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❖ Guitar And Western Vocal


● Trained Guitar from Delhi Guitar School and Surnandan Bharti.

● Keen on working on Guitar & Western Vocals Projects/counterpoint/Teaching Theory and
Practical [Guitar & Singing]
● Possess strong knowledge and understanding of Guitar Playing & sweedish Italian Method Of
● Abilities to Teach Techniques like shreeding,sweep picking,palm muting,Metal Riffing & a Lots.
● Ability To Teach About Vocal fac,knowledge about male,female voice.head voice chest
voice,baritone,alto,tenor/mezzo soprano – soprano,falsetto,respiration,intonation & all the techniques
about voice.


: Guitar Trained From Delhi Guitar School.[Trinity School Of London & Rock School U.K.]
​: Guitar Tranined from Surnandan Bharti
: Sweedish & Italian Old School Of Singing From David. L. Jones.


Teaching Guitar For last 8 years and Playing since 2003.

Working as a western music Faculty in Cambridge foundation School since 2011-
Indian Music Academy & Singing Heart music school.
Working as a Voice Teacher For Last 6 Years.
Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya ( Krishna nagar Branch )
Euphony Related Software Knowledge

▪ Ability to make Music Score in Guitar pro Software.

▪ Knowledge of Recording,Mixing and working on Ableton Software.
▪ Now working on Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 Audio interface .


Date of Birth: 03 April 1982

Linguistic Abilities: Hindi, English and Assamese.
Present Address: 198/5,3​rd​ Floor, ramesh market, east of kailash, new delhi -110065