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worldwide visual identity guidelines





PMS 485 C

v7.0 August 2013

3 Guideline Intent 24 Example Applications
25 Letterhead
4 The Lenovo Brand
26 Business Card
5 Logos
27 Business Envelope
6 Chinese Lockup
28 Fax Cover Page
7 Lenovo Lockup
29 Email Format
8 Lenovo Trademarks
30 Employee Badge
9 Clear Space
31 Corporate Presentations
10 Background Control
32 Video
11 Misuse
33 Annual Report
12 Brand Voice
34 Intranet/Email Style
13 Partnerships
14 DO+ Program Identity
36 Social Media
15 Business Partner Emblems
37 Graphic User Interface
16 File Naming & Formats
38 Desktop Personality
17 Visual System 39 Office Environment
18 Color Palette 40 External Events
19 Typography 41 Brand Internalization
20 Patterns 42 Merchandise
21 Text + Ribbon Styles
43 Product Brands
22 Multimode Icons
44 ThinkPad Product Brand Logos
23 Type, Color & Pattern
45 ThinkPad Product Brand Packaging
46 Lenovo Product Packaging

47 Document Version Control

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 2

Guideline Intent
Lenovo strives for excellence in the design External Access
of its products, advertising, exhibition This document has been built with the
materials, social media presence, web assumption that the audience will have
design and more. This visual identity access to the Lenovo intranet. If you are an
guideline is a framework which articulates external partner without access, many of the
core elements of the Lenovo brand and hyperlinks will not be accessible. In these
serves as a tool for designers and creative instances, please work with your Lenovo
partners in the development of a wide contact to collect the necessary files.
variety of brand expressions.

Further assistance on design and identity,

including approvals, is available from the
WW Brand & Creative Content team. All
design resource materials listed within this
document are available online via Lenovo
Central in Branding Resources.

Related Content
The Brand Campaign Cookbook takes these
guidelines into account but focuses
specifically on Lenovo’s advertising look and
feel. Both guidelines should be used in
conjunction with one another.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 3


10 The Lenovo Brand

PC+ Strategy
PC+, The Freedom to Do. We’re more for that. Our work should be genuine and
plugged in and more connected today than honest, never overstylized. Do isn’t: Do is:
ever before. Always on. Constantly moving • Deliberate: Lenovo is always in motion—
and constantly Do-ing. And we need People doing People doing
Everything we do, we do with purpose.
Listening and watching how40
machines that can keep up with us. things with interesting, even
That’s what PC+ is all about: Machines that computers amazing things
customers use and rely on our machines,
adapt. Technology that shifts, twists and with technology
we tinker and tinker again to get it right,
turns. Devices that are as flexible as you are. making sure the end user experience
That’s why we make laptops that turn into For everyone An exclusive
works in a sublime and perfect way.
tablets. Desktops that turn into tabletops. club for
Lenovo never waits for something to
Smart phones that are actually smart and everyone who
happen— we do everything necessary to
personal computers that take care of wants to Do
make it happen.
business. Because we believe that
• Inspired: Lenovo is enthusiastic and A choice between Substance
technology shouldn’t limit you — it should
passionate about what we Do. There’s an style & substance with attitude
give you the freedom to Do.
intensity behind our belief that technology

exists so people can Do great things.
Brand Personality Our spirit is overly optimistic and we
action resulting
Built on five key attributes: expect the same from our customers. you see in most in tangible
We challenge people to max out on tech ads accomplishment
• Pioneering: Lenovo is on a constant their passions to get the most out of our
mission to explore the unknown, machines because that’s what they’re A follower A trailblazer
the unclaimed and the unconventional. built to Do.
Repeatedly venturing into uncharted
• Unconventional: Lenovo is different
territory, driven by a desire to learn.
from other technology companies. We
To accomplish. To achieve. We
look different. Our products are different.
experiment. We take chances. Among a
And we behave differently. We encourage
sea of lookalikes, Lenovo is a trailblazer.
exploration of the unknown and the

PMS 485 C
• Authentic: There’s an intelligence and intriguing. Our communications should
substance to our brand. It’s the opposite stimulate and provoke with a fresh new
of shallow. Lenovo will never pretend to approach to technology.
be something it isn’t, because it’s too real
The Lenovo Brand

The examples shown are the approved
colors for the Lenovo logo, no other colors
should be used.
Lenovo Logo
Logos can be downloaded from
Branding Resources.

Reversed Logos
Using a reversed Lenovo logo should be
considered when an application requires
more protective space surrounding our logo
for impact. Instances: Web banners, exhibit
design banner, etc.
Lenovo Logo
Reversed on a black background

Lenovo Logo
Gray (PMS 423 C)

Lenovo Logo
Reversed on a gray background (PMS 423 C)

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 5

The Lenovo Brand

Chinese Lockup
In China the Lenovo logo is most recognized
when followed by Chinese characters.
Lenovo Chinese Lockup
For use in China only. Not for use on
global products.

Please contact WW Brand & Creative

Content to obtain these lockups.

Lenovo Chinese Lockup

Reversed Black

Lenovo Chinese Lockup

Gray (PMS 423 C)

Lenovo Chinese Lockup

Reversed Gray (PMS 423 C)

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 6

The Lenovo Brand

Lenovo Lockup
For Those Who Do
This is our tagline - it is sacred language.
These four words should never be changed.
Do not create work that features lines like
Lenovo Lockup Lenovo Lockup “For those who teach, for those who create,
Color Reversed Color for those who fix, etc.”

The Lenovo + For Those Who Do lockup
should be used as the default corporate
logo when sizing and spacing permits. The
lockup may be reproduced in the colors
shown. A three color lockup is preferred.

See Brand Campaign Cookbook for

complete set of campaign guidelines.

Lenovo Lockup Lenovo Lockup Logos can be downloaded from

Grayscale Reversed Grayscale
Branding Resources.

Lenovo Lockup Lenovo Lockup

1-Color Reversed 1-Color

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 7

The Lenovo Brand

Lenovo Trademarks
A trademark identifies a product or service
and distinguishes it from the competition.
Trademark rights can last forever, but
incorrect use can result in trademark rights
being lost.
Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or
both. © 2013 Lenovo, all rights reserved.
Lenovo protects its important logos and
names by registering them with trademark
offices around the world.

The Lenovo name and the Lenovo logo
are both registered trademarks and should
be denoted with the notation ®. Proper
usage includes a notation at least once per
publication (typically first appearance) and
always in a prominent position. This is a
requirement for external, customer facing
Lenovo, the Lenovo logo and For Those Who Do are trademarks of Lenovo in the United communications and does not apply to
States, other countries, or both. © 2013 Lenovo, all rights reserved. internal campaigns.

Lenovo + For Those Who Do

The Lenovo + For Those Who Do lockup
is global in nature, and should be used as
NOTE: the default corporate logo when sizing and
These guidelines are not intended to be the definitive source for all copyright and
trademark attribution. They should be used in conjunction with any additional product
spacing permits in all regions.
requirements which may exist with Lenovo partnerships and licensing specific to your
area of expertise. For a complete list of Lenovo trademarks
and additional information, visit:
• Copyright and Trademark Information

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 8

The Lenovo Brand

Clear Space
A protected area of clear space surrounds
the Lenovo logo and lockup on all print and
x x web applications.

The clear space is measured by using the

x height of the ‘L’ as illustrated.

The logo should never appear smaller than

3/4” (20 mm) in length.
x =
The lockup should never appear smaller
than 1” (25mm) in width.

x x

x =

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 9

The Lenovo Brand

Background Control
The logo and lockup must not be placed on
backgrounds that decrease their legibility, or
threaten their integrity.
The Lenovo logo should be placed on backgrounds with The Lenovo logo should not be placed on backgrounds with
sufficient contrast. insufficient contrast. This includes two, three, and four
dimensional applications, and is extremely
critical at smaller reproduction sizes.

Often, a certain visual effect or meaning

is intended at the expense of the brand;
ultimately infringing on the integrity of the
The Lenovo logo may be placed on images, but should be The Lenovo logo should not be placed on busy and high brand identity.
used in neutral areas. contrast backgrounds.

The Lenovo logo may be placed on backgrounds with Do not introduce a shape around the Lenovo lockup that
sufficient clear space around it. suggests a logo.

The Lenovo lockup should be placed on backgrounds with The Lenovo lockup should not be placed on backgrounds
sufficient contrast. with insufficient contrast.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 10

The Lenovo Brand

The logo and lockup is not to be adjusted,
transposed, warped, manipulated or
changed in any way. This includes specialty
Never change the logo color outside of the official palette. Never change the proportion of the logo. applications, advertising campaigns and
in-house designed materials.

Zrilis ero odio delit darta alis lorem These examples illustrate what not to do.
consectem .Epudia iunti te If in doubt, use the original logo or lockup.
sitiis ionessiti ut quiasinum raesseq.
Never place the logo in-line with text. Never typeset the logo.

Do not create other words in the same typestyle. Never contain the logo within a shape.

Never introduce outside elements to the logo. Never lock the Lenovo logo up to a product name.

Never introduce outside elements to the lockup. Never change the lockup colors outside of the official palette.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 11

The Lenovo Brand

Key Message/Headline Examples Brand Voice

The freedom to DO We use a distinct voice to speak directly to
our audience—the tone and manner should
The power to DO anywhere be consistent across all communications.
Lenovo’s voice is always straightforward,
More than just a computer with a strength to the phrasing and utility to
the words:
Because DO doesn’t stop
• We don’t speak in flowery, effusive terms.
DO doesn’t wait • We don’t load sentences up with
DO does adjectives and employ cute wordplay.
• Our copy should give you a sense that
DO anywhere we’re serious—never preachy or pedantic.

The power to DO • Our communications are economical

and on point.
Technology that’s as flexible as you are
Key Messages/Headlines
MAKE SOMETHING WITH YOUR OWN BARE DIGITAL HANDS A complete list of suggested Key Messages/
Headlines can be downloaded from
we make the tools. you make them do. Branding Resources.

we make do machines
do is only two letters away from done
do forges dreams into reality
do doesn’t have time for don’t
do is only two letters away from done
we make dream realization devices
Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 12
The Lenovo Brand

Lenovo + Partner Examples Partnerships

In the course of doing business, Lenovo
may enter into joint ventures, partnerships
and relationships with other companies.
In these cases, the use of the Lenovo
Lenovo + Partner lockup example Lenovo + Partner lockup example name and trademarks must be carefully
considered. The Lenovo identity should
always be retained unless the legal
relationship states otherwise.

The lockups shown illustrate how the

Lenovo logo and a partner logo can be
used together.
LenovoEMC Lenovo + NFL
Joint Venture Logo Guidelines Select Partner logos can be downloaded
from Branding Resources.

All usage of partnership-related marks

need to be created by the WW Brand &
Creative Content team. Please allow
ample time for creation and reviews.
“A Lenovo Company” Examples

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 13

The Lenovo Brand

DO+ Program Logo Typographic Pattern DO+ Program Identity

Our industry continues to change rapidly.
In addition to traditional PCs, smartphones
and tablets along with cloud computing are
creating what we call the PC+ era.

The DO+ program identity blends our

tagline, For Those Who Do, with our
strategic goal to become a leader in the
PC+ era.

21° The DO+ program identity should

never replace Lenovo + For Those Who Do,
but support it.

Typographic Pattern
An important element of the DO+ program
identity is the typographic pattern that
DO+ Application Examples combines Lenovo icons, logos, symbols and
words at a 21° angle. This pattern can be
used on it’s own, as a photo overlay or even
customized for special programs.

Download DO+ program identity elements

from Branding Resources.

For a customed version of the typographic

pattern, please contact the WW Brand &
Creative Content team. Please allow
ample time to review your request and
for production.
Must include Lenovo Lockup

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 14

The Lenovo Brand

Business Partner
Lenovo Business Partner emblems may
only be used by Lenovo Business Partners.
There are four level designations: Regular,
Premium, Premium Gold and Platinum.

Lenovo Business Lenovo Premium Business Lenovo Premium Gold Lenovo Platinum Business Certificates are available to support the
Partner Emblem Partner Emblem Business Partner Emblem Partner Emblem various levels of Business Partner activation,
and have been created in PowerPoint to
facilitate customization.

Business Partner emblems and certificates

are available on Branding Resources.

Company name
Geographical Region

In recognition of your continued

commitment to excellence in delivering
Lenovo solutions.

Local Channel Manager

Lenovo Business Partner Certificate Lenovo Business Partner Email Signature

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 15

The Lenovo Brand

File Naming & Formats

Use this naming convention guide to select
the appropriate files for reproduction.

eps Adobe Illustrator

CS5 eps file EPS Files
pdf Adobe PDF file
EPS files can be imported into or opened
jpg Compressed through page layout and illustration software
image file such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or
png Compressed InDesign. The EPS logos should be used for
Positive POS image file with
Reversed REV transparency high-resolution print applications.

PDF Files

PDF files can be used to ensure documents
look the same from system to system when
sharing files with others that don’t have the
same software, platform or fonts.
Lenovo LenovoLogo Black
Lenovo For Those Who Do LenovoLockup Gray PNG Files
Business Partner LenovoBP
1Color PNG images are best used with logos,
Premium Business Partner LenovoPBP
Premium Gold Business Partner LenovoPGoldBP
Multicolor line drawings, icons and photographs
with transparency. (In photos without
transparency, JPEG can be used for smaller
file sizes.)

JPG Files
JPG images are best used with
photographic or bitmap images.
Care must be taken when working with
JPEG images as each time a JPEG is
resaved, more and more compression
artifacts are introduced.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 16

Visual System

Visual System
The Lenovo visual system is designed
to be dynamic and flexible. This section
will explain the use of color, typography,
photography style and graphic elements.

The flexibility of the system requires careful

treatment and attention for all graphic
elements. The use of these guidelines will
ensure that the visual system will reinforce
and strengthen our brand.

PMS 485 C


The Lenovo color palette consists of core
and secondary colors. The consistent use
of these colors will create recognition and
strengthen the Lenovo brand.
Lenovo Red - PMS 485 C Gold - PMS 123 C
CMYK 0/95/100/0 | RGB 238/49/36 | HEX #EE3124 CMYK 0/22/91/0 | RGB 241/199/65 | HEX #F1C741 Generic reds, yellows, blues, grays and
blacks are unacceptable substitutes for
these carefully selected colors. Please
use the specifications as they appear for
accuracy. Use a Pantone Matching System
(PMS) and specify “spot” colors whenever
Dark Red - PMS 484 C Blue - PMS 306 C possible.
CMYK 0/95/100/29 | RGB 179/35/23 | HEX #B32317 CMYK 79/1/6/0 | RGB 81/182/226 | HEX #51B6E2

Adobe Color Swatches

Download and install the Lenovo Colors
for use in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Black - Process Black C Light Gray - PMS 420 and InDesign.
CMYK 0/0/0/100 | RGB 0/0/0 | HEX #000000 CMYK 18/14/16/0 | RGB 207/206/202 | HEX #CCCCCC

Gray - PMS 423 C

CMYK 47/37/39/3 | RGB 141/143/142 | HEX #999999

CMYK 0/0/0/0 | RGB 255/255/255 | HEX #FFFFFF

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 18


Helvetica Neue Typography

Helvetica Neue Ultralight Lenovo typography consists of two
typefaces: Helvetica Neue and Lenovo Do.

Helvetica Neue Light Both typefaces come in a variety of weights

and offer flexibility of use. Commitment to

Helvetica Neue Roman these typefaces will create a consistent and

strong identity.

Helvetica Neue Medium Lenovo Do Tips

Helvetica Neue Bold Please pay attention to letterspacing
because of irregular kerning associated with
Helvetica Neue Heavy the Lenovo Do font.

Helvetica Neue Black As a general rule, upper case should be

used in all headlines while sentence case
should be used for body copy (12px and

Lenovo Do
Screen Fonts

Lenovo Do Regular UppeR case The screen fonts for websites are Arial and
Lenovo Do.

Lenovo Do Regular Sentence Case

Lenovo Do Medium UPPER CASE
Lenovo Do Medium Sentence Case
Lenovo Do Bold UpPER CASE
Lenovo Do Bold Sentence Case

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 19

Visual System

Cloud of Promise Pattern Scallop Pattern Patterns

Used in combination with our corporate
colors, logos and fonts, patterns can achieve
an ownable look for Lenovo across many
different forms of media and environments.

The WW Brand & Creative Content team

will continue to add to this list of acceptable
patterns which can be downloaded from the
Branding Resources website.
Lenovo Do Pattern Typographic Pattern

Distressed White Background Distressed Black Background

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 20

Visual System

Braided Style Traveling Style Text + Ribbon Styles

Combining headline text with our distinct
colored ribbons can be done a number of
ways. To keep order around these, we have

STOP grouped them into the 6 categories shown

at the left. You can download these from
YOU MAKE THEM the Branding Resource website in .eps
format for editing within your page layout

Banded Style
DO. Flag Style
and illustration software such as Adobe
Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

Quick Tip:
Ribbon copy with a mix of the “Lenovo Do”
WE ARE THOSE INSPIRING font in Medium and/or Bold weight generally
works best.

Boxed Style Loose Style

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 21
Visual System

Multimode Icons
Lenovo has introduced a new level of
computing with its multimode devices.
For the first time, powerful computers can
transform between multiple modes and
adapt to whatever the situation demands.

These icons represent the unique modes

of Lenovo products. Used as a consistent
design element, the icons reinforce Lenovo’s
distinct point of differentiation.

Product Usage Guidelines:

• Lenovo Yoga:
Laptop, Stand, Tent, Tablet
PLUS Hold, Pivot Stand, Pivot Tilt
• Lenovo Flex:
Laptop, Stand
• Lenovo Flex 20:
Table, Stand

Icons can be downloaded from

PIVOT PIVOT Branding Resources.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 22


Type, Color & Pattern

Core Colors Typography

ThinkPad X1
Type may be set in one of our corporate
may be mixed colors so long as it retains legibility. Using
Example of an a combination of type weights, pattern and
with other acceptable color color creates a strong, ownable look for
colors as long use combining: Lenovo communications.
• Lenovo Red
as legibility is • White
The type must be set in colors that remain
legible over the background.
retained. • Black
• Distressed White A mix of Helvetica Neue and Lenovo Do
fonts is acceptable.
Text on Flag Ribbon

Typography Ribbon styles only need to be used

sparingly. Too much ribbon can look very
cluttered and visually distracting.

IdeaPad W520 Loose

Yoga Style
Acceptable color
combination: ON
White text on
dark Do Pattern Example of an accept- White
with multi mode able color combination:
icons. White typography on Red
background, with White
Copy on banded ribbon
and Black vertical text.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 23

Example Applications

22 Example Applications
The Lenovo identity will come to life on
the materials we use to communicate.
These include stationery, presentations,
websites, environments and more.
Correct and consistent use of the visual
10 system will be the determining factor
for a successful identity.

This section provides sample layouts and

mechanicals that illustrate how all of the
visual elements come together to create a
distinct Lenovo identity.


PMS 485 C
Example Applications

39 25

8 1/2” x 11” Letterhead
(216 mm x 279 mm)
A sample letterhead template is shown and
DATE: March 15, 2011 Material
10 Cougar White Smooth provides specifications, type and color.
TO: Name of Addressee 80T (or comparable)

Number and Street Typography

For electronic versions of the letterhead
City, State and Postal Code
Lenovo Do template, click a link below:
Helvetica Neue

Colors • Lenovo Letterhead (8.5x11)

SUBJECT: Initial Caps in Bold
Pantone 485, Lenovo Red
Salutation, Pantone 484, Dark Red • Lenovo Letterhead (A4)
Pantone Process Black
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis ornare diam semper • Lenovo Document (8.5x11)
tortor ornare imperdiet. Suspendisse ultrices feugiat tempor. Vestibulum ac feugiat
nisi. Mauris et quam non lectus eleifend ullamcorper sed non nisl. Nunc sit amet
dolor diam, non pharetra velit. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus
et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Quisque ut dapibus neque. Pellentesque habitant
For print specifications for all stationery,
morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Mauris click the link below:
lectus odio, dapibus non congue ut, interdum sed tellus. Donec convallis consequat
placerat. Curabitur libero eros, hendrerit in condimentum vel, vehicula at leo.
• Worldwide Stationery Guidance
Curabitur libero eros,

Lorem ipsum

FROM: 1009 ThinkPlace

Morrisville, NC 27560



Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 25

Example Applications
5 5

4.5 4.5 Size

Horizontal orientation Business Card
51 mm x 89 mm
2” x 3 1/2” The standard size business card format for
Material worldwide use is shown. The person’s name
Cougar White Smooth
130C (or comparable)
is emphasized in bold followed by the title.
First M. Last
Title, Department Typography The address block can accommodate a
Lenovo Do, Bold
1009 Think Place Lenovo Do, Medium maximum of 9 lines of copy ( is
mobile 919 456-7890 required). If not all lines are needed, space is
27.25 fax 919 987-6543 Morrisville, NC 27560 Colors
voip 123-4567 Pantone 485, Lenovo Red created between the name & title block and Pantone 484, Dark Red the line in the first column. The
Pantone Process Black
4.5 second column builds from the top.
Pantone Process Black 75%
45.5 5 Back (Optional) There are two options for the back of the
Tagline artwork is centered
horizontally and vertically on
the back of card.
1. A full-bleed option features the For Those
Who Do tagline and a QR code.
QR code aligns with box
containing the word “FOR” 2. A translated copy of the front

For print specifications for all stationery,

click the link below:

• Worldwide Stationery Guidance

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 26

Example Applications

9 1/2” x 4 1/8” Business Envelope
Morrisville, NC 27560
1009 Think Place
(241 mm x 105 mm)
A standard business envelope is shown.
10 54 Colors
Pantone 485 Red This basic format can be followed for all
Pantone 484 Dark Red
Pantone Process Black
similar-sized U.S. and DIN envelopes.

Material Envelope can be custom printed with a

Cougar White Smooth
80T (or comparable) 1-color pattern on the interior.
Name of Addressee
Typography For print specifications for all stationery,
Lenovo Do (on flap)
Number and Street
click the link below:
City, State and Postal Code
• Worldwide Stationery Guidance

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 27

Example Applications

Fax Cover Page

A black and white fax cover sheet is shown.

For electronic versions of the fax sheet

template, click a link below:

• Lenovo Fax Cover Sheet (8.5x11)

• Lenovo Fax Cover Sheet (A4)
1 DATE: March 15, 2011

TO: First M. Last FROM: First M. Last

COMPANY: Your Company COMPANY: My Company

FAX: Enter Fax PHONE: Enter Phone



NOTES: Enter notes here...

4 1009 ThinkPlace

Morrisville, NC 27560
5 6

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 28

Example Applications

Email Format
Email Signature
Consistent use of our electronic Microsoft
Outlook email signatures will contribute to a
consistent brand language and a common
voice with our outside customers.

All official email signatures can be created

on Branding Resources.

E-mail footers should never be created by

individuals. Typefaces, colors, hyperlinks
and graphics have been carefully chosen to
be consistent with our visual identity.

Email Stationery & Fonts

All default fonts in Microsoft Outlook should
be set to Arial 10 for brand consistency.

Instructions (Outlook 2007):

1. Tools > Options > Mail Format >
Stationery and Fonts.
2. Under “New Mail Messages” click
on Font.
3. Select Arial/Regular/10, then click OK.
Email Signature DON’T 4. Repeat step 3 for “Replying or
forwarding messages”
5. Click OK.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 29

Example Applications

Employee Badge
we pledge.
we pledge.
想清楚再承诺 The standard worldwide badge design
We PLAN before we pledge. We PERFORM
as weaspromise.
we promise. is shown. Some geographies may have
We PERFORM as we promise. We PRIORITIZE
first. first. different technologies built into their
承诺就要兑现 公司利益至上
PLAN improving
before improving
we everyevery
pledge. day. day. badges, such as security chips, that may
公司利益至上 想清楚再承诺
require slight shifts in design elements.
we ideas.
We PRACTICE improving every day.
每一年每一天我们都在进步 敢为天下先
In these cases, please use this design as
We PIONEER new ideas.
We PRIORITIZE company first.
We PLAN before we pledge.
a starting point.
We PRACTICE improving every day. We PERFORM as we promise.
We PIONEER new ideas.
For artwork, click the link below:
We PRIORITIZE company first.
Regular Employee Badge (front) Employee
敢为天下先 Badge (back) 公司利益至上
• Badge Artwork
We PRACTICE improving every day.
Molani 每一年每一天我们都在进步
We PIONEER new ideas.
Adala 敢为天下先


Albert GUEST
Dirk Thursday, 05/15/11
Dirk Haffenshlaft
Albert Dirk
Einstein Haffenshlaft
First M. Last
Dirk Albert
My Company Name Dirk
Haffenshlaft Einstein
Optional Line 3 Haffenshlaft

Contract Employee Badge (Yellow) Guest Badge

EMC2 Employee Badge (Blue)
Vendor Employee Badge (Dark Red)

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 30

Example Applications

Corporate Presentations
It is important to project a consistent image
of the company through our internal and
external communications. The corporate
presentation template should be used for all
electronic presentations.

The preferred presentation aspect ratio is

16:9 which accommodates most modern
computer and presentation screen sizes.
A 4:3 template is also available for special

Printing Tip:
When printing 16:9, choose “Scale to fit
paper” from print dialogue. This will ensure
the whole slide is printed on your selected
paper size.

To download presentation templates,

click a link below:

• Lenovo Presentation Template (16x9)

• Lenovo Presentation Template (4x3)

Information Security:
Active presentations should be updated
in order to be compliant with new Lenovo
information security requirements.
Presentations containing restricted content
should use the following templates:

• Lenovo RESTRICTED Template (16x9)

• Lenovo RESTRICTED Template (4x3)

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 31

Example Applications

Sample Corporate Video Storyboard Video

Video is a powerful medium for expressing
our genuine, inspired and trusted Lenovo
brand characteristics. It brings the Lenovo
brand to life in new and exciting ways
and gives us an opportunity to create a
voice that engages our customers and
partners with fresh insights and thought-
provoking stories.

Opening/Closing Animations
Using the Lenovo logo in the opening and
closing frames is required. This nicely
bookends the video and offers a strong
reinforcement of our visual identity.

In the opening and closing frames, the

Lenovo lockup should always appear on a
black background.

For more detailed guidelines, video links

and assets, refer to the Lenovo WW
Video Guidelines available on Branding

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 32

Example Applications

Annual Report
Lenovo’s annual report provides an
excellent opportunity to showcase our visual
identity to our shareholders. By combining
brand campaign imagery, color palette
and typography style, this communication
becomes very on-brand.

The full report can be downloaded here:

2012/2013 Annual Report (pdf).

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 33

Example Applications

Intranet Banners Intranet/Email Style

These examples show the style for internal
online and email communications.

Download Outlook email newsletter

templates via the following links:

• Simple Email Newsletter

• Simple Email Newsletter w/ Header
• Simple Email Newsletter w/
Editable Banner
• Super Email Newsletter

Please contact Lenovo Global Internal

Communications team for assistance in
Email Newsletter Templates creating customized banners and/or emails.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 34

Example Applications is one of the most important
communicators of our brand. It is a rich,
complex, and ever-changing environment
that balances technology with searchable
and findable content, designs that follow
corporate and campaign guidelines, and
user experiences that are optimized to
convert visitors into customers.

But is only one entity in

Lenovo’s digital universe. Dozens of co-
branded customer sites, internal tools,
and marketing sitelets now follow design
standards that define everything from
color palettes, font usage, and page
measurements to compatible browsers,
consistent interactive functions, and web
technologies. These standards support an
ongoing commitment to create a unified
family of digital properties.

A growing library of guidelines can be

found on Lenovo Central for internal use at:
Lenovo Web Style Guide.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 35

Example Applications

Social Media
Social media is becoming globally pervasive
and allows for Lenovo to communicate on
a different level with customers, business
partners and many other audiences that
haven’t been reached before.

Our social media landscape includes:

• Lenovo Social:

• Lenovo Blogs:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• YouTube:
• Flickr:
• GooglePlus:
Lenovo Blogs Facebook com/u/1/115831017343671643958
• Instagram:

With these new online opportunities, it

remains important to project the right visual
brand of Lenovo to the public. Do not create
your own blog, facebook, twitter or other
social media accounts without contacting
the Social Media team.

Lenovo Social

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 36

Example Applications

Graphic User Interface

Lenovo’s onscreen personality is an
important part of our product differentiation.
Usability experts working with graphical user
interface designers have carefully designed
the scalable interfaces on the left.

Windows 8 on the Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 Think Apps on the ThinkPad Tablet 2

Android on the K900 Smartphone Aura Interface on the Lenovo Horizon

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 37

example Applications

Desktop Personality
Branded wallpapers and a Lenovo For Those
Who Do screensaver have been created.
These can be used internally and externally
to ensure your computer is living the brand.

Download desktop wallpapers from

Branding Resources.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 38

Example Applications

Office Environment
Creating a first and lasting impression of
our facilities to employees and customers
is an important aspect of our visual identity.
These spaces will be more lasting and
should invoke a sense of quality, longevity
and the Doer spirit.

Use of high quality natural materials such

as wood and stone should juxtapose high
Front Lobby tech materials such as glass and polished

To access our International Design

Guidelines, please apply for a username and
password through this website:

Meeting Rooms

Hallways and Distraction Glass

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 39

Example Applications

External Events
Three dimensional spaces offer a great
opportunity to bring the Lenovo brand to life.
A few scalable details to keep in mind when
designing for events:

• Promote the Lenovo master brand over

product brands.
• Doer brand campaign images can be used
as backdrops, however allow for areas of
black, white or mirrored spaces behind
products to allow the products to pop.
• Use quieter white pedestals to showcase
products. Think about imaginative ways
to position the systems so that the back
covers and product features can be
• Product specification cards should be
succinct and informational.
• Utilize onscreen demos, Lenovo
screensavers and wallpapers to showcase
product features.

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 40

Example Applications

Brand Internalization
Bringing the energy behind the brand
campaign into the work place is an
important aspect of building a positive and
energetic corporate culture. The applications
shown here are just some of the ideas that
can boost an environment.

It is important to refresh these types of

Lobby Displays with Products
applications to keep our Lenovo offices
new and inspired.

Zap banner artwork can be downloaded

from Branding Resources.

Light Weight Fabric Over 3D Cube Frames Zap /Pull-up Banners

Large Scale Wall Graphics With 3D Lettering

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 41

Example Applications

Great care should be taken when applying
the Lenovo visual identity to merchandise
and giveaways. Materials should be high
quality and innovative when appropriate.

Here are some well executed examples of

Lenovo branded merchandise.

Tshirt Backpack

USB Drive

Yoga Mat Umbrella

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 42

Product Brands

Product Brands
Lenovo has adopted a master brand Logos
strategy with two business groups: All work will be signed off with the
Lenovo and Think. Lenovo + For Those Who Do exclusively.
Product brand logos will only be permissible
The Lenovo Business Group is focused on when seen on the products themselves.
creating innovative consumer products, Ideally, they should not be used as
which formerly used the IdeaPad, independent elements within any
IdeaCentre, IdeaTab and IdeaPhone product advertising (Brand or DG).
brand names.

All Idea product brand names are sun- Copy

setting, with the elimination of all Idea Using a product brand (ThinkPad) or product
product brand logos by January 2014. names (Yoga, etc.) will often be required
within body copy. But remember to always
lead with the Lenovo name. A product brand
The Think Business Group will maintain the should be referred to as Lenovo ThinkPad,
Think product brand names and logos for and product names as Lenovo Yoga, etc.
our Commercial and Premium offerings.
While these product brands are both
important and well-known assets, the focus
of our work needs to be about strengthening
recognition of the overall Lenovo brand. The
Lenovo logo takes precedent over all other
product brand logos. The following pages
are guidelines for how product brand logos
should be used in our work.
Product brands

ThinkPad Product
Brand Logos
ThinkPad product brand logos have been
created using specifically drawn characters.
This was done to make the marks unique
and difficult to duplicate. Never re-create or
set them in another type style.

Official logos can be downloaded from

Branding Resources.

The Lenovo logo should have visual
prominence over the ThinkPad product
brand logos. Packaging, user interfaces
and products are a few places where this
may occur. Please respect the allowable
clearspace rules around the Lenovo logo.
The height of a commercial product brand logo should not exceed 80% of the height of the Lenovo Logo Sizing is one way to accomplish this
hierarchy, but other variables could work:

• Color
x x = Lenovo logo height • Contrast with background
• Different fascia: On three- dimensional
x surfaces the Lenovo logo may be on
a panel adjacent to the Think product
brand logo
80% of x

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 44

Product brands

ThinkPad Product Brand

Most Think products will ship in either a
one or two color (red and black) color kraft
package. This “commercial” packaging
provides an excellent opportunity for brand
consistency across multiple Think product
brands using the ribbon element.

For premium products and accessories

that will be available in retail environments,
ThinkPad Notebook Commercial System the design system features four color
photography printed with high quality
materials and viewable windows (when

For more detailed information, refer to

Think Product Packaging Guidelines and
Think Accessories Package Guidelines.

ThinkPad Tablet Retail ThinkPad Retail Accessories

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 45

Product brands

Lenovo Product
An important customer touch point,
packaging creates an opportunity to
showcase the Lenovo brand attitude in
retail. The post purchase, or out-of-box
experience, is another way to connect with
users, and should be exceptional.

Our premium notebook products are sold

in a more expensive design—while the
mainstream and Lenovo Essential products
get less expensive product packaging.

K900 Smartphone Packaging

IdeaPad Yoga Packaging IdeaCentre Horizon Packaging

Lenovo WW Visual Identity Guidelines v7.0 August 2013 46

Document Version Control

Document Version Control

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