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Has the Founder's " constitutional Republic" of the United States now become a "Corporate


The SCOTUS has ruled that a corporation is a 'personage' with all the constitutional and rights
under the constitution? That court seems to have largely relied on the 14th Amendment for its
conclusion. The Article 13th Amendment Sec.1 Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist
within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. This was proposed January
31, 1865; declared ratified December 18, 1865. The time and circumstance of this Constitutional
Amendment was immediately following the formal conclusion of the US Civil War, and end to
involuntary servitude meaning Black slavery within the United States and its jurisdiction. It was
specifically addressing those subject to involuntary servitude (mostly of Black descendency.) It
was not addressing any peoples of Foreign countries (present or future) not subject to the
reason for the 13th Amendment. The Article 14th Amendment was proposed June 13, 1866;
declared ratified July, 28, 1868...Sec.1 All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and
subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they
reside. Because of the time and reason for the necessity of these two Amendments it is only
sensible it applies to those recently freed slaves and their future blood descendants! There is no
mention of corporations or 'corporate powers or privileges' in the 14th Amendment.
Considering the time and circumstance of both the 13th and 14th Articles of Amendment... the
more recent ruling using the 14th Amendment regarding a corporation being a "person" by the
recent SCOTUS ruling seems to be a very convuluted and politically biased ruling! Let the
present and future decision of selecting Supreme Court justices be considerate and accurate
while 'Constitutionally faithfull' to the Founder's reason and purpose of their creation of the
"Constitutional Republic" for the new nation and their posterity!!!

In view of the previously provided it is only natural to ask if the United States is still a
'Constitutional Republic'...or now more a 'Corporate State' with increasingly politically powerful
corporations deciding the laws and policies of the country? Are those on the SCOTUS intended
to 'interpret the Constitution'?...or did the Founders of the new nation intend for the High court
to ensure any future laws by the Legislative branch were in fidelity to the Constitution. Partisan
politics and opinion not carefully and honestly considered can have a devastating result on the
future...which following members of the High Court then sometimes must deal with difficulty.
An example would be the neccessary repeal of Article XVlll (Prohibition.) The Roe vs Wade
seems to have been wrongly heard by the SCOTUS... and more correctly decided by the States
under the 10th Amendment.

Every citizen is living under the effects of government decisions together. It may be thought of
as a collective game of life with a set of rules decided by the citizens representatives, which they
are expected to abide. That seems to be the purpose of the Founder's self-governing player or team (corporation for example) can break or change the rules! Not
even the Captain or owner of any team or organization. If any 'rule or law' is to be changed it
must be done and agreed by proper authority of the original Constitution...and properly
transmitted to each player or team member(citizen)..........otherwise the entire game of self-
government and citizenship is nothing more than playing a game of futility!!!