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Framed Structure:
1. Earth work Excavation for all Columns.
2. If rock available at Excavation pits it should be paid extra.
3. Foundation at the depth of 5 feet above that client should pay extra.
4. Foundation Concrete in P.C.C. 1:5:10 mix 6” Tk.
5. Footing Concrete with RCC –M15 (1:2:4)
6. Plinth beam at Existing Ground Level as per Design.
7. Basement Height 3’0” from Existing Road Level in our Scope.
8. Flooring Concrete in P.C.C. 1:5:10 mix 4” Tk
9. 9” tk brick wall for external & 4.5” Internal partitions for Superstructure.
10. Wall masonry using bricks of Chamber bricks @ cost of 5.50/ bricks.
11. Sill Concrete at 3’0”Ht Level.
12. Lintel concrete at 7’00” height from the finished floor level.
13. Roof height will be provided 10’0” height from from the FFL to bottom of the
roof slab.
14. Loft will be provided for bed rooms & kitchen.
15. Cement used in site will be Ultratech / Ramco cement.
16. Sunshade will be provided for all windows.
17. Steel of good Quality of ISI Brand.
18. M Sand & Karur River sand will be used for the construction.
19. 16mm, 12mm DIA steel will be used for beams / columns & 8mm, 10mm DIA
steel will is used for roof slab and as per design.
20. 4.5” tk Roof slab & 1’3” x 9” size Beam.
21. M 15 Grade (1:2:4) concrete for all concrete work.
22. 1:4 Ratio mix for ceiling plastering & 1:5 ratio mix for wall plastering.
23. 1:6 Ratio mix for brick work.
24. If Weathering Course Required it Should be Paid Extra.
25. Terrace Floor Laid with Screed Concrete with required slope to drain Rain Water.
26. Padak Wood (Rs.2800/Cft) for Main Door, Sal wood (Rs.1400/Cft) frame and Skin
Door for Inner Doors & Sal wood Frame and Shutter for Windows.
27. Inner Staircase handrails to use for Stainless steel Handrails
28. External Staircase Handrail with Mild Steel.

Tiles Works:
1. 2’00” x2’00” Vitrified tiles of Good Quality at the cost of Rs. 55/sq.ft.
2. Skirting of 4” ht for all round the wall.
3. Kitchen cooking platform provide with Granite cost of Rs.120/ sq.ft.
4. Toilet wall tiles up to 7’00” height with Glazed tiles and flooring tiles with antiskid
ceramic tiles [cost of Rs. 40/ sq.ft].
5. Kitchen wall tiles above Kitchen Table top Upto Lintel Level. [Cost of Rs.40/ Sq.ft].
6. Ground floor parking area to be provided Eurocon tile [cost of Rs.40/ Sq.ft].
7. Staircase to be provided with Anti Skid Tiles [cost of Rs.40/ Sq.ft].

Fittings and Fixtures – Plumbing:

1. Plumbing pipes of good quality of ISI. Brands (UPVC).
2. Sintex Tank – 1 No of 1000 Lits (Black Colour)
3. Plumbing fitting like tap, closet, wall mixer and shower, health wash with good
quality of ISI Brands (Jaguar & Hindware) as per rates.

I. Bath Room Fitting & Fixtures:

1. Mixer wall 3 in 1 = Rs. 3000/ 1No.
2. Shower Arm = Rs. 900/ 1No.
1. Floor Mounted Closet (EWC) = Rs. 3500/ 1No.
2. Flush wall = Rs. 1200/ 1No.
3. Health Faucet = Rs. 500/ 1No.
4. Short body Tap = Rs. 600/ 1No.
5. Long body Tap = Rs. 750/ 1No.

1. Wash basin for = Rs. 1200/ 1No.
2. Angle Valve = Rs. 350/ 1No.
3. Wash Basin Tap = Rs. 600/ 1No
IV. Fitting Work Extra for Client:
a. Wash Basin Mirror.
b. Soap Tray.
c. Towel Rail.
d. Exhaust Fan.

Fittings and Fixtures – Electrical:

1. Wiring with Good Quality of ISI Brand (Kundan cable).
2. Concealed Wiring Pipe With ISI Brand.
3. Modular switches will provide for all points (Legrand Myrius).
4. All Bed room for A.C points only provided.
5. Electrical Switch box used for Metal Box (Legrand)
6. If Three Phase Required Extra Charges for MCB & Breaker Box Should be Paid
7. Main EB Line Connection & Meter Charges for Material & Labour should be Paid
As per rate:
a. Legrand Myrius 10A 1w switch (White) = 50.00/ switch.
b. Legrand Myrius 10A 2w switch (White) = 70.00/ switch.
c. Legrand Myrius 10A International = 95/ Switch.
d. Legrand Myrius 20A 1w switch (White) = 85/ switch.
e. Legrand Myrius 16A unit socket (White) = 96/ socket.
f. Legrand Myrius Fan Reg 2m (White) = 200/ Reg.
a. CCTV Camera Line.
b. Any Safety Requirements.

Painting Work:
1. Internal walls with two coat of Putty, one coat of primer and two coats of Tractor
Emulsion (Asian)
2. Exterior wall One coat white wash and two coats of Exterior Emulsion Apex
3. Enamel paint for the Grill Work. (Asian).

Wood Painting Work:

1. Main Door to be polished with melamine polish.
2. Other doors and windows are painted with enamel.
3. Main Door Carving is in our Scope.

Wood Work:
Main Door with Padak Teak of size 5”x4” Door Frame and Door shutter 2” TK.
Kerala Teak wood in cost [Rs. 2800/Cft].
Lock, Handle, Bush, Altrop, Hinges, Door stopper = Rs. 8500/ Door.
Bed Room & Other Doors With Sal wood of size 4”x3” Door frame with Skin Door - Sal wood in
cost [Rs. 1400/Cft].
Lock, Handle, Bush, Altrop, Hinges, Door stopper = Rs. 2500/ Door.
Cost of Skin Door = Rs. 2500/ Door.

Wooden Windows
All Window & Ventilators to used Sal wood frame of size 4”x3” and shutter size 4”x2” with
Glazed window. Sal wood in cost [Rs. 1400/Cft].

Grill work for Windows

Window grills used for 13mm Polish Rod.

List of Basic Price considered in our offer:

 M sand / River Sand - 50.00/Cft
 Jelly - 23.00/Cft
 Cement - 400.00/Bag
 Reinforcement steel(ISI) - 42000.00/Mt
 Bricks - 5.50/Nos
 Padak Teak wood - 2800.00/Cft
 Sal wood - 1400.00/Cft
 Vitrified tile (2x 2) - 55.00/Sft
 Glazed wall tile -40.00/Sft
 Ceramic floor tile - 40.00/Sft
 Portico/Balcony Eurocon Tile - 40.00/Sft
 Table Top Granite - 120.00/Sft
 Eurocon Steps Tiles - 40.00/Sft

The Variation in Escalation shall be considered at ±5% to the above mentioned basic rates.

1. Electric and water supply to be Arranged by client at free of cost.
2. Elevation work Extra.
3. Interior Work Extra.

Thanks & Regards

M.R.Muthu Raman
95663 56400