°‚ q=∂#OÖ’ H˘Å∞"≥·# =∂Ö’Å ™êfiq∞"åix K«Hõ¯x ã¨~°à◊"≥∞ÿ# Hõ^äŒÅ ^•fi~å JOk™êÎ~°∞.——
^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ qâßÅ"≥∞ÿ# ǨÅ∞Ö’H˜ "≥àÏ¡#∞. P"≥∞ =∂@ʼnõΩ x[OQÍ<Õ <Õ#∞ "≥ÚǨÏ=∂@Ѩ_»∞`«∂,
D Ѩ#∞Åhfl x~°fiiÎOK«∞‰õΩO@∂ ‰õÄ_® <Õ#∞ =∂Ö’Å ''h ¿Ñ~°∞ ÜÕ∞q∞@=∂‡?—— Jx „ѨtflOKå#∞.
™êfiq∞"åix 208= q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∂xH˜ `«y# QÍ^äŒ#∞ <å‰õΩ ''<å ¿Ñ~°∞ Éèˇ·~°q!—— JO^•"≥∞. Éèˇ·~°q ~åQÆO ¿Ñ~°∞ HÍ=@O
ã¨∞ÊùiOѨ*ËÜ«∞=∞x =∞#ã¨∞Ö’<Õ „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åfl#∞! '"åH±— Ѩ„uHõ AÖˇ· =Å# |Ǩïâß P"≥∞ `«e¡^ŒO„_»∞Å∞ Hõ~å‚@Hõ ã¨Ow`« „Ñ≤Ü«ÚÅ~Ú
ã¨OzHõ‰õΩ „"åÜ«∞=Åã≤# QÍ^äŒ#∞ E<£ Ѩk¿ÇÏ_»∞ <å\˜H˜ LO\Ï~°x ÉèÏqOz ã¨O`À+≤OKå#∞.
JO^Œ*ˇÜ«∂ºe. ã¨=∞Ü«∞O KåÖÏ `«‰õΩ¯= LOk. <åg∞^Œ ÉÏ^茺`« ''`«~°∞K«∂ D =∞~îåxH˜ =ã¨∞ÎO\Ï"å?—— Jx „ѨtflOKå#∞.
ÉÏQÍ<Õ LOk. 'J=Ù#∞ „Ѩu „Ѩ^À+¨O <å_»∞ <Õ#∞ `«Ñ¨Ê‰õΩO_® JǨϟaÅ =∞~îåxH˜
JHõ¯_» ã¨=∂"Õâ◊"≥∞ÿ# Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ <å‰õΩ XHõ Ü«Ú=u =zÛ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ "åiH˜ „Ѩ^ŒH˜∆}Å∞ KÕã¨∞‰õΩO\Ï#∞. JǨϟaÅ
HõxÑ≤OzOk (P"≥∞#∞ Ü«Ú=u J#_»O Hõ<åfl, J=∂‡~Ú J#@O =∞~î°O =¸Å =¸iÎ NNN ™êfiq∞"åi`À Ü«∂„`«Å‰õΩ `«~°e
|Ǩïâß ã¨|ÉË"≥∂!) P"≥∞ P^èŒ∞xHõ =G^è•~°}`À ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_çx "≥o§<å <Õ#∞ D „Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’ 45= rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"å~°∞ `«=∞
ZO`À ÉèíH˜Î-„â◊^ŒúÅ`À H˘Å∞K«∞‰õΩO\’Ok. KÕ`∞« Å g∞^Œ∞QÍ „Ѩu+≤Oª z# #~°ãO≤ Ǩϙêfiq∞x ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ
^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ WHõ¯_» áê~î°‰õΩÅ∞ `«Ñ¨C J~°÷O fã¨∞HÀ=^Œ∞Ì. =™êÎ#∞.——
<Õ#∞ 70 ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞ ^•\˜# =ºH˜Îx. JO^Œ∞=Å# HõÅÊ#Å∞ - D ã¨iH˜ <å‰õΩ HÍã¨ÎO`« K«#∞=Ù U~°Ê_ç P J=∂‡~Úx
TǨÏÅ QÆ∞iOz „"å¿ã =Ü«∞ã¨∞HÍ^Œ∞. JO`ÕHÍ^Œ∞, =∂Ö’Å K«∂ã≤ - ''x#∞fl K«∂¿ãÎ P^èŒ∞xHõ Ü«Ú=uÖÏQÆ HõxÑ≤ã¨∞Î<åfl=Ù.
#~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ H˘Å∞"≥·# 46= rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"åi ã¨=∞Hõ∆OÖ’ |Ǩïâß S\˜ ~°OQÆOÖ’ L^ÀºQÆO KÕã¨∂Î LO_ç LO\Ï=Ù! HÍx
JHõ¯_» JO`å Ѩq„`«"≥∞ÿ# "å`å=~°}O <≥ÅH˘x =∞#ã¨∞‰õΩ WO`« z#fl =Ü«∞ã¨∞ûÖ’, Pi÷HõOQÍ ã¨fi`«O„`«∞~åe"≥·#@∞=O\˜
=∞# „Ѩ=~°Î<Õ =∞#‰õΩ ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞efl, â◊„`«∞=Ùefl `«Ü«∂~°∞KÕã¨∞ÎOk.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 10 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
#∞=Ùfi ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞xѨ@¡ WO`«\ ˜ „ѨQÍ_è»=∞~Ú# ÉèíH˜Îx ZÖÏ Ñ¨^äŒHÍÅ∞ "Õã¨∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl~°x =∂„`«O <Õ#∞ „QÆÇ≤ÏOK«∞HÀÖË^Œ∞.
JÅ=~°∞Û‰õΩ<åfl=Ù? ZHõ¯_® XHõ ^•x`À XHõ\ ˜ á⁄O`«# ‰õΩ^Œ~°@O XHõ<å\˜ ~å„u"Õà◊ <Õ#∞ P x~å‡#∞+¨º"≥∞ÿ# ^•iÖ’ JÅ"å@∞QÍ
ÖË^Õ?—— „Ѩܫ∂}˜ã¨∂Î LO>Ë =zÛ ##∞fl J@HÍ~ÚOz "åi Ѩ^äŒHÍxfl
JѨC_®"≥∞ `«# QÆ`« J#∞Éèí"åxfl <å‰õΩ K≥ѨÓÎ `«#x J=∞Å∞ K≥Ü«∂ºÅx J#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞.
„ѨǨ¡^Œ∞_ç „ã‘Î~°∂Ѩ Ѩ~åºÜ«∞Ѩ^ŒOQÍ =∂iÛ# ã¨OѶ¨∞@# QÆ∞iOz "åix PѨ_®xH˜ <Õ#∞ â◊`«q^è•Å „Ѩܫ∞`«flO KÕâß#∞
`≥eÜ«∞*Ëã≤Ok. HÍx U=∂„`«O „ѨÜ≥∂[#O ÖËHõáÈ~ÚOk.
-0-0-0- ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O HÀã¨O Q˘O`«∞ zOK«∞‰õΩx J~°z<å, JHõ¯_»
''<Õ#∞ FZ"£∞P~ü =∂~°æOÖ’ L#fl S\˜ HõOÃÑhÖ’ <å‰õΩ ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O KÕ¿ã "åÔ~=fi~°∂ ~åÖË^Œ∞.
L^ÀºQÆO KÕã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. =∂ <å#flQÍ~°∞ N~å=∂#∞[OQÍ~°∞ Hõ~å‚@Hõ P ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ <å=∞#ã¨∞Ö’ ~Ô Ö· fiË ¿ã+ì #¨ ∞Ö’ ǨÏ`«ºHÍ|_»¤
ã¨Ow`« q^•fiOã¨∞_»∞† =∞^èŒ∞Ô~·‰õΩ K≥Ok# Nâı+¨QÀáêÅ<£ QÍiÖψQ ™êfiu L^ŒO`«O`ÀÉÏ@∞ JÖÏO\˜ Z<Àfl ã¨OѶ¨∞@#Å∞ y„~°∞#
ã¨Ow`« „Ѩ=K«<åÅ∞ K≥¿ÑÊ ÉèÏQÆ=`å~ü, PÜ«∞#‰õΩ "å~°úHõºO ~å=_»O uiQÍ~Ú. <å‰õÄ JÖÏO\˜ QÆ`Õ Ñ¨@ìÉ’`«∞O^Œx „QÆÇ≤ÏOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞.
=Å# HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞, P^•Ü«∞=¸ ‰õÄ_® H©∆}˜OzáÈÜ«∂~Ú. <å á¶È\’Å∞ \©.q.ÅÖ’ Ѩ„uHõÅÖ’ ÃÑ^ŒÌQÍ K«∂Ñ≤Oz
Hõ~å‚@Hõ ã¨Ow`«O Ѩ@¡ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ#fl „|Ǩ‡O_»=∞~Ú# „¿Ñ=∞ =Å# „ѨK«∞iOK«_»O [~°∞QÆ∞`«∞Ok. <åÅ∞QÆ∞ - S^Œ∞ ~ÀAÅáê@∞ <åÃÑ·
<å‰õΩ Éèˇ·~°q Jx <å=∞Hõ~°}O KÕ~ÚOz# PÜ«∞# Pã¨H˜Î =∂„`«O [iy# J`åºKå~° O QÆ ∞ iOz \˜ . q. Kå<≥ à ◊ √ ¡ Jhfl K« ~ åÛ
Wã¨∞=∞O`«~Ú<å `«QÆæÖË^Œ∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤Ï™êÎ~Ú.
D Jáê~°=∞~Ú# ã¨Ow`åaè=∂#O =Å<Õ PÜ«∞# „ã‘Î"å^Œ =∞Ç≤ÏàÏã¨OѶ¨∂Å∞ ''Éèˇ·~°qH˜ <åºÜ«∞O [~°QÍe——!
XHõ™êi <å`À WÖÏ J<åfl~°∞. 'J=∂‡ Éè~·ˇ g° ! ÉèHí Θ „Ѩ=K«<åÅ∞ K≥¿ÑÊ Jx É’~° ∞ ¤ Å `À x<å^•Å∞ KÕ ã ¨ ∂ ΠѨ Å ∞KÀ@¡ 㨠= ∂"Õ â ßÅ∞
~ÀAÅÖ’ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ J=`«iOKÕ Ñ¶¨∞\Ïìxfl q=iã¨∞Î#flѨC_»∞ x~°fiÇ≤Ï™êÎ~°∞.
ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# ã≤OǨÏQÆ~°˚##∞, ã≤OǨÏO KÕ¿ã J@ìǨ™êxfl „Ѩã≤kú WHõ qѨ H ∆ Í Å H˘¿ãÎ , "å~° ∞ D ^Õ â ◊ O =∞Ç≤ Ï à◊ Å ∞
K≥Ok# NJ#O`«Ñ¨^Œ‡<åÉèÏKå~°º™êfiq∞ ÖÏO\˜"åiÖÏQÆ<Õ <Õ#∞ x=ã≤OK«_®xH˜ ZO`«=∂„`«O `«QÆ^Œx, "åiH˜ ~°Hõ∆} Hõ~°∞=~ÚO^Œx
‰õ Ä _® <å Hõ O ~î ° ^ è Œ fi x`À Ѩ e H˜ O K« Q Æ e ˆ Q "å_ç x . "å~° ú H õ º O "≥·# "≥·<åÅ∞QÍ =i‚OK«∞‰õΩO@∂áÈ`å~°∞.
=ã¨∞Î#flO^Œ∞# ѨÓ~°fiOÖÏ WѨC_»∞ JO`« cèHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# QÆ~°˚##∞ =∞Ô~O`À =∞Ok D L^ŒO`«OÃÑ·# "≥Úã¨e Hõhfl~°∞
<åQ˘O`«∞Hõ ѨeH˜OK«ÖËHõáÈ`ÀOk. <å „â’`«Å#∞ U^À XHõ q^èŒOQÍ HÍ~°∞™êÎ~°∞.
ã≤OǨÏQÆ~°˚#`À Hõ\ ˜ìѨ_≥Ü«∂ºÅx JaèÅ+≤ã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH #∞=Ùfi ÉèÏ~°`« „H˜ÔH@∞ì [@∞ì ÔHÃÑì<£ q~å\ò HÀÇ‘Ï¡ „Ѩ^è•# =∞O„u
h "≥Úɡ·Å∞ á¶È#∞Ö’ ã≤OǨÏQÆ~°̊##∞ iHÍ~°∞¤KÕã≤, <å‰õΩ <å á¶È#∞Ö’H˜ #ˆ~O„^Œ"≥∂_ôH˜ „ã‘ÎÅ ~°Hõ∆}#∞ QÆ∞iOz \©fi\ò KÕ™êÎ_»∞.
ѨOÑ≤OK«QÆÅ"å Éèˇ·~°g! #~°ã≤OǨ=`å~° =~°‚# KÕã¨∞Î#flѨC_»∞ <Õ#∞ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ QÆ∞_çÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩxQÍ L#fl N ã≤.Zãπ.
P ^èŒfixx qxÑ≤OK«∞HÀQÆÅ∞QÆ∞`å#∞!—— ~°OQÆ~å[<£ QÍ~°∞ U\˜H˜ Z^Œ∞s^Õ ÉèÏ"åÅ∞#fl =ºH˜Î. PÜ«∞#
㨈~#x \˜.q.Ö’ =KÕÛ =#º=∞$QÍÅ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O XHõ Éè Ï ~° ` « ^ Õ â ◊ = ∞O`« \ Ï "≥ O @<Õ [\ÏÜ« Ú ¿ã##∞ U~° Ê iz,
^•x#∞O_ç <Õ#∞ ã≤OǨÏO QÆi˚OѨÙÅ#∞ iHÍ~°∞¤KÕã≤ =∂ <å#flQÍi ~å=}Ïã¨∞~°∞Å ÉÏi#∞O_ç „ã‘ÎÅ#O^Œih ~°H˜∆OKåÅx, ã‘`«=∞‡Å#∞
"≥Úɡ·Å∞ á¶È#∞H˜ ѨOÑ≤Oz, <å á¶È#∞Ö’ ‰õÄ_® LOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. ~°H˜∆OK«|∂x#@∞¡ HÍáê_ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ „Ѩܫ∞uflOKåÅx QÆ\ ˜ìѨ@∞ì
<åÔHO^Œ∞HÀ Jk KåÖÏ #zÛ, Ѩ^Õ-Ѩ^Õ qO@∂ LO_Õ^•xx. Ѩ_»`å~°∞.......!
„Ѩu ~ÀE <å L^ÀºQÆO ѨÓiÎ JÜ«∂Hõ <≥q∞e K≥iÖ’ J@∞ÃÑ·#? H˘kÌ ~ÀAʼnõΩ, uiy <åÖÏ ^Œ∞™êûǨÏã¨O
=Ù#fl ^ŒQÆæ~° `À= Hõ^• Jx #=∞‡OQÆà◊O J_»q ^•iQÆ∞O_® <å KÕÜ«∞É’~Ú, |e J~ÚáÈÜÕ∞ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊ L^ŒO`«O ɡ·@H˘KÕÛ=~°‰õÄ
kfiK«„Hõ "åǨÏ#OÃÑ·# „Ѩܫ∂}O KÕ¿ã^•xx. ~å„u áÈ^Œ∞ÌáÈ~Ú<å, Jxfl"≥·Ñ¨ÙÖÏ xâ◊≈|ÌO P=iOK«∞‰õΩO@∞Ok.
J~°ú~å„u ã¨g∞Ñ≤ã¨∞Î<åfl ‰õÄ_® ^Œ@ì"≥∞ÿ# K≥@¡`À xO_ç# W^Õ J_»q W=hfl [~°∞QÆ∞`«∂O_»QÍ, Éèˇ·~°q J<Õ <Õ#∞ =∂#ã≤HõOQÍ,
^•iÖ’ „Ѩܫ∂}O KÕã¨∂Î, ZÖÏO\˜ Ѩiã≤÷`«∞Å<≥·<å Z^Œ∞~À¯QÆeˆQ âßs~°HõOQÍ Ñ¨ÓiÎQÍ K≥kiáÈ=_»O MÏÜ«∞O. D PÖ’K«#Å∞
^è ≥ · ~ ° º O <å‰õ Ω O^Œ x <å #=∞‡Hõ O . PѶ ‘ ã ¨ ∞ "åiKÕ Û ~° " å}Ï XHõ¯™êi K«∞@∞ì=Ú\˜ì <Õ#∞ X}˜H˜áÈÜ«∂#∞.
ã¨^Œ∞áêÜ«∂xfl HÍ^Œx, WÖÏ J_»q ^•~°O@ „Ѩܫ∂}O K≥Ü«∞º_»O WO`« ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# Ѩiã≤÷uÖ’ ‰õÄ_® <Õ#∞ áÈbã¨∞ʼnõΩ
=∂<å#flQÍiH˜ W+¨ìOÖËHõáÈ~Ú<å, <Õ#∞ JÖÏ xâ◊≈|ÌOQÍ L#fl á¶È#∞KÕã≤ ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O Ji÷OK«=K«∞Û#x PÖ’zOz, <å"≥Úɡ·Å∞
J_»q ^•iÖ’ „Ѩܫ∂}˜OK«@OÖ’ ÅaèOKÕ „käÅ∞¡#∞ X^Œ∞Å∞HÀÖËHõ á¶È#∞#∞ <˘Hͯ#∞. J~Ú`Õ QÍÉèí~åÖ’ <Õ#∞ ''¿Ñ¡ =¸ºlH±—— J#fl
áÈÜÕ∞^•xfl. |@<£#∞ <˘ˆH¯âß#∞. "≥O@<Õ xâ◊≈|Ì"≥∞ÿ# P~å„u"Õà◊ QÍex
J~Ú`Õ QÆ`« H˘O`« HÍÅOQÍ H˘O^Œ~°∞ ^Œ∞~å‡~°∞æÅ∞ pÅ∞Û‰õΩO@∂ ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°OQÍ ã≤OǨÏQÆ~°˚# qxÑ≤OzOk. <Õ#∞
##∞fl, <å ~åHõáÈHõefl QÆ=∞xã¨∂Î, <åÃÑ·# J`åºKå~°O K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ ã‘ Ê Hõ ~ ° ∞ #∞ ‰õ Ä _® ÃÑ@ì _ » O `À =∞iO`« QÆ \ ˜ ì Q Í qxÑ≤ ã ¨ ∂ Î
=∞# =∂@ fˆ~ =∞# Hõ+¨ì#ëêìʼnõΩ =¸ÅHÍ~°}O.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 11 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
ÉèíÜ«∞ÃÑ_»∞`ÀOk. <Õ#∞ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞x QÆ∞_çH˘zÛ ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩO\Ï#∞.——
P =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ ^Œ∞~å‡~°∞æÅ∞ ǨÏ~îå`«∞ÎQÍ D QÆ~°˚# q<Õã¨iH˜ P"≥∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê#^ŒO`å qx <Õ#∞ ''^èŒ#º"å^•Å∞ Éèˇ·~°g!
LeH˜¯Ñ¨_ç, ÉèíÜ«∞O`À aHõ¯K«zÛáÈÜ«∂~°∞. "å~°∞ x[OQÍ<Õ JHõ¯_çH˜ #∞=Ùfi q+¨ µ ‚ ã ¨ Ç ¨ Ï „㨠< å=∂=oQÍ^ä Œ Ö ’¡ 208= <å=∂xH˜
ã≤OǨÏO QÆi˚ã¨∂Î =™ÈÎO^Œx ÉèÏqOKå~°∞. <Õ#∞ ^èŒfixx =∞iO`« „"åÜ«∞=Åã≤# QÍ^äŒ#∞ JOkOKå=Ù—— J<åfl#∞.
ÃÑOK«∞`«∂ |@<£#∞ =∞iO`« ÃÇÏK«∞Û K≥Ü«∞º_»O`À QÆ~°˚# =∞iO`« P"≥∞H˜ J~°÷O HÍÖË^Œ∞. Uq∞@x „ѨtflOzOk.
QÆ\ ˜ìQÍ q#=™ÈÎOk. W^Õ J^Œ∞#∞ K«∂ã¨∞‰õΩx <Õ#∞ <å "åǨÏ<åxfl ''q+¨ µ ‚ ã¨ Ç ¨ Ï „㨠< å=∞OÖ’x 208= <å=∞O—— <Õ # ∞
JHõ¯_Õ =keÃÑ\ì̃ <å "≥ÚÉˇÅ· ∞ á¶È#∞ "≥Å∞QÆ∞Ö’ JHõ¯_»∞#fl K≥@=¡ ∞^躌 J<åfl#∞.
^•‰õΩ¯<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ Ѩ~°∞ÔQ`åÎ#∞. ''<å‰õΩ q+¨µ‚ ã¨Ç¨Ï„㨠<å=∂ÅO>Ë KåÖÏ W+¨ìO. g∞~°∞
J^Õ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ =∞Ü«∞O_ç J<Õ ÖÏs KÀ^Œ‰õΩ_»∞ `«# „"åã≤# WOw¡+µ¨ ѨÙã¨HÎ Oõ ‘The Lord At Your Call’#∞ K«k"å#∞.
ÖÏsÖ’ J„Hõ=∞OQÍ `«=Ùfi‰õΩ#fl Wã¨Hõ#∞ fã¨∞‰õΩx P ^•iÖ’<Õ '"åH±—Ѩ„uHõ ^•fi~å „Ñ¨K«∞iOѨ|_ç# D ѨÙã¨ÎHõOÖ’ g∞~°∞ ZO`À
*’~°∞QÍ =ã¨∞<Î åfl_»∞. J`«_xç áÈbã¨∞Å∞, `«ÇϨ ã‘ÖÏÌ~∞° "≥O@|_»∞`«∂ ã¨∞ÅÉèíOQÍ, PHõ@∞ì‰õΩ<Õ suÖ’ <å=∂=oH˜ ã¨O|OkèOz#
D^•i Ѩ\ ˜ìOKå~°∞. J`«_ç ÖÏs J^Œ∞Ѩ٠`«Ñ≤Ê W+¨ìO =zÛ#@∞¡ QÍ^äŒÅ#∞ `≥eÜ«∞*ˇÜ«∞º_»O KåÖÏ ÉÏQÆ∞Ok! JO@∂ P J=∂‡~Ú
J_»qÖ’ Ѩ~°∞ÔQ_»∞`ÀOk. P ^Œ∞~å‡~°∞æÅ∞ =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∂ ^•i `≥#∂fl ZO`À L`åûǨÏOQÍ K≥Ñ≤ÊOk.
`ÀK«Hõ `«Ö’ k‰õΩ¯ J~Ú, u~°∞QÆ∞`«∂ Hõà◊¡g∞^Œ‰õΩ ÖÏs "≥Å∞QÆ∞ <Õ#∞ J<åfl#∞ - ''q+¨µ‚ ã¨Ç¨Ï„㨠<å=∂ÅÖ’ 208=
Ѩ_»∞`«∂ LO_»@O`À J@∂ W@∂ Ѩ~°∞QÆ∞Å∞ ÃÑ_»∞`«∞#fl „Hõ=∞OÖ’ <å=∞O 'âßã¨Î—, PÜ«∞# K≥_»∞ #O`«\ ˜h x~°∂‡eOz, `«# Éèí‰õΩÎÅ#∞
ÖÏs "åix |ÅOQÍ _è ô H ˘#_» O , =ÚQÆ ∞ æ ~ ° ∂ JHõ ¯ _ç H õ H õ ¯ _Õ ~°H˜∆OK«_»O =Å# D ¿Ñ~°∞ =zÛOk.——
=∞~°}˜OK«_»O "≥O@"≥O@<Õ [iyáÈÜ«∂~Ú. x~°∞H˜Î „ѨHÍ~°O
<Õ#∞ <å á¶È#∞ ^èŒfixx =∞iO`« ÃÑOK«_»O =Å# ÙÀoÁåΩ N˛lbN˛ÁåΩ ∆ÁÀoynÆo: ∆ÁÀozuo N˛ynÆ|oz
áÈbã¨∞Å∞ ##∞fl "≥kH˜ ~°H˜∆OKå~°∞. Z=~° ~ Ú`Õ `« = ∞x `å=Ú K≥ _ » ∞ #∞O_ç
g∞~°∞ XHõ™êi „Ѩ=K«#OÖ’ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ cèHõ~°OQÍ ~°H˜∆OK«∞HÀ"åÅ#∞‰õΩO\Ï~À "å~°∞ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ "≥Åã≤# ÉÏÖÏr
QÆi˚ã¨∂Î Éèí‰õΩÎ_»~Ú# „ѨǨ¡^Œ∞_çx ~°H˜∆OK«_®xH˜ J=`«iOKå_»x ~°∂áêxfl ÉèíH˜ÎQÍ P~åkèã¨∂Î, D ''âß„¿ãÎ #=∞ó—— <å=∂xfl „â◊^ŒúQÍ
K≥áêÊ~°∞. P ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_Õ, iHÍ~°∞¤ KÕã¨∞‰õΩ#flѨÊ\˜H© `«# cèHõ~° [Ñ≤ã¨∂Î LO>Ë `«Ñ¨ÊHõ Ѷ¨e`åxfl á⁄O^Œ∞`å~°∞.
QÆ~°˚#`À ##∞fl ‰õÄ_® P ^Œ∞~å‡~°∞æÅ #∞O_ç ~°H˜∆OKå_»∞!—— Jxfl ~°HÍÅ ^Œ∞„+¨ÊÉèÏ"åÅ#∞ 'âßã¨Î—QÍ Ñ≤Å=|_Õ
D L^ŒO`åxfl K≥Ñ≤Ê# Éèˇ·~°q WÖÏ JOk ''P Hõ∆}O Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ x~°∂‡eOK«∞QÍHõ!
#∞O_ç <å =∞#ã¨∞Ö’ #~°ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞ Ѩ@¡ „ѨQÍ_è»"≥∞ÿ# ÉèíH˜Î - ~°O_ç! '"åH±— áê~î°‰õΩÖÏ~å! ÉèíH˜ÎQÍ
„Ѩ Ñ ¨ ` « ∞ Î Å ∞ L^Œ ~ ÚOKå~Ú. "å\ ˜ x <Õ # ∞ =∞iO`« ''FO âß„¿ãÎ #=∞ó——
ÃÑOá⁄OkOK«∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl#∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH „Ѩu „Ѩ^À+¨ k#O <å_»∞ Jx [Ñ≤Oz K≥_»∞#∞Oz ~°H˜∆OK«∞‰õΩO^•O! O

All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <å~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó FO ˆH∆„`«*Ï˝Ü«∞ #=∞ó FO *’ºuëêOѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó

G åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ƒúÏ   z å™: G qz fi rÁÆ å™: G [ÆÁz u o ÁÊ ú oÆz å™:
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

PѨ^ŒÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ 㨇iOK«O_ç. ã¨fiO`«OQÍ áê¡@∞¡, WO_»∞¡ H˘<åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜. ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# K«∂Ѩ٠H˘~°‰õΩ.

™åσu| åoÁ ÃÁqÁ˘ÁzTy N˛À™ÁëÁ úÓ\Æzo@Ω å NÏ˛ÆÁ|tΩ ƒwu\åÊ åÁÆÁ|: NÏ˛ƒwÊ å À™∫zoΩ uœÁÆ:@@
Every woman is my direct embodiment. One should not commit a wicked deed involving a woman; one should
not (even) think about sinful acts in connection with a woman. (Source : Lakshmi Tantram 43rd Chapter)

=∞`«Î#∞~°fix`å ™êH∆Í`ü Ü≥∂w Hõ™ê‡#fl ѨÓ[ÜÕ∞`üI # ‰õΩ~åº^Œfi$l#O <å~åºó ‰õΩ=$`«ÎO # 㨇ˆ~`ü „ã≤ÎÜ«∞óII
„Ѩu =x`« <å â◊s~°O. 'P_»"åiѨ@¡ Jã¨ÉèíºOQÍ „Ѩ=iÎOK«_»"Õ∞ HÍ^Œ∞. qHÍ~°OQÍ PÖ’zOK«_»O ‰õÄ_® ã¨Ç≤ÏOK«#∞—
JO@∞<åfl~°∞. J=∞‡"å~°∞. (¿ãHõ~°} : ÅH©;`«O„`«O 43= J^蕺ܫ∞O)

uÜ«∞ºx =∂@ÖË HÍ^Œ∞ - uÜ«∞ºx =∞#ã¨∞ ‰õÄ_® LO_®e.

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=∞^èŒ∞~åq[Ü«∞O ^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ...81 =∞^äŒ∞~å q[Ü«∞O - 11

QÆ`« ã¨OzHõ `«~°∞"å~Ú ÉèÏQÆO.... J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
[iy# Hõ^äŒ : Z<Àfl Kåi„`å`«‡Hõ x*ÏÅ∞ `«#Ö’ á⁄O^Œ∞Ѩ~°K«∞‰õΩ#fl D ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ PÜ«∞# LO_çf~åÅx QÀѨ#fl JaèÖÏ+¨. QÀѨ#fl P^Õâß#∞™ê~°O
=∞^è∞Œ ~åq[Ü«∞O, =∞Ǩ~åA HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞x Ѩ@=ì ∞Ç≤Ï+≤ =∞Ǩ~å}˜ QÆOQÍ^ÕqKÕ Ãã#· ºO Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ =ke =∞^è∞Œ ~Ô · HÀ@#∞ =Ú@ì_Oç zOk. ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞#∞ ã¨OǨÏiOz
~°zOѨ|_ç#k. q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ™ê„=∂*Ϻnèâ√◊ _≥#· N |∞Hõ¯~åÜ«∞x ÃÑ^ŒÌ ‰õΩ=∂~°∞_»∞ =∞^èŒ∞Ô~·#∞ ÔQÅ∞K«∞H˘x QÀѨ#fl uiy N~°OQÆO q[Ü«∞O KÕâß_»∞. q[Ü«∞#QÆ~°
‰õΩ=∂~°HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞_»∞. Hõ^ä•Ñ¨~°OQÍ q[ÜÕ∞O„^Œ =Å¡Éèí =∞iÜ«Ú ^Œ`«∞Î_»∞ J<Õ ~åAÅKÕ ^•^•Ñ¨ÙQÍ 5000 PÅÜ«∂Å∞ P^Œ∞HÀ|_®¤~Ú. ~°OQÆ<å^䌙êfiq∞x
W^ŒÌ~°∞ Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ∞ N~°OQÆOÖ’x N~°OQÆ<å^èŒ∞x q„QÆǨxfl "≥^ŒHõ_®xÔH· „Ѩu+≤ìOK«_®xH˜ QÀѨ#fl |Ü«∞Å∞^Õ~å_»∞. ^Õt‰õΩÅ"å~°∞ =zÛ, =∞O„`«Ñ¨Ói`«
|Ü«∞Å∞^Õ~°`å~°∞. ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ Ãã·#ºO #∞O_ç D q„QÆǨxfl #Å∞QÆ∞~°∞ H˘_»=~°∞Å∞ ~åuѨ~°^•#∞ `˘ÅyOz, L`«û= q„QÆǨÏѨ٠ã¨O^ÕǨÅ#∞ `˘ÅyOz, N~°OQÆ
HÍáê_ç ~°Ç¨Ï㨺 „Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’ ^•zÃÑ_®Î~°∞. Z<Àfl „Ѩܫ∂ã¨ÅHÀiÛ, ZO^Œi<À QÆ~ƒ° Qù ∞Æ _çx `≥iz L`«û= q„QÆÇϨ „Ѩu+¨ì KÕâß~°∞. ~°OQÆ<åÜ«∞H˜ J=∞‡"åi q„QÆÇϨ O
„ѨtflOz# Ñ≤^ÑŒ ,¨ K≥OK«∞`≥QÅÆ "åi ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞O`À W^Œ~Ì ∞° Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ∞ N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x ‰õÄ_® K«OѨH=õ $HõO∆ =^ŒÌ ÅaèOzOk. JxflKÀ@¡ ѨO_»∞QÆ "å`å=~°}O <≥ÖH˘Ok.
q„QÆǨÏO =∞iÜ«Ú 18 Uà◊√¡QÍ q„QÆǨxfl „áê}ÏkèHõOQÍ HÍáê_»∞`«∞#fl PYi N~°OQÆOÖ’ HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞x Ѩ\Ïìa¿è +HõO J`«ºO`« "≥É· =íè OQÍ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«|_çOk.
H˘_»=~°∞x ‰õÄ_® K«O„^Œyi J_»=ÙÖ’¡ Hõ#∞HÀ¯QÆÅ∞QÆ∞`å~°∞. ^Œ`∞« _Î ∞» H˘O`«=∞Ok ZO^Œ~À ~åAÅ∞ ™ê=∞O`«~åAʼnõΩ PǨfi#O ѨOѨ|_çOk. =Å¡É∞íè x ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∞« ~å}˜
"Õ@QÍà◊§ ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O`À P „Ѩ^Õâß<ÕflÖË ~å*ˇ·# N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞xH˜ =∞^è∞Œ ~åOyx ‰õÄ_® PǨfixOK«|_çOk. HÍh P"≥∞ "≥O@ Ѩ~Ñ° Ù¨ ~°∞+¨µx K«∂ã≤#
ã¨O^Õâßxfl KÕ~°"Õ™êÎ_»∞. ~åA Ǩï\ÏǨï\˜# ã¨Ãã·#ºO`À Hõ^Œe=™êÎ_»∞. ..... =Å¡Éèí∞x =∞#ã¨∞ |^ŒÌÖˇ·Ok. `«=∞ „¿Ñ=∞ ZѨC_»∞ PqÔ~·O^• Jx J`«#∞
PÖ’zOK«™êQÍ_»∞. N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x ã¨xflkèÖ’ XO@iQÍ ÉÏ^èÑŒ _¨ ∞» `«∞#fl =Å¡É∞íè xH˜
=∞^èŒ∞~° =∞m§ =∞m§ *Ï˝Ñ¨HõO ~å=_»O =Å# =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞ `åq∞^ŒÌ~°O q_çáÈ~Ú#
„Ѩ^ÕâßxH˜ uiy "≥àÏÎ_»∞. JHõ¯_» =∞^èŒ∞~°#∞ HõÅ∞ã¨∞‰õΩO\Ï_»∞. W~°∞=Ù~°∞ "åi ^Œ∂~°O #∞O_ç =∞^è∞Œ ~åOyxx áÈe# XHõ ~°∂ѨO HõxÑ≤OzOk.
„¿Ñ=∞#∞ =ºHõΠѨ~K° ∞« ‰õΩO\Ï~°∞. =∞^è∞Œ ~° `«##∞ ÃÑo§ KÕã∞¨ HÀ=∞#QÍ N~°OQÆOÖ’ P ~°∂ѨO „Hõ=∞OQÍ ^ŒQ~æÆ ° HÍQÍ Jk x[OQÍ =∞^è∞Œ ~åOy<Õ Jx `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞.
~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x ѨÙ#ó „Ѩu+≤Oì z# `«~∞° "å`« KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩO^•=∞x JO\Ï_»∞. Wk WÖÏ '=Å¡É∞íè _»∞ P"≥∞ =Å¡É∞íè xH˜ `«=∞ „¿Ñ=∞ ÃÑo§ =~°‰Ωõ "≥à§◊ HõáÈ=_®xH˜ QÆÅ HÍ~°}ÏÅ∞,
Ѩiã≤÷`«∞Å∞ q=iOzOk. `«# J<å~ÀQƺO ÃÑiy áÈ=_»O, `«# q"åǨÏO
[~°∞QÆ∞`«∞O_»QÍ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ™ê„=∂[º Ãã<· åºkèÑu¨ NQÀѨ#flQÍ~°∞ N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x [iÑ≤OKåÅx PÜ«∞# Ѩ@∞ìѨ@ì_»O, `«# xã¨ûǨÜ«∞`« Jhfl ѨÓã¨QÆ∞zÛ#@∞ì
=ÚÖˇ· fi ~å*ºOÖ’x yOw „áêO`åxH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩx =KåÛ_»∞. =∞Hõ~° qiÜ«∂àò `«##∞ K≥Ñ≤ÊOk P J|Å, XHõ „ã‘Î qѨ`«¯~° Ѩiã≤÷`«∞Å#∞ ZO`«HÍÅO Z^Œ∞~°∞xeÛ
ÃÑO_ç¡ KÕã∞¨ HÀ=∞x J_»∞QÆQÍ, ~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x N~°OQÆOÖ’ ѨÙ#ó „Ѩu+≤Oì z# `«~∞° "å`« áÈ~å_»QÆÅ^Œ∞ Jx =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞ =∞^èŒ∞~åOyx Ѩiã≤÷ux J~°÷O KÕã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞.
ÃÑO_ç¡ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩO^•=∞x JO\Ï_»∞ =Å¡É∞íè _»∞. q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ~å[º ã¨~fi° Ãã<· åºkèÑu¨ ~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x uiy N~°OQÆO KÕ~ˆ Û=~°‰Ωõ `«# ã¨∞YO HÀiHõÅ QÆ∞iOz TÃã`«#Î x
QÀѨ#fl N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x *ˇOlH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩx =KåÛ_»∞. =Å¡É∞íè _»∞ `«# `«e¡ =∞iÜ«Ú `«#∞ `«e¡H˜ "åQÍú#O KÕâß_»∞ HÍh =∞^èŒ∞~åOyx ZO`«HÍÅO `«#HÀã¨O
^Œ`«∞Îx`À Hõeã≤ QÀѨ#fl#∞ HõÅ=_®xH˜ =™êÎ_»∞.. QÀѨ#fl `«#∞ =Å¡Éèí^Œ`«∞ÎʼnõΩ Z^Œ∞~°∞K«∂_»Å^Œ∞ Jx =∞#ã¨∞‰õΩ #K«ÛK≥ѨC‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. =∞^èŒ∞~åOy#x Hõ∆q∞Oz
`«Ñʨ Hõ ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞Ѩ_`» å#x "åQÍú#O KÕã,≤ ã¨Ãã#· ºO`À |Ü«∞Å∞^Õi, ‰õΩ=∂~°HOõ Ѩ# `«#∞ rq`«HÍÅO „|ǨχKåiQÍ xezáÈ"åÅx x~°‚~ÚOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. ^Œ`«∞Î_»∞
~åÜ«∞x ~å[º"≥∞#ÿ HõOzH˜ KÕ~∞° ‰õΩO\Ï_»∞. ~åA#∞ HõÅ"åÅx J#∞‰õΩO\Ï_»∞. HÍh =∞O[ix uiy fã¨∞‰õΩ =zÛ q"åǨÏO KÕã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. ..WHõ K«^Œ=O_ç...
HõOѨ#∞_»∞ [fi~° f„=`« =Å# Jã¨fiã¨∞_÷ Qç Í L<åfl_»x `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩO\Ï_»∞........ =∞^èŒ∞~åq[Ü«∞O J<Õ D #=ÅÖ’, JѨÊ\˜ =∞^èŒ∞Ô~· ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞Å
ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ ~å[ºOÖ’xH˜ „Ѩ"ÕtOz Hõ#fl#∂~°∞‰õΩ „Ѩܫ∂}˜OK«™êQÍ~Ú. (=∂~°æ Hõ~°¯â◊, „‰õÄ~° ѨiáêÅ##∞ q=iOK«_»"Õ∞ HÍHõ, P ^Œ∞~å‡~°æ ѨiáêÅ#
=∞^茺֒ QÆÅ J<ÕHõ `«q∞à◊ ~å*ϺŠ„Ѩ[Å∞, ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ #∞O_ç ¿ãfiK«Ûù#∞ ZÖÏ F_çOK«|_çOk `«q∞à◊ ÉèÏëê „Ñ¨Ü«ÚHõÎ ~å*ϺÅ∞ P Hõ|O^èŒ Ç¨Ï™êÎÅ
™êkèOK«_®xÔH)· D Ãã#· ºOÖ’ Ѩ~"° ∂≥ `åûǨÏO`À KÕ~™° êQÍ~°∞. q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° Ãã#· ºO #∞O_ç `«Ñ≤ÊOK«∞‰õΩx ¿ãfiKåÛù"åÜ«Ú=ÙÅ∞ Ñ‘ÅÛ_»O, ã¨<å`«# "ÕkHõ ^èŒ~°‡O
Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ HÀ@#∞ Ô~O_»∞ ~°HÍÅ∞QÍ =Ú@ì_çOK«_»O ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ Ãã·<åºxfl HÍáê_»|_ç# "≥·#O JO`å q™êÎ~°OQÍ „"åÜ«∞|_çOk. QÆ`« <≥ÅÖ’<Õ
Pâ◊Û~°ºÑ¨~°zOk. HÀ@ |Ü«∞\˜ Ãã·<åºxfl Ѩ~ål`«OKÕã≤ "å\˜ Ãã·x‰õΩÅ#∞
D#=ŠѨÓiÎ~ÚOk. '"åH±— áê~ Ωõ ʼnõΩ WO^Œ∞Ö’x Kåi„`å`«‡Hõ Ѷ∞¨ \ÏìÅ
Ãã<· åºkèÑÙ¨ Å#∞ |OnQÍ KÕâß~°∞. q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° Ãã#· ºO Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ HÀ@#∞ ~Ô O_»∞
QÆ∞iOz <Õ#∞ q=iOK«^ŒÅKå#∞. D Kåi„`å`«‡Hõ ã¨OѶ¨∞@#Å =Å#
~°HÍÅ∞QÍ =Ú@ì_çOK«_»O ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ Ãã·<åºxfl Pâ◊Û~°ºÑ¨~°zOk. =∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜ ~ÀA =¸_»∞ áê~îåÅ∞ =∞#O <Õ~°∞ÛHÀ=K«∞Û#∞.
L^ŒÜ∂« <Õ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ¿ã#Å∞ Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ HÀ@ =Ú@ì_ç "≥Ú^ŒÅ~ÚºOk. ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ 1. ™ê÷x‰õΩÅ#∞ J}z"Õã≤ "åix |Å=O`«OQÍ<À ÖËHõ "≥∂ã¨ÑÓ¨ i`«OQÍ
Ãã#· ºO`À [iy# Ü«Ú^ŒOú Ö’ H˘O^Œ~∞° Ããx· HÍkèHÍ~°∞Å∞ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° Ãã<· åºxH˜ =∞`«=∂iÊ_ç KÕ¿ãÎ, "åi ã¨O㨇 $ux ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å#∞ <åâ◊#O KÕã≤
|OnÅ∞QÍ [#‡`«ó Ç≤ÏO^Œ∞=ÙÖ#·ˇ P |OnÅ∞, HÀ@֒ѨŠL#fl S~Àáê Ããx· ‰õΩÅ#∞
F_çOK«_®xH˜ `«=∞ ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞O fã¨∞HÀ=∞x QÀѨ#fl#∞ "Õ_∞» ‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. QÀѨ#flQÍi`À "åi ã¨OѨ^Œ#∞ ^ÀKÕ „Ѩܫ∞`«flO KÕ¿ãÎ ^•x Ѩi}Ï=∞OQÍ "åi „Ѩu„H˜Ü«∞
[iy# XѨÊO^ŒO „ѨHÍ~°O, |OnÅ∞QÍ zH˜¯#"åiÖ’ ã¨QOÆ Ããx· ‰õΩÅ∞ HÀ@Ö’xH˜ ZÖÏ LO@∞O^À, ^•xH˜ D Kåi„`å`«‡Hõ ã¨OѶ¨∞@# Q˘Ñ¨Ê L^•Ç¨Ï~°}.
„Ѩ"ÕtOz ֒ѨÅ∞#fl S~Àáê Ãã·x‰õΩÅ`À "≥∞~°∞Ѩ٠ܫÚ^ŒúO „ѨHõ\ ˜OKå~°∞. P 2. ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ ‡° O QÆ∞iOz `≥eã≤#, J~°O÷ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ#fl, #q∞‡# x["≥∞#ÿ
q^ÕjÅ∞ Pâ◊Û~°ºO #∞O_ç `Õ~°∞‰õΩ<Õ Ö’Ñ¨Å, Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ HÀ@ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ P ~ÀAÖ’¡ LO_Õ"å~°∞. JO`ÕH͉õΩO_® "å~°∞ `«#∞ x`«ºO ѨÓlOz
Pnè#OÖ’xH˜ =KÕÛã≤Ok. Hõ#fl#∂~°∞ #∞O_ç, N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞x ÉèíHõÎ |$O^ŒO P~åkèOKÕ ^Õ=`«Å HÀã¨O Z@∞=O\˜ `åºQÍxÔH·<å "≥#HÍ_Õ"å~°∞ HÍ^Œ∞.
Tˆ~yOѨÙQÍ |Ü«∞Å∞^Õi "≥o§ N~°OQÆO PÅÜ«∞OÖ’xH˜ J`«∞º`åûǨÏO`À z=~°‰õΩ gi ÉèíH˜Î ÔQezOk. q^ÕjÜ«ÚÅ `«Ñ¨C_»∞ áêÅ# F_ç
„Ѩ"tÕ OzOk. ^Õt‰õΩÅ"å~°∞ =zÛ# `«~∞° "å`« N~°OQÆ<å^è∞Œ x QÆ~ƒ° Qù ∞Æ _çÖ’ „Ѩu+¨ì `«Å=OzOk. `«~°∞"åu ~ÀAÖ’¡ PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ѨÓ[Å∞ Ju H˘kÌHÍÅOÖ’
[~°QÍÅx NQÀѨ#flQÍ~°∞ P^ÕtOKå~°∞. Ѩ~=° ∞Éè‰í Ωõ _Î ∞» , N"≥+· =‚¨ QÆ∞~°∞=Ù =∂„`«"∞Õ uiy „áê~°OaèOK«_®xH˜ HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞xH˜ D q+¨Ü∞« O ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞O KÕãO≤ k.
H͉õΩO_® N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x â◊„`«∞=ÙÅ ÉÏi#∞O_ç HÍáê_ç# ÉèHí Îõ |$O^ŒOÖ’ q∞ye# 3. „Ѩ[Å ÉÏQÀQÆ∞Å#∞ Ѩ\ ˜ìOK«∞HÀx áêʼnõΩ_≥·<å „Ñ¨Éèí∞`«fi"≥∞ÿ<å
PYi =∞iÜ«Ú UÔH·Hõ =ºH˜Î N^Õt‰õΩÅ"å~°∞ HÍ=Ù# PÜ«∞# D ã¨O`À+¨ q[Ü«∞O ™êkèOK«ÖË^Œ∞. J@∞=O\˜ "å~°∞ „Ѩ[ÅÃÑ· `«=∞ L^ÕÌâßÅ#∞
=∞#™êûH˜∆ =^ŒÌx K≥¿ÑÊ Ñ¨#∞Å#∞ Z=~°∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê<å KÕÜ«∞‰õÄ_»^Œ∞.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 13 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
~°∞kú "åix ÉÏ^茉õΩ QÆ∞iKÕ™êÎ~°∞. U rqx ÉÏkèOK«‰õÄ_»^Œ#flk ã¨<å`«# PÜ«∞# áêÅ#Ö’ „Ѩ[Å∞ ã¨∞Y ã¨O`À+¨ ã¨O`«$ѨÙÅÎ `À K«ÅQ¡ Í rqOKå~°∞.
^èŒ~°‡O Ü≥ÚHõ¯ „Ѩ^è•<À^ÕÌâ◊O. HÍ=Ù# q[Ü«∞=O`«"≥∞ÿ# ѨiáêÅ# ã¨fi~°Öæ ’HõOÖ’ Ñ‘_`ç « „Ѩ[ÖË LO_»~∞° JÖψQ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ™ê„=∂[ºOÖ’
™êkèOKåÅ#∞‰õΩ<Õ"å~°∞ ã¨<å`«# ^èŒ~å‡xfl, JO\˜ÃÑ@∞ì‰õΩx LO_»@O ÉÏ^è•`«ÑΨ ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∂« ÖË LO_Õq HÍ=Ù. JO`«\ ˜ K«Åx¡ ѨiáêÅ# P HõOѨ#∞xk.
=∞Ozk. ~å[<Õ"å_»∞ D q+¨Ü«∂xfl ѨHõ¯# ÃÑ_ç`Õ, J`«xH˜ =∞^èŒ∞Ô~· |∞Hõ¯~åÜ«∞x `«~°∞"å`« Ô~O_»= ǨÏiǨÏ~° ~åÜ«∞Å∞ 1377 U._ç
ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞‰õΩ ^˘iH˜# =ÚyO¿Ñ ^˘~°∞‰õΩ`«∞Ok. WHõ¯_» <Õ~∞° ÛHÀ=Åã≤# áê~îO° #∞O_ç 1404 U._ç. =~°‰õΩ ^•^•Ñ¨Ù 27 ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~°
U=∞O>Ë, ѨiáêʼnõΩÅ∞ `«=∞ „Ѩ[ŠǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂Å#∞ ÔQÅ"åe "åix ™ê„=∂*Ϻxfl ѨiáêeOKå_»∞. PO„^èŒ, Hõ~åfl@Hõ =∞iÜ«Ú `«q∞à◊<å_»∞
"åi ã¨O㨯 $u ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å#∞ "åi qÅ∞=Å#∞ JxflO\˜x Q“~°qOKåe. „áêO`åÅ#∞ UHõK«Ûù„`åkèѨ`«ºO KÕâß_»∞. nxH˜ QÍ#∞ HõOѨ#∞_»∞
D ã¨O^Œ~ƒ° Où Ö’, =∞Ǩ~å}˜ QÆOQÍ^Õq ~°zOz# =∞ǨÏ`«~Î ° HÍ=ºO PO„^è„Œ áêO`«OÖ’ H˘O_»g\˜ ~Ô _ç~¤ åAÅ`À HõÅ|_ç <≥Å∂¡~∞° #∞O_ç HõoOQÆ
=∞^äŒ∞~åq[Ü«∞OÖ’x H˘xfl â’¡HÍÅ#∞ <Õ#∞ "≥Å∞QÆ∞Ö’xH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩ =~°‰Ωõ QÆÅ PO„^è„Œ áêO`åxfl `«# Pnè#OÖ’xH˜ `≥K∞« Û‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. H˘O_»g_»∞
~å"åÅ#∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl#∞. P"≥∞ `«# HÍ=ºOÖ’, ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ ã¨OǨ~°O QÆ∞iOz, ~Ô _»¡ Pnè#OÖ’x J^ŒOÌ H˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Nâ‹Å· O „áêO`åÅ∞ =∞iÜ«Ú Hõ$ëê‚#kH˜
=∞^èŒ∞Ô~· [~ÚOz# `«~°∞"å`« `«# Éèí~°Î áêÅ# q™êÎ~°OQÍ q=iOzOk ^ŒH˜∆}Ï# QÆÅ nfiѨHõÖÏÊÅÖ’ JkèHõÉèÏQÍÅhfl [~ÚOKå~°∞. nx =Å#
D â’¡HÍÅ∞ JѨÊ\˜ „Ѩ[Å ÉèÏ=#Å#∞ ã¨r=OQÍ =∞#‰õΩ K«∂Ñ≤ã¨∂Î ÃÑ·# `≥ÅOQÍ}Ö’x ~åK«H˘O_» "≥Å=∞Å`À Ü«Ú^ŒúO KÕÜ«∞=Åã≤ =zÛOk.
K≥Ñ≤Ê# =¸_»∞ áê~îåÅ#∞ x[=∞x KåeK≥ѨÙÎ<åfl~Ú. ǨÏiǨÏ~°-2 1378Ö’ [iy# =Ú*ÏÇ≤Ï^£ |ǨÏ=∞h Ü≥ÚHõ¯ =∞$`«∞º=Ù#∞
ErÁoÃzƒÁzuYoYÁbσÁtÊ oϪ…N˛ÃÁ™¿Á[ÆNw˛oÁuß zN˛™Ω @ Pã¨~åQÍ fã¨∞‰õΩx "åÜ«∞=º kâ◊Ö’ `«# JkèHÍ~åxfl á⁄_çyOK«∞‰õΩx
utƒÁ{N˛ÃÁú™õÆNw˛oümÁ™Ê ßÓ™Á{ÃÏ∫fiÁmu∆∫: úúÁo @@ QÀ"å, Kå=ÙÖò, ^è•É’Öò áÈ~°∞ì „Ñ¨^ÕâßÅ#∞ âßã≤OKå_»∞.
J~°÷O : W^ŒÌi =∞^茺 Ü«Ú^ŒúO [~°∞QÆ∞`«∞#flѨÙ_»∞ HõOѨ#~åÜ«Ú_»∞ =∞^èŒ∞Ô~· ǨÏiǨÏ~°-2 q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ~å*Ϻxfl ǨÏOÑ‘x ~å[^è•xQÍ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩx
ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ `«Å#∞ #iH˜"≥Ü«∞ºQÍ Jk ^˘~°∞¡`«∂ „H˜O^ŒÑ¨_çOk. ¿ã=ʼnõΩ áêeOKå_»∞. ǨÏiǨÏ~°∞x ~å[=∞Ok~°Ñ¨Ù tkäÖÏÅ∞ Jx JO^Œ~°∂
Lz`«=Ú HÍx Juâ◊Ü∞« Kå@∞"å^Œ á⁄QÆ_Åλ #∞ á⁄Ok# P `«Å WѨC_»∞ J#∞‰õΩ#flk =∞#‰õΩ ǨÏOÑ‘ tkäÖÏÅÖ’ HõxÑ≤™êÎ~Ú.
<ÕÅ ~åeOk. ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ Zxfl `«Ñ¨CÅ∞ KÕã≤<å, Jk |Ü«∞@‰õΩ K≥ѨÊÖËHõ ǨÏiǨÏ~°~åÜ«∞Å Ãã·<åºkèѨu W~°∞QÆѨÊ. W`«_»∞ *ˇ·<åKå~°∞º_»∞
ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞ g∞^Œ ÉèÜ í ∞« O`À J`«xx á⁄y_çOk. =∞# ^Õg ^Õ=`«ÅÃÑ· gã¨"∞≥ `«∞Î ã≤OǨÏ#O^Œ∞Å "åi t+¨µº_»∞, W~°∞QÆÑʨ QÀ=∞ˆ~âî fi◊ ~°∞xÔH· (ÉÏǨï|e) XHõ
Q“~°=O K«∂Ѩx P `«Å, =∞^èŒ∞Ô~· #QÆ~åxfl `«# W+¨ìO =zÛ# suÖ’ ã¨~ã° ∞¨ û =∞iÜ«Ú q[Ü«∞#QÆ~O° Ö’ ‰õΩ=ÚÎ-l#O`«∞x ~åu PÅÜ«∞O xi‡OKå_»∞.
x~°O‰õΩâ◊OQÍ Ue# P `«Å <Õ_»∞ <ÕÅ ~åeOk. ǨÏiǨÏ~°~åÜ«∞Å∞ `«#∞ H˘O_»g\˜ ~Ô _ç¤ ~åAÅ`À Ü«Ú^ŒOú KÕã∞¨ #Î fl
ü∆ÁãotÁƒzƒ ƒåÁão¬fl™y ToÁzú∫ÁTÁ TTåÀs¬yƒ @ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ "≥∞ãÿ ∂¨ ~°∞ ~å[º áêÅ##∞ =∞iÜ«Ú ^•Öò"å~ÚÅ`À Ü«Ú^ŒOú
KÕ¿ã ÉÏ^Œº`«#∞ Ü«∞^Œ∞~åÜ«∞xH˜ JѨÊyOKå_»∞. nx`À Éèíq+¨º`«∞ÎÖ’ XHõ
N˛u¬ãt\Á ™ut|oN˛Áu¬Æzƒ utStuqmÁÃyoΩ qoúÁ∫ÃyN˛Á @@
|Å"≥∞ÿ# ~å[=Oâ◊ Jã≤Î`åfixH˜ c*ÏÅ∞ Ѩ_®¤~Ú.
^ŒH}∆˜ Ïk ~å*ϺÅ∞ Z<Àfl ã¨O=`«û~åŠѨi¬Ü∞« <£ ^•+≤Hì õ áêÅ##∞O_ç
ǨÏiǨÏ~°~åÜ«∞Å∞ Ѩ~°=∞t=Ù_≥·# J~°∞}ÏK«ÖËâ◊fi~°∞x JOâ◊O Jx
¿ãfiK«Ûù#∞ á⁄O^•~Ú J_»qÖ’ K≥ň~y# ^•"åyfl *ÏfiÅÅ∞ K«ÖÏ¡~åHõ ™ê÷x‰õΩÅ #=∞‡HõO. `å#∞ g~°ÉèíÖÏ¡Å∞x =Oâ◊OÖ’ [x‡Oz ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞#∞
J_»qÖ’ =zÛ# „ѨâßO`« "å`å=~°}O =Öˇ D ~å*ϺÅhfl âßOu `«∞^Œ=Ú\˜ì™êÎ#x P J~°∞}ÏK«Å∞_Õ g~°ÉèíÖÏ¡Å∞xH˜ =~°q∞KåÛ_»x „Ѩ[Å∞
"åÜ«Ú=ÙÅ∞ Ñ‘ÅÛ™êQÍ~Ú. „QÆǨÏ}Ï#O`«~°O Ô~\˜ìOz# „ѨHÍâ◊O`À L#fl K≥ѨC‰õΩ<Õ "å~°∞.
ѨÓ~°‚K«O„^Œ∞x =Öˇ, P ~å*ϺÅ∞ HõxÑ≤OKå~Ú. HÍmÜ«∞ ã¨~°Ê q+¨O`À D #=Å K«kq# `«~∞° "å`« „Ѩu áê~ Ωõ x =∞#ã¨∞Ö’ PÅÜ«∂Å#∞
HõÅ∞+≤`«"≥∞ÿ# Ü«∞=Ú<å #n [ÖÏÅ#∞ NHõ$+¨µ‚_»∞ HÍmÜ«∞ =∞~°ú#O KÕã≤ ~°HO∆˜ K«∞HÀ"åÅx ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ å‡xfl HÍáê_»∞‰õΩx ^•x<Õ =∞# r=# q^è•#OQÍ
P ã¨~°Ê‰õΩ@∞OÉÏxfl `«iq∞H˘\˜ì uiy Ü«∞=Ú<å #n [ÖÏÅ#∞ ѨÓ~°fiѨ٠=∞ÅK«∞HÀ"åÅ<Õ HÀiHõ HõÅ∞QÆ∞`«∞Ok. N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x q„QÆÇ¨ xfl HÍáê_Õ
uÜ«∞º^Œ<åxfl `≥zÛ#@∞ì D ^ŒH}∆˜ ~å*ϺÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® „ѨHÍ∆ à◊# KÕÜ∞« |_®¤~Ú. „Hõ=∞OÖ’ H˘xfl `«~åÅ =∞#∞+¨µÅ∞ "åi „áê}ÏÅ#∞ Ãã`· O« ÖˇH¯õ KÕÜ∞« Hõ
“oÁƒu∆…bÁås ƒy∫ÆÁzáÁåΩ ÃÊ∫flÆ úÁtümoÁåΩ ∆∫lÆ: @ HõëêìÅ áêÅ=fi_»O =∞#O K«∂âß=Ú. WÖψQ "å~°∞ ^Õ=`å =¸~°∞ÅÎ #∞,
Nw˛oÁuß zN˛: ü∆∆Áà ™zutåÎ utƒÊ ™ªnƒÁuåƒ N˛©úßÓúuo: @@ =∞# ã¨O㨯 $u ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å#∞, ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ å‡xfl Éèqí +¨º`«~Î åʼnõΩ Éè„í ^ŒOQÍ
=∞Ǩ~å}˜ QÆOQÍ^Õq D â’¡HõO`À `«# HÍ=º~å*Ïxfl =Úy™êÎ~°∞. JOkOKå~°∞. =∞#=∞O`å ‰õÄ_® g\˜x JO`Õ Éè„í ^ŒOQÍ =ÚO^Œ∞ `«~åʼnõΩ
q[Ü«∂#O`«~°O ~å[ºO ZÖÏ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«|_çO^À D â’¡HõO ZO`À JOkOKåe. Jk =∞# ÉÏ^躌 `«. Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ O`å XHõ¯>ˇÿ ǨÏiǨÏ~° ~åÜ«∞Å∞=O\˜
K«Hõ¯QÍ q=iã¨∞ÎOk. D â’¡HõO HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞x ѨiáêÅ<å "≥·Éèí"åxH˜ nè~∞° Å∞ ~°HO∆˜ z xeÑ≤# ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ ‡° X~°=_çx ã¨*Ï=ÙQÍ =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ
xÅ∞"≥`∞« Î ™êHõ∆ ºOQÍ xÅ∞ã¨∞OÎ k. HõOѨ#~åÜ«∞_»∞ ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ å‡xfl ѨÙ#ó fã¨∞‰õΩ "≥àϧe. Ö∫H˜H"õ å^Œ∞Å=∞x K≥ÑC¨ ‰õΩ<Õ H˘O^Œ~∞° ‰õΩǨÏ<å "Õ∞^è•=ÙÅ
™ê÷ÑO≤ Kå_»∞. `«##∞ q~ÀkèOz# "åix =∂„`«"∞Õ ã¨OǨÏiOKå_»∞. `«#‰õΩ Hõ|O^èŒ Ç¨Ï™êÎÅÖ’ #ey <åâ◊#=∞=Ù`∞« #fl PÅÜ«∞ ѨÓ*Ïq^è•<åÅ∞, ã¨<å`«#
ÖÁOyáÈ~Ú â◊~}° ∞HÀi# "åix ~°HO∆˜ z "åix Q“~°qOKå_»∞. â◊~}° ∞HÀi# ^è~Œ å‡Å‰õΩ q=ÚH˜Î HõeyOKåe.
"åix ~°H˜∆OK«_»O ã¨<å`«# ^èŒ~°‡O Ü≥ÚHõ¯ Q˘Ñ¨Ê ÅHõ∆}O. ^•xfl QÆ`« K«i„`«ÑÙ¨ 㨇 $`«∞ÅÖ’ =∞~°∞QÆ∞Ѩ_áç È`«∞#fl D Q˘Ñ¨Ê K«„Hõ=iÎH˜
Hõ O Ѩ # ~åÜ« Ú _» ∞ PK« i OKå_» ∞ . ~å[=∞‰õ Ω @O ^è Œ i Oz ~å*ˇ · # =∞#=∞O`å KÕ~Ú KÕ~Ú HõeÑ≤ h~å[<åÅ∞ ѨÅ∞‰õΩ^•O. P`«_»∞ KÕã≤#
Hõ O Ѩ # ~åÜ« Ú _» ∞ , `« # `« O „_ç |∞Hõ ¯ ~åÜ« ∞ x =∞~° } Ï#O`« ~ ° O ã¨=∂[ Ç≤Ï`« HÍ~åºÅ#∞O_ç =∞#O ‰õÄ_® „¿Ñ~°} á⁄O^Œ∞^•O. QÆ`«
™ê~°fiÉè∫=Ú_≥·Ü«∂º_»∞. Ô~O_»= ǨÏiǨÏ~°~åÜ«∞_»<Õ ¿Ñ~°∞ „Ѩu+¨ì Hõey# "≥·Éèí= zǨflÅ∞, *Ïu QÆifiOK«^ŒQÆæ =∞# PÅÜ«∞ K«i„`«#∞ QÆ∞iÎOz,
HõOѨ#~åÜ«Ú_»∞ q[Ü«∞#QÆ~° ™ê„=∂*Ϻxfl ã¨<å`«# ^è~Œ å‡xH˜ J#∞QÆ∞}OQÍ ~°H˜∆Oz "å\˜x *ÏuH˜ ѨÙ#~°OH˜`«O KÕ^•ÌO.
ã¨`«ºÑ¨iáêÅ# KÕã≤ ã¨fi~°æÖ’HÍnèâ◊√_≥·# P ^Õ"ÕO„^Œ∞x `«ÅÑ≤OѨKÕ™ê_»∞. â◊√Éè=í ∞ã¨∞Î O
h â◊„`«∞=Ù Hõ<åfl h x~°¡Hõ∆º"Õ∞ h‰õΩ Z‰õΩ¯= H©_»∞ KÕã¨∞ÎOk.

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ÃÊ ú ÁtN˛yÆ ...
EY|N˛ ÃzƒÁ, FåÁ™ ßÓu™ Nz˛ u¬L ú∫z∆Áå å N˛∫ı
ÃÊÀsÁåÁı Nz˛ u¬L ty TF| FåÁ™ ßÓu™ EÁ™oÁ{∫ ú∫ oyå üN˛Á∫ Nz˛ “Ázo y “¯@ Få™ı çÃz ú“¬z, ÃÊÀsÁ Nz˛ ∫Q∫QÁƒ ÆÁ áÁu™|N˛
ÆÁ ÃÁƒ|\uåN˛ tÁå Nz˛ üt∆|å Nz˛ u¬L utÆÁ TÆÁ FåÁ™ “Áz, tÓÃ∫Á LN˛ áÁu™|N˛ ÆÁ á™Á|s| ÃÊÀsÁå ™ı NÏ˛Z ú∫Êú∫ÁTo ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛
u¬L úÁu∫»Áu™N˛ Nz˛ oÁ{∫ ú∫ utÆÁ TÆÁ FåÁ™ “Áz EÁ{∫ oyÃ∫Á, EuáN˛ ÃzƒÁ Nz˛ §Áz^ Nz˛ ÃÁs utÆÁ TÆÁ uå\y FåÁ™ “Áz@
FåÁ™ uå∫Ào EuáuåÆ™ 1956 Nz˛ EÊoT|o √ÆÁƒ“Áu∫N˛ øú Ãz ™Êut∫Áı EÁ{∫ á™Á|s| ÃÊÀsÁåÁı N˛y ßyo∫y ÃzƒÁ Nz˛ ¬Áß Ãz
ƒÊuYo N˛∫ utÆÁ TÆÁ@ oÁuN˛ ƒz ∫{ÆoƒÁ∫y úcÁı Nz˛ ÃzƒÁ áÁ∫N˛Áı N˛Áz EåÏtÁå tz ÃNı˛, YÁ“z Æ“ \™yå Nz˛ Eìy ™Áu¬N˛ å ßy
“Áı@ Æ“ uƒƒÁuto å“Î “{ uN˛ ÃzƒÁ áÁ∫N˛Áı N˛Áz FåÁ™ ßÓu™ N˛Á EåÏt Áå Gå ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛ u¬L úÁu∫»u™N˛ Nz˛ §t¬z ™ı utÆÁ TÆÁ
“{, \“Á Gã“ı ÃÊÀsÁåÁı ™ı üÀoÏo N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L §ÁÜÆ “ÁzåÁ ú‰goÁ “{@ ∫{ÆoƒÁ∫y úcÁı Nz˛ EåÏtÁå Nz˛ EÁáÁ∫ ú∫, ÃzƒÁ áÁ∫N˛Áı N˛Áz
Æ“ ÃÁzYåz Nz˛ u¬L ™\§Ó∫ “ÁzåÁ ú‰gÁ uN˛ ƒz Få ßÓu™ Nz˛ úÓm| ™Áu¬N˛ “¯ EÁ{∫ FåNz˛ üt∆|å Nz˛ u¬L ÃzƒÁEÁı N˛Áz üÀoÏo N˛∫åz
N˛Á N˛ÁzF| tÁuÆnƒ å“Î “{, u\ã“ı Nz˛ƒ¬ ™Ó¬ øú Ãz utÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ@ åoy\oå Gã“Áıåz EuáN˛ÁÊ∆ ™Êut∫Áı ™ı ÃzƒÁEÁı N˛Áz üÀoÏo
N˛∫åÁ §Êt N˛∫ utÆÁ “{ MÆÁıuN˛ GåN˛Áz EuáN˛ üÁznÃÁu“o å“Î uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á sÁ@ üuo ™Á“ úÁu∫»u™N˛ Es| ütÁå N˛∫åz Nz˛
u¬L ÆÁ ÃzƒÁ áÁ∫N˛Áı N˛Áz ÃÁ¬ÁåÁ tzÆ, Fà o∫“ Nz˛ ÃzƒÁ FåÁ™Áı N˛Áz Nz˛ƒ¬ úuƒfi EÁ{∫ GtÁ∫ EåÏtÁåtÁoÁEÁı ˚Á∫Á ÃzƒÁ N˛Á
§Áz^ ßy utÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ, oÁuN˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı N˛F| ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛ uåÆu™o EÁ{ ∫ GuYo üt∆|å N˛Áz ÃÏuåu≈Yo uN˛ÆÁ \Á ÃNz˛@ ÃzƒÁáÁ∫y
Nz˛ƒ¬ o§ oN˛ “y ßÓu™ N˛Á EÁåÊt ¬z ÃN˛oz “¯ \§ ƒz ÃzƒÁ ütÁå N˛∫oz “¯ EÁ{∫ \Áz √ÆuO˛ å “Ázåz ú∫ §Áƒ\Ót ßy ÃzƒÁ Nz˛
uåÆu™o EÁ{∫ uå∫Êo∫ üt∆|å N˛∫åz ™ı Ãq™ §åÁ ∫“z@ FÃu¬L, Få FåÁ™ EåÏtÁå EÁ{∫ ÃÊÀsÁåÁı ™ı ÃzƒÁ áÁ∫N˛Áı ˚Á∫Á ütÁå N˛y
\Áåz ƒÁ¬y ÃzƒÁ Nz˛ §yY Te§Êáå N˛Á ÃyáÁ ÃʧÊá “{@ FåÁ™ ßÓu™ ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs \Áoy “{ EÁ{∫ Fà o∫“ LN˛ uƒu∆…b ∆o|
“Ázåy YÁu“L uN˛ LzÃy ßÓu™ Nz˛ E¬TÁƒ ∆ÓãÆ “Áz \ÁLÊ@ úcÁ N˛Á EåÏt Áå Nz˛ƒ¬ tzƒoÁ Nz˛ åÁ™ ú∫ uN˛ÆÁ \ÁåÁ YÁu“L@ FÃNz˛
E¬ÁƒÁ, FåÁ™Áı Nz˛ Gã™Ó¬å EuáuåÆ™ ™ı LzÃÁ N˛ÁzF| üÁƒáÁå å uN˛ÆÁ \ÁL, u\ÃÃz ÃʧÊuáo EuáN˛Áu∫ÆÁı N˛Áz ÃzƒÁ Nz˛ üt∆|å
ú∫ \Áz∫ tzåz Nz˛ u¬L Ãq™ §ååÁ úgz@ uN˛Ãy uƒ∆z  ÃzƒÁ Nz˛ útÁuáN˛Á∫y Nz˛ øú ™ı √ÆuO˛ÆÁı Nz˛ úq ™ı ∫{ÆoƒÁ∫y úcÁı N˛Áz
å oÁz N˛ÁzF| ™Ê\Ó∫y ty \Áoy “{ EÁ{∫ å “y N˛ÁzF| ÃÏ∫qÁ “y ütÁå N˛y \Áoy “{@ LN˛ ∆o| Æ“ “{ uN˛ \§ oN˛ ÃzƒÁ ütÁå N˛y \Áoy
“{ ∫{ÆoƒÁ∫y úcÁı Nz˛ EåÏtÁå Nz˛ §Át ßy FåÁ™ ßÓu™ N˛Á EÁåÊt u¬ÆÁ \Á ÃN˛oÁ “{@
\uÀbà Y®Á N˛Áıg´ÆÁ åz ßÆÊN˛∫ LÊgÁz™ıbΩà LMb 30/87 ™ı ÃzM∆å 76 N˛y ∆ϪEÁo N˛y, oÁuN˛ FåÁ™ ßÓu™ Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs Gå
ßÓu™ÆÁı N˛Áz Ãq™ uN˛ÆÁ \Á ÃNz˛, \Áz EY|N˛Áı Nz˛ N˛£\z ™ı “¯ EÁ{∫ GåNz˛ ˚Á∫Á ütÁå N˛y \Áåz ƒÁ¬y ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛ üuo úÁu∫»u™N˛ Nz˛
o“o úÁu∫»u™N˛ EÁ{∫ uƒßÁT ˚Á∫Á ÀƒyN˛Á∫ N˛y TÆy “Áz@ áÁu™|N˛ ÃÊÀsÁåÁı N˛Áz §“Á¬ uN˛ÆÁ \ÁL EÁ{∫ ET∫ EÁƒ≈ÆN˛o “Áz, oÁz úÓƒ|√ÆÁúy
üßÁƒ Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛ÁåÓå §åÁÆÁ \ÁL@ Fà áÁ∫Á N˛Áz ÃÁz|ÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ ˚Á∫Á EÃʃ{áÁuåN˛ øú N˛∫Á∫ utÆÁ sÁ@
Fà QÊg Nz˛ o“o EY|N˛Áı ˚Á∫Á EÁÆÁzu\o ßÓu™ ú∫ uåu“o EuáN˛Á∫, ∆y |N˛ EÁ{∫ £ÆÁ\ N˛Áz uƒßÁu\o N˛∫åÁ E™ÁãÆ EÁ{∫
EÃʃ{áÁuåN˛ sÁ@ úzuhÊub ƒıN˛b ™Ï∫¬y ∫ÊTåÁs tzu∆N˛ E´ÆÊTÁ∫ §åÁ™ EÁÊá¿ ütz∆ Ã∫N˛Á∫, LEÁF|EÁ∫ 1996 LÃÃy 966.
“Á¬ “y ™ı, åF| úcÁtÁ∫ úÁà úÏÀoNı˛ \Á∫y N˛y \Á ∫“y “¯, u\Ùı EY| N˛Áı EÁ{∫ b~Àby Nz˛ åÁ™ úÓ∫y o∫“ Ãz úcÁtÁ∫ ü™Ám úfi
Nz˛ uƒú∫yo “bÁ utL TL “¯ EÁ{∫ ™oQ§ Eúåz úÓƒ|\Áı N˛Áz \Á∫y uN˛L TL “¯ EÁ{∫ Nz˛ƒ¬ ßuMo N˛y EÜÆqoÁ N˛Á åÁ™ gÁ¬Á TÆÁ
“{@ ∫Á\Àƒ üÁuáN˛∫m Nz˛ u“ÀÃz ú∫ LzÃy N˛Á∫|ƒÁF| ßÁ∫o Nz˛ ÃÊuƒáÁå Nz˛ o“o TÁ∫ÊbyNw˛o ™Á{u¬N˛ EuáN˛Á∫Áı ™ı “Àoqzú N˛∫åz Nz˛
E¬ÁƒÁ NÏ˛Z ßy å“Î “{@ EY|N˛Áı N˛Áz N˛ÁåÓå N˛y GuYo üuN¿˛ÆÁ Nz˛ u§åÁ EåÏÃÓuYo ßÓu™ Nz˛ Eúåz EuáN˛Á∫Áı Ãz ƒÊuYo å“Î uN˛ÆÁ
\Á ÃN˛oÁ “{ EÁ{∫ ™ÏEÁƒ\z N˛y N˛ÁzF| ∫Áu∆ ßÓu™ Nz˛ åÁ™N˛∫m Nz˛ Fà úu∫ƒo|å N˛Áz ÙÁå å“Î N˛∫ ÃN˛oy “{@
F|™ÁåtÁ∫ EY|N˛ u\ã“Áıåz ÃzƒÁ FåÁ™ ßÓu™ Ãz EÁ\yuƒN˛Á §åÁåz ™ı Få ƒ Áz˙ N˛y ÃzƒÁ N˛y “{ Gã“ı EtÁ¬o, á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT
EÁ{∫ ∫Á\Àƒ üÁuáN˛∫mÁı ú∫z∆Áå å“y N˛∫åÁ YÁu“Æz@ tzƒÀsÁå™ ™ı áÁu™|N˛ ÃzƒÁEÁı Nz˛ üÀoÏuo N˛Áz üuoNÓ˛¬ øú Ãz üßÁuƒo
<ƒÁN˛Ω> EÁ{∫ <™Êut∫ ÃÊ∫qm EÁÊtÁz¬å> N˛y o∫¢˛ Ãz, “™ oz¬ÊTÁåÁ Nz ˛ ™ÁååyÆ ™ÏPÆ™Êfiy »y Nz˛ Yʸ∆zQ∫ ∫Áƒ Ãz EåÏ∫Ázá
N˛∫oz “¯ uN˛ ƒz Eúåz N˛£\z EÁ{∫ √ÆuSoTo Qzoy ™ı FåÁ™ ßÓu™ N˛y ÃzƒÁ ú∫ EY|N˛Áı Nz˛ EuáN˛Á∫ N˛Áz §“Á¬ N˛∫ı EÁ{∫
EÁ∫EÁLEÁ∫ ™ı EúåÁ åÁ™ §“Á¬ N˛∫ı@ EåÏßÓtÁ∫ (Qzoy N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z) Nz˛ øú ™ı Eu߬zQ N˛∫ı, oÁuN˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™
üßÁuƒo å “Áı EÁ{∫ uåÆu™o ÃzƒÁEÁı N˛Áz ütÁå uN˛ÆÁ \Á ÃNz˛, EÁƒuáN˛ Gnà ú“¬z N˛y o∫“ “y EÁÆÁzu\o uN˛L \ÁLÂ@
x*Ï~ÚfÜÕ∞ x["≥∞ÿ# ã¨OѨ^Œ.
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uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 208

∆ÁÕÁz å™:
-gÁ} .ƒy.LÃ.
. ƒy.LÃ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ} . ÃÏ ™ å¬oÁ

2018 Nz˛ Fà ™Á“, EsÁ|oΩ \Óå ™“yåz Nz˛ SÆÁ∫“ƒyÊ oÁ∫yQ FÃyu¬L ™¯ Gà Æσoy Nz˛ Yz“∫ ú∫ ^¬N˛ ∫“z üTÁj ßuMo
N˛Áz ™¯ YzëÁF| åT∫y Nz˛ Ãz¬ÆÓ∫ åÁ™N˛ ütz∆ ™ı uÀso E“Ázu§¬ EÁ{∫ oã™ÆoÁ N˛Áz tzQN˛∫ YuN˛o “Áz TÆÁ@
™e ú“ÏÂYÁ@ ßTƒÁå N˛y úu∫N¿˛™Á N˛∫oz Ã™Æ ƒ“ ßy ™Ï^z §‰gz TÁ{∫ Ãz
ütÁz  N˛y uous N˛Á utå sÁ@ ™¯ åz ÃÊN˛¡ú uN˛ÆÁ sÁ uN˛ tzQ ∫“y sy@ úu∫N¿˛™Á úÓ∫y N˛∫åz Nz˛ §Át GÃåz ™z∫z úÁà EÁN˛∫
ƒ“Á ú∫ uÀso ™Á¬Áz¬ å∫uÃÊ“ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ t∆|å N˛∫, 46 ƒı \yÆ∫ §‰gz GnÃÁ“ Ãz úÓZÁ - <<EÁú gÁ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ ÀƒÁ™y “¯ å?>>
ÀƒÁ™y Ãz u™¬ NÏ˛∆¬-™ÊT¬ úÓZ ¬ÓÂTÁ@ ™¯ åz <<“ÁÂ>> N˛“Á@ GÃåz EÁ{∫ G zu\o “ÁzN˛∫ N˛“Á -
ÃÁáÁ∫moÆÁ ütÁz  N˛y ƒz¬Á ™ı (ÃÁÆÊ ÃÊÜÆÁ N˛Á ÙÆ) <<™¯åz EÁúNz˛ N˛F| ßuMo üƒYåÁı N˛Áz by.ƒy. ú∫ tzQÁ “{@ EÁúåz
uƒ…mÏ Nz˛ t∆|å N˛∫åÁ uåu Ú “{@ uN˛ãoÏ GåNz˛ å∫uÃÊ“ EÁ{∫ uƒ\Æ by.ƒy. ú∫ ¬fl™y ÓœÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y Ãz ÃʧÊuáo TÁsÁEÁı N˛Áz
»y∫Á™ Nz˛ øúÁı ™ı GåN˛y EÁ∫ÁáåÁ EÁ{∫ t∆|å N˛∫ ÃN˛oz “¯@ §‰gz EtΩßÏo jÊT Ãz üÀoÏo uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ EÁú Eúåz ßuMo üƒYåÁı
™z∫z ™Á™Á\y N˛Áz N˛F| ƒ Áz˙ oN˛ Tw“Às Nz˛ øú ™ı E“Ázu§¬ N˛Áz EÁáÏuåN˛ oN˛åÁz¬\y N˛y ÓÁÆoÁ Ãz üÀoÏo N˛∫åz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m
™e ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ N˛y úÓ\Á-EY|åÁ N˛∫åz N˛Á EÁ\ Nz˛ ÆσÁ ƒT| Nz˛ EÁú §‰gz Y“{oz “¯@ EÁú Nz˛ YoÏ∫ “ÁÀÆ Ãz
ÃÁ{ßÁSÆ üÁõo sÁ@ u\å “ÁsÁı Ãz ßTƒÁå ™Á¬Áz¬ (å∫uÃÊ“) ÀƒÁ™y ß∫z ßÁ m “™ı EÁN˛u |o N˛∫oz “¯@ EÁú EnÆão N˛ueå EÁ{∫
N˛y ÃzƒÁ N˛y sy, Gã“ı Àú∆| uN˛ÆÁ sÁ, Gã“Î “ÁsÁı Ãz §Yúå ™ı tÏø“ ™Áåz \ÁåzƒÁ¬z ƒztÁÊo EÁ{∫ EÁÜÆÁun™N˛ EÊ∆Áı N˛Áz ßy Ã∫¬
™Ï^z ßy õÆÁ∫ Ãz Àú∆|N˛∫ TÁzty ™ı GeÁÆÁ sÁ@ ∆ÁÆt uƒ…mÏ N˛“ÁuåÆÁı Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz »ÁzoÁEÁı oN˛ ú“ÏÂYÁoz “¯@>>
ÓœÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁEÁı N˛Áz u¬Qåz N˛Á ÃÁ{ßÁSÆ EÁ{∫ u¬Q ÃN˛åz GÃN˛y ü∆ÊÃÁ ÃÏå ™¯ sÁz‰gÁ §“Ïo ¬\Á TÆÁ@ ™¯ åz GÃÃz
N˛y q™oÁ ™Ï^z u™¬åz N˛Á LN˛ N˛Á∫m Æ“ ßy “Áz ÃN˛oÁ “{@ úÓZÁ - <<§zby! oÏ©“Á∫Á åÁ™ MÆÁ “{?>>
ú∫ƒoy|N˛Á¬ ™ı ƒz E“Ázu§¬ ™eNz˛ 43ƒı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ GÃåz G ∫ utÆÁ - <<™z∫Á åÁ™ ß{∫ƒy “{@>> YÓÂuN˛ ß{∫ƒy
øú ™ı uåÆÏO˛ “ÏL EÁ{∫ ƒ“Á Eúåy ÃzƒÁEÁı N˛Áz üt uN˛ÆÁ@ ÃÊTyo N˛Á üuÃÚ ∫ÁT “{, ™¯ QÏ∆ “ÏEÁ uN˛ ∆ÁÆt GÃNz˛ ™ÁoÁ-
G ∫ ütz∆ Nz˛ å{u™∆Á∫lÆ ™ı ƒ{NÏ˛le ƒÁÃy “Ázåz Ãz úÓƒ| Gã“Áıåz uúoÁ N˛mÁ|bN˛ ÃÊTyo Nz˛ üz™y “¯@ ™¯åz GÃÃz úÓZÁ - <<MÆÁ oÏ™
ÃÊúÓm| ßÁ∫o N˛y ÆÁfiÁ EnÆÊo Àƒ¡ú Eƒuá ™ı N˛∫ YÏNz˛ sz@ Æ“Á EN˛Ã∫ EÁoy ∫“oy “Áz?>> GÃåz G ∫ utÆÁ - <<“∫ ütÁz 
Gà utå 46 ƒı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y \y Nz˛ EÁ∆yƒÁ|t üÁõo uous Nz˛ utå ™¯ Eƒ≈Æ E“Ázu§¬ ™e EÁN˛∫ úu∫N¿˛™Á N˛∫oy “ÓÂ@
N˛∫åz Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ Àƒm| uƒ™Áå ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå ßTƒÁå ™Á¬Áz¬ ÀƒÁ™y E“Ázu§¬ ™e N˛y ™Ó¬ ™Óuo| ߬z “y »y \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y \y Nz˛
Nz˛ t∆|å N˛∫åz uƒ∆Á¬ N˛q ™ı ú“ÏÂYÁ@ ÃÁs ÆÁfiÁ N˛∫åz üÀsÁå N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy ™¯ Æ“Á Ãz¬ÆÓ∫ ™ı 45 ƒı
Æz ÃÁ∫z N˛ÁÆ| N˛∫oz Ã™Æ ßy, ™¯ ™å “y ™å ú∫™Án™Á \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y Nz˛ “ÁsÁı Ãz üuou…eo ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛
™Á¬Áz¬ Ãz ™å “y ™å üÁs|åÁ N˛∫ ∫“Á sÁ uN˛ ™Ï^z uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™ t∆|å N˛∫åz EÁoy “ÓÂ@>>
Nz˛ 208 ƒı åÁ™ Nz˛ u¬L GúÆÏO˛ TÁsÁ N˛Á À¢Ï˛∫m N˛∫ƒÁLÊ@ Æ“Á oN˛ EÁoz-EÁoz GÃNz˛ ÃÁs sÁz‰gy Ãy \Áå-ú“YÁå §jy
ƒÁN˛Ω úufiN˛Á N˛y \ϬÁF| ™Á“ Nz˛ EÊN˛ Nz˛ u¬L ÃÁ™T¿y ™Ï^z \Óå sy Eo: ™¯åz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ - <<oÏ™oÁz tzQåz ™ı EÁáÏuåN˛ ¬T ∫“y
Ãfi“ oÁ∫yQ oN˛ ßz\ tzåÁ “ÁzTÁ@ Ã™Æ uåN˛b EÁåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m “Áz@ ∆ÁÆt NÊ˛úåy ™ı åÁ{N˛∫y N˛∫ ∫“y “Áz@ uN˛ãoÏ Foåy
™z∫z uÃ∫ ú∫ N˛Á¢˛y §Áz^ “{@ ZÁzby EÁÆÏ ™ı, EÁus|N˛ øúÃz ÀƒoÊfi “Ázoz “ÏL ßy ßTƒÁå Nz˛
ƒ“Á GúuÀso ßO˛Áı ™ı Ãz LN˛ Æσoy åz ™z∫z ÜÆÁå N˛Áz üuo Foåy üTÁ‰j ßuMo N˛Áz N{˛Ãz uåßÁ ∫“y “Áz? Få™ı Ãz uN˛Ãy
EÁN˛u |o uN˛ÆÁ@ (GÃz Æσoy N˛“åz Ãz EuáN˛ ¬‰gN˛y N˛“åÁ ßy LN˛ EÊ∆ N˛Á tÓÃ∫z Nz˛ ÃÁs oÁ¬™z¬ å“Î §{e ∫“Á “{@>>
ç§ “ÁzTÁ@) EÁáÏuåN˛ ƒÕÁ áÁ∫m N˛∫åzƒÁ¬y Gà ¬‰gN˛y ™ı ™z∫z Fà ü≈å Nz˛ G ∫ Nz˛ øú ™ı GÃåz Eúåz ÃÁs Vby
ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ üuo EnÆão ßuMo ßÁƒ ^¬N˛ ∫“Á sÁ@ LN˛ LzÃy VbåÁ N˛Á £ÆÁz∫Á utÆÁ, u\ÃÃz ƒ“ ßMo ü⁄Át N˛y
Nw˛úÆÁ úÁeN˛ Tm Fà ÃÊtß| N˛Á EåÏuYo Es| å“Î ¬ı@ Àfiyu¬ÊT úÆÁ|ƃÁYy §å TÆy@
™¯ 70 ƒ | úÁ∫ N˛∫ YÏN˛Á“ÓÂ@ Eo: N˛¡úåÁEÁı EÁ{∫ H“Án™N˛ 0-0-0
VbåÁEÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı u¬Qåz N˛y ™z∫y EÁÆÏ å“Î “{@ FoåÁ “y <<™¯ EÁzL™EÁ∫ ™ÁT| ú∫ uÀso EÁ NÊ˛úåy ™ı åÁ{N˛∫y
å“Î ÃÁqÁoΩ ™Á¬Áz¬ å∫uÃÊ“ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ uƒ∫Á\™Áå “ÏL Gà ütz∆ N˛∫ ∫“y “ÓÂ@ ™z∫z uúoÁ »y ∫Á™ÁåÏ\™Ω \y N˛mÁ|bN˛ ÃÊTyoNz˛ uƒ˚Áå
™ı 46 ƒı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y \y N˛y GúuÀsuo ™ı ÃÁ∫z ƒÁoÁƒ∫m ™ı “¯@ ™tÏ∫{ Nz˛ »y ∆z TÁzúÁ¬å \y Nz˛ ÙÁå ™z∫z uúoÁ\y ßy
úuƒfioÁ N˛Á ÃÊYÁ∫ “Áz ∫“Á “{@ Gà ∆Áão ƒÁoÁƒ∫m ™ı N˛F| ÃÊTyo Nz˛ üƒYå tzåz ƒÁ¬z ßÁTƒoÁ∫ “¯@ YÓÂuN˛ Gåú∫ ƒwÚÁõÆ
ü™ÏQ √ÆuMo ßy GúuÀso “¯@ EÁTÆÁ “{, GåNz˛ N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™Áı N˛y ÃÊPÆÁ N˛™ “ÁzTF| EÁ{∫ GåN˛y
Gà ¬‰gN˛y Nz˛ ™ÏQ N˛y EÁßÁ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ™¯ GÃz uƒ∆z  EÁÆ ßy Vboy TF|@ N˛mÁ|bN˛ ÃÊTyo N˛y uüÆoÁ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m Gã“Áıåz
øú Ãz ÜÆÁå tzåz ¬TÁ@ EÁáÏuåN˛ úÁz ÁN˛ áÁ∫m N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy ™z∫Á åÁ™ ß{∫ƒy ∫QÁ sÁ@ ÃÊTyo Nz˛ üuo GåN˛Á üz™ EÁ{∫ YÁƒ
Gà ¬‰gN˛y ™ı uN˛Ãy üN˛Á∫ N˛y EÕÆoÁ å“Î sy@ ™ı oÁz ¬z∆ ™Áfi ßy N˛™y å“Î EÁF|@>>
#=Ùfi`«∂ KÕ¿ã K≥_»∞ Ѩ#∞ŠѶ¨e`åÅ∞ - Hõ+¨ì#ëêìÅ∞.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
FÃy EÃyu™o ÃÊTyo üz™ Nz˛ “y N˛Á∫m Gã“Áıåz LN˛ §Á∫ uÕÁÆÁı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åy YÁu“L \{Ãz ÃyoÁ N˛y ∫Áƒm Ãz §YÁÆÁ
™Ï^Ãz N˛“Á - <<§zby ß{∫ƒy! \§ ™¯ ßuMo üƒYå tz ∫“Á sÁ, TÆÁ sÁ@ FÃNz˛ u¬L ƒz N˛Á¢˛y t§Áƒ gÁ¬ıTz@....
Gå utåÁı ™ı ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ Nz˛ Eƒou∫o “Ázåz N˛Á EÊ∆ ÃÏåÁoz FÃNz˛ §Át?...... sÁz‰gz utåÁı Nz˛ §Át ™Ï^ \{Ãz tÏÀÃÁ“Ã
Ã™Æ ßyN˛∫ øú ™ı uÃÊ“ Nz˛ T∫\åz N˛y ܃uå EÁ{∫ GÃNz˛ ßÆÊN˛∫ N˛∫, §u¬ N˛y ƒzty ú∫ Y‰jåz ƒÁ¬y LN˛ EÁ{∫ ™u“¬Á Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı
Ec“Áà N˛Áz ™¯ ßy üuÃÚ »y EåÊoúˆåÁßÁYÁÆ| \y \{Ãz uƒ˚ÁåÁı LN˛ EÁ{∫ tÏV|båÁ Vbåz oN˛ YÁ∫Áı EÁz∫ ÃëÁÁbÁ ZÁ \ÁLTÁ@
Nz˛ “y ÙÁå Eúåy EÁƒÁ„\ ™ı ÃÏåÁoÁ sÁ@ §Ï‰jÁúÁ EÁVz∫åz Nz˛ Få ÃÁ∫y VbåÁEÁı Nz˛ Vboz ÙÆ, ß{∫ƒy åÁ™N˛y ™¯,
N˛Á∫m E§ ™z∫y EÁƒÁ„\ Goåz üßÁƒ Nz˛ ÃÁs uÃÊ“T\|å N˛Áz ™ÁåuÃN˛ EÁ{∫ ∆Á∫yu∫N˛ øú Ãz úÓ∫y o∫“ Ãz bÓb \ÁHÊTy@ LzÃz
uåN˛Á¬ å“Î úÁ ∫“y “{@ uN˛ãoÏ ™¯ YÁ“oÁ “Ó uN˛ uN˛Ãy ßy üN˛Á∫ uƒYÁ∫Áı Nz˛ EÁoz “y ™¯ s∫ s∫ N˛ÁÊú Gey@
Ãz Eúåz »ÁzoÁEÁı N˛Áz uÃÊ“ T\|å Ãz §ÁÂá N˛∫ ∫QÓÂ! MÆÁ oÏ™ LzÃy ÃÊN˛b N˛y V‰gy ™ı ßy ™z∫z ™å™ı uƒYÁ∫ GeÁ uN˛ ™¯
Eúåz ™Áz§ÁF¬ ¢˛Ázå ú∫ ∆z∫ N˛y t“Á‰g N˛Áz u∫N˛Á}g| N˛∫ ™Ï^z ßz\ úÏu¬Ã N˛Áz Eúåz ™Áz§ÁF¬ ¢˛Ázå ú∫ §Ï¬Á ÃN˛oy “ÓÂ@ Eo: ™¯åz
ÃN˛oy “Áz? å∫uÃÊ“ Nz˛ Eƒou∫o “Ázåz N˛Á üÃÊT EÁåz ú∫ ™¯ ™Áz§ÁF¬ ¢˛Ázå N˛Áz t§ÁÆÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ V§∫Á“b ™ı ™¯åz <<õ¬z ©ÆÓu\N˛>>
GÃz ÃÏåÁN˛∫ N˛Á™ Y¬Á úÁGÊTÁ@>> ƒÁ¬z §bå N˛Áz t§Á utÆÁ sÁ@ Gà ÃëÁÁbz ™ı ∫Áo Nz˛ Ã™Æ “ƒÁ
™¯ åz GÃy üN˛Á∫ Ãz by.ƒy. ú∫ utQÁ ∫“z uN˛Ãy N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™ N˛Áz Yy∫oz “ÏL ßÆÁåN˛ øú ™ı ∆z∫ N˛Á t“Á‰gåÁ ÃÏååz ™ı EÁÆÁ@
Ãz uÃÊ“ Nz˛ T∫\åz N˛y ܃uå N˛Áz Eúåz ¢˛Ázå ú∫ u∫N˛Ág| N˛∫, ™¯åz ÀúyN˛∫ ßy ¬TÁ utÆÁ oÁz EÁ{∫ \Áz∫-\Áz∫ Ãz uÃÊ“ N˛Á T\|å
Eúåz uúoÁ\y Nz˛ ™Áz§ÁF¬ ú∫ ßz\ utÆÁ@ úoÁ å“Î MÆÁı, ú∫ ÃÏåÁF| ú‰gåz ¬TÁ@ ƒz oyåÁı §t™Á∆ EYÁåN˛ Fà ∆z∫ Nz˛ t“Á‰g
™Ï^z ƒ“ EÁƒÁ„\ §“Ïo úÃÊt EÁF|@ Eo: ™¯ Eúåz ¢˛Ázå ú∫ N˛Áz ÃÏåoz “y YÁ¯N˛ N˛∫ “≤z˛ §≤z˛ ∫“ TL@
u∫N˛Ág| uN˛L TL Gà TÊßy∫ T\|å N˛Áz §Á∫ §Á∫ ÃÏåoy ∫“oy “ÓÂ@ Gã“Áıåz ÃÁzYÁ uN˛ ƒ“Á ∆z∫ t“Á‰goz “ÏL EÁ∫“Á “{@ ™¯ßy
úoÁ å“Î MÆÁı ™Ï^z ƒ“ T∫\åÁ §“Ïo EXZÁ ¬TÁ@ Gà EÁƒÁ\ N˛y ܃uå N˛Áz EÁ{∫ §‰jÁoy TF|@ ™Á{Nz˛ N˛Á ¢˛ÁÆtÁ
™z∫Á V∫ åzu™u¬Yzu∫ ™ı “{@ ∫ÁÀoÁ úÁà ú‰gåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GeÁoz “ÏL ™¯ Eúåy TÁ‰gy N˛Áz ƒ“Î ZÁz‰gN˛∫, úÁà N˛y ^Áu‰gÆÁı
üuo utå ™¯, å©™ÊT¬™Ω Nz˛ \ÊT¬ Nz˛ ∫ÁÀoz Ãz Eúåz V∫ \Áoy ™ı Eúåz ¢˛Ázå N˛y ∫Áz∆åy Nz˛ ÓÁ∫z \ÁN˛∫ uZúTF|@
sy@ Eúåz tÏúu“L ƒÁ“å ú∫ EÊáz∫z ™ı ßy Våz úz‰gÁı Ãz ∫ÁÀoz ú∫ GÃy Ã™Æ ™ÁÆÁlgy åÁ™N˛Á b~N˛ g~ÁFƒ∫ Eúåz b~N˛ ™ı
\ÁåÁ ™Ï^z úÃÊt sÁ, Æ˘uú ™z∫z uúoÁ \y ™åÁ uN˛ÆÁ N˛∫oz sz@ Eƒ{á øú Ãz ∫zo N˛Á ∫ƒÁåÁ N˛∫oz “ÏL N˛Á¢˛y oz\ ∫°oÁ∫ Ãz
Gà ÃëÁÁbz N˛Á EÁåÊt ¬zoz “ÏL \Áåz Nz˛ u¬L “y ™¯åz Eúåz Gá∫ EÁ ∫“Á sÁ@ úÏu¬Ã EÁ{∫ o“Ãy¬tÁ∫ GÃN˛Á úyZÁ N˛∫oz
N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ N˛y TÁ‰gy N˛Áz ™åÁ N˛∫ utÆÁ sÁ@ ™Ï^z Eúåz EÁú ú∫ “ÏL Fà ∫ÁÀoz ú∫ ¬ÁL@ GÃN˛Á b~N˛ N˛Á§Ó Ãz §Á“∫ “ÁzN˛∫ GÃ
NÏ˛Z [ÆÁtÁ “y ß∫ÁzÃÁ sÁ uN˛ uN˛Ãy ßy üN˛Á∫ N˛y úu∫uÀsuo N˛Áz \ÊT¬ ™ı ™å™Áåz ∫ÁÀoz ú∫ tÁ{‰g ∫“ÁsÁ@ Få oyåÁı §t™Á∆Áı N˛y
ÃÁ™åÁ N˛∫ ÃN˛åz N˛Á á{Æ| ™Ï^ ™ı “{@ Fà â˛∫ Nz˛ ∫Áz™ÁÊY N˛Áz EÁÂQÁı ú∫ b~N˛ Nz˛ ¬ÁFbÁı N˛y ∫Áz∆åy ú‰gåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m b~N˛ Ãz
™¯ ZÁz‰gåÁ å“Î YÁ“ ∫“y sy@ bN˛∫ÁN˛∫ oÏ∫ão ™∫ TL@
uN˛ãoÏ ™¯ åz Æ“ å“Î \ÁåÁ uN˛ uƒTo NÏ˛Z utåÁı Ãz NÏ˛Z ™¯åz Eúåz ¢˛Ázå N˛y ܃uå N˛Áz EÁ{∫ EuáN˛ HÊYÁ uN˛ÆÁ u\ÃNz˛
TÏl‰gz ™z∫z EÁƒÁT™å ú∫ ÜÆÁå tz ∫“z “¯ EÁ{∫ ™Ï^ ú∫ EnÆÁYÁ∫ ÓÁ∫z úÏu¬Ã ƒÁ¬z ™Ï^z jÓÂj ÃNz˛ EÁ{∫ Gã“Áıåz ™z∫y ∫qÁ N˛y@
N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L üoyqÁ N˛∫ ∫“z “¯@ Gà utå ∫Áo ™ı Gà ÃÏåÃÁå LN˛ §Á∫ EÁúåz Eúåz üƒYå ™ı §oÁÆÁ sÁ uN˛ ßTƒÁå
™ÁT| ú∫ \Áoz Ã™Æ ƒz ÃÁ™åz EÁL@ ™Ï^z ∫ÁzN˛N˛∫ Eúåy ümÁ¬y å∫uÃÊ“ ÀƒÁ™y, Eúåz ßMo ü⁄Át N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L ßÆÁåN˛
N˛Áz Gã“Áıåz úÓ∫Á N˛∫åÁ YÁ“Á@ uÃÊ“ T\|å N˛∫oz “ÏL üN˛b “Ïz sz@ ߬z “y u∫N˛Ág| N˛y TF| ܃uå
Gã“ı ∫ÁzN˛åz Nz˛ u¬L ™¯åz ¬ÁQ N˛Ázu∆∆ı N˛y@ uN˛ãoÏ N˛ÁzF| Nz˛ “y ÃÁs, ú∫ãoÏ GÃy ú∫™Án™Á åz ™z∫y ßy ∫qÁ N˛y@>>
¢˛ÁÆtÁ å“Î@ T¬Á ¢˛Á‰g-¢˛Á‰g N˛∫ uY®ÁÆÁ ú∫ãoÏ ™z∫y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz 0-0-0
Nz˛ u¬L ƒ“Á N˛ÁzF| å“Î EÁL@ Fà VbåÁ N˛Áz ÃÏåÁåz Nz˛ §Át ß{∫ƒy åz N˛“Á - <<GÃy
o§ ™z∫z ™å ™ı ∫z¡ƒz Àbz∆å ú∫ “ÏF| ÀƒÁoy N˛y “nÆÁ Nz˛ Ã™Æ Ãz ™z∫z ™å ™ı ßTƒÁå å∫uÃÊ“ Nz˛ üuo ™z∫z ™å ™ı ßuO˛
ÃÁs-ÃÁs LzÃy EÁ{∫ ÃÁ∫y VbåÁLÊ VÓ™åz ¬TÎ@ ™Ï^z Ù^ EÁF| \ÁT Gey@ Gà ßuO˛ N˛Áz ™¯ Óz\ ∫“y “ÓÂ@ FÃyu¬L “∫ ütÁz 
uN˛ ™z∫y ßy Æ“y tÏT|uo “Ázåz ƒÁ¬y “{@ §Át™ı....? uous Nz˛ EƒÃ∫ ú∫ ™¯ Æ“Á å∫uÓ ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ t∆|å N˛∫åz
™z∫Á uYfi by.ƒy. ú∫ utQÁLÊTz, ÙÁYÁ∫ úfiÁı ™ı ZÁúÁ \ÁLTÁ@ Eƒ≈Æ EÁoy “ÓÂ@>>
YÁ∫-úÁÂY utåÁı oN˛ by.ƒy. Y{åz¬ÁzÊ ú∫ ™z∫z ÃÁs “ÏL EãÆÁÆ ú∫ úÓ∫Á ÃÏååz Nz˛ §Át ™¯åz N˛“Á <<áãƃÁt ß{∫ƒy! oÏ™åz
¬TÁoÁ∫ YYÁ| Nz˛ N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™ üÃÁu∫o N˛∫ıTz@ ™Ï^z Eúåz uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ Nz˛ 208ƒı åÁ™ Nz˛ u¬L
ÕÁyƒÁty ™u“¬Á ÃÊTeå <<ß{∫ƒy Nz˛ ÃÁs ãÆÁÆ “ÁzåÁ YÁu“L>> TÁsÁ ty@>> ƒ“ Ù^ å“Î úÁF| EÁ{∫ GÃåz úÓZÁ - <<MÆÁ N˛“
Nz˛ §Ázg| ¬TÁN˛∫ \T“-\T“ ú∫ á∫åÁ N˛∫ıTz@ ∫“z “¯?>>
\§ uƒúqÁı N˛y §Á∫y EÁoy “{ oÁz “®Á ™YÁLÊTz uN˛ Æ“ ™¯ åz N˛“Á-<<uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y N˛Á 208 ƒÁ åÁ™>>
tz∆ ™u“¬ÁEÁı Nz˛ u¬L ÃÏ∫uqo å“Î “{@ <<EÁz“! ™Ï^z uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™ §‰gz EXZz ¬Toz “¯@ EÁúÃz
EÁ{∫ N˛F| ¬ÁzT Fà VbåÁ ú∫ ™T∫™XZ Nz˛ EÁÂÃÓ §“ÁLÊTz@ u¬uQo EÊT¿z\y úÏÀoN˛ ‘The Lord At Your Call’ N˛Áz ™¯ åz ú‰jÁ
ßÁ∫oyÆ uN¿˛Nz˛b Nz˛ N˛õoÁå uƒ∫Áb N˛Áz“¬y üáÁå ™Êfiy å∫z㸠“{@ <ƒÁN˛Ω> úufiN˛Á Ãz üN˛Áu∆o Fà úÏÀoN˛ ™ı EÁúåz §‰gz Ã∫¬
™Ázty N˛Áz ™u“¬ÁEÁı N˛y ÃÏ∫qÁ Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ubûc∫ ú∫ u¬QzTÁ@ EÁ{∫ EÁN˛ |N˛ jÊT Ãz uƒ…mÏ Nz˛ åÁ™Áı Ãz \Áz‰goz “ÏL TÁsÁEÁı
uY¬NÓ˛∫ §Á¬Á\y ™Êut∫ Nz˛ úÏ\Á∫y ∫ÊT∫Á\å \y EúåÁ uƒ¸Áz“y N˛Áz utÆÁ “{@ újoz “ÏL §‰gÁ EXZÁ ¬TÁ@>> ƒ“ Æσoy §‰gz
Àƒ∫ GeÁLÊTz uN˛ tz∆ ß∫ ™ı \bÁÆÏ ÃzåÁ N˛Áz §åÁåÁ YÁu“L@ GnÃÁ“ Nz˛ ÃÁs §Áz¬oy TF|@
=∞#ã¨∞ûÖ’ HõѨ@O ÖˉõΩO_»@"Õ∞ Q˘Ñ¨Ê ^èŒ~°‡O.
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™¯åz N˛“Á - <<208 ƒÁ åÁ™ “{ <∆ÁÀo>! YÓÂuN˛ ƒz ÃÁ∫y “ÏL Fà <∆ÁÕÁ> åÁ™ N˛Á \Áú N˛∫ıTz oÁz Eƒ≈Æ ¢˛¬ úÁ ÃNı˛Tz@
tÏ…boÁ N˛Á uå™Ó|¬åN˛∫, Eúåz ßMoÁı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫oz “¯, FÃy Ãßy üN˛Á∫ N˛y §Ï∫ÁFÆÁı Ãz <∆ÁÀo> åÁ™ Ãz ßÁuÃo ú∫™Án™Á
u¬L GåN˛Á Æ“ åÁ™ ú‰gÁ@>> ∫qÁ N˛∫ı@
uåªuO˛ Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ ÙÀoÁåΩ N˛lbN˛ÁåΩ ∆ÁÀoynÆo: ∆ÁÀozuo EÁFL <ƒÁN˛Ω> Nz˛ úÁeN˛Tm! »ÚÁ EÁ{∫ ßuO˛ Ãz \Áúı -
N˛ynÆ|oz <<H ∆ÁÕÁz å™:>>
\Áz Eúåz EÁú N˛Áz tÏ…boÁ EÁ{∫ tÏ…bÁı Ãz ∫qÁ N˛∫åÁ YÁ“oz YÁ∫Áı EÁz∫ N˛y §Ï∫ÁFÆÁı Ãz Eúåz EÁúN˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫ı@
“¯, ƒz uY¬NÓ˛∫ ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå ßTƒÁå §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú N˛Á ÜÆÁåN˛∫oz <<H ∆ÁÕÁz å™:>> O
All slokas Chant 28 times
FO Ѩ~°=∂`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G ú∫™Án™åz å™:
FO ǨÏ$+‘ˆHâßÜ«∞ #=∞ó For self employed people, for promotions and
G J  yNz ∆ ÁÆ å™: success in games.
For overcoming bad habits „H©_®HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ, ã¨fiÜ«∞O LáêkèÖ’ L#fl "åiH˜, L#fl`«
^Œ∞~°Å"å@¡#∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜. Ѩ^Œ=ÙÅ∞ PtOKÕ "åiH˜.
FO =+¨\ϯ~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ƒ bΩN˛Á∫ÁÆ å™: FO Éè∂í `«ÉÏè =<åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoßÁƒåÁÆ å™:
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =∞Oz P~ÀQͺxH˜.
Interviews, building relationship
"åºáê~åaè=$kúH˜, WO@~°∂fi ºÅÖ’ ã¨Ñ¶¨ÅO FO ѨÓ`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G úÓoÁn™åz å™:
HÍ=_®xH˜ 㨇iOK«O_ç. To remove mental stress and for mental
FO N=∞`Õ #=∞ó G »y™oz å™: =∂#ã≤ H õ P~ÀQͺxH˜ =∂#ã≤ H õ XuÎ _ ç #∞O_ç
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
â◊s~° ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜, ã¨OѨ^Œ‰õΩ.
FO JHõ∆~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G Eq∫ÁÆ å™: FO â◊~°‡}Ë #=∞ó G ∆™|mz å™:
For Job Satisfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^ÀºQÆOÖ’, KÕ¿ã ѨxÖ’ JOH˜`« ÉèÏ"åxH˜, `«$Ñ≤ÎH˜.
q^•ºaè=$kúH˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Sâ◊fi~åºaè=$kúH˜.
NEWS ‰õΩ=∂Ô~Î '`«#Ü«Ú_»∞— =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ J~°∞›_Õ - ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì ã¨Ê+‘ìHõ~°}
ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^Œ∞ : J~°ÛHõ`«fiO =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°ºOQÍ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ ‰õΩ=∂~°∞Å∞ ÖË#ѨC_»∞ '‰õΩ=∂Ô~Î ‰õΩ=∂~°∞_»∞— J~°Û‰õΩ_çQÍ ™êˆQO^Œ∞‰õΩ 2007
ã¨=~°} K«@ìO J=HÍâ◊q∞™ÈÎO^Œx L=∞‡_ç ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì ã¨Ê+¨ìO KÕã≤Ok. Hõ$ëê‚ lÖÏ¡ HõOH˜áê_»∞Ö’x N~å=∞eOˆQâ◊fi~° ™êfiq∞ ^Õ=™ê÷#OÖ’ '‰õΩ=∂Ô~Î
‰õΩ=∂~°∞_ç— áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY JkèHÍ~°∞Å∞ ~°^Œ∞Ì KÕÜ«∞_®xfl `«Ñ¨C|\˜ìOk. Ѩӈ~‚â◊fi~°~å=Ù J<Õ J~°Û‰õΩ_ç ‰õΩ=∂Ô~Î ‰õΩ=∂~°∞_≥·#
QÆ^è•^èŒ~°ÉÏ|∞#∞ uiy xÜ«∞q∞OKåÅx P^Õtã¨∂Î L=∞‡_ç ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ [ã≤ìãπ a. t=â◊OHõ~°~å=Ù W\©=Å L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞ *Ïs KÕâß~°∞.
`«# `å`« =∞~°}Ï#O`«~O° N~å=∞eOˆQâ◊fi~°™êfiq∞ ^Õ=™ê÷#O =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° J~°Û‰õΩ_çQÍ QÆ^•è ^è~Œ É° Ï|∞ 1984 #∞Oz H˘#™êQÆ∞`«∞<åfl~°∞. `«#=O`«∞QÍ
=¸_Õà◊¡HÀ™êi U_®káê@∞ J~°ÛHõ`«fiO x~°fiÇ≤Ïã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. q∞ye# Ô~O_Õà◊√¡ W`«~° =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ q^èŒ∞Å∞ x~°fiiÎOKÕ"å~°∞. P Ô~O_Õà◊¡
HÍÅOÖ’ r=<å^è•~°O HÀã¨O =∞~À „áêO`«OÖ’ "åºáê~°O KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl~°#fl HÍ~°}O`À J~°ÛHõ`fi« ÉÏ^躌 `«Å #∞Oz QÆ^•è ^è~Œ É° Ï|∞#∞ `˘Åyã¨∂Î ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY
JkèHÍ~°∞Å∞ 2017Ö’ L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ∞ *Ïs KÕâß~°∞. P L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ#∞ ã¨"åÅ∞ KÕã∂¨ Î PÜ«∞# ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞#ì ∞ P„â◊~ÚOKå~°∞. qKå~°} [iÑ≤# <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ
^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY JkèHÍ~°∞Å "å^Œ#Å#∞ `Àã≤ÑÙ¨ KåÛ~°∞. `«# =O`«∞QÍ U_®k J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl KÕÜ∞« _®xH˜ Ñ≤\+© #¨ ~°∞#∞ J~°∞_› Qç Í `ÕÖÏÛ~°∞.(D<å_»∞ 28.6.2018)
In a meeting of Seers at Tirumala on 9th June 2018 led by Mathadhipathi of Humpi mutt Sri Vidyaranya
Bharathi following recommendations to solve Tirumala issue were made to Govt. of A.P.
• Order an inquiry by a sitting judge into allegations of missing jewellery • Constitute Dharmika Parishath
immediately • Continue the System of Hereditary Archakas • Transfer all non-Hindu employees in TTD to
other departments • TTD funds must not be diverted to other government programs and must be used
only for temples and institutions under the board.
Hon'ble Chief Minister has already implemented Seers Recommendation for Inquiry by a sitting Judge.
'VAK' requests that the other recommendations, Constitution of Dharmika Parishad & continuation of Sys-
tem of Hereditary Archakas etc., be implemented expeditiously.

^Œ∞~°∞ƒkú `å#∞ xOÑ≤# q+¨áê„`«#∞ `å#∞ „`åQÆ∞`«∞Ok.

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áÁ∫ÁƒÁu“N˛ Lzuo“ÁuÃN˛ GúãÆÁà <<™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ>> ™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ - 81

EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ}.L™. ∫ÊT´ÆÁ
E§ oN˛ EÁúåz ú‰jÁ....Æ“ N˛“Áåy 14 ƒyÊ Ãty N˛y VbåÁEÁı ÃÊoÁz  Ã™Æ ™ı GåN˛Á ∫“åÁ \ø∫y “{ - Æ“y TÁzúëÁÁ N˛y FXZÁ sy@
ú∫ EÁáÁu∫o uƒ\ÆåT∫ N˛y ™“Á∫Áåy TWïÁtzƒy ˚Á∫Á uƒ∫uYo ™áÏ∫Á TÁzúëÁÁ Nz˛ EÁtz∆ÁåÏÃÁ∫ “y ÃzåÁ N˛ëÁåÓ∫ ZÁz‰gN˛∫ ™áÏ∫{ uN˛¬z Nz ˛
uƒ\Æ™Ω åÁ™N˛ N˛Á√Æ ú∫ EÁáÁu∫o »yƒzmÏTÁzúÁ¬åΩ \y Nz˛ GúãÆÁà EÁN¿˛™m Nz˛ u¬L Y¬ ú‰gy@ ™áÏ ∫ ÁúÏ ∫ y N˛Áz Ãz å Á åz ÃÏ ¬ oÁå N˛Áz
N˛Á u“ãty EåσÁt áÁ∫ÁƒÁu“N˛ “¯@ ut®y ÃϬoÁåΩ ™“©™t u§å oÏT¬N˛ ™Á∫N˛∫ \you¬ÆÁ@ uƒ\ÆåT∫ Nz˛ ∫Á\ÁEÁı ˚Á∫Á ¬TßT 5000
N˛Á tuqm ßÁ∫o Nz˛ EÁN¿˛™m ™z N˛F| u“ãtÓ ™Êut∫ı EÀo-√ÆÀo ƒ åÁ∆ ™Êut∫ §YÁÆz TÆz@ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛y ÀsÁúåÁ Nz˛ u¬L »y TÁzúëÁÁ\y
“Áz TÆz@ »y∫Wï™Ω ßy §Y å“y úÁÆÁ@ »y ∫WïåÁs\y Nz˛ Gnà ™Óuo| N˛Áz uåN˛¬ úgz@ tzu∆N˛\y åz úáÁ∫N˛∫, ™ÊfiúÓu∫o úns∫ Nz˛ ú∫tz N˛Áz
Ã{uåN˛Áı Ãz §YÁoz “ÏL 15 ÃÁ¬ ÃÁ∫z tuqm ßÁ∫o ß¿™m N˛∫ EÊoo: “bÁN˛∫, GnÃ-™Óuo| Nz˛ ÃÊtz“Áı N˛Áz tÓ∫ N˛∫, »y∫ÊT Nz˛ Tß|Tw“ N˛Áz
YÁ∫ N˛Ázgƒ∫ ßMo YʸuTu∫ Nz˛ \ÊT¬Áı ™ı ¬zTL@ Gå™z oyå Ã{uåN˛Áı QÁz¬ GnÃ-™Óuo| N˛y ÀsÁúåÁ §‰gy áÓ™áÁ™ Ãz N˛y@ ∫ÊTåÁsN˛y ™ÁF|
˚Á∫Á ™Á∫z TL@ LN˛ N˛Ázgƒ∫ ∫WïåÁs \y N˛Áz §YÁåz ™z Ⲭ “ÏL@ 18 N˛y ™Óuo| ßy YÊúN˛ ƒwq Nz˛ uåN˛b u™¬y@ YÁ∫Áı EÁz∫ EÁåãtÁznà N˛Á
ÃÁ¬ §Át »y ∫WïåÁs Nz˛ ™Óuo| N˛Áz jÓÊjoz “ÏL ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ t åÁ™N˛ tÁz ƒÁoÁƒ∫m uƒ∫Á\ ∫“Á sÁ@ »y∫ÊT™Ω ™ı NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ N˛Á ∫Á\uo¬N˛ EnÆÊo
ÆσN˛ uåN˛¬ úgz@ ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ t Gã“z jÓÊj uåN˛Á¬åz Nz˛ §Át »y∫WïåÁs ƒ{߃úÓm| jÊT Ãz ÃÊúëÁ “ÏEÁ@ N˛F| ∫Á\ÁEÁı EÁ{∫ ÃÁ™Êo∫Á\ÁEÁı N˛Áz
\y N˛Áz Yã¸uTu∫ ∫Á\Á Nz˛ ÓÁÆ Ãz uoª™¬Á ™ı ÀsÁuúo N˛∫oz “¯@ EÁ™Êufio uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ@ ƒ®ß N˛y ut¬ N˛y ∫Áåy ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy N˛Áz ßy
uoª™¬Á ™ı »y∫WïåÁs \y N˛Áz GåNz˛ úÓ\Á uƒáÁå EåÏÃÁ∫ úÓ\Á N˛∫åz EÁ™Êufio uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ@ ú∫ GÃNz˛ ÃÁs LN˛ ú∫ úϪ  N˛Áz tzQ ƒ®ß N˛Á
N˛Á ü§ãá ƒ“Á Nz˛ ∫Á\Á N˛∫oz “¯@..... ßÁT ™z ™t™ “Ásy ƒ®ß Lʃ ut¬ bÏN˛‰gÁı ™ı §ÂbTÆÁ@ ƒ“ ÃÁzYåz ¬TÁ uN˛ GÃN˛Á üz™ N˛§ EÁú §å
t Nz˛ Ùӓ ú∫ EÁN¿˛™m N˛∫oz “¯@ ∫Á\NÏ˛™Á∫y N˛y ∫qÁ Nz˛ üÆnå ™ı G‰g TÆÁ@ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛y ÃuëÁuá ™ı √Æuso “Ázoz ƒ®ß N˛Áz tÓ∫ Ãz “y
ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ ∫Á\NÏ˛™Á∫y tÁzåÁı u™¬ ú“Á‰g Ãz åyYz N˛y EÁz∫ ¬ÏjN˛oz åyYz ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy-ÃÁLN˛ øú TÁzY∫ “ÏEÁ@ Gà øú Nz˛ N¿˛™∆: úÁà EÁåzú∫ GÃåz
Nz˛ Våz \ÊT¬ ™ı uT∫ \Áoz “¯@ ƒ“Á ƒz ™Ïtσ{ \Áuo N˛y LN˛ \Áz‰gy Ãz ÃY™ÏY GÃz ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy ™ÁåÁ@ ƒ®ß Ãz GÃåz §oÁÆÁ uN˛ uN˛å N˛Á∫mÁı Ãz
u™¬oz “¯@ Gà \Áuo Nz˛ uƒuYfi EÁYÁ∫Áı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ∫Á\NÏ˛™Á∫y NÏ˛Z GåN˛Á üz™ uƒƒÁ“ oN˛ å“Î ú“ÏÂYÁ@ GÃNz˛ ÀƒÁÀ·Æ N˛Á å“Î ÃÏá∫åÁ, uƒƒÁ“
Ã™Æ oN˛ §uoÆÁoy “{@ ¬Á{b N˛∫ EÁÆz ƒ®ß ™áÏ∫Á Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı u§åÁ Nz˛ u¬L GÃN˛Á “e N˛∫åÁ, Eúåy E∆MooÁ N˛Áz GÃåz ÃuƒÀoÁ∫ §oÁÆÁ@
ÃÁzYz å“Î ∫“ úÁoÁ@ ƒz GÃy üN˛Á∫ ÆÁfiÁ N˛∫ úÏtÓ∫ ú“ÏÂY \Áoz “¯@ Eúåz LN˛ E§¬Á N˛§ oN˛ uƒúu ÆÁı Ãz \Ó^oy Qgy ∫“ ÃNz˛Ty? ƒ®ß ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy
\ã™ ÀsÁå ú∫ ú“ÏÂYåz Nz˛ GnÃÁ“ Ãz ™áÏ∫Á VÁz‰gz N˛Áz tÓåy Tuo Ãz N˛y úu∫uÀsuoÆÁı N˛Áz Ù^ TÆÁ@ ∫ÊTåÁs N˛Áz »y∫ÊT™ úÏå: ú“ÏÂYÁÆz oN˛
tÁ{gÁoy “{@ ™áÏ∫ÁÊuTåy N˛Áz ™ÁoÁ-uúoÁ N˛Áz˛ ÃÁ¯úN˛∫ ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ t EúåÁ ÃÏQ, EÁ{∫ Eúåy FXZÁEÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı N˛ßy §Áo ZzgÓÂTÁ å“Î, GÃåz
Eúåz åT∫ N˛y EÁz∫ Y¬ ú‰gz@ ™ÁT| ™ÜÆ ™ı \“Á Fã“Áıåz ∫Áo u§oÁF| Eúåy ™Á N˛Áz §Yå utÆÁ sÁ@ ú∫ ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy N˛§ oN˛ GÃN˛y üoyqÁ N˛∫oy
sy, ƒ®ß ™áÏ∫Á Nz˛ uƒYÁ∫Áı ™ı QÁz TÆÁ sÁ@ FÃy Ã™Æ t ƒ“Á ∫“zTy? GÃåz Eúåz ™å N˛Áz Ù^Á u¬ÆÁ@ ™áÏ∫ÁÊTy Ãz q™Á ™ÁÂT N˛∫ ƒ“
EÁÆÁ@ t åz Eúåz u™fi N˛Áz YzoÁƒåy ty uN˛ GÃN˛Á Æ“ üz™ ¬flÆ- Eúåz \yƒå - úÆ˙o §¿÷YÁ∫y Nz˛ øú ™ı ∫“åz N˛Á uå≈YÆ u¬ÆÁ@...E§
üÁuõo ™ı ªN˛Áƒb §åzTÁ ™áÏ∫Á §Á∫-§Á∫ ÆÁt EÁ ∫“y sy@ ƒ®ß Gà EÁTz úu‰ j L...
ÀsÁå ú∫ u¢˛∫ \ÁoÁ “{@ ƒ“Á ™áÏ∫Á Ãz u™¬oÁ “{@ tÁzåÁı Eúåz - Eúåz ™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ åÁ™N˛ Fà GúãÆÁà ™ı, onN˛Á¬yå ™áÏ∫Á
üz™ N˛Áz √ÆMo N˛∫oz “¯@ ™áÏ∫Á \§ uƒƒÁ“ N˛y §Áo GeÁoy “{, o§
ƒ®ß Àú…b N˛“oÁ “{ uN˛ uƒƒÁ“ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛y úÏå: ÀsÁúåÁ Nz˛ §Át Nz˛ ÃÏ¡oÁåÁı N˛Á N˛eÁz∫, N¿˛Ó∫ ∆ÁÃN˛ Nz˛ uƒƒ∫m Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs,
“y “ÁzTÁ@ ..... ™ÁT| Nz˛ §yY EåzN˛ ou™¬ ∫Á[Æ N˛y \åoÁ ÃÏ¡oÁå tÏ…b ∆ÁÃå N˛Á EÊo N{˛Ãz uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ, ou™¬ ütz∆ GåNz˛ N˛§ãá
Ãz ™ÏMo “Ázåz Nz˛ u¬L Fà ÃzåÁ ™ı EnÆÊo GnÃÁ“ Ãz Ãu©™u¬o “Ázåz “ÁsÁı Ãz N{˛Ãz §Y TÆz, ÀƒoÊfi “ÁzN˛∫ ÃÏQ N˛y ÃÁÂà ¬zåÁ, ÃåÁoå
¬Ty@ uƒ\ÆåT∫ ÃzåÁ EÁ{∫ N˛ëÁåÓ∫ ™z uÀso tÏT| Nz˛ §Á“∫ ÃÏ¡oÁå ƒ{utN˛ á™| N˛y ∫qÁ EÁut N˛Á uƒÀoÁ∫ Ãz G®zQ “ÏEÁ “{@ To
N˛y ÃzåÁ Ãz V™ÁÃÁå ÆÏÚ “ÏEÁ@ o§ uƒ\ÆåT∫ Nz˛ tÓÃ∫y ÃzåÁ ™Áà “y Æ“ GúãÆÁà ÙÁõo “ÏEÁ sÁ@ <ƒÁN˛Ω> Nz˛ úÁeN˛Áı N˛Áz
ÃÁz™õúÁ Nz˛ åzownƒ ™z ƒ“Á ú“ÏÂYÁ@ N˛ëÁåÓ∫ Nz˛ uN˛¬z ú∫ tÁz üN˛Á∫ Ãz FÃNz˛ Lzuo“ÁuÃN˛ VbåÁEÁı Ãz EƒTo N˛∫ÁÆÁ TÆÁ@ FåNz˛ ˚Á∫Á
EÁN¿˛™m N˛∫ ∫“y uƒ\ÆåT∫ N˛y ÃzåÁ N˛Áz tzQ, ÃÏ¡oÁå N˛y ÃzåÁ
EYÊßz ™ı ú‰g TF|@ uN˛¬z N˛Áz §Á“∫ N˛y ÃzåÁ ú∫ÁÀo “ÁzTF|@ ÃϬoÁå “™ oyå §ÁoÁı N˛Áz ÃyQ ÃN˛oz “¯@
Nz˛ Ã{uåN˛ ƒ Ã∫tÁ∫Áz N˛Áz §ãty §åÁu¬ÆÁ TÆÁ@ ET¬z utå üÁo: 1) ÀsÁåyÆ ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz NÏ˛Y¬N˛∫ Gã“ı §¬ÁoΩ EsƒÁ Z¬ Ãz
N˛Á¬ Ãz “y uƒ\ÆåT∫ Nz˛ Ã{uåN˛Áı åz N˛ëÁåÓ∫ Nz˛ uN˛¬z ú∫ “™¬Á á™| úu∫ƒo|å N˛∫ÁN˛∫, GåNz˛ ÃÊütÁÆ EÁ{∫ ÃÊÀNw˛uo N˛Áz å…b-
N˛∫åÁ EÁ∫Êß N˛∫ utÆÁ@. ÃϬoÁå Nz˛ ÃÁs “ÏL ÆÏÚ ™ı NÏ˛Z ÃÏ¡oÁå ß¿…b N˛∫, GåN˛y ÃÊúu N˛Áz ¬Óbåz N˛Á üÆnå N˛∫åz ú∫ GÃN˛Á
Nz˛ Ã{uåN˛ EuáN˛Á∫y uƒ\ÆåT∫ Nz˛ §Êty §åz@ \ã™o: u“ãtÓ Gå úu∫mÁ™, GÃN˛y úu∫uouN¿˛ÆÁ N{˛Ãz ∫“zTy, GÃN˛Á Æ“ Lzuo“ÁuÃN˛
§ÊutÆÁı åz, TÁzúëÁÁ Ãz üÁs|åÁ N˛y uN˛ ÆÏ∫ÁzúyÆ Ã{uåN˛Áı Nz˛ ÃÁs VbåÁ LN˛ §‰gÁ –…bÁÊo “{@
¬‰goz Ã™Æ ƒz GåN˛y ÓÁÆoÁ ¬z TÁzúëÁÁ \y Ãz “ÏL Ù^Á{oÁ ™ı
§ÊutÆÁı ™ı EÁáz Ã{uåN˛Áı åz uN˛¬z ™ı üƒz∆ N˛∫ Gåú∫ EYÁåN˛ 2) ÃåÁoå á™| Ãz EƒTo, Ù^åzƒÁ¬z, uƒæÁÁà N˛∫åzƒÁ¬z
EÁN¿˛™m N˛∫, Gã“ı YuN˛o N˛∫, Gã“ı ú∫Áu\o N˛∫ utÆÁ@ Fà üN˛Á∫ ÃÄÁz ßO˛ Gå utåÁı ∫“Á N˛∫oz sz@ FoåÁ “y å“Î GåNz˛ uånÆ
ƒ“ ütz∆ uƒ\ÆåT∫ Nz˛ EÁáyå “ÏEÁ@ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛Áz ßO˛ƒwãt \ϬÓà úÓ\z \ÁåzƒÁ¬z, EÁ∫ÁáåÁ N˛∫åzƒÁ¬z tzƒoÁEÁı Nz˛ u¬L uN˛Ãy ßy
™ı ¬z \ÁN˛∫ »y∫ÊT™Ω Nz˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı EnÆÊo GnÃÁ“ Ãz üƒz∆ N˛∫oÁ “{@ nÆÁT Nz˛u¬L úyZz “båzƒÁ¬z å sz@ EÊo ™ı FåN˛y ßuMo \yo
tzu∆N˛ \y Nz˛ EÁåz Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛Áz Tß|Tw“ ™ı ÀsÁuúo TF|@ uƒtzu∆ÆÁı N˛Á ∆ÁÃå “Á∫ TÆÁ@ §Át Nz˛ utåÁı ™ı ™Êut∫Áı ™ı
“ÁzåÁ “ÁzTÁ - »y TÁzúëÁÁ åz EÁtz∆ utÆÁ@ ú∫™ ßO˛, »y ƒ{…mƒTϪ úÓ\ÁL §“Ïo N˛™ utåÁı Nz˛ §Át úÏå: üÁ∫Êß N˛∫åz N˛Áz NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ
™Áfi “y å“Î, »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛Áz ∆fiÏEÁı Ãz §YÁåz ßuO˛-ƒwãt ™ı §YÁ
EÁuQ∫y EÁ{∫ LN˛™Áfi √ÆuO˛ “¯ »y tzu∆N˛\y “y@ Fà N˛Á∫m Fà åz Fà uƒ Æ ™ı ÓÁÆoÁ ütÁå uN˛ÆÁ@

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3) \åoÁ N˛y GúzqÁ N˛∫åzƒÁ¬Á ∆ÁÃN˛ “Áz EsƒÁ Ã∫N˛Á∫ “Áz \{Ãz ÀƒT| ™ı úyu‰go \å “Ázoz å“Î, GÃy üN˛Á∫ uƒ\ÆåT∫ LN˛
N˛ßy Ⲭ å“Î “Áz ÃNı˛Tz@ LzÃz ¬ÁzT Eúåz uƒYÁ∫Áı N˛Áz \åoÁ ∆Áão EÁ{∫ ÃÏQ-ütÁoÁ ∫Á[Æ sÁ@ FoåÁ EÁt∆| EÁ{∫ §ÁáÁ ∫u“o
ú∫ áÁzú N˛∫ Gã“ı N˛…b tzoz “¯@ ÃåÁoå á™| N˛“oÁ “{ uN˛ uN˛Ãy GåN˛Á ∆ÁÃå sÁ@
ßy üÁmy N˛Áz N˛…b å ú“ÏÂYÁÆz@ \Áz \åoÁ N˛Áz ÃÄÁÁ ∆ÁÃå tzN˛∫ §Ï≤˛∫ÁÆ Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ “u∫“∫ u˚oyÆ ÃåΩ 1377 Ãz ÃåΩ
¬ÁzN˛uüÆ §ååÁ YÁ“oz “¯, Gã“ı ÃåÁoå á™| N˛Áz N˛tÁuú ZÁz‰gåÁ 1404 oN˛ ¬TßT 27 ƒ | oN˛ Gã“Áıåz uƒ\ÆåT∫ ú∫ ∫Á[Æ
å“Î YÁu“L@ ∫Á\Á N˛ÁzF| ßy “Áz, GÃN˛Á EÊo \åoÁ N˛Áz ÃoÁåz Ãz uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ EÁÂá¿, N˛åÁ|bN˛ EÁ{∫ ou™¬ üÁãoÁı N˛Á LN˛XZfi ∆ÁÃN˛
™áÏ∫{ ÃÏ¡oÁå - ÃÁ ßÁzTåÁ ú‰goÁ “{@ FÃÃz Æ“y ÃyQ u™¬oy “{ sÁ@ FÃNz˛ §t¬z NÊ˛úå åz EÁÂá¿ Nz˛ N˛Áıgƒyub ∫zhy ∫Á\ÁEÁı Ãz
uN˛ ∆ÁÃN˛Áı N˛Áz YÁu“L ƒz \åoÁ N˛Á çÃz ú“¬z ut¬ \yoz@ ¬‰gN˛∫ åz®Ó∫ Ãz N˛u¬ÊT oN˛ Nz˛ EÁÂá¿ütz∆ N˛Áz Eúåz EÁáyå
\åoÁ Eúåy ÃÊÀNw˛uo LƒÊ ÃÊütÁÆ N˛Á EåÏÃ∫m N˛∫ı@ N˛∫ u¬ÆÁ@ N˛ÁıgƒygÏ osÁ ∫zuhÆÁı Nz˛ EÁáyå uÀso EÚÊuN˛ EÁ{∫
Fà ÃÊtß| ™ı, ™“Á∫Áåy TÊTÁtzƒy ∫uYo ™“ÁåΩ N˛Á√Æ <™áÏ∫Á »y∆{¬™ osÁ Nw˛…mÁåty Nz˛ tuqm ™ı uÀso ˚yúÁı Nz˛ EuáN˛
uƒ\Æ> Nz˛ ≈¬ÁzN˛Áı N˛Áz EÁ¬ÁzN˛ ™ı ¬ÁåÁ YÁ“oÁ “ÓÂ@ ∫Áåy åz ßÁT ú∫ uƒ\Æ úÁÆy@ Fà N˛Á∫m Gã“ı oz¬ÊTÁåz Nz˛ ∫ÁYN˛ÁzlgÁ
Eúåz N˛Á√Æ ™ı ÃÏ¡oÁå Nz˛ ƒá Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı, ™áÏ∫{ ú∫ uƒ\Æ Nz˛ ƒz¬™Á ∫Á\ÁEÁı Ãz ÆÏÚ N˛∫åÁ ú‰gÁ@ “u∫“∫∫ÁÆ u˚oyÆ ÃåΩ 1378
ú≈YÁoΩ Eúåz úuo Nz˛ ∆ÁÃå Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ÃuƒÀoÁ∫ §oÁÆÁ@ Æz ™ı “ÏL ™Ï\Áu“t §“™åy N˛y ™¿nÆÏ N˛Áz EÁÃ∫Á ™ı ¬zN˛∫ ƒÁÆ√Æ
≈¬ÁzN˛ “y \å-™å Nz˛ ßÁƒÁı Nz˛ tú|m “¯@ Æz ≈¬ÁzN˛ Gú∫ÁzMo ut∆Á ™ı Eúåz EuáN˛Á∫ N˛Áz §‰jÁåÁ ú‰gÁ@ u\ÃÃz TÁzƒÁ, áÁ§Áz¬,
oyå §ÁoÁı N˛y ÃYÁF| N˛Á GtΩVÁbå N˛∫oz “¯@ YÁƒÏ¬ úÁzb| ütz∆Áı ú∫ Gã“ı ∆ÁÃåÁ N˛∫åÁ ú‰gÁ@
ErÁoÃzƒÁzuYoYÁbσÁtÊ oϪ…N˛ÃÁ™¿Á[ÆNw˛oÁuß zN˛™Ω @ “u∫“∫ u˚oyÆ åz uƒ\ÆåT∫ ∫Á[Æ ú∫ “Êúy N˛Áz ∫Á\áÁåy
utƒÁ{N˛ÃÁú™õÆNw˛oümÁ™Ê ßÓ™Á{ÃÏ∫fiÁmu∆∫: úúÁo @@ §åÁN˛∫ ∆ÁÃå uN˛ÆÁ@ “u∫“∫ Nz˛ ∫Á\™Êut∫ Nz˛ Qlg“∫ “™ı “Êúy
oÁnúÆ| : tÁzåÁı Nz˛ §yY ÃÊV | Y¬oz Ã™Æ NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ Nz˛ ™áÏ∫{ Nz˛ Qlg“∫Áı ™ı TÁzY∫ “ÁzoÁ “{@
ÃÏ¡oÁå Nz˛ uÃ∫ N˛Ábåz ú∫ ƒ“ ¬Ï‰jN˛oz åyYz uT∫ TÆÁ \å “u∫“∫∫ÁÆ Nz˛ ÃzåÁúuo FªTõúÁ - Æ“ \{åÁYÁÆ| uÃÊ“åÊt
ÀoÏuo úÁåzƒÁ¬Á ƒ“ uÃ∫ á∫Á∆ÁÆy “ÏEÁ@ ÃÏ¡oÁå Nz˛ N˛F| tÁz  Nz˛ u∆…Æ sz@ FªTõúÁ åz TÁz™ezæÁ∫ (§Á“ϧ¬y) LN˛ Ã∫Ázƒ∫ EÁ{∫
N˛∫åz ú∫, uN˛Ãy åz GÊT¬y GeÁN˛∫ å“Î utQÁÆÁ@ ÃÏ¡oÁå Nz˛ g∫ uƒ\ÆåT∫ ™ı NÏ˛©oÏ - u\åÊo N˛Á úns∫ Ãz §åÁ ™Êut∫ §åƒÁÆÁ@
Ãz çåz ÀoÏuo N˛y@ “™Á∫z tzƒy-tzƒoÁƒÁı ú∫ uNÊ˛uYo EÁt∫ å “u∫“∫∫ÁÆ N˛ÁzÊgƒyby ∫Á\ÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs ÆÏÚ N˛∫oz ÙÆ
tzåzƒÁ¬z uÃ∫ åz ™áÏ∫{ åT∫ ú∫ uå∫ÊNÏ˛∆ ∆ÁÃå uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ EÁ\ ™{ÃÓ∫ Nz˛ ∆ÁÃå EÁ{∫ t¬ƒÁFÆÁı Ãz ÆÏÚ N˛∫åz N˛Á tÁuÆnƒ ÆtÏ∫ÁÆ
ƒ“ á∫Á ú∫ ú‰gÁsÁ@ N˛Áz ÃÁ¯ú@ FÃÃz LN˛ ∆uMo∆Á¬y ∫Á\ƒÊ∆ Nz˛ EuÀonƒ Nz˛ §y\
ü∆ÁãotÁƒzƒ ƒåÁão¬fl™y ToÁzú∫ÁTÁ TTåÀs¬yƒ @ §ÁzÆz TÆz@ “u∫“∫∫ÁÆ ú∫™zæÁ∫ EªmÁY¬zæÁ∫ Nz˛ EÊ∆ Nz˛ øú ™ı
N˛u¬ãt\Á ™ut|oN˛Áu¬Æzƒ utStuqmÁÃyoΩ qoúÁ∫ÃyN˛Á @@ ¬ÁzT \Áåoz “¯@ ™¯ ƒy∫ß®Á¬ Nz˛ ƒÊ∆ ™ı \ã™ ¬zN˛∫ ÃÏ¡oÁå N˛Á
tuqm EÁut ∫Á[Æ N˛F| ƒ Áz˙ §Át úu∆|Æå tÏ…b ∆ÁÃå Ãz EÊo N˛ªÂTÁ@ ƒ“y EªmÁY¬ “y ƒy∫ß®Á¬ N˛Áz ƒ∫ utÆÁ - LzÃÁ
™ÏO˛ “ÏL@ \ÊT¬ N˛y tÁuƒuSå Nz˛ §Ï^åz Nz˛ Gú∫Áão, \ÊT¬ N˛Á \åoÁ N˛Á uƒæÁÁà “{@
ƒÁoÁƒ∫m ∆Áão “ÏEÁ@ \Áz E§ oN˛ ú∫oÊfi ™ı sz ∆Áuão - æÁÁà Fà GúãÆÁà Nz˛ ú‰jåz Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ “∫ úÁeN˛ Nz˛ ™å ™ı
¬z ¬Tz@ T¿“m Nz˛ Gú∫Áão u˚TÏmyNw˛o üN˛Á∆ Ãz úÓm| Yʸ Nz˛ Æ“y uƒYÁ∫ GeoÁ “{ uN˛ “™ Eúåz ™Êut∫Áı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫ı@ ÃåÁoå
ÙÁå, ƒz ∫Á[Æ E§ utQÁF| tzåz ¬Tz@ N˛Á¬yÆ Nz˛ Ãú| uƒ  Ãz á™| N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫ı@ Gà á™| N˛Áz EúåÁ \yƒå-uƒáÁå ™Áåı@ »y∫ÊTåÁs
N˛¬Ïu o Æ™ÏåÁ åty \¬ N˛Áz »yNw˛…m åz N˛Á¬yÆ ™t|å N˛∫, Ãú| N˛y ™Óuo| N˛y ∫qÁ Nz˛ ú“¬ ™ı N˛F| ¬ÁzT üÁmÁı N˛y ú∫ƒÁ“ å N˛∫
úu∫ƒÁ∫ N˛Áz ™Á∫ ßTÁÆÁ@ FÃÃz Æ™ÏåÁ N˛Á úÓƒ| ƒ{߃ ¬Á{b EÁÆÁ@ N˛…bÁı Nz˛ u∆N˛Á∫ “ÏL@ GÃy üN˛Á∫ Gã“Áıåz tzƒ™Óuo|ÆÁı “™Á∫y ÃÊÀNw˛uo
tuqm ∫Á[Æ ßy FÃy üN˛Á∫ ∆ÏÚ “ÏL - - ÃÊütÁÆ, ÃåÁoå á™| N˛Áz ßuƒ…Æ N˛y úyu‰jÆÁı Nz˛ u¬L ÃÏ∫uqo
“oÁƒu∆…bÁås ƒy∫ÆÁzáÁåΩ ÃÊ∫flÆ úÁtümoÁåΩ ∆∫lÆ: @ ∫QÁ, oÁuN˛ ßuƒ…Æ ™ı ¬ÁzT GåN˛Á úÁ¬å N˛∫ \yƒå N˛Áz ÃÏQy
Nw˛oÁuß zN˛: ü∆∆Áà ™zutåÎ utƒÊ ™ªnƒÁuåƒ N˛©úßÓúuo: @@ §åÁ¬z@ Æ“ “™Á∫Á tÁuÆnƒ “{@ ÃÁ∫z ßO˛\å LN˛oÁ N˛y ∫Á“ ú∫
™“Á∫Áåy TÊTÁtzƒy Fà ≈¬ÁzN˛ Ãz EúåÁ N˛Á√Æ - ∫Á\ N˛Áz Z¬oz úÓƒ|\Áı N˛y ÃÊ\ÁzÆy ÃÊúu N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫ı@ áÁu™|N˛ \yƒå ú∫
ÙÁõo N˛∫oy “{@ uƒ\Æ Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ ∫Á[Æ N˛Á ∆ÁÃå N{˛ÃÁ ∫“Á, Y¬z@ EÁ\ ßÁ{uoN˛ƒÁty N˛“¬ÁåzƒÁ¬z tÊußÆÁı Nz˛ “ÁsÁı ™ı uúÃN˛∫
Æ“ ≈¬ÁzN˛ Àú…b N˛∫oÁ “{@ Æ“ ≈¬ÁzN˛ NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ Nz˛ ∆ÁÃå N˛Á å…b“Ázoz ™Êut∫ Nz˛ uƒáÁå ÃåÁoå á™Áz˙ N˛Áz ™ÏuMo ut¬Áƒz@
tú|m “¯@ NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ åz ÃåÁoå á™| N˛y úÏå: ÀsÁúåÁ N˛y@ Gã“Áıåz To Fuo“Áà N˛y À™wuoÆÁı ™ı ETÁzY∫ “Ázoz Fà ™“Áå
Eúåz uƒ∫ÁzuáÆÁı N˛Á “y EÊo uN˛ÆÁ@ \Áz GåN˛y ∆∫m ™ı EÁÆz Ù¿Áb Nz˛ “™ ç Jmy “{@ Eo: “™ı GåN˛Á å™å N˛∫åÁ
Gã“Áıåz GåN˛Á EÁt∫ uN˛ÆÁ@ Æ“ ÃåÁoå á™| N˛Á TÏm “{@ NÊ˛úå “ÁzTÁ@ EÁ∫uo tzåy “ÁzTy@ “™ ç LN˛ “ÁzN˛∫ Gà ∫Á\Á Nz˛
åz FÃN˛Á EÁY∫m uN˛ÆÁ@ ∫Á\™ÏNÏ˛b áÁ∫m N˛∫ NÊ˛úå Eúåz uúoÁ uN˛Æz ÙÁ\-N˛ãÆÁm Nz˛ N˛ÁÆÁz˙ Ãz üzu∫o “ÁzN˛∫, ßÁƒy - ÙÁ\
N˛y ™wnÆÏNz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ Ù¿Áb §åÁ@ “u∫“∫∫ÁÆ u˚oyÆ åÁ™ Ãz PÆÁoΩ Nz˛ u“o ™ı N˛t™ u™¬ÁN˛∫, ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ Fuo“Áà N˛Áz ú“YÁå N˛∫,
NÊ˛úå∫ÁÆ åz ÃåÁoå á™| N˛Á úÁ¬å uN˛ÆÁ@ GåN˛Á áÁu™|N˛ ∆ÁÃå GåN˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫ Eúåy \Áuo N˛Áz úÏå: Ùuú|o N˛∫ıTz@
tzƒzʸ N˛Á À™∫m ut¬ÁoÁ “{@ \åoÁ GåNz˛ ∆ÁÃå ™ı ÃÏQy sy@ ∆Ï ß ™Ω
=∞Oz Ѩx „Ѩun "≥Ú^Œ@ Hõ+¨ì=∞xÑ≤ã¨∞ÎOk.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Temples following Ahobila Mutt Sampradaya exists Mahadesikan the first pontiff of the Mutt has been
all over India. There are many such temples that exist installed there. The temple was patronised by royal
in Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Gadwal Chenna family well. I have experienced personally the devotion
Kesava Swamy temple is one such temple. This of royal family members Smt. D.K. Aruna and Sri
temple was built by King Soma Bhupal in 17th Century. Samarasimha Reddy in patronising the temple. Giving
It was said that the king was blessed with great away that historic temple to Mantralayam Mutt is a
underground wealth and in that ordeal of unearthing, a major crime committed to the whole denomination and
brahmin by name Keshavachari lost his life. The king this needs to be restored back. No denomination
constructed Chennakesava temple and installed a solid should accept management of other denmination
gold Utsava Idol of Chenna Kesava to provide peace to temples.
the departed soul. The idol was there till 1947 AD and Many such temples were built by Vijayanagara Rayas
it disappeared during police action. Till recently this and their sub-ordinate kings which are greatly
temple was following Ahobila Mutt sampradaya worship. influenced by Ahobila math. There is also a
This temple had been illegally handed over to Chennakesava Swamy Temple in Perusomula, a
Mantralaya Mutt belonging to Madhwa cult. This is village in Kurnool dist which is about 150kms from
not a right practice. It is the duty of the Government Ahobilam. The temple has got spectacular
to protect the denominational temples along with the architecture. An inscription in the temple clearly states
denominations without interefering into the internal that it was constructed by Aliya Ramaraya the son in
affairs. The Kings of Gadwal Samsthana were disciples law of Srikrishna Devaraya. He is disciple of 6th jeer
of Ahobila Mutt and the whole royal lineage are still of Ahobila math. The Rajadwaram of the temple is a
their disciples. The Samsthana protected and true replica of that of Ahobilam. There are sculptures
patronaged the Ahobila Mutt and many scholars of a sanyasi worshipping the main diety which is same
thrived teaching Sanskrit. The current security and as in Ahobilam. Scenes in vasanthika parinayam is
traditional protocols of the Mutt such as Chamara, also sculpted. These are critical symbols of Ahobila
Pallaki, chatram, Elephants, Horse and asentry were Mutt allegiance. In temple there are idols of Ramanuja,
are maintained by them. I have personally seen the Vedaantha Desikan and Sri Adivan Satagopa
devotion of Smt Adilakshmamma, the Queen of Gadwal Yatheendra Mahadesikan. The sampradayam followed
Samsthana in those days. My father Vidwan Chilkoor in the temple is of Ahobila Mutt. They use to offer the
Madabhushi Venkata Raghavachariar was the Asthana garland of chenna kesava to Adivan satagopan after morning
Vidwan of the Gadwal Samsthana and was also and evening pooja which is the practice in Ahobilam temple.
Srikaryam and Agent of Ahobila Mutt and he was ably It is the duty of the denomination and the devotees of
helping the religious cause. King Somabhupal junior, the respective denominations to protect their institutions
son of Queen Adilakshmamma was initiated and and make them flourish. VAK will soon bring many
samasrayanam for him performed by 42nd Jeer of Sri more such interesting items to the light of the devotees
Ahobila Mutt. The idols of Various Jeers of Ahobila & readers.
Mutt including the Adi Van Satakopa yatheendra (to be continued...)
We at VAK are blessed to bring out the second volume in the series of books
on Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama authored by Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy.
Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy started this mammoth never before project of explaining
the significance of the 1000 names. Since the English meaning of this hymn is
given in this work, many in this country and those living abroad, will welcome it.
Every name is a mantra by itself, some with two and some ranging up to eight
words. The hymn is an antidote for all ills.
As the author mentioned the benefits which will accrue by reciting the various
name of Vishnu, it has been practically experienced by Devotees at Chilkur Balaji
temple who are the regular readers of VAK in which these Anecdotes have been
serialised. There is immortal ecstasy that can be experienced by chanting these
names individually.
The second Volume has been released on 6th September 2017, as a part of
the Saptatipoorthi celebrations of the Author Sri V S Karunakaran. You can find
the devotees chanting these names endlessly at the Balaji Temple Chilkur. The
benefit of chanting individual names for particular needs to be granted by Almighty
is being practiced and is yielding expected results. Books available at : Manager 'VAK', 2-2-647/77/D, Srinivasanagar
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Price : Rs.500/- (Exclusive of postage)

PO^Àà◊# J<å~ÀQͺxfl ÃÑOK«∞`«∞Ok.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ - Hõj‡~°∞Ö’x âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° „Ѩܫ∂}O

^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ 11= ÉèÏQÆO.... `≥Å∞QÆ∞ J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
[iy# Hõ^äŒ : HÍj‡~°∞‰õΩ KÕ~°∞‰õΩ#fl gi =^ŒÌ‰õΩ k=º`Õ[O`À Kå~°∞ºÅ‰õΩ =O^Œ#O KÕ™ê~°∞. PÜ«∞# D Éè∂í q∞g∞^Œ ÖË~x°
ÉèÏã≤Ö¡Ë XHõ "≥+· =‚¨ „âı+µ¨ _ì ∞» =KåÛ~°∞. PÜ«∞# `«# ¿Ñ~°∞ Hˆ â◊=Ù_»x `≥eã≤ ÉÏ^èŒÑ¨_®¤~°∞.——
ѨiK«Ü∞« O KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩO\Ï~°∞... ''„á⁄^Œ∞<Ì flÕ "≥o§ P "≥+· =‚¨ ÙÅ#∞ HõÅ∞™êÎ#∞. JO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê
''™êfig∞! =ã¨∞#Î flk â◊`$« =Ù HÍ^Œ∞, ~å[‰õΩ@∞Oc‰õΩÅÖ’ PKå~°∞ºÅ∞ =∞iÜ«Ú Ñ¨O_ç`«∞Öˇ·# Ü«∂=Ú<åKå~°∞ºÅ "å~°∞
XHõ~∞° QÍ JxÑ≤ã∞¨ #Î flk. ֒ǨÏ~åHÀ@ "≥Ñ· Ù¨ #∞O_ç =ã¨∞#Î fl@∞ì JO`«Q˘Ñ¨Ê HÍ~åºxfl `«#∞ ѨÓiÎ KÕÜ∞« Hõ `«# t+¨µºxÔHO^Œ∞‰õΩ
JxÑ≤ã¨∞Î#flk. |Ǩïâß =KÕÛk =∂ H˜∆u~å[ =∞Ǩ~åA JѨÊK≥áêÊ~°∞? W^ŒO`å ZÖÏ [iyOk?——
J#∞‰õΩO\Ï#∞. H˜∆u~åA_»∞ „ѨMϺuQÍOz# H©iÎâı+¨µÅ∞ =∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜ ~ÀA „|Ǩχ=ÚǨ˙~åÎ<åH˜ =ÚO^Õ ÖËz
ã¨O„QÍ=∞ ~åAx `À|∞@∞ì=Ù. H©.âı. q„QÆǨÏ~åAx ~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ∞ =∞iÜ«Ú ‰õΩ~ˆ â◊√_»∞ |ã¨KãÕ #≤ 㨄`åxH˜
‰õΩ=∂~°∞_»∞, g∞ J#∞=∞u HÀã¨O "Õz L<åfl#∞.—— "≥àϧ~°∞. JѨÊ\˜ˆH P W^ŒÌ~°∞ „ÉÏǨχ}∞Å∞ ÖËz „áê`«óHÍÅO
ã¨iQÍæ JѨC_Õ XHõ Jtfi‰õΩ_»∞ PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ^•è # ^•fi~°O =e¡OK«=Åã≤# QÆ*ËO„^Œ"≥∂Hõ∆O, xˆ~fi^ŒO, ™êufiHõ ^èŒ$uÖ’x
QÆ∞O_® Ö’xH˜ =KåÛ_»∞. J`«x KÕuÖ’x `å\ωõΩ ÖËY#∞ â’¡HÍÅ#∞ K≥ѨʙêQÍ~°∞. Wq „Ѩu "≥·+¨µ‚=Ù_»∞ x`«ºO `«Ñ¨ÊHõ
Ѩ^Œ‡<åÉèí=~°∞xH˜ WKåÛ_»∞. Jk K«kq# Ѩ^Œ‡<åÉèí=~°∞_»∞ J#∞ã¨O^è•#O KÕÜ«∞=Åã≤# â’¡HÍÅ∞.
z~°∞#=Ùfi`À ''=zÛOk H˜∆u~åA =∞Ǩ~å*Ë, W`«x ÃÊÃÁ∫YN¿˛™Á∫ÁzõÆ §u¬uß: N˛™|∫¶ÁÏuß: @
K«„Hõ^èŒ~°∞xÃÑ· „Ѩ`ÕºHõ"≥∞ÿ# Jaè=∂#O, ÉèíH˜Î ~åA‰õΩ N˛Á¬zåÁNw˛…Æ™ÁmÀÆ \WΩT™ÀsÁƒ∫Án™å: @@
EåÁ∫Áuáo-TÁzuƒãt-Y∫mÁ©ßÁzª“˚ÆÊ @
PÅÜ« ∞ OÖ’xH˜ ~å"åÅx LO^Œ @ . PÜ« ∞ # WHõ ¯ _» E“Áz ™z ™“oy ÆÁoÁ uå…¢˛¬Á \ã™-Ããouo: @@
H˘xfl~ÀAÅ∞ |ã¨KÕã≤ WHõ¯_» [iˆQ L`«û=OÖ’ áêÖÁæ<åÅx "åi â’¡Hõ Ѩ~#°î O qx Hˆ â◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ ZO`À `«$Ñ≤Î K≥O^•~°∞.
JaèÅ+≤ã∞¨ <Î åfl~°∞. PÜ«∞# `«# `«=Ú‡x =~°∞Ãã#· J#<åÎk`«º "åi â’¡Hõ Ѩ~#°î O =Úy¿ã=~°‰Ωõ FÑ≤HQõ Í "Õz LO_ç `«~∞° "å`«
K«„Hõ=iÎx ‰õÄ_® PǨfixOKå~°∞.—— ~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ"åiH˜ ™êëêìOQÆ #=∞™ê¯~°O KÕâß~°∞.
ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ „ѨHÍâ◊=O`«"≥∞ÿ# =ÚYO`À uiy ''™êfig∞! <å‰õΩ =∞#ã¨∞# XHõ ã¨O^ÕÇϨ O `˘Åz"Õã∞¨ #Î flk.
=KåÛ_»∞. `«# „áê~°÷#Å#∞ PÅH˜Oz# P ™êfiq∞x g∞ ^ŒQÆæ~° ^•xH˜ ã¨=∂^è•#O ^˘~°∞‰õΩ`«∞O^Œx <å Pâ◊.——
á⁄QÆ_»™êQÍ~°∞. PÜ«∞# QÆ∞„~°OÃÑ· PÅÜ«∞O֒ѨeH˜ "≥o§ ''™êfig∞! g∞ˆ~ ZO`À Ѩq„`«∞Å∞, Q˘Ñ¨Ê "≥·+¨‚=ÙÅ∞,
~å=∂#∞AÅ "åix ‰õΩ~ˆ â◊√Å"åix XHõ qâߊ㨄`«OÖ’xH˜ ѨÓAºÅ∞, *Ï˝#∞Å∞ <åHõO>Ë ÃÑ^ŒÌ"å~°∞. P*Ï˝Ñ≤OK«O_ç——
q„âßOu fã¨∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ fã¨∞‰õΩ "≥àϧ~°∞. J<åfl~°∞ KÕ`∞« Å∞ *’_çOz #=∞㨯iOKå_»∞ ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞.
''Jk H˜u∆ ~å[ =∞Ǩ~åA =∞# K«„Hõ=iÎQÍiH˜ `«=Ú‡_»∞ ''F! =∞Ǩ`å‡! N Pà◊=O^•~ü ™êfiq∞H˜ ™êëêìOQÆ
=~°∞㨠J=Ù`å~°∞, PÜ«∞# `«# ¿ã#`À PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ [iˆQ #=∞™ê„O KÕ¿ã J=HÍâ◊O <å‰õΩ ÅaèOzOk. PÜ«∞# Q˘Ñ¨Ê
"åi¬Hõ ѨÓ[Å∞ ^Œi≈OK«_®xH˜ =KåÛ~°∞.—— *Ï˝x, "Õ∞^è•q PÜ«∞# JO^Œi ÖÏÉèOí HÀã¨O PQÆ=∞„áê=∂}ºO
Wk q#fl ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~° ∞ PÖ’K« # Ö’ J#fl Ѩq„`«„QÆO^ä•xfl „"å™ê~°∞. P =∞Ǩ„QÆO^äŒO D
=ÚxyáÈÜ«∂~°∞. WOHÍ H˘xfl ~ÀAÖ’¡ HõOz =~°^Œ∞x HÍj‡~°^âÕ O◊ Ö’<Õ Pq~°ƒqù OzO^Œx K≥áêÎ~∞° . UHÍÜ«∞# =∞ǨÏi¬
„|Ǩϟ‡`«û"åÅ∞ "≥Ú^ŒÅ=Ù`å~Ú. JѨC_»∞ P ™êfiq∞H˜ [iˆQ HÍj‡~°^âÕ O◊ Ö’ ÉèQí =Æ `åûH∆Í`å¯~°O HÀã¨O Ѷ∞¨ ’~° `«Ñ㨠∞¨ û KÕ¿ã,Î
ѨÓ[Å∞, L`«û"åÅ∞ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ QÆ∞~°∞ΉõΩ =KåÛ~Ú. P ™êfiq∞ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ áêOK«~å„`« PQÆ=∂xfl |∞∞+≤H˜ JOkOKå~°∞.
Ju^ä∞Œ Å |㨠`«k`«~° J=ã¨~åÅ#∞ fiÛ, Hˆ â◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ JO`«\ ˜ Q˘Ñ¨Ê ѨO_ç`∞« _»∞, PKå~°º ѨÙ~°∞+¨µ_≥#· NPÅ=O^•~ü
„Ѩ^•è # ^Õ=`« PÅÜ«∂xH˜ ^ŒQ~æÆ Q° ÅÆ `«# QÆ$ǨxH˜ =KåÛ~°∞. ™êfiq∞H˜ HÍj‡~°^âÕ O◊ Ö’ Wxfl ѨiK«Ü∂« Å∞ LO_ç ‰õÄ_®
P ~å„`«O`å PÜ«∞# Ju^ä∞Œ Å∞QÍ =zÛ# W^Œ~Ì ∞° „ÉÏǨχ}∞Å É’^è•Ü«∞# =$uÎ „QÆO^ä•xfl J^茺ܫ∞#O KÕ¿ã J=HÍâ◊O
QÆ∞iOKÕ PÖ’zOK«™êQÍ~°∞. PÜ«∞# =∞#ã¨∞Ö’ Z<Àfl „Ѩâfl◊ Å∞ ^˘~°HÖõ ^Ë ∞Œ ?—— Jx J_çQÍ~°∞ q#Ü«∞ѨÓi`«OQÍ Hˆ â◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞.
K≥ň~QÍ~Ú. `«# =∞#ã¨∞Ö’<Õ Q˘Ñ¨Ê |∞∞+≤ N Ü«∂=Ú<å (ã¨â+ı O¨ )
JkèHÍ~° ^Œ∞ifixÜ≥∂QÆO ÃÑ^ŒÌ „Ѩ=∂^•Å#∞ `≥zÛÃÑ_»∞`«∞Ok.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Ramanuja’s Journey to Sharada Peeth – Kashmir

Serial - 11 CSL Narasimhan
Story so far: questions in his mind. He had payed obeiscence
Obtaining the ordainment of Lord Varadaraja of to the great saint Yamunacharya and was very
Kanchi, Lord Ramanuja and Kuresa set out to study unhappy to know that he is no more now.
Boudhayana Vrutti Grantha at Sharada peetham in He said to himself ‘In the morning I will have to find
Kashmir. They had taken a fast route and reached out from the great Sri Vaishnavas as to why the
Kashmir in just about 6 months time from Kanchi revered great acharya and scholar Yamunacharya
travelling almost everyday. They reached Chakradhara himself could not accomplish what he had ordained
theertham at the outskirts of Kashmir and had been
them to accomplish? How did all this happen?’
well received by a learned scholar Keshavacharya
who till recently served as the Prime Minister of Sri Keshavacharya got up from his bed very early
the King. When they had the darshan of Lord in the morning just before the Brahma muhurtham
Chakradhara there, they heard an army coming and went to the place where Lord Ramanuja and
towards the temple… Kuresa were resting. Already both the radiant Brahmins
“Oh! Master, it seems to be our own royal family have got up from their sleep and were reciting the
member coming and not that of any enemy. The morning slokams which include slokas pertaining
direction is from the Lohara kota and may be it is to Gajendra moksham, nirvedam, sattvika dhruthi
King Kshitiraja, the son of the great Vigraha Raja etc. which are prescribed for Sri Vaishnavas.
who was brother of our great Late emperor Sangrama ÃÊÃÁ∫YN¿˛™Á∫ÁzõÆ §u¬uß: N˛™|∫¶ÁÏuß: @
Raja. I am awaiting confirmation” N˛Á¬zåÁNw˛…Æ™ÁmÀÆ \WΩT™ÀsÁƒ∫Án™å: @@
Just then, a horseman messenger entered the temple
main gate and gave a small palm leaf to
EåÁ∫Áuáo-TÁzuƒãt-Y∫mÁ©ßÁzª“˚ÆÊ @
Padmanabhavara. Padmanabhavara read and said E“Áz ™z ™“oy ÆÁoÁ uå…¢˛¬Á \ã™-Ããouo: @@
with a smile Keshavacharya was very pleased to listen to the
“It is indeed King Kshitiraja who has special affection recitations. He waited for them to complete the
and devotion to Lord Chakradhara. He wanted to recitation and then prostrated before the revered Lord
come into the temple and camp for a few days and Ramanuja. He submitted
be with us for the annual temple festival. He also “Oh! Revered saint I am having a great doubt in my
has invited his cousin, the emperor Anantaditya to mind and I wanted to know if I can seek that
the temple festival.” information”
Keshavacharya returned with glow in his face and “Oh! Great Vaishnava swamy, you are very pious,
full of praises to the Lord who answered his prayers. knowledgable and much senior to us. Please ordain
He went back on the horse to the inner most temple us” said Lord Ramanuja with both hands joined
premise and escorted Lord Ramanuja and Sri Kuresha together and performing Namaskara to the Sri
to a spacious choultry where they can rest. Vaishnana.
“It is King Kshtiraja, our emperor’s cousin coming “Oh! Revered sir, I had the chance of prostrating
with his security men to be here for the annual temple before the great saint Sri Alavandaar Swamy. He
festival”. was a highly knowledgable one. His wrote for the
Lord Ramanuja became calm and went into his benefit of all, the sacred book known as Agama
thoughts. In some time soon the Annual Pramanya. This is also known as Kashmira Agama
Brahmotsavam of Lord Varadaraja in Kanchi would Pramanya which is a great defender to Pancharathra
begin. He was remembering the procession of the Agama which is said to have originated from Kashmira.
Lord with Veda Parayanam and recitations of slokas It is said that Sage Ekayana performed severe penance
to the Lord. in Kashmir to obtain Pancharathra agama from the
After taking care of all the needs of his guests, Lord himself. How come such revered scholar and
Keshavacharya retired to his home which was close acharya like Sri Alavandar did not get the chance
to the main deity’s place. He was thinking all night of respectfully studying Bodhayana vrutti Grantha
about the two radiant Brahmin guests. He had many in spite of all his connections in Kashmir” enquired
Keshavacharya. (to be continued...)

»y∫Á™∫Á™ ∫Á™z u o ∫™z ∫Á™z ™åÁz ∫ ™z @ ÓœÁåÁ™ o Ï ¡ ÆÊ ∫Á™ åÁ™ ƒ∫Áååz @@

N~å=∞ ~å=∞ ~å"Õ∞u ~°"Õ∞ ~å"Õ∞ =∞<À~°"Õ∞ I ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ `«`«∞ÎźO ~å=∞ <å=∞ =~å#<Õ II
Ѩ@∞ì^ŒÅ =ÙO>Ë Ñ¨_ç<å uiyÖËz =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ ™êQÆ=K«∞Û.
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NEWS ^Œo`«∞Å ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"Õâ◊O`À<Õ #=ã¨=∂[ x~å‡}O PÅÜ«∞OÖ’H˜ fã¨∞H˘KåÛ~°∞. J#O`«~°O QÆ~åƒùÅÜ«∞OÖ’ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz#
- `≥ÅOQÍ} Zã‘û, Zã‘ì Hõq∞+¨<£ K≥·~°‡<£ Z„~Àà◊¡ Nx"åãπ J~°Û#Ö’ z#fl #~°ã≤OǨïÅ∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. Ѩ^Œ‡N H˘ÅHõÅ∂i W<åH±
"≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : #= ã¨=∂[O x~å‡}O`Àáê@∞ ‰õΩÅ=∞`åʼnõΩ Jf`«OQÍ J^躌 Hõ`∆ #« x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz# ã¨ÉÖíè ’ _˘Hͯ =∂}˜Hºõ =~°„Ѩ™ê^£ =∂\Ï¡_∞» `«∂...
ã¨=∂[ x~å‡}O [~°∞QÆ_®xH˜ Ç≤ÏO^Œ∞ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"Õâ◊O ^Œo`«∞ʼnõΩ ^ÕâßxH˜ ™êfi`«O„`«ºO =zÛ U_»∞ ^ŒâßÉÏÌÅ∞ QÆ_çz<å ‰õΩÅѨ~°"≥∞ÿ#
LO_®eû# J=ã¨~=° ÚO^Œx `≥ÅOQÍ} Zã‘û, Zã‘ì Hõq∞+¨<£ K≥~· ‡° <£ Z„~Àà◊¡ Jã¨=∂#`«Å∞ WOHÍ H˘#™êQÆ_»O qKå~°Hõ~°=∞<åfl~°∞. ^Œo`«∞Ö’¡#∂
Nx"åãπ J<åfl~°∞. "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ =∞O_»Å ѨikèÖ’x zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PQÆ = ∞âßGOÖ’ L#fl`« q^•º=O`« ∞ Å∞<åfl~° x , JÖÏO\˜ "åix
PÅÜ«∂xfl â◊√„Hõ"å~°O PÜ«∞# KÕ"≥à◊¡ Z"≥∞‡Ö˺ HÍ֡ܫ∂^ŒÜ«∞º`À Hõeã≤ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ѨÓ*Ï~°∞Å∞QÍ xÜ«∞q∞OKåÅ<åfl~°∞. H˘ÅHõÅ∂i W<åH±
^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. J#O`«~°O zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ L#fl `≥ÅOQÍ} ™êOѶ≤∞Hõ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ ã¨∞=∂~°∞ 2700 ã¨O=`«û~åÅ „H˜`«O [iy# ã¨OѶ¨∞@##∞
ã¨OˆH∆=∞ QÆ∞~°∞‰õΩÅ ÉÏÅ∞~° áê~î°âßÅ#∞ ã¨O^Œi≈Oz q^•º~°∞÷Å`À =Úx"åǨ Ï #∞_» ∞ ¿Ñi@ <å@Hõ O QÍ ~åâß#x q=iOKå~° ∞ .
=∂\Ï¡_®~°∞. ZÖÏ K«^Œ∞=Ù`«∞<åfl~°∞. Éè’[<åÅ∞ ZÖÏ ÃÑ_»∞`«∞<åfl~°x ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£Ö’x zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£
q^•º~°∞÷Å#∞ J_çy `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ PÜ«∞# =Úx"åǨÏ# ¿ã= x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°x =∞m¡ PÜ«∞# P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’<Õ <Õ_»∞
=∂\Ï¡_∞» `«∂... ~åROÖ’ J`«ºO`« P^蕺u‡Hõ"∞≥ #ÿ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ J@∞=O\˜ =Úx"åǨÏ# L`«û"åxfl x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz ™ê=∂lHõOQÍ Jã¨Ê $â◊º`«#∞
ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O Jx J<åfl~°∞. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ x~°∂‡eOK«_®xH˜ #_»∞O ayOK«_O» „ѨâO◊ ã¨hÜ«∞=∞<åfl~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’
F ^Œo`« ÉÏÅ∞_çx `«=∞ Éèí∞*ÏÅ g∞^Œ Z`«∞ÎH˘x ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"Õâ◊O ™È+¨eã¨∞ì áêsì <åÜ«∞‰õΩ_»∞ "≥∂^Œ∞QÆ∞Å áêÑ≤Ô~_ç¤, ™ê=∂lHõ ã¨=∞~°ã¨`«
KÕÜ«∞_»O KåÖÏ Jaè#OkOKåeû# q+¨Ü«∞=∞x, Ü«∂=`ü „ÉÏǨχ} "ÕkHõ ~åR ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞ HÍ~°º^Œi≈ `åà◊¥i¡ q+¨µ,‚ PÅÜ«∞ HÍ~°ºx~°fiǨÏ}ÏkèHÍi
ã¨=∂[O ~°OQÆ~å[<£#∞ ã¨∂Êùi^Î •Ü«∞HõOQÍ fã¨∞HÀ"åeû# J=ã¨~O° LO^Œx t"åÔ~_ç¤ `«k`«~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. (D<å_»∞ 15.6.2018)
`≥eáê~°∞. Ô~O_»∞"ÕÅ UO_»¡ „H˜`«O L#fl K«i„`«#∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ =∂ÃÑ· WOHÍ q=H∆Í?... _˘Hͯ
u~°Q~Æ å™ê~°x, ^Œo`«∞Å∞ ‰õÄ_» JO^Œi ÖÏQÍ PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"âÕ O◊ LO_®Å<Õ QÆ∞O@∂~°∞Ö’x "≥∂ǨÏ# ~°OQÆ<åÜ«∞Hõ ™êfiq∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ =Úx "åǨÏ#
PÖ’K«#`À KÕÜ«∞_»O =Å# Ü«∂=`ü ^Œo`« ã¨=∂[O ã¨O`À+¨O =ºHõÎO ¿ã= L`«û=O x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ^•è <å~°Û‰õΩ_»∞
KÕã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH ~°OQÆ~å[<£#∞ ã¨<å‡xOK«_»O [iyO^Œx `≥eáê~°∞. ~°OQÆ~å[<£ P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ q[Ü«∞‰õΩ=∂~ü, ~°OQÆ<åÜ«∞Hõ™êfiq∞
PÜ«∞#`Àáê@∞ [_çÊ\©ã≤ ZÅæx K«O„^ŒeOQÆOQ“_£, `«ÇϨ ã‘ÖÏÌ~ü <åQÆ=∞Ü«∞º, Éè‰í Ωõ _Î ∞» #iûOǨïÅ∞#∞ Éè∞í *ÏÅÃÑ· ZH˜¯OK«∞‰õΩx QÆ∞_çÖ’H˜ fã¨∞HÔ o¡ PÅÜ«∞
ã‘S Zãπ. ã¨∞h`«, <åÜ«∞‰õΩÅ∞ g~°Éèí„^Œ™êfiq∞, NǨÏiÜ«∂^Œ"£, Nx"åãπ, „Ѩ"Õâ◊O HõeÊOKå~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ Z"≥∞‡bû _˘Hͯ =∂}˜Hõº„Ѩ™ê^£
HõO[~°¡ ÉèÏ㨯~ü `«k`«~°∞Å∞ L<åfl~°∞. (#=∞¿ãÎ `≥ÅOQÍ} 9.6.2018) =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂... '"Õ∞=¸ =∞#∞+¨µÅ"Õ∞... =∂Ö’#∂ ZO`À =∞Ok
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞OÖ’ Éèí‰õΩÎÅ ~°nÌ "Õ∞^è•=ÙÅ∞ L<åfl~°∞. WHõ<<·≥ å D q=Hõ∆ =^ŒÅO_ç. ™ê\˜ =∞x+≤x =∞x+≤QÍ
"≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : `≥ÅOQÍ} u~°∞ѨuQÍ ¿Ñ~˘Ok# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr „¿Ñq∞OK«O_ç.— Jx ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ q[Üü∞‰õΩ=∂~ü#∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£
^Õ"åÅÜ«∞OÖ’ Pk"å~°O Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ã¨O^Œ_ç <≥ÅH˘Ok. =~°∞ã¨QÍ ~Ô O_»∞ ~ÀAÅ∞ PeOQÆ#O KÕã¨∞‰õΩx =Ú^•Ì_®~°∞. (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 15.6.2018)
ÃãÅ=Ù HÍ=_»O`À Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ÃÑ^ŒÌ ã¨OYºÖ’ `«~e° =KåÛ~°∞. L^ŒÜ∞« O 6 J~°Û‰õΩÅ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°ºO ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOz#>Ë¡
QÆO@Å #∞O_ç Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ™êfiq∞"åi ^Œ~≈° #O HÀã¨O ‰õĺ Hõ\Ïì~∞° . D ‰õĺ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì `å*Ï f~°∞Ê WzÛO^Œx J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº „ѨHõ@#
PÅÜ«∞O |Ü«∞\˜ =~°‰Ωõ ™êyOk Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ~°nÌ ÃÑ~°Q_Æ O» `À L^ŒÜ∞« O 7 J=∞~å=u : ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ^èŒ~å‡^•Ü«∞âßY K«@ìO 33/2007 ^•fi~å
QÆO@Å #∞Oz =∞^蕺ǨÏflO 2 QÆO@Å =~°‰õΩ „Ѩ^ŒH˜∆}Å∞ ѨÓiÎQÍ J~°Û‰õΩÅ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ ѨÙ#~°∞^Œiú Oz#>Ë#¡ x ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì `å*ÏQÍ
xeÑ≤"âÕ ß~°∞. ™êfiq∞"åi ^Œ~≈° #O HÀã¨O Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ã¨∞=∂~°∞ 3 QÆO@Å WzÛ# XHõ f~°∞ÊÖ’ ¿Ñ~˘¯#_»O =Ú^•=ǨÏ=∞x UÑ≤ J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº
áê@∞ ‰õÄºÖˇ·#¡Ö’ xÖ’Û"åeû=zÛOk. Éèí‰õΩÎÅ#∞ QÆ~°ƒùQÆ∞_çÖ’H˜ „Ѩ^è•# HÍ~°º^Œi≈ JyflǨϟ„`«O P„`ÕÜ«∞ÉÏ|∞, HÍ~°ºx~åfiǨÏHõ HÍ~°º^Œi≈
J#∞=∞uOK«‰Ωõ O_® ~Ô O_»∞ =~°∞ã¨Ö’¡ =∞Ǩ^•fi~° ^Œ~≈° #O U~åÊ@∞ KÕâß~°∞. ÃÑkÌO\˜ ~åOÉÏ|∞Å∞ F „ѨHõ@#Ö’ ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. Hõ$ëê‚ lÖÏ¡ HõOH˜áê_»∞
™êfiq∞"åix ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ#fl Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ PÅÜ«∞ „áêOQÆ}OÖ’x t"åÅÜ«∞OÖ’ N~å=∞eOˆQâ◊fi~°™êfiq∞ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ã¨fi~°‚ QÆ^•^èŒ~°ÉÏ|∞ `«# J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl
ã¨∞O^Œ~ˆ â◊fi~° ™êfiq∞H˜ „Ѩ`ºÕ Hõ ѨÓ[Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ‰õΩ PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY `˘ÅyOK«_»O`À ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì#∞ P„â◊~ÚOKå~°x, nxÃÑ·
™êfiq∞"åi f~°÷ „Ѩ™ê^•Å∞ JO^Œ*âË ß~°∞. (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 11.6.2018) `å*ÏQÍ HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê WzÛO^Œx ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. W~°∞ѨH∆ÍÅ "å^Œ#Å∞ q#fl
™ê=∂lHõ K≥·`«#ºO ~å"åe - =Úx"åǨÏ# L`«û=OÖ’ Z"≥∞‡bû ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì Ñ≤\ ©+¨#~ü‰õΩ K«@ìO „ѨHÍ~°O J~°ÛHõ`«fiO "å~°ã¨`«fiO ^•fi~å
=∂}˜Hõº=~°„Ѩ™ê^£ á⁄Ok#>Ë#¡ x ¿Ñ~˘¯O^Œx, J`«x "å~°ã`¨ fi« J~°ÛHõ`fi« O ѨÙ#~°∞^Œiú OKåÅx,
QÆ∞O@∂~°∞ : Jã¨Ê $â◊º`« x"å~°}Ö’ ™ê=∂lHõOQÍ WOHÍ K≥·`«#ºO ã¨sfiã¨∞ Éè∂í q∞ uiy W"åfiÅx ã¨Ê+¨Oì KÕãO≤ ^Œx q=iOKå~°∞. 17/1966
~å"åeû# J=ã¨~O° LO^Œx Z"≥∞‡bû _˘Hͯ =∂}˜Hºõ =~°„Ѩ™ê^£ `≥eáê~°∞. ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìO „ѨHÍ~°O =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`«fiO L#fl"å~°O^ŒiH©
QÆ∞O@∂~°∞ J~°O_»Öò¿Ñ@Ö’x N"≥∂ǨÏ# ~°OQÆ<åÜ«∞Hõ™êfiq∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ uiy 33/2007 K«@ì ã¨=~°} ^•fi~å P ǨωõΩ¯ ѨÙ#~°∞^ŒúiOѨ|_çO^Œx
™ê=∂lHõ ã¨=∞~°ã¨`« "ÕkHõ QÆ∞O@∂~°∞ lÖÏ¡ P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì D f~°∞ÊÖ’ ¿Ñ~˘¯#fl@∞¡ J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº L^ŒÇϨ iOzOk. u~°∞=∞Å
=Úx"åǨÏ# L`«û=O x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. nxÖ’ ÉèÏQÆOQÍ ‰õΩàÏ¡~Ú z#fl „Ѩ^•è # J~°Û‰õΩ_çx Ѩ^gŒ q~°=∞} KÕ~ÚOK«_O» K«@qì ~°∞^Œ=ú ∞#fl q+¨Ü∂« xH˜
#~°ã≤OǨïÅ∞ J<Õ ^Œo`« Éèí‰õΩÎ_çx PÅÜ«∞ J~°ÛHõ™êfiq∞ HõàϺ}ѨÙ~°O D f~°∞Ê |ÅO W™ÈÎO^Œx P„`ÕÜ«∞ÉÏ|∞ Jaè„áêÜ«∞Ѩ_®¤~°∞.
q[Ü«∞‰õΩ=∂~ü `«# Éèí∞*ÏÅg∞^Œ "≥∂ã¨∞‰õΩO@∂ =∞OQÆà◊ "å~Ú^•ºÅ`À (D<å_»∞ 27.6.2018)

Q˘Ñ¨Ê`«#O ZѨC_»∂ x~å_»O|~°OQÍ<Õ LO@∞Ok.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O
1. `«`À Ü«Ú^Œú Ѩi„âßO`«O ã¨=∞ˆ~ zO`«Ü«∂ ã≤÷`«"£∞ I ~å=}O Kå„QÆ`À ^Œ$ëêìfi Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚѨã≤÷`«"£∞ II
2. ^≥·=`≥·â◊Û ã¨=∂QÆ=∞º „^Œ+¨µì=∞ÉèϺQÆ`À ~°}"£∞ I LѨQÆ=∂º „|g„^•=∞"£∞JQÆ™Èκ ÉèíQÆ"å<£ |∞∞+≤ó II
3. ~å=∞ ~å=∞ =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ â◊$}∞ QÆ∞ǨϺO ã¨<å`«#"£∞ I ÜÕ∞# ã¨~åfi#s<£ =`«û ã¨=∞ˆ~ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
4. Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O ѨÙ}ºO ã¨~°fiâ◊„`«∞ q<åâ◊#"£∞ I [Ü«∂=ǨÏO [¿Ñxfl`«º"£∞ JHõ∆Ü«∞ºO Ѩ~°=∞O t="£∞ II
5. ã¨~°fi=∞OQÆà◊ =∂OQÆà◊ºO ã¨~°fi áêѨ „Ѩ}Ïâ◊#"£∞ I zO`åâ’Hõ „Ѩâ◊=∞#"£∞ PÜ«Ú~°fi~°÷# =Ú`«÷=∞"£∞ II
6. ~°t‡=∞O`«O ã¨=Ú^ŒºO`«O ^Õ"åã¨∞~° #=∞㨯 $`«"£∞ I ѨÓ[Ü«∞ã¨fi q=ã¨fiO`«O ÉèÏ㨯~°O Éèí∞=<Õâ◊fi~°"£∞ II
7. ã¨~°fi^Õ"å`«‡HÀ ¿ÇϺ+¨ `Õ[ã‘fi ~°t‡ÉèÏ=#ó I U+¨ ^Õ"åã¨∞~° QÆ}Ï<£ Ö’HÍ<£ áêu QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
8. U+¨ „|Ǩ‡ K« q+¨µ‚â◊Û t=ó 㨯O^Œó „Ѩ*ÏѨuó I =∞¿ÇÏO„^À ^èŒ#^Œó HÍÖ’ Ü«∞=∞ó ™È"≥∂ ǨϺáêO Ѩuó II
9. Ñ≤`«~À =ã¨=ó ™ê^蕺 ǨϺtfi<Ò =∞~°∞`À =∞#∞ó I "åÜ«Ú~°fiÇ≤Ïfló „Ѩ*Ï„áê}ó |∞∞`«∞Hõ~åÎ „ѨÉèÏHõ~°ó II
10. Pk`«ºó ã¨q`å ã¨∂~°ºó YQÆó ѨÓëê QÆÉèíã≤Î=∂<£ I ã¨∞=~°‚ã¨^Œ$â’ ÉèÏ#∞ó Ç≤Ï~°}ºˆ~`å k"åHõ~°ó II
11. ǨÏi^Œâ◊fió ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êiÛó ã¨Ñ¨Îã¨Ñ≤Î-~°‡sz=∂<£ I uq∞~À#‡^äŒ#ó â◊OÉèí∞ó `«fiëêì =∂~åÎO_»HÀ-Oâ◊√=∂<£ II
12. Ç≤Ï~°}ºQÆ~°ƒùó tt~°ó `«Ñ¨<À ÉèÏ㨯~À ~°qó I JyflQÆ~Àƒù-k`Õó Ѩل`«ó â◊OYó tt~°<åâ◊#ó II
13. "Àº=∞<å^äŒ ã¨Î"≥∂ÉèËn |∞∞QƺAó ™ê=∞-áê~°QÆó I Ѷ¨∞<å=$+≤ì ~°áêO q∞„`À qO^茺gnä Ѩ¡=OQÆ=∞ó II
14. P`«Ñ‘ =∞O_»b =∞$`«∞ºó Ñ≤OQÆà◊ó ã¨~°fi`åѨ#ó I Hõqifiâ’fi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ï ~°HõÎó ã¨~°fiÉèí"À^Œƒù=ó II
15. #Hõ∆„`« „QÆÇ¨Ï `å~å}Ï"£∞ JkèáÈ qâ◊fiÉèÏ=#ó I `Õ[™ê=∞Ñ≤ `Õ[ã‘fi ^•fi^Œâß`«‡<£ - #"≥∂-ã¨∞Î`Õ II
16. #=∞ó ѨÓ~åfiÜ«∞ y~°ÜÕ∞ ѨtÛ=∂Ü«∂„^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó I *’ºu~°æ}Ï<åO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ k<åkèѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
17. [Ü«∂Ü«∞ [Ü«∞Éèí„^•Ü«∞ ǨÏ~°ºâßfiÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #"≥∂ #=∞ó ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êOâ’ Pk`åº #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
18. #=∞ L„QÍÜ«∞ g~åÜ«∞ ™ê~°OQÍÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #=∞ó Ѩ^Œ‡„Ѩɒ^è•Ü«∞ =∂~åÎO_®Ü«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
19. „|¿Çχâß<åK«∞º`ÕâßÜ«∞ ã¨∂~åºÜ«∂k`«º - =~°Û¿ã I ÉèÏã¨fi`Õ ã¨~°fiÉèíH∆ÍÜ«∞ ~“„^•Ü«∞ =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó II
20. `«"≥∂Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ Ç≤Ï=∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ â◊„`«∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∂ q∞`å`«‡<Õ I Hõ$`«Ñ¶¨∞flѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ^Õ"åÜ«∞ *’ºuëêO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
21. `«Ñ¨Î Kåg∞Hõ~åÉèÏÜ«∞ =ǨÏflÜÕ∞ qâ◊fiHõ~°‡}Ë I #=∞ã¨Î"≥∂-aè xѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ~°∞K«ÜÕ∞ Ö’Hõ™êH˜∆}Ë II
22. <åâ◊Ü«∞`Õº+¨ "≥· Éèí∂`«O `«^Õ= ã¨$[u „ѨÉèí∞ó I áêÜ«∞`Õº+¨ `«Ñ¨`Õº+¨ =~°¬`Õº+¨ QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
23. U+¨ ã¨∞¿ÑÎ+¨µ *ÏQÆiÎ Éèí∂`Õ+¨µ Ѩix+≤ª`«ó I U+¨ U"åyfl Ǩϟ„`«O K« Ѷ¨ÅO K≥·"åyfl Ǩϟ„u}Ï"£∞ II
24. "Õ^•â◊Û Hõ`«Ñ¨â‹·Û= „Hõ`«∂<åO Ѷ¨Å"Õ∞= K« I Ü«∂x Hõ$`åºx Ö’ˆH+¨µ ã¨~°fi U+¨ ~°qó „ѨÉèí∞ó II
25. U# =∂Ѩ`«∞û Hõ$„KÕÛù+¨µ HÍO`åˆ~+¨µ ÉèíÜÕ∞+¨µ K« I H©~°ÎÜ«∞<£ ѨÙ~°∞+¨ó HõtÛ<£ - <å=j^Œu ~åѶ¨∞= II
26. ѨÓ[Ü«∞Ãã· fi# "Õ∞HÍ„QÀ ^Õ=^Õ=O [QÆ`«Êu"£∞ I U`«`ü „uQÆ∞}˜`«O [áêÎ fi Ü«Ú^ÕÌ+¨µ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
27. Jã≤‡<£ Hõ∆}Ë =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ ~å=}O `«fiO =kè+¨ºã≤ I U==ÚHÍÎ fi `«^•QÆ™Èκ [QÍ=∞ K« Ü«∞^ä•QÆ`«"£∞ II
28. U`«„K«∞Ûù`åfi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ïó #+¨ìâ’HÀ- Éèí=`ü - `«^• I ^è•~°Ü«∂=∂㨠ã¨∞„Ñ‘`À ~åѶ¨∞=ó „Ѩܫ∞`å`«‡"å<£ II
29. Pk`«ºO „¿ÑHõ∆ º [áêÎ fi `«∞ Ѩ~°O ǨÏ~°¬=∞"åѨÎ"å<£ I „u~åK«=∞º â◊√z~°∂ƒù`åfi ^èŒ#∞~å^•Ü«∞ g~°º"å<£ II
30. ~å=}O „¿ÑHõ∆ º ǨÏ$ëêì`å‡ Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚáêQÆ=∞`ü I ã¨~°fiÜ«∞`Õfl# =∞ǨÏ`å =^èÕ `«ã¨º ^èŒ$`À-Éèí=`ü II
31. J^èŒ ~°q~°=^Œ<-£ xsHõ∆ º ~å=∞O =Úk`«=∞<åó Ѩ~=° ∞O „ѨÇϨ $+¨º=∂}óI
xtK«~°Ñ¨u ã¨OHõ∆Ü«∞O qk`åfi ã¨∞~°QÆ} =∞^茺QÆ`À =K«ã¨Î fiˆ~u II
W`庈~¬ N=∞„^•=∂Ü«∞}Ë "åb‡H©ÜÕ∞ PkHÍ"Õº Ü«Ú^ŒúHÍO_Õ Ñ¨OKåkèHõ â◊`«`«=∞ ã¨~°æó II
Chant 28 times

N˛Áo| ƒ yÆÁ| \ Ï | å Áz åÁ™ ∫Á\Á §Á“Ï Ã“œÁƒÁåΩ @ oÀÆ À™∫m™Áfiz m ToÊ å…bÊ Y ¬•Æoz @ @
HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨"å<£ I `«ã¨º 㨇~°} =∂„`Õ} QÆ`«O #+¨ìO K« ÅÉèíº`Õ II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# =º‰õΩÎÅ∞, =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅ∞ uiy ÅaèOK«∞@‰õΩ D â’¡HÍxfl ÉèíH˜Î`À ѨiîOK«O_ç.
h „ѨuÉèí, <≥·Ñ¨Ù}ºO K≥_»∞‰õΩ LѨÜ≥∂y¿ãÎ #+¨ìáÈÜÕ∞k h"Õ.
July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chant 108 times
FO ã¨÷qëêªÜ«∞ #=∞ó FO ѨÙ+¨¯~åH∆ÍÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G Àsuƒ…eÁÆ å™: G úÏ … N˛∫ÁqÁÆ å™:
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^Œ∞+¨ì â◊‰õΩÎÅ #∞O_ç HÍáê_»∞H˘#∞@‰õΩ. HõëêìÅ #∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.

|∞∞} q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`«O Chant one time

1. ^Õ=`å HÍ~°º ã≤^Œúº~°÷O ã¨ÉèÏã¨ÎOÉèí ã¨=Ú^Œƒù=O 6. „ѨǨ¡^Œ =~°^ŒO Nâ◊O ^≥·`Õºâ◊fi~° q^•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
2. ÅH∆͇º eOy`« "å=∂OQÆO ÉèíHÍÎ<åO =~°^•Ü«∞HõO 7. „‰õÄ~°„QÆÃÇ·Ïó Ñ‘_ç`å<åO, ÉèíHÍÎ<å=∞ÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^ŒO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
8. "Õ^Œ "Õ^•O`« Ü«∞*Ë˝â◊O „|Ǩχ~°∞„^•k =Ok`«O
3. PO„`« =∂ÖÏ^èŒ~°O â◊OY K«„HÍÉÏ˚Ü«Ú^èŒ ^è•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
9. Ü«∞ W^ŒO Ѩ~î°`Õ x`«ºO |∞∞}"≥∂K«# ã¨Ol˝`«O
4. 㨇~°}Ï`ü ã¨~°fiáêѨѶ¨∞flO Hõ„^Œ∂[q+¨<åâ◊#O J#$}©*ÏÜ«∞`Õ ã¨`Àº ^èŒ#O j„Ѷ¨∞=∞"åѨÙflÜ«∂`ü
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
D ™È΄`åxfl Jxfl JiëêìÅ∞, ^ÀëêÅ∞, Pi÷Hõ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å`À
5. ã≤OǨÏ<å^Õ# =∞ǨÏ`å kQÆúOuÉèíÜ«∞ <åâ◊#"£∞ L#fl"åà◊√§ ™êÜ«∞O ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi 㨇i¿ãÎ K«Hõ¯x
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ Ѷ¨e`«O Åaèã¨∞ÎOk.
FO Éèí∂`å^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoÁtÆz å™: FO ^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G áÁfiz å™:
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. ã¨O`å# „áêÑ≤Î H˘~°‰õΩ
or any personal relationship FO q^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G uƒáÁfiz å™:
q∞„`«∞Å`À ¿ãflǨÏÉèÏ=O ÃÑOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜, ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<Àº#º`«‰õΩ. P~ÀQƺHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# tâ◊√=ÙÅ H˘~°‰õΩ
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

ã¨^Œ∞æ}ÏÅ∞ qÅ∞"≥·# PÉèí~°}ÏÅ∞.

July '18 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 165 zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ O – 165

I got money unexpectedly... TÇ≤ÏOK«x q^èŒOQÍ _»|∞ƒ JOkOk...

.....I came to chilkur a few years back. The ...<Õ#∞ H˘xfl ã¨O=`«û~åÅ „H˜`O« zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞‰õΩ =KåÛ#∞. JHõ¯_ç
Pujari was making devotees chant Runa vimochana ѨÓ*Ïi Éèí‰õΩÎÅ`À '|∞∞}q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`åxfl— K≥Ñ≤Êã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞.
Nrusimha Stotram. He asked all the devotees to chant
this sloka in the evening for immediate results.
ã¨`«fi~° Ѷ¨e`åÅ∞ á⁄O^•ÅO>Ë „Ѩu~ÀE ™êÜ«∞O„`«O D â’¡HÍxfl
ѨiîOK«=∞x PÜ«∞# Éèí‰õΩÎʼnõΩ K≥áêÊ~°∞.
Me and my wife started chanting the Sloka. <Õ#∞ <åÉèÏ~°º P~ÀA#∞O_Õ P ™È΄`åxfl [Ñ≤OK«™êQÍO. <Õ#∞
I had around Rs25 Lakhs amount required to be
adjusted. I got a call from the Manager of my bank
25 ÅHõ∆Å ~°∂áêÜ«∞Å∞ ã¨~°∞ÌÉÏ@∞ KÕÜ«∞=Åã≤ L#flk. JO`«Ö’ =∂
who had some Rs30 Lakhs to be disbursed and he ÉϺO‰õΩ "Õ∞<Õ[~°∞ <å‰õΩ á¶È#∞KÕã≤ `«# =^ŒÌ 30 ÅHõ∆Å ~°∂áêÜ«∞Å∞
was interested in giving me the Loan based on my L<åflÜ«∞x ^•xfl <å „ÔH_ç\ò ~ˆ \˜OQÆ∞Å „ѨHÍ~°O Ö’#∞ W=fiQÆÅ#x K≥áêÊ~°∞.
Credit ratings. <Õ#∞ P#O^ŒOQÍ Ö’#∞‰õΩ JÃÑ¡Â KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩx P _»|∞ƒ á⁄O^•#∞.
I happily applied and got the amount. This <Õ#∞ Ö’#∞ _»|∞ƒ#∞ "≥∞Å¡"≥∞Å¡QÍ f~°∞ã¨∞Î<åfl#∞. HÍh, P â’¡HõO â◊H˜Î
amount I repayed slowly. But, the power of the Sloka =∂„`«O J"≥∂Ѷ¨∞O. Éèí‰õΩÎ_»∞
is immense. Devotee
D â’¡HÍxfl 㨇iOK«O_ç. Chant 28 times
N˛Á™z æ Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™ÁÆ N˛Á™úÁ¬ÁÆ N˛Áu™åz @
å™: N˛Á™uƒ“Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™øúá∫ÁÆ Y@@ =∂ ÃÑo§ [iy# H˘xfl <≥ÅÖ’¡<Õ PÜ«∞#`À q_®‰õΩÅ∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx
HÍ"Õ∞â◊fi~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∂Ü«∞ HÍ=∞áêÖÏÜ«∞ HÍq∞<Õ I x~°~‚ ÚOz# ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÃÑ· â’¡HÍxfl zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ q#_»O [iyOk.
#=∞ó HÍ=∞qǨ~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∞~°∂Ѩ^~Œè åÜ«∞ K« II ~ÀE 㨇iã¨∂Î<Õ L<åfl#∞. Pâ◊Û~°ºHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# suÖ’ =∂ =∞^茺
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine J=QÍǨÏ# ÃÑiy KåÖÏ J<Àº#ºOQÍ LO@∞<åfl=Ú.
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞, =∞OQÆà◊yi
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and =∂ J=∂‡~ÚH˜ 38 Uà◊√§. Z<Àfl ã¨O|O^è•Å∞ =zÛ<å ÃÑo¡
trust between couples.
‰õΩ^Œ~°ÖË^Œ∞. J~Ú`Õ D â’¡HõO K≥Ñ≤Ê# H˘xfl ~ÀAÅÖ’ =∞Oz
q"åÇ¨Ï „áêÑ≤Î, ÉèÏ~åº Éèí~°ÎÅ #_»∞=∞ „Ñ‘u, SHõ=∞`åºxH˜ =~°∞_ç`À ÃÑo§ ‰õΩkiOk. XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞,
NEWS [ã≤ìãπ HÀ^ŒO_»~å=∞Ü«∞º ã¨∂Êùi΄Ѩ^•`«
ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£ : ^èŒ~å‡xH˜, <åºÜ«∂xH˜ =∞^茺 L#fl z#fl =º`庙êxfl [ã≤ìãπ Ѩq∞_çѶ¨∞O@O HÀ^ŒO_» ~å=∞Ü«∞º Z#fl_»∂ q㨇iOK«ÖË^Œx
ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì =∂r <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ [ã≤ìãπ a. ã¨∞^Œ~°≈<£Ô~_ç¤ ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. "å\˜ =∞^茺 L#fl ã¨#fl\˜ w`«#∞ ^Œ$+≤ìÖ’ ÃÑ@∞ì‰õΩx P
Ô~O_çO\˜h ã¨=∞#fiÜ«∞O KÕâßHõ ^èŒ~°‡O "≥·Ñ¨Ù "≥Úyæ# <åºÜ«∞=¸~°∞ÎÖ’¡x Ju H˘kÌ=∞OkÖ’ J„QÆQÆ}∞º_»∞ PÜ«∞# Jx H˘xÜ«∂_®~°∞.
<åºÜ«∞=º=ã¨÷Ö’ rq`åO`«O „Hõ=∞tHõ∆}`À "≥∞Åy# [ã≤ìãπ HÀ^ŒO_»~å=∞Ü«∞º <åºÜ«∞"å^Œ∞ÅO^ŒiH© ã¨∂ÊùiÎ „Ѩ^•`«QÍ xez áÈ`å~°x
Jaè„áêÜ«∞Ѩ_®¤~°∞. PÜ«∞# PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ìÖ’ Pˆ~à◊√¡ <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎQÍ KÕâß~°x, 㨄`«Ê=~°Î# ã¨=∞Ü«∞ áêÅ#‰õΩ PÜ«∞# =∂~°∞
¿Ñ~°x ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞.
'<åºÜ«∞ „Ѩ„H˜Ü«∞Ö’ qt+¨ì ™ê÷<åxfl U~°Ê~°∞Û‰õΩ#fl JuH˘kÌ=∞Ok <åºÜ«∞"å^Œ∞Ö’¡ [ã≤ìãπ HÀ^ŒO_»~å=∞Ü«∞º XHõ~°∞. =∞Ǩ`å‡ QÍOnèr
N~å=Ú_çx ZÖÏ P^Œ~°≈OQÍ fã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~À JÖψQ [ã≤ìãπ HÀ^ŒO_»~å=∞Ü«∞º ‰õÄ_® ~å=Ú_çx P^Œ~°≈OQÍ fã¨∞‰õΩx x~°O`«~°O
ã¨`åº<Õfi+¨} KÕã≤# =∞Ǩ=∞x+≤, `«#‰õΩ#fl Ѩiq∞u =#~°∞Å∞ `«# HÀã¨"Õ∞ H͉õΩO_® qâßÅ ã¨=∂[ Ç≤Ï`åxH˜ ѨOz# =∞Ǩ#∞ÉèÏ=Ù_»∞.
`«#HõO@∂ Ug∞ q∞QÆ∞Å∞ÛHÀ‰õΩO_® 㨄`«Ê=~°Î#<Õ `«# "å~°ã¨∞ʼnõΩ ѨOz `«# r=# Ü«∂#O ™êyOKå~°∞. JÖψQ rq`åxfl
=ÚyOKå~°∞. ~å=∂Ü«∞}OÖ’ L#fl J<ÕHõ qÅ∞=Å#∞ ã¨=∂[OÖ’ L#fl Ѩiã≤÷`«∞ʼnõΩ J#fi~ÚOz ã¨=∂[O HÀã¨O áê@∞Ѩ_»¤ Ju
H˘kÌ=∞Ok <åºÜ«∞=¸~°∞ÎÖ’¡ PÜ«∞# =ÚO^Œ∞ =~°∞ã¨Ö’ L<åfl~°∞. Jx J<åfl~°∞. PÜ«∞# K«∂Ñ≤# =∂~°æOÖ’ <åºÜ«∞ xˆ~‚`«Å∞
=ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ #_ç¿ãÎ ã¨=∂*ÏxH˜ ZO`À ¿ã= KÕã≤#"å~°=Ù`å~°x ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. <åºÜ«∞"å^Œ =$uÎÖ’ L#fl PÜ«∞# W^ŒÌ~°∞ ‰õΩ=∂~°∞Å∞
Ñ≤. N~°Ñ¶¨Ú~åO, Ñ≤.Zãπ. #iûOǨÏO `«=∞ `«O„_ç K«∂Ñ≤# =∂~°æOÖ’ q^èŒ∞Å∞ x~°fiiÎã¨∞Î#fl f~°∞ ã¨O`À+¨Hõ~°=∞x K≥áêÊ~°∞. hu,
x*Ï~ÚfÅ∞ 㨄`«Ê=~°Î# =¸sÎÉèíqOz# =∞ǨÏhÜ«Ú_»∞ =∞# =∞^茺 #∞Oz "≥o¡áÈ~Ú<å PÜ«∞# "Õã≤# P^Œ~°≈hÜ«∞ ÉÏ@ q∞yÖË
LO^Œx ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. (™êH˜∆ 18.6.2016)
Hõ~°Î=ºO Hõà‹§^Œ∞@ =Ù#flѨC_»∞ PÅ㨺O KÕÜ«∞@O J#~°úO.

Exclusive for OUR

,Ɯ++ ",2101+!&+$
/" "&3)"0
(i.e., input tax credit due under GST) of MSME units

K Existing MSME borrowers of our Bank are eligible K Maximum period of 6 months over and above the
gestation/holiday period of 2 months
K 20% of existing fund based working capital limit
or 80% of input tax creditț "/1&Ɯ"!6Ȝ K No collateral security
due to the unit, whichever is lower

Toll free No. 1800 425 1515

Date of Posting 6th & 7th 28 Date of Publication 1st of every month

Registered as a News Paper RNI. No. AP/BIL/2000/2474 Title Code : TELMUL00053

Vol.19 VAK / JULY / 2018 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.7
Truth, charity, penance, detachment, friendliness
ÃnÆÊ tÁåÊ oúÀnÆÁTÁz u™fioÁ ∆Á{ Y ™Á\| ƒ ™Ω @ purity, straightforwardness, knowledge, and the
service to his preceptors are the real characteristics
uƒ˘Á Y TÏ ª ∆Ï » Ó   Á á¿ Ï ƒ ÁlÆz o Áuå∫ÁVƒz @@ of Rama. (Ayodhyakandam 12 Chap.)
ã¨`«º=Ú, ^•#=Ú, `«Ñ¨ã¨∞û, Ѩ~°∞ÅH˘~°ÔH· ã‘fiÜ«∞ ã¨∞MÏk
ã¨`«ºO ^•#O `«Ñ¨™êκQÀ q∞„`«`å â∫K«=∂~°˚="£∞ I `åºQÆ=Ú, „uHõ~}° Ѩiâ◊√kú, xëê¯Ñ¨@º=Ú, q^Œº, QÆ∞~°∞â◊√„â◊¥+¨
q^•º K« QÆ∞~°∞â◊√„â◊¥ëê „^èŒ∞"å}˺`åx~åѶ¨∞"Õ II Wq ~å=ÚxÜ«∞O^Œ∞ ã≤~÷ "° ∞≥ #ÿ QÆ∞}=ÚÅ∞.
(JÜ≥∂^茺HÍO_»=Ú 12= J.)
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂xH˜ xkè.... ''_≥~Úb ѨÓ*Ï Ñ¶¨O_£——^•fi~å ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°ÛO_ç.
D Ѷ¨O_£H˜ kQÆ∞= ã¨∂zOK«|_ç# ÉϺO‰õΩÅÖ’ K≥e¡OѨÙÅ∞ ã‘fiHõiOK«|_»∞#∞.
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (¿ãì\ò ÉϺOH± PѶπ WO_çÜ«∂, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY, ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤
lÖÏ¡) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) C. A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO„^è• ÉϺOH±, ÃÑ^ŒÌ=∞OQÆàÏ~°O ("≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. „ѨѨOK«OÖ’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥·<å [=∞ KÕÜ«∞=K«∞Û.
3) C. A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. ÔH#~å ÉϺOH±, 113, "≥∞~Ú<£ ~À_£, Ç≤Ï=∂Ü«∞`ü#QÆ~ü, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£
=∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=∞#^ÕâO◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. Ü«¸HÀ ÉϺOH±, zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ „ÉÏOz, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ =∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=∞#^ÕâO ◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ~°∂.100/- Hõh㨠K≥eO¡ ѨÙQÍ D xkèH˜ [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.
D âßâ◊fi`« xkèx ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°Û_®xH˜ Éèí‰õΩÎÅO^Œih ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOK«=Åã≤#kQÍ „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åfl=Ú. JÖÏ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOz Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ ÉèíH˜Î=∂~åæxfl ÃÑOá⁄OkOKÕ
qÖHõ∆}"≥∞ÿ# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ѨÓ*Ï q^è•<åxfl PK«O„^•~°¯O xeKÕÖÏ `À_»Ê_ç#O^Œ∞‰õΩ P ÉÏÖÏr Hõ$Ѩ‰õΩ áê„`«∞Å=Ù`å~°∞.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated
in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBIN0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system…..
Andhra Bank Ph : 08417-252064, SBH Ph. : 08417-252071, Canara Bank : 08413-235088, UCO Bank Ph.: 08417-200023
All business communications and payments may
be addressed to The Manager VAK, 2-2-647/77/D, D.D. BOOK – POST
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Ph : To STAMP
27425640. Only local cheques and DDs drawn in favour
of VAK will be accepted. Subscriptions can be sent
through money orders also. Give your correct address.
Owned, Edited, Printed and Published by : Dr. M.V. Soundara
Rajan, Advocate, 2-2-647/77/D, Andhra Bank Lane, Be-
side Karur Vysya Bank ATM, D.D. Colony, Bagh Amberpet,
Hyderabad-500 013; Website :
Phone : 27425640 Cell : 9246505058
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