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FEBRUARY 2018 V. 40 No.



37 ACPA 2017 Excellence in Concrete Pavements Awards

Panama Canal Expansion Project

GIBE III Hydroelectric Project, Southwest of
Addis Ababa on the Omo River, Ethiopia

Expanding our company
for stronger chemistry
MAPEI, an Italy-based global leader in the construction industry since 1937, has joined forces with GRT, a U.S.-based manufacturer of high-
performance admixtures. The result is an enhanced offering of innovative, technology-driven concrete admixtures plus the ongoing ability to
custom-manufacture products to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

In addition to increasing our reach and product line portfolio, we have expanded to new production facilities in Texas and New Jersey. With these
additions to our existing facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and St. Louis, Missouri, we will be able to better serve customers across the entire
United States.

MAPEI/GRT products are routinely used to produce high-performance concrete mixes that are called upon to perform in all weather conditions. We
continually incorporate the latest product technology available in our efforts to fulfill customer needs and are focused on continuing the development
of next-generation chemical admixture products.

Whether you are a current or a future customer, you can expect a high level of service, technical support and commitment from this new partnership.

For details on how we can help you, contact Customer Service at 1-800-324-8154, email us at or visit

for Concrete

com. visit www. repair. Dubai. self-consolidating concrete. UAE Held during The Big 5 Heavy The American Concrete Institute will host the Concrete Essentials Seminar Series at The Big 5 Heavy show in Dubai. UAE. The 2-day seminar series will give participants an in-depth look into topics including concrete durability. . For more information on how to participate in the Concrete Essentials Seminar Series and The Big 5 Heavy.thebig5heavy. 2018.Concrete Essentials Seminar Series Presented by the American Concrete Institute March 26-27. Additionally. and more. 2018. March 26-27. the seminar series will feature a three-part course on the ACI Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete which—under a recently signed agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization—will be used to develop a Gulf Building Code.

concreteinternational. and design considerations by Randall P. and Cleaning Slabs during Tilt-Up Construction 43 www. Bass and Gary Horninger 37 ACPA 2017 Excellence in Concrete Pavements Awards 44 Three-Sided High-Rise in Mexico City Torre Reforma provides a model for concrete construction in 31 earthquake zones ALSO FEATURING 19 Making Connections and Setting an Attendance Record Record-breaking ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition in Anaheim 60 Concrete Q&A Chloride Concentration in Soil and Exposure Classes. project details. 40 | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 3 . 2 INFRASTRUCTURE 25 ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum Celebrates 10 Years by Koji Sakai and Julie K. Buffenbarger 31 RCC Dam Construction Examples.Ci Concrete international The Magazine of the Concrete Community FEBRUARY 2018 V.

stachel@concrete. 38800 Country Club Drive. Esper.00 plus shipping. American Concrete Institute. 37.3701. 58 Membership Application Tiesha Elam. required a 1 ft thick roller- (mschwartz@networkmediapartners. Agata Pyc (agata. nor intended to supplant individual training. departments ENGINEERING EDITOR 7 President’s Memo 8 ACI Committee Document Abstracts MANAGING EDITOR 9 News Keith A. or the supplier. Patent Trademark Office. MI 48331. +1.3150 4 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Concrete International (US ISSN 0162-4075) is published monthly by the American Concrete Institute.848. 01970. POSTMASTER: send ad- dress changes to Concrete International.glumb@concrete.848.. 59 Bulletin Board Gail L. Angela 46 What’s New from ACI A haul road at the Brickhaven Ash 47 Products & Practice ADVERTISING Unloading Facility in Moncure. Tatum Copyright © 2018 American Concrete Institute.248. see the article on p. Bergin from the American Concrete Pavement 56 Meetings Association.3700.848. of the information 20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Rex C.00 per transaction. Meredith Schwartz 50 Product Showcase Network Media Partners NC. MI. 21 Congress St. Ryan M. Kelli 14 Chapter Reports 18 Knowledge to Practice: EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Lacey J. Institute publications are not able to. Periodicals postage paid at Farmington. and at additional mailing offices. Canadian GST #126213149RT Tel.donahey@concrete. Tosolt (keith. PE (rex. Concrete International has title registration ® with the U.3700 Fax. Permission is granted by the American Concrete Institute for libraries and other users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to photocopy any article herein for the fee of $3. Concrete International. Copying done for other than personal or internal reference use without the express permission of the American Concrete Institute is prohib­ited.pyc@concrete. $181 (elsewhere) payable in advance: single copy price is $27. MI addressed to the Publisher.S.248.concrete. CAE ( john. Subscription rates: $172 per year (U. Farmington Hills.848. Dobberteen. Requests for special permission or bulk copying should be http://www. Stachel ACI Foundation ( . Farmington Hills. For more information on this and the 53 On the Move PUBLISHING SERVICES other 2017 Excellence in Concrete MANAGER 54 Calls for Papers Pavements award-winning projects Barry M. MA. 38800 Country Club Drive. Facsimile (FAX): +1. Glumb. Slayden 59 Public Discussion 59 Advertisers’ Index GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Susan compacted concrete pavement on a 52 Industry Focus 1 ft thick cement-treated base.concreteinternational. All correspondence should be directed to the headquarters office: 38800 Country Club Drive. Donahey.S. or judgment of the user. Bischof. EDITORS 57 Sinopsis en español Carl R. prepaid. Farmington Hills. Matthews.248. The Institute is not responsible for the statements or opinions expressed in its publications. Printed in the United States of America. Payments marked ISSN 0162-4075/97 should be sent directly to the Copyright AMERICAN CONCRETE INSTITUTE Clearance Center. February Ci Concrete international PUBLISHER John C. +1. Telephone: +1.tosolt@concrete. MI 48331. Salem. and possessions). Jay. Kaitlyn J.

org support@concrete. Event Services: Professional Development: conventions@concrete. Marcotte Board Members Frances T.hiltz@concrete. Marcotte Ronald Vaughn Thomas L. Trey Hamilton Antonio Nanni D William E. reports from ACI chapters in Ecuador. 31). the Larry Kahn Ronald L. Griffith H.concreteinternational. we read secretary staff liaison staff liaison that a major retailer has adopted RCC Matthew R. and competitions. Kimberly lori. Rex C. 37). For example.conn@concrete. Glumb (john. Poston Ronald Burg Construction” (p. Peru. Trey Hamilton Frances T. Combined. Fred R. In “RCC Dam Vice Presidents Executive Vice President David A. ams and pavements are the Sharon L. Constantino Neven Krstulovic-Opara Past President Tracy D. authors Randall through site visits. Florida. Lange Randall W. Rozsits equipment. In chair chair chair “ACPA 2017 Excellence in Concrete H. with new student competitions. Kurtis Scott Tarr Christopher Robinson Tracy D. O’Kane Steve Lloyd production of an RCC project requires Neven Krstulovic-Opara Jackie Sempel Warren E. Browning Arturo Gaytan Covarrubias William Ciggelakis has a worldwide presence that portends a Catherine E. Amelio John W.purdom@concrete. Klorman Local Resources Cesar A. Chapter Reports Bruce barry.concrete. Senecal Kathryn A. Awad JoAnn P. They also highlight some Committee Committee Committee recent dam projects—all amazing. and both uses are discussed in this month’s that local chapters are engaging students Senior Managing Director: John C. Brown Diana Arboleda Bryan Castles This is intriguing news. the ACI Student and a session featuring career advice.certification@concrete. Schneider Joe Hug roller-compacted concrete (RCC).burg@concrete. French Thomas M. and summary of activities at the Andrew W. Taylor Wayne M. Goodwin Anthony Lamanna Augusto H. Wilson 2017 Fall Convention (p. Griffith Joe Hug Pavements Awards” (p. Doug Hooton Roberto Stark dominant applications for Michael committment to students and young Certification: Information Systems: professionals. Greene Brian Green Harry A. To learn more about our sustaining members. Chapter Activities: Marketing: john. And activities at the recent ACI Foundation: Human Resources: convention further demonstrate ACI’s Technical expertise and education gained through engagement with ACI Finance and Administration: Publishing Services: donna. ACI Staff & Departments Mexico. ACI is making great progress toward ensuring a steady supply of the acimemberservices@concrete. Wood R. they show that ACI has a Engineering: Member/Customer Services: techinq@concrete. Michael the will surely benefit the infrastructure— both locally and | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 5 .org worldwide presence that portends a solid future for the industry at large. 14).glumb@concrete.daugherty@acifoundation. and India show Executive Vice President: Ronald Burg (ron. www. Browning William M. Holmberg As with all concrete types. Suprenant David M. as the retailer JoAnn P. adequate local resources—materials. Suchorski (p. Stenko Xiomara Sapon month’s News (p. McPherson Jr. and expertise.R.mlutkowski@concrete. 19). Based on this Michael S. Bass and Gary Horninger provide a primer on the design and construction Technical Activities Educational Activities Certification Programs of RCC dams. visit the ACI website at www. 9). Gleich Joe Hug Werner Hellmer massive potential for future RCC work. Donahey Sustaining Members See pages 12-13 for a list of ACI’s Sustaining Members. Rushing Jr. seminars. Nehasil pavement for its distribution claire. American Concrete Institute Ci Board of Direction IN President Directors Khaled W.

Guide to Shotcrete

Now Available
Serving as an excellent primer with numerous pictures and figures detailing the entire shotcrete
process, ACI 506R-16 includes the history, equipment selection, material requirements, formwork,
crew composition and qualification, proper placement techniques, types of finishes, QA/QC
testing, and sustainability for shotcrete design and construction. Completely reformatted, the
guide serves as a companion document to the mandatory language in ACI 506.2, “Specification for
Shotcrete.” Additional industry-leading education and certification programs are available from
the American Concrete Institute and American Shotcrete Association.

ACI’s Twofold Approach to
uring the last ACI other words, now!) when the world economy can no longer grow.
Concrete Convention When I asked Dennis what if these models were wrong, he
and Exposition in said the models have been tested many times since 1972 and
Anaheim, CA, at the 10th were totally defendable. So I asked him: What is the way out?
anniversary of the ACI Concrete What can keep growth going? He finally acknowledged that
Sustainability Forum, I was while all the models were 100% correct, they could not factor
asked by the Forum Chair Koji “human ingenuity.” No economical or mathematical model
Sakai to highlight ACI’s work in can capture or quantify innovation. 
the area of sustainability. Koji At the Strategic Development Council (SDC) meeting last
has been a longtime proponent September in Reston, VA, most of the presentations were
of concrete sustainability and about carbon reduction and sustainable concrete. From
instrumental in raising the alternative cementitious materials to carbon capture to
global awareness of its producing limestone aggregates, the focus was on a greener
Khaled W. Awad
ACI President
importance to the industry. First, concrete. It was clear from the presentations and discussions
we should recognize that the topic that breakthroughs in sustainability adoption would come
of sustainability is quite controversial today, to say the least. from innovation in materials and processes rather than from
Is sustainability about climate change, carbon reduction, or regulations. Breaking the commercial hindrances associated
designing and building resilient communities and infrastructure? with sustainability can be achieved through innovation.
Has the approach of “green buildings” been successful in This is exactly where ACI has strategically intervened
curbing energy consumption or was it by itself an isolated when it substantially increased funding for the ACI
initiative, inherently good but not good enough to induce the Foundation, allowing SDC to accelerate the fostering of
desired change? innovation and providing increased funding for research.
It is difficult to address these questions with clear-cut On a second, albeit more tactical front, there are several
answers. One might expect that they would remain open for important initiatives at ACI. The Materials Chapter of the first
some time, until humanity collectively decides where ACI Guide on Sustainability will be published in 2018. I seize
sustainability belongs on the priority scale. this opportunity to thank Julie Buffenbarger, the outgoing
ACI is not waiting for this to happen. The Institute has Chair of ACI Committee 130, Sustainability of Concrete, for
already taken several steps to ensure that the global concrete her relentless efforts in leading the charge on the first ACI
community is empowered with knowledge on sustainability and document on concrete sustainability. I am also optimistic that
on the effective tools and practices to achieve it. The Institute under the leadership of Sean Monk, the new Committee 130
has a series of on-demand courses, webinars, and publications Chair, we will progress steadfastly toward a comprehensive
addressing sustainability of concrete, and several technical document by 2019. I was fortunate to work with him on the
committees have addressed sustainability in their documents. development of the Concrete Construction Sustainability
Still, it is important to be candid when the topic of Assessor Certification Program, and I have seen first hand his
sustainability is discussed. sharp and efficient work style.
Sustainability is not finding its way easily into regulations, Additionally, during the last fall convention in Anaheim,
codes, or standards. Most building code officials consider that ACI launched its first Eco Concrete Competition, with great
it is already covered by life safety considerations or resilient interest and participation from students from around the world.
designs so they do not perceive the greater need for ACI will keep working diligently through codes, standards,
addressing all facets of sustainability in concrete construction. and guides to integrate sustainability.
Let me go back to a discussion I had in Berlin, Germany, Still, the transformational change is more likely to come
several years ago with Professor Dennis Meadows from from human ingenuity, and I’m pleased to report that ACI has
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dennis co-authored stepped up substantially with its support on that front.
the book The Limits to Growth, which demonstrated through
economic models that the world resources were finite and that Khaled W. Awad
humanity might reach a period (between 2010 and 2030—in American Concrete Institute | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 7

ACI Committee Document
The following ACI documents will soon be available: reviewed. Existing methods of making condition surveys
and nondestructive tests are reviewed, destructive
“Report on Practices for Evaluation of phenomena are identified, methods for evaluation of tests
Concrete in Existing Massive Structures for and survey data are presented, and preparation of a final
Service Conditions (ACI 207.3R-18)” report is discussed.
Reported by ACI Committee 207, Mass Concrete
John W. Gajda, Chair; Christopher C. Ferraro, Secretary; “Guide to Presenting Reinforcing Steel Design
Fares Y. Abdo, Jeffery C. Allen, Terrence E. Arnold, Katie J. Details (ACI 315R-18)”
Bartojay, Anthony A. Bombich, Teck L. Chua, Timothy P. Reported by Joint ACI-CRSI Committee 315, Details of
Dolen, Darrell F. Elliot,* Barry D. Fehl, Mario Garza, Michael Concrete Reinforcement
G. Hernandez, James K. Hicks, Rodney E. Holderbaum, Richard H. Birley, Chair; Anthony L. Felder, Secretary;
David E. Keifer, Ronald L. Kozikowski Jr., Gary R. Mass, Mark Douglas Agee, Gregory P. Birley, David H. DeValve,
Tibor J. Pataky, Jonathan L. Poole, Henry B. Prenger, Ernest Grant Doherty, Pedro Estrada, David A. Grundler Jr., Robert
A. Rogalla, Ernest K. Schrader, Kuntay K. Talay, Nathaniel F. W. Hall, Todd R. Hawkinson, Dennis L. Hunter, David W.
Tarbox, Stephen B. Tatro, Michael A. Whisonant, and Fouad Johnston, William M. Klorman, Javed B. Malik, Christopher J.
H. Yazbeck, Members; Randall P. Bass, Robert W. Cannon, Perry, and Peter Zdgiebloski, Members; Dale Rinehart,
Eric J. Ditchey, Brian A. Forbes, Allen J. Hulshizer, Richard Consulting Member.
A. Kaden, and William F. Kepler, Consulting Members.
*Deceased Abstract: This document guides designers of concrete
structures on how to determine information and design details
Abstract: This report identifies practices for evaluating that are required to prepare reinforcing steel fabrication details
the physical properties of concrete in existing structures. and placing drawings. The guide stresses the importance of
Although general knowledge of the structural design used this information to ensure that the reinforcing steel detailer
for the principle structures of a project is essential for effectively and accurately captures the intent of the designer,
determining procedures and locations for evaluation of the presenting it in a manner that is clear and unambiguous to the
concrete physical properties, analysis for the determination reinforcing steel fabricator and placer. Recommendations are
of structural capacity is not within the scope of this report. also provided concerning the review of placing drawings.
This report recommends project design, operation and
maintenance records, and in-service inspection data to be “Report on Ferrocement (ACI 549R-18)”
Reported by ACI Committee 549, Thin Reinforced
Cementitious Products and Ferrocement
Sign up for Concrete Antonio Nanni, Chair; Corina-Maria Aldea, Secretary;
Nemkumar Banthia, Christian Carloni, Paolo Casadei,
Antonio De Luca, Michael E. Driver, Ashish Dubey, Mahmut
Ekenel, Brad L. Erickson, Garth J. Fallis, John Jones,* Barzin
Mobasher, Hani H. Nassif,† James E. Patterson, Alva Peled,
Larry Rowland, Surendra P. Shah, Yixin Shao, Lesley H.
Sneed, and J. Gustavo Tumialan, Members; Gordon B.
The smart way to stay on top of Batson, James I. Daniel, Antoine E. Naaman,† Paul Nedwell,†
concrete industry news. P. Paramasivam,† and Parviz Soroushian, Consulting
Created by SmartBrief in partnership with ACI, Concrete *
Chair of subcommittee that prepared this report
SmartBrief provides a daily e-mail snapshot of the concrete †
Members of subcommittee that prepared this report
industry with news from leading global sources. Summaries
of what matters to you, written by expert editors, to save
you time and keep you informed and prepared. Abstract: This report provides an overview of the history,
formulation, construction, and applications of ferrocement.
Welcome to Concrete SmartBrief; sign up at: The focus of this report is to create an awareness in engineers,
architects, and potential end-users of the characteristics and capabilities of ferrocement.

8 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci |

Codes. Members will also now receive free media mail shipping in The ACI Collection features “Building Code Requirements the continental United States. environmental. properties. and Practices. “ACI has always been the premier The ACI Collection is available as an online subscription. access to the ACI Structures and Commentary (ACI 562-16).” A Snap Search provides a summary of TRB research reports that are underway or completed. These new benefits are in for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-14). and masonry. repair. Specifications. Customer Service.concreteinternational. Snap Searches are designed for the busy researcher or professional who would like to quickly get up to speed on complex research topics. too. while providing substantial discounts to 50 codes and specifications and more than 200 practices— add digital access to ACI’s codes and specifications. To subscribe or order.News 2018 ACI Collection of Concrete Codes. upcoming events.3800 or visit www. New Individual ACI Membership Benefits Effective now. repair. design. | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 9 . Visit www. including current and historic versions. the online subscription to the ACI Collection includes access to every new ACI document as soon as it is published. and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete discounts. members will have the added benefit of using two new substantial discounts toward: •• Digital access to ACI’s 50 active codes and specifications on structural. inclusion in the ACI Member Directory. and categories in the ACI Collection include concrete materials. event for Assessment. the opportunity to join committees.” and “Code Requirements ACI Materials Journal. ACI Director. the ACI Collection is the digital access to information. including all guides and reports. Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP).org/InformationServices/Snap. entire offices.248. and committees that cover these specific topics. part of Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS). and residential concrete. ACI University course tokens.aspx. Membership and popular topics such as slabs. Structural Concrete (ACI 301-16). plus metric and historical versions of ACI’s codes and specifications. and all ACI individual members receive free digital access to the Institute’s 200+ practices—including all guides and reports—plus free shipping in the continental United States. specialized “Now is the absolute best time to become an ACI member. reinforcement. formwork. and large multi-national companies. Reynolds. Individual volumes of the ACI Collection are also available. and Practices •• Access to the new. Produced by TRB’s Library. ACI Structural Journal. please call +1. annual subscription of ACI University’s ACI has released the 2018 ACI Collection of Concrete monthly webinars and on-demand courses. Repair. TRB Library Snap Searches The Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Library. has released 26 topical overviews under a new series called “Snap Search.” application.concrete. and more. plus said Melinda G. structural analysis. Specifically developed for individual users. ACI structured its improved most comprehensive and largest single source of information individual membership benefits around immediate digital access on concrete design. plus special online access for multiple users.” Additional Career Center. a community dedicated to the best use of concrete.” “Specifications for addition to current benefits: Concrete International magazine. www. With these USB drive. and Specifications.trb. Formerly known as the Based on feedback indicating preference for immediate. and an eight-volume set of books. and materials. with nearly to ACI’s practices. construction. Additionally.

Representative clients include the International Grinding and Grooving Association. A past member of the ACI Board of Direction.R. 1990. reporting requirements and service consulting firm resulting from the merger of Creative potential penalties for ethical violations. Convention. Inc. and Performance. engineering. CTS Cement. In her role as President of CCI. AZ. 2018.concreteinternational. OK. Tucson. as well as strategic and operational planning. Slag Professor of Engineering and the Head of the School of Civil Cement Association.. has been named as Career President of AOE. (CCI). and Convention Opening Resume Writing Assistance | Career Coaching | Session. professional and ethical responsibility to determine an CAM has provided full-service association management appropriate course of action. expertise. LORD Corporation. and do their jobs. and Chapter never been easier. browse jobs.S. Her previous Find internships. Construction. Clients include the Post-Tensioning Institute. and Building Owners and Managers Association of Detroit. the Concrete Industry Management Program. American Shotcrete Association. MI. D. Inc. “Engineering Ethics” webinar will review various codes of ethics. visit www. and her MS in organization and management with an emphasis in leadership from Capella www. she has helped clients Center define strategy and develop marketing action plans. New ACI Webinar on Engineering Ethics For more information on this and other webinars. and Environmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University. provide case studies. President and Founder of CCI.. American Delatte Jr. second membership. the professional and Association Management (CAM). Membership. and communications tactics for the architecture. Lohmann Endowed Coal Ash Association. and post ACI task group activities include International Conferences. She is Co-Founder of the Women in Concrete Career Learning Center | Reference Checking Alliance (WICA) and leads efforts to create networking programs for women in the concrete industry. and construction (AEC) sector and other industrial sectors. specialized in marketing strategy. and ethical responsibilities of a civil engineer. and the standards of Constructive Communication.m.concrete.concrete. your resume. FACI. He is also the author of Beyond Failure: of the tools they need to stay informed. edition. Farmington Hills. She also is the past Chair of the ACI Global Marketing and Research Task Group. Strategic Planning. 10 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. public relations. The CAM and CCI Merge to Create AOE webinar’s learning objectives include understanding of codes Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE) is a full- of ethics and their applications. Branding. Constructive Communication.News new additions to ACI’s individual membership benefits. 1:00 p. member of the ACI Construction .org/ Pavement Design. OH. members can join the ACI community while also getting more University. Dublin. Students—the next step has President. Activities Committees.” Forensic Case Studies for Civil Engineers and Concrete For more information. Kayler chaired the ACI Marketing Committee and is a past Kimberly Kayler. graphic design. AOE Financial Advisory. and others. visit Scheduled for March 6. EST. social media. learn. Follow @ACICareerCenter Kayler received her BA in journalism from The University of Arizona. Delatte is the M. the www. Founded in 2001.concrete. Kimberly Kayler. he is the Editor of ASCE’s Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. and recap lessons learned. since “Engineering Ethics” will be presented by Norbert J. In addition. Stream + Wetlands Foundation.

. BASF. will continue HOT . Inc. Inc.Higher Strength Steel Hills.ROLLED AOE are Amy Numbers. Inc. Pete Haveron. in make a positive impact on the industry. a C. Products Corp. For more of the Technical Activities Committee. Indonesia is currently look forward to advancing programs working to upgrade their concrete code currently in place to promote education to ACI 318M-14 with a target of concrete repair strategies. Jason SIZES: Partnership Agreement with the Coleman. Aquafin Building Product Connealy. include developing a Global Task Force to promote ICRI to additional locations ICRI Elects New Officers and beyond North America. Inc. C... Inc. also elected: President-Elect.. including Ralph C. The terms began on January 1. and Gerard Moulzolf.concreteinternational.” Members of the International Concrete The returning Board members Repair Institute (ICRI) have elected new include Jeffrey S. Ingrid Shawn 97 / 100 KSI Society of Civil and Structural Corporation. Kari serving as an ex-officio member of the THREADED BAR Moosmann. Kryton International McDougall. Secretary.. Brian T.theaoeteam. Jon Elena Kessi. The membership voted in five new GRADES: Board members to serve 3-year terms: 75 / 80 KSI ACI Partners with Indonesian Ingrid Rodriguez. and Treasurer. Marofsky. Consulting Group. Barnes. dedicated to restoring the value of and into Bahasa Indonesian. Inc. information. as President. I the 1980s. Bruns. Chris American Engineering Testing. and Lindsay Chelf. LLC. King 150 / 160 KSI Engineers Packaged Materials Co. O’Donnell & Naccarato. Other goals completion date of August 2018. was instrumental in working to “Outgoing ICRI president Brian Daley have Indonesia adopt ACI 318M.— Lippmann. Inc. LLP. Systems. the ICRI membership Restoration... HAKI. Metric has worked tirelessly to ensure that Building Code Requirements for ICRI is in a great position to continue to Structural Concrete and Commentary. Elstner Associates. LeMay. JQ Engineering. MAPEI Corporation. Pullman. ACI also signed an exciting to be able to contribute to the agreement with the Society to translate leadership team of an association that is CCS-0(16). This new Building Services. President of we work and live. Ashley Kizzire. John Brian MacNeil.” Jones said. www. News AOE will operate out of CAM’s 2017 and will continue his service on existing headquarters in Farmington the board as Immediate Past Steven R. served as President in terms ending in 2019. Structural Janney. and Julius Brian Daley. To McCabe.— Florida. Lindman company. Barnes officers and board members for 2018. MI. Kristin Executive Committee in his role as Chair Dispenza. Inc. Vice President. CCI team members joining Fred Goodwin. structures. Kenseal Construction terms ending in | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 11 . Inc. Lindman of South Hader. Jones. visit www. Bengoa Construction. Mark Carolina Restoration & Waterproofing. SSI . It is on a project-by-project basis.. Logan Contractors Supply. Kevin Robertson.. and Paul Farrell. Baker Roofing Co. Valcourt Exterior Full line of bars Structural Engineers (HAKI). Concrete Protection & support Jones. Concrete Fundamentals. Wiss. David Engineering Associates. improving the functionality of the places Dradjat Hoedajanto. Andy Garver. Inc.A. & accessories agreement formalizes the desire to “I’m pleased and honored to be collaboratively develop and disseminate elected President of the International We offer value engineering services information on concrete and concrete Concrete Repair Institute for 2018. 2018. ACI recently signed an International Texas Concrete Restoration.. and outreach to Board members younger members of our industry. #6 TO #32 Indonesian Society of Civil and and Adam Hibsham.

MTL or call +1. and masonry admixtures. provides a wide range of technical Fibercon International.Tarr Concrete Consulting PC coatings. Inc. industrial and architectural Boral Resources North S. Inc. Inc. Bauman Landscape & Construction floor hardeners and toppings. Along with superior products. and a comprehensive selection Oztec Industries. The Euclid Chemical Company Baker Concrete Construction. Inc. and design and installation Tekna Chem consultation for contractors. curing and sealing compounds. LLC balance. The company Cantera Concrete Company Penetron International Ltd strives to bring innovative technologies CHRYSO. Sika Corporation The Euclid Chemical Company The Euclid Chemical Company Specialty Products Group.concrete. Full-Tilt Constructors. Metromont Corporation designs and manufactures concrete Barrier-1. of restoration materials. and products to the concrete market PERI Formworks Systems. specification assistance. LafargeHolcim (US) Inc. To provide additional exposure to ACI Sustaining Members.321. Inc. R. concrete Modern Technology Laboratories . BASF Corporation Multiquip Inc. laboratory services. www. Structural Services. joint Municipal Testing fillers. Inc.euclidchemical. please visit their website at Kryton International Inc. GCP Applied Technologies TWC Concrete Services LLC engineers. All Sustaining Members receive the 1/3-page profile section on a rotating basis. understanding the critical CTLGroup impact that sustainable design and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute “green” building has on the world. Inc. objectives while providing economic Ductilcrete Slab . decorative colors/stains/ Braun Intertec Corporation stamps. epoxy adhesives. support services including research STRUCTURAL and development. Keystone Structural Concrete LLC Twining Concrete Insight To learn more about Euclid Kleinfelder Wacker Neuson Chemical. are the foundation of our success. Inc. Saudi Building Code National is part of the company’s vision to Dayton Superior Corporation provide sustainable product systems Committee that achieve social and environmental Doka USA Ltd Seretta Construction Inc. architects. Inc. visit our website at www.800. Inc. and owners. Meadows. Inc. Concrete International includes a 1/3-page member profile and a listing of all Sustaining Member organizations. with industry-leading customer Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Portland Cement Association service. training Future Tech Consultants programs. For over a century. To learn more about our sustaining members. W. Inc. It Curecrete Distribution.7628. structural grouts. The Euclid Advanced Construction Technology Lehigh Hanson Chemical Company has served the Services Lithko Contracting. global building market as a worldwide quality supplier of specialty products American Society of Concrete MAPEI and technical support services for the Contractors Meadow Burke Products LLC concrete and masonry construction Ash Grove Cement Company industry.

wrmeadows. Our services and authorized distribution network. committed to producing environmen- including industrial and commercial Twining Concrete Insight Group also tally friendly products and systems floors. Whether low-carbon construction products and systems. or call +1. MEADOWS. shotcrete provides complete scope of testing and that meet or exceed the latest EPA tunnel liners. remain best choice for each application (v) Protecting the environment. functional overseas markets as well. and practices needs of the public and private FIBERCON has the experience to allowing for (i) Acceleration of sectors of the building construction provide the right fiber for the application. structures and pavements.3355. All of their quality Over six decades of steel fiber construction defects. construction. and markets high- ago by a collaboration of researchers for Twining. they’ve been satisfying the or stainless steel for refractory use. Colorado. a period of accumulating quality products and systems for from Carnegie Mellon and the United exceptional and comprehensive today’s construction professionals.5006. steel for general concrete construction. composite metal decks. R. quality. R. and sustainability. friendly products has been a corner- its products and developing solutions etc. of engineering for a better today and and their products are available in when distributed in the concrete paste. W. (iv) Reducing authorized distributor network. a company INC.562. is at www. Twining’s expertise and capabilities stone of their product line for over to remain the leader in the steel fiber in geotechnical. They tional. performance. R. Boris Stein at expansion joints. to waterproofing. and RADCO. service life simulations. air barrier products. MEADOWS. R. concrete construction. slope stabilization and analyses of concrete and materials for standards and guidelines. DRP Consulting. W. INC.426. FIBERCON California. visit their website Fibercon. tomorrow: safety. vaporproofing. civil engineering disciplines comple- ment the services of Concrete Insight For more information about For more information about Group. We develop and practically implement and more. condition evaluations. and Twining Holdings industry—from protecting and randomly placed fiber. MEADOWS. (ii) Preventing industry since 1926. micro-crack growth in all directions. specifications. macrocracks. developed around four core concepts located throughout North America. and W. materials.538. evaluations of restoration. This resistance to micro-crack growth with offices in various states specializing From highway construction and keeps micro-cracks from becoming in. Their precast segments. visit www. and other 25 years. cover every facet of the construction providing a crack interceptor at each Twining.. . For more information about Twining Concrete Insight. to blocking stiff properties of steel. high fiber count combined with the in various geographical regions of and concrete restoration. (iii) Extending W. The 120 years of servicing community W. please contact Dr.724. FIBERCON steel fiber reinforcement.. INC.fiberconfiber. MEADOWS products are manufacturing makes FIBERCON service life of existing and new available worldwide through an uniquely qualified to help engineers. Their products becomes an integral part of the matrix. NEW SUSTAINING MEMBER A new type of concrete reinforce. among others. owners and contractors to make the use of natural resources. Inc. reinforcement. a the ingress of moisture through the fibers provide reinforcement against renowned pertrographic firm based in building envelope. the leader in steel fiber rein. manufactures. ment was developed almost 6 decades needs in the built environment were. concrete. capabilities have been dynamically have multiple branch locations forcement for the concrete industry. geological. designs. R. States Steel Corporation resulting in experience in all aspects of concrete Products are sold through their the formation of FIBERCON Interna. Because of its operate five state-of-the-art laboratories sealing concrete. GREEN LINE® of environmentally FlBERCON is continually refining forensic studies. MEADOWS.

com . FIU student organizers for the event included The Port Authority of Manta (APM). and Hernandez. Lima (UPC). Concrete Builds. to provide students from Ecuador with knowledge engineering lab at Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del of the port operations to instill a sense of ownership. and a raffle. lab tour. Huaraz. UT. Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) Student Chapter – ACI on November 17. Francisco Chitty. discussed topics related to the design and construction Roundtable meeting focused on increasing student of the Manta breakwater.” said José David Recalde. 2018. they conducted a tour of the International docks The roundtable was held in conjunction with a Concrete Ball and the Fishing and Coastal Terminal of the Port of Manta. representing the region’s and Networking Event popular sport football. Lehigh Cement (Concrete 101).concreteinternational. Manta Port Terminal (TPM). After meeting all the security membership and developing regional concrete competitions. for a Chapter APM. and Lloyd Kennedy. winners to fund their travel to the ACI Concrete Bowling Ball The program was sponsored by the Florida Prestressed Competition to be held during The ACI Concrete Convention Concrete Association and the Florida Concrete and Products and Exposition in Salt Lake City. by the Peru Chapter – ACI. the event. 2017. and Apurimac participated in city-port relationship. •• Second place ($750)—Universidad San Antonio de Abad company networking. Bill Dickens. because Cusco. The event featured a Lima (UNSIL). also known as soccer in the United States. 2017. the Peruvian students created a concrete fútbol FIU Student Chapter – ACI Student Seminar with a scoring field and goalpost. Florida •• Third place ($500)—Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Concrete & Products Association (Precast/Prestressed 101). GCP Applied Technologies (Chemical and In addition to the prize money awarded by the Peru Mineral Admixtures). on March 25. APM Manager. facilitated by APM through the APM website and official The Concrete Ball Competition was held in the civil channels. Juan Gonzalez Pena. Aplicadas. Speakers included Nelson del Cusco (UNSAAC). panel discussions. Competition and the XII Convencíon Internacional organized These visits are part of the “Know My Port” campaign. “How •• First place ($1000)—Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. oceanography students from the Escuela Superior Faculty Advisor. Lima. lectures. Cesar Delgado Otero. Also in Chapter officers representing 10 Latin American countries this presentation. Finfrock Industries Chapter. 14 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. November 20. Mohamadtaqi Baqersad. Trujillo. “This is how we promote a true Cusco. standards. The Florida International University (FIU) Student Chapter – The winners of the Concrete Ball Competition included: ACI held a student seminar and networking event. welcomed engineering and Daniel Castillo. former Director of gathered in Cusco. and David Garber. in conjunction with Nazanin Rezaei.Chapter Reports Participants at the FIU Student Chapter – ACI Student Seminar and Students from the ESPOL Student Chapter – ACI Networking Event ACI ESPOL Students Visit the Port of Manta Association. Eleven teams and approximately 60 students from it is the port of all Ecuadorians. and projects. hands-on demonstrations. management. Diep Tu. Peru. Unlike the traditional concrete bowling ball event hosted by ACI. 2017.” on October 13. ACI Hosts Latin American Chapter Roundtable APM and TPM representatives presented a summary of the in Peru Port of Manta’s services. ACI presented a check for $5000 to the first-place (How Precast Builds).

ACI Director of Chapter Activities. The seminar was presented by N.V. Peru Chapter officers. & Young Professionals Activities Coordinator. and Gustavo Tumialán. India. and Bill Rushing. Principal Advisor. Nayak talked with civil engineering students about how to make and John Conn ACI Director of Chapter Activities (far right) good quality concrete www. Bill Rushing. For more information. Speakers included ACI Board of Direction members Bill Rushing and Antonio Nanni. at SGI. and Karla Kruse. Chair of the Student & Young Professional Activities Committee (SYPAC). the Chapter Roundtable was hosted at the JW Marriott in Cusco. three education tokens. Gammon Chapter Roundtable participants wearing Cusco hats provided by the Engineers and Contractors Private Limited. and the electronic version of Concrete International. Maharashtra. The objective is ACI staff. and Peru Chapter – ACI author of Foundation Design Manual and co-author of the Bolivia Chapter – ACI officers with Bill Rushing.concreteinternational. Kolhapur. Student activities and competitions were key topics for the event along with the new “local member” category developed by ACI that will grant local chapter members access to additional resources such as the ACI membership directory. SGI Student Chapter – ACI Seminar on “Practical Guidelines for Durable Concrete” Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions (SGI) Student Chapter – ACI organized a seminar on “Practical Guidelines for Durable Concrete” on September 8. a membership | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 15 .com/AciPeruOficial/?ref=br_rs. Nayak. FACI. CAC Chair (far left). ACI Past President and Chair of the Chapter Activities Committee (CAC). Presenters for the roundtable included John Conn. Chapter Reports Following the student competition. 2017. India. Kanette Worlds. Atigre. to help local chapters enhance their membership benefits and with the Concrete Ball Competition first place team from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola introduce them to partial benefits available exclusively to ACI individual members.facebook. visit the chapter’s facebook page at www. 2017. Faculty. The XII Convencíon Internacional event took place at the Cusco Convention Center on November 21-22. CAC Chair (far right). ACI Student.

Quezon University Sustainability of Concrete. Patil. admixture saturation points. global strategy. Chetan S. where he gave a presentation about ACI and the new undergraduate students. he visited Hermosillo. Ultrafine Fly Ash. organized by the Northwest Mexico Chapter – ACI in making durable concrete with postgraduate and in Tijuana. Mexico 16 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Mexico First-place winners of the Concrete Bowling Ball Competition. He presented a few case studies related to 7-day curing and discussed the ACI President Khaled Awad Visits Mexico advancement in concrete technology due to chemical ACI President Khaled Awad visited Mexico for a week. The storage. The winners of the Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition included: •• First place (P12.000)—University of the Philippines (Team A). SGI Student Chapter – ACI Faculty Advisor.000)—Manuel L. Nayak also concrete cylinder challenges. and traveling to different regions promoting ACI’s vision and its robust admixture points were highlighted during the seminar. and permeability of Future competitions will include egg protection device and concrete with references to case studies. Indian innovations of Alcofine and student concrete competition with more local universities. Next. and parents. University of the Philippines (Team A) ACI student chapter meeting participants in Hermosillo. Diliman in Quezon City. Awad attended a seminar on Durability in the Great Concrete Technology laboratory and discussed good practices Projects. Philippines. Philippines Chapter – ACI held its first Concrete Bowling Ball Competition Two teams each from the University of the Philippines Diliman and Manuel L. at Manuel L. expressed many thanks to Nayak for his participation. emphasized the importance of 7-day curing. admixtures. curing of concrete. faculty. undergraduate student projects and encouraged students to be the city where the Northwest Mexico Chapter’s headquarters is innovative in the field of concrete technology. Quezon University qualified for the Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition held on November 11. ACI President Khaled Awad presented at a seminar in Tijuana. durable concrete.Chapter Reports Handbook on Advanced Concrete Technology and •• Second place (P10. 2017. students. He also talked about ongoing ACI 562 Concrete Repair Code. Nayak visited the SGI Geotechnical Engineering and First. including professionals. Quezon University (Team B). Approximately 50 people attended the competition. such as use of supplementary cementitious The Philippines Chapter – ACI plans to organize an annual materials (SCMs).com . Quezon University. and Nayak discussed practical guidelines on how to make •• Third place (P7500)—Manuel L.concreteinternational. (Team A).

Awad then traveled to Mexico City as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Cement and Concrete Formwork for Technology Center of CEMEX. Throughout the last week of October 2018. Khaled interacted with concrete Chapter problems  for classroom study. where he shared project details of the Kingdom Concrete 8th Edition Tower in Jeddah with different representatives from the concrete industry. design Member Price: $149. Association of Ready Mixed Concrete (AMIC).00 Regular Price: $249. organized by the Mexican  current standards. to participate in the first meeting industry leaders in Mexico. load. available at concrete. enhanced various commitments of local of ACI Student Chapters of several the presence of ACI in Mexico and collaboration to continue advancing the participating universities in Mexico. Awad participated in the 3rd Concrete Solutions Congress and the 1st Ibero-American Precast Congress in Updated to Cancú | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 17 . Chapter Reports located. and Prefabrication Industry (ANIPPAC).concreteinternational. and also achieved knowledge of concrete. and the Mexican Association of  resistance factor Concrete Pipes (ATCO). Both events were supported by the Northwest Mexico Chapter – ACI and chaired by Juan Carlos Rocha and Fabián González Valencia. Lastly. the Mexican National Association of the Precast and Allowable strength design.50 Awad at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Cement and Concrete Technology Center of CEMEX www. Latin America.

and that have led to the development of proposed modifications to registration for each event.concreteinternational. the ACI Foundation’s Strategic Development advantageous if CWTs are fabricated from high-strength steel Council (SDC) agreed to support three important projects (HSS). 18 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. and by integrating the younger generation into our industry. University of Kansas Visit www. The proposed strive to improve the concrete research will broaden the application of this important method industry by funding and fostering for anchoring reinforcement. the Charles Pankow Foundation. Berkeley. where we of 60 and 6 ksi (414 and 41 MPa). such as ASTM A615/A615M Grade 100 [690].org/research/research-projects. an SDC-identified industry critical technology. The projects include: California. AZ. at the McCormick Resort in Scottsdale. the Charles Pankow Foundation. reinforcing bars—David Darwin. and showcase emerging technologies. This Visit www. respectively. hotel information. This research would establish the Concrete 2029’s next workshop will take place February for updates on the The proposed research builds on recent large-scale studies forum and workshop agenda. The results of the announced the release of the research product “Seismic research are needed by both ACI 318 and practicing Performance Characterization of Beams with High-Strength engineers. performance of thick reinforced concrete elements using 2018. related to high-strength reinforcement. To and Jack Moehle. The Architecture. Normal.and high-strength continuously wound For more information. The ACI Foundation co-funded the work. technologies. along with major The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council (CRC) sponsor. 2018. and it will greatly extend the critical research and new application of high-strength concrete. specifically high-strength Development of large high-strength headed steel and how to break through barriers to implementation.daugherty@acifoundation.concreteresearchnetwork. the ACI Building Code that would allow the use of headed bars with yield strengths as high as 120 ksi (827 MPa) in concretes with compressive strengths as high as 16 ksi Ann Daugherty is the Director (110 MPa). hear about results of recent research. University of California. Engineering. the ACI Foundation will CRC Announces a New Research Product co-fund the projects. Foundation mats with high-strength reinforcement— Information on CRC research products can be found at Jack Moehle. Such benefits will become particularly In and fill out an relatively new type of transverse reinforcing hoop is anticipated online concrete research need .org. SDC high-strength reinforcement versus conventional Grade 60 Technology Forum 43 will be held March 1-2. widespread use. University of provisions to benefit the industry. The research would also help resolve the The Forum is meant to bring industry leaders together to issue of whether shear reinforcement is required in thick discuss industry issues. along with major sponsor. This Concrete 2029 workshop will focus on technology. as the date will aid in developing future code Reinforcement” by Duy V. also at reinforcement and would potentially open the door to its the McCormick Resort. and Construction (AEC) industry increasingly is using high-strength reinforcement as a Register for Concrete 2029 Workshop and means of reducing reinforcing quantities and congestion in SDC Forum 43 thick foundation mats.Knowledge to Practice: SDC Announces Three New Research to provide installation and performance advantages over Collaborations conventional hoops. a significant extension of the current Code limits of the ACI Foundation. University of ann.acifoundation. Berkeley www. Cincinnati The proposed research is intended to expand the use of CWTs Have an idea for research that will benefit the concrete to develop a simpler way to provide one continuous tie and/or industry or support an ACI document or code change? hoop configuration in a column or shear wall boundary. contact ties (CWTs)—Bahram Shahrooz. concrete foundation mats. As such. described herein.

concrete industry professionals from around the world Additionally. October 15-19. Pat Murena. held in Anaheim. CA. celebrate accomplishments. 2017. the highest “Excellence” award the International Forum. Concrete Mixer where attendees and guests gathered on the Colleagues gathered for sessions. and Paul Heis At the Opening Session. Marty Hansberger. such as the codes. specifications. Ed Luce. and networking events. 2017. ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards. best practices. and Neal Lynch Technical Program: Chris Garcia. and the program based on the theme of “Making | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 19 . Technical and educational sessions provided attendees with Hosted by the Southern California Chapter – ACI. and Ken Sears Guest Program: Heather Caya Hot Topic: Robert Graine and Dave Nau Publicity: George Smith and Jon Sansom Secretary: Rod Elderton Social Events: Tina McIntyre and Janeen Oliver Student Activities: Josh Hamilton. networking and social events. Eleven joint seminar with the Japan Concrete Institute on preserving additional global projects were recognized during the Gala event.concreteinternational. ACI President Khaled Awad (left) presented Treasurer: Gary Kirk certificates of appreciation to Southern California Chapter – ACI Convention Committee Co-Chairs Kirk McDonald and Chris Forster www. ACI held over 300 committee meetings. “For anyone who hasn’t yet attended one of Southern California Chapter – ACI Convention Committee Co-Chairs: Kirk McDonald and Chris Forster Contractors’ Day: Donald Kahn Exhibits: Charles Kerzic and Stefan Reder Finance: Robert Cleeland. evening of October 16. committee meetings.” 2017. and the entertainment. and practices. existing infrastructure. case studies. student competitions. and a was presented to R·torso·C. On the Other highlights of the convention were Contractors’ Day.” stated Ron Burg. with a the latest research. Ann Harrer. located in Tokyo. an convened at the Disneyland® Hotel to collaborate on concrete industry trade exhibition. and develop the Institute’s technical content. ACI Executive Vice President. share innovations.Making Connections and Setting an Attendance Record Record-breaking ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition in Anaheim A record number of 2235 attendees participated at The our twice-annual conventions. Concrete Sustainability Forum. I encourage you to consider ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall joining us in 2018. “Members and the global concrete community continue to convene at ACI conventions to learn from each other. and great food. Magic Kingdom Lawn for an evening of networking.” opportunity to earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs). Japan.

The other real-life aspects which an EPD competition simulates.Student Egg Protection Device Competition Testing an entry in the Student Eco Concrete Competition Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería was the first-place team in the The University of Sherbrooke took first place in the Eco Concrete EPD Competition Competition Student Competition Results Andrea Coto. and José Luis Vivar Emiterio. Komalpreet Kaur. Danny Lakowski. Kevin Arturo Laines Velarde. Christiams Jesús Santos Hamou. Faculty Advisor. and Damien Bonis. Chico. The winning teams in the Student Egg Protection Device The objective of the Student Eco Concrete Competition is (EPD) Competition and the Student Eco Concrete to promote the idea of environmental performance in concrete Competition received cash awards. students Jennifer Guerrero. Cody Stauffer. Juan Carlos •• Third place: New Jersey Institute of . Accor. Philippe Dubois. José C. Nikolaos Benyamin. Jacob •• Second place: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Henschen. Juan Carlos Trejo and Marco Fernandez. •• Third place: San Jose State University. and Redha Esselami. students Rebecca Valliere. and Juárez. and •• Fourth place: California State University. Faculty Advisor. students Gauthier. and Jason Luis Villalobos Pineda. Carmen Cutay. Faculty Advisor. and Grace Jackson. Arezki Tagnit- Castro. students Amer Zreika. José Juan Guerrero Correa. Mohammed Albahttiti. Masías Guillén. Steve Smythe. competition results were: The top finishers included: •• First place: University of Sherbrooke. Egg Protection Device and Eco Concrete and Rami Zayed. Stephon De Silva. Ronald Bryan Valderrama Sebastien Cloutier. Faculty Advisor. students Hayden Kaae. and to learn about with the lowest possible environmental impact and with concrete’s benefits related to durability. Alex Condori Salluca. Jesus Ramos. The objective of the EPD mixture design as an important aspect of sustainability. had the mission to develop an innovative concrete mixture resistant plain or reinforced concrete EPD.concreteinternational. Akthem Al-Manaseer. Azcapotzalco. and optimal mechanical and durability performance attributes. Allyson Melisa López Díaz. Anlee Orama. impact resistance. Teams Competition is to design and build the highest-impact-load. Hernández Mora. •• Second place: Valparaiso University. Eduardo Osorio Rosas. Faculty Advisor. 20 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. students Cedric •• First place: Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería. Charles-Etienne Bouchard. Jeffrey Moore. Faculty Advisor. Faculty Advisor. students Leiding Guadalupe García Gutiérrez.

Inc. who spoke to students about why he decided to pursue a career in the concrete industry and encouraged them Three Reinforced Concrete Units. Western Specialty Contractors Fortec Stabilization Systems Plexxis Software Xypex Chemical Corporation GCP Applied Technologies Poraver North America Inc. Angel Lozano.A. Solutions LLC Vulcan Materials Company FiberForce Fibers by ABC Polymers Pentair Wacker Neuson Foam Concepts Inc. Design Data NASA Centennial Challenges Trinity Lightweight DPR Construction 3D-Printed Habitat Twining.concrete. Smith-Emery CRC Press. Premier CPG Bekaert Corporation Giatec Scientific | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 21 . preventing future building collapses during the design and testing phases of construction. President of the Florida International •• Second place: The Effect of Lightweight Materials on University (FIU) Student Chapter – ACI. Inc. The university spanning four continents.concreteinternational. Inc. They include: moderated the session. and Young Professional Activities Coordinator. Taylor and Francis Morley Construction Company Speciality Products Group Dayton Superior Myers Construction Materials Testing Structural Group Decon USA Inc. Inc. Buzzi Unicem USA Humboldt Mfg. LLC International Zinc Association Silica Fume Association Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Kryton International Inc. Fodail. Zircon Corporation www. Nazanin Rezaei. Inc. showed photos of Models of Interior and Edge Slab Column Connections Reinforced with GFRP Bars. ELE International Nickel Institute University of Florida The Euclid Chemical Company Owens Corning Infrastructure Vector Corrosion Technologies Inc. Geofortis Pozzolans Portland Cement Association BASF Corporation Germann Instruments. Equipment Technical Consultants Inc. Kanette Worlds.Concrete Projects Competition The Student Forum provides ACI student chapters and The winners of the ACI Concrete Projects Competition. FARO The FIU students were temporarily evacuated Advisor. Largo Concrete Inc. Slag Cement Association Concrete Sealants. Burgess Pigment Company Headed Reinforcement Corp. University of Technology. student Jordan Keith Carrette. Zaki I. Ziyad Majeed Abed. helped to create the ACI Student Eco Concrete Exhibitors Exhibitors at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2017 included: Aquafin. Faculty Hurricane Irma. and participation in ACI student competitions./P. Khalil and Khaled M. earthquake in Mexico City. visit www. damage to two mid-rise buildings following the recent University of Manitoba. touched on the chapter’s involvement with community clean up post- Properties of Cement Mortar. Alexandria University. were announced at the ACI Convention in Faculty. Inc. Forum held at the ACI Convention in Anaheim. Faculty Advisor. Approximately •• The University of Sherbrooke Student Chapter – ACI has 80 students heard from representatives from seven universities 124 graduate and undergraduate members. construction site tours. to dream big. Proceq USA. students Ramah M.G Foam PERI Formwork Systems. and from the university when the severe weather warning was •• Third place: Evaluation of Punching Shear Strength issued. Radarview LLC/UCT CalPortland Hycrete. Inc. QuakeWrap Inc. ACI Student. student Yasser Sattar Hassan. Ehab El-Salakawy. Inc. Mexico. and after natural disasters were key themes at the ACI Student seminars. He emphasized the value For more information on upcoming ACI student of ACI’s Special Inspector Certification Program as a key to competitions. International Concrete Repair Institute Sika Corporation Clark Construction Group. Student Activities activities and achievements. Faculty Advisor. Environmental Safety: A Hot Topic at ACI Topics covered in other presentations included: Student Forum •• Escuela Superior Politecnica Del Litoral student activities The impact of civil engineering on the environment before include ACI certification training. university teams with a platform for highlighting their sponsored by ACI Committee S801. Reinforced Earth Cervenka Consulting ICC Evaluation Service Rhino Carbon Fiber ChemCo Systems Inc. President of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon Student Chapter – ACI. Worlds introduced ACI President •• First place: Full Design and Implementation Drawings of Khaled Awad. Anaheim. Mahmoud. Committee.

Inc. Janney. Washington State University. American Mohamed Abdelsalam were awarded a free trip to attend the Fall 2017 ACI Convention after winning a local Engineering Testing. Ann Harrer. New Jersey Institute of Technology visits. exercise. He advised the students that whatever part of the industry you are involved with. and Adrienne bridges and building infrastructure.. talking human resources corporate representatives. and regular participation in ACI competitions. such as how much computer technology has progressed. Student chapter activities include technical Matthew P. This four-part Awad stressed. civil engineering professor at North there is no substitute for hands-on inspection. Destry Kenning. Challenges of preservation Goetz of Wiss. Elstner Associates.” ACI/JCI Joint Seminar on Existing Structures. discussed the topic of “Unexpected Journeys At the session “What I Wish I Knew: Negotiating Early Job Offers” in Engineering: A Conversation across Generations” (from left): Megan Huberty. Elstner Associates. •• Although students from the Indian Institute of Technology What I Wish I Knew: Negotiating Early Job Offers Madras Student Chapter – ACI compete in many local competitions. about his days as a young engineer. the more you will find your edge. “The ACI President Khaled Awad welcomed attendees to the 3rd more you engage with ACI. The through the process themselves also included Lauren G. and negotiating a very first job offer or transferring jobs early in a •• In addition to organizing a “Cajun-Tuf Concrete” career. educational seminars. 22 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www.Adrienne Goetz. even with quality assurance/ from a variety of disciplines and countries including quality control and design checks. Inc. and Megan Huberty. Inc. McCauley. Inc. and the development varying stages of their careers and the changes that have of standards for repair/retrofit of existing structures. ACI/ASCE joint student chapter worked together for the McCauley. the events in Anaheim were the chapter’s Another session of interest to young professionals and first ACI student competitions. The two-day seminar featured expert speakers conditions will never change. American Engineering Testing. Balfour Beatty Construction. students was sponsored by ACI Committee S806. Janney. Nox-Crete. moderated a panel discussion about concrete cylinder competition hosted at the university.. Somaye Nassiri. American Engineering Testing. and Competition. Balfour Beatty Construction. Conrad Paulson. Inc. Young •• Qatar University students Rabeh Almashhadani and Professional Activities. Adams. The students were reminded that jobsite symposium in September 2017 with more than 600 attendees. there Focus on Preserving Existing Infrastructure is always something in ACI that will give you an edge. Nox-Crete. Adams.  •• Universidad de Cuenca hosted a successful international happened.” They talked about the work environment at of the response to unexpected loadings. Destry Kenning. Clean the Coast community service project that educates Washington State University. titled of infrastructure include the development of maintenance “Unexpected Journeys in Engineering: A Conversation across strategies to address long-term durability concerns. Somaye Nassiri. seminar included a series of presentations that explored topics The main feature of the Student Lunch was a panel related to the challenges in the preservation of existing concrete discussion with Conrad Paulson. the community.concreteinternational. Carolina State University. with groups role playing as potential job seekers and ACI President Khaled Awad addressed the audience.. Matthew P. Session attendees were invited to participate in a workshop The Student Forum was followed by the Student Lunch. the University of Louisiana Lafayette also competes in the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition. things can go wrong and Roberto Nunez. and Ann Harrer of Wiss. examination Generations. Lauren . This session of perspectives and advice from young professionals and young faculty who have recently gone competition.. and students about Louisiana’s coastland while giving back to Patrick Barnhouse. New Jersey Institute of Technology.

showed strong resilience against the tsunami. Polish Academy of Sciences. Ahmad Suleiman.” Lee and Park’s presentation introduced the Korean Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Symposium experience in developing national standards and concrete The 2-day symposium attracted interest from researchers. Malisch. Evaluating construction information with respect to constructability. “These systems technology and construction in Korea were presented. Andres and girders were washed away.S. and Hong Gun Park. Hitoshi Shiohara. and ACI Structures: From Mechanical Behaviors to Durability. it is of the utmost A special Contractors’ Day session on “Mega Projects – importance to determine the maximum performance level and Challenging the Southern California Concrete Industry” structural limit of each individual component within the system. Canada-India Research based on the codes developed after the Great Hanshin Center of Excellence. strengthened structures fared after the Great East Japan Updates on activities and plans were provided from the Earthquake in 2011. Reinforced concrete buildings. evaluating www. Various members who want to cooperate with non-U. it takes a long time with international technical organizations while increasing the either to examine the deterioration mechanism or to find out knowledge base for ACI technical committees. by practitioners. Maria Kaszynska. The seminar keynote presentation “Research Interest in RC international partners. also gave a short presentation on the a great increase in deterioration of reinforced concrete bridge proposed ACI Technical Cooperation Program (Technical structures due to corrosion of reinforcing bars has been Exchanges). Italy Chapter – ACI.   civil structures and buildings. Technical papers demands for mass concrete. including the use of FRP develop a more rational design code and concrete technology. seismic design code. RILEM. During the last two fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) as reinforcement for decades. analytical. Thus. Chang-Sik Choi. strengthening cooperation field. reinforcement in new construction and FRP for strengthening enabling Korean engineers to design and construct diverse and rehabilitation of existing structures. focusing on “Cooperative Efforts to develop plans for future collaboration between ACI and JCI between Academia and Industry for the Development of and develop strategies for infrastructure preservation. and focused on the Japan Society of Structural Engineers (JSCE) common themes of interest to the concrete materials. Reinforced concrete structures constructed in the coastal James K. ACI chapter representatives. technical countermeasures have been developed and carried out in the groups working on related topics. Nemkumar (Nemy) Banthia. Concrete Technology in Korea. zero or slight Casadei. The using FRP composites were discussed. Research and technical The forum was followed by a lunch presentation by developments on this issue were presented. when the large-scale construction practitioners. The final session in the seminar featured a panel discussion Seoul National University. and long-term field data that will result in requirements. materials and are very cost-effective. | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 23 . Symposium” presented information about the latest Attendees gathered at the forum to meet with ACI knowledge in concrete construction and materials. initiatives. Yeungnam University.K. As far as the durability is concerned. Korea Concrete Attendees learned that although some damage was Institute. to design a real-life Contractors’ Day Highlights application hybrid bridge deck system. ACI Vice President David ACI Honorary Member. Instituto devastating. Committee on Codes and Standards regions of Japan suffer salt attack problems. S. Hasan Al-Nawadi. A structure can only be as strong as its weakest component. activities. Chair. Iraq Chapter – ACI. Kamal Khayat.concreteinternational. Paolo recognized in reinforced concrete structures. Advocacy and Outreach. technology since the 1960s. Many reinforced concrete bridges were damaged Nicaragüense del Cemento y del Concreto (INCYC). Lee. and however. the damage from the tsunami was Concrete Association. were Strengthening International Ties the themes for a four-part session honoring Ward R. novel applications. and numerical validations of changing the Southern California concrete industry.” leadership about worldwide events. have advantageous properties compared to conventional showing several examples of infrastructure and mega buildings. India damage was observed on structures designed or strengthened Chapter – ACI. The “Concrete Construction Lange welcomed global attendees to the ACI Convention. However. Jae-Hoon Lee. Wight. and the application of ACI documents. evaluating needed for improving existing guidelines. At the International Forum. as well as insights session included discussion of concrete mixtures. and manufacturers involved in the use of of buildings and infrastructure started. Jordan Earthquake. The roles of the Korea Concrete Symposium Co-Chair Raafat El-Hacha spoke on steel-free Institute and universities in the development of concrete hybrid bridge deck systems and noted that. challenges related to materials featured discussions on sustainability. Manjrekar. new properties to meet structural demands based on seismic technologies. Japan Concrete Institute. For the past 30 years. and how properly designed or and construction industry.” included presentations on high-profile projects that are The experimental. the effectiveness of countermeasures. This program will assist ACI technical committee remarkable in the area facing the Sea of Japan. and challenges with logistics and field greater acceptance and use of FRP composites technology operations associated with major projects. various research programs have been conducted to concrete masonry structures.

Sessions included: •• Contractors’ Day Lunch with speaker Matt Townsend. www. The workshop took place •• International Lunch with special guest speaker Koichi Maekawa. and major updates expected for ACI . documents. 2018. Developed by ACI Committee 318. at the Grand America & and application of concrete design standards throughout the Little America. Next event: “Concrete Elevated” in International Workshop on Structural Salt Lake City Concrete The next ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition will Gathering and sharing information on the development take place in Salt Lake City. UT. discounted rates are offered until February 25. together international users of ACI 318 and other ACI •• Reception Honoring Professor Michael P. for their presentation at the International Lunch the appropriate use of specification information. and troubleshooting projects to resolve issues. and and standards from ACI of interest to the international community. cracking and design guidance on its control. Walt Disney Imagineering. March 25-29. Seoul National University. spoke about the nonlinear analysis methods. the workshop convenes periodically to bring •• Student Networking Reception. visit Inspection. •• Seismic Design of Walls—Three presentations in this session covered the use of walls in three Latin-American A two-part session on “Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete— countries (Chile. Colombia. 2017. engineering. Olympic Gold Medalist. Presenters reinforcement use in ACI 318. can better address the needs of its users. 2018. •• Nonlinear Analysis in Earthquake-Resistant Design—This session presented examples of the use of nonlinear analysis Attendees also enjoyed a lunch presentation focusing on in the earthquake-resistant design of buildings in the unique applications of concrete in new construction as part of United States and Chile. Speaker development of ACI 318-19 provisions for the use of Kent Estes. advancements in adoption of high-strength understand how they are considered in projects. and Mexico).ACI President Khaled Awad thanked Jae-Hoon Lee (left). Yeungnam University. and Tolerances and ACI 117 IPS-1 Updated to ACI 318-14. followed by a Honoring Professor Adam Neville” featured experts sharing presentation of how ACI 318 might accommodate these their knowledge on the subject. 2018. and was to identify the importance of concrete creep and shrinkage in the design and construction of tall buildings and •• New News—Three presentations discussed strut-and-tie modeling. and construction—particularly the entryway plaza of the new Shanghai Disneyland®. and Hong Gun Park (right). challenges in design. •• New Tools from ACI—Presentations were given on reports Leadership Consultant. Collins. The workshop disseminates the latest developments and helps ACI understand how its standards and guidelines •• Student Lunch with speaker Nikki Stone. Structural Concrete •• Student Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition. October 14. 24 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. and initial reports from explained the role of shrinkage and tensile creep in early-age Mexico City’s recent earthquakes. and included a presentation on the the ongoing expansion of the Disney® theme Convention activities Americas and beyond was the focus of the International will include: Workshop on Structural Concrete: Technology Advancement and Adoption in the Americas.aciconvention. including new Spanish translations of ACI 301 •• An industry exhibition showcasing up to 70 exhibitors. Building Code. Registration is open online through March 5. The objective of the session international applications. To ACI 318-14 Chapter 26 on Construction Documents and learn more about the ACI Convention and to register.concreteinternational.

concreteinternational. 20 years ago. was formed. With this revelation. ACI President. The Construction. Social quality indicators now address the change in the conditional factors in daily life.” The report also quotes the task force October 17. CO. and Philadelphia. innovation. welcomed attendees to the his introductory comments that the Forum series has celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Forum and showcased 75 speakers since its inception. fib introduced temperatures. 2017. efficient and economies more stable and resilient. Awad economic. Awad noted that the following tangible impacts: diligent efforts and education must continue for integration of •• The Concrete Sustainability Forum has significantly sustainability into codes and standards. and he indicated that increased funding for the development. President of fib (International (NOAA) Climate Report 201712. was founded. Bloomberg. Federation for Structural Concrete). Moderator Koji Sakai stated in Khaled Awad. Cincinnati. and sea Commission 3. Commission 7. Canada. AZ. Forums have since concluded the opening remarks by suggesting that concrete- taken place in New Orleans. Awad mentioned the ACI Concrete Sakai also introduced: Construction Sustainability Assessor Certification Program. atmospheric greenhouse gas content. aesthetic. Committee for Concrete) and CEB (International Federation comparable. sociocultural. the business balance and assets of firms should be disclosed Sustainability. and consistent information about the risks and for Prestressing) and discussed fib’s role in sustainability. as embodied in and population growth with a finite supply of resources. economic. it can be concluded that ACI Foundation is expected to accelerate and foster we are entering the second stage for sustainability realization. LA. PA. which was founded in 1998 by merging FIP (Euro-International Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released its recommendations for helping businesses disclose clear. and statutes are to develop. •• The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which is expected to be launched in 2018.14 which discussed 201010 and ACI Building Code 201411. Pittsburgh. Hugo Peiretti Corres. www. OH. Louis.2-9 The 10th Anniversary ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum Observations from the Presidents of ACI featured presentations from eight speakers. In closing. former New York City Mayor Michael R. and environmental The NOAA report provides distressing data that show drastic increases in global surface and sea surface performance of concrete constructions. the study of •• The movement toward the fib Model Code 2020.ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum Celebrates 10 Years by Koji Sakai and Julie K. and has resulted in discussed ACI’s approach to sustainability. DC. at The Concrete Convention and Chair.1 when ACI Committee 130. He also introduced thoughts from the 1972 book The Limits to Growth. blending life-safety requirements with sustainability and •• Sustainability has been introduced into the fib Model Code resilient design considerations.” Sakai Sustainability of Concrete. Phoenix. and environmental emphasized that “innovation” is a must to prevent such dimensions as a related issue of sustainable urban circumstances. ON. as challenges include political issues as well as the inherent complexities of contributed to the promotion of “sustainability thoughts and measures” in the concrete and construction industries. Exposition in Anaheim. including the and fib presidents of both ACI and fib. The Forum originated as a who stated: “Increasing transparency makes markets more 2008 workshop in St.” In 2015. at an international level. related industries adopt the sustainable framework that will be Toronto. and this established the FSB-TF report recommends: “The effect of climate change on “framework of sustainability. implemented in fib Model Code 2020. fib’s opportunities presented by climate change13. Denver. CA. MO. defined fib. •• The Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate. PA. scientific and practical matters capable of advancing the | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 25 . Environmental Aspects of Design and levels—all strong indicators of a changing climate. sociopolitical. and •• Societal circumstances have changed dramatically in the the eventual collapse of production and living standards that were predicted by models that coupled exponential economic last 10 years. Buffenbarger T he ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum X was held on with investors’ needs. Washington.

construction-. which will adopt a “sustainability” framework. environmental. structures. and ISO 13315-8. fib. and tools. Hájek stressed the significance of an “integrated life cycle approach” toward viewing sustainability— holistically through examining life cycle considerations and Corres reported that the fib Model Code 2010 serves as a predicting future performance. Sustainability of Concrete. positive role in minimizing the impacts on built civilization by providing social. environmental quality changes. sustainable civil treatment of societal needs and impacts. He reviewed the status of the fib Model Code 2020. resiliency after disaster. management and care of existing concrete structures. any concrete structure. and economic aspects includes energy efficiency and resource savings. Regarding climate change and resilience. General Principles16. indoor environment. significantly to anthropogenic (man-made) greenhouse gas are under development at the committee draft (CD) and draft emissions overall. depletion of natural resources. the thermal mass effects of concrete can strongly encouraged the application of those standards as a result in energy savings for heating and cooling. rating systems. and use-phases. concrete and their impacts throughout a concrete product’s life the development of innovative concrete technologies can be cycle (Fig. basis for future codes for concrete structures. where serious issues such as climate changes.” The latter volume is being written for the reduce environmental impacts of concrete structures—from design community. Hájek reviewed current importance of sustainability as a fundamental requirement in activities of fib. Sakai emphasized that she emphasized that concrete structures offer a first line of there are four benefits in the use of the ISO 13315 series: defense against natural and man-made disasters. its ISO 13315-4. and social effects. will be based upon sustainability (a holistic environmental design. the present and future of the ISO 13315 series of standards. Environmental Design of Concrete Structures18 economic affordability as a building material drives global have been published. ISO 13315-6. Currently. reported on the status of the guide The series is intended to provide the framework and basic the committee is developing. end of the final structure—all while also accounting for economic service life. Hájek including matters such as in-service assessment and concluded that sustainability should become a basic concept interventions to extend the life and improve the performance for the design. and low carbon emissions (embodied energy) per unit volume. which is now under groups: sustainable concrete structures. and maintenance of of these structures. Chair of ISO/TC 71/SC 8. It encompasses climate change and the production of concrete constituents to the demolition of resilience. thus contributing Concrete Structures.15 For example. discussed Julie K. 1: Generic life cycle of a concrete product (adapted from Jose. Buffenbarger. concluded that concrete is a construction product that plays an important. He also concrete building. Petr Hájek. social. defined “sustainability” as the survival of humans on the earth. The document consists of two rules on environmental management related to concrete and volumes: “Materials” and “Guidance Manual for concrete structures. design-. and sustainability design can be conducted. Model Code 2020. ISO 13315-1. It also provides detailed rules designed to Practitioners. environmental product declarations (EPDs). safety. and economic benefits that lead to a favorable sustainable return on investment (SROI). and increased from conceptual design to dismantlement. Chair of ACI Committee 130. life cycle cost [LCC]. and security. performance level. Use of volumes to more than 20 billion tons. 26 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. and it presents In regard to the prediction of life cycle performance. international standard (DIS) stages. four new developments regarding concrete structures and structural scenarios were shown: standard development of functionality materials. and economic Aguado and Getta15) efficiency. operation. quality of the Fig. and sustainable concrete structures and all the activities associated with the through-life masonry. Koji Sakai. and socioeconomic problems exist. System Boundary and Inventory Data17. and ISO Management for Concrete and Concrete Structures. Chair of fib Commission 7. Label and Declaration. The framework on the advantages of concrete structures in environmental. environmental impacts can be quantitatively evaluated. and environmental impacts) in both the design of new resilient concrete structures. He emphasized the resiliency performance level. It also introduces concepts that will help achieve (performance). development of functionality by increasing optimum behavior during the complete life cycle of structures.concreteinternational. 1).com . during the use phase of a promoted. inventory data can be calculated with common transparent The guidance document will discuss the attributes of rules. recycled materials. Environmental Sustainability Activities within ACI. and he outlined the foci of the seven task conceptual design. codes. construction. Buffenbarger general practice. application of development. Buffenbarger stated that while concrete has intrinsically ISO 13315-2.

and high strain capacity adopted for durability design include use of fly ash or slag were achieved. noting the Japan. a low water-cementitious materials ratio (w/cm). and its practice extends to other regions. EDCC was recently used for seismic entrainment.concreteinternational.New Technologies for Sustainability concrete slab was more economical than future repair. He mentioned that “revolutionary” means Nemy Banthia. which was severely class. inclusion of an elasto-plastic constitutive response and strain tolerance epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. compaction. toughening. described application of “revolutionary” systems for importance in introducing sustainability design in balanced the construction of long-life infrastructures. and control of environments. Japan. so durability design and modified construction reinforcement corrosion were demonstrated.concrete. Remarkable BC. Concrete stress. discussed the benefits of LCC evaluation. Hosoda stated that the developed durability form of a checklist featuring 27 fundamental items for design systems are being supported by the Japanese preparation. Yokohama National University. Banthia introduced two these management systems. and government. The latter FRC class can include eco-friendly cement. Protections dosage class. economic. enhanced pore refinement. Hosoda stated the importance of LCC analysis from buildings in British Columbia. University of British Columbia. durability improvements such as low permeability under damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. based on fiber www. reduced diffusion. proper construction management practices. and provision of sufficient air exceeding 6%. Hosoda indicated that this system classes of FRC. discussed sustainability and fiber-reinforced reduction of harmful cracks was attained by application of concrete (FRC) in a holistic sense. Banthia asserted that the cost data for past rehabilitations of a bridge. use of an expansive | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 27 . Canada. ductility. Regarding the validity of such multi-protection strengthening of unreinforced masonry (URM) in school measures. In the low fiber dosage has been extended to the Tohoku region. and it was in comparison to plain concrete. placement. Canada. transportation. Vancouver. In the high fiber management were added to the original system. Finally. curing practices. in the aspects. FRC offers a far more concluded that the increased durability of the reinforced sustainable solution for both long-term durability and cost. and environmental developed in 2007 at Yamaguchi Prefecture. which demonstrate long-term curing. ductile cementitious composites (EDCC). The systems were consideration with social. Hosada Akira Hosoda. reduced structures in this region are exposed to severe deicing propensity for plastic shrinkage cracking. JOIN TODAY! ACI CHAPTERS 200+ Professional and Student Chapters www. Yokohama.

Fig. similar to fib Model Code 2020. Using a concrete building as an “When the Forum began in 2008 it was filled with excitement. he offered the •• Renewable energy use increase at cement. •• Using renewable energy sources for process energy in and ocean/coastal carbon. Carbonation coefficients can be However. Khaled Awad. and in its secondary use stage by measurement to achieve sustainable products and structures with concrete. •• Code specification mandating the adoption of sustainability Xi also stated that the CO2 emissions from cement practices. manufacture are overestimated. and As an introductory comment for discussion. terrestrial carbon. and following ideas for concrete to become a low-carbon material: related concrete product manufacturing plants. energy. and Julie K. Hugo Peiretti Corres. Carbon is creation of a carbon sink. and the building’s exposure conditions. 28 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Fengming Xi. construction waste cement. which is equivalent to .7% of architectural design.concreteinternational. of the carbonation layer. From left: Nemy Banthia. Xi opened his talk with the examination emissions. What application of Fick’s diffusion law. new technologies and systems have determined for each of the concrete strength classes by been developed for the sustainability of concrete. In closing. Koji Sakai.5% of the global CO2 •• Mandatory education at colleges and universities on the emissions from all industrial processes and fossil-fuel application of sustainability to engineering and combustion in the same year. Chinese •• Efforts to mitigate CO emissions should prioritize the 2 Academy of Science. he stated that carbon uptakes occur during the although there was no direction for sustainability and carbonation of concrete throughout the building’s service life. Buffenbarger Fengming Xi. including: materials in 2013 was approximately 2. Akira Hosoda. Xi noted that while CO2 emissions from carbonation. 2: ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum X speakers. given that produced cement entails concomitant of the “carbon cycle” and society’s impact on such. Sakai stated: cement kiln dust products. Xi estimated that responses to this question were received from the audience the global carbon uptake by carbonating cement-based and speakers. after 10 years. Humankind adds CO2 to this cycle cement production. concrete. may further reduce the impacts of cement the cement industry are attributed to energy emissions (about manufacture. Carbon uptake— negative CO2 emissions. assessing concrete surface actions should be taken in the next decade?” Multiple area. uncertainty as to which path should be taken by the industry its demolition. net exchanged between atmospheric carbon. discussed the global CO2 sink created by reduction of fossil-fuel emissions over cement process concrete carbonation. and concrete waste to increase the completeness and rate of industrial processes. he emphasized that concrete cement process emissions may produce cements with net carbonation is a highly ignored carbon sink. coupled with enhanced weathering of by burning fossil fuels for transportation. mortar cement. the average net global forest carbon sink from 1990 to 2007. example. Petr Hájek. the cumulative total of CO2 removed from the atmosphere over the entire life cycle of the product—occurs in concrete Actions for the Next Decade cement. and 50%) and process emissions from the decarbonation of •• Carbon capture and storage technology application to the limestone (about 50%). Institute of Applied Ecology.

and Buffenbarger. 4. Louis Workshop on Commission 3. Buffenbarger was a session co-moderator for the Forum VIII. 3. Meadows. and the Japan 2. MI.” Concrete International. No. J. and Buffenbarger. Innovative solutions to lower CO in cement and concrete 2 Organization for Standardization. 38. “Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related sinks to hold the increase in the global average temperature Financial Disclosures. D. respectively. Turkey. Forum IX. “Environmental Management for Concrete delivery. In closing. Sapporo. Buffenbarger.” Ernst & Sohn. Istanbul. November 6-17.. 2013. J.. “ACI Concrete Sustainability Concrete.K. higher social value. pp. R. and Buffenbarger. “Environmental Management for Concrete adoption. 34-38. Sakai. 74 pp. 2014.” 5th National Concrete Congress. and Stehly. MD. 9. Aguado. Sakai. and Getta. Switzerland. is Senior Forum III. 279-292. and smart Selected for reader interest by the editors. 45-49. and the Chair of the Asian Concrete Federation References Sustainability Forum. ACI Director of Marketing. 72-76.” International •• manufacture. Switzerland. No..K. 3. J. K. 1972.. contribute in the search for solutions for the concrete sector. 2016. ACI Engineer. 14 pp.. pp. Apr. oversee and accelerate the completion of the work program 12. V. 55-58. He is Immediate contribution.. 402 pp. and the Concrete Joint 6. Responsibility 7.” Concrete International. and a member Forum VI. K.. Germany. ISO 13315-4:2017. 3. Mar. ISO 13315-1:2012. ACI Honorary Member Koji Sakai is the Acknowledgments Representative of the Japan Sustainability The authors would like to thank all the speakers for their invaluable Institute. 37.noaa. 2009. She is Chair 5. of ACI Committees 132. co-moderator for the previous nine Concrete Sustainability Forums. pp. Feb. Sustainability Forum V. Change in the culture of a mature industry is a structures. Buffenbarger. Sakai was a session Sustainability Forum. A. Basel. J. “Concrete Concrete Institute Committee on Sustainability from 2002 to 2010 and from 2010 to 2014.” Concrete International. J.. 2018). FACI. K. 2015. Sakai. 17. 34. Sakai. He chaired fib 1..K.W. 2014. 205 pp. October 1-3.D. and Kevin Past Chair of ISO/TC 71/SC 8. V. ISO 13315-2:2014. 3.K. Silica Fume in 8. 15. 2017. however. V.H. Japan.” Financial Stability Board.. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” Concrete International. 2013. 2. R. V. 56-59. pp. and Buffenbarger. for their great efforts in the event Environmental Management for Concrete preparation. No.. Mar. “ACI Concrete Sustainability www. Mar.Part 1: General principles. Universe Books.. Sakai.K. Design and Construction. and Buffenbarger. Environmental Aspects of Sustainability. Apr. K. Farmington Hills. 3. V. Switzerland. MN. The June 2017. J. pp. V. J. 36. 2010... Randers. K. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate 11. Sakai. and implementation of an enhanced sustainability and Concrete Structures . •• Increased cement clinker performance. as well as Steve S. Mar. 2014.6°F) above pre-industrial levels. Feb. over the last decade. difficult and complex process. The conference confirmed its firm decision to Concrete Institute. and Sordyl. 2012. Nevertheless. 37-40.” lower the carbon footprint in the cement and concrete sectors International Organization for Standardization.” American 2017. “ACI Concrete Sustainability Julie K. and Buffenbarger. Sakai. “ACI Concrete Sustainability Sustainability Initiative. V. to well below 2°C (3. 2011. “ACI Concrete Sustainability at Beton Consulting Engineers.” International Organization for Standardization. 55-58. and and Concrete Structures . and Concrete Structures..” Concrete International. V. LLC. Meadows..concreteinternational. 2017) anthropogenic emissions and enhance greenhouse gas 13.” Concrete International. “Life Cycle Assessment of Concrete Products. K. 35. “State of the Climate. and Behrens III. W. Geneva. 2012. and | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 29 . V. “ACI St. 41-44. 2017. “fib Model Code The 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) of the for Concrete Structures 2010.K. J. K. J. Berlin. •• Governmental incentives or taxes designed to reduce 16. Geneva. Mar. and the participants who contributed to the fruitful discussions. Szoke. and 234. “Environmental Management for Concrete emissions. technologies and practices have been adopted to and Concrete Structures . pp. pp. pp. Mlutkowski. 2003. economics for concrete construction must be embraced to further the sustainable vision. D. previous eight Concrete Sustainability Forums.. 28 pp.. ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum will continue to 14.. 27-31. 4. D.ncdc.L. pp. 3. Scientist and Sustainability Principal 4.” Concrete International.. No.Part 4: Environmental design of concrete framework.. No. No. The Limits to Growth.. in Concrete. there is still room for growth.Part 2: System boundary and inventory data. 18. No. “ACI Concrete Sustainability in Concrete Construction. Sakai. 519 pp. and construction methodology. innovation and technology that provides reduced environmental demands. A. 2.K. Geneva. “ACI Concrete Sustainability of ACI Committee 130. assimilation of Switzerland.” Concrete International.” Concrete www. (last accessed Sept.... Paris Agreement and COP23 10. 33. Concrete (ACI 318-14) and Commentary (ACI 318R-14). Mendota Heights. No. Fly Ash Forum VII. of Concrete. No. Forum IV. 232. The target of the Paris Agreement is to reduce Silver Spring. ACI Committee 318. 31. pp. “Building Code Requirements for Structural Change took place in Bonn. Germany. 9 pp. 32. New York. K. Josa.. K. International Federation for Structural Concrete. 39. Sakai.” National Centers for Environmental under the Paris Agreement by its 24th session (December Information (NCEI).K.


It differs to incorporate bends into RCC gravity dams to take advantage from soil cement in that it is typically batched with engineered of favorable foundation or abutment conditions. The type and configuration of a dam are primarily dictated for the remainder of the impounding structure (Fig. Deep Creek Dam in Yadkin County.or no-slump candidates for sites with rigid foundation material and concrete mixture. for mass concrete applications. In contrast to aggregates and has a higher cement content. galleries. This provides a significant cost RCC has been used to construct everything from dams to advantage for projects that require large flood routing pavements. RCC gravity spillway and abutment closure section over the competent bedrock. and The cost-efficient solution was to construct a 23 m (75 ft) high •• The need to incorporate spillways. as large spillways for earth dams must be paving applications because dam placements must constructed separately from the dam.concreteinternational. resulting in earth embankment dams. is one such example. and (b) construction of the earth embankment section (© photo courtesy of Sky Site Images) | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 31 . It is also possible equipment. exposure and provide a watertight barrier on the upstream face only.RCC Dam Construction Examples. •• Integration of facing systems to protect RCC from competent bedrock on the right side of the valley and deeper. 1). accommodate: •• Varying horizontal and vertical geometry. coupled with a zoned earth embankment joint treatments. outlet works. typically placed with earth-moving well-defined valleys with steep side slopes. RCC in Dam Construction •• Limited access to the placement surface. special attention must be given to the example. Earth embankment gravity dams. Bass and Gary Horninger R oller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a low. The dam site has shallow. RCC dams can be constructed with greater compressive strength and durability. Cohesive soils compacted at optimum moisture (a) (b) Fig. wide spillways. and design considerations by Randall P. compacted thickness. Some sites are suitable for composite dams comprising two •• Horizontal RCC lift placements of about 1 ft (0. integral. Its application for dams differs significantly from capacity. 1: Deep Creek Dam is a composite dam with an RCC gravity spillway and abutment closure section and an earth embankment section: (a) completed dam (© photo courtesy of Aerial Photo Pros). Straight RCC gravity dams are good materials. are well suited for sites with deep bedrock or soft interfaces between the deformable earthfill and rigid RCC foundation material. and other features and treatments. project details.3 m) or more construction types. For by site conditions. more variably weathered rock on the left side of the valley. for such structures. NC.

this is the largest RCC Lift interfaces and joints require special attention to protect construction dam raise in the world. is an outstanding example—with a total length make it easy to form steps that provide macro roughness of over 1 mile (1. MO.content must be used at the wraparound to limit seepage and Other examples of RCC dams in the United States include allow settlement of the embankment along the . 4: The RCC arch-gravity Portugués Dam has a total length of 1230 ft (375 m) (photo courtesy of U. record for the elements in RCC spillways. GA. Inc. 3: RCC was used to raise the San Vicente Dam (illustration Fig. a Stantec company) courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) 32 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. The (Fig. Rizzo Associates. it holds the U. RCC is placed in 1 ft lifts. 4). The latter project was designed as an RCC arch-gravity been constructed using RCC and rockfill embankments. resulting in lower residual energy at the basin RCC can also be used to raise existing concrete dams. weathering. 5).S. of entrained air.6 km). 3). Fig. the downstream side (Fig. Typical facings comprise precast concrete. The lifts County. is composed of several million yd3 of RCC and with inner and outer facings of conventional concrete (photo courtesy of ASI Construction LLC) Fig. dam that transfers some loading to the abutments through its including the Saluda Dam in South Carolina and Duck River arched shape (Fig. or grout-enriched RCC (Fig. Taum Sauk Dam.S. The unusual kidney bean shape was necessary to turbulence also bulks spillway flows with an increased amount maximize storage volume. The step and riser elements create quantity of RCC placed for a dam. RCC gravity dam construction can also be used to build Project details and design concerns self-contained embankments. Puerto length of the downstream wrap. 2). facing systems are also used on downstream faces.7 m) by building up the section on can use smaller terminal stilling basins. designed by Paul C. Other composite dams have Rico. Leakage is mitigated using a facing that includes a robust positive water barrier. The structure contains a turbulent pockets that provide significantly more energy hydroelectric pumped storage reservoir atop Proffit Mountain dissipation than can be obtained using a smooth chute. Big Haynes Creek near Conyers. VA. 5: Grout-enriched section at Deep Creek Dam (© illustration courtesy of MWH. and cyclic freezing. in Reynolds For dam construction. against seepage and damage. designers CA. the original concrete San Vicente Dam in San Diego damage from water vapor bubble collapse).. 2: Taum Sauk Dam. any of which create a durable and resilient shell for the RCC mass.concreteinternational. Thus. Army Corps of Engineers) Fig. Because dams can be subjected to vegetation growth. Also. For and a much-reduced potential for cavitation (shock wave example. To date. and Portugués Dam near Ponce. Dam in Alabama. conventional concrete. Hunting Run Dam near the chimney drain in the embankment must extend the full Fredericksburg. was raised 117 ft (35.

6). and (b) a completed test section (© photos courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) Grout enrichment is the addition of a cementitious grout to the face of the RCC placement to effectively increase the cement content and density of the mixture (Fig. Fig. However. and consolidation of the RCC Fig.concreteinternational. RCC is held back from the formed face and the grout is introduced and mechanically vibrated to consolidate and combine with the RCC. 8).com | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 33 . This allows the contractor to demonstrate that the proposed means. Over the last two decades. Because they are completed as part of the RCC lift placements. so grout-enriched facing systems are used only in climates that rarely experience freezing-and-thawing cycles. and installation can involve several processes if the panels include a liner requiring thermal welding and testing prior to RCC placement. exposed liner systems have been placed on the upstream face of older dams with seepage problems as well as on new dams. 8: A test section is used to demonstrate conventional concrete mixture can be also evaluated using a test section. Current placement technologies do not result in a stable air void matrix within the grout. Because these systems are placed directly on the upstream face of the dam after it is completed. Lift joints. If tests facing for Taum Sauk Dam (photo courtesy of ASI Construction LLC) www. 7: Facing panel installation with anchors embedded between RCC dam facing has also been constructed using RCC lifts (© photo courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) geomembranes attached to precast concrete panels. RCC production rates are not impacted. Precast concrete facing panels are typically tied into the RCC lifts with anchors (Fig.Fig. 6: A grout-enriched facing mixture is placed between previously placed RCC and formwork: (a) a mechanical vibrator is used to consolidate and combine the two mixtures. grout-enriched facing systems are less intrusive to the overall project schedule than conventional concrete facings. and equipment are capable of meeting project specifications. research is underway to optimize the stability of the air matrix within the grout and to refine the grout placement and consolidation methods. facing system. Test section Construction of a test section is a common project requirement with RCC dams (Fig. 7). methods.

For some projects. or unusual conventional cast-in-place concrete towers constructed operations are encountered. GA. placement of RCC material. Such studies can uncover issues that are not readily attention to detail.concreteinternational. with a stepped spillway that rises to 180 ft (55 m). It is likely that RCC will be placed below apparent through conventional analyses and computer . RCC dams generally have accomplished through one or more of the following: stepped obstructions such as intake/outlet structures and internal spillway chutes. Cherokee County. of test section construction is that the contractor’s workforce becomes familiar with the materials and optimum placement Other Design Considerations processes prior to beginning work on the dam. Intake/outlet structures may be high heads. is an example of an gates have been constructed on the crest of RCC dams as ogee weir cast over RCC (© photo courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) control sections. conveyance and dissipation are Unlike paving applications. 9: Two views of Hickory Log Creek Dam. (a) (b) Fig. and this requires special conditions. with the turned section of the RCC mass faced with conventional concrete to perform the function of training walls. but step height is normally an even multiple of RCC lift thickness. When highly concentrated flows. Stepped spillways are generally constructed with training walls to guide discharges down the face of the dam. For RCC dams. As previously stated. However. 5). flip galleries (Fig. 10: Fox Creek Dam. Fleming County. 9). nonstandard design geometries. it is possible to highlight Spillways some of the key issues that dam designers must consider. the surfaces of stepped spillways are formed using conventional concrete or grout-enriched RCC. These features interrupt the continuous buckets. The outlet conduit typically passes model studies to verify conventional simulations of flow through the placement footprint. straight or converging smooth chutes. and stilling basins. sharp crested weirs. This approach improves hydraulic performance while facilitating project construction sequencing and cost containment. but special treatment is recommended Stepped spillways—the chutes downstream of spillway around the conduit perimeter to prevent seepage at the 34 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. A properly designed spillway will safely dissipate kinetic energy that accumulates as the flow accelerates down the Intakes/outlets and internal galleries chute. This article can’t cover all RCC dam design and construction considerations in detail. These structures involve the integration of cast-in-place sections with the top lifts of RCC at the spillway indicate the need for modifications. KY. making it the tallest RCC dam in the state and the fourth tallest in the world at the time of its construction (© photos courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) control sections—have been constructed using the stepped RCC placement technique (Fig. the test section can be location. the spillway is incised within the cross section of the nonoverflow portion of the dam. Ogee weirs (Fig. Another benefit mass for stability. Spillway step sizing is strongly influenced by hydraulic requirements. and a variety of Fig. 10). it is beneficial to conduct scale upstream of the main dam. The conventional concrete is anchored into the RCC further segmented to verify acceptable results. and around the conduit.

2018 The McCormick Hotel  Scottsdale. but they hinder direct situations dictate the creation of a purposeful crack—a inspection of the RCC inside the dam.concreteinternational. provisions must be incorporated into the design to maintain structural integrity and adequate seepage control. foundation. AZ. •• Stress concentrations near sharp transitions in dam Formed galleries are constructed by placement of braced geometry. loads (that is.interface between the conventional concrete and RCC. •• Local and global stresses and strains induced by thermal Galleries can be constructed by mining the RCC. some smoother walls than mined galleries. While cracking adjacent to the forms. monolith is undesirable for both seepage and load-bearing Internal galleries are also common for RCC dams. and face drains. One RCC dams can bear significant hydraulic loads and are thus common method is to use a steel plate to insert polyethylene subject to seepage. Formed galleries will generally have can be minimized by mitigating the causative factors. If cracking cannot be tolerated. Mined RCC galleries involve staged placement of loose. 2018 Technology Forum 43: March 1-2. Galleries considerations. so efforts must be taken to control cracking permit access to the interior of the dam for inspection. Cracking and joints Transverse joints are constructed in several ways. Alternatively. They caused by factors such as: also collect water from internal. similar procedures as used for grout-enriched facing. Uncontrolled cracking in the RCC film into the RCC lift. and inside the dam. of hydration). •• Variations in load deformation of adjacent foundation faced walls of the gallery allow direct inspection of the RCC materials. forms (conventional formwork or precast concrete) at the Some cracking issues are common to most dam sites. USA Details at: www. The resulting rough. using size of the placement. •• Foundation discontinuities such as sharp vertical elevation uncemented material that is subsequently excavated when the Follow us: @ACIFoundation www. inadequate management and control of heat they can be formed of conventional or precast concrete. The plastic sheet is wrapped around the Save Date the Concrete 2029 Workshop: February 28. while gallery location and placing RCC or conventional concrete others reflect responses to site-specific | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 35 . A variation of this transverse joint depending on the length of the dam and the concept is to construct a grout-enriched formed gallery. RCC placement reaches a set elevation.

Army Corps of Placement Engineers’ national dam safety program. beyond which the contractor is where he focused on RCC and soil required to apply a bedding mortar on the noncompliant lift cement for water resources applications. Although RCC dams require facing materials for protection against seepage and environmental damage. and occasionally as a resident Advertise in Ci . and the temperature of the Officials and the United States Society on Dams. Bass has participated in several dam owner training workshops and was on a peer review team for the U. in degree hours. Other Fig. construction oversight. To 2004. 11: Transverse joint construction by inserting and removing a design considerations include galleries. pressure wash and vacuum the surfaces between lifts. Horninger received Account Executive his BS and MS in civil engineering from Drexel University. He received his BS and RCC dams may also require additional attention to the MS in civil engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His dam engineering career began with the Georgia Safe Dams maximize the bond between each RCC lift. He is a licensed professional engineer in E-mail: mschwartz@networkmediapartners.584. transverse joints. Bass. A retarding admixture may be specified for the bedding focus on dam engineering and mortar to maintain workability and allow the subsequent RCC construction finds him often in the field for site investigations. Figure 11 illustrates joint construction in the RCC placement Randall P. His lifts. PA. Summary RCC dams are ideal for sites with relatively shallow. This may require precooling the aggregates. Specifications includes a national civil engineering firm also generally establish a maximum RCC lift surface and the Portland Cement Association. contact buildings. GA. It is not uncommon to professional engineer in Georgia and several other states. and bedding mortar may also be six states. or other measures including ice or liquid nitrogen cooling. Horninger is an Bedding mortar is typically a sand-cement mortar mixture Associate at Schnabel Engineering and that is spread thinly across the lift joint immediately before has been with the company for 19 of his the next RCC lift is placed to promote bonding between the 28 years in professional practice. exposure. wrapped plate through the lift thickness. joined the company in Horizontal joints also receive special attention. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Eastern Meredith Schwartz. Bedding mortar is typically deposited from the mixer truck or conveyor and spread with squeegees by hand. specifications Program. placement of bedding mortar at Atlanta. RCC lift construction facilitates the creation of stepped spillways that efficiently dissipate energy. Horninger has also been the construction materials testing manager on projects ranging from new buildings with post-tensioned slabs to renovation of historic For more information. rigid foundation material. Temperature control takes on greater importance in dams than in some other RCC applications. ACI member Gary M.concreteinternational. cleanliness of the lift joints. Principal at Schnabel by inserting and removing a steel plate in the RCC. Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter – ACI. 36 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Such joints are located where seepage can be collected and monitored.410.S. placement at night. surface immediately prior to placement of the next lift. particularly if the sites require large flood routing capacities.8487 Philadelphia. followed by a work history that require lift surfaces to be kept clean and moist. Specifications usually have temperature restrictions for both the fresh RCC mixture and the placement temperature. Bass is active in the Association of State Dam Safety conduit encasement perimeters. lift to be placed. Engineering. and plate in fresh RCC (© photo courtesy of Schnabel Engineering) bond between RCC lifts. plate and a loader or other machine is used to press the Selected for reader interest by the editors. Some specifications may limit the maximum temperature of the fresh RCC to 75°F (24°C). Network Media Partners • +1. He is a licensed fresh mixture and the placement.

deterioration of the north 4000 ft (1200 m) of the runway required emergency replacements of select concrete panels on an annual basis since 2011. Maryville. and a new edge lighting system. Recipients of the ACPA 2017 Excellence Gold airfield space. and Jviation. Owner. and pavement elevations. (152 mm) concrete pavement for reuse as aggregate base course. Reliever and General Aviation Airports Reconstruction Project at Northwest Missouri Regional Airport. MI concrete pavements constructed in 2016 in the United States The reconstruction of Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s and Canada and honoring the associated contractors.000 yd2 (376. For the complete list of winning projects..ACPA 2017 Excellence in Concrete Pavements Awards T he American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) Commercial Service and Military Airports named the recipients of its 28th Annual “Excellence in Runway/Taxiway Reconstruction. MO Evaluations at the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport resulted in low pavement condition index numbers for a portion of the airport’s Runway 14-32. and installation of drainage pipe. The project involved pavement demolition.000 ft (3000 m) long and Awards. the north turnaround. recognizing quality Metropolitan Airport. Contractor. base course.000 m2) of 6 in.000 m2) of engineers. 150 ft (50 m) wide. Detroit Concrete Pavements” awards. Two levels of achievement are concrete pavement.000 yd2 ( | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 37 . City of Maryville. Romulus. MO. A geotextile fabric was installed between the subgrade and base course to minimize the intrusion of fines into the base course. The runway is 10. Project credits: Ideker. Stringless grade control was used for establishing the subgrade. fly ash stabilization of the subgrade. visit www. Sequenced paving lanes were used to avoid driving on the base course during paving. The airport was closed for the duration of the project to Sequenced paving lanes on the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport allow for the complete removal and replacement of the northernmost 4000 ft of runway pavement. and project owners. Engineer.concreteinternational. Inc.5 km) of awarded. Runway 4L/22R required nearly 450. and a total of 38.. Reconstruction of Runway 4L/22R at Detroit Metropolitan Airport www. in-place recycling of the existing 6 in. Inc. underdrains. are described in the following text. encompassing 6. concrete pavement was placed over the base course. the highest level. and the northernmost taxiway connector from the apron.5 miles (10.acpa.

NC heavy service.. 5400 yd2 (4500 m2) of 11 in. The The completion of the roller-compacted concrete (RCC) project included patching of lane 5. and installation of improved signage. 7100 yd2 (5900 m2) service. Inc. 6858 was the of four concrete driving lanes and an inner asphalt shoulder. Owner. Contractor. the expected service life for the track Wayne County Airport Authority. MPG had safe connection from the runway to the passenger terminals.2 km) and parabolic contract.700 m2) of 10. pavement construction was completed in just over original 20 ft (6 m) transverse contraction joint spacing. electrical (69. milling and replacement of asphalt ramps to the test track. When it was completed. It comprises an upper concrete shoulder. After more than 5 decades of such Walmart Distribution Center.5 in. By 1964. dust control during construction. but it 6 months. Inc. including the reuse of stormwater for in November 1963. 73 miles (117 km) of test roads and a test track on 4011 acres The planning. with about 900 vehicles traveling an estimated 1. banking. Inc.5 million miles Roller-Compacted Concrete (Industrial) (2.5 miles (7. Wal-Mart is now specifying RCC for other distribution resealing joints in the upper shoulder and lane 5. Circle Test Track Reconstruction at GM’s Milford Runway 4L/22R is used for aircraft arrivals and can Proving Grounds. The test track has a achieve the maximum allowable incentives outlined in the circumference of about 4. Owner. that the new pavement incorporate a dolomite aggregate. of an edge drain inboard of the inner shoulder. design. The MPG Circle Test Track was constructed sustainable practices. MI accommodate operations in low-visibility conditions. and construction incorporated (1623 ha) of land. along with other initiatives. NC Circle Test Track reconstruction at the GM Milford Proving Grounds 38 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. starting with 7 miles (11 km) of reconstruction of the associated taxiway system to provide a test roads on 1125 acres (455 ha) of land. and Kimley-Horn. five concrete driving lanes posted for speeds of up to 100 mph This project was completed on schedule. Mebane. Project credits: Ajax Paving Industries. The 8 in. Engineer. first RCC paving project built by Wal-Mart Stores. (203 mm) thick pavement design included the (279 mm) reinforced concrete dolly pads. as adverse winter conditions. Mebane. (152 mm) thick RCC. and inner asphalt shoulders. joints were modified to be coated with an enhanced epoxy. provisions for high-performance concrete. GM also required Despite project challenges such as site preparation delays. The airport is Detroit’s international hub. removal and replacement pavement at Walmart Distribution Center No. was 30 to 50 years. installation centers in the United States. The design matched the dolly pads. Wal-Mart intervals around the track. The project also involved (MPG) was created in 1924. and 2450 ft (750 m) latest Michigan Department of Transportation special of curb and gutter.. also required four radial expansion joints to be placed at equal Project credits: Morgan Corp.300 yd2 improvements. RCC construction at Walmart Distribution Center. and the complex details of the was used in the original pavement. with a 30% bank angle at the upper driving line. so the airport Industrial Paving authority had to “fast track” the design and construction. Milford. of 6 in. (267 mm) thick RCC. allowing Ajax to (160 km/h).4 million km) each year. subgrade The Mebane distribution center project required 83. and . Engineers.concreteinternational. The track is used for both development and durability testing.. Contractor. The transverse and longitudinal Stores. reconstruction of the track was needed. and RS&H. making The General Motors (GM) Milford Proving Grounds it critical to the airport’s operations.

the project was successfully Andale Construction and HDR Engineering worked completed while still carrying traffic. Inc. and HDR Engineering. Contractors. a new overpass. Engineer. 4300 ft (1300 m) of storm sewer. additional pavement restoration would be needed. only one location in one lane.000 kg) off-road haul trucks making 350 trips Contracting. either side of the interchange. and it was completed in 20 days. full-depth repairs. pavement on a 1 ft thick cement-treated base (CTB). diamond grinding. These crossovers allow for free Engineer. Owner. the DOT and Wicks Project credits: Ajax Paving Industries. The design called for 1 ft (0. Moncure. The Application) additional work added $2. the two signalized intersections. together to design a RCC pavement haul road that will carry Project credits: Wicks Construction Inc. and PEA.Placement of RCC pavement at the Brickhaven Ash Unloading Facility State Highway 52 was restored using patching and diamond grinding GM required ride quality evaluations for the new pavement Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) developed plans surface. Construction/Iowa Civil Contracting discovered that General Motors.000 m3) of tourists traveling on Iowa’s State Highway 52. The CTB was placed on the liner to protect it during The I-49 Interchange with Peculiar Way is in a growing construction of the trench. NC Despite the increased work. the 18 lane miles shoulder retrofits. Trench construction involved 2000 area of Cass County. Owner.. LLC. Iowa DOT.000 yd3 (99. County.000 kg) of steel Missouri Department of Transportation (DOT) partnered to reinforcement.000 yd2) each with 10-degree inclines. Lastly. and Iowa Civil 160. only 6 paving | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 39 . After Mean Roughness Index (MRI) evaluations and for an effective concrete pavement restoration (CPR) project “seat of your pants” ride quality judgments by GM test drivers that included partial-depth repairs. smooth and quiet pavement and minimize traffic delays. Brickhaven Ash Unloading Facility. Peculiar Way was extended from State Highway 52 CPR Project. dowel bar retrofit. IA creating new access to the northern region of Peculiar. The DDI design allows traffic to cross from the right side Project credits: Andale Construction. The city of Peculiar and the yd3 (1500 m3) of concrete and 250.. Contractor. and WHKS per day. Owner.. Contractor.000 lb (73. To ensure a excavation. The project scope also included two ramps. all constructed on top of a 60 mil (460 micron) high-density Municipal Streets and Intersections polyethylene liner.5M to the original $6. Inc. After the project was under contract. and a 1000 ft (305 m) long by I-49 and Peculiar Way Interchange Improvements. 6500 yd2 (5400 m2) of sidewalk www. and (29 lane km) of new pavement required corrective action at joint resealing.concreteinternational. In addition to Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) construction of the DDI. The hills of Northeast Iowa are a scenic attraction for The project involved more than 130. flowing right turns in advance of the crossovers. the 1 fund a new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) to improve ft thick. Full-depth patching quantities doubled and the total area requiring Roller-Compacted Concrete (Special partial-depth repairs increased by a factor of almost 13.. MO area.3 m) thick RCC & Co. 30 ft (9 m) wide concrete trench for rail access to the loading Peculiar.2M contract. of the road to the left side at two signalized intersections on Green Meadows.000 lb (113.. double layer RCC pavement was placed. (>30. requiring access to schools from I-49 and west of the highway. Winneshiek School Road through the interchange to Peculiar Drive. Inc. at speeds exceeding 150 mph (241 km/h). Engineer. Inc. and free flowing left-turns between the crossovers.. MO.

WI Road M-56 Wisconsin’s WIS 42 corridor is predominantly a two-lane highway connecting as well as serving as the “main street” of Project credits: Vinton Construction Company. Engineer. many communities.000 m2) of concrete paving. a section of WIS 42 was needed in the Village of Sister Bay.54 lane mile (2. Inc. 17. The summer population of Dickinson County increases to minimizing future maintenance needs. Businesses along the project route are Wisconsin DOT and Village of Sister Bay. Owner. so Cedar Valley Corp. and Village of Sister Bay.000 ft (5200 m) of curb and gutter. placement of high-early-strength permanent concrete trimmed and placed concrete with one machine. earth shoulders was designed to carry the . Inc. Project credits: Emery Sapp & Sons. In consideration of the north-south artery that intersects US Highway 9. Inc. County Road M-56 is a heavily traveled businesses informed of the progress. WIS 42 serves as the “main street” of many communities Construction of the diverging diamond interchange at I-49 and Peculiar Way and median islands.6 m) influx. Paving dual-lane trimmer configured with a dumping belt placed the the 1.000 yd2) Heavy rains were a major challenge during construction of County State Highway 42. WI. and minimizing the 100. Vinton Construction proposed the access was unavailable.000 the concrete was placed ahead of the paver. LLC (CVC). Contractor. placer operator electronically manipulated a swinging dump 40 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www.. The project team focused on County Road M-56. Sister Bay. Many tourists access the area outreach was a priority to keep the local public officials and using US Highway 9.5 lane km) project with 20. and the construction cost was $173. (203 mm) concrete was completed 163 days contraction joint dowel baskets on the trimmed grade before ahead of schedule.000 yd2 (42. importance of tourism and the associated seasonal population A new 30 ft (9 m) wide concrete pavement with 2 ft (0. and more than 50. and George Butler Associates.000 people each year.050 m2) of 8 in.389 yd2 concrete and allowed the crew sufficient space to set (17. Public Iowa’s Great Lakes region. and REI heavily dependent on tourist traffic. as vacationers and anglers gather in disturbance to the local economy and tourism industry. Shoulder Early in the project. Municipal Streets and Intersections (<30. Contractor.concreteinternational. construction was split into eight stages. Engineers.. Owners. The modified pavement in lieu of using temporary asphalt paving. the project requirements were carefully balanced with the County Roads needs of the affected businesses. IA safety enhancements. The trimmer/ under the contractor’s bid amount. protection of the environment. Dickinson County.. so when reconstruction of Engineering. Missouri DOT..

and Transystems. trucks as the fall harvest was well underway during the construction./mile (38 mm/km) along the The 5.. During each test.39 in. Project credits: CVC. profilometer Overlays. keep property owners informed as to when their driveways and random coring was performed to verify thickness. slump. IA. CVC achieved excellent smoothness on the project and earned 86% of the maximum smoothness incentive bonus and US-56 reconstruction was completed within 319 working days nearly $14. CVC crews also had to Project credits: Koss Construction Co.590 m2) of 9 in. CVC crews also finished the project in 35. Although the project area was closed to through traffic. A recycled asphalt base helped the trucks move in and out of the facility. ambient air temperature. The day after CVC erected a portable plant. Owner and Engineer. which specified that all adjacent property owners within the project specifications. all One of the 17 horizontal curves on the Allamakee-B-38-Postville constructed in four distinct phases. State Roads US-56 Reconstruction. CVC used a hopper conveyor belt to transfer aggregates from higher ground to be closer to the plant. Contractor. Allamakee County. dropping 6 in.7 in. project Compliance with strong specifications for erosion control has become a major factor in all highway construction projects. and one approached 6%.5 working days. air This obstacle was compounded by the traffic control plan content. (678 mm) of rain fell between July and September.. CVC had to maintain local access. CVC had to were made at the beginning and end of each day of paving. IA average smoothness of 2. supported by 4 in. Contractor. Engineer.8 km) project contained 17 horizontal entire project length. KS This project involved the reconstruction of US-56 in the towns of Ensign and Montezuma. and Roads measurements verified that CVC completed pavement with an Allamakee-B-38-Postville. Streets. LLC (CVC). KS. Gray.concreteinternational. (152 mm) of rain during 8 of the following 12 days. Seven of the vertical curves Owner and Engineer. as the roadway was the owner’s only The project was completed within 319 working days. access route in this hilly terrain. as well as a bulldozer and motor grader to aid the movement of haul trucks in and out of the plant site. The plant site was so saturated that CVC had to abandon its material drive-over.5 in.2 lane km) project included placement of 56. but then the weather took a turn for the worse. and unit weight were determined and verified to be for the job. This also helped maintain a consistent head of concrete.6 lane mile (12. The work was considerable attention was devoted to preventing sediment executed by Cedar Valley Corp. County was deluged with 7. curves and 23 vertical curves that closely followed a Project credits: CVC. existing profile. exceeded 3%. department continually tested the concrete. Some pug mill and a mobile | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 41 . During the grading and subsequent operations. The scope for the 7. (229 mm) concrete pavement. (127 mm) of rock placed on a virgin field required considerable effort. meandering. Flexural strength test beams would be able to traverse the project at all times. heavy rains began.920 yd2 (47. Dickinson County specified a temporary 2325 ft (709 m) long rock access road.46 mile (8. Kansas accommodate wide farm equipment and numerous grain DOT. Owner. and Allamakee County. and the situation worsened with almost daily rains. Despite these challenges. Contractor. would be impacted. (191 mm) of rain in June Koss Construction produced the CTB and concrete using a alone. and Dickinson County.000 in thickness bonus. well under the specified 50-day limit. concrete temperature. but the 5 in. and the area was declared a state and federal disaster area. The contractor’s quality control 26.chute to spread the concrete in front of the paver and over the recently placed baskets. www. Allamakee from leaving the project site. (102 mm) of cement-treated base (CTB).

These concrete pavement efforts included the use of recycled timber mats and limiting 42 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. concrete of the contracted summer of 2017 completion deadline. the construction of new approach slabs. four-lane freeway completes K-10 from the south junction of U. Riprap was placed on the slopes for over a mile (1. and Colorado DOT .000 yd2 (113. 75. dowelled during construction of the roadway embankment. Owner. CRCC State Highway 119 Reconstruction.000 tons (43.000 yd3 (14. Throughout the project. Longmont. The company’s concrete batch plant provided the a growing corridor north of Denver that connects Longmont concrete for all 131. Highways Project credits: CRCC.000 m2) of full depth the shoulders. Castle Rock Construction Company (CRCC) used inflatable coffer dams to divert water and worked in phases to keep the waterways flowing as they completed the repair work. Engineer. Colorado DOT - Region 4.000 m3) of During excavation. To produce the concrete for this project. Moffat Region 3.000 yd2 (167. Colorado DOT - State Highway 13 Resurfacing Project. CO Residency. to Boulder and the surrounding cities. soil stabilization. Vrain Creek bridge and a box culvert in Idaho Creek. The project also included large-scale earthworks. After the work was done. overlay Project credits: CRCC. 200. Divided Highways (Rural) South Lawrence Trafficway (K-10). north Urban Arterials and Collectors of Craig. The project also included deck resurfacing on two and culvert pipes to create better flow and prevent the ditch bridges.concreteinternational. well ahead Colorado State Highway 13 was reconstructed using a 6 .000 m2) of pavement. Douglas County. the relocation of sections of Louisiana Street.000 yd3 (57. 59/K-10 to existing K-10 on the east side of Lawrence. Boulder Residency. Major efforts were made to avoid disruption to the 927 acre (375 ha) Baker Wetlands Colorado State Highway 119 was reconstructed using 9 in. Owner. (229 mm) dowelled The milled asphalt was then placed as road base material for concrete pavement. The project included the construction of bike paths and creation of more than 300 acres (121 ha) of new wetlands.000 m2) of 9 in. Craig County.Region 3.6 km) and around the structures in the waterways to prevent future damage. and removal CRCC placed riprap to keep the slopes from eroding. The 2013 floods in Colorado had caused scouring around the piers of the St. reclamation. drainage systems. CRCC efforts were successful.000 yd2 (63.000 yd2 (110. and the extension of 31st Street. major focus was placed on minimizing adverse impacts on the traveling public. the road’s existing asphalt surface highway reconstruction project included placement of was roto-milled to smooth both the profile and cross slope. of 135. CO mined and processed 47. and placement of 18.000 tonnes) of rock and State Highway 119 between I-25 and County Line Road is sand. The Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) required repair of the flood damage as well the installation of protection against future flooding.000 m2) of the overlay. 75. Engineer. and Colorado DOT . Contractor. placement of and neighboring land from flooding. This 4 mile (6 km) Prior to placing the overlay. 31st Street. and utilities work. KS The scope of the South Lawrence Trafficway (K-10) project entailed the construction of a new alignment for state highway K-10. The new. CO.Overlays.Region 4. and Haskell Avenue.000 m3) of embankment material. Castle Rock Construction Company (CRCC) constructed a 6 in.S. (152 mm) concrete overlay on State Highway 13. Efforts included the use of an adaptive traffic signal system that minimized traffic disruptions by changing the timing of signals to accommodate traffic flows. as the project was completed in December 2016. Contractor. the contractor had to clean out a ditch riprap.

5 in. Inc.. Owner. The project team accelerated construction through planning and sequencing of its activities. TxDOT. and maintain the road. | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 43 . Engineers.. and 102.8 miles (61 km) of divided two-lane controlled access toll road that intersects 19 major roads and includes four major interchanges. Project credits: Emery Sapp & Sons. 4.000 yd2 (441. Inc. and Parsons Transportation Group and The Transtec Group. comprising 37. One of the four major interchanges on Houston’s Grand Parkway Project Ci Read Online cover-to-cover A flip-book version of the entire current issue of CI is available to ACI members by logging in at www. Zachry was the managing joint-venture partner of Zachry-Odebrecht Parkway Builders (Z-O). Kansas Department of Transportation.000 ft2 (9500 m2) of sound wall. Z-O worked with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to design. Click “view the flipbook” on the magazine’s home page.8 million yd2 ( and Odebrecht Construction. coordination. 1. as well as using an on-site precast yard to fabricate beams and deck panels. Houston. Owner. The pavement spanned 6. Project credits: Zachry Construction Corp. and HNTB Corp. one river crossing. frontage roads and associated drainage. for a total of 43. Contractor. and relocation of 177 utilities.3 million m3) of grading.23 lane miles (68 lane km). The project required the construction of 21 bridges. the developer and lead contractor responsible for the development of SH 99 segments F1. Engineer. and G. SH 99 construction comprises 11 segments. Major efforts were made to avoid disruption of an existing wetland during construction of the South Lawrence Trafficway (K-10) Divided Highways (Urban) Grand Parkway Project. 527. and the design.33 miles (10.3 mm) concrete pavement was placed using stringless paving equipment. Sound walls and landscaping were added to provide increased protection to the ecosystem after construction.concreteinternational. Inc. F2.35 million yd3 (3. www. (241. SH 99 will be a 180 mile (290 km) highway traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston Area. Contractors. TX When completed.concreteinternational. right-of-way acquisition management of approximately 480 parcels (2127 acres [861 ha]).equipment ground pressure to 5 psi (30 kPa). The project scope included 120 bridges.5 million m2) of concrete paving. The 9..19 km).000 m2) of concrete paving.

Benjamin Romano Arquitects City and have been instrumental in include small or irregular sites.concreteinternational. “They have provided innovative solutions in Mexico City often means working in Mexico (see Fig. and. Mexico City. said. 1: Torre Reforma.” volume and towering to transform my architectural vision into Tabitha Tavolaro. seismic hazards. Arup worked with to the complex seismic issues in Mexico constrained conditions. 1).Products&PracticeSpotlight Three-Sided High-Rise in Mexico City Torre Reforma provides a model for concrete construction in earthquake zones W ith its distinctive triangular “Arup has been indispensable in helping in a new and different way. that contractors are already familiar with. Challenges can L. . striking in appearance but also safe in than standard vertical construction. Principal of LBRA. Mexico: (a) front elevation.” (a) (b) Fig. of mixed-use building was not only that Torre Reforma is not more complex course.” said at Arup and Project Manager for Torre Reforma is an aesthetically pleasing Benjamin Romano. Torre an efficient and buildable structure. client as well as the community. robust solutions that bring value to the seismically active location. Associate Principal concrete walls. “Building tall structures addition to the skyline of Mexico City. In this project. it just we partnered with LBRA to create its performance—a concern in the applies traditional construction methods. and (b) the north façade 44 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. (LBRA) to ensure that the 57-story helping the bidding contractors understand coordinating diverse teams.

the elevators and egress consistent with international best. 3: Structural components of Torre Reforma: (a) shear wall formwork. the finish of the Designed for Stability extensive sustainability features. paired Torre Reforma will be able to withstand with the long-span pyramidal floor the full range of earthquake activity Selected for reader interest by the editors. complicated engineering challenges. diurnal temperatures. observable structural damage. skyscraper and Shell project. The tower’s two comprehensive time-history analysis to reinforced concrete façade walls also The Core in the Corner establish the performance of the contribute to the energy efficiency of the In conventional skyscrapers. the final significant seismic activity. The north and east façades comprise perforated Fig. 700 mm (28 in. electrical. This. the building has an inherent Interior temperatures are moderated variations in color that occur naturally tendency to twist when subjected to using a combination of automated and across multiple concrete placements. Torre Reforma has choice flowed well and created a surface construction in Mexico City poses multiple water conservation systems. facilitating unobstructed. and reinforced concrete shear walls (b) atrium view of truss and perforated concrete shear wall An Aesthetic Structure trusses that allow plumbing. highlighting the subtle plan. Several design Set in an area with a long history of Pre-certified as a LEED Platinum Core mixtures were evaluated. stairways are contained in the apex of practice designs for tall buildings (Fig. concrete is critical. projected for a period of 2500 years.and black-water recycling plants. results in maximum building resisted the September 7th and merging of materials with structure. At Torre that is both locally appropriate and and providing thermal mass to modulate Reforma.” hangers that brace the glazed façade and dramatic views over adjacent simultaneously create a signature visual Chapultepec Park and the city from Green Goals identity for the building. Romano’s design departs from the and mechanical systems to be concealed According to Tabitha Tavolaro: “The norm not only in form but also in its within the structure. In addition to its structural architecture is so closely aligned with its innovations. vertical structure under extreme seismic building—reducing the cooling load by circulation is typically located in the conditions and engineered a solution protecting the interior from direct sun central core of the | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 45 .com the triangle (see Fig. 2).). —Arup. that’s free of honeycombing or flaws. Arup applied a passive ventilation. ceiling heights and a column-free September 19th seismic events with zero Arup devised pre-tensioned double-V interior. 2: A plan view of Level 41 at Torre Reforma. www. 3). the building offers material expression. Because the every level. including rainwater collection and The concrete was placed in increments of Because Torre Reforma is triangular in gray.arup. www.concreteinternational. Products&PracticeSpotlight (a) (b) Fig. wind or earthquake.

sustainability.concreteinternational. Identify some effects viscosity modifying and rheology Learning Objectives modifying admixture have on improving the workability of 1. sample checklists. 3. Recognize the positive environmental and economic contributions of hot-dip galvanizing to the goals of sustainable development. strength. Rebar: It Works 4. licensed design professionals. . finishability. Identify reasons specifiers choose galvanized reinforcing 5. including punching shear Technician overstress in slabs. Describe some different ways concrete mixed with testing procedures. and cost). repair and renovation of deteriorated or damaged concrete structures. 3. availability.5 PDH) reinforcing steel performance in concrete. ACI 318-14: Continuing Education Credit: 0. concrete. Explain how workability retaining admixtures effects the On-Demand Course: Hot-Dip Galvanized concrete workability properties at the point of truck delivery. admixtures. and a practice exam. and durability properties. This workbook contains information about the ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician (CSTT) certification Continuing Education Credit: 0. properly designed to improve concrete workability. Describe successful techniques to 46 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. 4.1 CEU (1 PDH) On-Demand Course: Evaluation of Concrete REORGANIZED Structures Learning Objectives for greater 1. and contractors on concrete EASE OF evaluation. 3. Explain the tasks and responsibilities of owner groups. and finishing pervious concrete pavement. ACI UNIVERSITY ONLINE COURSES adds sustainability qualities to concrete structures. Identify the important changes in the ACI 212R-16 Report Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete from the previous A study guide for the examinee. Chemical Admixtures—An ACI 212 Update Learning Objectives CP-1 36th Edition: Technician Workbook for 1.1 CEU (1 PDH) program. longevity. this workbook provides version. as well as reprints of all the resource materials On-Demand Course: New Developments in referenced by the certification examinations. USE 2. information and instructional material on the required ASTM 2.15 CEU (1. durability. compacting. Identify potential evaluation methods and strategies for rehabilitation of concrete structures. Describe techniques to renovate and repair damaged or corroded parking deck slabs with unbonded post-tensioned tendons.What’s New from TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS CP-19 22nd Edition: Technician Workbook for repair and renovate deterioration in prestressed precast ACI Certification of Concrete Strength Testing concrete parking structure. Recognize the engineering challenges of evaluation and repair of existing structures. Discuss effects of some admixtures have on placing. Discuss the hot-dip galvanizing process. and spalling at deck expansion joints. steel (corrosion protection. study questions. 2. Understand design issues affecting hot-dip galvanized Continuing Education Credit: 0.

A HiLight V5+ tower features long-lasting.) rubber hoses. is added “Bags and All” to the mixer with initial batch water. two 36 in. particularly the tungsten-braided sheath. electric powered spray system for retardant application. The sheath’s four-way deflection and precise angulation of up to ±150 degrees provide safe and effective performance of inspection functions. and include the company’s HardHat® canopy for extreme durability in rugged applications such as construction and BarChip MQ58 Elasto Plastic Concrete’s BarChip MQ58 is a high-performance structural macro synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement. —Elasto Plastic Concrete. A HiLight V4 tower has four 1000 W metal-halide lamps and can illuminate an area of up to 4000 m2 (43. —Atlas Copco. www. —Allen Engineering MOVEO IR Videoscope Karl Storz’s infrared MOVEO® IR Videoscope is a portable video endoscope for direct-view inspections of confined and hard-to-reach spaces. It features a fully integrated display.000 hours and are able to withstand a range of challenges.000 ft2). from vibrations during transport to harsh work environments. MP245 features include hydraulic joystick power steering.atlascopco.5 to 5 kg/m3 (4 to 8 lb/yd3).com Allen MP245 Mechanical Pro Riding Trowel The MP245 Riding Trowel is Allen’s most compact hydraulic power steering riding power trowel. | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 47 .karlstorz. 22 hp (16 kW) Honda engine.alleneng. The operator can choose between 1. and intuitive operating software. eliminating the need for multiple walk-behinds. energy-efficient LED bulbs and can illuminate an area up to 5000 m2 (53. was built to meet the demands of remote operations. (914 mm) diameter.000 ft2). The LED lamps are rated for 10. The fiber reinforcement conforms to ASTM C1116/C1116M Type III and EN 14889-2. features.Products & Practice Atlas Copco HiLight V4 and LED HiLight V5+ Atlas Copco’s HiLight V4 and the LED HiLight V5+ light towers are lightweight. Although it is compact. The unique design and material composition of BarChip MQ58 fibers allow them to remain embedded below the concrete surface without any changes to normal finishing processes. four-blade nonoverlapping rotors.elastoplastic. and durability found in Allen’s larger riders. and cruise control. The complete system. BarChip MQ58 has a dosage rate of 2. www. and can be pumped through 50 mm (2 in. The IR Videoscope is designed to fit in the operator’s hand and can be used for extended periods without operator fatigue.concreteinternational. The compact size of the machine allows it to fit on slabs where bigger riders will not. www. rotor speeds from 45 to 165 RPM.5 and 3 m (5 and 10 ft) of working length. —Karl Storz. it has the same ergonomics. optimized for pavements and industrial floors. LED infrared source. compact.

and MORE. which enhances the grinding process by increasing visibility and extending the cup wheel life. removing epoxies. or high-density/high-strength interior floors and conditioners can be rolled into position. floors to be be directed at wet areas.mkdiamond. This technology improves removal of abrasive dust particles. and flooring concrete. or cementitious overlay systems. The shroud can be used for grinding. 48 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. www. Drying begins structures. The hinged nose shroud easily flips to the side for grinding against walls and edges. Online • Topics include concrete materials. www. —MK Diamond Products. The industrial strength blowers pull in large air detrainer reduces bug holes and large air voids that volumes of moist air and push out warm. —SCOFIELD. The adhesives. (127 mm) IXL Hinged Vacuum Shroud uses the air velocity created by the rotating grinding wheel to channel dust particles away from the work surface. The shroud is made from an “abrasive resistant” plastic to prevent wear from the grinding process. paint. dry air that can interfere with the creation of polished floors. It can be used routinely in concrete mixture immediately after the exhaust duct is attached and the designs and for batch correction of young mixtures with unit is powered up. and other coatings on concrete or masonry.Products & Practice MK Diamond 5 in. Global • Certificate programs and online webinars. leveling. The self-contained air coated. mortar. MovinCool Portable Spot Air Conditioners SCOFIELD Ready-Mix Truck Defoamer DENSO Corporation’s MovinCool portable spot air SCOFIELD Ready-Mix Truck Defoamer is a blend of conditioners enhance the drying of construction materials air release and detraining additives designed for use in such as drywall joint compound. unexpectedly high air levels. cleaning.concreteinternational.ACIUniversity. The defoamer can be used —DENSO Corporation. IXL Hinged Vacuum Shroud Designed for use on grinders.denso. • Hundreds of on-demand courses available 24/7. the MK Diamond Products’ 5 . with all Scofield integral coloring products. construction. Learning Resource www.

The SF 10W-A22 ATC drill/driver can drill up to 6 in. shop drawing preparation. The manual is a living document and will be updated on a continual basis. needed to better manage business. —Hilti. It delivers great audio quality while charging Hilti 18 V.cemex. www. ISBN: 978-2-88394-122-9 Products&Service Literature&Videos Jointed Precast Concrete Pavement The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) worked closely with two expert practitioners to create a photo. fib Bulletin 82 “Precast Segmental Bridges” provides a track their shipments real-time via GPS. allowing control and precision in screw fastening applications. and maintenance of completed installations. The document can be viewed at https://precast. —NPCA.concreteinternational. adjust orders.hilti. https://precast. —fib. www. panel fabrication. The document covers topics such as pavement repair and demolition. production and construction. production. project execution. and uploads/2017/10/JPrCP_Manual_2017. receive instant historical overview of precast segmental bridge notifications of their order status.and schematic-rich manual that provides comprehensive information on precast concrete pavement. ATC minimizes kick back by shutting off the tool if the housing begins to rotate too quickly. Products & Practice Hilti 22 V Tool Line Hilti 22 V tools feature Hilti’s 22 V CPC Li-ion batteries with backwards-compatible technology. The SID 4-A22 impact driver is compact and ergonomic. specific aspects of with CEMEX and reducing administrative | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 49 . www. Users get more done This book addresses the strong interaction between in less time by simplifying and streamlining interactions design. and three gears and electronic speed control allow easy switching between different driving Web Notes Book Notes CEMEX Go fib Bulletin 82 CEMEX Go is a fully digital customer integration Precast Segmental Bridges platform. It describes the available techniques for have full visibility and transparency of information production of the elements and construction of bridges.fib-international. and development. installation details.pdf. 22 V.. The driver has four ultra-bright LEDs positioned around the chuck for improved illumination of the base material. The report concludes with a bibliography and exemplary projects. Inc. — www. Users can review their history of transactions. fib Bulletin 82 also presents case 183 pp. The RC 4/36 radio charger is a rugged combination of a radio and battery charger built for tough jobsite conditions. or 36 V Li-Ion batteries. The SF 6H-A22 hammer drill/driver incorporates Active Torque Control (ATC) for greater operator control. (152 mm) holes in multiple layers of wood. design. It features four gears for drilling in metal and other base materials.. and construction.

two-dimensional drawings created with little to —Meadow Burke. as it can extend creation of embed plates. (25 and 32 mm) dimensional model information. The CRFP profile was designed using finite element models to evaluate horizontal and vertical forces. The TBS Thermal Brick Support is available in hot-dip galvanized steel or Type 304 and 316 stainless steel. —Fortec Stabilization Systems. Inc. http://meadowburke. as well as placement MB Stud Extender SDS/2 Concrete The MB Stud Extender is designed as an adjustable SDS/2 Concrete provides tools to automate detailing height support chair for embed/weld plates. (127 mm) to the length of the simplified with SDS/2. The brick veneer support system for masonry wall construction allows for the installation of continuous insulation behind the support angle. cyclic tests have shown that the connector can withstand over 1. Users can the need for wood forming or “wet setting” of embed automatically generate detailed bending and placing plates in the top-face of a concrete panel. www. The MB Stud schedules. —SDS/2. It eliminates and fabricating of reinforcing bars. It is ideal for use in insulated panels. which allows adjustments in multiple directions to accommodate construction tolerances. http://fortecstabilization. improving the energy efficiency of the building. from three- Extender is available in 1 and 1-1/4 in. —Hohmann & 50 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Fortec Double T Anchors significantly reduce relative movement between adjacent double-T flanges while allowing for a small amount of flex in the joint.h-b.000. Concrete embeds are sizes and adds up to 5 in. Physical tests were used to verify that the connectors can withstand over 10 times the flange movement that would occur without the support of an adjacent flange.Product Showcase Anchorage Systems Fortec Double T Anchor Fortec Stabilization’s Double T Anchor is a U-shaped carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CRFP) composite connector that is surface-prepped for installation.concreteinternational. and layout tools for continuous no . The system can be designed for use with standard concrete inserts or with H-B’s Sharktooth Insert.000 cycles of strain that would be imposed in a standard H-B TBS Thermal Brick Support Hohmann & Barnard’s (H-B) TBS Thermal Brick Support is engineered from the ground up to reduce thermal bridging at brick veneer support angles. https://sds2.. In addition. Features include automatic stud. full design calculations for through the foam without creating a thermal bridge. a Nemetschek Company. embeds.

epoxy. or even a young engineer without field experience. —Simpson Strong-Tie. equipment.strongtie. a Concrete Craftsman Series CCS-0(16) Concrete Fundamentals This book is intended for anyone who wants an introduction to concrete and concrete construction.concreteinternational. Trubolt+ anchors can be placed uniform gray color to match surrounding concrete close to free edges of concrete. The uncracked concrete. and they surfaces and can be installed in www. providing a strong based anchoring adhesive formula dispenses in a hold. www. in cracked and cracked and uncracked | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 51 . vertical. www. —ITW Red Head. a material supplier. anchor is designed to have 360-degree The two-component. This document was produced with the intent of raising the quality of education for the decorative concrete industry and supplements existing resources by providing knowledge of the materials. Member: $39 / Nonmember: $65 www. Craftsmen in the concrete field may find it particularly useful as a guide for good practice. one-to-one-ratio. can be closely spaced. whether they are an apprentice. Product Showcase Simpson Strong-Tie SET-3G High-Strength Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor Anchoring Adhesive ITW Red Head®’s Trubolt+® Wedge Simpson Strong-Tie SET-3G™ High-Strength Anchor features a high-strength studded Anchoring Adhesive is formulated to yield body that can resist high wind and superior performance in threaded rod anchor and seismic tension. and overhead orientations. and at elevated temperatures. Member: $29 / Nonmember: $49 CCS-5(16) Placing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Flatwork The decorative concrete industry is growing fast and the standards of quality for this growing industry must be maintained and increased. SET-3G adhesive is designed for dry or water. horizontal. a foreman. It can be used in both reinforcing bar dowel installations. and techniques required to successfully install decorative concrete saturated use conditions with temperatures between −40 and 176°F (−40 and 80°C). contact with concrete. .000 ft2 (4500 m2) facility incorporates “hot shot” training on product know-how. TX. Makita USA Expands Distribution and Training Capabilities with Dallas-Area Facility Concrete Industry Foundation’s 2017 Honors Makita® USA expanded its capabilities with a new Dinner distribution and training center located in Wilmer. These Construction Industry Round Table Announces Cementec solutions can be used in conjunction with Kryton’s Board and Chairman Elections Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) system. The dark gray color tone was provided by infrastructure can last up to six times longer than untreated the LANXESS pigments Bayferrox 330 and Bayferrox 318. (MuCEM) project in Marseille. The award went to Rudy Ricciotti for his Kryton International Inc. With this admixture. elected construction landscape of Southern California. The Group accessories and was engineered by the Meadow Burke team. a worldwide architectural concrete LANXESS presented its third Colored Concrete Works consultant. DC. NY. LafargeHolcim Builds Retail Network for engineering. Along with partner Sherman (Tex) Given. New York City. Hough. Morley Builders has been in the construction companies doing business globally. To support LafargeHolcim opened its first Disensa franchise store in the ongoing growth of the business and form a single customer- Mexico. The CIF 2017 Rudy Ricciotti Wins Colored Concrete Works James Anderson Distinguished Service Award was presented Award 2017 to Reginald D. 52 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Chairman Emeritus of HKS. Germany. the national business trade association comprised of Morley Builders Celebrates 70-Year Anniversary approximately 120 chief executives from design and Founded in 1947. marketing. The building includes a 4000 ft2 (370 m2) Second Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner on September 12. construction of single-family housing for veterans returning Drinkward was elected during CIRT’s Annual Spring from WWII. The building is Hard-Cem®. Future Disensa franchises will be introduced in products prevalent in the Southeastern United States. The CIF Lifetime Achievement Award was Award in Berlin. 2017. at The New York Athletic Club. and Argentina. architecture. provides concrete with resistance to form of prefabricated concrete slabs and 250 m3 (330 yd3) of abrasion and erosion. The company led the recent construction renaissance within the Los Angeles Broadway District. President and COO of AECOM Tishman. Ralph Hawkins. Tampa. (CIF) sponsored its outside Dallas. France. FL Meadow Burke combined its manufacturing. The distribution center features space-functional racking for efficient inventory management. Humanitarian Fellow Medal was presented to Jay Badame. offering tailored curriculum and hands-on 2017. Founder and architect who has achieved something unique in the use of Chairman of DeSimone Consulting Engineers. a manufacturer of concrete additive solutions. concrete. acquired Calgary-based Cementec “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” Industries Inc. to special request items. distribution. reflected in the Meadow Burke Opens Headquarters in adaptive reuse of the Ace Hotel/United Artists Building. training. For dealer partners. For contractors and to students from engineering. The Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT). FL.Industry Focus Kryton International Acquires Cementec colored concrete. and technical end users. Drinkward as Chairman for a 1-year term. Company Wayne A. Inc. on May 17. which occurred during Infrastructure Week in company soon took on more projects of structural steel and Washington. He Founder Morley Benjamin’s vision began with the succeeds H. Central America. and business support functions into a new facility Construction Materials in Latin America at 6467 South Faulkenburg Road. Riverview. also established a training center in Mexico that provides The 48. The the right accessories and the right tools for the job. the integral concrete hardening admixture constructed of a total of 1100 m3 (1440 yd3) of concrete in the developed by Cementec. concrete. in addition markets of Colombia. concrete floors and in-place concrete. just The Concrete Industry Foundation. to a distinguished presented posthumously to Vincent J. DeSimone. manufacturing capabilities to provide shorter lead times on and finance. the Meeting. CIF awarded 11 scholarships of $2000 their knowledge of Makita’s technologies. contractors access to LafargeHolcim’s building solutions as which incorporates Meadow Burke’s tilt-up and reinforcing well as other construction materials and services. Cementec also manufactures silica fume products that are used to densify and strengthen concrete. as users are shown programs in the New York metropolitan area. and which also welcomed new directors. store management. training will focus on increasing Now in its 24th year. the focus is application-driven. Inc. training center. Disensa provides self-builders and smaller focused location necessitated the construction of a new facility.

ACI member Mark Williams. and mixed-use developments. received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Kabul vibration analysis. He modeling. parking structures. Principal. Ataie Armen Megerdoomian. Honors and Awards Thomas Duncan. Material Science of Concrete. American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) Medal and works on complex projects for large institutions in higher at the Society’s 2017 International Mechanical Engineering education. develops markets. specializes in lean construction and seismic design. Kabul. Principal. and performs construction administration services. manages commercial project types such as office Manhattan. He has held leadership Managing Director/Houston Diagnostics. KS. healthcare. including courses in the fundamentals of Susendar Muthukumar. hyperbolic paraboloid cooling Kesselmayer served on the Executive Group of Cement and towers. commercial. He has more than 25 years of leadership experience in various and dampproofing issues. Concrete Reference Laboratory. The award recognizes the contributions of educators road realignments and improvements. and has been Consultant/Parking Los Angeles. and developing Award. He joins PCI after 37 years with the testing and strain rates. He incorporates ASTM International standards perspective of the users: both drivers and | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 53 . Bažant was recognized “for developing a statistical theory of the strength and lifetime of The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) named quasi-brittle materials of random material properties. and conducts assessments. 211. Erin Kueht. and building enclosures. Ataie is a member of ACI Committees 123. and Joint ACI-ASCE Committees 334. stadiums. received the Angeles. Senior Parking joined CSU-Chico as a faculty member in 2014. Principals. Stimac recently served as Vice President/ Daron Hester. and high-rise luxury residential. Senior Engineer/ concrete and concrete repair. specializes in advanced structural on volumetric concrete at the 2017 World of Concrete. Concrete Mixtures. Concrete Bridge Design. Concrete Shell Design and Braxton-Bragg named Rick Stimac CEO following Rich Construction. Houston. Director of Operations/ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Gustave A. Diagnostics Houston.” A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and inspection firm Professional Service Industries (PSI). Concrete Association for Laboratory Accreditation. has led projects ranging from traffic simulations to Engineering. Bažant is the recipient of seven honorary doctorates Kesselmayer is experienced in the construction materials from universities around the world. Hassert’s retirement. including concrete materials testing. California State University. Concrete and Concrete rehabilitating critical structures that are exposed to aggressive Aggregates. Principal. Principal. Northwestern University and former director of Raquel Ranieri. Ataie also developed a workshop Structures R&D Austin. Project Manager/Structures Los Northwestern’s Center for Geomaterials. His portfolio includes data collection and won the 2017 ASTM International Professor of the Year forecasting. research facilities. manages a variety of complex structural projects in ACI Honorary Member Zdeněk P. and healthcare. Evaluation of Board of Directors and as Chairman of the American Concrete Bridges and Bridge Elements.concreteinternational. post-tensioned concrete design. and 236. ACI committees. parking Research and Current Developments. serve its relevance to structural safety. Larson Co. Assistant Professor of Houston. Bridge Construction. repair documents. specializes in solving structural. Senior Principal. into his classwork. University. Principal.On the Move Kesselmayer Stimac Bažant Walter P Moore announced two Senior Principals and six and ensuring compliance with quality and safety programs. Afghanistan. as well as designing. planning. and Repair. is the West Coast Parking the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program Director Lead for Walter P Moore. Kesselmayer will lead the certification staff. sports. Chico (CSU-Chico). and has also served on the He is a member of ACI Committees 342. Project Manager/Structures Houston. implementing. Bažant. traffic design. education. www. entertainment. and E36. Principal. He approaches his niche from the since 2015. and sports. Proportioning garages. Professor at sports. environments such as bridges. specializes in roles in ASTM Committees C09. He is a member of various testing and inspection industry with developing. façade. and his master’s and doctoral Ricardo Martinez. and 345. and “for formulating a kinetic energy release theory for material help represent PCI and its certification programs with outside comminution into particles or random sizes under extreme organizations. Sciences. Maintenance. Congress and Exposition. and performance-based engineering. steel design. and 343. Project Manager/Structures degrees in civil engineering from Kansas State University. Accreditation and Certification.” ASME further cites Bazant as the staff liaison with the Quality Activities Council. as well Michael Kesselmayer its Managing Director of Quality as verifying it with experimental evidence and demonstrating Programs. Managing Director/Traffic ACI member Feraidon Ataie. in developing students’ understanding of standards. Senior Principal.

6452/ Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures: October 14-18.979. Madeira Island. Inc. We encourage our colleagues to manuscripts of selected papers are due by May 15. 2018. across the world will benefit from this session. The complexity and safety concerns associated finite element analysis.concreteinternational. design of concrete bridges using advanced computational Solicited: Offshore and marine concrete structures have analysis and load testing methods. construction practices. telephone: Meeting: Technical session on “Advanced Analysis and +1. QC. Present. 2018. 2) author/speaker name(s). encouraged to consult the ACI Author Guidelines. complete mailing address. Concrete Marine Concrete Structures: Past. structural versus element rating. 24-26. construction. Present. at least one author must register for the not exceeding 300 words. with these structures are such that they probably need more determination of structure-specific reliability indices. Polytechnique Montréal. author(s). 2018. scientists. ON.Calls for Papers Analysis and Testing for Bridge Evaluation Send to: Khandaker M. and Cement-based Materials and Structural Concrete. October keywords (three to four keywords). present. High Performance author (one poster and one paper). Solicited: Presentations are invited on state-of-the-art and March 24-28.416. 2018. and Bruno Massicotte. in Las Vegas. NV. advances in design and e-mail: dymond@d. testing beyond the service level. e-mail: mkhan@hptech-inc. Toronto. landmark and historic projects. Expertise and Bridging Scales of Space and Time. and contact information. 2) author/speaker synchronization of design. innovative and emerging technologies. conference for the paper to be published in the conference Deadlines: Abstracts are due by March 15. structures. e-mail address. Khan. researchers. Deadlines: Abstracts are due by February 12. polymtl. in Funchal. ext. Testing Methods for Concrete Bridge Evaluation and Design” at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2018. The Special Publication two-part session will highlight the past. and future of will follow the ACI Publications Policy. engineers. inspection.” 54 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | . and manufactures from all describe the requirements for submission of manuscripts. e-mail: IMS9_2018@ryerson. and maintenance practices in different parts of the world. organization. load attention compared to many other types of concrete structures. and contact information. maintenance. Deadlines: Abstracts are due by February advances in inspection. load testing to failure. organization. offshore and marine concrete structures are so global in and use of continuous monitoring for detecting anomalies. in included in an ACI Special Publication. at least in the considered: advanced nonlinear modeling and nonlinear United States. e-mail: bruno.umn. reviewed by members of the technical committee. the following: overview of offshore and marine concrete Send to: Ben Dymond. Evaluation of Concrete Bridges and Bridge Meeting: Two-part technical session on “Offshore and Elements. nature that there is a higher need for better coordination and Requirements: 1) presentation title. Also. Interdisciplinary Approaches for affiliation(s). and Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 343. limit their submission to not more than two abstracts per Send to: Mohammad S. sponsored by ACI emerging technologies for the strength evaluation and Committee 357. organization Meeting: SynerCrete 18. which practitioners. 2018.5000. The following topics are not received enough attention in the recent past. final Potential topics for the session include. lessons learned from the past. 2018. This 3) an abstract of up to 200 words. Portugal. and 3) an abstract accepted abstracts. For title. Meeting: 9th International Conference on Material Papers will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be Science & Engineering (IMS2018). international practices.massicotte@ and repair practices. materials Academics. and a path forward for offshore and Material Science and Engineering marine concrete structures. and Future Committee 342. 2018. (HPTech). Requirements: 1) Paper title. Anwar Hossain. Ryerson and Design University. and Future” at The Bridge Design. July 23-25. 2018. All abstracts will be Technologies. Canada. Solicited: Abstracts of 200 to 250 words are invited. in Quebec City. Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures. ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2019. Requirements: All submissions must be in Microsoft Cement-based Materials and Structural Word format and should include a separate title page listing Concrete the following: title of paper. but are not limited papers are due by October 31. 2018. University of Minnesota – Duluth. and name(s). program and proceedings. Canada. sponsored by ACI Past. title. final Solicited: The theme of SynerCrete 18 is “Synergizing text is due by April 31. Authors are marine concrete structures.

2018. mpaul@larsenlandis. Presentations and technical papers will include the conceptual Deadline: Abstracts are due by May 1. robotics and Requirements: 1) Name and location of for more information.callforpapers. of existing and new technologies. and the development of Solicited: The special session will focus on the recent special programs of general interest. post-tensioned. and Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi. on-site monitoring 2) image (photograph. Prestressed Concrete with Conventional and August 4-7. telephone. 2018. Significance may be historical. monuments. plazas. the new guideline and innovative approach to 2019. Paul. laboratory Technical inquiries: Genda for bridges. The document will also be available as an electronic file on Send to: Yail Jimmy Kim.tosolt@concrete. OH. BIM and structural concrete. An ACI Special Publication will be Philadelphia. e-mail: gchen@mst. Preference will be given advancement of prestressed concrete for bridges and to abstracts and papers focused on transferring research into structures using conventional and nonconventional materials. Submit all information information. abstract requirements. Location maximum in plain text. retaining walls. MO. structural design.4462. speaker name(s). cement-based materials. multi-physics simulation and unusual use or application. 2019. digital fabrication.concreteinternational. and may be excerpted in Concrete e-mail: jimmy. e-mail: keith. and deadline. culverts. 2) author/ Convention and Exposition – Fall 2018 in Las Vegas. furniture. Visit www. or sketch) that is not and structural condition assessment.saitama-u. construction-related. International. Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Send to: Michael J. and vicinity for e-publication at The ACI Concrete Requirements: 1) Presentation/paper title. and e-mail address. pavement. or simply personal affection. NV. new materials. October 14-18. compiled by ACI Committee University of Colorado Denver. Nonconventional Materials Solicited: SHMII-9 will address the theme of “Transferring Meeting: Technical session on “Prestressed Concrete with Research into Practice. No PDF files. Requirements: Submit an online abstract of 500 words city and state. October 20-24. 3) brief description that establishes significance fiber-reinforced concrete and nonmetallic reinforcement. information to: Keith A. facilitate technology transfer. Meeting: 9th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII-9). organization. precast. practice. Larsen & Landis. Visit https://synercrete. in electronic format: image as JPG or TIFF file at least 1 MB Deadline: Abstracts are due by March 23. and case studies. multi-scale in time and space sustainable. affiliation. Deadline: Materials are due by July text in e-mail or as Microsoft Word Contact: info@synercrete. in St. State-of- Chair. e-mail: mutuyosi@mail. sculpture. modeling and experiments. Concrete Aesthetics and co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Deadlines: Abstracts are due by July 31. Louis. Calls for Papers: Submission Guidelines Calls for papers should be submitted no later than 3 months prior to the Solicited: Image and brief description of notable concrete deadline for abstracts. and lists credits. papers are due by November 30. Images submitted will be stored and available Saitama University. organized by Missouri S&T. and whatever else has caught your www. Maintenance. title. Managing | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 55 .kim@ucdenver.” Abstracts and papers are solicited to Conventional and Nonconventional Materials” at The ACI report the research and development of new and emerging Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2019. Concrete International. AIA Las Vegas/AIA Nevada. the unique field demonstrations Concrete Bridge Construction. and contact information. Please send meeting information. masonry. 2018. structural. Calls for Papers Conference topics will include concrete technology and attention. 11 W. telephone: +1. please. and SEASoN. Exceptional images may merit placement on the cover of Concrete International. the ACI website. along with full contact all types of uses—buildings.. aesthetic. drawing. sponsored by ACI Committee 345. numerical modeling. Visit https://shmii-9. and 3) an abstract of 200 words. crypts. the-art prestressing techniques and nonconventional materials such as fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to address Notable Concrete in Las Vegas and Vicinity the sustainable performance of concrete members will also be Document: Compendium of notable concrete in Las Vegas considered. development of innovative prestressed concrete. and 4) submitter’s name. or tilt-up) in being solicited. Thompson Infrastructure St. Cincinnati. and copyrighted. as electronic files on the ACI website and may be used in ACI educational and promotional for more information should include zip code. PA 19125. (but no more than 4 MB).573. 2018. advanced material testing.341. Tosolt. utility poles. document (120 words maximum). SHMII-9 Conference experiments. final Chapter – ACI. papers/presentations (cast-in-place. tanks. functional. title. and Repair. more information.

38800 Country Club Drive. Las www. Casino. Doha. TN. Orlando.htm aspx?EventKey=CONV18 19-21 . Barcelona. IN http://iconexpo. ON. Concrete 6-10 .concrete. FL.ACPA Annual Convention.4th Doctoral School LC3. NV 2019 — March 24-28. Spain www.IFCEE 2018.csda. IN 4-7 .net/agenda/1206 http://precast. Canada 5-6 .org/meetings/2018-tms-spring-meeting Quebec City.lc3. Characterisation methods America. IN 6-10 .org/pages/news-events/20thAnniversary.cementconference. Salt Lake City. www. www.5th Ibero-American Congress on Self-Compacting Indianapolis. Switzerland 2018 — October 14-18. 9-13 .com Cincinnati. Toronto. Editorial Coordinator. Quebec City Convention 5-7 .org/events/eventscalendar.stachel@concrete. Canada 2019 — October 20-24.html 9-10 .2018 TMS Spring Meeting. www.Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Center & Hyatt Regency Cincinnati Prediction.concretepipe. TX https://ncma.Meetings FEBRUARY MARCH 6-8 . 29-1 .org/event/acpa-annual-convention-3 THE CONCRETE CONVENTION AND EXPOSITION: FUTURE DATES APRIL 2018 — March 25-29.rilem.unm. Indianapolis. Houston. To submit meeting information. Qatar. CA www. MN For more information and a listing of additional upcoming MI 48331 Concrete (ICPIC2018).ICON Expo 2018. Valencia. Minneapolis. contact: Event 7-8 .es/en_presentation. DC Telephone: +1.pci.hac-bac. New Orleans. e-mail Lacey Stachel. Napa.2018 NSSGA Annual Convention.2018 NCMA Annual Convention.concreteinternational. HI www.Canadian Concrete Expo.aspx MAY ACI Industry Events Calendar: 6-9 .The Precast Show 2018.ifcee2018. Indianapolis.PTI Convention 2018. ACI. Denver. UT of blended cements. San 5-10 .60th IEEE-IAS/PCA 2018 Cement Conference.16th International Congress of Polymers in Farmington .3795 http://icpic2018.ASA 20th Anniversary Event: First ASA Shotcrete Conference. 56 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Duke Energy Convention 16-18 . Rio All-Suite Hotel & www.RILEM Spring Convention. Grand America & Little 3-6 .org/page/PTI-Convention www. QC.2018 ICPI Annual Meeting. CO www. Denver. OH APRIL/MAY For additional 24-27 . visit www. Spain 22-24 . LA Centre and Hilton Quebec https://masonrysociety. at lacey. CO Convention and Shotcrete Technology Conference.nssga. Lausanne. CA www.2018 CSDA Convention & Tech Concrete and Special Concrete (HAC 2018).2018 PCI Convention and National Bridge 11-13 .org/?page=Convention2018 20-24 .248.am3p.848.aspx.

Get Connected with Visit www. Se destacan las características clave de las presas de concreto págs. 2. V. incluidos los presidentes del ACI y fib. R. La American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA por sus California. un edificio de uso mixto de 57 pisos. 2. es una incluyen interfaces de capas. ingenieros y propietarios de proyectos y acciones para la próxima década. sistemas enfrentados. lo que facilita vistas sin obstáculos sobre la ciudad desde todos los niveles. Bass. y ISO. 40.. www. Las secciones de edificio es de planta triangular con elevadores y escaleras de ensayo se recomiendan para capacitación y para demostrar salida contenidas en el ápice del triángulo y cerchas piramidales que los sistemas.. G. págs. y Horninger. Construcción presa RCC Los premios de nivel de oro se resumen en este número. 40. 40.concreteinternational. Los temas Anual de “Excelencia en Pavimentos de Concreto”. a los contratistas.concrete. No. El entradas y salidas. 44-45 compactado con rodillo (RCC por sus siglas en inglés). usando varios tipos de presas como ejemplos. 37-43 El Foro X de sostenibilidad del ACI se celebró en 2017 en el ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition en Anaheim. No. fib. 31-36 Concrete International. febrero de 2018. galerías internas y juntas. K..K. nuevas tecnologías para la sostenibilidad. Concrete International. plomería. métodos y equipos propuestos para un de piso de largo vano. y permiten alturas de techo máximas y un interior sin columnas. nueva adición al horizonte de la Ciudad de México. febrero de 2018. presentados incluyeron actividades de sostenibilidad dentro reconociendo los pavimentos de concreto de calidad y honrando del ACI. y Buffenbarger. | Ci | FEBRUARY 2018 57 .. Concrete International. Tres lados de altura elevada en la Ciudad de México V. El Foro contó con presentaciones de ocho siglas en inglés) nombró a los ganadores de su 28º Premio oradores. Los temas Torre Reforma. eléctricos y mecánicos.Sinopsis en español El Foro de sostenibilidad del ACI celebra 10 años ACPA 2017 Premios de Excelencia en Pavimentos de Concreto Sakai. 2. No. págs. 40. febrero de 2018. Se otorgaron premios de nivel de oro y plata a 29 proyectos construidos en 2016 en los Estados Unidos y Canadá.P. febrero de 2018. asociados. No. México. 2. V. 25-29 Concrete International. págs. Las cerchas encubran los sistemas de proyecto cumplirán con las especificaciones del proyecto. vertederos.

$49 exposure. positioning them as a leader in the concrete industry.248.S.   ACI University Digital Subscription. E-STUDENT – FREE Join at www.concreteinternational. Your ACI membership includes a hard copy and  ORGANIZATIONAL – $1060 PLUS APPLICABLE SHIPPING FEES online subscription to Concrete International and Includes one set of the ACI Collection of Concrete Codes. & Canada per title).S.S.3800 • Fax: +1.aspx or call +1. hard copy Individuals 28 years old or above residing worldwide.248. visit www.  INDIVIDUAL – $249/year  ACI Structural Journal.848.concrete.848.concrete.2018 ACI Membership Application American Concrete Institute • 38800 Country Club Drive • Farmington Hills. hard copy  YOUNG PROFESSIONAL – $124/year Please allow up to 2 months for delivery outside the U.3801 • Web: .org Please print or type all information requested below:  Mr.  Mrs. digital access to the ACI Materials Journal and a wall plaque. $235 or to join. Funds Only) BILLING ADDRESS FOR CREDIT CARD Code: CI 58 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. Optional Online Subscriptions Bundle your ACI membership with these optional SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP – ACI Sustaining Members receive all membership benefits of online subscriptions for additional ACI resources: Organizational Members plus a free copy of every new ACI publication and increased corporate  Symposium Papers Subscription. add $32 shipping fee.248. Canada and Mexico add $132 shipping Additional Periodical Options fee. and much more.aspx. Canadian residents add 5% GST (#126213149RT) NAME (AS APPEARS ON CREDIT CARD) $ TOTAL (U. and all others.3800. ACI COLLECTION: – Select a format and include applicable shipping fee:  Eight-volume Set – U. and a subscription to Concrete International and both ACI Materials and Structural Journals. Individuals under the age of 28 who do not qualify for student membership. ACI Structural Journal and ACI Guides & Reports.) Markets Occupations  Design  Management  Inspector  Researcher  Materials  Consultant  Craftsman  Educator  Production  Engineer  Sales & Marketing  Student  Construction  Architect  Association  Other __________  Testing  Contractor Employee  Repair  Technical Specialist  Government  Owner  Quality Control Employee Fees Payment CHECK NUMBER Membership dues  CHECK payable to American Concrete Institute $ $ Additional subscriptions  CREDIT CARD  Visa  MasterCard  American Express Organizational six volume set $ shipping fees ACCOUNT NUMBER EXPIRATION DATE SECURITY CODE $ For Journals.848. Gender:  Female  Male FIRST NAME_______________________________________ MIDDLE INITIAL___________ LAST NAME (SURNAME)______________________________________________________ EMPLOYER__________________________________________________________________ CORPORATE TITLE__________________________________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS____________________________________________________________ BIRTHDATE_________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY______________________________________________ STATE___________________ ZIP___________________ COUNTRY ____________________________________________ TELEPHONE_________________________________________________________________ FAX________________________________________________________________________ Categories of membership Included Subscriptions Please select the desired category of membership and submit the appropriate dues described below. MI 48331 • USA Phone: +1. Specificications and Practices (formerly MCP) $99 Profile Information (Select all that apply.S. For complete details  ACI Collection (formerly MCP).  ACI Materials Journal.  Ms. add $225 shipping fee To add subscriptions in hard copy: please check a  USB – no additional shipping costs circle below and include an additional $49 ($54 for  Online Subscription – no additional shipping costs individuals outside U.

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ACI 318-14 does not take into account the amount of salt present.2 References states that “some form of cleaning may be 1. Does ACI provide recommendations on cleaning completely remove.1 — into Exposure Class C2. which may result in compatibility concrete slabs during tilt-up construction? concerns with subsequently applied liquid floor treatments. wax-containing bond breakers is virtually impossible to 60 FEBRUARY 2018 | Ci | www. The answers do not represent the official position of an ACI product used and how heavy it was applied. Comments should be sent to rex.” it also notes that cleaning may be difficult: “Bond breaker residue on casting slab and wall panel Questions in this column were asked by users of ACI documents and have surfaces can be difficult to remove depending on the type of been answered by ACI staff or by a member or members of ACI technical committees. A.2. and R. for providing concrete toward the reinforcing steel and can initiate the answer.” While it recommends contacting “the bond 2014. if the soil is moist. chlorides in soil.40 and a minimum 14. OH. General. Residue from committee.Concrete Q&A Chloride Concentration in Soil and Exposure Classes Q. breaker residue. ON. ACI 551.concreteinternational. 2014. even at concentrations well below that of seawater. 519 pp.” A. MI.1R-14).donahey@concrete. which requires a maximum water- Requirements for concrete by exposure Canada. ACI Committee 551.5 MPa). Chair of ACI considered a concern for corrosion.1R-141 discusses this topic. Doug describe. Concrete. and Construction. Section 6. “Guide to Tilt-Up Concrete Construction necessary to ensure complete removal of all bond (ACI 551. Toronto. so can I specify concrete with a strength value between 2500 and 5000 psi References (17. MI.” American Concrete Institute. Farmington Hills. I’m designing a structure that will be exposed to corrosion. in ACI . Exposure to any amount of salt is Thanks to Terry Holland.3. floor coverings. so I’m reviewing the Therefore. based on C1 and C2 exposure 1.2. and wall paints and coatings. ACI Committee 318. Cleaning Slabs during Tilt-up Construction Q. In the case you Subcommittee 318-A. “Building Code Requirements for Structural classes.1 The chloride concentration in the soil is lower specified compressive strength of 5000 psi. the chlorides will penetrate the Hooton.2 and 34. breaker manufacturer for specific cleaning recommendations. Farmington Hills. the project described in the question clearly falls requirements listed in Table 19. than the concentration in seawater. Auburn Township. cementitious materials ratio (w/cm) of 0. respectively? Concrete (ACI 318-14) and Commentary (ACI 318R-14). University of Toronto.” American Concrete Institute. 42 pp.

Spring 2018 | Salt Lake City Build your Networking Foundation at The Concrete Convention and Exposition March 25-29. UT Networking Receptions Exhibit Show Floor Peer-to-Peer Concrete Mixer Learning View the networking events and register at . 2018 Grand America and Little America Hotel Salt Lake City.aciconvention.