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Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) Report

Activity 1: In class: Fun Learning

Highly Immersive Programme (HIP) was being implemented in SK Kelapa Sawit No.1
since the first week of April. For in class activity, our school chose Fun Learning to be
implemented in the classroom. The teachers conducted their teaching and learning session
with interesting ways such as using songs, poems and jazz chants. As for other subjects, the
teachers adapted their lesson in dual language in order to improve English proficiency levels
among the pupils.

For instance, Malay teacher translated some words taught in English, Mathematics
teacher taught numbers in dual language, Science teachers used English songs to teach
about animals and environment, Islamic Education teachers use English songs to attract
pupils to learn on Islam and Physical Education teachers used action songs to teach body
movement or body parts.

English teachers used songs to capture pupils’ attention in learning English. The
pupils were more attentive towards the lesson rather than reading phrases or stories with
usual tone or ‘monologue’ tone. Using songs, poems and jazz chants taught pupils to be
alert to give response to the teacher in front, improve pupils’ pronunciation, improve their
reading skills and improve the pupils’ speaking skills. Reciting phrases/stories with rhythm,
beat and tone made the lesson more attractive and increase participation among the pupils
towards the lesson in the class.

Fun Learning in the class was being implemented when the teacher used
songs/poems/jazz chants as the set induction in the lesson. The teachers at least
implemented Fun Learning once in a week as Fun Learning focuses on creating non-
threatening environment for pupils to use the language creatively. Fun Learning activity in
class helped to boost confidence and pupils’ engagement in using English. Our students
improved some improvements on creative and critical thinking skills. They tried to use
English language to communicate ideas confidently in both oral and written forms.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Pupils perform songs titled Pupils perform songs titled

Walking Through Jungle. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Pupils perform poems titled ‘We Pupils perform jazz chant titled
Are Happy Family’. ‘Food is yummy’.

Activity 2: Out-of-class: Speaker’s Corner

For out-of-class activity, our school implemented Speaker’s Corner. The idea of
Speaker’s Corner are storytelling, singing, telling movie synopsis, reading and etc. However,
there were some challenges to conduct this activity such as lack of P.A. system facilities.
Therefore, our school only conducted telling movie synopsis and singing children/action
songs. Movie Synopsis session will be given to the pupils who have high level of English

The objectives of this activity are to build school head, teachers and pupils’
confidence to speak in English and develop pupils’ literacy skills. The programme was not
really achieving the objectives because there was only one pupil per week who would be a
volunteer to participate Speaker’s Corner to share their opinion, reviews and ideas.

When conducting Speaker’s Corner, teachers identified suitable activity for the
pupils. Then, teachers set clear outcomes for the activity. Materials will be prepared such as
books for reading session and laptop for reviewing movie synopsis session. The other pupils
became the audiences. Pupils who volunteer to participate Speaker’s Corner used stage at
assembly point to showcase their talent express ideas/opinions regarding the topic which
they wanted to talk.

In order to increase pupils’ participation in Speaker’s Corner, teachers provided

encouragement and non threatening environment. Critiques session were not in the activity.
Tachers selected suitable topics which were familiar and popular among the pupils and
delivering instructions in English. In Speaker’s Corner, we emphasized on fluency rather
than accuracy. Then, the teachers employed effective time management during recess.

At the same time, the teachers in the school managed to control the pupils to prevent
them from running here and there during recess. Therefore, pupils’ safety could be taken
care of from time to time.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

pupils became
to read
story to his
the story.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Pupils watch movie after eating to make Apupil made movie review in front of the
movie review. laptop and the other pupils listen to him.

Activity 3: Extra class: Merry Time Coaching in Merry Land

For extra class activity, our school chose to implement Merry Time Coaching in Merry
Land. Due to time constrains and teachers’ commitment towards a lot of tasks in school, this
programme was only being conducted once. It was because we decided to implement this
activity during co-curriculum session or after the session ends. However, teachers were not
able to manage too many groups of pupils who need different kind of attention and
necessities at the same time.

We came up to a conclusion which Merry Time Coaching in Merry Land will be

conducted twice a month. Merry Coaching in Merry Land was being implemented to
emphasize on reading skills. Apart from that, pupils who need help in completing their
homework could asked help from the teachers. This helped the pupils to cope with their
studies. The teachers ensured the pupils with low language prociency level will be assisted
and guided from time to time.

There were some positive impacts in implementing Merry Time Coaching in Merry
Land. The pupils were being familiarise with English learning environment. Besides, the
techers could build close bond between the teacher as the coach and the pupils as learners.
When the bond is close, pupils did not feel shy and uncomfortable in asking questions or
learn in English language especially for the pupils who were struggling in English language.

Perhaps the implementation was not achieving the objectives yet but the efforts were
being done from time to time. Recently, the level of English proficiency among the pupils
were still at the same level but at least, more than 50% pupils are able to greet the teachers
in English.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Assisting pupils who needed

Coaching a pupil to learn about
guidance in understanding stories. colours.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelapa Sawit No 1

Guiding pupil to study on animals. A pupil learn to write with neat

handwriting by copying simple
sentences in a storybook.