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Section 1. Standing Committees. - The Punong Barangay, in aid of legislation, shall appoint the
Chairman of the following committees, the general legislative functions of which shall be as
hereunder provided:

a) Committee on Finance & Appropriations

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the approval of the budget; the appropriation of
funds for the payment of obligations; the determination of compensation of personnel; taxation
ordinances, monetary and ways and means.

b) Committee on Health
General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the improvement and development of public health
and hygiene, medical clinics, hospitals and quarantine services.

c) Committee on Cleanliness, Beautification and Sanitation

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the general cleanliness and beautification projects,
programs and activities of the community.

d) Committee on Livelihood and Cooperatives

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the development of cottage industry, livelihood and
employment programs in the community; the conduct of free livelihood trainings and programs;
the establishment and supervision of local cooperatives within the barangay.

e) Committee on Trade and Industry

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to consumer protection; regulating, monitoring and
supervision of all existing business establishments in the barangay; the development of food
production and agri-business, agricultural economics and research, agricultural education and
extension services; animal industry and livestock quarantine.

f) Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the exploration, development, utilization and
conversion of natural resources; the protection of environment against air, water, land and
other sources of pollutions.

g) Committee on Education, Culture and Tourism

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to education and culture, local schools, colleges and
universities, libraries and museum; non-formal and community adult education; scientific and
technological research, development and advancement of moral and religious of the
community; development of various tourism programs for the barangay.

h) Committee on Urban Poor Affairs, Social Services, Children/Women & Family Welfare &
Disabled Persons
General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the general welfare of the urban poor communities
such as assistance for the relocation of displaced families and human settlements;
implementation of anti-squatting laws and ordinances; provision of various social services
assistance; strengthening and development of family life, children and women’s general
welfare; implementation of gender issues; conduct of projects and programs that expand
employment opportunities and create income-generating activities for the unwed mothers and
disabled persons.

i) Committee on Senior Citizens Affairs

General Jurisdictions: All matters relating to the general welfare of the senior citizens in the

j) Committee on Rules, Ethics and Legal Matters

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the conduct, protection of the rights and privileges,
safety, dignity, integrity and reputation of the Sangguniang Barangay and its members;
investigation of administrative or criminal charges filed by any individual, corporation and/or
entity against any Sanggunian members and employees in connection with their performance of
their official functions and duties, and if necessary, the extension of any legal aid/assistance to
any concerned Sanggunian member and/or employee.

k) Committee on Public Order and Security

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the maintenance of public order and security; civil
defense; liaison with the Philippine National Police; organization and supervision of Barangay
Tanods; implementation of local ordinances; crime prevention; human rights abuses; conduct of
anti-drug abuse programs and activities; prevention of all anti-criminal activities such as
terrorism, kidnap-for-ransom, car thieves, etc. within the barangay.

l) Committee on Infrastructure, Public Works and Highways

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to planning, construction, maintenance, improvement
and repair of public buildings, highways, bridges, roads, parks, shrines, monuments and other
edifices; sewerage and flood control protection; irrigation and water utilities; monitoring and
prevention of all illegal constructions within the barangay.

m) Committee on Transportation and Communications

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the establishment/improvement of tele-
communication systems/networks; supervising/regulating/monitoring of all land, sea and air
transportation and public utilities operating and/or conducting business within the barangay.

n) Committee on Youth and Sports Development

General Jurisdiction: All matters relating to the youth; the promotion of the youth’s moral,
physical, intellectual and social ell-being and the development of sports and sportsmanship in
the community; coordination with the Sangguniang Kabataan various projects, programs and
activities for the youth.